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    • Rhyheim is improvising and changing plans all the time. We may not go to 117 today.
    • I did meet him. He had sex with several of the boys, but he is not escorting and not filming. He does not want to make porn and does not want to show his dick. A shame really, he has the standard big beautiful Brazilian dick, although I never saw it hard.
    • I know people who were born in Manhattan and have never been on a subway train. I'm never sure what to say about that. In the early 80's, I had some hot sex in the subways. Now, with Covid, many are afraid to go near a train. Afraid of the virus and afraid of the rise in crime. I've lived in NYC since my teen years, so my transportation experience is all over the map. I walk, I run. I once owned a Vespa. I take the subway when it rains. I rely on taxis when it's convenient. For many years, my account with Music Express played a major role. Plenty of reasons to hire a limousine here. And then I purchased a car. So many New Yorkers hate car owners, and I know what their wrath feels like. No matter how you choose to get around, it's important to feel safe. We have a new mayoral election next year. We'll see where crime fits into the politics. Many assume Biden will be more sympathetic with funding. Given Trump's vindictiveness, he told NY to go fuck itself. Most of us are thrilled to see him gone. 
    • Please tell me you got the chance to meet this sexy twink stud ‪Pdfernandess‬. I’m happy to see him fully nude. Is he escorting or just filming. 
    • Last night was my first night alone, I slept great. I got up, cooked breakfast for the first time, and I am enjoying my early morning by myself. I thought that I would be flexible in the pandemic context, and would be able to enjoy the permanent company of one or two boys, but I am not. I do prefer sleeping and specially, waking up by myself, and enjoying my morning alone. I slept with the doors to the terrace wide open,  cuddled by the ocean waves music. I live in a small apartment in DC, just this immersion in an open and natural environment worths my trip. I needed a break from such a long lock down. I did check my grindr and my scruff before going to bed, and I had too many hits to check them all. I did respond to the one I liked the most, a 23 years guy in my neighborhood. However, most of my hits were from quite far away. My plan was going to sleep (what did I say about my fondness for planning?) but I could not resist his approaches. As he was located only 6 blocks away, he rode his bike and made it in 5’. Great hook up, voracious kisser and bottom, really into hairy older men. Our intense and passionate session really helped me to fall asleep. We will probably connect again, I found a message this morning. This is not paid sex. My location, Recreio dos Bandeirantes, is great if you are looking for calm, nature, open spaces, and relax. However, if your goal coming to Brazil is the sex, you should look for something closer to Copacabana and Ipanema. In my previous visits, my Ubers would never go above 40 Rials, most of the times would  be in the range of 25/30. From here, I pay 60/80 every time I wanna go downtown, or bring here someone from downtown. As the pandemic is up, my interest in sexual marathons is highly diminished, which of course does not mean I am not willing to take risks. But reading some of the posts in this and other related threads, many of you seem only interested in sex tourism. In that case, Recreio dos Bandeirantes is too far, you will need at least 40’, often more, to get to a sauna or bring someone to your place.  I will take a shower and join Rhyheim and his crew. I will do my best to keep you all posted. Remember 117 evening if you are around. I may also go to Pointe on Wed by myself, but who knows (plans, plans, plans).
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