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    Normally no one gets up before 10:30 - 11:00 am, go to lunch then the beach, usually get back around 4 ish and everyone catches up on their emails, texts!
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    Day 9.5: I Go(a) to Lagoa Is the common knowledge here in the boards that Lagoa is the best garoto sauna in Brazil? From my casual combing through the posts here, it sure seems that way. That is why I sent off Gabriel back to Rio. That’s why I kicked out Thiago. Got to make sure I am free and ready for the best of what Brazil has to offer. But just one thing before i dive into things: even with all the circus sex I like having, I am still not comfortable having sex in saunas, or bathhouses, or dungeons, or any other permutations of such. It is not just my thing. I’ve been many times to what many say is the best bathhouse in the world – Babylon in Bangkok – to just eat food and meet friends, and not to score. Maybe what Gabriel sees as the “negative energy” in the saunas is what I see too. I envy the people who can stay for hours and hours in the sauna, just watching hot guy after hot guy pass by. But going to Brazil meant I had to make an exception. And I am glad I did. I thoroughly enjoyed myself at Rio’s equally legendary Club 117, after initial jitters. That’s where I met Gabriel. I preferred having sex with Gabriel in the condo after our first initial 117 roll in the hay, than in the seedy confines of the cabina, with a bed that has seen better days, and the TV that plays straight porn. Like everyone here I had my fears of bringing an unknown entity into my condo filled with my valuables, but Gabriel turned out to be an amazing find. So after coffee with Thiago I head up back to room and tidy it up a bit, in case I come back from the sauna with a garoto. I give me myself a thorough silkwood shower, douche the hell out of my butt, just in case, and other things. As I towel myself dry I notice some bruising on my chest and shoulders where Thiago has held on to me in the throes of passion. He does like leaving battle scars. I put on some shorts and a light t-shirt, and put on my Havaianas, since I did not like using the slippers available in the sauna. I call an Uber and meet the car downstairs. It was a $4 fare: I get to the address and see a non-descript façade: I guess it was similar to Club 117. It was hard to tell from the outside what it was, and all the depravity that was taking place in its rooms (lol). As opposed to Sauna Mezzaninu, which had its name in the front. I get my locker key and I was in. I passed through the locker rooms and saw some customers, but didn’t bother changing into just a towel. I get to a room with some tables and a bar, and see a bunch of garotos intermingled with customers. The scene was very relaxed, and the garotos from the selection that I saw were all winners. One after another, stunners. This was good so far. What is not good? The stunners were with customers. Except for one. He was standing against the far wall, just surveying the land. He saw me staring at him. I couldn’t help staring of course. And that was the point. I stared and stared. He checked many many boxes for me: tall (possibly over 6”2), handsome (nice manicured facial hair, light-ish eyes, Italian nose), muscular (really really muscular, I guess helped by steroids from the way the muscles were), hung (from what I can see, a giant bulge formed in front, towel covering). He smiled at me. Bingo. Amazing smile. He stretched out a giant arm toward me, motioning me to get closer. As I got closer, he got bigger and taller. Mountain man. “Where you from?” he asked, automatically. I answered, in Portuguese, and I asked the same question back. He was relieved that I can speak Portuguese. Very little, I say, but passable. He said he thought I was from China. I tell him people in China think I am from China, so he was not alone. He leaned in closer, enough so I can get a whiff of him. He smelled really manly. He takes my hand and gets me to caress his torso. The musculature is very impressive. I certainly enjoyed running my hand there. He bounced his pecs when I squeeze a nipple. I laugh. He seemed to be the embodiment of why men from all over the world flock to saunas to see. But I told him no, I have not even ventured 20 feet from the entrance. I have to go around the sauna first, to see what is out there. I had a personal rule. I always give myself 15 minutes before I can decide on picking someone. Don’t fall in love with the first guy you see, no matter how perfect. So I walked away. Lagoa seems like a maze. Lots of nooks and crannies here and there. The customers were all shapes, sizes and ages, the garotos ranged from super lean to super buff, black and white, young and some mature, and everything else in between. It was really like Disneyland in here, and the rides were up at the cabinas. I sat down and checked my phone for a while. Gabriel was safe and sound back in Sao Goncalo. His time with me seems like a long time ago, compared to where I was now. I do a victory lap around the area. Some really amazing looking guys. I was close to approaching one or two. If I was in Club 117, those guys would have come up to me by now and said hi. Instead they waved at a distance. I nodded at their direction and soldiered on. And then I see that initial guy again, this time sitting on a bench. He reached out to me again and asks how I was. I told him I was fine. I was just enjoying the view. And I was enjoying his view as well. I saw more of him. He had a very powerful back. His ass was insanely round and large through his towel. This guy is a physical specimen. He asked me what I was looking for. I told him what my preferences were. He said he was a top but can bottom for 200. I smiled and said maybe, and told him I’ll go see what is happening in other parts of the sauna. I wasn’t in a hurry. I squeezed his bicep and walked away. After another 15 minutes of walking around and admiring, I thought I’d get a water. While I was waiting to order at the bar I identified about 5 guys who I’d consider doing a programa with. I might be ready to pull the trigger. And then I feel a large presence sneak up behind me. I turn around, it was him again. I laugh and ask if he wanted a drink. He said no and asked if I got anyone yet. I said no. He then tells me that he is a good kisser and gives me a sample. Man, that was a good kiss. That’s how you get me, with a kiss. I lay my hands on his biceps. Big and powerful. That sealed the deal. I tell him sure but for only 150. He agrees. Persistence pays off with me every time. We go to reception and he gets a room key. I follow him to a room. In the room he immediately hugs me and gives me a warm “obrigado!” That was nice. I ask what his name was. He gives me his nome de sauna, some ridiculous Anglo name that didn’t sound Brazilian. I laughed and remarked that that was not his real name. He said no, it wasn’t, but it’s a name that’s easy for foreigners to say. That made sense. He asks me if I needed to shower. I said no. He said he didn’t need to either. So we get on the bed and kiss for a while. It was more than a while. He was an amazing kisser. That quality of kissing is reserved for lovers, but here I am getting ite from a garoto. I snap out of it, finally realizing that there were other delectable parts of him other than his mouth, so I put a hand on his crotch. I unwrap his towel to make sure. He was a monster. Really thick, respectable length, giant balls. He could destroy people with that thing. I told him as such. He said sometimes he has problems with clients who can’t take him. I told him he won’t be giving it to me. I’ll be giving it to him. And so I did. Condoms, lots of lube. He took it pretty well. It took me a while to cum, because i gave my best to Gabriel and Thiago earlier today, but he is the persistent garoto, and he did his job, and I came in the condom. He asked if I wanted “gozar” I said yes. 50 reals? Sure, I say. So he jacks of with me still in him, until he comes on my tummy and chest. He came a lot. And from pulling the condom from my cock, so did I. We shower together. We talk about things. He asked me about my trip so far. I told him it was my last night. I asked him where he lived, where he comes from, how long he has been working at the sauna. When we were done I ask him for his WhatsApp. While he keyed his number in my phone I asked him if he was open to visiting clients back in their hotels. He said “Sim,” and asked me if I wanted him to do that now. It was only 8:00 PM. Wanting to have my options open I tell him “agora nao,” but to text me when he is done with sauna later tonight to check to see how I feel. He hands me back my phone. I needed a name for the WhatsApp contact. I ask him for his real name. I told him I am not going to key in that stupid name in WhatsApp. He laughed. He tells me his real name is Jonas. “Lindo,” I tell him. He looked liked a Jonas for sure. He agrees for me to take some photos of him, and he takes my phone and he takes some selfies with me as well. I give him 200 reals, as promised. He earned it. He rocked my world. He gives me one last kiss, one that ensures him of leaving a lasting impression on me. It worked. No one will be able to top that kiss tonight. I am calling it a day. I pay for my cover and cabina and call an Uber. Back to Itaim Bibi. But the night is not over, next.
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    Day 9: It’s Hat trick day Goodbye Gabriel Today is my last full day in Brazil this trip. Gabriel and I part ways too: I fly back to Sao Paulo and he flies back home to Rio. While I feel sad about saying goodbye to Gabriel, I have two things to look forward to today – (1) a chance to visit Lagoa, the legendary sauna in Sao Paulo and (2) hookup with the Grindr guy I met in Day 4.5. And of course I still have Gabriel this morning, so it looks like it is a three guy day for me. I usually have a three guy day when I have a guy staying over the night, and then having another guy in the afternoon, before having a last guy at night. I was kind of regretting the missed opportunity at Sauna Mezzaninu last night. By all other accounts it’s a great sauna with hot boys, judged by both what I saw last night and what has been written about it on here. It is my fault for bringing a Rio garoto who was hotter than the sun, and who, even with all the other available boys in the sauna, for me, proved to have outshone everyone else in the sauna that night. So next time I am in Porto Alegre, I will be alone, and hungry to do this all over again. That is why tonight, I will be going to Lagoa, to satisfy my sauna hunger. But first thing’s first, Gabriel and I wake up to the alarm at 6 AM. I turn towards Gabriel. He stirs but still has his eyes closed. I lick his nipple and put my hand on his cock. His cock is big even soft. I massage it a little bit. Slowly but surely it turns into the monster size he’s known for. I feel his hand behind my head to guide it to his face. We kiss deeply, morning breath and all. “Good morning, how are you” he says, in English, smiling. “I feel great,” I tell him, in English as well. “You want?” Gabriel asks me, grabbing his now fully erect cock. “Sim, por favor,” I answer. I knew what he wanted too. After some more kissing and sucking, I take a condom and sheathe his cock with it. I liberally apply some lube on him and in me, and I slowly sit on it and ease it in. I’ve gotten used to the size by now. And from how fast he came, he still liked how I felt. He pulled out and started kissing me. He took my cock and finished me off. We shower together, playfully soaping each other like we usually do, and talk about future plans. I will see him again in September, in Rio. He wants me to stay with him in Sao Goncalo. He wants to show me Ilha Grande. I tell him I was going to Belo Horizonte as my companion city before Rio, but will see him in Rio after, for possibly 2 nights, maybe 3. I was careful not to make too many promises I cannot keep. He is probably used to customers promising all kinds of shit made while under his spell, and renege on it when they go back to their normal lives. Gabriel was a fantasy companion for any person, and one that was seductive and astonishing, but one that needs to be kept safely at a distance, in the domain of fantasy. Once we finish packing we clean up a little bit in the AirBNB. I thought it was a pretty solid AirBNB stay, even if we barely had time to enjoy it. I send a message to the owner saying we are about to leave. He texts back saying to just leave the keys to the guard at the gate. Gabriel starts to put on his sweater. I tell him “Nao!” and I hand him my black sweater. I tell him to keep it, since I knew he liked it and used it the whole time we were together. “Seguro?” he asks me. “Sim, melhor em voce,” I told him it looked better on him. “Seu frio no aviao!” he tells me, concerned I was going to freeze in the plane. He takes his Adidas sweater, the expensive one given to him by a client, and hands it to me. “Para mim?” I ask him, was it for me? He nods, smiling from ear to ear. I wear the sweater. He says I look good in it. I want to apologize to the client who gave Gabriel the sweater. It is now with me in California. We Uber it to Porto Alegre airport. We have “breakfast” in the VIP lounge in Porto Alegre. We were the only ones there. I encourage Gabriel to steal as many snacks that he could and put it in his bag: When my flight starts boarding I hug Gabriel tightly and we say goodbye. We will see each other again. Hello Thiago I get to my next Sao Paulo hotel in the mid-afternoon. I’m not staying at the Intercontinental this time, but I stayed true to the IHG brand and stay at Staybridge Suites, for only $55 for a night. I didn’t need anything fancy. I am leaving tomorrow to go back to the USA at lunchtime, I only needed a place to stay in Central Sao Paulo to sleep and possibly host a boy or two. The hotel was between Itaim Bibi and Parque Ibirapuera, so it was pretty central. It took me an hour to get there from the airport. My priority was to be able to go to the sauna tonight. It is Lagoa after all. But it was only 2 PM, so I had enough time to get a boy to have sex with. And I didn’t have to troll on Grindr. I already have a boy. I have been talking to Grindr Guy, who I hooked up with on Day 4.5, during the intermission during Marcos’ futile dash to the airport. Let’s call him Thiago. To recap, Thiago was a 22-year-old Paulista Renaissance man student majoring in Music and Biology, and Volleyball, Capoeira and Swimming. He was a fantastic fuck and sat on me like a champ. The bruise on my left nipple from his over eager exertions is almost gone, so its time to get one again from him. I’ve been talking to him all week while I’ve been with Gabriel, keeping him abreast of my activities, to keep the flame burning: I talk to him about meeting on Saturday at 3 PM: And we talk about what we will do to each other on Saturday: And today, I follow up on him on my whereabouts in Sao Paulo: When it was 2 PM, Thiago tells me he is getting ready to go to my hotel: He asks me to pay for the Uber. That was new, but 12 reals to pay for this handsome boy to get to the hotel faster is really a small price to pay for this quality. He calls me in Whatsapp to tell me he is close, and to meet me outside the hotel to pay for the Uber. I go outside and wait for the Uber. After 5 minutes his car arrives. He steps out of the car and waves at me. “Do you have 6 reals?” he asks. I give him 6 reals from the 12 reals I had in my hand. He pays the driver and the Uber speeds away. He hugs me. I ask “I thought it was 12 reals for the Uber?” He answers “I found 6 reals in my wallet. I thought I did not have the change for the ride.” He takes my hand. “Vamos?” he asks. I laugh. “Lets go!” We go hand in hand to the elevators. No one bats an eye. I guess Staybridge Suites is cool with visitors. We get to the room. Thiago kisses me hard. He then asks me “Do you want to talk first or talk later?” I take off his shirt and unbutton his shorts and massage his already hard cock. “What do you think?” He returns the favor and takes off my clothes. We kiss very very deeply. We go to town on each other, but we take our time this time. This kid was very strong. His thighs were fairly muscular, making his ass like steel traps. I lay down on the bed. He takes off his underwear. He sits on my face. I part his cheeks and fulfill a promise. I ate him out. He chows on my cock in response. When he’s done he immediately sits on my cock, with just spit and nothing else. It was hot. I fuck him for a while. He lifts me up and kneels down to suck on my cock some more. He then bends over to expose his wonderful ass to me. I fuck him that way. Not wanting to cum yet, I put his cock in my mouth. After just a few licks he suddenly cums in mouth. “Sorry,” he smiles sheepishly. I kiss him, cum still in my mouth. This was hot. We go through a few more rounds of wrestling in the sheets till I cum in his ass. He cums for a second time on his tummy. I lick it all up and kiss him again till the cum was gone. “Get the cum out of me,” he asks. I got what he was asking. I lay down and he sits on my face again. The cum oozes out of him into my mouth. I sit up and he kisses me. The cum was gone, again. That was filthy fun. No cleanup. Very efficient. We laugh. “You’re very good,” I tell him. “I know, and you told me this already,” he flashes that 1000 watt smile. We talk some more in bed, cuddling, kissing. It was nice just being like this. We talk about what my initial impressions about Brazil, about his life, about mine. I ask him if I can see him again next trip. He said he will be waiting. We shower, and decide to have coffee. I tell him to choose, he chooses Starbucks (to my chagrin). Bought two cappuccinos and resumed our talk. Then it was close to 5 PM. I tell him I need to wrap up, but thanked him for coming. We promise each other to keep in touch on Whatsapp. I call him an Uber. That was fun, but fun more to come. Next, Lagoa.
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    photos from first trip in 2001

    Some photos of sauna guys from 2001 on my first trip to Rio, they either worked at Roger's or Club 117 as this was pre Pointe202 and MM although In 2002 Estacio opened. I have more photos but if having issues uploading so will post them later. There is one guy who is in a photo from 10/23/2001 who still works at 117!
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    My husband and I visited Brazil for the first time this past week. OMG! We had read and heard about what transpires in Brazil and Club 117. After our week in Brazil, I see why they need a statue of Christ high up on a mountain with his arms stretched wide. After six days in Rio, the arms on that statue weren't the only things that had been stretched wide. We fly out of Miami on Wednesday. It was a late overnight flight so we arrived about 8 a.m. on Thursday. We mulled around all day at our Airbnb and surrounding area until I called Uber to transport us to Club 117. Uber arrived around 530 and it took us about 45 minutes to arrive at the Club. The neighborhood and street in front of the club is heavily populated with people. We walked in the club and walking out was the sexiest Afro-Brazalian. This guy was so sexy, my husband and I actually tried to coax him to come back in because in our minds, "they're couldn't possibly be anyone in the club sexier than the walk walking out. Omg! were we ever wrong? We walked in and couldn't believe how beautiful the men were inside this club. YES! you see the guys the minute you walk in the club because they are all standing around in towels with the most handsome faces and flawless bodies. I really couldn't believe my eyes or the fact that a place like this existed. I was so freaking nervous because its a lot to take in. I mean the guys were shoulder to shoulder and they were all sexy AF. The guy at check in was very friendly. My husband and I handed him copy of our passport he gave us two towels and a locker key. I told my husband at the desk that I was EXTREMELY NERVOUS. He laughed and stated, "well this is what you wanted, now you are here. ENJOY!" As we walked from the registration desk to the locker room downstairs, it's not to glimpse at the guys standing around in towels flashing their BIG JOHNSONS. Guys (escorts) were all over the place. I told my husband to abstain from selecting a guy because a reviewer here stated that you should go to the video room and check out the bi-guys watching the straight porn. I'm so happy we took heed to that piece of advice. In the video room the men are standing against the wall with some of the BIGGEST, HARDEST PIECES imaginable. I felt like I was watching a tennis match because my head was moving from side to side trying to make a decision about who we would take back to a room. It was tough because all of the men in that place were gorgeous and hung like mules. They will walk over to you and the entire time I was speaking to each one, I was glancing at their penis. Yes! They walk up to you with their HARD MEMBERS and start a conversation. I speak no Portugese so I had no idea what they were saying. My husband and I came prepared though. Before we left home, I made business cards from our home computer. On the card, in Portugese, I stated my name, sexual position, what really turned me on (nipple play), my price ($120R per person =$240R), and my WhatsApp number. When we finally decided on a guy, we would give him a card, and if he agreed we took the guy to the front desk and got a key for a room upstairs. We took our own slides, lube and condoms to the club. At the counter, I also showed the guy at the desk the business card I had given to the escort. We took the guy upstairs and had the time of our lives. It was a surreal, out of body experience. After we finished with that guy, we exchanged whatspp numbers and went back upstairs for our second guy. This continued four times and by the fourth guy, I was exhausted. After about 5 minutes I just watched he and my husband handle business. We went back to the club Friday night also. There were hot guys there, but not like Thursday night. Thankfully we exchanged WhatsApp numbers with as many guys as we had interest in. We sent messages to the guys throughout the day and arranged for them to meet us at the apartment. It's imperative that you exchange WhatsApp numbers with anyone who peaks your interest so you can meet them outside of the club. When arranging to meet outside of the club all of the guys stated that they wanted $200R per person for the hour. My husband and I never agreed to that rate and told them it would be $150R for each person for the hour and all accepted that price. We had the time of our lives. I can't imagine how anyone would go here and not have a F-Ing good time (pun intended). We didn't encounter any attitude or bad vibes. If we weren't interested in a guy we smiled and told him, " No Thank you." This place has an endless array of sexy hung men who are eager to please. Once again, remember to exchange WhatsApp numbers with anyone you are interested in.
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    Report on Porto Alegre - Mezzaninu

    Giving back after taking from this forum..... Since I was forewarned that Tuesday is a dud, I went there early Wednesday (had to fly out that evening). At 4:30 I was almost the only seeker. Apparently it's enough for a newbie not to speak Portugese to merit special care. Without a hint from me, the receptionist called the english-speaking owner-manager. Roy asked if I needed any help, I said no (given my Rio experience), but he nevertheless imparted some wisdom: the customary rate is R100; if you enjoyed the boy very much - do not give him more than 150..... The place was squeaky clean; each of the 2 towels was nylon-wrapped; I liked the layout better than 117's. Entering the shower, I met Lucas who left the water running for me. He is just my type (see photo enclosed), and being short on time - after showering I looked for him. He was softly flirtatious, hugging, stroking, offering his endowment. When I asked for his rate, he surprised me with "80", and off we went. We spent 30 minutes together, and he was really into satisfying me; VERY generous with his kissing and flexible on all matters oral. Per instructions, I paid 150, which made him happy as well, and departed for my flight. Probably won't be back to POA, but fortunately for me - he generously obliged me with souvenir photos.
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    Here is another oldie from about 2005, these 7 guys were all neighbors in Niteroi, and all worked at 117 from 2004 or so to about 2008! One of the guys i saw for about 3 years!
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    Lagoa - Rodolfo is feeling generous

    I am impressed that you picked on my sarcasm about Rodolfo being "generous" If a prize existed, such as a Nobel-less prize for being stingy, Rodolfo wins hands down. Rodolfo's advertisement for a R$30 sauna entrance fee is not generous. He is desperate. As many of us know, Monday night at Lagoa is usually slow or terrible. He lowered the entrance rate for that day to encourage people to visit his sauna. Nothing more, nothing less. My first example of Rodolfo's stinginess that I recall occurred several years ago when I and some friends had dinner at a nice restaurant with him. At dinner, Rodolfo ordered things the rest of us did not order or even want including a bottle of expensive wine. You guessed it; when it came time for us to pay the bill, Rodolfo ran out on paying his share of the dinner that was more than 75% solely attributable to things he ordered. Laughably, he was the one who suggested our going to dinner. It was not worthy of our time or effort to attempt have Rodolfo pay his share of the dinner that he suggested. I am confident he knew exactly what he was doing when he pulled off that little scam on us. In your response, you mentioned Edgard - He died several years ago. Edgard's estate, including his 2/3 interest in ownership of Lagoa, is an amusing story for another day -
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    I would found a church and declare Tomcal our Messiah. And funnel all funds to holly fun without paying taxes. This is the backyard altar.
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    Reaction emojis on the BT board

    IMO, those emoji likes are the ruination of social interaction. If I like something, i will SAY so, and not take the easy way out, avoiding a personal connection. Dont tell me your fucking life is so busy that you dont have 3 seconds to SAY you like something ?
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    Will Tomcal Wed?

    My favorite photo of my house in Merida!
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    Thanks! If I can inspire anyone to travel because of just knowing about my experiences then I know that writing about them is worth it. Better start traveling, coz the world is huge (and the cocks, and the asses)! Thanks for reading me accurately. Though I would never tell anyone to piss off hehehe. And Tarte's post really wasn't unsavoury at all! Be that as it may, I'm a big boy (trapped in a short asian's body). I can handle it. Muito obrigado meu amor! Do I have a sycophant squad? LOL I need this in my life. He is very very skilled with his fingers... And yes, he has saved me plenty of money this trip. I had a budget in mind of two garotos a day, on top of the 250 reals I intend to pay Gabriel. I obviously did not do this, at least as of the current Day. I still have a few posts left before I wrap up. Oh, and I am also good at math and play two types of instruments... Oh wait, I am all those things. Damn it. Hehe Rob you know me. I told you I started out as a bottom twink in my teens and early 20s and graduated to what I am now. Somehow Brazil is pulling me back to my youth. Which is good I guess. more replies later...
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    Those were the days were no one had a beard! Lovely.
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    Day 9.5-10: Até mais, tchau tchau I get back to the hotel with a feeling of accomplishment. I guess I could just average one sauna visit per trip and it would be fine. I’m good with that. I’ll be back in the country in 3 months anyway so I have time to try this again. And barely before I get situated in the room I get a WhatsApp message. It was Jonas, asking what I was doing and if he could go to my hotel. I thought about it for 5 minutes. Should I troll for dick online or spend more time with hunky Lagoa boy? I asked him what was going to be his rate. He said the same as was in the sauna. So 200 reals. I asked him if he was going to stay overnight. He said yes and he said he can stay till after lunch. I asked if I could have unlimited sex with him. He said no problem. I was sold. I told him I was available, and gave him the address for the hotel: He said he was going to be there at 9:30 PM. Great. One hour to relax before I get bombarded by the famous Brazilian charm again. I calculated that with all the hours I spent in Brazil this trip, I only spent 10.2% of it all alone. And that included about 7 hours of sleep the first night. But then again, why spend any time alone when you can be in the presence of hotness 24/7. At 9:10 PM Jonas tells me he is on his way. At 9:40 PM he tells me he is at the lobby sitting. At 9:43 PM we were back in my room making out. That what the best part about him. The kissing. And there were so many good parts about him for sure. There was no way in hell I’d go for a 4th round right now having just cum my third load today two hours ago. instead, we eat. We go look for a nice restaurant near the hotel. We find the Braugarten Restaurante just 100 meters from the hotel. We order some steaks and beer. Over dinner, he asks me about how I came to learn Portuguese. I told him about my progress, and my goal to be fluent by December 2019. I told him the only reason I can speak Portuguese now is because (a) I was not relying on Google Translate and being forced to talk and (b) I am talking to native speakers. The minute I set foot in California, I knew the Portuguese immersion will be over and I will forget everything I learned. I told him that I learn more about Portuguese from him and Gabriel, two people who didn’t know a lot of English, and not from people like Marcos who were fluent in English and there was less pressure to speak in straight Portguese. We talk about him and his origins. He was a student, just trying to earn money for school through the sauna. He had just about a month working in Lagoa, having worked in the Rio saunas mostly. He said he was from Recife, and would go every once in a while to visit his family. I told him about my “visit every state in Brazil” project, and Pernambuco is a state I have not been to yet. He offered to go with me and to show me around. I asked him if there were garoto saunas in Recife. He said there were a few. I asked if he could go with me and help me fucking the boys. He said that would be fun. I was beginning to like him. So we make plans about me going on a side trip in my December trip to Recife. I pay the bill and it was 145 reals ($41). We go back to the room and cuddle. After a while it was inevitable of course. In the presence of such perfection one cannot help oneself. I fuck him again, he cums again. He tries fucking me but he was simply too big. I cum for the fourth time today. We sleep soundly. We have breakfast in the morning (Mcdonalds, don’t hate me). We make out a few more moments but don’t have sex. I give him his 200. I get him an Uber back to his apartment (20 reals). I pack. I take an Uber to GRU. Another successful trip. Jonas keeps in touch as promised. Not as much as Gabriel but it was still nice. He asks me when will I be in BRazil next. I tell him I plan on doing a Belo Horizonte and Rio trip in September. He tells me he wants to go to Rio to see me. I ask how much. He said he does not need payment, just a trip: Two days later I understand why he was offering a freebie. He wants to send me $1000 to buy some clothes in the USA in the Outlets here. This was an interesting turn of events. I say yes of course. Let’s see if he really does send me the money in August before my trip. That’s all folks. Bonus Topic: The Monger Index Since Jonas was able to do both short sauna sex and a longer overnight stay with sex with me, I thought I’d put this into my “Monger Index.” It’s a metric me and a buddy of mine came up with while super drunk at the Crowne Plaza Bangkok at 3 AM in the morning years ago. He asked me why I get all these prostitutes overseas. With the airfare and hotel rooms, that cost adds up. Wouldn’t it be just cheaper to hire prostitutes back home? I told him he was crazy because (a) the prostitutes are expensive back home and (b) sex is more fun when on vacation anyway. But I disputed his thesis that it is cheaper to hire prostitutes back home. So I came up with an index that measures how much cheaper it is to get hot guys overseas than in the USA, accounting got airfare and lodging costs. Some assumptions: (1) Time Range: The index would not work in measuring one-offs. Of course ONE prostitute would be cheaper in the USA than ONE prostitute in Brazil. A $250 an hour prostitute you hire for one hour to take home to your USA house is cheaper than a $35 sauna boy you get in your cabina at the sauna if you add the $1000 roundtrip airfare one needs to get to the sauna, plus the hotel cost. It will only work if you hire by bulk, and have a longer time range. My assumption for this index example is one week, or 7 days. For example, if you get one guy every day in a week in the USA, that adds up to 7*$250 = $1750. Now we are talking bigger dollars. Have sex in bulk when overseas helps you recoup your cost. (2) Airfare: The index should include the airfare. For my purposes here, I use airfare coming from California, because that's where I live. So for example, a typical off-season RT air ticket to Sao Paulo is $1000. For Bangkok, it’s $550. This is a fixed cost in the index. (3) Hotel: Of course you have to assume you are getting a hotel in the city you are mongering in. I assume my hotels will be typical AirBNB’s, with basic amenities in a decent and nearby neighborhood. Translation: not a dump but not fancy, and Uberable to the sauna and tourist-friendly services. For Sao Paulo I assume of the cost, the AirBNB me and the BF got in Bela Vista last December. It was a decent $50 a night. For 7 nights that adds up to $350. (4) Overnights: I put in the calculation the cost it takes for hiring a guy overnight. For California, a typical overnight with a hot but not “superstar porn star” hot is $1000. For Sao Paulo, Jonas’ example was 200 reals, but I count his initial 200 reals in the sauna as part of the overnight, so 200+200 = 400 reals, or $104. So here are the gross calcs. For 7 days, if I hired a boy for one hour and another boy for overnight every day: California Prostitute: Price for one hour times 7 + Price for an overnight times 7 = $250*7 + $1000*7 = $8750 Sao Paulo Garoto (Jonas): Airfare + 7 nights in AirBNB + Price for a garoto in the sauna times 7 + Price for a garoto overnight times 7 = $1000 + $350 + $52*7 + $104*7 = $2442 The index is calculated as the ratio of the 7-day cost of USA boys, divided by the Sao Paulo boys. 7-day Monger Index for Sao Paulo = $8750/$2442 = 3.58 Issues: (1) I do not count the Uber cost to get to the sauna, or the entrance fee for the sauna, or the cabina price (2) I do not account for food costs. Of course you have to eat whether in the USA or Brazil. This may be a future improvement to be added. (3) The airfare is just from California, maybe it’s more or less where you are. Maybe my assumption of $1000 is too much or too little. This is just what I see anecdotally. So, with that, here are my Monger Indices for some 6 cities I’ve been to, ranked by the best to worst: 1. Pattaya, Thailand: 5.54 2. Bangkok, Thailand: 4.70 3. Mexico City, Mexico: 4.53 4. Bogota, Colombia: 3.77 5. Sao Paulo, Brazil: 3.58 6. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: 3.44 These are solely based on my experience. Your Monger Index may be different. Some observations: (1) Thailand remains the most bang for your buck, because of the presence of cheap decent places to stay in and low cost to fly there from California. (2) Mexico is helped by the fact that it’s so close to California, therefore the airfare is cheap. (3) Brazil on the other hand, is dinged by how expensive the airfares are from California. (4) If I factor in food, Thailand may even get a higher index, and Brazil may get a lower index. (5) Grindr prices were only used in Bogota and Mexico, because I do not have experiences getting anyone there outside of Grindr. So your mileage may vary. (6) Quality of boys is impossible to measure. And it is subjective, so it can’t be put in the index. The index is solely a quantitative metric. For example, twinks may be better in Thailand. Adonises may be better in Brazil. Again, quality is subjective, and can’t be measured meaningfully. Of course, in the end, your mileage may vary, and these indices are only meaningful to me. If you don’t like having sex with Asians, your Monger Index for Thailand is -1000000, for example. -The End-
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    ARGENTINA Jun/Jul 2018

    DOLLAR RIGHT NOW: U$S 1 = $AR 28.05 Time goes and I am slowly getting back to normal. I am definitely horny again, and soon you will have some hot experiences to enjoy. You can skip to the bottom of this post if you are only interested on the local men. In the meanwhile, I am enjoying my family and friends. Last Sunday we had a delicious traditional "asado": What you see is the reduced version that families usually grill at home "parrillas". If you go to a restaurant you have much more choices, but those require a mastery that most regular people lack of. This is what my brother can do, and he does it pretty well. A kg of ribs is about $170 in the butchery. The sausages between $80 and 170 depending on quality, the blood sausages are $130, and they are premium. I am always talking about price per kilogram. Weather is really wonderful. We are in the core of the local winter and the lowest temperatures, at sunrise, are never below 6C (I am in the metric system guys, sorry). During the day we even reach somedays the 25/27C. I took a walk on Tuesday by the local coast line avenue, the Avenida Costanera. If you do not see anyone is because the match between Nigeria and the national team was taking place during the World Cup, as you know this is soccer head land: Corrientes is a beautiful city, if you love fishing and rivers, you will fall in love with her. The Parana river is my favorite one out of all the water streams of the world I know. Just 40' driving from Corrientes city there is a small village called Paso de la Patria that has just a few thousand of local residents. But it is the place where the middle class from Corrientes city and from Resistencia (the capital of the state on the other side of the river) build their week end homes, and on Sat and Sundays turns into an overpopulated city. It is also a paradise to fish the "Dorado", a very prestigious species amongst fishing fans, and there is an anual fishing contest that drags them in the thousands from all over the world. I mentioned before that the city is extremely conservative and Catholic. The culture is so religious that they even have an specific touristic circuit: Prices are amazing and lower than in Buenos Aires. You can get the famous "bife de chorizo" in a restaurant for $300 (it is a huge steak). In the US a similar dish would be around 30 dollars. But let's go to what you really are interested in, sex. Please consider that this is a first exploration of the local sex market, my previous experiences were before the Internet and not about professional providers. Everything I share here is just a first impression and nothing definite. Tonight I am meeting the guy I shared a picture of in my previous post. He is 27, a member of the local state police, and married. Making an appointment with him (remember I got the contact from the local forum) has been a challenge. He has two jobs, is in the DL, and his marriage does not give him a lot of time. My communications with him paint a guy who is not a professional sex worker, but a very horny bisexual who needs extra money and charges to guys when he can. He is clearly not gay for pay, he loves dick. He will be picking me up and taking me to a "telo", which is the slang for "albergue transitorio", the local motels regulated to host for one or a few "turnos", each turno is about 1.5/2 hours depending on the "telo", and the price is between $AR 200 and 300 depending on the room. You will have a full report here and in my blog afterwards. It will be my first time renting a room in this kind of establishment, as I always was fortunate enough to have a place to fuck in the past. Besides this contact I brought from before arriving here, I reinstalled Grindr in my phone, which I had deleted in the DC. I also tried Planet Romeo and Manhunt and I am getting some contacts in those, but most of the activity seems to be in Grindr. There is plenty of sex for free. If you like guys older than 35, it will be easy to hook up for you. I do not, I am looking for younger than 30, and I have to face two expected obstacles: most of them are not into guys my age, and almost none of them has a place. After filtering the first obstacle, I still have plenty of candidates. Corrientes and Resistencia are cities that host several colleges, including a prestigious public one, and young guys are in abundance. Young guys into older guys are more common here than in my experience in the States. Yesterday I hooked up with a 22 yo boy who is in the School of Veterinary a few blocks away from my place. He does not have a place, and we ended hanging up in the Parque Mitre (I did not take pics because it was night and dark), a big park between my apartment and the waterfront. We made up and he sucked my dick. I only have pictures with his face, so I will not share them, but he is a very cute boy, slim and short (5'5). I love "petisos". He lives with his brother a few blocks away from me, and told me he will connect the next time he knows his room mate will be out for a while, so we can have a full fuck. I rejected about 6 boys who were not my type (all of them between 18/25), but they all were very insistent. Guys here are very horny, and very afraid of going public. Discretion is the word of the trade. I am probably going to meet this boy: 25 y.o., acrobat, teaches in the local school of performing arts. Beautiful face and amazing vibe, and smokes pot. I have not smoked in about 10 days and I am missing it. I will also probably meet this guy this week end: 26 years old, works as a trainer in a gym in Resistencia, the city about 40' away on the other side of the Parana. You can see the bridge to cross in the above pictures. He does not have a place, so I have to fix that problem. Those are all sex for free, and there is more, the field is really promising. I am considering to rent a room in a regular hotel. There is a 2 or 3 stars one in downtown called Hotel San Martin. A double room is about $AR 1,450. I think it would be a good investment to pay for 2 or 3 days to meet these guys and to have the photo sessions with the police agent and with a guy I am about to introduce to you. I have not made yet a decision, but it looks like the most convenient option. So it seems that fucking for free is easier than finding a good professional. I am very hopeful though about this one: I contacted him through Grindr. I asked him wether he was into daddies, he responded he was when $ was involved. We started a very friendly and promising conversation. He is also in Resistencia, and we are talking about meeting tomorrow. The fee is $AR 800. I actually offered him $1,000. I am also offering $2,000 for a second sex session that involves photos and filming for my blog. They feel like I am super generous. I apologize I do not show more, but these are not guys who publish their services in an escorts website, and I have to respect their privacy. Keep tuned!
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    So cute boys in Prague !

    Aren’t escorts lucky to age backwards?
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    Will Tomcal Wed?

    the guys on here that know me, know that i am a pretty happy guy always up and happy with life in general. I take things as they come and accept that we only have limited control over our lives, saying that, i am the happiest i have ever been and this and one other guy :-) have everything to do with it! I am going to be in Rio 8/9 - 8/20 and then back to Merida with the Paulista 9/27! then i may have to make some decisions...but it will be great whichever way it turns out! I used to say who ever came up with the saying “the golden years” was full of shit! maybe not so much!
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    Will Tomcal Wed?

    Your comment made me laugh out loud! i am up for it if Andy Cohen wants to do it! In all seriousnessly i feel very lucky having found this guy after all these years of HOing in Brazil! But i will probably blow it so to speak, as i am not the best at LTR since my first one of 6 years duration! But this guy could make me commit for the first time in a long time! Brazilians are like a addictive drug to me and i don’t want a intervention!
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    $1.00 U.S.to Brazilian Reias = $3.88 $1.00 U.S. to Mexican Peso = $19.66 these are getting close to all time highs
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    FINALLY, the index. Thailand has benefits but the stupid drama (and hypocritical culture) and how many Farang's "fall in love" (when they are only a walking ATM) ....Sex can not be beat in Brasil, IMHO. All are great places for one thing or another, but give the gold medal where it is due!
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    Reaction emojis on the BT board

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    Will Tomcal Wed?

    @sanddunes is quite correct. Interestingly, this happened several times in Spain in the last few years. Older men had met handsome younger men in Cuba. They provided the paperwork and guarantees required, brought them over/married and resettled them in Spain. As soon as the 3 year residency in Spain was completed, the younger man acquired all the legal rights of Spanish citizenship and immediately filed for divorce. In Barcelona alone, I know the younger men in 4 of these cases and each simply views it as 'the older man got what he wanted, and I pleased him for 3 years to get what I wanted'. @SolaceSoul is sensible. FWIW you can (like me) have a very strong pre-nup indeed to which the Courts will have regard if you observe 3 things: - you pay for independent legal advice for the younger man - you make full disclosure of assets and net worth - you get the pre-nup signed well in advance of marriage and not at the last minute In addition, my own high-powered lawyer advised me to offer a very modest allowance for 12 months if the relationship broke down after 3 years
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    Will Tomcal Wed?

    I have a male cousin my exact age who, a few years ago, married his second wife. She’s a woman he met on a trip to the Dominican Republic — in Sosua. Anyone who knows anything about the DR, or heterosexual sex tourism, or prostitution period, has heard of Sosua. It’s almost exclusively for male sex tourists wanting to meet beautiful Dominican female hos on the cheap. Apparently he fell in love with a Sosua woman, married her, and about 6-8 months later, brought her to the States on a marriage visa (along with her teenaged daughter). I also must mention that my cousin has a really bad habit of lying about his wealth and success in order to impress more impressionable women. I am certain that he told her that the house that he lived in was his, when it is really his parents and the mortgage is far from paid off, and that his annual income was much greater than it really is. Well, as soon as she got here to the US, she quickly got knocked up, and pumped out his baby, and when that two year minimum hit, she applied to remove the restrictions from her temporary green card, filed for divorce based on verbal abuse and neglect, was granted a permanent green card, a divorce and child support. She now spends her time with Dominican-American men in the USA who are much hotter and more interesting than my dumbass cousin.