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    Not the biggest, but close to it

    Considering that I had such a good time at Lagoa a couple of days ago (Wednesday) I decided to return to Lagoa last night (Friday). Last night I went to Lagoa alone. The place was even busier and better last night than it was on Wednesday. I met a couple of nice garotos and had a great time. Then, it was time for me to leave for the night. I paid my bill and stepped outside to call for an Uber to take me back to my hotel. When the Uber car arrived, I could not see the driver because it was at night and the headlights from his car made him appear only as a shadow. He called out my name which gave me confidence to enter the vehicle. I sat in the back seat. The driver was friendly and could tell from my Uber account and from my accent that I was not Brazilian. Shortly after we chatted a while about nothing, he asked me how i liked the sauna. Well, that was a strange question. The Uber app tells him my basic details and gives the driver a pick up address. However, the app does not say that the pick up address is a sauna. I was taken aback by his question about the sauna. So, I asked him how he knew the address was a sauna. He said that he used to work at Lagoa as a garoto de programma. I was speechless at that point. He then asked me if I was interested in getting together with him as a garoto. I told him, I don't know because I could not see him with the headlights blocking my vision of him. After the next corner and in the middle of the block, he suddenly pulled to the curb and stopped. Initially, I thought there was about to be trouble. However, he said, please sit up front with me so we can talk better. I told him, "okay" and I got out of the back seat and opened the front passenger door to get in. It was easy to see him now with the dash and phones lights shining on him. He was very handsome. Not only that, I could see that he already had his hard cock out of his pants. The cock was so long it touched the bottom of the steering wheel. And, he had a smile on his handsome face. He quickly started to drive. He said that the Uber app would know that he stopped his car. I asked him how would it be possible for us to get together for a programma while he was working. He said it was easy. He stated that when we arrive at my hotel, he sends Uber a signal that the trip is finished. Then Uber sends him a message about the next trip he has. He said he can decline a trip for a lunch or dinner or even a bathroom break. He would decline his next trip if I wanted him to come to my hotel with me. We worked out an agreement where he would park at my hotel and how long he would stay and how much he wanted for his time to get together at my hotel. He said his fee was the same fee as I would pay in the sauna for a garoto. How could I decline that offer? What luck to be picked up by this particular driver that knew what the building was (sauna) where I called for the ride. Meeting this fun guy was not the biggest surprise of my life, but close to it. EDIT: I asked him why he quit the sauna for Uber. He said that Uber is a reliable source of income (about R$2,500 monthly). The sauna pays only if he meets a paying client. He said on slow days he does not meet clients then he is out the money for his transportation, his sauna entrance fee and wasted time.
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    Me desculpe pela ausência... .. but I won’t be able to post this week because yes I’m knee deep in Brazilians at the moment. The events in this trip report are from my last Brazil trip 4 weeks ago. I thought I could finish it before the trip I am currently in but alas. But the good news is there is another trip report immediately following this one. Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate it a lot! More please lol. P.S. I love the gofundme idea! I promise to post naughty photos and videos of the boys in the trip if this happens.
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    Badboy Rio October 2018 Recap

    Quick recap.... Landed Thursday...weather was blah...rainy and overcast most of the day... Staying in Copa as always...decided to go by 117 first and finish up at Pointe since its closer to the apartment 117 on Thursday was just okay....a nice selection of guys but nothing out of the norm....No sex at 1117...was there from about 5:45 to about 7:15 Pointe was more festive...I think it was free cabin night or something....definitely a nice mix of guys...met a cute newbie who was about 19 or 20....Normally not into slim twink types but he had an amazing bubble ass and was very attractive....Got to Pointe Thursday around 8 and left around 9:30 pm Had him Thursday and Friday.... Friday was Pointe then 117...both clubs had crowds since it was the weekend...117 wins for the number and variety of guys... Pointe has more around the way guys with a mix of muscular body boys...117 has more pretty boys and more muscular.... Got to Pointe around 6 pm....stayed until about 7:30....had the cute young boy and was about to have another similar slim, big butt boy but he got busy so I left 117...more lively, more guys, more clients....I got there around 8....stayed until a little after 10...walked over to Lapa I finally got to sample one of the big muscle gods I have been seeing for a few years but has been telling me he was a top...GO figure....(My ex always told me that being patient will always get you what you want, sooner or later) Had a huge crush on the guy...about 6ft....220 or more..muscular and maybe 25...Black guy....Almost a waste.... While he did bottom like he said, he wasnt good at taking dick OR maybe my dick because he really isnt a bottom...Money does talk... He started at 200...went down to 150...ended up getting 120...Just a reference fellaz... Still love looking at the guy but I prefer my bottoms to be 100% into being bottoms....even if it is just for money.... Weather was cloudy and rainy again...Not cold just not ideal... Today...Saturday...BEAUTIFUL...Sunny....beach weather....beach was very active, walked from Copa to Ipanema...stayed there for a few hours and walked back.... A lot of eye candy but NOTHING like what will be here in December, January and February... Pre-gaming before I go to the sauna....doing Pointe again then 117... Sidenote-I had a regular I met at the sauna come to the apartment...How does he manage to come 3 times from me fucking him and I barely came once while we are going for his 4th.... Huge bubble butt (I think he has had some work done), insatiable ass...he manages to stay tight and had has incredible stamina.....if he isnt at the sauna today, Im inviting him back to the apartment late tonight after Lapa or early in the am... More to come on tonight's escapades later.... Does anybody know how I can post pics...my phone has issues posting to this forum for some reason
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    Pointe 202 strippers

    these were the strippers tonight at pointe along with Junior the owner!
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    Day 6-8: Um Boy Um Carro I am going to rush through 2 and a half non-sauna days into one post. I have ventured to three different saunas in 4 days (with a repeat to Sauna Olimpo in Belo Horizonte). As much fun as the saunas are, I needed a break from them. Luckily, Leo, my hairdresser companion for this trip, is an awesome sidekick when it comes to touring Brazil. We thought about venturing outside of the Ipanema and Copacabana axis and discover the rest of Rio state. But taking a break from the sauna did not mean taking a break from boys. Gabriel, the Carioca with the perfect body, handsome face, and a libido that won’t quit, is going to be with us for this break. And for the break, we needed some sort of transportation to get out of here, and Leo had a perfect suggestion: Um Boy Um Carro – A Garoto de Programa with a car. He met such a guy on his last trip to Rio via a mutual friend who hired the guy, though for driver services only, no monkey business. In that trip, they got to talking and Leo sort of surmised that the boy could be bought for sex if the price was right. Leo showed me the boy’s Instagram page. Holy moses. This boy was beyond sexy. He was gorgeous. Late 20’s, white Italian looks. Perfect abs. His swimwear always showed an outline of his huge bulge. And a killer smile. He does not work at the saunas, and just works long hours as an Uber driver. He relishes being a tour guide once in a while as it gives him a break from the tedium of Ubering. Leo got in touch with the boy, let’s name him Mateus. Mateus suggested meeting us over a cup of coffee to discuss terms and expectations. Leo and I chose Parque Lage as a meeting place, the green space in the middle of the city of Rio, since I have never been. After a fun Café da Mahna, we head over to Parque Lage and admire the greenery and culture: After two hours of wandering in the Parque, Mateus finally appeared just after an Uber fare. And he was everything his Instagram page advertised. He approached us at our table at the restaurant in Parque Lage. Leo and I both stand up to greet him. Mateus gives me a firm shake, and then a hug. He smelled really really nice. He ordered a coffee as we discussed our plans for the trip. Leo took the reins of setting expectations. We will pay him a daily rate. He will be with us the whole time. We will pay for all his food and drinks and lodging, which would be a room with me or Leo or whatever lodging we could muster at the beaches. Leo asked about his “GP” duties, like how many times, and to what extent the sex would be. Mateus quickly tells us that he does not count how many times he will be available for sex. If I was horny, we can do it. If he was horny, he will initiate. He said these things were much better with no pressure. Its good to have no pressure on vacations, and even better with sex. He adjusts himself while he talks about this. I ask him if he got turned on by just discussing about sex. He laughs, and says “a little bit.” He tells me he won’t disappoint me when it comes to this regard. I love how open and free Brazilians are when talking about sex. Even in an uptight café in the middle of a lovely park in Rio. Leo and Mateus agree on a 500 real per day price for Mateus’ “Um boy um carro” services. This included gas for the car and sex. If you think about it, this is super cheap. You normally pay what, 150 reals for 30 minutes with a boy? I am getting the boy, and the car, and the gas, and the sex, for the price of 3-4 boys in a sauna (not including sauna and cabina prices). Not that I was justifying the price at the moment. I was willing to pay more for him, due to the quality I was getting. Somehow Leo pulled me down to earth to zero in on a fairer price. Mateus drove us back to Ipanema and tells us he will be back at 9 PM tonight to drive all of us to Arrail do Cabo, the cool beach cove 2 and a half hours outside of Rio. In the evening, Gabriel arrives and Leo fills him in on the details. Gabriel is skeptical of the whole arrangement, probably because there is another boy that will be sharing me with him. I am fully aware that I am combining three disparate people into my fold and expecting them to get along. Let’s see what happens: 1. Leo, Gabriel and I have dinner first before Mateus arrives, and the differences between the Carioca and the Paulista have never been more apparent, from the clothes (Carioca casual vs. Paulista cool), demeanor (Carioca bombast vs. Paulista wit), and temperament (Carioca impulse vs Paulista introspection). I got used to the differences in their sotaques (accents) really quick, with Gabriel’s SH sounds and Leo’s rounded R’s, for example, providing endless entertainment to my ears. 2. We pick the restaurant Carretao, which has been discussed before in this site. We were quoted a 100 real per person price. I was prepared to pay for that but Leo was not. We start walking away and the concierge counters with a 60 real per person price. Leo accepts. Is this dual pricing? I was ready to pay. The food was great. The churrasco very yummy. But I can see how they can take advantage of tourists this way, who wouldn’t necessarily negotiate a lower price like locals would. 3. Mateus' car was a bit on the small side, but snuggling up to Gabriel in the backseat while Mateus and Leo in the front shot the shit, was pretty awesome actually. It made the 2 or so hours drive fly by, On the way I opened my Grindr and talked to a few boys from Niteroi to Itaborai to Arrail. I had a fairly promising conversation with a nice 20 year old cute boy, but got dismayed when he said this. Another gay Bolsonaro fan: 4. I reserved an apartment for us four (me, Leo, Gabriel and Mateus) through Booking.com, but upon arriving at 1 AM at the place, we found out that our check out time was too early (8 AM) on the last day. Without Leo speaking on my behalf we would not have been able to cancel without penalty. I wonder how non-PT speakers can do it. We were lucky we were able to find two rooms at Varandas Ao Mar, a hotel in Arrail do Cabo that was by the beach. Pretty reasonable, and they had a room that had two beds for Leo and Mateus, and one with a King Bed for Gabriel and I: 5. We had two whole days to check out the beaches in the area, including Arrail do Cabo, Cabo Frio, Forte Beach, and some sites like Praia das Dunas and the towns surrounding. Gabriel and Mateus, Cariocas to the very core, wore skimpy trunks and had a ball frolicking in the sand and water. Leo, more reserved, was in boxer trunks. Pretty sexy, but still, more reserved. Lots of photos were taken, as one should, in paradise with beautiful boys. Sorry guys, not sharing the photos of the boys tho. The guy pictured below is not any of the boys lol: 6. Sex with Gabriel was a given, but with Mateus it was more tricky. I did not sleep in the same bed with him at night, as he was in Leo’s room, and I could not ask Gabriel to sleep in Leo’s room as he did not seem to like Leo that much, and Leo did not like Gabriel as well (jealousy?). So I had to manufacture sexy time with Mateus, which is probably the unsexiest thing you can do. I used Leo as my “agendador” – my scheduler. Leo would tell me on Whatsapp when Mateus was getting randy, and I would tell Leo if I wanted Mateus. It worked well, and Mateus and I did it in Leo’s room, with Leo going to the pool or go out for a smoke while Mateus and I did the deed. As for the sex itself, it was spectacular. Mateus, as with Gabriel, had a huge cock and knew how to use it. Body was perfection, kisses were deep and sensuous. He bottomed for me once, but he was truly just a top. I didn’t mind. Sometimes foreplay with him was enough. Overall, it was an amazing time with everyone, even if Leo and Gabriel did not get along with each other. I highly recommend venturing out of Ipanema and Copacabana to go to these other spots in Rio state. The places didn’t seem particularly dangerous, though we did venture into some favelas with our drives around. We left Arrail around 4 PM on the last day, to get back to Rio in time to meet up with Leo’s cousin, as well as to be able to go to Pointe 202, my first time. That’s next.
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    Mexico - Prague bridge

    Strange title and strange adventure mixing Prague and Mexico. I spent last week end in Prague. I had fun with regulars and with a new boy, invictus3 (see report and pic in Prague). I came back from dinner with friends around midnight. My grindr application was on looking for men looking for me. I received soon a message from a boy, 29 years old who was 33 meters from me ... Almost in my hotel room... We chatted and he was soon willing to come to my room to have fun. I did not not trust him at first. Believe me, He insisted : "I am real". In front of my skepticism, he sent a few pictures of him. Good looking man. I proposed to go meet him in the lobby but he was scared to meet his brother or his parents. We decided to meet at level 1. At this time it was empty. After some time, he arrived and was immediately interested by my dick. He was touring Europe with his parents and brother and could not meet gay guys. He was really desperate to suck someone and I happened to be here ... He came to my room, undressed me and him in a matter of seconds and started sucking and licking. We cuddled on bed and after some time we both cummed. He then resumed his clothes rather quickly, said bye and disappeared. When I tried to contact his grindr profile seconds adter ge left, the profile had veen disconnected. Impossible to keep a copy of the pictures he sent me ... I just know his name : Gerardo. And I just have good souvenirs of the meeting ... Nice to have this adventure in Prague with a latino ! It does not happen too often (last time I met a grindr man staying in the same hotel as le and interested by me and me by him was in Porto Alegre...). Good introduction to my trip to Brazil end of October ...
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    Earlier this week I reported that my return to Brazil last week was very disappointing because all the different fun places I usually visit had very few clients and garotos. I left each place without meeting garotos. Had last week been my first trip to Brazil, and had I found such sparse activity, I would have been inclined to think that all the wonderful stories I heard and read about Brazil were exaggerated. I commented that I would remain optimistic that Sao Paulo would return to its former marvelous place. This evening, Lagoa, made up for my two disappointing visits last week. There was a tremendous turnout of garotos tonight (Wednesday night). The place had just the right amount of garotos to please all. I was with friends and we each were pleased at the quantity of good looking to handsome garotos that showed up. We felt good with all the attention we were getting from the garotos that know so well how to turn on their charms (and certain other body parts) in anticipation of getting an invite from a client for a programma. There were so many beauties it was difficult to make a choice . Considering that I was at Lagoa a few hours tonight, I did not limit my fun to only one or two garotos. My friends also periodically disappeared with a garoto to one of the suites at Lagoa. A sensational time was had by all tonight. No doubt about it, tonight Lagoa made up for the two prior lousy nights I experienced this past week. Now, if only the other places I usually visit will come back to life, my disappointing week will not matter in the grand scheme of things to come.
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    Day 8.5: Two for the price of one Our ride back to Ipanema was pretty awesome. We were all rejuvenated after the fairly relaxing (though intense as well) stay at Arrail do Cabo. On the we noticed that the traffic getting out of Rio was pretty awful, but our ride into Rio was pretty nice: Along the way we picked up Leo’s cousin who was waiting at Santos Dumont airport, where he flew from Sao Paulo to join Leo and I in Rio. Alex was early 30s, a computer programmer. Cute-ish, boy next door type. He squeezed into the back seat between lean and slim Leo and jacked-up muscley Gabriel. On the way back to Ipanema, I heard introductions made and a conversation led by Gabriel that I didn’t quite catch since Mateus up front was telling me about Rio. Upon arriving at the apartment, Leo and Alex excused themselves and told me they will walk to the beach really quick to take photos of the sunset. I asked if I can join them, but they said I needed to shower first, since all of us were filthy from visiting beaches all day. I thought that was weird, but Gabriel took me by the hand and led me to the bathroom. Gabriel was kind of frustrated this trip. My attention was divided between him, Leo and Mateus. My sexual energy was more towards the newer, shiny Mateus, and Leo was there to disrupt the whole vibe in between the sex events. I quickly realized now that Gabriel asked everyone for a final alone time with me. Mateus went in Leo’s room and laid down. Gabriel stripped off all his clothes to reveal his tanned, muscular body, his giant ass, and his already erect cock. I guess we are doing this. Shower sex was difficult with him, because he was much taller than I was. We retire to my bedroom where we continue the deed. He had a lot of pent up energy and frustration. I gladly received all of it. It was hot. After sex we cuddled for a while, talking. He told me in all honesty his frustrations about the trip. About not liking Leo. About Mateus. About his fear that I was forgetting him. I assured him that I wasn’t, and he would always be a permanent fixture in my Brazil trips, as he has been three straight times already. But that was a lie. I know I will need to move on from Gabriel at some point. It was inevitable. There are so many other hotties in the saunas, and while Gabriel’s chemistry with me is hard to mimic, the fun part is me trying out new boys to get to find out anyway. Prostitution with companionship takes the impersonal (money) with the personal (sex), and mixes the two together for a complicated concoction, where there lots of gray areas, and not everything was clean and tidy. At the end of the day, one has to be sane about these things, and not get too carried away. One needs to realize that mainly, you are just a job for them, and it is just fun for us. Anything more will just be asking for trouble. Unless trouble is what you want, and there is plenty to be had in this place. The streets are lined with it. I pay Gabriel his usual rate, 250 a day (750 total) and 50 more for good measure. We emerge from the room and find Leo, Alex and Mateus hanging out in the living room. “All good?” Leo asks. “Of course!” I said. “You were loud!” Mateus interjects. We all laugh. “Is it my turn?” Mateus follows up. “Yes. It’s your turn… to drive Gabriel back to Sao Goncalo.” Mateus nods. They both lived in Niteroi, so it all worked out. Leo interjects, saying we needed to be driven to Pointe 202, the sauna in Copacabana. Leo and Alex quickly take showers too. Thank god the AirBNB has 2 bathrooms. highly recommended if you plan to invite more than one Brasileiro to stay with you. We all pile into Mateus’ car. Alex asks me about the sauna we are going to if it was good. I have never been to Pointe 202 before, so I told him I did not know. I told him about Manhattan and 117. Alex then asks if there are young GPs there. I told him I didn’t know, but asked him if that was his preference. “The younger the better,” Alex said. That was a little creepy but I put it aside for now. Soon we get to 202, as Gabriel tells us where it is. We all get out of the car (except Mateus), and Gabriel shows us the stairs that led to the sauna. We all get a hug from Gabriel, and upon seeing this, Mateus steps out and hugs everyone goodbye as well. Gabriel and Mateus both disapear into the night. Both were great company, but more fun is to be had. The steps going up to the sauna were a little bit slick from some water. Someone could really slip and fall here, I thought. We get up to the door and it opened as people were leaving. Looks like the same deal. We get asked our names, get our locker keys and towels, and get asked our flip-flop sizes. We head over to the locker rooms, which were in a sunken part of the sauna. Both Leo and Alex quickly strip down to their underwear. No modesty whatsoever. I, on the under hand, just changed my shoes for the flip flops, locked up my wallet in the locker room, and did not change into a towel. I was more comfortable with wearing t-shirt and shorts in the sauna. We make our rounds. On the floor we were in, we see a bar and some sort of stage and seating area. There were some clients milling around, and seated, with and without boys. The boys were… OK. No drop dead gorgeous ones so far. We decided to go upstairs and find some cabinas and other boys presenting themselves, and a locker area, probably for the boys. Another set of stairs, and an upstairs room with a bar and some seating, and a TV with a sports channel on. We sit in a booth and order some beers. “Can I smoke in here?” Leo asks a boy passing by. He gets a yes. Leo starts smoking. The boy in question, a tall, average looking guy, probably late 20’s, continued chatting Leo up. Leo asks him to sit. Normally someone I wouldn’t hire to have sex, but he was friendly enough. The guy sits and his towel parts to shows off what is probably the size of a child’s arm. That thing was huge. I guess I know the reason why he is a GP. He can do damage with that thing. He asks me where I am from, in perfect English. I answer and then ask him the same things, in Portuguese. He is a Carioca. Alex was quietly assessing the place. I didn’t know if he was having fun or not. I ask him if he was having fun. He said yes, and said that the boys were hot. I ask him if he found any of them hot enough to hire. He said no. After a few minutes Gabi, the young GP I met in 117 a few days ago, appeared I wave him over to sit with us. Alex was in love. I tell Alex that Gabi was pretty sexy and fun, and I recommended him as a first GP hire for Alex. Alex talks to him a little bit to get comfortable. And then Alex had a request for me: “Do you want to share him with me?” “Like a threesome?” Yes, he said. I told him sure but I would just watch. He said that was fine. I could tell he wasn't that comfortable with the idea of hiring a GP but was willing to try. I ask Leo if he could negotiate a price for what we wanted. Gabi asked for 200, but Leo got it down to 150. Gabi leads both of us to reception to get the room key. While waiting I see Alex’s towel already showing his true intentions. He was hard, and it looked like he was huge as well. This was an unexpected bonus. We get to the room and Gabi asks to wait while he took a shower. While waiting, I take Alex’s towel off and sure enough, his enormous penis was hiding in there. The stereotype of the hung Brazilian still holds true. I stroke the penis a bit and Alex starts kissing me. This was great. Gabi emerges from the bathroom and looks at Alex’s penis. “Caralho!” he says. I laugh. I pull Gabi towards Alex and encouraged them to get it on. And they do. Alex forces Gabi to get Gabi to give Alex a blowjob. Gabi tries, but it was thick one. I just sit there, admiring the scene. Some foreplay, rimming, more blowjobs. And then Alex puts on a condom. Gabi lubes up really good. Alex tries to enter him doggy style. Gabi was tying but was in pain. Alex tries different positions. They settle on a groove. Pretty soon Gabi has had enough. It was just too painful. Alex pulls out and finished himself on Gabi’s butt. That was hot. 150 reals well spent. Alex gives the boy 100, and I give him 50. Alex thanks for me for his first time. We go back to Leo, who is still in the bar upstairs, chatting it up with some customers. There was still one more chance to get a boy. This one is special. That’s next.
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    Badboy Rio October 2018 Recap

    Saturday update... Pointe was just okay...not crowded...decent amount of boys and clients Enjoyed the Jacuzzi and met with my regular instead of at the apartment...we couldnt get the times together so I told him we could just get together at Pointe... Got in about 6 pm...was out by 730.... 117 was party central... When I got there about 8 the deck was crowded...all tables taken up...inside area where the stage was at was pretty crowded....great selection of boys...A lot of client...regulars...did notice a lot of African American guys in town They ended up having a decent show...I spent most of my time on the patio relaxing and recovering from Pointe... The last 30 minutes or so before I planned to leave to meet my buddy to go to a samba school I decided to stop being shy....And asked a hottie with glasses does he bottom.... 6ft....toned with a great ass....session was very good...would definitely try him again... Overall...the crowd was festive...a lot of clients and boys.... It did start dying down by the time I left around 10:10 pm...
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    Latin Forum

    Lucky, to help bring things back, I can travel there from Thailand for the benefit of the group. However, the website reserves are down so much and I'll create a donation link to help. The excess will be used for going to Brazil via air and hotels. I promise I won't travel first class or stay in 6-star hotels. Any donations can help. Send them to BR549.
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    The dangers of using the "second brain"

    You did a lot of smart things but i tell everyone “Never Ever leave the guy to take a shower!!” Either have him shower with you or take your pants with you into the bathroom or better idea Wait until you get back to your place to shower! It is amazing how few seconds it takes them to get your wallet out of your pants get the cash out and get the wallet back in your pants!
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    These paragraphs should be framed and hang in everyone's altar, to read before praying for the next cock.
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    Coming Out Day - I salute you all

    Sorry, I missed October 11 and the National Coming Out Day. I had 3 Thai guys and a beard full of cum! And, the party continues as I went to pick up another one day. I figured Coming Out Day needed some Cumming out of others and into or onto me!
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    To be even clearer, the “gay beach” (or the gay part of the beach) in Ipanema is directly between Postos 8 and 9. The dead center of it is where Farme de Amoedo ends at Av. Vieira Souto, and you’ll see two barracas (beach vendors) with gay rainbow flags (among others) on the beach. The periphery of that area is gay-friendly, but the farther you go out away from it, the less so (by Rio standards, of course). I just want to clarify this because some posters (and lurkers) here are WAY too literal, and could end up going directly in front of Posto 8 or Posto 9, expecting a “gay Barbie” experience and getting hugely disappointed.
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    I want to tell you about an unpleasant episode which happened to me a couple of weeks ago in Sao Paulo. I live in Brazil since the beginning of this year, I am not a newbie and I did never have a problem with garotos (from saunas, and from the web). The thing is that depending on who you are, and how horny you are, in some circumstances the "second brain" can replace the main one and let you do mistakes that can be quite expensive. So I was in SP, during a slow day to go for Lagoa, so I did my search on Grindr and I have found the sexy guy I was needing for. Since my apartment was so messy it looked like a bomb exploded in it, I decided to go to his place (100 mt from my apartment). Now, this is already something you must not do, it's not safe. But I was in SP, I have never had a problem even when going to GP's apartments, and I am a fluent portuguese speaker. Rate set, ready, go. To lower the risks, I always bring with me the GP's tariff + 20/50 reais just in case, plus a credit card (which is a card where I can set a spending limit whenever I want, using the smartphone app). The guy was good, as in the pictures, good sex. Not the best, but still good. So what happened? At the moment of paying (here's another mistake i will explain you later), after taking a shower I realized I was missing a 100 reais note. At the beginning I started to think that it must have fallen out somehow. The guy was helping me to look for it inside the apartment. Then I have realized how stupid was the thing I was doing and how good was the acting of the guy. There was no chance that a 100R note could fall out of the wallet and out of my trousers by itself, and I did check the amount 3 times before leaving my home. So I was unable to pay the boy by cash, who pretended to look surprised by my words. Even if I do not show any sign of fear and I can speak some good portuguese, i am still a young 70 Kg, tall and untrained european white guy; so there was no reason to get beaten down by a 90Kg tall muscular moreno latin guy inside his home, by letting him notice that I was missing 100 Reais because he actually took that note from my wallet when i wasn't looking. So in the end he took out his credit card terminal and I paid him the difference (plus 50 reais to cover the "transaction fees"). In the end the damage has been very small, but what would have happened if at my place there was a guy who easily gets scared and axious, and that doesn't speak portuguese? What would have happened if this guy wasn't alone and was looking to steal more than 100R? The truth is that this is my first bad experience (well in part, cause sex was good haha) out of hundreds...but shit can happen, especially if as you do the mistakes I did: Do not go to a GP's apartment unless you already know him well and you know what you're doing....you don't know what can happen in there. If going to a GP's apartment, pay in advance. Some people believe that paying later will convince the GP to perform better. The thing is that it's bullshit since the GP perfectly knows that you're in a hostile environment and that in any case you will pay him to don't have problems...willing or not. If I did pay before having sex, I wouldn't be writing this thread now, since the wallet would have been with nearly nothing to steal inside. Do not shower in a GP's apartment...this is the most stupid thing I did. The guy opened my pockets and took one of my 100R note while I was under the shower. Be wise, and don't let your cock or ass, take control over brain.
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    You made a mistake, handled it well, cut your potential losses, and had the balls to share it here before a critical audience so others would benefit. Clearly, a net gain.
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    I still even with guys I have known for over a year and have come to my apartment several times a month. I still have them leave their ID with the doorman. Also, I do not know if it helps. I learned that if you see guys outside the sauna do not give them the exact date you are departing. I always tell the guys my departure date is a few days past when I have already left. For me, it seems that they are much more likely to take something when they know you are leaving and may not see them again. Plus when the guys know the day I am leaving that is the day that everyone's grandma gets sick or mom fell on the train on the way home from work. Over 6 million people live in Rio and two guys the same day mothers' fell on the train and are in the hospital within two hours of the other. What a coincidence! We have all been there. My first trip to Rio 10years ago the other site set me up with a guide who stole R$700 and then he complained I did not pay his full day guide fee to the administrator of the site.
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    Take Care Down Here

    I went back to read some of the posts from2011,2012, and 2013, We were doing the same things then- making inquiries, advising each other, recommending this or that. All very civilly. Ihpguy was right there with some pretty good advice from someone living there. He told us about teller and other strikes, Metro closings, and things of that nature. He kept us up to date on Meio Mundo and Acyr! So I am happy that he is back, hopefully to stay awhile.
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    Mexico City?

    I just returned from a week in CDMX and I can say that my earlier reports regarding the demise of Botas Bar were not entirely accurate. It seems that the bar has moved/split up. With the above mentioned Enigma and another bar that I just visited called BarBotas Bar. The guys are definitely hot unfortunately, taking one home is just as difficult as the original Botas Bar. Your best bet is to go private and arrange for a meeting later in the day. Pertinent pictures of both establishments, as well as a few personnel ones from my trip, follow: 88f74b87-2556-439c-bda1-b8a3f5ed8602.mp4 7302ffbc-ce77-47d1-a950-4cb9b85f1625.mp4 14200255-b90c-4b00-8407-80c7bc12e2e6.mp4 ebf5a794-de81-47fc-9033-b7ee0670307d.mp4 fe22713b-579a-46fb-961b-54c89a0ed75b.mp4
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    Numazu continues to impress. He can really write a story well. I am enjoying each segment. Maybe we should do a Go Fund Me for him so that he can afford to keep traveling!
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    Day 5.5: The night of too many boys There was a lot of people tonight, customers and boys. I didn’t know if Tuesday was a big night at Club 117, but it sure looked like it. Busier than that one Saturday night I went to many months ago. As a result, there was a short wait for rooms. Gabriel was waiting for room availability at the counter. He asked David and I to hang back closer to the stairs. While we waited, I was sizing David up. He was a little bit taller than I am, but not that much. He definitely worked out, and had large pecs and biceps, and strong trunk-like thighs. He had a giant ass that filled his undies perfectly. And the face, oh what a pretty face. Maybe knowing that he was from Manaus colored my suspicions, but he looked like he had some Indio in him. It was the eyes, and the lips. His nose was still the Italian nose I’ve gotten used to seeing here. He said he was 21, but his smooth face looked younger than that. Finally, Gabriel was able to get the room key. The room was at the lower level. On the way, Gabriel was telling me the price terms. 150 for the boy, he told me, and that was with gozar, since Gabriel already knows what I liked and asked the boy how much for this. At the room I notice both of them had the same sauna strategy. They were among the few who didn’t wear towels around the sauna, and instead wore briefs or swim trunks. Gabriel told me before that he likes the trunks better because it shows his giant powerful thighs and legs, and he said some of the guys that did not have worked out legs wore towels. He says he gets more clients that way, because it is more flattering. David was the same, wearing briefs to show off his giant legs and giant ass. David excuses himself to shower. Gabriel starts with me and makes out while he took off my clothes. I take off his trunks to reveal an already hard cock. I know I already had morning sec with Gabriel, but here is still with me. We make out for a while till David was able to join us. David starts by taking off my underwear and suck me. I lean over and suck Gabriel’s cock as well. Somehow I forget that I am in a dirty sauna, laying on a dirty bed. I was truly focused on the task at hand. Gabriel leans over to me and kisses me again, jacking off his hard cock. I turn over to David and turn him around to rim him. Gabriel heads over to David and offers his cock. This was good. I take the condom and lube and suit up to fuck David. He’s a pro. I had my fill and it was Gabriel’s turn. I had to watch this from all angles. Gabriel suits up, and then slowly goes in. He knows he has to go slow. David whimpers. Gabriel is halfway in. David protests in Portuguese. Gabriel is truly big. Not just in length, but in girth. Later this trip he would tell me that it is way easier for him to fuck girls than guys. He can hammer a girl to oblivion (with videos to prove it on his phone that he showed me). But with guys, it was hard for him to use “the machine”. He was just too big sometimes. And David is finding that out the hard way. He was in pain. He had tears. Gabriel kept pounding away. I was loving the visuals of course. Two muscle guys, one alpha, one sub. A big turn on to see live, like my own porno. I decide to give David a reprieve. “Desculpe,” Davis says, as Gabriel slowly pulls out. David runs to the bathroom to clean himself. Gabriel joins me in bed to kiss me and he starts jacking off. When David returns, Gabriel directs him to stand over me, and to cum on my face. Gabriel knows what works for me. Gabriel alternates kissing me and sucking my nips, while he and I jack off. When Gabriel was close he sits up and cums on my face. I release as well. David takes a while, but eventually gets to release. We all clean up in the en-suite shower. I tell David I am interested in talking to him more, perhaps on a different night. I wanted a guide to Manaus and told him that he was perfect. He tells me a few things about his hometown. Museums. A beach. The forest. The rivers. Gabriel tells us that he wants to come with us. Two GPs on a trip? Could be expensive. Could be hot. Gabriel tells us he will return the key and will find just find us in the sauna. I lead David to my locker and I give him his 150. David thanks me and asks to put his number on my phone. I give him my phone and he finds himself on Whatsapp and sends himself a message with my name on it. He thanks me again and disappears into the maze in the sauna. I make my way back to the bar in the back and see Leo deep in conversation with a GP. The GP was tall, super muscular, some tattoos. He was more indio than white. Leo introduced me to his him, Junio. Junio talks to me a little, in English, which was interesting. Leo was just looking at both of us with a stare. I tell Leo he really needs to learn English. He concurs. Leo asks me how was my threesome with the David and Gabriel. I said it was great, and told him he could have joined us. Leo just shakes his head and says “safado,” to me. Of course I was a safado. I get beer ordered and all of us just shot the shit for a while. Leo then spots a boy who was sitting at the next table. “That boy is gorgeous. I think he is a good fit for you. He is only 100. I already negotiated the price for you.” I laughed. First Gabriel was acting like the pimp, now Leo. I invite the kid over. “Gabi,” he introduces himself, in English. The kid was a knockout. He’s 20, looks 16. He was a twink, a contrast to the muscle god majority in the sauna. His face was gorgeous. A face that you would want to take care of. I fondled his torso. He was pretty cute. While I turned my attention back to Leo and Junio, Gabi whipped out his cock through his towel and massaged it a little bit. To entice me of course. I took it in my hand and made it grow. I could really make use of this kid tonight. As if by cue Gabriel comes, with skin glistening again. “I got pulled by another customer again, sorry.” Again? I ask and then i laugh. He laughs too at the absurdity of it all. He then says sometimes it is very slow and he doesn’t get customers, and sometimes it is like this night. I ask if he fucked the client. He said he did and was able to cum again too. I reminded him that he already came four times today. He said he knows, and that it is his job. He then tells me he has to go. I tell him that I have to pay him for tonight. Gabriel says to just add it to whatever I was going to pay him this trip. I was going to see him again tomorrow and he was going to stay at the apartment with Leo and I. Ten minutes later I get a Whatsapp message from Gabriel, saying that I should be careful with other GPs in the sauna. Some are crooks, he said, and will take advantage of me. I did not know if he was pertaining to someone in particular, but I replied with thanks for worrying about me. I am not sure if he is coming from a place of genuine worry, or if he didn’t want me to get enamored by another GP. Back to the task at hand. Leo asks me if I had the energy to give it another go with Gabi. I tell him that I was thinking about it, but was unsure if I wanted to just leave now to eat or do another programa. I then notice that Junio, Leo’s GP friend, had his cock peeking out at the slight opening of his towel. They were clearly getting acquainted. I ask Leo if he wanted to have sex with Junio. “Maybe. But I would never pay for sex,” he said. “I don’t need to have sex right now, and there is plenty of free boys on Grindr.” I ask him “Do you like him?” Leo says of course. Junio is sexy, built, and obviously has the equipment to make anyone happy. I had an idea: “Since you’re my friend, and I want to make you happy, I will pay Junio the 100 he wants.” Leo was unsure of the idea. He said he didn’t want to waste any of my money. I tell Leo that this is the perfect scenario. I can have a programa with Gabi here, my young friend, and he can be busy with Junio. “Otherwise,” I tell him, justifying the offer, “you would just be waiting for me again here while I have another programa.” Leo acquiesces, probably relieved that he can now get a piece of the action that was going on at the sauna. Gabi and Junio both get separate rooms for us. Leo and I go our separate ways. I have my way with Gabi. He was gorgeous, his ass tasted great, and the visuals and sensations were enough to get me excited enough to fuck a boy again in a span of two hours. Gabi was a good kisser too, and did all the requisite acts to get me in the mood. I didn’t ask him to cum. I didn’t need to see it. Maybe another time. After the deed I give him the 100 he quoted Leo. Leo was already done and was waiting for me at the bar with Junio, deep in conversation. We all go back to the lockers and I give Junio his 100. Junio shakes my hand and offers his cock for me to touch as thanks. I gladly put my hand inside the towel. That cock had some heft to it. Leo puts on street clothes and we call an Uber. While waiting I ask Leo how Junio was. Leo said he was fine. No fucking, just some oral, making out and talking. He was still uneasy with the idea of the programa. I told him we have to fix this somehow. It was 11 PM, and we were both exhausted. Just got some McDonalds burgers in Ipanema to take home to the apartment. We retire early. We were exhausted by all the excitement. Tomorrow, more shenanigans with Leo, Gabriel, and a really hot Uber driver.
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    There’s lots of good advice here from various posters. But I want to applaud @likeohmygod for taking the time to detail his experience and to acknowledge openly how easily things can go wrong. It’s good to remind us all that bad things can happen to good guys. My guess is that almost all of us (with a certain experience of hiring companions in various places over the years) will have had something similar occur.
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    SALVADOR, BAHIA, Dec 22 to Jan 3

    On notice, there are many gay guys (or at least gay friendly muscle guys) going to porto da barra ... If you look like a foreign tourist some guys (or girls) may insinuate to you they are available to a programa. Just keep your smarts on, keep the minimum with you. I always remember the first time I stepped on Porto da Barra and a ripped hot capoeirista immediately came up to me to shake hands and asked in english "where are you from? USA? europe? want Marihuana? Girls?"... I was so timid and nervous that I just answered in portuguese... "no thats not the kind of fun I like" and walked away. He made a face to make me sure he got what I was meaning and said "what you need just come up to me". I regret not coming back that day... but had my fun at the saunas anyway. On a side note, Salvador is a super early city... I had the best time when arriving early at the beachs and at the saunas. Planetarium 11 was less busy last time I was there, but always had someone of my liking. Fox is a bit more upscale, have fewer options, but I've met gorgeous guys there. Go early in the afternoon... like 4 pm.
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    What's Everyone Been Up To?

    When I showed up last month my replacement (a junior guy that is way underpaid) had a "to do" list for me of things I needed to accomplish that week. Took all the pressure off me and I completed his checklist before coming home. FYI, before "promoting" the junior guy, I interviewed several guys for my replacement. Their salary requirements were TWICE what I was making and they had no specific experience in our specific work area. They were well-qualified on using the software but they didn't know our industry. The junior guy we promoted is doing such a great job and is making half of my salary. Trying my best to continue mentoring him and making sure management is aware of the great job he is doing. Like I said before, I've got a really sweet deal and don't mind him now being my boss. I make sure he's in charge and certainly don't try to second guess his decisions the 1 week I'm at work. We seem to have a great relationship. He doesn't call often but when he runs into a issue he'll ask my opinion. I feel he respects me and appreciates that I make sure everyone knows the throne has shifted from me to him.
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    Photos of Villa Verde

    Villa Verde is the Gay owned Boutique Hotel(5 spacious elegant guest rooms)in Merida, Mexico that is across the street from one gay bar and 1 block from 2 others! It is owned by a gay American couple, and usually you will only see a couple other guests there. They do a lot of weddings and anniversary parties on the grounds of the hotel! i highly recommend it if you want a private place to stay! the wait staff particularly the bartender and waiters who interchangeably do both jobs in the bar area are awesome! If you are not staying there the bar is a great place to go for cocktail hour before heading out to one of the over 100 restaurants in walking distance!