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  2. Many years ago I used to attend the Dignity mass. It was held once a month in the afternoon. The drive was @50 miles away. But I like smells and bells. This was back in the days of the indult mass where one had to get special permission from Rome to celebrate the old Latin mass. It was celebrated in the same town; different parish of course and in the morning.. So I'd get up early on Dignity mass Sunday and go the Latin mass first. Two masses in one day! The Dignity mass was everything one would expect. Afterward some of us would go out to dinner together. I will be no hypocrite though. I stopped receiving communion long ago.
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  4. I was there in January. It is a nice city but doesn´t offer to much in the way of gay venues. There are no bars or saunas with escorts. Mostly used is planetromeo. I found a nice guy with grindr, but it was just look. It is easier to find a Bulgarian escort in Berlin than in Sofia.
  5. Beto O’Rourke Raised $6.1 Million Online in First 24 Hours of Campaign Only 1k of that is mine, but if he plays his cards right, I'm sure I'll be sending more.
  6. New here. Just signed up today. I see some familiar names here from other places.
  7. Now we have RockHard responding to himself. Time for those bloviator pills to kick in! And sure, I would love to support a candidate who is in favor with the conservatives and evangelicals. I might even send him one of those big $25 checks that are going out from New York. No doubt he would support gay rights over his evangelical Texan powerhouses.
  8. On the other hand, the adoring wife trope works very well with the evangelicals and those conservatives stuck in a time warp. Beto is an unusual Democrat. He enjoys and respects his conservative fans. Beto has honored history with a few powerful Texas Republicans.
  9. Some people think like old people. It's not difficult to do when you are of a certain age and your brain is fried from the desert sun. Sorry to say it, but experience does not matter in this political climate. Trump broke the mold, and that glass ceiling will not glue back together easily. Experience means you're part of the establishment, and that is a dirty word right now that will be used against anyone who tries to use it in marketing. Obama won in a major way with very little experience. The opposition tried to use it against him, but his personality was too strong, his brain was too smart to let that worthless criticism stick. To gain experience quickly in politics, all you need to do is hire the right people. Surround yourself with experience. That's exactly what Obama did. If a good, inexperienced candidate rises to the top, the lines will be long for volunteer experts willing to serve. Mayor Pete is bravely using the word experience, and he uses it brilliantly. He is a dark horse in the race, but he may be able to rise above some of the others. His military service helps. Voters like smart, attractive folks from the military. Mayor Pete has the it factor. Since Trump famously deferred military service over a lie about foot fungus, Pete will have no problem putting the asshole liar in his place.
  10. I finished reading this biography and although it is extremely well-written, the subject is a closet case who watched others suffer, lose their jobs, commit suicide, and did nothing to alleviate it despite the high degree of influence he had with Eisenhower. He fell in love with a younger man and acted like a teenage girl with his lovenotes. Yet he was involved in the highest levels of discussions and planning for things like nuclear war.
  11. The next President is going to have to undo a whole list of negative accomplishments by Trump. Experience will go a long way to fixing the damage done. So many of the Democrat candidates are relatively new that they won't have what it takes. We don't need another inexperienced candidate.
  12. I stayed at the Intercontinental about a year and a half ago. A good spot. Some of the staff there were incredibly hot but could never find a way to get them to my room.
  13. My two bff's Zdeny and David have bern with me 24/7 past few dsys. Tom Selak is flaking asking high price, no bottoming, and sucking only with condom. Bizarre to deal with. Im staying at the Intercontinental in Old Town for the first time. Cant deal with Old Town in tourist season..Even though its same price as Alcron/Jalta etc the guys are impressed. It has a ritzy rep here.
  14. Agree wholly. let’s see if Booker or if one or another gets thru the process.
  15. But then I have danced with the Devil many times more than once, and somehow lived to tell the tale.
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  17. Normally I would agree with you. My point is that 2.5 years into the current administration and the sobering thought given another 4 years of the same the SCOTUS could conceivably curtail equal protection under the law for the next 20 years, I don't need to vet any of the candidates to know that any one of them would be better than what we have now. That's enough incentive for me not to weaken any of them. Sorry we'll just have to disagree.
  18. Recoleta is central; I've stayed in this barrio on three occasions in apartments which I obtained via a gay apartmental agency whose specific name, unfortunately, escapes me. Santa Fe Av is rather gay in certain blocks. Again, I am unable to share specifics, for memory hinders this. Check out https:// gaycities.com. Also do a google check in terms of gay apartment rentals in Buenos Aires. ...wish I knew the company I used, for they were excellent as well as quite reasonable. gaycities.com/BuenosAires. It should be of help to you as well.
  19. Not second guessing anything and at the same time not saying that Rio has an unbearable crime rate...just saying don't do that or this. From the moment one experience becomes public, commenting a reaction which could produce worse results than the main cause, is something which should be done, in a forum where we've spent so much time highlighting the "don't react" thing. It's always a personal opinion...in the end someone can do whatever is believed to be better. Not prohibiting someone to go around Rio armed with a gun to engage a potential thief in a gunshot. Just saying that the experiences of a man can be misinterpreted by others (and also by the person who has lived them, since not necessarily something that has nearly killed you in the past, will not kill you the next time that happens).
  20. Sorry, marcanthony, even the Old Romans wouldn't have liked your approach. We have to vet our candidates. We have to know their strengths and weaknesses. We have to push for their best qualities to appear. The Democrats will deserve to lose if they cannot offer the American people a candidate with ideas and a plan for the future. Watching Beto skateboard across that stage only makes me think he is a goof-ball, a lightweight. Where are the experienced Democrats? Reading the lengthy obituary in today's LA Times of the late Indiana Senator Birch Bayh I realized that we don't make them like we used to. https://www.latimes.com/local/obituaries/la-na-pol-birch-bayh-indiana-senator-dead-obituary-20190314-story.html (I met Birch Bayh- twice! I was at an event and we were introduced, then when the event ended I hadn't followed everyone to his car, so he came up to me and introduced himself again. I pretended it was just once.)
  21. So where would you suggest for muscle men / bodybuilders? Tomorrow as it happens I'm flying to Rio ;-)
  22. I agree with meteor9876. No problems to make contact in Thermas. If you look directly to a guy he will come to you for offering his services. Some are rather pushy; so you have to say often clearly "no, I am not interested". 50€ is normal price for some cabin fun. If you want to fuck you have to negociate before, normally same price; also 50€. When a guy says "one hour", the meaning is "until you get your cum shot" ... normally 15 to 20 minutes, not more. If you want longer fun in the cabin, you have to agree before.
  23. I am planning a trip to Gran Canaria (Playa del ingles). I know Spain very well but never went there, so it is time to make a new experience. I can´t find a lot of information about the escort scene. Has someone experience ? At Hunqz are almost no escorts. Is there maybe a sauna or a bar where you can meet guys ? I am just wondering: I thought it is like Sitges: If there are gay tourists there are escorts, but it looks like there are no escorts. Thanks for sharing any information.
  24. Sure you can approach the boys, but if make eye contact with a guy he will approach you most times. You should negotiate the price and what you expect before, otherwise I can be a deseaster or the guy charge you too much. There is no rule for the time, you can negotiate everything. If you only ask for the price and nothing else, most guys will say 50 euros. I prefer to negotiate time and sex, so there is no surprise. However, most guys ask you how long you stay in Barcelona. From my experience it is always better to say something like 2 weeks. If they know it is your last day and there is no chance for a second meeting with you, some guys are not so motivated.
  25. Did I mention that Ginsburg and Breyer are 85 and 80 yo respectively, and Gorusch and Kavanaugh are 51 and 54.
  26. At some point, one of the candidates for the democratic nomination will secure/win that nomination, and he/she will likely run against Donald Trump. If part of the democratic base stays home like the Bernie Bros did last year, there's a good chance we have 4 more years of the same. I am not sure much could be worse than that. It's why though I have my reasons for wanting Beto to be that candidate, I say nothing about the flaws of Harris, Warren, Biden, Booker, Sanders, Kloubacher, etc etc... because ONE of them will ultimately be MY candidate. If the Dems lose this election, we deserve what we get. Fool me once, shame on you (Republicans), fool me twice, shame on me (Democrats).
  27. I don't understand why so many people have to second guess the experience of another. We all react differently depending on the situation, and with crime there is often no time to think before you act. Why not let people tell their stories without all the judgement?
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