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  2. Shithole Countries

    What's wrong with wrecking a domestic situation?
  3. Shithole Countries

    Yeah! But as you noted above, his real-life domestic situation was FUBAR at that time. So one kept to just a bit st the distance.
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  5. Spank Me.....Stormy

    Of all the things I could judge Trump for t his is not one of them.
  6. Male Sex Robots with Unstoppable Penis

    Death by orgasm sounds fine
  7. Shithole Countries

    I'm sure he was fascinating. Would have been great if you had actually fucked him and could spill the beans!
  8. Fake News Awards

    You are saying Gandalf will save us?
  9. Most Popular Male Porn Stars 2017

    Yep. Actually I consider Nacho a macho name.
  10. Yeah. I mean that's the t hing. Maybe one of them is able to do more for the job.
  11. The thing is if they make it a legal right then you have to have OSHA regulations and stuff. It's not really enforced that much as far as I can tell. So maybe it's better this way.
  12. The Organ

  13. We may not think of it that way simply because it's not. in circa late '70s-early '80s, as an undergraduate it entertained me to flirt with and try to seduce some of my male professors in their 30s (the ones still in their 20s were generally still too tender and uncertain). And a couple or three of us had a very good time. Vithout ze Provost having to know!
  14. Two equally good looking male models strangers to the photographer. The one who voluntarily has sex with the photographer gets the job or is paid much more. 99% of the time that's how sexual harassment happens even though we don't think of it that way.
  15. RIO, SP, 2017DEC

    he said 120. I said no, 100 for sure and I am happy to tip 20.
  16. So cute boys in Prague !

    Great reviews ! Brno, Ostrava and Olomouc have almost no English speakers at all, anywhere, I've been told. So many of the hottest guys come from there. But they're in Zurich. Hopefully this new trend of working in Vienna holds. Those 3 cities and Bratislava are close to Vienna. Prague is just a 4-hour train trip from Vienna. Prague is cheap, Vienna is expensive, but Zurich is astronomical. Glad you did the pre-dates. Guys who are really good looking like their photos don't mind. You saved a lot of disappointment and money. Sorry you missed my 3 guys. I have to get a schedule for them before I get my tickets. .
  17. Joshua Jailed

    Haven't they all moved to Vancouver anyway?
  18. So cute boys in Prague !

    So, I would like to share the boys I met in Budapest, Moscow and Prague towards the end of 2017. Due to the year end period, I could not meet my dream Czech boys, Justin_Jazz and Patlyk, but I met some beautiful boys. Budapest: 17/12 - One of my dream boys, - Danny DeFoe - I finally made it to meet up with him. He is as good looking in real as in his videos. I knew he does only top, but with his looking, I had to see him. He said he nowadays doesn't do escorting much, only sometimes he escorts in Zurich. I was lucky. he was with his family for Christmas in Budapest. He came to my hotel. Although we I couldn't top him, he did hand/oral well. No kiss, which was shame, but if he knows me more, hopefully, he would let me. He first offered for 250 Euros per hour, so I told him, 'It's a Zurich price! You don't have to bottom, so make it mroe reasonable!', then he discounted to 150, which is more than reasonable for Danny DeFoe, I thought. I want to see him again in Budapest. Inthe end we spent around 2 hours as he brought 4 beer cans and we talked over the beer as well. A very nice, charming boy. His body was soooo beautiful. He is still 23 years old. Moscow: 19/12 - I only had one session in Moscow - Egor on . So many fake profile pictures, and only this boy, Egor was the real one. Another boy I found in the internet used 100% fake pictures, which I found when I visited his place. I left there, of course, immediately. I had asked him whether or not the pictures were true, and he answered 'Yes', but it wasn't the case. In Moscow (and any cities) 'Pre-date' is a must unless you know the boy well with videos or Facetime etc. Egor is 20 years old, tall, smooth, intelligent, do all without any prompts from me. I set a pre-date, but before going in to a cafe, I got hard already )) He gave me a huge cumshot! I need to see him again in my next visit. (I had a pre-date with 'Vlad' on , but I found only one picture or two was true, and the other pictures appeared someone else's. I met him in a cafe, and said bye in 5 minutes, giving 50 euros as agreed) Prague: 29/12: As i wrote the other day, BigThomas wasn't as good as I had expected. He was not really trying to please his client. No kissing, and asked for me to put on a condom when I asked him to suck it. 2.500 czk. I asked him for 5 minute pre-date instead of inviting him straight away to my hotel room. His stats - rather too big for me, he is a real body-builder boy and instructor. Very masculine boy. I wasn't so sure if I would be happy with him, something was alarming, and the outcome was, as I worried a bit, not as good as it should have been. I wouldn't try him next time. This session made me realised that I prefer not too body-builder type. 30/12: 23 years old Moravian blonde boy called 'Andys' whose profile is on He is really good looking, a flavour of Brian in Queer As Folks US version. I set a pre=date outside my hotel, and like Egor, I got hard and went to my room immediately. Not a body-built type, but smooth and well-shaped body. I would like to see him again. 2.500 csk. 31/12: Two boys this day, as it was my final day in Prague this time. #1: 19 years old boy called Jakub_Prague98 on GR. He is (was? when met him) a very cute and nice blonde Moravian boy with a short hair then. I set a pre-date outside my hotel and I got hard immediately. He has a wife and 3 year old boy, a very young papa. He is a typical bi I guess, he only bottoms and he knows how to do his job to please his clients. We tried 3 or 4 positions, and all was led by him. I recommend him to those who like a cute bottom twinks. He is not with a distinct rippled muscle type , but he has a smooth and good shape as well as a great smile. 2.000 czk. #2: Masser20, Pavel, on GR. He is small and has a quite pretty face, but apparently he hasn't been having a healthy lifestyle, his skin is quite different to what I saw in his videos. Tasso had advised me he had bad teeth-line, but actually, he had no front-tooth! He has lost them due to some reasons, which I don't know. He did whatever I asked him to do, but his ass was too tight to get fucked somehow, so I didn't try further. Just hand/oral-jobs and I cum .1.500 czk. He still has a pretty face and hope he will look a bit more healthy next time if I met him again there. --------------- I visited Up and Down 3 consecutive nights. There were two boys I was really into, Mario and Roman. Mario is very confident and attractive and he has beautiful eyes, but he pressured me too much to take him. Maybe next time I would like to try him out. Roman, I saw him in my final night in Prague. I was showing my interest, but he had been taken by another client already, unfortunately. I would like to try him next time. Both are Moravian. --------------- So cute boys from Moravia - what's going on there? In my next visit, I need to visit Olomouc, Ostrava, Brno, etc., to watch cute boys in these cities.
  19. So cute boys in Prague !

    It was great meeting with you and hitting some nice restaurants and bars! It was also great to found Up and Down more lively than I had predicted from a lot of negative reviews. I am planning to return U & D sometime this year. Hope to catch up with you again!
  20. So cute boys in Prague !

    well, I thought condoms would be prepared by them unless they ask me to have some...anyway, after this session, I went to a chemist shop to get enough condoms and a little bottle of KY.
  21. Ruling seems pretty carefully & narrowly drawn, to allow plenty of room for legal opinion to grow into formal approbation of sex work in future. i am pretty optomistic here.
  22. Could they have really done anything else?
  23. Joshua Jailed

    LOL! Of course they had to return Hong Kong to China. It was a lease! But I made the remark "which the British cowardly ceded to Beijing in 1997." because I think Hong Kong was much better before they did. Joshua Wong and friends excepted. The Brits made a bad deal though with the phony two countries deal. No one expected China to abide by that for 50 years, and they haven't.
  24. Pope Francis A Fraud?

    No, not our poster PopeFrancis! The real pope! He's down in Chile crying with the victims of predator priests. (Don't get excited bibttmboy.) Then, before he leaves, he undoes all the good he has done by saying that people criticising a bishop for shielding one of the worst predators are being libelous! "Show me proof," he said. People were aghast! The bishop's role had been widely accepted, and now the Pope was undoing it all. In the process, Chileans who looked to him with hope were saying that the pope is a dope!
  25. Sex for sale is not a constitutional right rules 9th Circuit Court upholding California's prostitution laws. Interesting articles:
  26. Something Rotten

    They do have a very active theater scene at the Keller Auditorium. When I lived there full time I had season tickets. Plan to do that again when I retire as well as keep my SLC season tickets.
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