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Height 6' 2" (188 cm)
Body Hair Array  Shaved
Hair Color  Black
Thickness  Thick
Ethnicity  Caucasian
Weight  190-200 lbs (89-94 kg)
Facial Hair  Clean Shaven
Circumcised  Cut
Body Type  Muscular
Eyes  Brown
Dick Size  9-10" (22-25 cm)
Personal Particulars
Calls  Out-Calls Only
Smoking  No
Piercing #  None
Drinking  No
Location  N/A
Sexual Position  Top
Orientation  Gay
Party  No
Tattoos  One


Currency  USA $
First Hour  250
Overnight  Ask Me
Second Hour  Ask Me
24h day  Ask Me
Length  Ask Me
Evening  Ask Me
Weekend  Ask Me
Amount  Ask Me
Contact Information
Phone No  347-668-2859
Pager No  
Activity Preferences
Kissing  French
Anal  Top
Oral  Both
Masturbation  Both



Engagement Date  11/2009
Rating   Fantastic/Left Wanting More
Would You Repeat   Yes
Kept Agreement?   Yes
Duration  1 hour
I found him on  His Website
Match Photos/Description  Yes

OK, there is a reason Nick Capra is a porn star. My only question is – why isn't he the most famous gay porn star in the world. Seriously, before booking with him, check out one of his videos. You'll get a preview of what to expect and you'll see why he's worth hiring. The guy knows how to fuck!


Nick is a total top – and I mean that in every sense of the word. He doesn't bottom, he has a commanding personality and he likes to be serviced. And that's a good thing – because he's all man. From his amazingly hot chest hair to his bulging muscles to his hot cock he looks like a total stud. And, he has the personality to match.


The good news is that he's also very friendly and put me at ease right away. Of course, if you are looking to top a guy, Nick probably isn't for you. He said he does suck cock, but that wasn't part of the dynamic of our date and he made it clear that he doesn't take it up the ass. But, to be honest, I would have been disappointed if he was versatile. There is just something about him that made me want to serve him and not the other way around.


First off, the videos and pictures don't lie. He really is as good looking in person as you have been led to expect. Obviously I was worried that maybe the videos or pictures were old, but the truth is he looks just like you'd expect. Secondly, while he is a top, he wasn't super dominant about it. I mean, I'm sure he could be with the right guy, but he didn't go overboard with me. He just made it clear that I was going to be the taking care of him – and I was happy to do so.


There was a little bit of kissing at the start of the date and some small talk, but then we got right down to business. He took off his shirt and then asked me to unzip him and pull down his pants. I did so right away and loved seeing his cock in person for the first time. I started out just giving it gentle licks up and down before taking the full thing in my mouth. It was the perfect size for me and I was happy to be able to take all of it. Once I'd been servicing him for a bit, he decided to take charge and held onto my head and started face fucking me. It was seriously sexy and made me feel used in a good way. A little while later he stopped because he didn't want to blow his load too soon.


So we made out for a while longer while I played with his nipples. That's when he started undressing me and told me he was going to fuck me. That was what I was waiting to hear. I asked him what he wanted and he told me he wanted me doggy style so I assumed the position. Then, he wrapped his arms around me as he lined up his cock and sunk it all the way home. It wasn't so big it hurt, but it was big enough to make me love feeling stuffed with it. Nick got a good rhythm going right away and seemed to know exactly how I wanted to get fucked. It was hard and fast and I came all over the floor. That didn't stop him and he kept fucking me. I actually started to get hard again and had another mini orgasm (which almost never happens to me, but he's that good) before he shot his load.


Next time I hire Nick, I'm going to make sure I don't have any other plans for the day so I can see how many times he can fuck me with that nice fat cock.

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Reviewer  JohnMark
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I am versatile but don't like twinks. I like a real man and Nick was all man.

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