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  1. Czech boy in Miami

    And from looking at his ad his prices are extremely reasonable. I don't get all these new boys that think 300 or 350 is normal for someone with no experience. Thinking this guy will do very well.
  2. The carnage of Las Vegas

    Please take the Case of JD Daniels and that proves Adam's point.
  3. Reviews on Boytoy

    The reviews at the other site have become useless in almost all the cases. "He was cute, made me happy and the rest I'll keep to myself" What good is something like this?
  4. Hurricane Irma

    Anyone who doesn't live in South Florida will ever be fully able to understand what many are going through. I evacuated the day before the storm to Fort Lauderdale when my county said to get out of B zone flood areas. When I left I had a high anticipation that there would be no home to come back to. After spending 5 hours on Monday to get 6 gallons of gas I came home. We were so fortunate that Irma wiggled east after coming ashore and they said that little move saved about 150 Billion dollars in damage. I was lucky enough to return to a house with no damage and the power was on. If you have never been in Southern Florida in the summer you just can't imagine the heat. 8 days later there are still 100,000 homes without power from Englewood south through Everglades City. I feel for these people and couldn't do it myself. On top of that in Cape Coral people are returning to their homes to find them looted. What a truly sad world we live in.
  5. Merida Mexico

    Lovely homes, looks like a wonderful place for a second home. I have been there once and enjoyed it immensely.
  6. Trevor Signorino

    Unicorn and Suckrates.....How long does it take you to make a post like the above with so many pictures? Thanks to you both for your contribution to making my mornings great.
  7. From Grandma's Kitchen

    Almost sounds too easy to be true, will try this and probably garnish with a bit of minced fresh cilantro.
  8. Things that Make You Go Ooooh & Ahhhhh

    Thanks for the Pic of my regular guy, Rafael Lords, he's such a sweetie.
  9. Muscle Masters

    Bring out the smelling salts, thanks Sucky
  10. Happy Gay Pride 2017

    Naples Florida held its first ever Gay Pride Event 40 years after other cities started the event. According to the news the event was much much bigger that expected and plans for next year are already being worked on. Sleepy SW Florida may be waking up.
  11. I would LOVE

    Thanks to Unicorn also for all your posting of sexy pics
  12. T.G.I.F.

    YAY you're back, thanks
  13. Free-male-cam aggregation site

    WOW, could get addicting
  14. Preferred Escort Site?

    In the US there is very little choice. Rentmen is the best and Men4Rent now has been in a downward spiral since Rentboy left the scene.
  15. Gallery Viewership Poll

    #3 for me