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  3. Note to self: Amtrak Adirondack to NYC, skirt all other US cities by flight, and use Air Canada, Aeromexico and Copa for points south. BTW, a Canadian airline I use for LRDominican, AirTransat based in Montreal, is merging with Air Canada, whose stock has about quadrupled over 4 years.
  4. I know you are doing your level best to drag this further into the gutter. So before somebody else steps in and says, "Hey guys, get a room. Or at least get an alley," how about if we just end it at that? The discussion about decriminalizing prostitution is going nowhere. To go back to the subject the OP started this thread about, you've proven my point, as far as I am concerned. Warren and Sanders voted for FOSTA/SESTA, as did every other Democratic member of Congress running for President. I see no particular reason to wish or hope they would be the champions of decriminalizing prostitution. More important, were they or anyone running for president to actually embrace such a position, that would raise this question: are any of us willing to "jump in the trenches with them" (my words) or be "activists" (your way of putting it)? It seems pretty clear the answer is NO. The history when this has come up over a period of years is pretty much: NO! Plenty of good people, including people I have built close friendships with and respect, are simply not willing to fight. You've now explicitly said you don't want to be an activist. Your answer is: NO! I actually don't hear anybody saying they want to be an activist. That's fine. I respect that people get to decide what they will fight for for themselves. If Sanders or Warren did announce tomorrow that they wanted to decriminalize prostitution, I'm saying loud and clear I am willing to jump in the trenches and fight with them. I would hope that this website and Guy's website would be a good place to organize such activism. Or, for that matter, if Rentmen was shut down next week, or Daddy or Oz were arrested next month, I would hope the same. You've now made it clear that your response will be to take out your verbal AK-47 and start firing it at the guys like me, who are willing to jump in the trenches and fight. Geez, thanks Lucky. Bernie and Elizabeth, if you are listening, my advice is you might want to give this one a pass. Focus on health care and corruption in politics instead, I'd say. In closing, and in a gesture of good faith and comity, I would like to show my warmth and affection for you, Lucky. I would like to award you a well deserved honor, given your reputation for cooperation and courage in our community. Please accept my nomination for you as the recipient of the 2019 Eric Swalwell "Pass The Torch" Award For Political Courage. In my view, this thread proves you have earned it.
  5. grumble grumble grumble bark bark bark You derailed your own thread when you used it to attack Oliver and Epigonos, formerly your lucrative clients. Now I see that they have become Ollie and Epi. How sad. Why do you reveal client information here?
  6. I get it that for some reason you are extremely dedicated to taking a thread about decriminalizing prostitution - in which I have tied in efforts to defend Rentboy or turn around FOSTA/SESTA or protect Daddy's website or this website, as well - and turn it into a character attack on Steven Kesslar. Good for you, Lucky. You're not particularly good at this, Lucky. You can go check out the years-old threads on the Rentboy bust and the organizing and legal defense efforts on Daddy's when that was happening, and read some of the vicious personal attacks that were aimed at a whole bunch of clients and escorts that defended Jeffery and Rentboy. Some of them were really mean. So I get the idea. You don't engage the substance of the issue. You do turn it into a personal attack. That is what you are doing. I edited this out of my long-winded post above, but this is a good place to say it. One of the unsung heroes I admired in the Rentboy debacle was Kurtis Wolfe. I think he gave more to the Rentboy defense fund than anyone, including me. But he didn't try to organize anyone, or make a public case for Rentboy, as far as i know. He just gave. In retrospect, that was probably a really smart thing to do. Because he was probably smarter than me, as far as realizing that he'd just get attacked for wanting to help. There's a couple logical fallacies in your argument that I feel like I have to address. The less important one is that not every person here is 80 years old. And for that matter, last time I checked, people who are close to 80 are running for President. And I am retired, too, from escorting. Which means, like many people, I have more time to do things I care about. The only thing you said that I strongly agree with is that "not everyone is an activist." Bingo! Which is, yet again, the reason I dragged Ollie and Eppie into this. They are great guys But they are not activists. That is one of my basic points. In order to decriminalize prostitution or defend Rentboy or Rentmen or Daddy or Oz, people who hire escorts would have to decide whether they are willing to be activists - or, in my lexicon, to jump in the trenches and fight. You obviously are not the type. That is your call, and I respect it. But it is a legitimate matter for public discussion on a website like this, and on a thread like this. The fact is, as I stated already, the Rentboy shutdown and FOSTA/SESTA created huge amounts of concern among many clients and escorts. I'll repeat again. People were talking both publicly (on websites) and privately about whether websites like this or Daddy's would be shut down, or whether people like Oz and Daddy would end up in jail. Or even whether or how we could have pool parties or hire escorts, for that matter. Don't blame me for what happened, or attack me for the fact that I tried to do something. Or that I listened to the very large group of people voicing those concerns. I will say it again. If all those people spoke up - even in private - I think we have way more power than we think we have. But I respect that people have the right to speak for, and decide for, themselves. I gather you think these kinds of discussions are inappropriate. And that escorts should be seen, but not heard. We completely disagree. The more important logical fallacy is that you are saying you should be able to attack my character - as a person or friend, not an escort - all you want, and I should not be able to defend myself. You can attack me for being a disloyal money grubbing whore, but I can't defend myself by saying I was trying to be a loyal and empathetic friend. Even if we were talking about actual escort activity, nobody - Hooboy, Oz, or Daddy - agrees with that dumb idea. I never had anything other than about 90 glowing reviews as a paid escort. But when escorts got trashed, they always had the right to defend themselves. The thing is, though, your character attack on me wasn't about something I did as an escort. Perhaps you thought it was, so I gave you the benefit of the doubt. You accused me of "turning on" former clients, when I was in fact trying to organize and rally close friends around attacks on our community. Those are two completely different things. In your effort to paint me as a disloyal money grubbing whore who "turned on" Ollie and Eppie, by asking them to donate money to the legal defense of websites they looked at every day - or whatever else you think my crimes are - you failed to mention a few things. For example, you failed to mention that I hosted the party for several years - at their request. I was not paid to do so, and so of course I don't regard it as part of my paid escort activity. So you seem to want to argue Ollie and Eppie are these wonderful human beings who hosted or bought food or alcohol for pool parties, that I am turning on. And I am a disloyal money grubbing whore, because I hosted or bought food or alcohol for pool parties. Sorry, Lucky, but that dog don't hunt. I would not regard hosting a pool party and buying lots of tequila or serving margaritas as this awesome example of community service. Mostly, it was a hell of a lot of fun for Ollie, Eppie, and Kessie. I'll say it again. I wish all of you many, many more years of such fun. I think the fundraising I did for Daddy or Jeffrey was a better example of things I did to try to give back to the community or fight for my community. But your attack characterized Ollie and Eppie as these wonderful community servants, and me as a disloyal money grubbing whore. It is untrue, unfair, and mean. During the years this happened, the three of us we were peas in a pod, doing something we all really enjoyed that lots of people appreciated. And now you are trying to piss all over that. I could go into way more detail than this, but I see no reason to. When I stopped and thought back about what I did, and why I did it, it actually made me feel very good. So thanks for that, Lucky. But if you don't feel like I should have to talk about this, I completely agree. So stop mischaracterizing what I did and attacking me. Then I won't have to bring up facts to defend myself from your ignorance. I said earlier in this thread that I assumed your attack was based on ignorance. Maybe you thought Oliver was paying me to host the party. I don't know what you thought. I brought up the fact that he was sick and I invited him to stay at my house for a month and get well to defend myself from your claim that I am money grubbing escort turning on former clients. Again, that is untrue, unfair, and mean. After I informed you, you should have known better, and just dropped it. Apparently, you won't. So now I am more inclined to think this is not about your ignorance. This is simply about you being mean. This does not surprise me, Lucky. One of the two years I hosted the party, you appeared briefly at my house, as best as I recall. If memory serves, I approached you to welcome you to my house and the party, and maybe ask you if you wanted a drink. You did your grumble grumble grumble, bark bark bark thing. You made it clear you were there to pick up your partner, and you didn't want to be at a party to which Daddy has been invited. Perhaps you had noticed he was having a really good time. So you just sort of pissed in my pool a little (rhetorically, not literally), grumbled, barked, and left. I could go on about several more examples like this, where I felt like the victim of your grumbling and barking, that I did not really appreciate. If you keep attacking me, I will keep defending myself by doing so. If your goal was to deflect this thread from a serious discussion about how we might work together to decriminalize prostitution, or how we might even defend the kind of websites you claim to care about, you have succeeded Just like the guys who attacked any clients or escorts that donated to or defended Jeffrey and Rentboy. Congratulations. The threats are still quite real. I will repeat what I said above. There is an active thread on Daddy's website right now about how DHS and the Feds appear to be targeting other escort websites. A former client and friend who will be staying at my house next month (as a friend, not for money, so please don't attack me again for having good friends who used to be clients) made a very intelligent comment about how Rentmen has perhaps exposed themselves to risk by virtue of the "poor" job they do of checking on their advertisers. That's the kind of thing that got Rentboy in trouble. So as much as I very much hope that the waters stay very calm, me wishing that does not make it so. Sorry. I will thank you again, Lucky. Adam started a thread about an issue that I feel strongly about. He has made a series of well-intentioned comments about something that I obviously believe should be a matter of concern to this community. All you have done is come out with your ax swinging, to engage in personal attack and stop discussion. You've made it very clear to me that I have no interest in trying to organize with guys like you. So thank you for that.
  7. Caeron I have stayed at the Siam Heritage and had a nice time there. Rooms were super clean and it was a great value I felt. A Good location also. I did have some new friends come and go with no issues also. Have a good time!
  8. Steven, I wish you all the best in your activism. Not everyone is an activist, and some of us are retired. Do you really expect guys in their 80's to become gay activists? Why not just let them be retired? The torch has been passed to a new generation. Focus on those guys. I've always understood that an escort relationship necessarily involves trust. Clients expect that their privacy will be kept by the escort. Posting personal information on the internet about a client is, I think, a violation of that trust. A client's health or bedroom activities is for him to talk about, not the escort.
  9. But remember it is essential to approach all this commercially and to impose an upper limit price point on gratuities such as meals. There is a very precarious economic system at play and you do not want to be “that guy”, the one who is responsible for the BOVESPA crashing. I seem to be paying less and less over the years for the same thing. The rate oracles are well-intentioned but not alleviating my concerns about these inauspicious trends. Can it last? Will providers catch on that our home advantage deep pockets are accompanied by home advantage strengthening currencies? Is it so easy to be either a cheap arsehole or a generous arsehole? Now I am going to fret for days whether or how to stay exactly on the correct neutral line between these 2 opposing labels.
  10. I had edited in a few paragraphs but they disappeared, so here is an attempt at an addendum: I had been flirting and making tentative plans with several prior to really catching on. When I suggested I was confused and I made my observations known “perhaps there is a reason such as local privacy, etc”, want to give some benefit of doubt as they may want local gawkers off their scent etc, stated we would meet first for coffee but I would compensate them for intro time, or that I would require a current 3-finger selfie or something similar, not surprisingly I was ghosted. One fellow sent me the requested selfie and the other guy I mentioned above is enthusiastic about lunch. He is a Theatron “gogo”. I should clarify the advance cash requested by 2 of the guys was in private communication, not stated in their ad.
  11. personally i look for quality, not that much on price. at the same time i do not want to be cheated. however if there is a quality guy, i do not mind paying a few reais more and give him a nice meal.
  12. On a completely different topic... Living Large in 350 Square Feet A designer opens up a diminutive rental studio on the Upper West Side. https://www.thecut.com/2019/09/home-tour-a-350-square-foot-studio-on-the-upper-west-side.html
  13. Yesterday
  14. Hi rtu123, Thanks so much for the trip report - I think you did an excellent job. Everytime you quoted the cost/price for something - I enter it into a currency converter and and outloud would say "OH MY GOD"! Everything seems so reasonably priced. I also liked that you included some of the not so fun stuff. Your report really helped me imagine what kind of fun and expectations I would have there. So thanks again! Excellent report!
  15. I took a few weeks to research a longlist of 15 Bogotá ads, really appealing pics, entered their #s Whatsapp, then reverse searched each number in Google. This procedure brought up several current and dated ads, but the kicker is when opening Google-sourced ads pulled up under that phone number it was often different guy different pics, or an ad with a different number listed even though Google had searched a number I entered. No spreadsheet can do justice to this display of musical ads, musical guys, musical pics, musical contact info ... I assume musical fakes, flakes and scams, while you waste your time and energy playing musical chairs cuz your bum hurts spending so much screen time in one position. Two guys asked for cash advance, another red flag. I think that maybe 3 (20%) are authentic. Buyer beware, vet thoroughly and carefully, and meet in public first. One authentic guy with whom I have have had extensive contact, ID sharing etc, admitted himself to have 2 cellular numbers.
  16. Oops. Sorry. Me and my verbal diarrhea. I hadn't looked at Guy's website for several months. Obviously from the post above I just did, in regards to commenting on a thread relating to the 2020 pool party. After I hit the "post" button, I went back and looked again, and noticed a long thread based on A WSJ article about how DHS and the Feds appear to again be targeting certain escort websites based on trafficking concerns. I won't repeat the content of the WSJ article or the thread, since it's all over there. I will comment on it, since there's several points that are both sad and funny. 1. As predicted, the bad guys - or the alleged bad guys - just moved their websites overseas, to places like Cyprus. Why am I not surprised? Isn't this what everybody predicted? 2. Because of this and many others reasons, trafficking and horrible things have not stopped. They just shifted. Again, just like everybody predicted. I cited Paul and Sheila Wellstone's federal anti-trafficking law in the post above. If we ever want to deal seriously with trafficking as a nation, that so far has proven to be the best tool to do it. Meaning make it as easy as possible for the women and kids, mostly, who are being trafficked to fight the men who are trafficking, exploiting, raping, abusing, or killing them. Trump's policy is essentially to do the opposite: he has turned the women and kids who are being trafficked and exploited into the enemy. 3. It does not appear that any Gay websites are under the microscope, at least for now. But another one of my former client/current friends made a cogent comment about how Rentmen does a "poor job" verifying the identity of advertisers. This could ultimately expose them to concerns about trafficking, which is what DHS used to take Rentboy down.
  17. A postscript. If anyone is actually reading any of this stuff. You can tell where people are at on this issue just by doing a word count of two different threads on two different websites. On this website, and on this post, you have a whole bunch of words. But they are mostly written by one person. Me. And, thanks, Adam. I've won every major David and Goliath fight I have ever fought - including against Enron, the American Bankers Association, Fannie Mae, and I don't know how many huge banks. And part of why the organizations and coalitions I was working with won is because I knew a little something about planning and organizing and teamwork. That said, no one else seems to be writing or thinking about this. Which, again, is fine. If you check at Guy's forum, there is already a post on the 2020 Palm Springs Pool Party. I did not literally do a word count. But I'm pretty sure there are more words posted on that thread than there are on this one. Except, on that thread, it's by a whole bunch of people who've been coming to the pool party for years, and who are already really excited about planning the 2020 version. Good for them. I'll repeat what I said above. I hope the waters stay calm for a very, very long time. Have fun guys. I actually had a long part two to my long ass post on decriminalization, believe it or not. As I said, I spent a few days updating myself on what has been happening recently on decriminalization. I knew a group called Survivors of SESTA formed, and was going to have a national lobby day last Summer. Around when that happened, I looked around to see if I could find any news reports about what happened. I couldn't. The last of the three articles I posted above, about the fact that ALL the 2020 Democratic Presidential candidates in the US Senate and House supported FOSTA/SESTA, reported that the national lobby day was attended by "three dozen sex workers". I've both organized and attended lobby days at the federal and state level that drew in thousands of activists. If anyone has a question about why we're not winning on these issues relating to male escorts and websites like Rentboy, or even being taken seriously, we now have an answer. Three dozen sex workers? If 3000 escorts and their clients went and met with their Senators and Reps, that would be news. Three dozen sex workers just isn't. To really drive home the point, three dozen is less than the number of people who attend Oliver's pool party any year I've hosted it, helped organize it, or attended it. And by the way, I am happy to see it is being planned a year in advance. Here's another bitchy little secret that sort of undercuts Lucky's narrative about me. Eppie and I were the ones who pushed Oliver to announce it a year in advance, rather than months in advance. Ollie resisted a little, and then gave in. (As an escort, I knew he would. He is a bottom, of course.) Most people say the party keeps getting better, and better attended, every year. So it tells you something about what people are really interested in, and what they are willing to plan around. Pool parties? Yes. Decriminalization of prostitution? No. That is not a compliment or a criticism, just a statement of fact. My sense is that we'll revisit this issue if and when some website is shut down, or if and when some new and horrible law passes. Or maybe when somebody like President Warren or President Sanders proposes decriminalizing prostitution. But quite honestly, I'd worry about that. As far as I can tell, it is a fight very few of us want to think about, or prepare for. That leaves me personally in a happy position. I'm ready and eager to dive in - whether it's political activism, or just a warm pool.
  18. Hmmm... I received this message this morning in my newTumbl feed from TumblTips: Warning on Posting Under Age Images, Gifs and Videos. You better Stop. Darn Right Child Porn... means Termination. Just a heads up, newTumbl deleted 80 blogs today. At least 50 more per day for the next week or more. There is no appealing child pornography. Everyone they have deleted has posted or reblogged an abundance of pornography involving minors and/or content that severely violates their content policy. There were two blogs that have been with them since very early on that posted 99.9% great stuff..... but unfortunately, they also posted and uploaded clear-cut, no-doubt-about-it child pornography. They had to nix them because They can't make excuses for blogs like that. In order for nT to survive, they just cant tolerate this. In order for them to thrive, there's no way newTumbl can tolerate anything like what their cutting out. It's best for everyone. No way Apple will let newTumbl in the App Store if they have any child porn. Advertisers, forget it. Payment processors, doubtful. So newTumbl have to be very diligent about finding and killing the illegal stuff -- and anything that skirts the line. There's too much great porn out there that's perfectly legal. Everyone needs to stay away from anything that's even close to illegal. Heck, they’re considering terminating accounts for merely liking illegal content. I'm hoping the community will rally behind this effort and help them flag bad content as soon as they see it. newTumbl Clearing out Bad Actors for all of us. Disclaimer: TumblTips not Affiliated with newTumbl I'm happy to see they're cracking down. It's the only way they can survive. However, none of my links have been affected. Maybe age-15 (without proof) is not a red flag for them. I have no idea, but I find the whole phenomenon fascinating. How does any enforcement stop horny, curious 15-year-olds from posting nude videos on social media? None of the underage kids is being forced or coerced. I loved showing off my cock to my buddies when I was fifteen. I can only imagine what I might have done had the internet and smartphones existed then.
  19. Not to mention dick sizes.....I know (from experience) that there are big dicks in Thailand....just they are the exception, whereas Brasil is the norn,lol I'll never forget walking down Silom in BKK one night and running into Rodolfo from Lagoa, He's a HUGE size queen. I asked what's the owner of the most famous sauna in Brasil, filled with big dicks doing in Thailand. He told me not to worry, the guy with him was the winner of the big cock show from a gogo bar!
  20. Yes that’s him! Smart guy as well / apparently had a fullbright scholarship and has just purchased an apartment !
  21. Really an astute summary of how one ought to manage & steer one’s entire life course. Astounding how many give no thought, but just flounder along. TV all evening instead of occasionally glancing into a book, etc etc. We are not here forever.
  22. Prices tend to become a bone of contention so i usually avoid discussing it in my reports, but you guys seem to be on point with the figures.
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