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    Lion's Club Rio

    A new sauna is opening up in Rio in the next 1 - 2 weeks. It puportedly will be the largest in Brazil. It was the site of a former Casino and Hotel, so has the "rooms" already! It has been going extensive remodeling the past 3 weeks adding the saunas, and making it into a useable form for a Gay sauna. I saw a video yesterday of what it looks like. It is going to have 16 or 18 suites, a large showroom/dance area with Gogo boy cages 10' above the floor and also a smaller separate bar for having negotiations with the guys where the music is quieter! Oh...and it is very close to 117! It looks to be about 5 blocks apart on Google maps! They are trying to have it open by June 24th
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    Merida Mexico July 18th - 30th

    Thanks Msclelovr ! I plan on spending 2 weeks every other month there( more or less), I don't have to pay taxes on my income that is earned outside of Mexico, which is All of it. The only taxes I pay each year are my property taxes which are extremely low in Mexico. I am not getting citizenship, just permanent residency, that allows me to open checking/savings bank accounts, go thru the Mexican citizen line at customs in the airport, apply for their hospitalization plan If wanted, etc., And most importantly I can stay in Mexico 1 day or 1 year or longer with no limit on my stay(s).
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    Merida Mexico July 18th - 30th

    FloridaRob I met in Rio in 2002, and against all odds became my best friend, and is the one who talked me into checking out Merida! I went to visit him, and literally met a guy 10 minutes after arriving while we were walking to bar owned by a friend ours there. He does know me best...but has a propensity to exaggerate! A lot! LOL
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    Guys: So, I was a little apprehensive about going to Santo Domingo alone just because I let the media/movies into my mind a little bit and let it drive me nuts. However, I think Dominican men are some of the hottest men in the world (I'm from NYC) and I had to make a trip down there just once. I got tons of tips from @1tennisace, my boytoy bff, about how to plan my trip so I immediately got in touch with Manny who really hooked this whole trip up for me. Guys, TRUST ME, Manny is the THE DUDE who will make your trip the hottest. trip. ever. So, I am new to sex tourism, but, I have to say that now I am going to return, frequently. Manny told me that he would pick me up from the airport with a dude who has a 14" dick and he did. This guy was young and hot and SUPER horny. He let me suck it and I had a great time. The second night I was there, Manny hooked me up with two of his guys. They fucked and sucked. Young, hung, and FULL of cum They sucked me too. For a while, we even had a little foursome happening. I have to tell you, that I came like three times that session and the other dudes, twice. I CANNOT WAIT TO GO BACK!
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    Merida Mexico July 18th - 30th

    I'll believe that when I see it. Plus you don't have to pay the 23-26 usd tourism tax on every ticket. So how was the 19 yr old Latino in LAX the other night?? You mean you've done a few that work for the government, lol
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    Merida Mexico July 18th - 30th

    I have slowed down this past year, and I do have someone special! Thats all I am saying right now in case I slip up and fall back into old habits! LOL
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    OK. I have to say this. I've been to Santo Domingo from 4 to 6 times a year for thirty years. I've seen bars and discos come and go as well as procurers like Manny. Let me point out that the restaurant scene in the Colonial zone is wonderful, the people are friendly and kind. There is a lot to do here besides sex and you might find, as I did, that learning about the people and their history builds an appreciation that enhances your "sex tourism". There is nothing wrong with traveling for sex, everyone here does it or else why be here. But you will find it dull as time goes by if you don't, also, enjoy the place. By the way, some of the sex photos that were printed caused a huge stir among the guys in the city. Don't be fools and ruin it for them and for us.
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    Merida Mexico July 18th - 30th

    I am going there in July(not the best time, hot, humid and frequent afternoon showers!)but I getting my permanent residency Visa! If you are 60 or older, and meet Mecico's financial requirements for monthly income and savings you can skip the 4 year TEMPORARY VISA And go right to permanent status. As a side benefit my Brazilian boyfriend is joining me there!
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    Those of us who have already taken that deep dive into reading “Tourist Attractions: Performing Race and Masculinity in Brazil’s Sexual Economy”, the published completed academic research of ethnographer Dr. Gregory C. Mitchell (Chair of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Williams College) are familiar with these passages. But for the newly initiated (or to those who just don’t like reading heady, voluminous academic treatises), this is a pretty damn enticing introductory summary! — The book discusses most if not all of the same topics that frequently pop up on the LATAM forum, including the one that many here dread: age differences and attractiveness: “My first time wasn’t hard at all,” Cavi explains, nibbling at a doughy ball of fried cod. He comes from a smaller city in the interior, and he’s much more shy than Adilson, who talks and smokes constantly. Cavi continues, “See, I got [peguei, “hooked up with”] a client who wasn’t very old, so it was easy. He was thirty-five. Since I have to do this job, it’s better when the ass is good-looking [bonitinha].” Adilson interrupts him to explain. “We all say this: se a bunda é bonitinha, novinha é uma coisa.” Very roughly, this means that if the ass looks good, it’s a much different matter. “Look, if you have a young woman and a very old woman, the young one will still be better. If a gay had to choose between these women, which would he choose?”... “If it’s a young guy,” Adilson explains, “he gives me tesão, but with an old flabby man [velho todo caído] . . . ooooh, that’s more difficult.” He makes a disgusted face... “When the boy is there with an ass in front of him and a job to do, it’s luckier to get a hot ass like Cavi did on his first time. Because, oh, first time was horrible! I got this Danny DeVito type. He was American, really short and fat. Holy shit! [Cruz credo!] It was horrible, oh horrible, but I made a lot of money . . .” —- Another topic addresses is the “aging out” of garotos from the perspective of some (most?) clients: ”Cavi rolled his eyes. “So if you’re sick, you’re in bed, sick with the flu, are you going to start waiting for some client from the sauna to come there and give you medicine? They don’t want to know about you. A gringo wants you when you’re a nice, hot, young boy. When you’re sick? When you get old and you’re not pretty anymore? ‘Fuck you!’ [Foda-se!] That’s what he’s going to say to you.” — Also, he gets into detail about the per formative labor of being a garoto: “I describe the work of prostitutes as performative because their success or failure depends on constructing certain styles of gender that are often rooted in neocolonial variations of archetypes such as the lusty mulata, the Lamacho, the hypersexual masculine black buck (and the dangerous thug from the favela, or slum, its contemporary corollary), the suave Latin lover, and so on.” https://redlightr.io/inside-brazils-gay-sex-tourism-industry/
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    But Pence could never win a national election on his own. Unlike Trump, he has no cult following and can be easily defeated at the polls (assuming there is no election tampering from a foreign power).
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    I am quite fond of David Miranda, but am not a fan of Glenn Greenwald, not in the least. But I do love how Glenn Greenwald somehow always seems to get the press to gloss over the circumstances of their meeting. David Miranda was a 20-year-old Ipanema Posto 9 beach hustler high school student living in a very poor favela and Greenwald was a 38 year old rich Harvard-educated attorney American tourist trolling the gay beach, while staying in an Ipanema penthouse. You know exactly what this was about! “His life changed, he says, one day in 2005, when he was playing volleyball on Ipanema beach and accidentally knocked over an American tourist’s drink. That tourist was attorney Glenn Greenwald, better known today for his journalism. Miranda and Greenwald got to talking, fell in love and moved in together after just five days. “We’ve been together constantly since,” Miranda says. Greenwald, now 52, helped support Miranda going back to school. In 2014 he graduated from ESPM, a publicity and marketing school in Rio de Janeiro.“ http://time.com/collection-post/5584910/david-miranda-next-generation-leaders/?xid=fbshare
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    Just go to Ipanema beach and wait for someone to accidentally knock over your drink
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    Economics of the Site

    Happy to help. The site does not make enough income to support the cost of running it. Donations are accepted at any time. jk Sites ebb and flow and money comes and goes. It is never enough to pay programmers, keep up with new code, upgrades, security, etc the way I like to do it. This site is a passion of love for me. I love hookers. I love people who love hookers. I love gay sex and I love people who love gay site. But, I mostly love gay hooker sex. So, I am OK with not making ends meet on the site. However, the costs of running the site is VERY low. Unless I decide to pay myself a salary. Then, the costs go up. My understanding is that Daddy needs money for his lifelihood from his site. I don't begrudge him that. And, I hope he finds what he needs to life his life happy.
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    I agree—the people of the DR are some of the warmest people I’ve met, delicious food, and GREAT history. Manny also hooked me up with some great tours and guides while I was there. I didn’t mean to overlook those things, but, since this forum was generally about sex, I focused on that. Didn’t mean to be offensive.
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    Was amazing. I Locked in reservations for Central and Maido. Definitely recommend. The first night I stayed in a luxe but very small hotel I read about in Wallpaper, it was in Miraflores. Was not conducive to bring guys back. I switched to a larger hotel in Barranco. Definitely recommend staying in Barranco and a larger hotel. The city is gorgeous, most everyone speaks English in Miraflores and Barranco. Shopping is amazing — check out culture trip for recommendations. Lots of free offers on Grindr, the guys were enthusiastic, but other latin cities (Medellin, CDMX, Barcelona, Etc.) have more and better looking guys for my type, shorter, great asses, muscular, cute face. That said, I found some guys with amazing asses and good bodies and I had some great sex in Lima. Like I said, they are definitely enthusiastic. But, the real draws were the food, the shopping, the architecture and the city, imho. Tips: they have amazing hotels in these gorgeous Belle Époque mansions, they are super luxe and chic, but small, and the service is so good in Lima, I felt uncomfortable bringing guys back. I’d recommend staying in a larger hotel, or even an Airbnb. It felt like a very safe city and the guys I met were all very sweet. I like hotels just for the safety, but I didn’t feel any of that Rio or Barcelona hustler vibe with the guys I met in Lima, so Airbnb is prob ok.
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    Let us never forget that Bill Clinton signed DOMA and made it law. Thank God it was struck down. Thank God people evolve. I want it legal, taxed, and regulated. Sex workers need to have their health status certified on a reasonable schedule. Regulation has the ability to save many lives and help to control the addicted. Some people in the sex business are their own worst enemy. Sex trafficking is a serious issue that spoils a lot of fun for our community. I hate that it somehow gets linked to us. I don't know anyone who supports sex trafficking of any kind. Unfortunately, there are foreign players in the trafficking arena, truly nefarious creatures, who took full advantage of websites like Craigslist. I'm not happy CL is gone, however. CL was the easiest way to meet adult couples who enjoy fucking with a third party watching. This is one of my favorite fetishes and the closing of CL has made voyeurism more difficult to coordinate.
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    If I can help you more just let me know.
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    Warren is sophisticated and nuanced enough to get the difference between sex work and trafficking. She now has my vote locked in. And she has the legislative procedural chops to get it done. This and many other things. In sharp contrast to Bernie. Who points the way, like Lewis & Clarke, but needs a Pocahontas to actually guide us there.
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    The face of an elitist.

    Smug, condescending, and c.u.n.t.y. Elitism is on both sides. And this bitch is living proof how ugly it can be.
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    NYC Escort Services

    Yes, Oz, you should make a trip across the country, stopping in cities with Boytoy members who want to see you. Forty or fifty of those should make you long for a return to Thailand! How many guys did you bring with you?
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    If I could drive downtown Palm Springs, or even go by tuk-tuk, and see a Jupiter show for all of $15, including drink, I wouldn't hesitate! I might hang around and meet some Oz rejects!
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    There are a number of US Ambassadors who are obeying by not flying the flag on the Embassy pole are; nonetheless, hanging it from the building over the entrance ,etc.
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    Oh, Rioblather, you’re overthinking it, as usual. The simplest, most concise explanation for how the garoto deals with the vast age / appearance gap is in a few lines from Tina Turner’s “Private Dancer”: ”You don't look at their faces And you don't ask their names You don't think of them as human You don't think of them at all You keep your mind on the money Keeping your eyes on the wall” That, and Sildenafil (generic Viagra)! Dont believe me? Here’s an excerpt of a garoto interview from the treatise discusses in the OP: “If it’s a young guy,” Adilson explains, “he gives me tesão, but with an old flabby man [velho todo caído] . . . ooooh, that’s more difficult.” He makes a disgusted face.... “When the boy is there with an ass in front of him and a job to do, it’s luckier to get a hot ass like Cavi did on his first time. Because, oh, first time was horrible! I got this Danny DeVito type. He was American, really short and fat. Holy shit! [Cruz credo!] It was horrible, oh horrible, but I made a lot of money . . .” He trails off in raucous laughter that goes on so long that it becomes infectious and we laugh with him.”
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    I feel that Trump is one of the most despicable people in out world. Sadly, I fear anything happening to him because waiting in the wings is Pence, who could be even worse, considering his religious fervor and anti gay stance. I'm happy that I am not living in the US at this time.
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    Wow. A thread on Boytoy where some guys are claiming the right to tell other guys who they can hook up with. Shades of bigotry and ageism. Legally able to consent means just that. So long as consent is present by someone over 18, the rest is not up to posters here.
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    Google "random attack". You'll get a lot here in the US too. It is our nature to want to find a reason for things. Blaming it on the country and poverty is easy, but the truth is that there are crazy, damaged people everywhere.
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    Lagoa, possibly closing???

    Lagoa is not "closing" as to "going out of business" - The sauna will be moved to a new facility. They are moving because their lease on the three houses that comprise the sauna is expiring. Rodolfo, the owner, has no other job or income. Although he is a doctor, he has not practiced medicine for more than twenty years. He depends on the income from the sauna for his day-to-day expensive travels and lifestyle. He will not close the sauna. He is working out a deal for a new facility located a few miles from Lagoa's present location. The new facility will be smaller than the present location. As soon as a firm commitment for the new facility is established, Rodolfo will be making numerous announcements where and when the new facility will open. Rodolfo does not want to lose any revenue because of the move. No, Rodolfo will not let that "gold mine" disintegrate as many other saunas have done over the years. I am currently in Brazil again and plan to go to Lagoa tonight. Remember, Wednesday and Friday are usually (not always)the busiest and best nights at Lagoa. My last few visits to Lagoa were disappointing. If the place is filled tonight and joyful, like it used to be in prior times, I will report back.
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    Lagoa, possibly closing???

    Over a year ago Rodolfo the owner was notified that his lease would more then likely not be renewed! The land it sits on is much more valuable with a 20 story condo on it(the same situation Pointe might face as the family that owns and are Point202's landlords also own the Atlanico hotel a few blocks away on Siquero Campos and we're going to build a hotel there but those plans fell through when they could not get the tax exemption). Rudolfo, does not seem concerned about it and it does not seem to be worried if he has to close, but it has not happened yet and I was told it probably won't happen this year, but no one seems to know for sure!
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    USA to Brasil. Which airport?

    I would also suggest taking a flight directly to Rio (GIG) versus a short layover in Sao Paulo (GRU). In the event you decide to do the short layover at GRU, allow at least 3 hours between the arrival of your flight from the USA and the departure time of your connecting flight within Brazil.
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    USA to Brasil. Which airport?

    Good to see you back, Bucky - It is not necessary to first go to Sao Paulo en route to Rio. You were misinformed. United Airlines has flights from Philadelphia to Rio de Janeiro with a stop in Houston, Texas. American Airlines has flights from Philadelphia to Rio with a stop in Miami. You would be making a big mistake if you travel to Rio with a stop in Sao Paulo. You would likely have to change terminals and/or airports if you go to Sao Paulo en route to Rio. This is not good for a first-time traveler. Have a good trip.
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    So cute boys in Prague !

    You're certainly right. The famous male fashion models and porn stars do not advertise as escorts for professional reasons. They are really into travel as they get a taste of it in modeling work and even porn. So of course they get big-ticket travel offers. Luke Volta went from porn and Hunqz to that style also. I'm speaking of the long-term escort advertisers whose "work" is multiple clients and high turnover ().
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    San-HOE-Domingo, Dominican Republic

    NoGagSucker, I applaud the way you ignored the 2 posts criticizing you. Wish everyone here would do the same.
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    So my husband and I decide to take a weekend SEX-CURSION to Santo Domingo....and as you will see in the pictures and videos, we had a wonderful FUCKING time!!! This trip wasn't in our travel plans, but we got bored at home and decided to take the 2 hour flight from Miami to come play with some of the most sexy men in the world. My only regret is that we arrived too late and weren't able to get to the Apollo sauna. Our flight arrived at about 4:30 p.m. and because we were in the second row on the airplane we were able to get off the plane and through immigration in about 15 minutes or less. Although we didnt make it to the Apollo sauna on Friday night when we arrived, we did walk the Colonial Zone and met 3 sexy guys within 45 mins.Would someone please, please, pretty please visit Apollo Sauna and let me know when the best days and times are to visit? There was some kind of music concert in the colonial zone in front of the cathedral so there was a HUGE CROWD of people in the area. By 7 p.m. we were in our airbnb fucking until 2 in the morning. Between 7 p.m. Friday and 2 a.m. Saturday there were 4 hot guys, at different times, delivering some of the most passionate sex a tramp like me could ask for. Outside of meeting guys in the Colonial Zone, our other contact was Manny, my dominican brother, and Francisco from Paco's. Francisco is so fucking crazy. I went to pacos friday night looking for francisco, but he wasnt there. i left my number with the manager and told him to tell francisco that, "Black Superman," was looking for him. I hadn't heard from fransicso so i went back to pacos on saturday to find him. I must have walked right past him and didnt see him. I instead walked up to a familiar waitress and asked for him. she points behind me, i turn around and francisco has his stun gun in his hand looking at me and says, "I'm going to hurt you, Mother****ER!" I picked up a bottle from the table and say to him, "I'm going to do the same to you Mother******!" We smiled, hugged, kissed on the cheek and he cursed me for not telling him i was in town. I told him i had been there the previous day to see him. We laughed hugged and chatted for a minute. he is a nice guy. Omg! what an INCREDIBLY NICE GUY! Aside from sniffing poppers and taking some of the BIGGEST DICKS that my ass could take. We also visited a gym thats close to pacos. It's a VERY SMALL, CRAMMED GYM, but a lot of the guys who play around workout at this gym. We also walked through the colonial zone last night, saturday, and it was VERY CROWDED AND FESTIVE. DUO and Pizza Hut are still my favorite restaurants to eat and cruise while im in santo domingo. Especially in the evenings around 7/730. there is lots and lots and lots and lots of cruising going on at that time. It's a gay man's paradise. The weather is SUPER HOT HERE.OMG!!! IF YOU WALK FOR 3 BLOCKS YOU ARE SWEATING BULLETS! My husband and i have been studying spanish using a series of disks we bought on AMAZON, Instant Emerson." The disks are VERY HELPFUL and we're both doing much better at picking up the language by studying 30 minutes each night during the week. Hope you guys enjoy the videos. My next post will be on our SEX-CAPADES from RIO in 2 weeks. Can't wait for that trip! BE BLESSED, FELLAS...REMEMBER GUYS, " SUCK A DICK AND BE HAPPY! 20190623_101228.mp4 20190621_192841.mp4 20190621_200002.mp4
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    She may just get my vote! https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/elections/2019/06/20/warren-im-open-decriminalizing-sex-work/1514029001/
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    For those who visit Brazil and first spend time in Sao Paulo then go to Rio, you might want to be aware of the below article. The article advises that the largest runway at Rio's at Santos Dumont airport will be closed for a month for upgrading. Only small aircraft will be allowed to use the smaller runway at the downtown airport. This mean that flights from downtown Congonhas Airport (Sao Paulo) will fly to the larger international airport (GIG) in Rio, much farther than downtown Rio (SDU). If you are visiting Sao Paulo during the above dates shown in the title, and if you plan to visit Rio from Sao Paulo, make sure you book one of the smaller aircraft to Rio (SDU). If you don't, your flight will land at Galeão International Airport (GIG) which is a long taxi or Uber ride from the areas we generally use. Traffic is usually heavy along this route. Here is the article: https://riotimesonline.com/brazil-news/rio-de-janeiro/runway-renovation-will-restrict-flights-at-santos-dumont-airport-in-rio/
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    The face of an elitist.

    It is equally disturbing to know about her bigoted father. The father is a religious psychotic news commentator. The father often says that Trump is the greatest president America ever had. On the father's television show he repeatedly defends Trump's lies and bizarre behavior by saying, among other things, that other news stations and news sources that criticize Trump are "fake news" and "the enemy of the people" which is a term we have heard Trump say often. Considering the lies told by this woman, while reconfirming the lies told by Trump, what will be this woman's legacy as White House Press Secretary be. Her children must be ashamed to have such a hideous person as their mother.
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    Tumblr Shutting Down

    The UI of the new site is questionable. But I have to say, it took some focused motivation to figure out the UI of the former Tumblr. Both places seemed like they were designed by kids for kids. At any rate, the new place has some fun contributors like the old place had. Here's a new favorite.
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    Lion's Club Rio

    Riobard I do not believe it is the same place, it is owned by a local Brazilian and he is leading the space(I think it is a 5 year lease)to a American and a Brazilian whobl are partners in this venture) Here is a photo of it taken whrlen it was still operating as a casino
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    That’s what Trumpsters like to believe, and want others to think. There is no history in the USA of a President being re-elected after an impeachment proceeding.
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    Merida Mexico July 18th - 30th

    Hoping things work out for you two Tomcal!
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    Columbia: full list of hot spots

    Very nice trip to Colombia, from April 9th to 26th. In Medellin I rented in San Peters Apartaments, in Laureles. Good place, with a liberal guest policy. I met mostly guys from fb or through friends. Some good offers vía Grindr. The same in Bogota, at the BH Mercure Hotel. Besides old acquitances and new Grindrs, I went to Saint Moritz sauna and put myself on the hands of its masseurs... From 6 to 9 gorgeous guys, some of 18 and 19 y.o. of age, with excellent bodies and attitude. Worth the visit. With a young nice guy I went to a motel; with another one to the nearby Internet cabines. Very nice all together, and at a short walk from the Hotel. It's amazing how old men are still on demand. I mean, for free! Many younger are eager to meet "serios" and gravity usually means being over 50 or 60! By the way, the restaurant Juana la Loca in Bogotá is very good. And for some touristic plan, the Salt Cathedral at Zipaquirá is an excellent destination.
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    Trump Bans Most Travel To Cuba

    How hypocritical of Trump. Most readers recall that early on when Trump took office, he visited Cuba with his family (at taxpayer expense). His supposed official visit (sight-seeing vacation) did not create much news because he did not meet with any Cuban political officials. The few comments made by Trump about the visit was to say that Obama should not have eased restrictions for Americans to visit the island nation. In other words, Trump "had his ice cream", so to speak - (his free family vacation to Cuba) but to hell with anyone else who might want to visit there. What a useless swine that Trump is!
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    Lagoa might have the best facilities in Brazil (not 100% sure about this actually, when compared to 117 or 202 now) but it has the worst layout ever. You're never able to get an idea about how many, who are and where are the garotos inside the sauna, so you actually need to do an active search. If you stay at the tables by the pool you cannot see what happens in the corridor and in the bar, if you stay un the bar you cannot see what happens in the corridor....and so on. In Brazilian saunas I usually like to spend my time at the bar watching the guys to make a decision, in Lagoa it's not an easy task IMHO.
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    Where can I meet someone who is sexy, younger, strong and interested in politics and changing the world? I might be able to assist.
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    Most of us who kept a sort of relationship with compatible garotos have experienced their sudden disappearance. Not all have disappeared but most have. To my pleasant surprise, I saw a rentmen.eu advertisement for two different Brazilian garotos in two different countries I visited this year. I was able to meet with one of them. What a lucky event. In other countries, garotos make a lot more money than they do in Brazilian saunas.
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    Back to SP

    Heading back to SP today, this trip was supposed to be all about the sauna but alas! the reports have me worried. I however swear I am up to no good!!! I will keep you guys posted as much as I can.
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    Eastern Europe is probably more suited for you.
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    Planning a Brazil trip

    Let’s review @ajay1 : you don’t know the country; you don’t speak Spanish nor Portuguese; you’re somewhat scared by reports here; but you’re considering taking much poorer strangers to your hotel room. My strong advice is do not take an escort/GP to your room. Play in the saunas where it is safe. If you feel a connection with a guy and you simply must take him back to your hotel, ask the management of the sauna and/or other clients whether he is a ‘good guy’. You are much less likely to have a problem if the GP knows that other people know you are going out with him for the night. At the hotel, assuming you’ve booked a room for 2 people, just register him at Reception. They will check his ID card which will show that he’s of legal age (very important as you don’t want to end up with the Police investigating you if the guy is under-age) Lastly, the reports here about crime are accurate. You should not display any valuables on the street/beach, especially if you are alone. I have a friend who looks Brazilian and speaks fluent Portuguese (tho he’s Italian) and he just returned from 2 weeks in Rio, which he has visited many times before. He is an experienced traveller and he does not exaggerate: even he was surprised at the level of street-crime now, in broad daylight in good areas such as Ipanema; he personally witnessed a robbery or mugging each day in Rio. He also told me an interesting story of how a Brazilian friend of his got robbed by the police - they cloned his credit card while interviewing him in a Police station for several hours as a witness to the robbery of his taxi driver!
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    It would really be nice if OZ could put a check box that would allow this site to remember us for auto logging in.
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    One horny night, I took an Uber to the Juan binbin sex house in a dicey area. I was greeted at the security gate by Juan and two sex workers, both youngish and sexy. We went upstairs to the welcome area and soon I was surrounded by 6-7 boys and they each took out their cocks, to stroke or shake their meat. All were under 30 and varying shade of Dominican black. I wasn't crazy about the rushed vibe but it was the operating standard. I sized up the most appealing cocks, found the uncut dick I most wanted in my mouth and Juan sent the other boys away, as he sat behind his desk/bar area. He asked me to buy a beer, but I don't drink so he requested the $50 fee and the boy was soon leading me down a hallway to a small room. We entered, he turned on the a/c and took off his underwear as I strapped on my knee pads. This fella was soon hard and had an enormous rod that was too big for my throat but I sure has a good time throating as many of his hard inches as I could. Positioned in a number of ways and performed my spit polishing expertise. At just under an hour, it was a satisfying enough experience but I didn't go back. I would have but what with it being in a terrible and isolated neighborhood, and a rushed atmosphere that was very unwelcomed especially in the context of how beautifully laid back the rest of the Santo Domingo was, and the general boredom of the dude I chose to blow, I wasn't the least bit interested in going back. Certainly happy to have checked it out! I wasn't aware of any other client in the club and I was there around 10.30 pm on a Friday night. If it had been inviting and, well, a more relaxed Dominican venue instead of such a fast hustle. my knee pads and I would have returned.
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