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    Day 10: Business up front, Party in the Back As far as I know the majority of the direct flights from Brazil to the USA (Miami, Atlanta, New York, Houston, LAX) depart at night. I don’t know if I like this schedule or not. On the one hand it is pretty cool to have late night departures because you can have a last minute victory lap at the sauna before heading out to the airport. But on the other hand I do feel a little bit of anxiety throughout the majority of the day of the flight. I've always lived in mortal fear of missing my flight, anywhere I am. Having to wait for it all day, even if I was doing something fun, kind of takes away from the fun because I keep checking my cellphone for the time. But there was still a lot of day, and a lot of boy, to get through today. My flight is at 11:15 PM tonight, which meant I had till possibly 8:00 PM to enjoy Thiago, and some boys at the sauna, tonight. The whole day meant looking at my cellphone to see if I had the time to do things. Not good. Thiago though, was hell-bent on doing one big thing with me today. After going through all the Sao Paulo tourist sites on google, we decide on visiting the Sao Paulo aquarium. I can’t tell you how many successful dates I’ve had in the aquariums in the USA, so I thought that this was a good choice for us. And good ole Thiago. He still knew how to pace things. He knew the last time we can have sex is this morning, since in the afternoon, he will need all the strength he can get for the long sauna night ahead. Starting in bed, working our way to the shower, having some slap and tickle while soaping up (this is all we can do, he was too tall for me to have any good sex in the shower), and then settling at the bed to have some sex. From what he tells me, he enjoys bottoming with me, and bottoming in general, as he doesn’t get to do it often, as everyone wants him to top. I can only oblige, though maneuvering his long, muscular legs is not an easy feat. In the end he cums, while I am lying on my back and him towering over me, feeding me his cum while I feast at the sight of him up above. Bliss. We hurry up and shower again, have a quick coffee and pastries at the padaria nearby, and then head over to the Sao Paulo aquarium. The entrance fee was US $30, which I found steep for something to do in Brazil, and Thiago thought it was oddly expensive as well. He insisted to go do something less expensive, but I told him since we were here, we might as well go. I knew he wanted to go, so I pay up and we enter. We encounter the usual fish, rays, seascapes and other staples of any aquarium: But then we enter a space where more land-based critters reside, including meerkats, kangaroos, and the Aquarium's centerpiece, two adorable polar bears: I like these kinds of dates, as it shows if a person is in my wheelhouse: learning something with someone you are also trying to learn something about. Thiago is up for the task: his University learning and natural curiosity showed throughout the three hours we were there. It does help that someone that handsome can also geek out on nerdy things like what Brazil’s different biospheres are, or knowing how Australia’s species evolved to what they are. He tried to remember what he learned from his biology classes, as did I, though it is a longer time ago for me than for him. Oh well. I wouldn’t say I’d wholly recommend the aquarium just because of the expensive price, but for me it was worth it in the end. After the aquarium we get back Shopping Cidade on Paulista to have our late lunch, and then strolled on Paulista, since today was Sunday and the street is closed to cars so pedestrians and bicyclists can have free reign over the popular street. At 2:30 PM we headed back to the hotel to pack, shower and say our intimate goodbyes before we both head to the sauna. Thank goodness for late check-out at the Intercontinental. Thiago only packed a back-pack, and was going to the bus station after the sauna tonight, so he can bring all his stuff to the sauna. I had a big suitcase, so I will have to store my bag at the concierge to pick up after the sauna. We get to the sauna at around 5 PM, and my countdown starts. At this point I am thinking I have till about 8:00 PM to stay at the sauna, which gives me time to Uber it to Intercon to retrieve my bag, and then head over to Guarulhos with some time to spare if traffic doesn’t fuck things up for me. 3 solid hours in a sauna is of course plenty of time, but since I had to be mindful about my time, it felt shorter than it actually was. After our usual welcome drink and scoping out the current scene (him for customers, me for boys), I bid Thiago a warm farewell and thanked him for the wonderful time today. I wish that he got as many customers as he needed tonight. He bids me farewell as well, and tells me to not spend too much money on boys. I promise him I will not. We part ways to get what we wanted out of the evening. Hopefully I get as much sex as I can with giving as little money as I can give, so I have money for more boys, and Thiago can get as much money as he can with giving as little sex as he can give, so he has energy for more customers. It’s a game that’s played all night long, by everyone in the sauna. Some win more than others, but in the end, hopefully everyone gets what they want. It didn’t take me long to spot my potential boy #1 for the night. He was sitting in one of the tables, just alone playing with his phone. From afar he looked like any average white boy I encounter at home. But up close, he was stunning. Natural looking body with abs, porcelain white skin, dark blonde hair. “Oi,” I say, and he looks up. The boy looked 15. He smiles and puts down his phone. “Tudo bem?” he asks. I point to the seat next to him. He nods and we size each other up. He was gorgeous, innocent face, but you kind of knew he knew all the tricks of the trade. His name is Miguel, just 18. Another University student. Just been in SP for a month. He’s not a regular at the sauna, but goes if he needs to buy clothes or new gear. He suggests us leaving the sauna to have dinner and then go back to my hotel for a fuck, and then go out to a club to round out the night (The Week was his choice). Sounds nice of course. I told him I couldn’t, since I was leaving tonight for the USA. “Take me with you,” he jokes. He says he is slight and can fit in my suitcase. No doubt he could. We get to the topic of sex. Does everything. More of a top but open to bottoming, but has never done it with a customer. Quoted 250 reals. I stood by my firm 150 reals with gozar. Seems to work with the boys. At the room, he suggests to shower first so we can do “whatever we wanted.” And that’s what exactly happened. I like a boy who takes initiative. He rims me first, telling me that he wanted to do this badly. I didn’t mind. After warming up the oven he puts on a condom. I didn’t tell him I also preferred to top but that hardly mattered now. He fucks me for a while until he was close. He takes the condom off. Some more foreplay. His ass tasted amazing. Tight and hairless. The body works for me. Amazing to the touch. He sits on me and proceeds to thrust. My first time in a sauna room to be fully versatile. I consider this a triumph. I cum fast, due so much sensory overload. It takes him a while to cum because he said that happens when he gets fucked. It was worth the wait. He cums everywhere, his hair, the bed, me, the wall. We cuddle for a while, cum getting everywhere but we didn’t mind. And then we shower and exchange info and such. Next time, I’ll get my hands on him to have a full weekend. I give him his 150, and a 20 to pay for his entrance. I look at my cellphone. It was 7 PM! I had an hour left. Time flies when you’re having fun. I could not find Thiago, which is good because it meant he was with a customer. Halfway through my beer I spot a boy who was tall and inviting. He was not gym buff but had a natural fit body. He spots me staring so he pretends to adjust his towel so he can show me what he got. Giant dick alert. I wave him over and he sits with me. 24 years old. Smoldering Latin look. I give his cock a tug. He says it grows to 26 cm, and thick. Only a top, kisses, he says. I was running out of time. So I hurriedly accept. 150 with cum, as usual. It is good to have the price set before starting. The actual programa was nothing to write home about. Kissing was not as good as promised (more nibble than kiss), foreplay not much better. But with him I imagine everything is forgiven once a customer sees the dick. That was his selling point. He was very pretty, so his face can also sell, and he was tall and had a nice body, so he had a lot going for him. But the dick just overshadowed everything else. No doubt the biggest I’ve seen, and the thickness is a sight to behold. I played with it. He struggled to cum, looking at the straight porn the whole time. It was fine. The dick made up for it. Showered with him afterwards, so I don’t smell like boy on my flight. Paid 150, not a repeat for sure, but the perverse sight of his gigantic dick was worth the price of admission, so I had that memory to carry me over the continent on my way back home. Thiago still was nowhere to be found, but he messaged me saying he was in a programa, and to message him to tell him I was leaving. I told him I was leaving. Relunctantly. The night was still young. But vacations have to end. Uber to Intercon, then to GRU. Got to airport with an hour to spare. Slept really well in the plane, well-earned from the gymnastics from earlier. Thanks again for the lovely time Brazil. I’ll see you again soon. Really really soon, apparently.
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    Day 8: When an Ending is a Beginning Today is my last full day in Rio, and Diego knew it. He said that we should take it easy today (no beach, no sauna) and just maybe go out to a club tonight to celebrate my last night. Leo arrived mid-morning from Sao Paulo, with his work done for a few days, to join us for my last day, and he intended to stay in RJ some days after. After a few minutes of being at the AirBNB, he already has plans to meet with a Grindr hookup (something about Rio that makes him a slut, he says), and one he chose to go with him to the club tonight with all of us. Alex, super hungover from last night’s festivities, kept his head low all day to recuperate. Rio makes sluts of everyone, I have found. Diego and I had a late start today, due to lateness of last night. Thankfully we did not have anything planned today. We tidied up our room and arranged our luggage for a bit, with some good conversation and some make out sessions thrown in for good measure. Mid-afternoon we decide to get a haircut to look sharp for tonight. Diego suggests going to the Siquera Campos Metro Station area, near Pointe 202 sauna, since he knew a good barber there. So we left Leo with his flavor of the day to shag like bunnies, and Alex who asked to use our bed so he can take a nap. The Metro was not busy this mid-afternoon hour on a Friday. We get to Siquiera Campos and headed over to a shop in the little shopping complex near the station. He meets with his usual barber, who knew exactly what he needed to be done. The salon attendant instructed me to go to another barber on the second level to get my hair did. Upon settling on my barber’s seat I realized that this was my first trip to the barber in Brazil. How would I know what to say to the barber on how I wanted my hair done, in Portuguese? It wasn’t as hard as I thought. Short in the side (half), a little trim at the top (one). I was done in 10 minutes. For half of the price I was used to at home. Very efficient. Diego meanwhile, was having all kinds of things done. His hair was cut, but he was about to get his blonde highlights refreshed and his facial hair sculpted. He was waiting for the barber to get his coloring stuff ready. After 5 minutes, and a quick chat with his barber, he tells me that it will probably take a good hour to get everything that he needed done. “You know it takes work to actually look this good. We don’t look this good without a lot of help,” he says, half jokingly. The good hair, great skin, manicured facial hair, banging body, yeah, all of that takes work to get to and maintain. I appreciate all the hard work for sure. “Do you want me to wait here?” I ask. “Nao, of course not. You can go back home and wait there,” he suggests. I told him I didn’t want to do that. I want to let the boys have their fun while we were gone. “What do you want to do then?” Diego asks. Inspiration strikes me: “Well, the sauna is just a 5 minute walk from here. I can wait for you there.” “Great, you can do that. I’ll call Tomas to see if he can go with you. He lives nearby,” he says. Before I know it, Tomas is walking up to the barbershop, again looking smashing. He was in club wear, so I kind of guessed Diego tipped him off that we were going to the club tonight. We were off to Pointe 202. I can understand Diego wanting Tomas to go with me so I wouldn’t get bored. But I was going to the sauna, so of course I won’t get bored. Unless he needed Tomas to either protect me, or watch me, or both. The sauna was packed. Tomas, ever the communicator, told me his journey to becoming a GP over some beers. Very interesting story. I don’t hear any sadness in his story. It almost felt like he was happy being able to make other people happy. And he seems to be compensated pretty well. He seems pretty well-adjusted. Lots of pretty boys tonight. Very festive mood today on an early Friday night. Many possibilities for a quick programa before Diego joined us. And then David, a previous GP hire, walks by. Remember him from last trip? I was clearly enamored by him that trip. Remember before this trip started that I thought Diego would flake or cancel on me, so I had Leo look for a GP to stay with me in Sao Vicente? Well that’s not all I did, as insurance. I also invited David to join us. If Diego showed up, I would have two GPs with me. Double the fun. If Diego bailed, I would still have David. But the reverse happened. It was David who bailed. He could not get to the airport on time to get to Sao Paulo, and he lost his flight. I shared this with Diego, as well as Leo and Alex, on Day 1, and ever since then the three badmouthed David for wasting my money, calling him “indio,” (because he was from Manaus) and other names because he lost his flight. Maybe mean-spirited. But the guys did not have a good opinion of David after that. But David is here, now, and I am reminded of why I was so enamored with him in the first place. Handsome face (young, inviting), perfect body (naturally muscular), and his amazing ass bulging out of his towel. My tongue was out again, and my eyes bugging out of their sockets, like a Looney Tunes cartoon fox. David sees me and approaches me. “Ta bem?” he asks. I say yes. He then apologized profusely again, as much as he did the day he lost his flight, personally this time, not on WhatsApp. I invited him to sit with us. I fill Tomas in on David’s story. Tomas laughs and shakes David’s hand. I ask David if he wanted a drink. David asks for a coke, and then asks me if he could order a pizza as well. He was hungry. “Sure,” I say. “We can share.” Tomas orders the food. David snuggles beside me, and gives me a big passionate kiss. We make out for a while. The food comes. We partake. I had a hard-on the whole time. The boy was doing a number on me. When we finish the food I had to tell David that I couldn't take it anymore, and we had to go do a programa. David gets a room for us and I tell Tomas that I will be back. Off David and I go. We sure made up for the time we supposedly were going to spend in Sao Paulo. David was eager for redemption, and this was his chance. And he took it. I always thought that sauna rooms are kind of dirty and gross *for me – I’m a princess this way* and prefer the relative comfort and serenity of my own bed *AirBNB or hotel* but we sure made use of the room we got. Two words – fluids everywhere. David came twice, and so did I. We made the room even more dirty and gross. I gave a 10 to David to give to the cleaner person. She deserves the money. I paid David 200 reals, because I was so fucking happy. After the deed David still lingered with me and Tomas while we waited for Diego. Pretty soon Diego appeared, looking all polished and pretty. He was kind of surprised I had someone else there with Tomas. Introductions were made. It clicked with Diego all of a sudden that it was the same David who stood me up. Diego suggests we go home to prepare for the club tonight. I bid farewell to David. Something was up with Diego. He was kind of distant. In the Uber though, Diego and Tomas were their normal selves. Maybe I am imagining things. We get back at the apartment and it was empty. “Grocery shopping,” Diego said. After a few minutes Leo and Alex (and Leo’s date) come in with bags of stuff. Soon Leo was cooking up something fierce. Enough for everyone, even for Tomas and Leo’s friend. There was even dessert. This is how it’s done. Restaurants in Ipanema can get expensive. It definitely took the pressure off me in paying for Diego and Tomas’ food. After dinner, everyone got ready. Showers. Smart clothes. Leo styled my hair, an advantage in having a hairdresser as a friend. Everyone shared Alex’s cologne. Instagram live video of everything. Including the walk to the club of the night – Cueva (Cave) in Copacabana. We opted to get fancy. We paid a flat 80 reals each (I paid for Diego and Tomas) and we got to hangout in an exclusive section by the well, roped off from the masses in the dancing area. The place really felt like a cave, dark and isolated, but was super warm, instead of cold. Was super fun tho. Eye candy everywhere: Diego was having fun, but when I approached to get the usual hug or kiss I get from him, he pulled back from me. He would say that he was not comfortable with PDA with a man yet. It was fine in the sauna or the occasional peck in the cheek in the beach. But not here, he said. I found that weird. Cave was a gay club. Everyone was kissing and hugging. Why wasn’t he comfortable? I moved over to Leo and Alex instead of Diego and Tomas. Everyone saw that I was a little bit disturbed by this. Leo asks me to go with him to the patio area for a smoke. “I don’t smoke,” I protested. “Just come, OK?” Leo insists. At the patio area Leo asks me what was wrong. I tell Leo what happened. “It's my last night! Why is he all of a sudden acting like an asshole?” Leo tells me why: Diego told him that he was angry at me for spending money on David. And Leo agreed. David flaked out on us in Sao Paulo. He already wasted my money. No sense rewarding him for that behavior. I told Leo that it was my money and I can do what I want. Leo said that was true, but this was the reason by Diego was pissed off. And like clockwork, Diego appears. “Let’s talk,” he says. So we go through all of it. An actual fight, like boyfriends. In a club, like boyfriends. He tells me his piece. He says 200 reals is too much for anyone to receive for a programa. That’s a lot of money for Brazilians. And buying David dinner was just too much. And we were supposed to have alone time today. No one else. I tell him my piece as well. I told him I go to Brazil to relax. I don’t care if I waste money on boys. It’s why I am here in Brazil. It shouldn’t concern him. He said it did concern him. He was spending all this time with me without compensation. He was staying because he wanted to stay. He does not like me throwing my money away on boys that don’t honor their word. He says he is different. He honors his word. He is concerned because this is Rio. Everyone will want your money and will do anything to get it. I asked him if he wanted my money as well. He was offended by this. He tells me: “You cannot buy me. You are a rich American. You can buy others. It’s very easy for you. But you are buying something false. I have something real. That can’t be bought." That cut through the heart. I was affected by his words, even if we weren’t boyfriends. I told him that: we weren’t boyfriends, and we can’t expect the other to commit to something, or anything. He agreed that we weren’t, but he admitted that this week was nice for him. It was different. He says we are not boyfriends, but this was at least a start. To just a nice friendship or actual boyfriends, he didn’t know. But it was a start. It is easier for him for other clients to spend a lot of money because it was work, and it suited him if clients spend a lot of money on him. But it was hard for him to see me do it. For some reason he cared. He suggests that we just try to have a good time tonight. We were in a cool club with friends. Let’s not let this weird thing between us ruin everyone else’s fun. I head back down to the dance area while Diego smoked. Had a few drinks and danced with Leo and Alex. I wondered where Diego was. I tell everyone I wanted to see what Diego was doing. I get back to the patio and I see Diego and Tomas, talking to a bunch of young-looking Brazilian gays. It looked like everyone was getting friendly with each other. Diego sees me and smiles. He approaches me and takes me by the hand. “This is my husband,” he says to the group of Brazilians, and then kisses me. The group looks in astonishment at me, like I had two heads. Tomas laughs. The group leaves. “What was that?” I ask. Tomas fills me in: “They wanted to hire us, 500 reals each, to go back to their place and fuck all of them.” That’s a lot of money,” I tell them both. “It doesn’t matter. It’s your last night,” Diego says, still hugging me. “But I am not your husband,” I tell him. “I had to get rid of them. I had to tell them something,” Diego finally says. It was almost 3 AM. We joined our friends and drank and danced. Alex was the first one to be drunk, as usual. Somehow we salvaged the night. I really didn’t know where Diego and I were headed, but at least I knew this was a start. Next, Sao Paulo.
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    As a young black man who enjoys this sites forums... You niggas are exhausting.
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    I think you are bringing way too much of you into this. I often don't plan ahead, and may have narrow windows to meet. I'll reach out to see if someone is available, and if they are, great. If not, oh well. I don't consider whether it's an inconvenience for them, because that isn't my problem. I don't know what their situation is, nor do I expect to get a lecture from them on how inconvenient that is. What I expect them to do is to tell me yes, or no. Sometimes they just don't get back to me. I take that, naturally as a no. I also don't contact them again. If these kind of appointments upset you this much, then just say no, can't without more warning. Tell them you can't do incalls on short notice. They made an offer. Accept it, reject it, counter it, or just ignore them. Whatever you want. But, do you. Stop reading other people's limitations as personal disrespect. That is a great way to drive yourself crazy. This post is an example of that. Honestly, if I got this kind of feedback from an escort I tried to book on short notice, rather than just a 'no', I'd cross them off the list. Too much drama.
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    SALVADOR, BAHIA, Dec 22 to Jan 3

    First day (Sunday) I was finally in Salvador on scheduled time despite all the previous ordeal, Sunday morning. At the airport, I waited for Fernando, my local guide, for 15 minutes. By the way, I can recommend Fernando’s services with no hesitation. I am very thankful to all the friends here in the forums who directed me to him. Fernando is a sophisticated local guy, able to communicate perfectly in Spanish and English. Besides, being an educated man, his Portuguese is clear and well articulate, and so easier to understand if you are into learning the local language as I am. Fernando allowed me to share his contact information: Fernando Bingre. WhatsApp: +5571-9-9730-8999; Mobile 5571-9-9944-0612; email: fernandobingre@hotmail.com. His blog: www.fernandobingre-salvadortourguide.blogspot.com.br I did not explore the airport at my arrival, but I was struck by the lack of A/C. However, surprisingly considering that the temperature was near 30C, I was not suffering and not sweating. Soon Fernando was introducing me to his driver, Magno. Magno drove us through the beautiful avenue leaving the airport and around during my first two days in the city. He is a Black, very shy and soft speaking (I mean he almost whispers his words) young gay man. It was really hard to understand his Portuguese, my Portuguese is beyond poor, and communicating was a challenge every time we wanted to include him in the conversation. Nevertheless, we overcame the challenge and had fun since the very beginning. That is perhaps what is at the core of Brazilian charm, their natural passion for enjoying life. We laughed a lot since the very beginning making jokes with the double meaning in Argentine slang of the verb “chupar”. In Portuguese, as in English, it means to suck. In Argentina it also means to drink alcoholic beverages, from beer and up. Magno would move away from his whispering way of talking and laugh loudly every time we would play with variations of “vamos a chupar con los amigos”. They drove me first to my hotel, the Village Novo Beach, right at Praia de Barra, considered one of the best beaches in the planet. Check in was not until 2PM (we were at 10AM), so I left my bags at the hotel office and was able to confirm something I was expecting. The room upgrade I requested by phone was not possible because all of the rooms with balcony and a beach view were taken. I would not say it was bad news because I was ready for it. Once again, I was surprised at the lack of A/C in the hotel lobby and dinning room, and at the same time, at my comfort with the hot temperatures. It is good news when you learned that you have not been fully americanized, that you are still able to adapt and embrace the local ways. After dropping my bags and switching to tropical outfit in a bathroom, Fernando and Magno took me to my first field trip. We spent the morning and the first hours of the afternoon exploring the African Market and the famous Pelourinho. Fernando is very knowledgeable and tough me a lot about the local history. I am not going to try to describe the city, as the web is full of pictures and descriptions much better than anything I could attempt here. Perhaps you may be more interested in my personal experience. I suspect my impression may be quite different if we compare it against an American or European’s experience. When I researched Salvador during my prepping, most of the blogs and websites I studied were written by First World travelers, and they all seemed to be struck and fascinated by how exotic for them the culture was. Indeed I am charmed by the differences between my background and the specific religious and cultural syncretism you experience in Bahia, but at the same time I feel warmly welcome and captivated by the countless similarities between life here and my years living in the Argentinean northeast. Do not misunderstand me. Both cultures and geographies are very different and contrasting, but at the same time share core experiences and characteristics that make it easy to us to communicate at a profound level. Perhaps the strongest and deepest commonality is our mindset towards leisure, work, and enjoying life. If you have ever read Max Weber’s “Protestant Ethics and the Spirit of Capitalism”, when you visit Brazil and Hispanic America you may have and insightful experience, gaining self knowledge from the contrast. Besides that core commonality, I was faced repeatedly with situations and sights that reminded me of my childhood and adolescence. The mix of smells in the African Market was different but brought me back to many open markets in Corrientes, with flies and roaches around the fresh food. Te geography of “morros” and ocean was strikingly different, but the architecture full of different colonial styles, barroco, art nouveau, and art deco, mixed with more modern and contemporaneous buildings was relatable. The famous Pelourinho, with its colorful colonial times houses reminded me of many different places in Argentina’s inner country and even of Buenos Aires city, like Caminito. I am having an exotic experience enjoying the particular and unique traits of the local culture, but at the same time part of me is feeling at home. I am realizing that even when I feel fully integrated and well adapted to American culture, I am still a Third World (forgive me for the cold war times nomenclature) citizen. I feel more at home here than in Washington DC or New York, even when my ability to communicate in the local language is extremely limited. I am writing this at the beginning of my third day here, so I may still change my mind. One of the things I was specially concerned about was the insecurity and crime situation. So far, I have not felt threatened or in danger in any moment, even when I have been walking around by myself at the late evening and night (Fernando and Magno escorted me only in the morning and the early afternoon). I have also been observing the interactions in the rambla in Praia da Barra, and all of them seem friendly with not signs of violence altogether. Based in my observations and Fernando and Magno’s advice, the precautions you should take are not different than in any other big city. Avoid dark and low pedestrian traffic areas, do not show off your expensive electronics, do not wear jewelry or expensive watches. All things I never do, not out of fear but because since I exited adolescence, I have found them to be of questionable good taste. After touring the old city, Fernando and Magno dropped me at my hotel, where I finally checked in. If you are the kind of traveler who likes the international hotels fully standardized, the Village Novo may not be a good match for you. It is a small establishment with no central A/C and with many flaws. There is no hot water until about 8 AM and it is over about 6PM. There is no phone in the room and the wifi is not reliable. Some of the lights in the room do not work, and there is no coffee maker. The building is the product of merging two old three stories houses. It looks like it has been recently refurnished, but respecting the local color. Everything looks authentic and old style. The floor tides, the stairs (no elevator of course), the furniture, everything looks old although very well kept and perfectly clean. I got one of the standards rooms, that is actually roomie than many of the rooms I have gotten in 4 stars American hotels. You walk into a small reception with storage shelves, an electronic safe, and a mini fridge. To the left I have a bathroom with a nice shower. To the right the bedroom, with a comfortable king size bed, wooden furniture and a flat screen TV. There is a very small windows with no view. There is an A/C unit in the room, the kind called “split” that I understand is an Israeli technology not very popular in the States but standard in South America. I heard it is superior to American big A/C units regarding energy saving and performance. Anyway, as I am trying to adapt and embrace the local ways instead of pretending the locals to cater to me, I have kept the A/C unit off as much as possible. Which means I have not used it beyond a few hours when I would come back exhausted from one of our field trips. I have been able to sleep very comfortably without A/C, only the ceiling fan, which was cooling enough to make me cover with a sheet. After taking a shower with refreshing cold water and having a power nap, I was ready for my first Brazilian sauna experience. I chose Planetario, nowadays Club 11. Although public transportation seems to work perfectly fine, Uber is very cheap and I am only using their services. My Uber dropped me in the corner shown in the map, but I could not find the sauna. I called another Uber (I am paying for roaming) and ended at Sauna Fox. I am leaving the details of my sauna experience for I LIKE PINGA. Let me just say that I had a great time, and played with two beautiful boys, both Sotero Politanos (which is how the Salvador born is called). The first one asked me for 80 rials for a full service as a passivo and I did not negotiate and ended paying him 100. He was great. The second one asked me for 130 with a full service as an ativo, I counter-offered 80 for a session with no penetration, and he immediately accepted. I spent about 4 hours in the place, had these two boys, drank many beers (I was inviting my first one with his drinks as he stayed hanging up and making out with me the whole night, and introduced me to his local clients to make friends. One of the rooms I rented was the deluxe suite. When I check out, the bill was 135 Rials. I walked out to called my Uber, but a taxi driver was chatting with the security guy and offered me the ride for 20 rials. I took it and returned to my hotel about 10:30 PM. It was Sunday night and the rambla in front of the hotel was full of excitement and hot young men. However, this old man was absolutely exhausted. My stamina is not like @tomcal's, @numazu1's, or @Tartegogo's, after a day of exploring the city by walk, and having sex twice, I was dying. I went straight to my room to sleep, exhausted but happy ending my first day.
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    Rio New Years 2019-Recap

    Direct flight to Rio today from Atlanta... Got in super early, was settled into the apartment by 9:30 am... Weather has been overcast all day but still some decent eye candy around the beaches... Walked around Copa earlier, got a drink and a massage and then walked around Ipanema later... Weather is decent but is definitely overcast which has put a stop to many of the gays on the beaches although I have seen tons... Will update on the saunas later...planning on hitting up Pointe in the next hour and then going to 117 if it is slow there...
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    SALVADOR, BAHIA, Dec 22 to Jan 3

    Friday (beach day) I am very relief I am feeling better. I think my initial blaming on the sun was wrong, something else was affecting me. I am right now moving from the cetacean to the crustacean family (I am all red from the beach day I am about to report) and feeling perfectly. So I have no idea what to blame my weakness and lack of energy on. The medication I bought for my back is working great and the pain is now back to its regular chronic level (I am used to have it all the time, just at a tolerable intensity). I was already feeling back to normal on Thursday, when I met Marcelo during my visit to Thermas Club 13. Right now I am waiting for his response to come over to my hotel, but he does not have wifi at home and I do not know when I will have an answer. Our meeting should be in about 4 hours, let’s see. Yesterday my date with Italo to go to the beach was at 12. After all the warnings about Brazilians’ lack of punctuality in general, and GPs’ in particular, I had made my mind to patiently wait for a late arrival. I was wrong, he not only showed up on time, but started texting me 45 minutes before keeping me updated of his progress. I would find out later that I was totally unprepared for the event. I put on sun screen only on my face, head, shoulders and chest. Those are now the only places that are not shining with a tempting red lobster tone. Besides, I took only about 40 Rials with me. I did not know that going to the beach involves a lot of expenses here, and I did not know that every single street and beach vendor In Salvador accepts credit cards. Fortunately, we will learn later, I got a Savior. Italo arrived on time, always smiling, always with an extra positive vibe, always trying to find out what I wanted and what I needed to make me happy. He is indeed a wonderful guy. Let me introduce him a little bit. He is 23 years old, is not married but living with a White woman his age, and together have a 6 years old girl. He also has a dog that he loves very much. Italo lives at walking distance of Fox, and that is the main reason why he does not work there. It would be uncomfortable for him to be seen by his neighbors entering or exiting the place. He is a mix of Soteropolitano and Caipira, born in Salvador but raised in Bahia countryside. Italo, as a paradigmatic example of the local fluidity of sexuality, does not identify as gay, straight, or bi. He just loves sex. Right now is saving to get his own house, because is tired of living with his female partner. He wants to move by himself with his dog, and stay single for a while, without a woman or "a gay” (SIC). He does love his girl and plans in keep helping his woman to support her. Italo is not specially attractive physically, just an average sexy Brazilian boy, with a huge and very responsive dick, and very nicely rounded butts. His mouth is very kissable and, as I already shared, his kissing skills are out of the chart even for Brazilian standards. I ended with him because, fortunately, he chose me in my first day and I just followed. I said “fortunately” because should I follow my preferences regarding appearance, I would have probably never ended with him, and would have never had the privilege of being exposed to his wonderful heart and personality. He really looked after me (us) during our beach day. When he arrived, we headed to the beach right across my hotel. He was open to go somewhere else, actually insinuated to go to other beach no far away, but I really wanted to experience the internationally famous Praia do Porto da Barra. As soon as we crossed the street we were headed by a guy offering us to rent a beach umbrella and chairs. Te price sounded good and affordable for my 40Rs, so we said yes and followed the guy, a sexy black man, short and probably in his late 20s or early 30s. He assigned us what looked like a really privileged place, on the first line, the closest place to the water. He settled the umbrella, and offered us drinks. Italo was drinking beer and I asked for water. They brought us a little cooler with ice and extra drinks that we would pay when checking out. I was starting to get concerned about my budget. When we were just settled, our local hero @numazu1 texted that he was joining us. We had been exchanging texts since earlier on. He would soon arrive with his own companion, and join us to spend the afternoon together. While waiting for his arrival, I started to really enjoy the beach and Italo’s caring company. He was alert at every single gesture from me, trying to guess what I was needing. He ended being an outstanding host, taking care not only of me, but also of Numazu1 and his friend, as we all were visitors and he was the only Soteropolitano. Surprisingly, he knew a lot of people in this beach, and later on would even meet his aunt and cousins. One of them was introduced to us, cute looking average Brazilian. One of the guys he knew was selling weed and Italo knew I was not a drinker but a pot head. For 10 Rials we got enough to roll a join, which we would smoke later on. At this point, we were just arrived and I was already broke. I would need to run back to the hotel before leaving to pick up more cash or my card. Fortunately, the hotel was just a few steps away. The praia was full of incredibly attractive human specimens, of all genders. We were continuously bombarded by vendors offering us food, drinks, and all kind of goods. Something that picked my attention was that the guys who were renting us the chairs and umbrellas would come to us regularly with a watering can to refresh and clean the sand of our feet. I did notice that they would do it only to us, which should have been a clue that we were receiving preferential treatment (and probably extra pricing). I had been there before other days, earlier in the morning, by myself. Now, we were taking shifts with Italo, as the first lesson he taught me was to never leave our stuff unwatched. The water is amazing. Rather than the sea, it feels like a peaceful salt water lake, with no waves at all. The sand stripe is not very thick, and the slope is quite high, so you are forced to swimming after a few steps. Swimming is extremely smooth, even smoother than in a swimming pool, as the salty water makes floating easy and there are no waves. I do not think anyone can drawn in these waters, even if you do not know how to swim, the ocean just pushes you up. The sea temperature is refreshing without being cold, the water is clean and transparent, and you are able to see the bottom even when swimming in the deepest areas. So nice, it was my first experience in this kind of water. Soon Numazu1 and his companion arrived. I immediately noticed that, unlike me, he knew what he was doing. They brought sun screen and money. I mentioned earlier on that a Savior walked me out of the troubles I would have suffer out of my lack of preparedness, meaning my empty wallet. He would paid the bill later on, and then walk with us to my hotel to get my part. If you are reading this, thanks a lot again, Numazu1. praia porto da barra quick view.MOV I dared to ask him for the favor when we started ordering food and drinks and was beyond clear that I was out budgeted. My previous beach experiences with family and/or friends back in Argentina were quite different. We would not stay so long (I actually thought we would be in the beach only for a couple of hours, and not almost 7 as we did) and we would bring our own food. The beaches I have been too before were not serviced by such a wide range of beach vendors. Soon after Numazu1 arrived, I rolled a joint that only Italo and myself would enjoy. It was my first weed since I left DC. If you know me, you know that I am a big pot head and was indeed missing it. The local weed, at least this one we got, is radically different to what I am used to smoking in the USA, although does reminds me to my old times in Buenos Aires, even its smell. Not only the smell was different, but this maconha was considerable less powerful than my American pot. I had noticed how caring Italo was, not only towards me, but also to my two friends. He was constantly checking whether or not we needed/wanted anything, and now and then leaving us to come back with something we may want to enjoy. He was specially careful about us not getting too much sun, up to the point that he would over exposed himself as the umbrella’s shade was not enough to protect all of us. It was great to be stone again. As soon as I smoked, I jumped into the water. I swam far from the coast to be away from where most of the people were. When I reached a distance where I felt comfortably lonely, I watched back to check my friends, and noticed that Italo seemed to be looking for me. I noticed he seemed to find me and walk toward the water in my direction. I assumed he was coming to join me, and started to float fully enjoying how easy it was, feeling the cool of the water on my back, and the warm of the sun on my front. In Spanish, we call this kind of relaxed floating “hacer la plancha”, I do not know in English. Smoothly floating, stone in tropical waters, I had another of my nature blending insights. I have had a few before in different environments, and I recall of all them as moments of deep existential merging with the Nature surrounding me. Two of my memories are still strong and clear. The first one comes from my early adolescence, exploring with my cousin (my first love) the wild woods in Corrientes, in the Argentine Northeast. We reached a clear in the woods where we observed a fallen, dead tree. When we approached we noticed that the fallen tree had been taken over by a colony of aunts. They were so many, and the woods were so silent, that we were able to hear the march of millions of insects coming in and out of their base. The second memory comes from 1993, when I was visiting the South of France, hanging out with friends in an abandoned farm near Carcaçonne. My friends left me alone to go buy groceries. The property was limited by a creek that had eroded the soil, running deep in a small canyon. I was exploring by myself the shallow creek of clean fresh water, observing the small fish swimming amongst rolling stones, when I felt the unstoppable need to take a shit. I did not to go back to the house. Instead, I set each of my foots on each sore of the thin creek, squatted, and took a shit right there. I do have a few more of this kind of memories that are not as intense as these two are. All of them share an intense sense of merging with the natural environment, the clear feeling of being part of something much bigger than me, something beautiful and powerful that preceded me and would remain after my moving into the silence of non existence. Please, do not misunderstand and interpret I am talking about any god or supernatural being of any kind. I am not. I was now there, peacefully floating in the sea under the tropical sun and had another of these moments. Merged with Nature, my thoughts started to ramble around the pleasant feelings I was enjoying. I thought of retiring and moving here, of completing my evolution into a cetacean to live and enjoy this magic, at the same time overwhelmingly powerful and peacefully welcoming, ocean. I thought of how our environment shapes who we are, who we want to be, who we are able to be, how our life experiences feed and at the same time limit our imagination and potential. I thought of the Brazilians I was meeting, of their capacity to enjoy life, of being here and now. I thought of myself and my friends from other cultures, trying to define things, to categorize, to understand others from our own limited concepts, trying to fit everyone and everything in our already acquired understandings without questioning and expanding them. I thought of our conversations with Numazu1, who shared the purpose of his writing. I thought of what the purpose of my writing was. I thought of how my recently passed away dad being a devoted and self righteous journalist limited and at the same time enriched me. I thought of how important to me is to be informative and useful, how providing a service to others is at the core not only of my writing but of my whole being. I also thought of how fragile my memory is and how important this logs and other pieces I am producing will be in the future to not lose my life experiences in the dark. I thought of how connecting to the boys I was meeting involved letting aside outdated and out of place categories. I thought of how much they seemed to enjoy not only the sex, but the sharing of themselves with a strange, and how open and eager for learning about us most of them are. All these thoughts were burning in my stone and tropically warmed brain, when I remembered Italo, of course. I thought how lucky I was for meeting him. My shy, introverted, shelled, boring being, often needs the complement of an extroverted, talkative soul to make up for my lacks. I do not know how long I had been floating lost in my stoned rambling thoughts. The last time I saw Italo, he seemed to be heading to join me in the water far away from the beach. However, now I could not see him anywhere. The beach was crowded but it was easy to identify our place, and Numazu1 and his friend were clearly visible there, right in the first line on the beach. I started swimming back to our base. When I reached walkable depth and start walking out of the sea, I see Italo also coming out of the water at the same time. He looked very happy to see me and made a complimenting comment about my swimming skills. I suspect he had been looking after me. I think this sweet boy was concerned about me being stoned in the water, and was watching me from the distance to make sure I was OK. Perhaps is just a needy fantasy, but other than just a coincidence, I do not find any other explanation for the timing of the events. Besides the guys watering our feet, the incredible number of vendors offering all kind of goods, edibles, and drinks, I did love a few more new things to me, quite different to my previous and very culturally limited (Argentina) beaches experiences. praia porto da barra longer view.MOV Next to us, we had a guy renting boards and kayaks, and giving mini lessons to his clients. We saw those mini lessons so many times! With Italo, we were making jokes about being able to teach them without having ever actually used the equipment. the party boat time lapse.MOV the party boat movie.MOV One of my favorite things was a party boat. It was a regular canoe equipped with a sound system and a cooler with beverages. It would sail the beach North to South and then back again and again since very early. The boat was pushed its staff and customers right where the depth of the water was ending to be walkable, playing local musical hits quite loudly. At the beginning of the afternoon, the boat was pushed only by the guys selling the drinks, but customers and beach goers were progressively join the sailing party. By the end of the afternoon, it looked like the attached videos. Bahianos are just the most talented people I know to enjoy life and have fun. Silly me, I did not take a picture of him. One of the vendors was offering caipirinhas, caipiroskas, and other alcoholic mixes. He was very illustrative of the differences between the USA and the local culture. Where many Americans would be proud to hold a belt around their waist with their pistols, he was wearing a belt holding bottles of vodka and cachaça. Towards the end of our beach experience I started to get really concerned about Italo. He had been all the afternoon long making sure the umbrella was in the right position, as the sun was going through his way, to protect his three companions. But he was not getting any shade and although was not complaining, I did notice he was not comfortable. When I asked him, he disregarded my concerns. Went the sun went down the horizon and the sea breeze was making us cold (first time I had that feeling since my arrival), we started to leave. Our check was about 280 R, what we found a little bit expensive, as we were expecting to not pay the price for foreigners. When I told Italo that I found the bill expensive, his response was that it was not, that we rented an umbrella and 4 chairs for more than 6 hours, and ordered many drinks and food (he specifically mentioned two orders of shrimp as something that specially added to the price tag). I did not complain much, 70 bucks is not a lot, and I was paying only half. If we all were paying our part, each check would be less than 20 bucks for each, nothing. The same guys who rented us the beach goodies escorted us up to leaving the sand area and watered our feet to clean out the sand one last time, saying goodbye. One of the boys, who was friend of Italo, came to ask me for a tip, and I gave him 10R, what made him very happy. They had really treated us as queens. We walked up to my hotel, and I ran upstairs to get the money to pay back to our good friend. After that we parted our ways, making plans to attend together one f the street mega parties taking place at night. Before leaving to the beach, I had dropped my keys in the reception, asking them to clean my room, and requesting two towels, as I was having a day beach with a friend and we would want to take a showers afterwards. When I walked in with Italo, no one stopped me or asked me for anything. We entered the room and the two towels I requested were there. I really like the staff at my hotel, men and women are not only friendly and very much into serving you, but most of them are also sexy and attractive. I was planning a photo session with Italo, but he did not bring his ID. Without it, I did not want to do it, but he was willing to. When I asked him what he was planning to do, he told me “sexo” and laugh showing me his big dick with a hard on. However, I was not feeling in the mood at all. The areas of my body where I did not use sun screen where soaring. Besides, any physical attraction I had felt for Italo, was now gone. It happens often to me, after having sex one with someone I do not want to repeat. My sexual attraction was down, but my fondness for Italo was way up. The whole beach experience had been wonderful, and it was possible only because of him and his caring assistance. We hugged and sweet kissed, and talked for a while. This is the moment when I learned most of the stuff about him I shared by the beginning of this post, speaking in a mix of Portuguese, Spanish, English, and Italian (his grandma was Italian). When he started to feel very concerned about his doggy alone at home and without being fed (his “wife” and daughter are visiting family out of Salvador), we decided to part ways. I am aware that the 300 R I paid to him are a generous amount, but I also think he deserves more. We talked about connecting again to go out later on with Numazu1 and his friend, and said goodbye. I went down to the hotel’s sidewalk to have diner. I had almost no eaten in the beach and was very hungry now. While eating, I enjoyed some of the party taking place all along the street, and then went back to my room to rest before going out. However, at 10PM I was deeply slept despite all the loud party noise coming from outside. No one called me, so when I am writing this report I had no idea of what he rest of my beach party is up to. I am still waiting for smoking hot Marcelo to call. I see in my WhatsApp that he has not yet received my last messages, which means he has not be back to the grid yet. I am afraid this trip will not be the source of pictures and video I was hoping for my JustFor.Fans account, but you know what? I do not care. lesson_on_praia_porto_da_barra.MOV
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    Yes I am seeing this even more here in Salvador, because everything seems even cheaper here than in Rio. Thank @BryBro! Feliz Natal and Feliz Ano Novo to you too. I will probably write about this trip, but it will be after it’s done! I do not have the focus like @Latbear4blk that he can post while here! I can’t even get out of bed at times, let alone do a trip report. It’s coming tho. Done! We shared a caipirinha at the beach today! That’s exactly what happened! Details later. Thanks for this. It validates my belief that if I can inspire even on person to travel because of my writing, than everything would have been worth it. Pay it forward by writing a trip report of your own! Oh @floridarob...I can always count on you and @tomcal to know how to whore more efficiently. Will keep this in mind. Hope everyone is having a slutty holiday!
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    Just a quick check-in. Starting my 6th! trip to Brazil today. São Paulo, Salavador, Rio. Currently at Guarulhos waiting for my Uber. The airport is full of families waiting for their loved ones to arrive. And the place is pandemonium. I’ve had 6 Uber cancellations. My friend whose place I’m staying for a few days tried to call a driver for me using the 99 ride share app (never heard of it) and even he got cancelled on. Finally got an Uber on my 7th try and he still got stuck in traffic. Muito cheio aqui: There’s rain forecasted for throughout the holiday weeks ahead for SP and Rio. Hopefully it’s not too much of a buzzkill.
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    Day 9: Bait and Switch Diego and I talked a lot after the club. It was 5 AM by the time we got back to the apartment. We had to drag Alex’s almost lifeless body from the club to the apartment. We had to take a taxi to drive the short route from Copa to Ipanema because Alex was simply too drunk to function. Diego and I were both sober though. We talked about a lot of things, mainly boundaries and expectations. Maybe I was treating Diego like a commodity. Maybe I should start treating him like a friend, like Alex and Leo are friends. So much unexpected drama on what supposedly was a calm vacation. But it obviously comes with the territory. These guys are not machines. They hurt too. I get that. I guess I shouldn’t spend money like a drunken sailor on leave, especially in front of people forgoing their wages to stay with me on my holiday. Diego and I got a little sleep. The alarm went off at 12 noon. Time to tidy up the apartment to check-out at 1 PM. I woke Leo up (he was spooning with his trick on the sofa bed). Alex was on the floor, passed out, like so many nights before. Diego, Leo and I managed to get rid of all the food from the fridge, all the empty beer cans and alcohol bottles, empty Viagra boxes, and cigarette ash on the floor. A disadvantage of getting an AirBNB. Cleaning up at the end of the stay, so as not to get a negative rating from the owner. Diego insisted that he take me to the airport. Which was a problem because I was meeting my next boy, Thiago, at the airport. He was in Rio to work at the saunas and coming with me to SP today. You know the thing I said about the boys not being commodities? So I needed to finesse this with Thiago. I sent him a text, telling him that Diego was going to be with me at the airport. I told him to not wait for me to check-in for the flight, and just meet me at the gate. And if he sees me with Diego, pretend to not know me. I got a rolling eyes emoji and a broken heart emoji, but quickly followed by a “Brincando” and some “kkkkk.” He understood the deal. I bid Leo a hearty farewell. “I will see you in a month, yes?” he confirms with me. I tell him yes, I’ll be back for more shenanigans. Diego and Leo pick Alex off the floor and we all maneuver our luggage out of the condo and into the street. Leo calls an Uber for him and Alex (and Leo’s trick) to go to a friend’s house to stay. I call an Uber for Diego and I to head to Santos Dumont. At the airport, I try to self check-in using the machines but had to go to the Avianca counter to get my boarding pass. We do a quick café and some pastels (empanadas) in the airport before saying goodbye. At the security checkpoint, Diego bids me farewell. He hugs me and kisses my cheek. So much for not liking PDA. He promises me that he will see me again. He tells me to send him a photo of me in the plane, and to text him when I land “na California.” I didn’t tell him where I was going. I just nodded and promised to do so. At the gate I see Thiago, first smiling, and then shaking his head. “Where’s your boyfriend?” he asks, mockingly. “He’s right there,” I pointed to him. “Mentira!” he says, and hugs me to say hello. Since BH last month, Thiago and I have been messaging back and forth, getting to know each another. He’s doing well in his studies and was still hustling on the side to supplement his income. Since I saw him last month, he has ventured out to Sao Paulo and Rio saunas in the weekends, to get more cash, with some success. He happened to be in Rio the same time I was, and was keen on spending time together in Sao Paulo. We get to Sao Paulo in a hurry. We Uber it to the Intercontinental Hotel in the Paulista area. Thiago was a certain kind of Garoto de Programa that was slightly different from Diego. Thiago was young (21), handsome (his face was young and innocent), and has a muscular, but not overly worked out body (more natural, athletic, good set of abs), and a good sized dick and a large succulent ass. Not much different than other GPs. But he was a University student, working on a science degree, and was only working as a GP to supplement the allowance and tuition his parents gave him. He no doubt has many prospects in life. Unlike Diego who I fear after the good looks fade would have to find another, way less lucrative job. And Thiago’s education showed in his mannerisms and conversation. He was very mature for his age and was very responsible. He speaks some English (very broken), but he only spoke to me in Portuguese , in normal speed, and for some reason I could understand him very clearly. And he helps me with my Portuguese as well, correcting me when I am wrong, helping with my vocabulary, finishing my sentences when I struggle. It was a delight to speak to him, in a language that I still struggle with. With Diego I get frustrated at times for my lack of Portuguese fluency, but not with Thiago. All this was enough to make Thiago a pretty good guy and companion. But he was also pretty charismatic. In line at the airport to embark, he gave me long hugs to pass the time. He holds my hand in the seat. He kisses in the Uber. The real value is behind closed doors as well. When we got to the hotel room, it was almost 4 PM. About the time he has to go to the sauna. But instead he disrobes into his undies and makes out with me. I tell him that he has to go the sauna to make money. He ignores me and continues. Soon he was hard as a rock (and I got reminded of how thick his dick is). He manages to get an orgasm out of me. He doesn’t cum himself. Possibly saving it for customers. I was ok with that. We then shower and get ready to go to sauna Lagoa. He was hungry so we grab a quick bite at McDonalds, which was just a block away. Then we duck into a pharmacy to get reinforcements for Thiago: He says he definitely needed the Viagra because customers almost always demanded him to be the top. We Uber it to Lagoa. He enters through the boy door while I go through the main door. I get my key, slippers and towels. I changed into slippers and enter. I see Thiago pass me by and he tells me to wait while he changes into his work attire. 5 minutes later I see Thiago in a towel with a bulge already in the front, outlined on the towel. “This Viagra works really fast,” he says, laughing. I say it is good advertising. We sit down and order drinks (me a coffee, him a red bull and vodka). We chat for a while before Thiago says he will make the rounds now, and bids me good luck. I fully intended to wait for Thiago in the sauna, so of course the only thing I can do to pass the time is go into programas with boys. It was a Saturday night, and the place was packed with customers and boys, so the vibe was great. I always preferred the music at Lagoa than the other saunas, and they had music videos usually playing in the stage seating area. I am talking about stuff that shouldn’t matter (what matters is the boys, obvi), but since I will be hanging out here for a while waiting on Thiago, I might as well like the place. There was a cluster of boys standing by the entranceway next to the bar. I noticed one guy who I always thought was handsome whenever I see him, but for some reason, I never really approached for a progama. I usually don’t approach any guy for a programa, come to think of it. I either have someone else do the approaching, or the guy approaches me. But tonight it did seem that I had my big girl panties on, so I headed over to the boy cluster and sided up to Mr. Humpy. “Pedro,” he answers, with a big and strong handshake and then a chaste hug. He was 20, looks a little bit older but very handsome. Very tan skin but caucasian features. Insane perfect musculature. Tall. Fairly statuesque. Standard questions: name, was it my first time here and Brazil, where was I from. “EUA,” I answer, and Pedro immediately lights up. He said he was just in Miami 2 weeks ago; a customer enlisted his services for a few weeks. It was his first time in the USA ever. He said he liked it and said he wanted to go again. I tell him I was from California and he would be welcome to stay if he chose to come. “Vamos,” he says. He was very animated and excited. After a few more flirtatious banter I broach the subject of the programa. He did everything except bottom. Kisses passionately. Totally chill. Can cum. He asks for 200, I counter with 150, since Diego taught me well, and Pedro, without hesitation, says yes. In the room he didn’t hesitate as well. Kisses like a maniac. Sucks like one too. Cock not as big as one would hope, but perfect for me, because he fucked me. I came while he was still fucking. He comes in my mouth. After coitus we talk some more. He showed me photos of his time in Miami. He was not in a hurry. Not sure if I was charged the extra time I took in the room, but it was worth it. He was worthy of a repeat. After the programa I sit again at the seating area. After a while Thiago appears and joins me. He confirms that he was just at a programa. I ask who it was. He says he never tells on his clients. He keeps it professional. Smart boy. Soon the show starts and four very humpy strippers danced for us. Some drag queen numbers too. Pretty standard stuff. The strippers soon disrobe and had hard ons. Pretty impressive. Thiago disappears again. Another programa. He was doing fine. I quickly snap up another boy. Blonde highlights, mid to late 20’s. Nice worked out body, natural and not steroided. I asked him if he bottomed, he said he didn’t. After a pause, he followed it up with “I will try with you.” He wants to land my business. And he did. Like Pedro, this one was not in a hurry. Didn’t mind a lot of kissing for a while. When it was time to bottom, he sat on me. And it looked like he was in a lot of pain, but continued to ride me. I told him we could stop but he continued. I finally told him to relax. He got off me and I get rid of the condom. We kiss for a while again. He was able to cum. 150 reals. So now I had two fairly long programas. I was exhausted. I get back to the stage area and the show was over, and Thiago was nowhere to be found. I order a beer. If Thiago wasn’t here after I finish the beer, I’ll go home. Sure enough Thiago appears, with another boy and a customer. They head to the counter, and after 5 minutes Thiago emerges. “I’m ready. I’ll just put clothes on.” After 5 minutes I was settling my bill. We get an Uber back to Paulista. Thiago told me he was exhausted and hungry. I told him I was too. It was almost 11 PM so our food choices were limited. On Google Maps I find a pizza place called Pizzaria Veridiana in Jardins, about a 10 minute walk from the hotel, that was open till 1 AM. At the hotel room we dressed in pants, coz it was kind of cool. As we walk to the restaurant Thiago was laughing. He said he got three programas in the sauna tonight, so it was a good night for him. But he said the last one was weird. A customer wanted a threesome with another boy. The boy bottomed for everyone. He said it was weird because he found the boy very hot but the customer not. He wanted to pretend the customer wasn’t there but couldn’t, obviously. He got the boy’s Whatsapp and said they might meet up in the future. Dinner was nice. Great conversation as usual. We ordered a large pizza but Thiago only ate two slices, as to not get fat. I wish I had that kind of discipline. Back at the room, he said he was finally ready to cum with me. He was saving it all for customers, but now he was done, he was free to give it away. And he did. It was worth the wait. Next, more Thiago.
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    Winter in Havana

    Whenever I go back to Havana it's funny how nothing seems to change much. It's kind of reassuring in a way...unlike Brazil, Havana feels like a little cocoon to me. How refreshing to walk the streets day and night and never feel in danger - there are no guns here, and getting mugged would be a rare exception, and not the rule as in Brazil. December is not my favorite month to come - the weather is cooler and not as good for the beach. It was warm most of my trip but the last couple days there was a cold snap that saw temperatures drop to the low 60's. Mi Cayito was a lot emptier than usual, I noticed police in the sand dunes and the normal action there was dead - I'm wondering if there has been a recent crackdown. One of my local friends told me if you ever get caught doing something outdoors just bribe the police and you can go along your way...I'd rather not risk that.. There were several boys hanging out at the beach, as well as a black masseuse who gives 1 hour massages for 15 cucs underneath a little hut there. My friend told me he also does "full service" outcalls. He claims the masseuse has a 10 inch dick and fucks like a bull...apparently his BBC loving friend had a ride and got drilled so hard he couldn't walk straight for days. There was a teenager that came up and started talking to me. He had a large herpes sore on his lip...I honestly felt so bad for him. Life is not easy for most of the locals. At night I went out to the usual spots - Las Vegas (Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are when Imperio performs and the best nights), Karabali on Wednesday, Cafe Cantante on Saturday. I was disappointed that the Cuban doctor who I met years ago on Planet Romeo and have seen every time I went to Cuba blew me off this trip. He is bisexual and recently got married...I guess he is trying to settle down and live a straight life. He told me before that he enjoys sex with guys more, but has intense pressure from his family to have a wife and kids. We had so many good times together that I was actually really sad it seems to be over... he was very proud of his job and would never take a dollar from me. He inherited a house and car from his grandmother, so I guess compared to a lot of Cubans he is getting by ok. The thing I like about Cuba is meeting guys does not feel as transactional as Brazil. The garotos in Brazil have multiple clients a day, going to the sauna is their job. If you meet a guy at Las Vegas and hang out with him, you are probably the only guy he is with that day. It isn't a sex factory...I have never asked a "price," negotiated an overnight, negotiated whether they will suck you, negotiated whether they will cum. I had to get used to doing all of that in Brazil, but everything happens organically here...nobody has ever asked me for money or said flat out I want x to do this or that. The first night I went to Las Vegas I met a handsome guy named Oscar. He came and sat at my table with my friends, I bought him drinks, we watched the show. Afterwards he came back to my place, had great sex - he was extremely horny....very tight but a good bottom, and came twice while I was fucking him..afterwards he was in no rush to leave, we hung out and chatted. I gave him some money but he never asked for it. The next day he texted me and we went out to dinner the next night, and afterwards to the Cuban Art Factory. He was visiting from Camaguey and left that day, or else I would have hung out with him more. I can really only think of one bad experience that I had with a guy in Cuba where afterwards he was literally going through my suitcase, trying on my clothes and asking me for my shoes, razor, etc. I could tell he was totally straight and really not interested in the sex at all...last I heard he married a girl from Sweden, who I doubt knows her man sucked cock on the side for a little while just so he could get a pair of Nike shoes.. I met another guy named Alejandro at Las Vegas, he is model gorgeous and turned out to be very sweet and carinoso which I love. He came back to my place, took turns fucking each other, but he was so passionate and afterwards wanted me to hug him all night. He woke me up in the middle of the night hard and wanting to fuck again, and then in the morning he woke up hard as a rock and wanted to fuck a third time. He came 3 times total and still didn't want to leave in the morning. He never asked for anything either, but I gave him 100 just because I know how hard it is in Cuba with what they make...I really liked Alejandro and the rest of the week didn't even bother looking for someone else. I might go back just to see him and take him to a beach resort in Varadero. Cafe Cantante was really good as usual, it is probably the biggest gay party of the week. Lots of cute guys, a lot of transgender girls hang out there also. I don't even bother with grindr in Cuba, hardly anyone is on the apps and it is just so much easier and better to meet guys at the bars.
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    I now see your problem here. You really DO believe that any sexual transaction, whether mutually consensual and mutually beneficial or not, between adults of two starkly different socioeconclasses must, by default, be problematic — no matter the players or circumstances involved. That is something that, at least academically although probably not practically, is worth examining. I can agree that we all with mere first-world problems very well should “check our privilege” — and often. I am, as a man of color in America, constantly made aware of my lack of privilege here compared to others — yet reminded of privilege I receive during my frequent foreign travel, simply by virtue of my Americanism and relative economic security — so unlike many here, I experience both sides of the privilege coin. Thus, I am arguably more keenly sensitive to how sex workers (both professional and amateur) are treated by privileged travelers in foreign, more impoverished lands — especially the non-white ones. I was much more struck by the photos than the language used. I suppose our mileage does vary.
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    I didn’t make an accusation of racism. I said “medieval slave auction”. Medieval refers to The Middle Ages, not the African Slave Trade from the 15th to the 19th Centuries. Although class does intertwine with race, especially in The America’s, I used that metaphor to describe the photos because of the harsh, stark power / class dynamic between the geosocioeconomically privileged photo taker and the impoverished, uneducated, unaware, unexposed photo subject without privilege.
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    Computer support

    Happy Holidays from your tech support
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    Mattis Quits

    This is possibly the most upside-down logic I have ever seen here. Which is to say something.
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    Fragata - seems like old times

    Fragata was Quite busy on Saturday. It’s a party of some sort. Some new faces since my last visit in May. It’s always nice to have multiple choices :-) My type is slim boy next door, not bulging muscle. Ideally If the boy seems fond of education, but that’s hard to find. As luck strikes, there is one tonight! The boy is white but golden tanned, slim build, flat abs with defined packs, shiny big eyes which I later saw are blue, nice smiles and respectful demeanor. Great in bed as well. As we connect on Instagram later, his sharp looks in blue suits only makes me swoon even more:-) unfortunately he couldn’t go to Fragata on Sunday. We will meet again in a week after I return from Rio. Perhaps since they had a party the day before, Sunday is rather deserted comparatively. Anyways, if you like boy next door type and stop over São Paulo on a Tuesday, most likely you will find someone you like. And their performance in the room is usually much better than Lagoa boys. Ongoing price has been 100 since I first visited this place 6 years ago. The boys I like say they usually always go on Tuesday and Friday. I also find those days with best options. Low days, sadly, can be a bit depressing. Some prefer cabbage, others carrots. For the type of boys I like and the easygoing vibe, Fragata is my #1 sauna in Brazil.
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    Columbia: full list of hot spots

    Bogota One night stopover. Stayed in hotel 100 m from Gigolo Erotic House. Clean. A bit noisy. Very cute lad at reception. Not Hilton but sufficient when you arrive in the afternoon and leave very early next day. And cheap ... 69000 COP around 23 USD (3000 COP = 1 USD). Following Numazu s pieces of advice, I decided to go only to Gigolo House and not also to Teatron. I arrived around 8.30 pm. Boys arrive around that time also and change in the room. They only wear jock straps. That night there were around 30 boys of very different types. Many twinks. A few hunks. Striking difference between Brazil : boys are shorter including dickwise and do not have so many tattoes in general. Boys walk around the room and chat with customers (spanish only of course). They try to convince customers to take them to backrooms. There are only 2 backrooms which are in fact a very small place with only a chair. A curtain separates the mainroom from backroom which is in fact just a corner of the main room. Cost of dances in backroom is 50.000 COP (around 15 USD). This is for 20 minutes. Boys remove jock strap from beginning and do what you want. It is better to agree in advance but not compulsory. Fucking is 100.000 COP (30 USD). The curtain is not thick and at least from one backroom you can see all that happens in the room and vice versa I guess. 5 boys at a time dance on stage. Around 11 pm and then regularly in the night there are hardcore shows ie one boy coming on stage with a hard on and then displaying his tool that customers can touch or even play with for a tip. The performer passes in the room after the show to get tips from the audience. Life sex show around 1 am. Threesomes on Fridays. No guarantee of type and time of shows in fact : when I arrive, no one could confirm there would be a life show that night. Went with a few boys in the backroom and had some fun (cuddling) with some of them in the main room. A few guys were from Venezuela including a very good looking guy who was also masseur in Sauna saint Morritz where you can get more than a massage. Great time in this place. Worth a repeat. When I went from the hotel to Gigolo house around 8.30 pm there were almost no one in the streets but surprinsingly at 1.30 am there were people walking by, one restaurant was still open. Safe return to the hotel. Taxi hotel Airport : 20 minutes. 10 USD Drinks in Gigolo House cheat 2.5 USD the beer. Many contacts on Grindr including a guy from Medellin who stayed at same hotel and also went to Gigolo House. Too short a stay. Worth a longer visit to explore more.
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    New at boytoy

    Just saying hello I'm from Brazil. Love boys, scorts n porn stars.
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    SALVADOR, BAHIA, Dec 22 to Jan 3

    Thanks @Latbear4blk for braving the interminable wait and the 70 reals one hour uber ride, to give us a review of Thermas Club 13. Wish we could have joined you! But we made up for it today.
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    SALVADOR, BAHIA, Dec 22 to Jan 3

    @Latbear4blk is officially the first person to review Thermas Club 13!
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    SALVADOR, BAHIA, Dec 22 to Jan 3

    Thermas Club 13 I was feeling much better this afternoon. I went to a farmacia and got something for my back pain that worked. I did reschedule my meeting with Italo, but was ready for some action. So I went to Thermas. I am afraid I am not going to return, it is too far away from my location. To give you an idea, going to P11 takes Uber less than 15' and never more than 20R. Going to Thermas took 50', 70R to go and 50 to return. The place is fine, but not better than P11 or Fox. Something is really fucked up with the addresses in this city (country?). My Uber dropped me and then I have to walk for 5 minutes to find the place. I used Google Maps to guide my walking and almost ended in a Favela like section (it was almost 8 and dark), but I managed to avoid the not so nice area and find another way. You buzz the door and walk into an empty and deserted front yard. Another entrance is to the left. You have a big patio cover by a tent, pretty much similar to Fox but slightly bigger. Plenty of tables and chairs. There is a bar counter where you get your key and towel, besides drink and food. The same drag queen who was performing in the Bingo last night at Planetario, was running the bingo here. I liked her much more. However, they picked on me because I was the only foreigner and, although everything was fun and friendly, that kind of ruined my experience. When someone made bingo, he had to choose a GP to give him a prize and a kiss. To the right of the patio you have the house. A very tiny small locker room, a lobby with a big coach, rooms of three different categories, communal shoes, a stair that takes you to the second floor, where you have a video room. They are strict on not allowing the use of cellphones, which sucks, as I was not able to use Google Translator. There were about 15 boys and 10 clients. Compared to C11 and Fox, these GPs were mostly in the twinkish side. I did recognize at least two I have seen the previous night at C11, one of them Pedro, my programa. About 4 boys come to try to get my business, but I was not interested in any if them. At about 9, I decided to go without a programa. When I was going to pay my bill, poom, I see a boy that was exactly what I like. He smile as soon as I locked my eyes on him. Marcelo, 23 años, soteropolitano. He was the first GP I met who is clearly Black for my standard. I wanted to take him to the suite, the most expensive and comfortable option (35R), and we had to wait because it was occupied. Meanwhile, we enjoyed the bingo and ate each other faces. Of course, a talented kisser. He is a certified masseur besides a GP. He quoted me 100R for anything I wanted, so I did to have to bargain, I ended paying 120. I will probably see him again in my hotel, we will coordinate tomorrow. We had a great time together, besides astonishingly beautiful he is sweet, attentive, and with a great sense of humor. The suite was very roomy, with A/C, a round bed, and a generous shower. When leaving, I felt harassed by a couple of boys, but it was not a big deal.
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    The idea of a 'slave auction' occurring within any historical period transcends race ... it is really about how those with the upper hand in any context view and treat the less advantaged. That is how I interpreted the related comment (with metaphor) about being judicious in use of images. Case in point: Moorish supremacy, s/w Europe in Middle Ages, over Goths (my DNA origins).
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    SALVADOR, BAHIA, Dec 22 to Jan 3

    "Hakuna matata" is a Swahili language phrase from East Africa meaning "no trouble". The word "hakuna" means "there is not here" while "matata" means "problems".
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    Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Bangkok

    At the 12 month anniversary of my surgery, I have lost 175 pounds. I feel healthier than ever and now have more energy and power. I took a trip to the ancient city last week and felt it was the best I have made ever. Spending time with family at Xmas I have also found that I have more energy and can do more with them. The one-year milestone was a big one for me. I hope I can continue to sustain this for another few years.
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    Spacey Strikes Back

    This has been a debate for years. They initially did not like the name MaleEscortReview.com. Why? It was not the site they wanted to go to. Now there is an issue with the word boy. However, every one of them that have that issue was OK with the word Rentboy. IMHO no difference. But, you are right, many will not give Spacey a second chance. I will and not because he is a great actor (he is) but because he has not been proven to be guilty of anything yet. Yes, he made advances. Yes, he was a prick at times. But, does it rise to the level of career ending? Not from what I have heard. But, perhaps I have not heard the whole story.