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  1. Top picture Rafael Lords on the right, came and made my Birthday yesterday. Sweet man always and always ready.
  2. Exactly what did he say, it appears the thread is gone?
  3. I think bagged lettuce freshness is directly related to how it is handled in transit. It doesn't have to sit on a loading dock very long in FLorida in the summer to start the rotting process. Use head or bunch lettuce, a little more work but will last longer.
  4. Beautiful Home, can't imagine the current value.
  5. Unfortunately when he lived in the Fort Myers area he was very new to the business and wanted a huge amount for an hour as an unknown. He seemed like a sweet kid but just needed to get some seasoning under his belt. Glad all has turned out well so men treat him right.
  6. Wow, now that's my kind of behind. I have seen too many "str8" guys that won't suck but go to town on rimming. I just don't get it.
  7. An earlier post last week linked Str8UpGayPorn to the battle of porn stars/escorts personal differences. Announced today that Twitter has banned tweets from the site. http://www.edgemedianetwork.com/entertainment/culture/news//203427/twitter_bans_popular_gay_porn_sites_account
  8. I just noticed that RockhardNYC was online here at Boytoy in the last 24 hours. Could this be the amusing poster that entertained us many years ago???? If so, please come back and let us know what kind of underwear you are buying these days.
  9. This guy had ads up for a long time in the West coast of Florida and from what I remember the comments were not good.
  10. Never serve tomatoes cold, I would set salad out for and hour or so before dinner and the flavor will be much more intense. Great meal and pretty easy also. Thanks
  11. absolutely stunning, thanks for all the time you put into these posts.
  12. I'll take number 4 please. Ship him overnight to Florida please.
  13. Wow, this is really eye opening especially in light of the events of the last few weeks. Was anything ever said in regard to Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?
  14. I believe you will find that Swinging Richards has been closed for about a year now.
  15. WOW, who is number 13?