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  2. Oz preps butter for insertion in his mouth.
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  4. I think an important distinction in hotel guest policies is whether or not they will allow multiple different guests to register with you during your stay. At the old Ipanema Plaza(which I am pretty sure is closed for good) you could register one guest for the duration of your stay which was great if you had a boyfriend join you for your vacation. On the other hand some hotels will allow you to register multiple guests as long as they are one at a time but will charge you a fee for each one even if you have a double room. Some hotels won't allow any guests to register at all past the original check in.
  5. Corrected. I hate not being able to edit after 2 hours!
  6. I've stayed at the Marriott, Sofitel and Hilton, all nice hotels near the beach, and there was no issues with having guests as long as you registered them. It's always advised to register your guests and have them provide their id, even if not required, for safety reasons.
  7. Combodia is more about the view I think. But when I visit, I do had a session with a guy on the app, 40$,
  8. I would suggest Barcelona, boys and the view of the city.
  9. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=W6xXcoVCKp0
  10. I walked to JBB one late afternoon to check it out. About halfway there, from the park as starting point it is just a few minutes, a hot local was going in that same general direction and I faked not knowing whether I was on the right track. He directed me but went on a different route elsewhere, looking back smiling. Nobody near his looks was there and I didn't return.
  11. Happy to help. The site does not make enough income to support the cost of running it. Donations are accepted at any time. jk Sites ebb and flow and money comes and goes. It is never enough to pay programmers, keep up with new code, upgrades, security, etc the way I like to do it. This site is a passion of love for me. I love hookers. I love people who love hookers. I love gay sex and I love people who love gay site. But, I mostly love gay hooker sex. So, I am OK with not making ends meet on the site. However, the costs of running the site is VERY low. Unless I decide to pay myself a salary. Then, the costs go up. My understanding is that Daddy needs money for his lifelihood from his site. I don't begrudge him that. And, I hope he finds what he needs to life his life happy.
  12. The ‘other’ site owner is a terrible businessman whose other income streams are from (attempting to) offer web hosting services that have by today become completely mooted by AWS, Azure et al. OZ by contrast subsidizes this site by profitable sales of online porn on various other sites. And also gets revenue from others’ live-action porn sites he redistributes here, if I understand. OZ can correct any of the above if not right.
  13. I ditto everything in this post, and can confirm what’s in the boldface — as it was stated to me directly on my last trip just a few weeks ago. But you always have some self-centered entitled tools who just don’t seem to care about the lives they leave behind the places they visit — as long as they get a bunch of likes on their posts. Don’t be That Guy.
  14. Yes, I was about to say the same thing. Unless Juan Binbin has moved to a new location in the last few weeks (since Easter), it’s only a couple of short walking blocks north of Independence Park in the Colonial Zone and a 7-9 minute walk from Paco’s. It’s no more “dicey” than anything else in Zona Colonial — and definitely not less dicey than walking to Cine Lido On Av. Meila! What IS consistent about Juan Binbin is the selection of boys is never great.
  15. This is a serious question. I’m not criticizing what others post in the forums. I imagine that a lot of the threads and the various forums must take up considerable space on the servers. And I have no idea what income the site might generate. I’m simply curious about the running costs - as to how much approximately this site costs to run - and whether this is sustainable by the owners. My interest in this has been piqued by the ‘other site’ where the owner seems very regularly to solicit donations and to complain about the low level of his ‘reserves’.
  16. Thanks. Auto-logged out, I still got a PLINK audio signal of your reply here. But I still had to manually log in again to be recognized and read it.
  17. I have opened a ticket with Invision (the forum people) as I get the opposite. I am supposed to be logged out but it never logs me out on my IPhone. However, when I am on GayRomeo on an IPhone it logs out every time the browser closes but it does not on an Android. I have been trying to find a solution to this that works but it is not an easy find. Most of the time, we build for computers and try to make compliant for devices but every time an update is made to IOS or Android, it changes the way things work.
  18. When I exit the site on my iPhone 6 browser for even a few seconds, I am auto-logged out. This has only just started being the case over the last handful of days. Your programmers have done something they did not intend to do.
  19. Sorry KJun, I tried to merge two threads but the last one took over the title and replaced yours. For years, I go to the main site, I log in and click forums and am logged in. Staying logged in for massive amounts of time is a security issue with sites and ends up getting us in trouble with the hosting provider. I believe the sign in is ever 8 hours but I'll check on that. The easy way to get into these forums is to log into boytoy.com main site, click log in, you are then logged in and click forums. That is what I have done for years. So, if others are doing something different, please share with me. The forums should not be bookmarked as they change. It is the www.boytoy.com site that is the parent site and controls logins for forums.
  20. It no longer remembers you. You have to re-enter user name and password every time. Please diagnose it and fix it.
  22. Anyone know Tassojunior personally?
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