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    Merida Mexico

    Those who read this forum regularly know that I have a 2nd home in Merida Yucatan, Mexico. I have been asked many times why Merida? what's the gay life like there? Costs to live there? etc? I, like many people had never heard of Merida(it is 90 miles west of Cancun). Florida Rob on this site is a good friend of mine for close to 15 years and he had moved there and opened a restaurant and told me I should visit him. His stories about how all the guys in Merida "are gay or if they aren't they want to be" lol, sounded so over the top that I wanted to go and find out. Merida is the capital of the state of Yucatan and has a population of over !,000,000 It is considered the safest city in Mexico as it is not a route for drugs to the U.S. Unlike Cancun, there has been no killings, robberies assaults of Americans/Canadians. The city has a expat community of approximately 5,000+ Americans and even greater number of Canadians! Canadians seem to have discovered Merida years ago as a 6 month winter get away that was very inexpensive. It is also the number one city for Medical tourism in Mexico. Merida has a International airport(MID) and has direct service from Houston on United, Miami on American and Atlanta on Delta. It is about a 1-1/2 hr flight from either Houston or Miami. Airfare from SoCal to Merida is usually just under $400.r/t The Centro part of Merida has the Historic Homes that are over 100 years to 200 years old. This is the area where most of the foreigners have bought homes as the younger Mexicans would rather move to the new suburbs rather then in the town center where their grandparents lived. Merida is about 20 miles from the beach area which really doesn't have any major hotels...Yet. but a 4 mile long pier was built to accommodate cruise ships. you can still buy individual private homes on the beach for $300,000. The city is dominated by one of the oldest churches in the Americas, built in the 1500's the park in front of the Cathedral is where all the activities take place every night in Merida, with music, dances, food fairs, and a number of hustlers always there. the photo of the guy is one of the strippers at one of the four gay bars, who often swings by in the late afternoon on his way to work to ask if I want to do anything. if I say no not today he goes "ok will check with you tomorrow". He is tall compared to most as he is 6'1", he is from a village about a 100 miles away.
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    Merida Mexico

    Merida has 4 gay bars/clubs in town and a sauna about a 1/2 hour from the centro, 2 of them are approximately 5 blocks from my house. Grindr is very popular and so far about 70% of the guys i have met on there have been “free” even thou i have in my profile i am looking for business! most have been between 20 to 24 yrs old, although there is one persistent 18 yr old that i am not interested in but he keeps messaging! my last 10 day stay, 9 out of the 12 guys i met up with were free. also even paid hookups last several hours to all night! If you have beer they are happy to spend the entire nights! Paid encounters run $500.Pesos ($25.US) I have had two guys i have seen multiple times not charge after the first time!! they just want to relax and drink beer and have sex! Most of them have jobs so usually they get up at 6:00am to go to work, that is the only hard part, getting up to let them out! but they are back the next night to do it all over! I have not been to the sauna in Merida but Rob has! They have special party nights, there are no escorts but as i have said in Merida that is not a issue! :-)
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    August 2018 Rio Trip

    i have not done any of the “touristy” things in years, but this last trip i went with my “BF” to Pau de Acucar(sugarloaf) in the later afternoon on Sunday and i really had a good time! At the top on the back side there is a bar and seating with tremendous views looking towards Copacabana! we had cocktails at sunset and not only were the views great but the drinks were especially good! It was a romantic spot there was a straight couple in the love seat about 6’ from us and when they got up to leave they turned to us and said “isn’t this a great spot? have a great evening! “
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    Montreal - Labor DAy Weekend

    I spent Wed-Sun in Montreal during Labor day weekend. A little history first: I have been viewing this forum since its beginning but have never posted. I started going to Montreal on a regular basis around 2003, took a few years off, and started going 1-2 times per year in the past 4 years. In the early years, I was fortunate enough to meet several posters on this forum. I also met several chatters from Montreal Boys Live. who are still friends today. I prefer twink/boy next door type guys, so I have only been to Stock once or twice, and have only stayed at Campus past 9 to hang out at the shooter bar with the bartender, Alejandro, that I have known for many years (and sometimes with a day time dancer next to me ) I have read many posts/threads about Montreal now vs. the Old days. Honestly, you can apply the same arguments to ANY city. Yes, it is not the same as the 2003 era; but in my opinion, still a pretty fun and enjoyable city. I arrived Wed and took the 747 bus to the Gouverneur hotel (yes it is not great, but it is close). During the trip, I exchanged money at the bank and also withdrew using the ATM. The best exchange rate I received was my Capitalone360 Debit card, since they pay all fees. The lowest rate was the bank, but we are talking 1.245 vs 1.28 with the "official" exchange rate at 1.29 that day (using website x-rates.com). Wed, I started out at Campus at 6pm. There were only a few customers and a handful of dancers. The stage was empty most of the time. Honestly, I did not expect much for an early Wed; but it was relaxing, I gambled, had a beer (or 10); and saw some nice looking dancers (although none peaked my interest). I ventured down to Adonis around 9. The bar had several customers and several dancers. Nothing interesting, except... The cute twink bartender Felix who was wearing only underwear. He is a very nice guy, also. Spent a few hours buying drinks and having a good time. Never made it to Taboo. Thur, I started out at Campus again around 5pm. Campus was very similar to the previous day. A few more dancers and a few more customers. A few potential dancers, but I did not go in the back with anyone. I just enjoyed the drinks, gambling, friends, and stage shows. After Campus, stopped by Adonis. A few dancers and customers, but nothing caught my eye. My friend liked Cedric, a long haired twink. Finally, off to Taboo. Diego was working behind the bar, and Gerry was also there. About a dozen dancers, most on the twinkish side. I went in the back with Marco, who is very well endowed. Even without curtains, it was a very private experience. Fri, After lunch, we went to Le stud to gamble and have a few beers. Next, we went to Cocktail to see Steven the bartender (Francis from Taboo years ago). After a few drinks, it was off to Campus. As expected, more dancers / more customers than Thur. Better consistency of boys on stage. I took Ludovic in the back. Good time, but he exaggerated the song count. Next stop: Adonis. Friday night and NO dancers, very few customers obviously. On to Taboo. Good crowd, good selection of dancers. A few trips to the back room. Sat, I started out at Campus around 6pm. Anyone who has been to Campus Fri/Sat knows the bartender, Joey. Sat was his last shift after many years. He did not say where he was going. Bigger crowd and more dancers. I took Alex in the back. Nice guy, but was "stressed" so he could not rise to the occasion. At 9:30; I was heading to Taboo, and Alex asked if he could come with me. Good crowd, a few less dancers than Friday. Alex stayed for an hour or so. Had another back room experience with Marco. Jean Sebastien was the DJ, and he looks as good as he did 10 years ago! Sun, it was off to the airport via the 747 bus. Btw, construction between the city and the airport; and traffic made the trip almost an hour. Great trip. Relaxing time seeing friends, familiar faces, and cute dancers. Until next time!
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    First post from a long time UK member with several years experience of enjoying the delights on offer in Latin America. Annually I travel with my friend in Aug/Sept around Brazil with visits to Rio, Belo Horizonte, Fortaleza and São Paulo on the agenda for this year. Have now reached midpoint of our vacation. Thankfully my friend is fluent in Portuguese and is duly kept busy with translating duties on my behalf.Will normally have encounters with two seperate boys per evening, always paying 100 reais. Might go up to 150 if the garato is exceptional or a smooth talker.As usual enjoyed visiting to 117 and 202 in Rio as well as a couple of very promising visits to Manhattan. Gave Meo Mondo (an old favorate) a complete miss this year due to constantant poor reviews from everyone we've asked this week. To me it looks as the younger favela boys have relocated to Manhattan. Found this to be rather intimate venue with limited space to circulate, however this made it easier for 20/25 or so garatos to connect with punters. The place does have a more happy energy than the other Rio saunas, particularly during the show and bingo times. Payed 100 for a couple of really hot sessions, though suspect that most of the boys will accept 70 reais.Highly impressed with the refurbishment at 202. Gone are they days when we would watch cockroaches scrolling along the dance floor. Thanks to Junior's efforts 202 now offers a modern clean environment with some refurbished rooms particularly welcomed and clean and most relaxing jacuzzi. My only complaint is the downstairs area gets too noisy as the music get louder during the evening. This results in more of a night club experience than a relaxing sauna environment, however the high energy environment can also be fun after a couple of super strong caipirinha served at the bar. 202 was exceptional on Wednesday night, full to the brim with lots of hot working boys for all tastes. This resulted in the invitalable hours wait for the free suites on offer. 117 has been our favorate sauna this year in Rio. Very busy on Saturday night and Tuesday night with the best looking garatos and drag shows in town.Price per garatos is unchanged for the last couple of years at 100 per session. A few will ask for 200/150 but all tend to settle for 100. Truly a great price given the current strength of the reais against the pound/euro.Will post reviews for Belo Horizonte, Fortaleza and São Paulo later on this week.
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    So cute boys in Prague !

    A uber driver, Tomas, enlightened my stay and gives me a target for future trips in Prague. I used him to come back to my hotel late on sunday. I was scheduled to leave monday morningat 6.30 am and I had already reserved the AAA taxi. Tomas is driving a uber select car and is stunning. Blond, blue eyes, muscular defined body, perfect abs, a smile to die for ... After chatting with him, I understood that he was interested in going to airport and I proposed hom to pick me up at 6.30 am the following morning. He asked 400 Kr. AAA taxi is 700 from my hotel. Hotel taxi is 900 Kr. I proposed him 500 Kr and we agreed. He was right on time and in the same outfit than the day before ie with short trousers showing his muscular and tanned legs. During the trip to airport, we discussed taxi, uber, fitness, tattoes (he has many on leg, torso and abs). He will pick me up next time I come to Prague and I will use him as a driver to take me to Karlovy Vary. I wonder if he will accept to do a strip show for me ... but end of October rhere are not so many tourists and an additionnal income is always welcome. And Cz boys do not care much stripping in the nude ... Going further (touching, groping or more if course) is a totally different story of
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    August 2018 Rio Trip

    I got back home last Wednesday from a 2 week trip to Rio. Originally it was supposed to include 2 days in Porto Alegre and 3 in Sao Paulo but it was changed for two reasons! more on that later. I spend 5 days in Ipanema and 7 days in Centro for the first time! I stayed at a friends' condo in Centro and is really the first time I had spent any time there. The apartment was about 3 blocks from the American and Mexican consular offices. The American ia a large well fortified building but most of the area is made up of some beautiful historic buildings man of which are used as government offices. Daytime there are many people/office workers and many restaurants and sidewalk dining available. Night time the area has much fewer pedestrian traffic but I felt very safe in the immediate area of the Apt. building which is on a busy blvd. I uber'd everywhere and while not as convenient as staying in Ipanema it was fine. I went only to Pointe and MR saunas this trip not to 117, not for a specific reason just due to that I was having a good time where I was at on the nights that are best at 117. On both Mondays I went to MR first at 5:30 and Pointe around 7:30 second. Both were good but Pointe has really improved on Monday evenings and the only slow nights there were Tuesdays and Saturday nights. Wednesday was great there with Monday and Friday also being really good. The improvements made esthetically are all good. and the massage guys(Venezuelan)are both good. On Monday night I ran into a guy from Uruguay who I originally met at Lagoa in Sao Paulo 4 years ago when he was 20, he was friends with a friend of mine and he moved to Europe to do fashion/sports modeling and was semi successful at that before moving back to Uruguay last year because of family issues(he is one of 13 children in his family). We both recognized each other immediately and he ended up spending the night and next day at the apartment. He came up from Montevideo a week ago and is going back next week. He is good looking, great athletic body and a amazing bttm., if you run into him I would highly recommend him.
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    Belo Horizonte Really had a great time in Belo Horizonte last weekend. Immediately impressed by the friendliness of the locals during our first time visit to the city. Rented an apartment located in the city centre less than a couple of minutes walk from both Olimpo and 1097 Sauna. Felt safe walking around the immediate area of our apartment, mostly due its central location. Favelas appear to be located outside the city centre so this might have something to do with it as well. An abundance of good restaurants and bars located in short walking distance, all making our time in BH very easy indeed. Olimpo and 1097 are located less than five minutes from each other. The two saunas offer very different yet enjoyable experience. 1097 is rather basic establishment offering good working sauna and steam room, a couple of ground floor lounge areas, friendly bar and upstairs cruising area with several free rooms. These rooms are very basic containing plastic mattress without linnen. Went there early on Sunday evening when the place was chocked full of young brown skinned guys, lots of which were walking around naked with their extended manhood on display. Certainly worth a visit if favela guys are your preference. In complete contrast Olimpo offers luxurious facilities in probably the best appointed sauna we have visited in Brazil. Excellent sauna and steam room, high class suites, lots of cursing areas to explore on both floors of the venue and plenty of places to unwind and relax. Some of locals spend their time playing cards in the lounge area which add to the laid back feel at the sauna, along with most friendly bar staff. A wide variety of good looking guys on offer, certainly of a higher standard than what we saw in Specifico. Was told by a customer that the average price is 70 although one guys did offer his services to us for 50. Visited Olimpo each evening from Thursday to Sunday. As expected Friday and Saturday were the busy nights; not so on Thursday and Sunday, although there were plenty of guys to keep us interested during each visit. Saturday was the busiest evening with a most entertaining drag show, bingo and hot gogo boy show. The performer turned out to be one of the hottest garatos working at the sauna. At Olimpo I had the pleasure of meeting the delightful Junior Rodriges from hotboys.com.br https://www.hotboys.com.br/modelo/243/junior-rodrigues This link doesn't really do Junior justice as he has a most delightful smile and fun personality, along with his massive endowment - close to 10 inches! As I'm active I took Junior, along with a hot passivo guy, to a suite from an extremely hot and lengthy session. Junior's porno experience certainly come into play as he would constantly direct the activity to ensure we're all having an extremely hot and uninhibited time. This experience was so good that I once along took Junior, the hot passivo guy and the aforementioned gogo boys for a fourway session on Sunday evening. Our session lasted around an hour and a half and was undoubtedly one of my most enjoyable sexual experiences in Brazil:) The most pleasing aspect of this was my undoubtable feeling that all three boys were having as much fun as I. Junior would always ask for a tip after the session so more than happy to add an extra 20 to the already agreed 100 per guy.
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    Because some people live in a delusional plot where they are the heroic protagonists of dramatic events. And now, I say goodbye, I am off for other things. I'll be back in 5 minutes.
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    August 2018 Rio Trip

    Sorry to hear of your medical problem @tomcal and I hope you are feeling much better now. It's a very common condition if you're over 50. I too was diagnosed with it early this year. You're right in that if surgery is needed, it's minimally invasive. In my case, the hernia (or opening) is so tiny that it's below the minimum size for the operation. I control the symptom of heartburn by diet (no fatty/fried/spicy foods, less alcohol, no citrus etc) and that seems to work for me. The Mayo Clinic website is very helpful. And one last comment on your observation about comparative healthcare costs: in the UK, I saw my family Dr on a Friday morning and had the gastroscopy in a central London hospital on the Tuesday afternoon; including the final discussion with the specialist consultant on how to manage the condition, it was 2 hours in the hospital; total cost NIL.
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    When I go, I flush the handle, say nothing, and hope it works.
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    Merida Mexico

    Besides sex, there are many things to see and do in Merida and surrounding Yucatán Penninsula! The whole area is pock marked with “Ceynotes” basically holes in the underlining limestone base which vary in size from swimming pool to large pond size swimming holes! Many have access to them and are places to go swimming and exploring! They form the largest underwater cave system, stretching all the way to Cancun, over 100 miles away. Mayan pyramids - there are over 25 locations with the Mesoamerican Pyramids that are anywhere from one to 3 hours away and many tour companies will pick you up and take you or you can rent a car, For the nature lovers, Along the coast are several large nature preserves with huge flocks of up to 15,000 Flamingos which can be seen most of the year, mammals such as Jaguars, Ocelots and Marguays can be found. Also various species of Monkeys and Parrots. All of these places are easy day trips. Further to the E/SE towards Cancun and Tulum would take 3-1/2 hrs. each way and are better for a several days trip. the last photo is the Cathedral of Merida that sits in the center of Merida and which the large park in front of has numerous activities every night, music, dances and food fairs.
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    Private Club

    for members some new photos are up!
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    Mr. International Korea Competition

    The small dick stereotype needs to go. It is true that the average dick might be smaller, but that doesn't bother me. I have seen more Asian dicks hard than most people, and I can tell you that there are some pretty big ones. Lots of them! (Back to your regular programming.)
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    I went to Manhattan Rios....think more customers should give it a go.....great staff, not too crazy busy ....but, what I like is when it's like that, the boys (only takes one) don't feel like they have to do multiple programas...and are happy to stay with just you. I'm not a machine like Tomcal....and I did 2 programas there tonight.
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    Great question - drama?
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    So cute boys in Prague !

    I fully agree with Pauleiro. The clubs in Prague seems to be dead, comparing to the situation some years ago. Prague is worth a trip if you have regular friends from earlier times which you can visit. Pity that there are not so many new faces - for example at planetromeo - who could be an alternative to the Club-Source of new talents years ago. I almost hope that Down-Club could manage the turnaround. Little hope I have, because new manager "Roberta" has a really good network in the community. Would be great if Down-Club could establish in a way as former Pinocchio-Club (same location at Seifertova, some years ago).
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    So cute boys in Prague !

    Spent a long week end in Prague. Unfortunately clubs are really dead : Escape is stll closed (even though there rumors of a rich American who purchased it), Up & Down is really down (even though a former Escape guy did a strip show on Friday evening), Villa Mansland is no longer gay (at least it is what I heard). No more show and boys available in the afternoon then. Strelec, a bear bar is closed. No more boys dancing in underwear in Drakes. A few boys on either rentmen or planetromeo but as usual some do not care to answer (the ones I was interested in ...). Luckily I still have my regulars even though they are no longer on the scene.
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    August 2018 Rio Trip

    Summary of August Trip! I really had a great time on this trip! So much so that i am coming back to Rio the end of October(and one of the Rio guys is coming to Mexico in September!) The saunas were good in August which is not typically a great sauna month both because of weather(shitty...rainy and cold) and fewer guys typically! But overall Pointe was good to great on Monday’s Wednesday’s and Friday’s and MR was good on Mondays and Fridays and i actually like the smaller more intimate setting it has a mixture of twinks and when i was there some muscle guys! i did not make it to 117 but on Weds night Pointe had a lot of 117 guys there!
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    10 hour layover in Bogota

    Oh yeah, definitely doable. What's funny is that 5 hours is usually my average time in a typical day that I use for tourist activities in Colombia: wake up late morning after a night at the clubs, eat breakfast, then head over to whatever sites the city offers, and then after 5 hours or so of ubering, sight-seeing, souvenir shopping and coffee breaks at Juan Valdez, we then have a late lunch in the late afternoon, before heading back to the hotel to have sex and have a disco nap before going out at night again.
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    My trip started off pretty messed up when I found out they have now canceled the flight from MIA to RIO on Wednesday with LATAM... I was allowed to check in and didnt even look at the actual date to see that my flight was changed to Thursday with me getting into Rio Friday morning... A nice guy at the LATAM counter changed my flight over to MIA to LIMA to RIO... Instead of getting into Rio in the morning, I didnt get in until about 4 pm and got to the hotel around 5:30... Quick shit, shower and change and headed to 117.... Huge disappointment...even though they are running specials for all of August... There were some cuties there but it wasnt very crowded...I didnt get there until about 630 but just wasnt the same as it usually is... Left after about 30 minutes, if that... Headed to see what the huge deal is about Pointe...especially since it is 5 minutes away from my current apartment.... Love the new improvements...the hot tub is the SHIT...great chandelier but the icing on the cake is I was greeted by Monika who no longer works at 117 at all... I thought she owned that place but maybe just ran it...regardless...She did tell me the best days at Pointe are Monday, Wednesday and Friday....(Ill be able to tell you after tomorrow just how good it was) Found an amazing hot Brazilian guy...thick and muscular just like I like them...huge ass and super hot ass...22 years old...We exchanged whatsapp and he has sent pics without me even requesting....Will definitely see him again during this visit... I got there late, about 8 and there was a pretty festive mood with about 15 guys there and maybe 10 clients that I could see... There was free food and the music was really good... Heading back tomorrow and will see how things end up...
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    Actually, a few months ago LATAM introduced a weekly non-stop: MIA-SSA dep Sunday afternoons, return dep to MIA in the wee hours of Monday morning. LATAM now serves 7 Brasil destinations from Miami.
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    I hate to see you go. However, why do people have the need to announce they are leaving? It seems to just box people into a corner. We don't want a return under a different screen name. That is one thing we delete when we find out. However, also note that people on board have opinions other than your own and part of being in a community is when you feel downtrodden is to keep plugging away in a nice way to win people over. I have seen it happen countless times. That said good luck on your hikes.
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    Corujinha's anyone??

    Yes, this was an incredibly great place. Every night after the sauna Pointe 202 got less busy (around 10 o'clock or so in the evening) many of us gringos walked the short distance from Pointe down Siqueira Campos to this semi outdoor restaurant. Almost every night the place was busy and had a countless number of garotos available. Most garotos stood in the street in front of the restaurant or close by on the sidewalk waiting or hoping for a signal from one of us to join them at a table we had. Those were the days that we thought and hoped would never end - but they did!