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  1. Merida Mexico

    Lovely homes, looks like a wonderful place for a second home. I have been there once and enjoyed it immensely.
  2. Trevor Signorino

    Unicorn and Suckrates.....How long does it take you to make a post like the above with so many pictures? Thanks to you both for your contribution to making my mornings great.
  3. From Grandma's Kitchen

    Almost sounds too easy to be true, will try this and probably garnish with a bit of minced fresh cilantro.
  4. Things that Make You Go Ooooh & Ahhhhh

    Thanks for the Pic of my regular guy, Rafael Lords, he's such a sweetie.
  5. Muscle Masters

    Bring out the smelling salts, thanks Sucky
  6. Happy Gay Pride 2017

    Naples Florida held its first ever Gay Pride Event 40 years after other cities started the event. According to the news the event was much much bigger that expected and plans for next year are already being worked on. Sleepy SW Florida may be waking up.
  7. I would LOVE

    Thanks to Unicorn also for all your posting of sexy pics
  8. T.G.I.F.

    YAY you're back, thanks
  9. Free-male-cam aggregation site

    WOW, could get addicting
  10. Preferred Escort Site?

    In the US there is very little choice. Rentmen is the best and Men4Rent now has been in a downward spiral since Rentboy left the scene.
  11. Gallery Viewership Poll

    #3 for me
  12. Boys to Bed

    Top picture Rafael Lords on the right, came and made my Birthday yesterday. Sweet man always and always ready.
  13. Exactly what did he say, it appears the thread is gone?
  14. Wilted lettuce

    I think bagged lettuce freshness is directly related to how it is handled in transit. It doesn't have to sit on a loading dock very long in FLorida in the summer to start the rotting process. Use head or bunch lettuce, a little more work but will last longer.
  15. One man's love for an old lady

    Beautiful Home, can't imagine the current value.