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    Well after 6 years I’m back in Rio and what a 2 weeks it’s been so far. club 117 remains the best the hottest and the horniest spot on the planet I’ve been there 6 nights a week for 2 weeks and wow just wow. I love that 99% of the guys are as straight as you can be when you have gay sex for a living ! There is muscle there is twink there is Black as the dark of night and blonde as a swede and of course your typical Latino and they are all so lovely. They kiss they suck and some even deep throat, they fuck like their life depends on it and most make you feel ( at the time) they love you. I have found a great guy who will happily get fucked for his pay check and he’s a fit number and he runs off to find other guys that suit my taste and are also up to get fucked and we all take turns at the front back and middle ! Beef sandwiches are my thing. Sundays are relatively quiet, Monday’s closed and Tuesdays wall to wall as there is no charge for cabins so there are more customers which brings MORE BOYS. I’ve been eating my way through 3 a night and one night 4...... they will come and sit and chat for ages and after aren’t in a rush and to run off and are happy to snuggle up for a bit on a sofa. As always agree what they will and won’t do as I had one who said he was versatile and then changed his mind when I told the other guy to fuck him so the other boy got him gone, it was part of the deal so there was no problem. If your main reason to visit Rio is for sex you will find it and every kind of guy in 117 and in abundance ! Don’t be shy ask for what you want and they will let you know if it’s possible, they don’t mind it’s their job. I stay 4 minutes walk away in a reasonable hotel called the Diamaond and you can have visitors for R50 for the night but always be careful who you invite but they do have to register at reception so there is some safety net not that I’ve had a problem. Grindr is also hot but had a let down when a not so hot guy arrived with not such a big cock, must have been using his brothers pictures lol. I have another month in Brazil and I’m exhausted already. happy hunting guys
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    ANOTHER BEAT DOWN IN SANTO DOMINGO CONTINUED: Below are the links to videos we made with one of Manny's hung studs. A few guys asked me about the airbnb we rent when in santo domingo. here is the link: https://es.airbnb.com/rooms/5238997?s=51 The apartment has 2 bedrooms and 2 bath. it is in a very secure building with 24 hour, friendly security. the owner is a very kind guy. he actually has 3 other units in this very clean complex. his units are very clean with lots of extras. we started renting his place two years ago through airbnb and even went to workout with him at the local gym. hes a straight guy. so this is our last night here and we already had a 5 and 11 o'clock appointment scheduled with tow of manny's men. as im typing the first part of this post, my whatsapp indicator sounds and its manny with another guy. fellas, when i opened the message, i couldnt believe how hot and sexy the guy in the pic was. i called my husband over to the table to show him the pic and he replies, "fuck hes hot. get him over here." i cant begin to tell you how drop dead gorgeous this guy, "Robin," is. i told my husband that i was tired and we already had 2 guys scheduled to come over tonight. that didnt phase him and he told me to get the guy over at 730. we set up a meeting with robin through manny. at 730 he arrives. when we walk outside to get him, we were in utter disbelief at how sexy he was in person. this guy will make you sale your house, liquidate all your accounts and move to santo domingo to be with him. lol. hes just that damn sexy and a fucking beast in bed. afterwards, my husband said to me, had it not been for manny, we would have been bored in santo domingo. sometimes walking up and down the colonial zone doesnt enure you will get laid, but having manny as your contact guy will. hope you enjoy the videos. our 11 just arrived and i hear him and my husband rocking the bed as i type. be safe, guys. https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/beatdown-in-santo-domingo-1-39186831 https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/hole-creaming-in-santo-domingo-39186871 https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/riding-another-hard-dick-in-santo-domingo-39186901
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    Carnival 2019

    I am here in Rio now and Carnival is over tonight. As a USA friend who lives here said--Carnival is the best and worst of Rio--and I tend to agree having been here for four Carnivals. On the good side the city is generally in a festive mood with street parties everywhere and many people wearing costumes that are amazing or some just simple and fun. There are lots of hot guys in gender bending costumes that adds to the eye candy. The saunas have been full of guys and the party is full on there! The Sambadrome where the floats that make Carnival so famous is really an incredible spectacle that I never get tired of. There is a gay party on Friday night of Carnival that gives you front row seats and open bar with admission called Candybox. You can buy tickets online a few months before. There were heavy rains earlier in Carnival this year but it didn't stop the party. One final good note---city services and trash collection seemed to be pretty organized and cleaned up effeciently after the big events--unlike a previous year I attended when they chose Carnival to go on strike. On the bad side crime and yes violence is rampant. First day of Carnival I saw tear gas fired by police at Ipanema to break up crowds causing people to panic. Another night I was walking on Farme de Amoedo and someone attempted to rob me--but since I had nothing with me they got nothing(this was an aggressive grab in my pocket while I was distracted by three twinks whom I suspect were working with the guy. My cell and most of my money were locked away in my apartment). Two other well traveled friends had their cell phones taken within hours of arriving( one wall pulling it out to call an Uber). Tonight several local guys told me that 5 people were shot in a fight between "gangsters" and police at the beach in Ipanema just down from the gay beach toward the Arpoador--and again more tear gas fired. Since I did not see this incident I cannot confirm it. What i did see tonight was a big fight on Farme de Amoedo that spilled into Gallitos Grill despite metal barriers with several staff joining in and customers fleeing. Police eventually arrived and occupied the restaurant with about 20 officers standing guard. Well for me that was the end of the party. I still have a lot of fun at carnival but it is a crazy time in the city and I really feel it is not the best time for someone's first trip to Rio. Anyway I thought I would share my observations.
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    PICS AND VIDEOS INCLUDED So my husband and I decided to come to Santo Domingo for the log holiday weekend! This post will detail what many of us wanted to know about the prison and some other salacious details about this AMAZING COUNTRY! lets start with this PRISON that everyone, INCLUDING MYSELF IS SO DAMN INTERESTED IN. PRISON: A good, slutty buddy of mine, who travels to the DR as often as I do, was telling me about the prison Thursday night before I left for the DR. After his story, I knew the prison was not a place I wanted to visit. he explained how he visited the prison once with a friend of his. this friend of his was dating a Dominican guy who was jailed for a crime he committed. he explained that they visited the jail for his friend to drop off money and have sex with the Dominican guy. he further went on to explain that the conditions in the prison were beyond deplorable and a very dark, scary place to be. like a previous poster stated, "If you go once, you never want to go again." He told me that while his friend went to look for his incarcerated friend, they had him in the courtyard with the actual criminals because he had no one he was visiting. he explained that they do check your identification, but you have to walk around the jail and look for the incarcerated person on your own. he stated that while he was in the courtyard, he was harassed by the inmates who were aggressive in asking for money. apparently they only get fed once a day in the prison, but if they have money, they can buy snacks and other good like in the American prisons. he also informed me that before you leave, you have to give money to the guards. hes a very good friend of mine and told me NOT TO GO ANYWHERE NEAR THE DAMN PRISON. FRANSISCO REGARDING THE PRISON: When my husband and I arrived in the DR I hurried to pacos to meet with Francisco. id never met him before but saw a picture of him in on this site, I believe. I asked a waitress for him and she called him over to our table. I greeted him and told him I was an American looking for boys for sex. he said he could help me and for me to pay him whatever I wanted as a finders fee. I asked him about the prison and he told me that the prison was safe and not to worry because he takes guys there often and nothing has ever happened. my husband was adamant about not going, but the whore in me was still curious about getting pounded out by a group of criminals. my husband then stated that I would be a fool to risk my life, freedom and career for a 30 min fuck and I agreed. I then ask Francisco about the house with the boys. he asked if I wanted to go now and I told him, "in a couple of hours." I then asked him how would we get there. he told me, "we will use public transportation." the look on my husbands face was like, "hell no, we aren't going anywhere in the taxis or buses that we see riding past pacos." in that moment I decided to call many. I WhatsApp manny and asked did he know about a house that an elderly guy owned and young boys are with big dicks hung out all day. within minutes manny responded with a pic of himself and the guy smiling like father and son. I should have known that manny knew the guy because hes so well connected in santo domingo. manny asked when we wanted to go to the house because he would call the guy beforehand and let him know what type of guys to have at the house. fransisco is a lovely guy and we probably would have gone with him had he had reliable transportation to get us back and forth safely to the house. my husband and I had already booked about 5 of mannys guys for Friday and didn't want to cancel any of them because manny's guys are always so damn delicious and passionate. I told manny to set up a time with the guy who owns the house on Saturday afternoon because we had already scheduled his guys to come to our villa all day and into the night on Friday. he set up a time for 3 p.m. on Saturday. im so thankful we used manny to take us to the house because hes so damn knowledgable about the DR and in route to the house there were many interesting sights that my husband and I had questions about. im also happy we hired him because its about a 40 min drive to the house from pacos. I would have been very uncomfortable using public transportation going to the house. during the drive I asked manny about the prison. MANNY REGARDING PRISON: when I asked him that, he spoke to me in a stern voice and told me to NEVER EVER VISIT THE PRISON AND TO GET THAT THOUGHT OUT OF MY MIND FOREVER!! he told me he would never take any of his clients to the prison because there is too many bad things that can happen. he explained that there is so much corruption within those prison walls and that the worst of the worst is in there and once you go within those prison walls, YOU HAVE NO PROTECTION. he told us that there are more knives in there than at any restaurant. he says that its extremely easy for the most terrible of criminals to get their hands on weapons and do harm to you. he also said that there could be a fight in the yard or in another location in the prison while you are there and they will shut the prison down while you are locked inside and you wont be able to get out. he says if that happens they will extort you for large sums of money in order for you to get out of jail. he stated that anyone who takes you to the prison, you should be very skeptical of because they could be in it for the money and a scheme to have you locked up for no reason. when he told me that, I knew that my husband and I would only use his services for the duration of this trip and future trips. We finally arrive to the house after a 40 minute scenic drive. Many blows the horn and a young guy opens the iron gate. When we pull into the yard, I noticed about 15 guys, many americans sitting around chatting it up in the front yard. The owner of the house was sitting in the yard. My husband and I walk over to greet him, shake his hand and give him a kiss on the cheek. This older guy is such a nice, pleasant guy. In talking with him, he told us that he lived in American for 49 years and had moved to santo domingo and living off of his American pension. He stated that he was in the armed forces in America. He is such a sweetheart and an absolute pleasure to speak with. My husband and I then turn around and begin speaking with the other guys in the yard who were just there hanging out for the boys. It was actually a very nice group of guys. They were in the yard drinking and eating snacks. About 15 minutes after we arrive manny calls me into he house. I walked in and the home owner and manny were standing side by side. Manny told him what I was looking for and the homeowner called 2 guys in the house and told me that they had the BIGGEST DICKS out of the whole group. We walked to one of his rooms and the homeowner told us to be comfortable and have a good time. The guys start to disrobe and so did my husband and I. witin 3 minutes, we are all naked with erections. when we were done, we asked the guys for their WhatsApp numbers and stayed contact. after we dressed, we walked over and paid the homeowner $1000RD each and gave each guy $1500RD each. the homeowner asked us to walk around and look for another guy if we wanted, but we declined. we spoke with him for another 10 mins, went back out to the yard and said our goodbyes to the guys who were sitting in the yard and jumped back in the van with manny. guys, for your sake, please be careful when you visit pacos and have anyone from pacos set you up with guys. also be careful when you get in a vehicle with anyone, ANYONE from pacos. another American hetrosexual guy saw me talking with someone (I only spoke with one person at pacos) from pacos and told to be careful because the individual sells drugs and I could get in a lot of trouble if im caught with that person. when I sat down with this person to talk about setting up sex dates, he did pull out a bag of money and told me that he had to hurry to the bank to deposit this money for his boss. it was a bag full of American and Dominican republic cash. although I didn't see any drugs or was offered any illegal substances, I can attest to seeing a ton of money in a bag and this person DOESNT WORK AT PACOS. before you jump in any vehicle with anyone from pacos please be aware that the person might be doing some highly illegal shit. guys, im not trying to assassinate anyones character or burst anyones hustle, I just want to make you guys aware like someone made me aware. if you think I am lying, when you go to pacos to set up some sex dates, ask the individual if they have change for $1,000 pesos and you will see what I saw. this individual keeps a brown bag full of money on his person. this is why im happy that my husband and I use manny. he seems to be honest. plus the last thing we want is to be headed to a house in san cristobol or a prison with someone who has illegal substances on them. its sunday afternoon here in santo domingo and my husband and I have already seen 2 guys today that manny recommended. we have a guy coming back at 5 p.m. and another coming at 11 p.m. below are pics and videos of the guys we have met and will meet until we leave tomorrow. like in brazil, 2 of the of the guys here thanked my husband and I for using the magnum condoms. we prefer the magnum bareskin. do a google search about those condoms. they are supposed to be the best. additionally, my preference for POPPERS is the small bottle with the gold lable and the word, "Engligh," on the front they are so damn strong and last a little longer than other brands. just my humble opinion. hope you guys found this post informative. check out my videos and pics below. all of these guys are mannys guys. I don't know where he gets these guys from, but my phone has been blowing up all day with guys that he has or my husband and I. sure I misspelled a lot of words. please forgive me. our 5 p.m. is on the way and I have to get CLEANED OUT, if you know what I mean.
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    I indulge in a fair amount of (very enjoyable) life danger, and I exercise a lot of control at the same time. Risk mitigation, not prevention. Life beckons!
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    Who knows this place?

    It would be awkward. What I did was went to Club 117 and pick out my 4 sexiest regulars and told them to invite friends. They did. The bartender went. A drag queen or two and we had a full booth. The boys are smart and know they get free booze and an expensive ticket. I reserved my booth through the Intercontinental Hotel so they did the book and the payments. That was not a smart move as they added a service charge but it was easy to deal with. At the end of the night, I paid for extra booze on an American CC. It was not a cheap night but we were buying lots of bottles. And, did I say I had many sexy Brazilian boys giving me tons of attention. I loved it and did the same thing for 3 years in a row.
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    Adjusted PrEP plan

    Perhaps I am ignorant and I apologize. But, I never knew PreP could be used this way. I assumed once started, you took it daily without interruptions.
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    You’re always so busy blathering to marvel at yourself writing needlessly academic dissertations that you overlooked the previous post in a thread that said: “you pay Manny (or the finder) his fee when he brings you the guy to your apartment or hotel, before you go back to your room with the guy.” It’s really not that hard for a reasonable person to understand. You pay the finder once. You’re the one that makes your own life difficult. Your eleven-paragraph tirade here — amongst many other posts — indicates you may have some kind of emotional problem that needs addressing offline. Please seek help before you place yourself or others in a dangerous situation.
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    I am not sure that I agree with the word - worry. Rather than worry, I think visitors to Brazil need to exercise a little more caution than they did just a few years ago. There is no question that poverty and no jobs make otherwise good people (Brazilians) do things they would not normally do such as stealing and mugging. In my opinion, the above is a better way to look at the facts about visiting here. In my case, I visit Brazil often. I have traveled here for over fifteen years. That equates to more than one hundred trips to Brazil. If you believe in statistics, you have comfort and a high probability of not having any negative issue or a problem during your visit. Statistically speaking, you have a greater probability of having a wonderful time than a bad time. Although I am less comfortable than I was before my incident, I am now back in Brazil again. This is my second trip here since the mugging. Don't be discouraged about reports of crime. Just be a little more cautious. Philosophically, if your number comes up, you will have a problem regardless of where you are.
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    I remember the first time I went to Rio during Carnaval, a hot, muscular drunk guy pulled out his large floppy dick right on Copacabana beach and started peeing. Guys were actually pulling out their dicks all over the place to pee with zero fucks given who saw them or how many people were around. Brazilians definitely have a carefree, relaxed attitude about nudity..
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    Presumably the ID also shows their date of birth? And if you’re interested in a young man, it’s great to be certain that he is of legal age. I can’t speak to Rio/Brazil but it was definitely a problem in Buenos Aires/Argentina where under-age guys pretend to be legal in order to meet rich men. It happened to me 2x and only by checking their ID first did I keep things ‘above-board’. I was told by an Argentine lawyer that it was a regular scam at Retiro station bathrooms where families used their attractive teenagers to lure adult men into an encounter. The idea was not to earn some small sum of cash but to blackmail the adult men by threatening to report them to the Police.
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    The narrator makes a good point. Although Spanish and Portuguese are related languages, Brazilians get somewhat offended by Americans and Europeans thinking of Portuguese as being the "little brother" or, even worse, a "variation" of Spanish. He uses a one sentence example containing all cognate words, to show how "easy" it is to understand Portuguese. However, when you enter the world of sex with Brazilian men, you'll encounter sentences like this (from an ad for a GP, i.e., garoto de programa): Here is my translation of the ad: However, if you try to put this GP's ad through Google Translate, here's what comes out: You might end up wondering, "What scene is that GP really into?!"
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    Adjusted PrEP plan

    Interesting, but with a much less effective rate. 86% leaves a lot more wiggle room than the 92-99% effectiveness of daily regime PrEP. Bottom line (for me), until the manufacturer and leading ID doctors say it's as effective, I would never do intermittent cycles. Daily use results in maximum protection. Protection is the very reason why we take the drug. Why would I want to cripple the effects?
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    I have no idea why people can’t answer a question on face value and start fighting instead of giving their view and leaving it at that @moonwalker, I really don’t think you will have any problem. It will work in the same way as in the US, maybe even more easily: Just find a guy that your girlfriend finds attractive, on the beach, in a bar or in a club, and see if he speaks a bit of English, and start a conversation. You can use love hotels for the action, they are in all the key spots. If you really want to chose a guy from clube 117, it should be just as easy, most guys are bi or straight, so fucking a 25 yo girl is probably going to be offered for free. Or for R$50, which is less than US$15, if you could pay for the flight, you can afford that.
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    Can't stop laughing at his ego

    Kinda agree on Obama's prize, caeron, but surely you will admit that getting North Korea to get rid of all its missiles and nukes merits a Nobel? OK, maybe not just yet but it's on its way; just a matter of months now. By the time the committee votes it will be a done deal. The Deal of the Century! So wonderful, so magnificent, the greatest deal of all time! Unless, of course, Pelosi and her low life Democrats somehow mess things up.
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    I'd like to repeat that I have nothing against you, but i wanna use your experience to tell people to don't do anything you did...Many people need to watch less Rambo movies, cause shit here in Brazil happens even to people living here from when they were born. Experience has nothing to do and doesn't make you bulletproof. And unexperienced people as much as the experienced ones often tend to underestimate the risks and to misjudge situations. Like the 25 yrs old MMA fighter who some months ago reacted to an assault got shot in the head by the older friend of the flip-flop wearing 16 yrs old thief in Tijuca who was keeping the situation under control and who came from around the corner to save his friend from the beatdown he was receiving. That's why most of the people won't help you if you get mugged. Most of the people would never risk to get shot to save a gringo from losing his DSLR camera or iPhone, there are too many weapons and too many people willing to kill you for no reasons in Brazil...bad combination.
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    That's quite a knock on gay men. Anyone who lived through the AIDS crisis saw the vast generosity of the gay and lesbian community. We see it still today in the support social programs receive. Gay men volunteer, they donate, they show care. Don't knock them. Knock those pompous fools who think they know so much more than anyone else.
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    I had just arrived at the beach front and was walking behind a tourist and his girlfriend, 5 lads around 18 grabbed his carrier with food and tplk the glasses off his face I was so close to them i ended up embroiled in it and helping them. They ran off o centre we scattered the boys with some eventual help from some locals. I continued and moments later 2 lads again about 18 fried to grab the bag off my back but the straps were on tight but 1 kept trying so I punched him in the nose which did the trick and moments later 2 kids about 15 were pulling at my arms trying to get my hands out of my pockets as by now they were in there protecting wallet and phone ! They both got a slap around the head and left with nothing. I lived in Venezueal so a bit of a tough if not slightly risky cookie
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    Below is a link where Americans and citizens of certain other countries can obtain a Brazilian computerized visa that Brazil calls an e-visa or electronic visa - there is that bad word again - visa - (Fake news). The Brazilian electronic travel authorization (e-visa) will not be pasted to a traveler's passport. The e-visa will only come to the traveler via e-mail. The travelers' passport will be verified, electronically against information provided when applying for the e-visa or electronic travel authorization. According to certain posters in the forum, an electronic travel authorization is not a visa and is "fake news" if one refers to the new electronic travel authorization (visa) as a visa. Whenever I hear the term "fake news" it usually comes from FOX news or from Trump or one or more of his supporters. Therefore, anything "Trumpish" has no credibility for me. Anyone interested in reading about Brazil's new optional electronic e-visa, check out this link: https://www.bronlinevisa.com/en However, be careful. If after reading the link, you might want to do what Brazil does and call the travel authorization a visa - Naughty, naughty.
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    I'lI will go first. The guy with the biggest cock i've ever seen in Brazilian Saunas, was at 117 in the mid of April 2018. I'm talking about a black guy, 1.95 meters tall, toned body (towards gym-like), who was always spending most of the time inside the video room. He was always wearing a black/red Nike's hat. If i correctly remember his name was Breno...25 yrs old, from Bahia, but he disappeared (not sure if from just Rio saunas or from Rio). I could not get his phone number. He was wanking inside the video room when i've seen him for the first time and he asked me to grab his cock with my hands to check how hard and huge it was... I have small hands....when closing them they measure around 8cm...3 hands weren't enough to grab that cock. I'd say it was around 26/27cm....around 10.5"
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    The video is lewd...basically one queen kneeling down and the other peeing on his long hair. My attitude is do your freaky, kinky shit in private. That being said, of course Bolsonaro is using it to try to act like *all* gay people behave this way. Plenty of straight people do lewd things in public during Mardi Gras and it doesn’t cause all straight people to be labelled. I think I wrote once about how certain areas of the Cinelandia theaters smell like urine, and found out later that is the “golden shower” area..
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    Planning My First Trip to Brazil!

    I’ll be honest if it’s your first trip to Brazil I would stick to sex in the saunas or love motels. definitely do dinner with a garado but taking it back to your place man may not be the right move. All about your comfort zone.
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    Paying Garatos in Rio

    I agree with previous posters, most garotos would not like being paid in a currency other than their own. On a side note, if you live in the U.S. and have an ATM card, it is so easy to get local currency from ATM machines in Brazil. ATM machines are in many places throughout Brazil. You will usually get a better exchange rate than if you exchange at a cambio. Be careful, do not use ATM machines at night or in obscure places. If you find yourself leaving Brazil with too much local currency, you can pay your hotel bill with the excess and your credit card to settle the full amount. Or, you might like Brazil so much, you will want to keep the local currency for your next trip. Boa viagem
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    Merida Makes the NY Times

    With the advent of sophisticated travelers like Tomcal and floridarob, the NY Times jumps on the Merida bandwagon with a lengthy feature piece in today's Travel section: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/25/travel/shaped-by-meridas-artistic-soul.html The article is the front page, featured piece for today's section, and is chock full of pictures and valuable information. Did floridarob and Tomcal know that they were pioneers in the new Merida? Or is it because of them that Merida has a new Merida?
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    Paying Garatos in Rio

    A tl:dr answer to your question: Most garotos would not want to be paid in any currency other than Brazilian reais. Paying in USD or any other non-Brazilian currency would require them to incur about a 10-15% currency exchange hit at a cambio. The only three incidents I could envision a garoto accepting USD (or any non-Brazilian currency): 1. The garoto is about to travel to another country and can use that currency there; 2. The client agreed to pay an extra 10-20% to cover the currency exchange fees; or 3. The garoto just likes to collect currency from around the globe, like coin collectors or stamp collectors.
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    A friend sent me this photo taken while he walked down a Rio street not long before Carnaval began - Until heavy rains wash away the smell, it must be awful to work or live around that area. Considering the massive crowds, where are the public restrooms during Carnaval? Yuk!
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    Where is it ?

    I found recently on internet a video of a show of a bunch of naked men in full erection. Has anyone any idea where it was taken ?
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    So cute boys in Prague !

    Another newcomer on william higgins. Oto useda, 19 years old. Very nice body. Not yet on the scene. He wants to discover Brasil ...
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    Bogotá and Medellin

    I returned last week from my second trip to Bogota, and I also visited Medellin for the first time. I will try to be short since there are tons of info concerning these cities in this forum: The Cam model I managed to talk for some weeks with a Cam4 model , twink type not really everyone’s type but very hung and one of the most popular models at the site (he is Venezuelan, my favorites). We agreed to meet in my first night in Bogota - we went to a bar in Chapinero and had some drinks (actually 10 LOL ) , after that he asked me if he could come to my hotel - obviously I said yes. Some cuddling and then we tried to have sex , but I think we were both too drunk, so we just cummed before real fuck. In the next morning I ordered room service breakfast, and he said that that was the first time he had breakfast served on bed... his life was really difficult back in Venezuela (he is a Cam model in other to send money to his mother and younger sisters in that country). He never asked any money from me and actually in the bar he asked me if he should pay for his drinks- of course I said no. In the next evening he asked if he could come over to my hotel , and again yes. The sex was not that good I have to say - I found out that he enjoy just to be act and so am I , but we managed to have some fun. That evening he made 2 private shows from my room’s jacuzzi LOL ok I am not so jealous - and all in all I was not paying anything to him (besides of food and drinks) so he had to make his living LOL. We agreed to go to a sauna together, but I had a business dinner to attend, so I didn’t managed to in those first days. That would be his first time in a sauna. In the 3rd night I wanted something different in the menu, so I found a bottom musculous guy in Grindr that asked 150 , I offered 100 and he accepted - I expected him to be taller, but the pictures were acurate and he had a really nice body in fact - and he was amazing in bed - after my not so good sex in the night before, that was a well spent money. Talking about Grindr , that really works in Bogota - I got dozens of mesages of normal guys / free guys wanting to meet. But I am still a bit selective - and most of the guys with amazing bodies are escorts LOL so I decided to support the local economy. After 3 days I went to Medellin- The city of everlasting spring. I will continue later.
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    Adjusted PrEP plan

    R U kidding me, dude?!!! I never set out to post research. You are the one that gave me the challenge. And I thought it would be remiss to not correct some misinterpretations of data. Many in our tribe, judging by empowered behavioural choices I witness in customary brothels, should indeed consume 24/365. I see what the problem is here, Benji ... you want the last word. Have at it. Be the dog vehemently overworking the bone. No lightning rod of yours, frankly, is going to attract an epiphany let alone a bit of give in your stance. Gilead actually does not manufacture my tenofovir-emtricitabine regime. In any case, manufacturers sponsor, not do, research. Caeron, kkkkkkkk, right? LMAO.
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    Uber hasn’t been restricted in any major city in Brazil, unlike a few in Europe. As of now, Uber is probably the most cost-effective, reliable, safe, convenient and ethical mode of transportation in most Brazilian cities. Because of the worldwide popularity of Uber (and to a lesser extent, other smaller ride share apps), taxi cab companies, which have previously enjoyed questionable ethical, price-gouging and customer service reputations, have had to step up their games to compete. Therefore, you can find taxis in cities in other countries like Brazil using apps like Cabify and 99 to hail and pay for a cab with ease.
  33. 3 points
    I mean it isn’t like you are planning for your girlfriend to bareback with them right? Wear a condom, get on Prep for extra protection. I doubt the guys on Tindr are that much cleaner than the average garoto. A lot of guys on here have been with lots of sauna guys and never gotten anything. Please let us know how you adventure goes..
  34. 3 points
    The guy has a sexy body but really (for me anyway) beauty is about the face. Obviously for privacy reasons Pylonguy can’t post that...there is no use in arguing about how attractive someone is without seeing their face (nice cock adds points too lol)
  35. 3 points

    San Juan Puerto Rico

    With a weak OASIS boywise and a weak Grindr (only place in the world where I see so many mature guys on this site), I was thinking that I might remain boyless for the week end. That was before I went to SX Friday night. OMG ! Lots of horny gogo boys. Cute and sexy bartenders not only bartending. An active pitch black dark room. Everything to make a gay man happy ! I will post more later
  36. 3 points

    Adjusted PrEP plan

    I'm with Totally OZ - my doctor said it should be taken every day - not as an "after morning pill". Also, your pharmacist should NOT be prescribing you medication or instructing you how to take it - that should strictly come from your doctor.
  37. 3 points

    Adjusted PrEP plan

    @TotallyOz That’s what my doctor told me! It’s nice to hear something different!
  38. 3 points
    Ah, you’re starting to learn how this board (and the internet) works. There are a number of posters here who claim to be much younger than they are in real life. And much hotter. And much richer. And sometimes much more traveled. And even much bi-er. Protip: if you’re going to insist on making up a false (or exaggerated) description of yourself, you might want to make sure you can’t ever be identified at any of the places you post about. The walls have eyes. Even in foreign lands.
  39. 3 points

    For opera lovers

  40. 3 points
    What a fucking fraud...you have been poking around since 2017 asking the same shit dude... At 25, you are old enough to understand the concept of keeping it real... Had I looked over your profile, I would not have even wasted my time answering your question... Something tells me you are full of shit...Not 25..Not Hot....Not BI...No girlfriend... Sad...And no need to even reply...Its just sad...
  41. 3 points
    Exactly - Very few garotos in Brazil speak English. Some know a few words but setting up a complicated arrangement like is being pursued is destined to go wrong considering the language barrier.
  42. 3 points


    Or more depressing. In general, actors have a tough life. Very few work all the time and keep a steady income. Black actors have a particular challenge. Do I dare mention gay Black actors? This story is not looking good, on too many fronts. Very sad.
  43. 3 points
    So, we’re back to paying for the guys to fuck your girlfriend if you are in the picture — which was exactly everyone’s point (or at least mine and @badboy‘s) that you vociferously protested). You’ve been posting on this site since November 2017 about Rio male escorts and saunas, and in some of those posts, you’ve claimed that you have already been to Rio and like going there. So, now, all of a sudden, there is confusion about what happens at Rio beaches and with sauna boys, sex workers and escorts? If you like going to Rio so much, and you’re such an experienced cuckolder who knows how men will respond to your request, then just go and take this newfound girlfriend of yours. Quit the obvious trolling.
  44. 3 points

    Merida Mexico

    no talk of the seedy gay places, lol
  45. 3 points
    It is extremely foolish to walk around Santo Domingo wearing a $4,000 watch. It’s even more foolish wearing one and thinking you “do not look like a tourist”.
  46. 3 points
    I avoided going to Rio but was hit by a car in Canada. We make our choices and take our chances.
  47. 2 points

    Money talks.

    Normally I would agree with you. My point is that 2.5 years into the current administration and the sobering thought given another 4 years of the same the SCOTUS could conceivably curtail equal protection under the law for the next 20 years, I don't need to vet any of the candidates to know that any one of them would be better than what we have now. That's enough incentive for me not to weaken any of them. Sorry we'll just have to disagree.
  48. 2 points

    Palma de Mallorca

    I go there regularly (as I have a place there). The best way I can describe Palma is as a mini-Barcelona. There’s great architecture, wonderful food and shopping, with lovely beaches and countryside. As you’re asking here @rodiem25 I guess you’re interested in meeting local guys. There are lots online and as long as you speak some Spanish, you should have no problems. There is a small sex-sauna (but AFAIK to meet other men, not working guys) and some working guys advertise on Hunq (the commercial part of Planet Romeo) and on Spanish sites.
  49. 2 points

    Jan-Michael Vincent Dead at 73

    Oh yes, did I have the serious hots for him when I was younger (and he was still smoking hot.) Drugs and alcohol can make beasts of saints.
  50. 2 points
    I've been to Santo Domingo well over 100 times over thirty years. I wear jeans, a polo shirt and a watch I secured by typing into Amazon "cheap plastic watch"
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