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    Rio - january 2018

    I arrived to Rio yesterday mornings ng. Arrival was very fast. I was second at immigrationand when i got to luggage my suitcase was already on the belt. I rented a nice studio just a few steps rrom Rio metro station on Praca general osorio. Wheather is gray, but warm with occasional sprinkle. But it is not beach weather. This is surprising me, because i always come here in january and it was always sunny. In the late afternoon i went to 117. I arrived there at about 18.00. It was quiet a lot of people in the club, half more boys, then customers. What it was surprising to me, all familiar faces, from last year. Only 3-4 boys were new to me. I saw Fernando and Pablo,. While i was in club for 2 and half hours, they did not have any customers. Some negative reports on them here, and Brazilian customers also talk. But as i said, a lot of familiar faces, almost like a renuion. I was hoping to meet Ricardo, but he did not show up. I have chosen Gabriel, 23 year old white boy. Very big cock. Nice session, but not unforgetable. Promised 150 with leitada, paid 170. I have returned to Ipanema with metro at around 21.00. Shower time, all the places on Rua Farme de. amoedo were almost empty, with exception of Tonemai, that was packed. A lot of familiar faces, obviosly the same people take vacations in January. Also some boys , who were there on business. I finish my evening with a few sushis at Koni. Tasty.
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    Day 1: Thursday – Porto Alegre I've officially chosen the worst car hire company in POA – FOCO!... wait ages for the FOCO shuttle bus... then the women in the office faff around… their ethos seems to be "if you keep going on and on about insurance in Portuguese eventually he’ll buy it". I won't and I don't. The weather is terrible. Grey with tropical rain. The traffic is terrible. Every road seemed blocked between 4 and 7. I've never seen it this bad. Mezzaninu seems subdued. Slightly more boys and slightly more clients than I remember on a Thursday night... the lights are turned down. I don’t know if this is to make the clients seem more appealing. Will they ever stop playing that “Madonna in Concert” video? Gustavo Pretty. But it's an ordeal. Has to have the television on (straight porn). Tentative kisses. Looks at my penis as if I’ve got leprosy and suggests we “tomar bano”. .. so then we're standing in the shower and he's soaping my dick like he's scrubbing up for surgery.... of course by now it's all a recovery mission... some halfer-than-half-hearted sucking... back to the bed for a finale of sorts... but for me, it's more a final countdown... Didn't ask him any questions... I couldn't care less He'd asked for 80. I paid him 120. Yes too much... but it’s probably the least I've ever paid. Felipe Distinctive look... beautiful long neck... going bald… Roberto tells him to give me a very very good time... he's probably a better top... kisses are better 3/10... he makes no effort to suck 0/10... instead he's making me suck him! 2/10... he gets fucked... with fake moans... it’s like fucking a resuscitation dummy. He asked 100 I paid 120 Julhano This is a repeat with a guy from last time. He's bigger and gay. Now he's leaner... and now he tells me he's not gay! Says he’s got a wife… that she’s taken his phone… It's ok. He kisses well. He sucks well. He takes it. He flops with poppers. But he rallies at the end for a gozar. It's good but I think I was already a bit fed up. I give him a pair of Armani briefs that I’d arranged to get him before I arrived. Fabio It's belting with rain. I drive 5 miles out of POA to what is one step up from a shanty town... Waze describes my destination as an "unnamed road". Fabio is waiting... excited... happy... I get to see his shop "The Village"... meet his best friend Samuel... it's wonderful. Fabio and I head to McDonalds. We meet one of his "fans" from when Fabio was a singer. Fabio cannot remember his name... but he's gay and cute... and with his boyfriend! Fabio and I get to the apartment. Fabio still very happy. He has an erection! It's a lovely night. There seems genuine passion. He seems to have lots of plans... basically me and him every night. I'll text him. It's nice. Uber home 26R. Day 2: Friday - Porto Alegre is much better.! It's Friday!... that means get your vaccination regime up to date... swallow an antihistamine... and off to Plataforma! …Purge your thoughts of the life you knew before… Plataforma There are about 3 clients and 10 garotos. I'm mostly sitting alone in their main room. Chris Issac is belting out “Wicked game” He’s always singing this when I’m here. Then one guy comes, introduces himself and sits next to me... this time I make a point of translating "Do you kiss?" "Do you suck?" "Do you get fucked?" ...and with a "yes", we head off... Rodrigo My height... very lean... tattoos... and he does everything... and his kissing is passionate! His showstopper is his absolutely ENORMOUS penis... which he doesn't force on me but it demands further attention.... actually it probably demands a sauna for itself... He is good. Agreed 100 Paid 120 The next guy is walking around a bit... then he’s sitting at a table having a drink with a client... I position myself... unsubtlely in his line of vision... they are chatting away... then... they don't go off to a room together!!!... Five minutes later he's sitting with me... and another client has positioned himself in his line of vision!... Henrique Is quite simply handsome. Not muscular... or skinny... just a beautiful face... and very friendly... and speaks a little English because he once worked in the Sheraton. He says he is more passive... He kisses... he sucks... he gets fucked... he never gets hard... I ask why?... he says because he's being passive... Following a special request... he rises... and ejaculates! Lovely guy. Gives me his number... says he's been advertising himself on Vivalocal for 4 days... To check his number is working, I text "Oi"... and despite the fact he is lying next to me, butt naked with no phone, back comes the reply "Oi"! How come? I ask... He's left his phone with his brother so that his brother can respond to messages from any prospective clients!!! Agreed 100 Paid 120 Plataforma: unbelievably good! (what’s happened???) (and still unbelievably dirty) I leave. Arrive at Mezzaninu at 7.30pm. It's raining again. There is a group of 3 Filipino Americans sitting with some boys. They certainly have a "type"... I guess the term "jock" sums it up. I chat with Roberto. I meet Marcelo again. Roberto and I go to the roof. Free churrasco on the roof. Then I see him... the cutest guy by a million miles... But is he with a client??? He exits. I give him 2 minutes. I go down And catch him coming back up! Quick questions! Passivo? (of course he is!) etc etc We get a room... Guillerme Good kisser. He sucks. He is as cute as it comes. But his position of choice has a blue whale spooning with a pixie (I'm far too old for this Cirque de Soleil) He wants to do Radiology at college. His last day in POA is tomorrow before he goes on holiday... Later that night, Fabio comes over... we go out to Bar Mixx. It's terrible. Half of it (where the pool table was) has been blocked off. The garotos that are strutting around are all really tall. We leave. Night with Fabio drinking a bottle of white Martini I've bought him. Day 3: Saturday at Mezzaninu. I pick up Tom who's just arrived Mezzaninu is busy. I go to work... First stop: Repeat with Guillerme Great kisser. Beautiful smooth skin. Sucks. Gets fucked. Does what it says on the tin. Today is his last day here before going on holiday. Matteus-Henrique Having seen him enter whilst I was waiting for a key for the first room, he quickly went to the top of my "to do" list. I'd seen him on vivalocal so expected him to say he was called Henrique. But instead he called himself Matteus. He's 18. Beautiful eyes. Poor kisser but sucks and takes it. He is saving money because he would like to be a doctor. Asked 100 Paid 120 Gustavo Wears a maroon t-shirt because it's cold. He says he'll do it all. And he does. And he's as skinny as they come. If bad teeth street urchin is your type - then Gustavo is your man. He came whilst I was fucking him which is exciting. Then I try to talk with him. He cannot give me a WhatsApp number because he has no phone. He seems to find reading difficult... and he's not drawn into a Google translate conversation. Asked 100 Paid 150 Gianni Gianni is a trooper. I’ve always known of Gianni. He was the garoto’s go-to guy when they needed a bottom for duos. Last time I was here, Tom watched Julhano fuck Gianni. .. and even I've had the 'pleasure' of watching Lucas the straight guy with the massive Angel wings tattoo fuck Gianni (which I wasn’t so keen on). But we’ve never spoken. In the run up to this trip, I’d messaged Julhano... I planned to buy him some cuecas (underpants) and, because I'm guessing he's not a small, felt it best to ask... and he comes back with Armani, medium, black. And I’d given him them on the first day as a sort of thank you for the last trip. So it came as a bit of a surprise when, in the run up to this trip…and out-of-the-blue, I’m messaged by Gianni (someone I've never been with) advertising his services. I already know from Facebook that: 1) He's gay 2) He's friends with everyone 3) He seems very happy and funny (Unlike every time I've seen him where I think he's fairly masculine) Anyway we’ve already agreed to meet! So I come down the stairs... and there he is... I pretend to ask him his name... agree 100... and off we go... And it's brilliant. He kisses, he sucks, I fuck him for what seems like ages, he's pouring with sweat. It seems like something close to passion. We both cum. He's training to be a fireman. I ask what underwear he likes?... Calvin Klein... Andrew Christian (the brand that Marcus refuses to wear because it's like walking on a beach and advertising that you are "passivo"!)... and he's medium... which may be a problem. Agreed 100 Paid 150 Repeat with Gustavo Some boys clearly have difficulty getting clients... and the "I'll steal your wallet" look doesn't really go down well. Gustavo is clearly in this bracket. He's also getting drunk. He's asking for another go (I suspect I might be his only client as he's done a lot of table hopping tonight)... OK then if I must… He does it all again. He's rough, skinny and eager. He cums again. Agreed 100 Paid 120 Fabio I drive out to the scary neighbourhood of Mario Quintana. And meet Fabio in his shop. We're going to go for something to eat... and where better than his brother’s hotdog van!?... which has now moved to the safety of his brother's front patio. So down a side street in the middle of 'unnamed road'… I'm eating a hotdog. I'm meeting his brother Roberto and Roberto's wife Veronica (who dances in the carnival)... two dogs are barking in the street… and it's just lovely. Fabio seems so happy that I'm there. He's still posting pictures of Paris and London on Facebook (I think how annoying must that be to his friends?) We drive to Bar Mixx (worse than Friday)... then on to Indiscretus... which is on the empty side. We both dance a little. Then back to the apartment for white Martini (his choice)... and lots of sex.... always ending with us thanking one another.
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    Like many, I’ve really enjoyed reading Tartegogo’s account of his tour through South America. I also write fairly detailed accounts of my trips which I WhatsApp to my best friend back in Europe. So, after a bit of editing and a bit of encouragement from Tartegogo, here’s my fourth trip – which was to Porto Alegre and Curitiba… with a bit of Sao Paulo thrown in at the end. The trip was between November/December 2017. I ought to point out that I’ve changed a few names or used their “Mezzaninu name” (but if you recognize anyone I’ll happily confirm it to you). I have a sort of special relationship with an ex-garoto Fabio (I’ve had him come to Paris with me). I have a few regulars who join me for nights… Leandro and Marcus. I’m late 40’s, a total top. And I really like very thin and lean guys. Passive. Any age. Protruding ears are a bonus. (so I guess that makes me a bit different to most clients) Sometimes I go with a guy just to be able to take his photo and send it to my friend (who likes muscular tops). I stay in an apartment. I hire a car. I’ve already done everything a tourist can do in Porto Alegre. I can now speak a little Portuguese (but have had no trouble with Google Translate conversations in the past) In Porto Alegre, the main saunas are Mezzaninu and Plataforma. The cruising bar is Bar Mixx. The after club is Indiscetus. If you’re up for more, the after-after-club is Sexy Vicio (where everyone’s for sale – and someone once offered to pay me for sex!) – but I didn’t go there this time. I’m quite shy and not very forward. I always say 100R$. I always take a photo. I have two friends that I speak to – an American called Tom (no not that one) and a Mexican-American guy called Roberto. I probably use the words “adorable”, “incredibly” and “amazing” too much As I say, this is my fourth trip. What I’m finding is that the evenings spent with the guys I know (or I’m getting to know) are much more fulfilling than the sauna experiences. There’s plently of opportunity for the pearl-clutchers to be outraged… yes I pay too much… yes I lavish too many gifts… yes I’m happy to push some boundaries if the garoto seems willing. But fucking is always with a condom. So if you’re feeling a bit bored and want to read about guys being hunted down in Porto Alegre, here it is. It's a bit long so I'll divide it into four installments I think. If nothing else, the section about Curitiba highlights a scene that isn’t talked about much on here. And no, I didn’t have Tartegogo’s Bruno!
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    Yes!... it's the moment Riobard's been waiting for... the END! Which of course means more of the same old guff... explicit gift giving... full frontal pricing... and even more "Who gives a fuck if they've even got a name?" personal snippets... Day 14: Wednesday - Curitiba Today I explore the city centre... and it seems a lot more conventional... wide streets... parks and squares... not the Blade Runner set that is Porto Alegre's downtown. There's a large park called Passeio Publico (I think)... which has bird enclosures... snake house... aquarium... very interesting... all free... all just walk in. Next Praca Osorino - a very busy square with lots of cottaging in the public toilet... unfortunately I don't possess the currency to make that work... so I sit outside... Two guys on a bench… They’re both garotos. The one on the right approaches me - neck tattoos++ - he's called Lucas... he seems like a nice guy… he offers himself for 70R and suggests a nearby motel... ...but I've got my bag, my cards, my phone... it's all too much of a risk... Last stop is Rua 24 Horas - a shopping mall which... you guessed it... closes at 11pm! Another homage to the Crystal Palace I think.... Wednesday Night It's Sauna Opinião's big night!!!... and the place is teeming with rent boys... The skinniest guy in the building has parked himself in the outdoor seating area. He’s alone and looking at his phone. I go outside. Do the overlong stare. He smiles. He approaches. Wellington …who admits that he is active only... and, given this breath of fresh honesty, I suggest 50 for kisses... I suggest getting a room... he suggests not wasting my money... and he leads me around upstairs until he finds an out of the way spot... he ushers the other guys away... and he kisses well... a nice guy... His street look is the sort of thing they're all wearing. Next I speak to a guy who also admits he too is active only... Is Wednesday night Truth Night?... I can't remember his name... but he wastes no time dragging Gustavo Henrique (from yesterday) to my table. Gustavo is keen for another payday and offers himself for 70. We again go to a room and he does it all. Agreed 100 Paid 120 And so the bar is shaping up... the clients tend to gather and chat in groups (like around a massive table)... the boys mill around, hoping to attract attention... He's been sitting on a stool, rather aloof and not part of the "gang", since I arrived... he's dressed like how your mother would choose to dress you... nice shirt... nice jeans... and as I'm working my way through waist measurements, he's next!... we make eye contact... Romeo Yes! …he says he's passive!... He asks for 120. I say 100 and more if you're good. He agrees... And he is bloody AMAZING! Kisses with passion... sucks forever... and then rides me and rides me... stands and gets fucked... turning for kisses throughout. It's like real sex. His body is muscular... taut and smooth... he has a beautifully shaped muscular backside... he's unbelievable. We're sitting there... clearly pleased to be with one another... I realise the chances of finding anything remotely comparable to him are nil... so I make him an offer he cannot refuse... 500 total to come back to my hotel until 11pm (I'll need to sleep rather than worrying about his departure in the morning)... he agrees. We walk to the hotel. Buy him some drinks. We chat. His hope for the future is to be a body builder... is that a job?... He has a number of problems.... I noticed that he held tightly onto the handrail and closed his eyes in the lift... he has difficulty getting an erection (which he blames on diabetes and hypertension medication that he's taken today)... That said, he does manage to get a temporary erection later which he is overjoyed with!... He's bisexual... has a son... works as a waiter... gets 1200 per month... he was given up for adoption at 1 because the father refused to believe he was his son... adopted by alcoholics who beat him... he left home at 14... he's totally adorable. We chat away... he readily corrects my Portuguese... he finds it strange when I tell him he's like the best of the POA passivo boys... he says most Curitiba clients are passive so his work is limited... he asks about life in London... he seems like a small town boy with little experience of other places... he google translates to say that his job is difficult when he has to leave but he wants to stay (meaning with me!) And then a marathon of kissing... him sucking me... me rimming him... He asks if I'm ticklish? I don't think so. He's referring to the roof of my mouth... and then sets about demonstrating... Every now and again when he pulls back from kissing, I see Leandro. These guys look similar. I feel bad for thinking that. He's totally adorable. Whatsapp exchanged. He gets dressed. Then he pulls out a knife... (the pause was simply for dramatic effect) ...to show me the lengths he has to go to to protect himself on the streets... he says everywhere is dangerous at night. Agreed 500 Paid 600 + CK One Red The perfect ending. Totally adorable. But I don’t see myself ever coming back here. Day 15: Thursday - Sao Paulo Terrible flight from Curitiba to Sao Paulo (where my possessions are taken out of the overhead lockers to make room for people who've brought larger items) And then a purposeful 7 hour stopover in Sao Paulo before the London Flight Here’s my Tomcal-ian plan… 4.15pm Flight arrives at GRU 1hr Uber to Fragata (after ages trying to find the Uber) 6pm Arrive Fragata 8.20pm leave Fragata 1hr Uber to GRU 9.30pm Security etc 11.40pm Flight leaves Yes!... all this for 2.5 hours in Fragata! I don't know... this had seemed like a great plan... but I'm tired... and a 1hr+ traffic jam drive with no air conditioning has left me baking up. I'm hot. I don't know what’s wrong but I feel ill. Fragata on Thursday has lots of garotos and not many clients. The boys are milling round. A few come and introduce themselves. There's a HUGE tall muscular guy with bald head and long beard... must be late 30s... there's an incredibly FAT one who keeps waving his penis around... there are even very short guys... I'm not really up to doing anything… but in the sake of seeing a plan through…a kiss, chat and photo marathon… Fernando has a wife and child... works as a gogo boy... gives himself a fake name here... wants to be able to buy a house... he earns about 1200 from gogo-ing... I kind of liked him because he got upset when another garoto tried to touch his hair when he was sitting alone at a table... Wizzys I have no idea if this is his real name… but he said it was and anyway it’s tattooed on his arm... he had been asking me if I liked bad boys?... “Never” I told him…. he's from Salvador and his parents are dead. Leonardo I suppose he was the prettiest guy in the place... he's from Sao Paulo... like the others he's active (but he asks how much I'd pay for him to be passive)... the answer tonight is nothing… he carefully takes off his chains before lying on the bed and places them on paper towels on the floor before lying on the bed... says it's too dirty. All agreed 100 All paid 100 ...but then all they had to do was lie on a bed and kiss and chat... Uber back to GRU. Much less traffic. Everything went smoothly ....you should see the guys standing in the queue to board…
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    Day 9: Friday Forget Robert Mugabe, the main World News Event of today is the planned “Double Penetration of Leandro”! Together we’ve chosen the +1... Leandro doesn't want anyone from Mezzaninu... so I go for the best from Plataforma - Henrique I collect the car from Mario Quintana. Excellent job. I couldn’t tell it’d been repaired. No clients at Fabio’s shop again. It's all pretty desperate. I slip the very straight work colleague 200R because I fear he'll leave Fabio if this continues (just as the last one did) I’m messaging both Leandro and Henrique throughout the day... Henrique is a guy of few demands. Leandro drinks champagne... Henrique wants Polar beer... the locally brewed cheap beer (50p a can). I can't let this happen... so get some Leffe and Budweisers as well. I ask him to dress smart. Leandro suggests that instead of eating out… we have pizza delivery instead... I'm not sure why?... ashamed to be seen in a restaurant with me? Get here for 10pm! Get here for 10pm! But first...Plataforma! Elliot …is one of Tom's past conquests. He's been here for 10 years... smiley fidgety... the sort of smiley fidgety you get with drugs... and he does everything really well... he kisses, sucks, takes it... but he's rushing things... trying to move things on. Afterwards I tell him (this is possibly the new me coming out) Agreed 100 Paid 120 Friday night at Mezzaninu and it's the same old faces hanging around... Leandro... Matheus... Marius... a few actives... that big guy from Rio... I do nothing. The Double Penetration of Leandro 10pm and both boys arrive before 10.15pm. Leandro is wearing the jacket I bought him previously (nice touch – determined to show who’s the favoured one here!). I suggest a restaurant... Leandro easily persuades Henrique to accept delivered pizzas instead. Henrique is even more gorgeous than I remember. He is from that beach we went to in the far south of Porto Alegre. His story is basically... got girlfriend pregnant at 15... she died of pre-eclampsia... but the child survived... he's 27... he has a 12 year old son... both of their names are tattooed on his arms... he works during the day making burgers and selling food locally... he works at Plataforma because it is closer to the south of Porto Alegre than Mezzaninu (Tom and I suspect it's because he knows he beats the competition there)... he often says "I'm just a simple man" (when explaining his request for Polar beer)... but he seems very pleased that champagne and a range of continental beers are available. He seems like a really nice guy. I give Henrique some M sized cuecas (Calvin, Armani and Stonemen) and some perfume (CK One Shock)... he's really happy... and he's trying them on. The chemistry between Henrique and Leandro is good. Henrique is a man... Leandro has now changed into a "wife"... preparing everything and serving Henrique. They chat a lot... music... dance events... other garotos... saunas in Sao Paolo... drugs... (basically Leandro has experience of everything... Henrique has little). A fair amount of time was spent discussing the fate of Diego – a garoto from POA who worked in Mezzaninu last year. He decamped to Sao Paulo at the beginning of 2017 and then moved on to Brasilia. In August he was in a car being driven by his transsexual girlfriend. Two men pulled up and shot the girlfriend at point blank range. Diego was injured and went to ITU. Two days later he was dead. Henrique agrees this is very sad. I say I remember him fondly. He was one of the few POA garotos who could actually speak English (though no one could understand how he learned it) and he could be funny with it. Leandro refuses to believe he died… saying he absconded from ITU and went into hiding in Sao Paulo. Drink is flowing. The gargantuan pizza arrives. They like each other. This is going to be great... 3-way kissing ✔ 2 guys sucking me together ✔ More 2 guys sucking me together ✔ And then we hit the bed... Henrique's erection dissolves after 5 minutes. It's the alcohol. It's the poppers. And you know how difficult it is to get an erection when you've lost it and need it?.. well we're in one of those scenarios.... let's wait 10 minutes... let's wait 30 minutes... Leandro... for all of his doe-eyed coquettiveness... and despite being drunk... is a total professional... he instinctively knows what to do in most situations... and in this case he’s brought Viagra (How come you’ve got Viagra? – “You need it if you’ve got to have sex with people… but I don’t use it for you!” – do I believe him? - No!)… Henrique is given some Viagra... we wait. Leandro, sensing that all is not as it seems, is mouthing "Passivo!" to me... then suggests we all fuck Henrique. Which we do. Henrique probably is more passive as you can fuck him readily... but he's really tight! Henrique keeps insisting that he’s more active. Eventually there is an erection and Henrique throws on a condom and starts to fuck Leandro. It's forced in, it's rough, it’s too fast... and too painful. 2 days ago Leandro had my fist up him and that had gone well... but now he seems in real pain after being forcibly fucked (later he apologises for not being able to do much bottoming, saying he’s in pain and thinks he's damaged something) Can't remember much more... Leandro went to sleep... Henrique and I chatted... In the morning (3 hours later), Leandro said he didn't think he could take anything... I fucked Henrique... As Leandro texted later - "It was a pleasant evening but didn't go as expected" It was a good evening but the pair had too much to talk about and compare in Portuguese. Even when I asked what they were saying, Leandro would reply "Você sabe!" (you know!), assuming my ability was better than it is. Leandro Unspoken 600 (his usual) Paid 600 Henrique Asked 350 Paid 450 Day 10: Saturday After goodbyes... I sleep! I'm feeling unwell... probably unopposed metformin (I haven't been eating much)... Into town... I buy some books and try to go to Fabio's printer... but it's closed! Tropical rain is belting down. Pick up Tom at 3.45pm and we head off to Plataforma. 3 garotos and us. I've had one recently... the other 2 are unremarkable. I sit alone with a coke zero. Then head off… I meet Tom at the shopping centre... he is eating... I go to buy more coke. I miss him texting that he's gone to the toilet so, assuming that he's left for Mezzaninu on foot, I drive there. Of course he hasn't... he's still there waiting for me... disaster evening so far! Mezzaninu is a mixture of old faces and older faces. Nothing excites in here. The new bar staff are characterless never-there robots. Watching not very good guys trying to get business is equally miserable. Then I spot the lust of Fabio's life - Vladimir! I try to make an arrangement with Vladimir... he comes to my apartment one night... sex with Fabio... I pay Vladimir. I text him the proposal. But it’s unlikely to happen as Vladimir has to leave at 9pm. Vladimir I had Vladimir the last time I was here. He takes it. And has a lovely smile throughout it. And he's funny. Today... as I think it would be more upsetting to Fabio if I fucked him... I just take him into a room for a clothed kiss. Agreed 100 Paid 100 Alexander A use-the-room-twice jobbie with one of Tom's cast-offs. He's far too big and far too active... so this too is a lie on the bed and kiss affair. No erection. Nothing. Pleasant guy. Lives in Canoas. Has wife and 2 children. Wife knows what he does. Does something with cars. Agreed 100 Paid 100 Diego …asks to sit next to me whilst he plays the bingo. Been here all week. Not a beauty. Probably gets little work. Did it all and came… though I did have to tell him to stop saying "Oh Baby!" Agreed 100 Paid 150 - he's delighted. Much of my time is spent chatting to the lovely Brazilian guy Marcello on the roof. Garoto Michael joins in. Fabio comes over on Saturday night, having previously asked to cancel. He's stressed. It's late. I'm knackered. He wants to go home. That's ok. Day 11: Sunday - last day in Porto Alegre I miss a Saturday night out! I fall asleep and wake about 9am. Wash some underwear and t-shirts. And head off to Fabio's BBQ. ...which is in Fabio's garden. 2pm. Fabio's mother has built a grotto to St George in the garden. It's like a little hillock covered in cemented-in pebbles. And inside the cave is a plastic St George slaying a dragon. No garden is complete without a grotto I feel. Straight best friend Samuel (the guy who did all the work renovating Fabio's shop) is in charge of the BBQ... his other straight friends Samuel2 and Kuka are there. His work colleague Bruno (very straight, very sexy) turns up. After some introductions, his mother, aunt and sister retire to a back room whilst the boys sit outside under the veranda... it's all a bit Victorian!!??? I’m told this is normal. I’m with four boys, having a barbecue. Three are straight and they all know that I’ve paid Fabio for sex in the past. His sister knows. His mother and aunt know. In the past I have given a bottle of poppers to Fabio… and it seems that rather than use them in mad passionate gay sex… they have all tried them whilst just sitting together… and of course the conversation comes round to poppers… I have a new bottle… I give it to Fabio… it’s opened… and the rest of the barbecue is spent watching four boys pass round a bottle of poppers… their reactions are a mixture of exhilaration… and I think, faked inebriation. They laugh a lot. Last night at Mezzaninu I arrive at about 6pm... It's a bit subdued... again... low lighting... many clients... few garotos... old faces prowling round... As a sort of warm up for what will come later, I agree to... Alexandre …who I sorta remember from 2015. He doesn't remember me. His most memorable feature is his unfortunate dentition - canines in front rather than in-line. I remember him saying he'd been in Sao Paulo in the past... now he only comes here on Saturdays and Sundays. I seem to remember him part of my 2015 foursome (far too much direction required on my part)... but I cannot be sure. Anyway he kisses... sucks with a condom and gets fucked. He has a beautiful pert bottom (like Marcus). Throughout fucking he keeps saying "Beautiful"! Agreed 100 Paid 150 Michael …was a Tom conquest on Tom’s day 1. He's different. Mop of brown hair... beautiful eyes... and toned physique. And he's totally active. Everyone knows this. Last night (Saturday) I'd been sitting on the roof chatting to the nice client Marcelo. Michael joins us. We're all laughing because Michael is wearing black and yellow striped swimming trunks and we're calling him "abelha" (the bee). It's a lot of fun. Michael does a sort of "you and me" gesture... and I say “No, você esta ativo, eu estou ativo". Michael, speaking through Marcello, asks how much would I pay him to be passivo? I say 200. He says yes. We agree tomorrow (which is now). So many many WhatsApp messages later (he's asking what is the app to learn English at 2am... and lots of his own spelling of English words). He's promised the "Best Sex Ever" And when we get to it... it's a lot of fun. He kisses well... he sucks... and then he took it. At first he's on top of me... Then possibly the "extra-mile" position... he is on top... above me... leaning back... his feet are now pressed against the vertical wall... and his weight and position maintained by just his hands on the bed... his arms are rocks. Up and down slowly. It's a sight. We finish with a more routine "him on his back". He cums a little. It's all very light hearted. A lot of laughing and faces. We chat afterwards. He's from Curitiba. He's 19. He travels the country working in saunas (he listed at least 7 cities). He likes Porto Alegre because it's "very gay". He's bisexual... doesn't have a girlfriend... would like to study "Administration" in the future (though I suspect he'll just carry on doing this). He managed to quickly rent a flat in POA when he arrived (very unusual given Brazilian bureaucracy) and I suspect this is because he had the money to do so. I ask "Everyone knows you're active... why did you agree to be passive for me?. "Because I like your face" Agreed 200 Paid 200 (and I give him 2 pairs of Calvin Kleins that I still had left over) Back at the apartment… As a "present" for Fabio, I book a guy from Vivalocal (Fabio is basically sex starved in Mario Quintana)... and he arrives within 20 minutes of Fabio's arrival at my apartment... Kauan Well he was nice when he turned up. Probably very surprised that he was being asked to have sex with a "former" garoto. They had a drink. Went to it on the bed. I wasn't interested. I was writing this diary. Over in 20 minutes. From what I was told later... he's smaller than me... he couldn't keep hard... And then it gets a bit different... Fabio asks if I've eaten and should we all go out for a meal... we cannot find a restaurant so let's go to McDonalds... I'm going to have to drive... they're chatting away... Kauan wants the music on... Fabio puts the music on... I'm buying McDonalds... Kauan would like to study to be an estate agent... and he likes cannabis... he's been barred from Mezzaninu for 1 week for using his mobile phone... I cannot really see the point of all this because Kauan isn't gay... he's not going to suddenly declare his love for Fabio... I'm beginning to feel a bit used... sort of garotos squeezing the client for everything they can... Fabio senses I'm not happy. We return to the apartment. Kauan calls an Uber. Agreed 230 (200 +30 Uber) Paid 230 + Big Mac I spend the night with Fabio. Tomorrow Curitiba.
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    BHz Brazil review

    I was in Belo Horizonte Tues Dec 12 to Sat Dec 16. The city is not very interesting. Pampulha's lake shoreline (a jaunt up to the St Francis Assisi church ... closed) is completely littered with trash. The art gallery there was closed. The surrounding hills of BH are verdant and red soiled; day trips to Inhotim art park and Ouro Preto were splendid. Grindr was a wash. Stayed Royal Centre Express by Sauna Olimpo. I was not convinced it would be easy to bring guys in, despite others' assertions to the contrary. I would suggest elevator at the street entrance (the multilane avenue) one below where parking lives, as can bypass the reception. I did not try myself. Olimpo: nice venue, but sparse on hot guys. Tues, Wed, Thurs I would not have tricked even for free. Maybe a dozen or so, but no real lookers. Friday saw a lot more working guys, similarly not at all attractive compared to Rio, SP, Salvador. More like Fortaleza (and my personal poor albeit brief experience PA). But as the sayings go, sometimes a pearl can be found if you see a unicorn and search up its arse and rifle thru the oysters there, and on Friday one of the most stunning looking guys I have ever seen and done in BRZ (hell, in my lifetime, anywhere) was present and available. He redeemed the trip sexually and person-wise aesthetically, but I am a little pissed that he is there and not interested in travel, and that our encounter was at wrap-up, because I may have to return just for him and the place itself IMHO is really not worth visiting outside of this obsession. Note I do not respond to inquiries about financial costs. If you must know, go yourself, or read endless argumentative related posts here in this forum. What I am agreeable to sharing is that I obviously barely grazed the sex budget coffers. Overall, if your tastes run to muscular-build model-look fellows and you want a few options of these types, I suggest taking a pass on this city. Subjectively, the aforementioned guy was a 9.5, but many 8s and 9s can be had at 117 or 202 in Rio. Though I must say there are a lot of head-turners in public if not Grindr and Olimpo.
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    Day 13 - Curitiba (cont) Sauna Opinião I start with a repeat of Pica-Pau... he's still the same... still fairly emotionless but does the job... and I think he's beautiful... Agreed 100 Paid 120 Vito He's both ativo and passivo... wants 150... I say 100 and more if he's good... we go to a room... He jumps on the bed... arse in the air and is slapping his backside... he is throwing himself at me for passionate kisses... he’s actioning me to constrict his neck... we kiss... he's all over the place... he doesn't suck... we try a number of positions but it doesn't go in... I don't understand... he's not pulling away... he's just not pushing down either... after going through the motions, he admits he's not passive at all... but he "wants to be" !???... abandon ship. Another liar. Is this what Curitiba is all about? Agreed 100 Paid 100 Gustavo Henrique We're both leaving different rooms at the same time... 2 seconds later he's in my room... he kisses well... he sucks with no qualms... and he gets fucked... Perhaps not someone I'd usually choose... but it saved me moping in the bar... Agreed 100 Paid 120 The rest of the night is just spent looking for anything else. There's nothing. One guy... thin and strutting around says he's both... that he was last passive 3 weeks ago... but I just don’t believe them anymore... Burger... Strawberry split... bed.
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    As the dust seems to be settling on Giftgate... here's more red-hot throbbing extreme present-giving... and the rest... Day 7 : Wednesday The day starts with Marcus leaving... I get myself together and head out to Fabio's shop. He seems to think I bring luck... because customers keep turning up whilst I am there. I meet his sister in the street. And then I meet his mother!!!... coming to ask Fabio for some money for some milk (he gives her 4R$). I even get to look round his house and go to his mezzanine bedroom. It’s very sweet... very 20's. The perfumes I’ve given him are displayed atop of a chest of drawers. The underwear I’ve given him are neatly arranged in the top drawer. Banksy posters are on his walls. We drive around the neighbourhood and see the competition to his shop... then he takes me to an elderly gentleman in Mario Quintana who repairs dented cars... so that I can get the hire car undented, resprayed and polished (after Leandro had offered to park the car on Monday night). It’ll cost R$200 …but he needs R$30 upfront to buy the paint. The afternoon is spent offering myself up on Grindr... asking for GDP... plenty of willing participants but I'm too pushed for time... Mezzaninu... the Filipinos... the guy from San Francisco... the guy from New Jersey... Tom... and a few others. More garotos but mostly the same faces... some beautiful muscley active guys... hardly anything I want to do... Everton Things are so poor, I try a one year reunion with (looking up my previous description) "frantic kisses... and every single face of pain and agony as he tries to sit on top of me... Was inside for about 5 seconds.... clearly agony!"... and things have improved slightly... there's still the frantic kisses... and still does the many faces of pain... but he manages to perform some sort of bouncing balancing routine on the very top of my dick... yes it's inside... but only just... You just keep asking yourself "Is he about to die?" Agreed 100 Paid 100 Junior ...looks a shadow of his confident former self... he is just hanging around. Back in March he was often at the centre of duos and threesome etc for both me and Tom... but no one can accuse him of building on this success... he is moping around... even Tom can remember this is not the same guy we knew... We drag him to the table... financial problems... had to sell his car... he has a wife (despite everyone… yes everyone… still telling me he is gay… what could be his gain by pretending he’s straight?)... she has his mobile phone... this is now his only job... and despite all this he is still oozing the sex appeal of a sad sock. Tom and I offer to spend time with him, Tom first... me second... He's lovely. He does everything well. Whilst I was fucking him, he was going at it, as if trying to cum... I felt it best to stop him as he may need that finale for someone else later... Agreed 100 Paid 150 + drink + food 2nd Night with Leandro "I am ponctual" he says as he approaches... we eat in Paris 6... he's in a much more talkative mood... boys are not telling the truth... some have brought problems on themselves... do I know the amount of drug dealing that goes on there?... Why do I think boys who seem to get no clients still turn up? ...and all the beans are spilt... Back at the apartment, Leandro is an unparalleled delight. As he makes his way through another bottle of champagne, he has developed this sexy wink he keeps doing... Into bed... butter wouldn’t melt in his blast furnace… but the combination of champagne, copious poppers and him forcing my hand… eventually leads to.... Full fist. First time. He cums. I felt as if I’d taken his virginity. I’m probably the first of many fists. He runs to the bathroom. And comes out all bashful, "Pope Francis!" he lisps as if we’ve just done something naughty. He’s ecstatic. He is perfect. Unspoken 600 Paid 600 Day 8: Thursday ...and despite 4 hours sleep, we're up at 8am!... because I have to take the hire car to Mario Quintana to drop it with the old guy who is going to do the respraying and polishing... I have no idea whether he'll do a good job but I'm guessing he can't make my "damaged hire car" situation any worse... Buy sweets and drinks from a corner shop... Fabio really happy... Fabio and I go for another walk around the neighbourhood and then I Uber home for... Gianni This is the gay guy who is always happy and funny on his Facebook rather than posing... he's studying to become a fireman... and he likes medium trunks. And despite extensive texting well in advance... he is 45 minutes late. He's lovely. We sit and chat. I'm getting him drunk. Smirnoff Ice. We're showing each other videos... I'm watching popstrel Arianna Grande doing impressions... too much Lady Gaga…and even Andrew Christian adverts with a Cher soundtrack! Gianni is definitely gay. In return I give him Paloma Faith singing at the Brits Bed is good. Kissing and fucking. He's really good at it. In the middle of kissing, he yawns, reminding me this is all an elaborate 3 hour performance! It's funny. We laugh. He's lovely to be with. Afterwards I give him the only medium trunks I've brought... a pair of Ed Hardy and a pair of Aussiebum… both are very gay... he likes them “Yellow is my favourite colour!” (who says that?)... and some CK One Shock... which he likes as well... Agreed 250 Paid 400 (I just kinda like him) Hire car-less, Tom and I take an Uber to Mezzaninu. The Uber crashes into a taxi. At Mezzaninu it's very very much the same faces... and any new face is quickly snapped up by someone more forward than me... Tom and I are talking about the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing - Tom youtubes in weekly to watch Aljaž Škorjanec... I prefer Debbie's partner, Giovanni. Neither of them are here in Mezzaninu tonight. I sit for a very long time before doing anything... Pedro Chatted up on the roof with some English... he's totally active... but he swears we can have a good time... (one of the Filipinos has already had him) We go to the room... great kisser... great sucker... and he is really going the extra mile... really passionate... like real sex... and he has the biggest penis... massive... it's too big really... and he's really good fun and nice and stunning and uses a lot of initiative. It's just nice being with him. He is freelance waiter and security... he does ju-jitsu... has a wife and 3 year old daughter. And yes, he finds doing this difficult. Afterwards he sends me loads of stunning photos and videos of himself from the locker room... and is constantly making eye contact during the night... he knows how to treat his fan base! Agreed 100 Paid 100 Doing a Tom "use the room twice" jobbie... Matheus Someone I went with last year... in March he had turned into the manager of Mezzaninu... and now he is back to being a boy... because the money’s better. He's an old face... a slightly chubbier old face... Italian macho looks... very handsome... and a total bottom... an eager bottom... who rides me. This is more about finding an excuse to give him 100R because he’s a nice guy. Wife, 7 year old daughter, works as motorboy during the day. Tells his wife he's a motorboy in the evening too. (Is it possible to keep this sorta thing a secret?) Agreed 100 Paid 100 After another lull... I get a taste of Rio in the shape of... Roger He's here for 6 days from Rio... he speaks English... he is huge (really muscular)... and surprisingly he's totally passivo. I tell him none of the clients will go with him because everyone assumes he is active. After some hard negotiation we agree 120 (what was I thinking???)... but I don't fancy him (I'm doing this simply to take a photo for you!)... he proudly shows off his big bum (I hate it)... shows me why he wouldn't be great as a top... and keeps trying to get me to fuck him... eventually he does settle into a hug and kiss thing which was the most I'd want. Says he has massage and security certificates and can do those jobs if he wants. He also thinks of himself as an artist! At the end I'm paying him his 120... and he cheekily yet nicely asks for “um pouco” more... then saying… (in English!!!) “with the current exchange rate, R$150 is less than £10 more”! He is nice... he doesn't push it... but a garoto informing me of international exchange rates???... as I say... a taste of Rio... I suspect. Agreed 120 Paid 120 A week later I see his vivalocal advert. He says he’s 48! 48 in garoto years must mean he could be my father. In other news, the Madonna concert has finally finished. They’ve now got some sort of 70’s disco video compilation going on. Fabio In the evening Fabio comes over. I give him the ton of presents I've bought for him - underwear... perfume... posters... and a new phone. He's really really happy. No - REALLY happy. We fall into bed. He’s going for it with the sucking. Really going for it. We’re getting there… tears… gagging…I’m telling him “yeah”. He vomits on the floor. I cum.
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    Tarte is going to South America

    Tartegogo, I have enjoyed reading about your trip. I don't have any personal advice for you or any desire to tell you if you did anything wrong. Can't understand why others do, but you handle it well.
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    Day 13: Tuesday - Curitiba Botanic Gardens Famous for its greenhouse based on Crystal Palace... it’s got a little river thing spouting up in the centre… and a little stream then runs out underneath the greenhouse. There a few stepping stones to use to enter the place… it’s all too twee… ... And their living Christmas tree... a cone shaped affair covered in red bromeliads, topped off with gold star. ...It all looks incredibly communist...
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    Day 13: Tuesday - Curitiba Museu Oscar Neimeyer This a grand museum/gallery complex – designed by Neimeyer. It’s perhaps more contrived than many of his more well known buildings and, given it’s shape, it’s unsurprisingly known as “the Eye”. The shows are excellent… with everything written in English as well as Portuguese. There’s an exhibition of Cuban wooden sculpture with a distinctly homoerotic feel… loads of other art shows… a few rooms dedicated to the Curitiba Biennial… an exhibition on the works and life of Neimeyer… and then eventually… when you finally get into the “Eye” itself, a massive show of contemporary Chinese art. I got a bit fixated on a video of a man underwater.
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    Don't worry, My feeling don't get hurt easily....I'm not a bitchy queen, just a sarcastic Bostonian. Funny thing is that even though I don't post much, I've been a member of this board since its inception as well as from hooboy. Been going to Brasil nearly 20 years, back in the days when we organized parties on the roof of the Atlantico Hotel with members from here and boys from the sauna...Jr. from Point used to come as well (point was new and he had his other sauna Estacao). I lived in Rio & SP for a couple of years off/on, know the owners of all the saunas in those 2 cities, traveled through most of the big cities, speak Portuguese and still in contact with GP's going back 15 years. If you come to a message board and post your exploits, it's an open board....I'm never rude (sarcasm is sometimes interpreted as such, but is not) and I give my opinion , which is from many years of experience, my own and many that have come before us. So what I find odd is johnny come lately's, feeling some sort of "ownership" of threads or that somehow threads going off topic isn't to their liking.....too bad. There are some posters here that I regard as well traveled, level headed and people I like to hang out with. On the other hand (and I've seen you in the saunas) Wouldn't want to be seen walking down the street together...... and if using big words while trying to insult someone makes you feel better/more educated.....it just makes you look like an ass in my book ,lol
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    BoyToy wishes

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    May all your dreams and fantasies come true in 2018!
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    Tarte is going to South America

    I've known these guys especially well for some time and am emotionally bonded to them. I know their families and many friends. Many of their friends are also BelAmi pornstars. They escort in Europe but there is much more money in the US, especially New York and DC. I have 5 million frequent flyer miles. I also have a very nice guest studio attached to my house in the nicest gay part of central DC. A couple of them do not speak a word of English. They all have agents who schedule their clients. And our supply of good-looking first class working guys is limited in the US. I bring them over and they use the guest house for incalls, usually just for massage. Between clients we get together and hang out or get playful. Their last client is at 10 or 11pm. After that we always have great sex. Every day. For "free". With the best looking Bel Ami guys there are. And the sex a guy "brings home to Daddy" after a day hooking is twice as hot as any client can get. And I get to keep my cash for my 1 1/2 year regular muscled Marine power bottom. And he likes the guys too and we have threesomes. He has kids so it's hard for him to travel but the guys love when I take them to Key West, New York, Vegas, Cali and Hawaii. They make plenty in a month working here to take a week for vacation. And they extend their trip because they love the arrangement so much. More than one at a time is more complicated but the Czech guys like that the first time because of language. I don't know how I could have a better arrangement. Five gorgeous boyfriends, 4 of whom rotate here for free unlimited sex and 24/7 companionship. I'm happy. I just wish the scheduling was easier. Why I keep looking for a couple more. Anyway, this thread is on Brazil.
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    The Worst Mistake I Made in Rio....

    I thought I would be smart and leave the city on an 6:45 AM flight back to the states.... Totally forgot that the metro, buses, uber, AND most of the taxis were not able to get in or out of Copacabana.... Had a great time celebrating New Years on Copa....had a few drinks...watched the amazing fireworks and then decided to head to the airport at 4 am....You know, I would have had PLENTY of time to get to the airport Not the case....Cariocas STAY in Copa after the fireworks display and again...Uber wasnt working...Buses didnt start back running until 5 am and I dont even know how to take the metro to the airport area... After attempting to catch a taxi on my own for about 40 minutes..I got BLESSED A Carioca who spoke really good English was already in a taxi that was able to flag down told the driver to take me to airport...she was getting out in Ipanema... I got to the airport with tons of time to spare but the whole ride there, I was praying there were no long lines... I paid more than double what an uber ride is to the airport...$40 US but hey, it was still a bargain Again, I DO NOT recommend anybody trying to fly out of Rio right after NYE celebrations unless you have a driver already...
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    Indeed this vivalocal seems to offer nice lads. For example this gorgeous one in POA ...
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    That is you. You have it down. Other don't. Why try to deprive them? And, like I said, I appreciate the details. Some of us like more details. Why try to deprive us? My motto is if you don't like what someone is posting, fine, move on to another thread. No need to nitpick someone who is contributing!
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    Sauna Opinião (cont) There's a few boys and a few clients... most wearing clothes... some in just towels. The best guy by a mile is already in the clutches of some client... but that doesn't stop me sitting within eye view and having the odd stare. With his release back to captivity, a long way off, I decide to grab the next best thing that walks past.... Alexandro He's both ativo and passivo... agrees 100... we go to get a room... He quickly undresses. Kissing him is like putting your tongue into the mechanism of a clock (he has an awkward brace and barely opens his mouth)... he doesn't suck... and when it comes to passivo... I have never seen anyone clench their buttocks so tight and he actually pulls away from you as you advance… it’s like being magnets that repel one another. Despite this he keeps saying he’s passivo. I keep telling him he's not. No I don't want to be wanked off. Not knowing enough Portuguese to argue any reduced payment, I give him 100. He's a liar. Agreed 100 Paid 100 Jhonathan ...is the guy I saw earlier… and he’s now a free man again... he is playing on his phone on a sofa... I sit at opposite end... few eye contacts and he indicates for me to come over... He's both ativo and passivo... agrees 100... we go to a room... He kisses only just... he has a beautifully thin body and a large chunky dick... he then slowly goes down into sucking with a condom... slowly... and I suck him... he lies on his back... I fuck him... slowly. There's no emotion. But he's beautiful. Agreed 100 Paid 120 ...and so I buy him a drink... I'm informed by the barman that he's not Jhonathan - he's "Pica-Pau"! ...and it seems that is what everyone calls him. Pica-Pau is the name for Woodpecker (and also the name for Woody Woodpecker) In this case it's his hairstyle that is leading to the comparison. We're at the bar... and we're having some sort of conversation!... he speaks slowly... he knows a few English words... the barman joins in... recommending tourist attractions, restaurants, areas to see... telling me that Wednesday night at Sauna Opinião is the big night... you won't find anyone at 520... "Pica" (as people regularly shout to him)... says he lives with his girlfriend (he shows me a photo of them together... she is stunning)... I think he does some work at a computer... he'll be here tomorrow... but he won't come on Wednesday because there's too much competition... he gets more clients if he just wears the towel rather than street clothes... he hopes for 2 clients per night... More than anything here, was his willingness to try and communicate... it was really nice. It’s about 9.30pm. No new clients... no new boys... I leave... Having not eaten for a while, I manage a burger and chips and a "strawberry split" at the corner cafe by my hotel.
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    Stayed near Mole beach which is near to the nude beach. Lots of hot nude guys on the beach and fucking in the bushes. Quite a sight. Having said that, the traffic is atrocious during summer. Uber is plenty but getting in and out of the lagoon area is proven to be a feat. Knowing this and what is to offer, I might have stayed longer in Rio. Asked some locals and yes there are no sauna com garotos in the city. Tried a Bruno from vivalocal. Went to his place for a massage with sexo. It was so so and he is from Porto Alegre. I think I met him once in Mezzuniu. Tried a couple of normal saunas. Adelino is a bust. Its a 'spa' for men and the crowd demographic is older than most rest homes with exception of 1 or 2. Oceano is good. Hot guys plentiful. Had a good time there.
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    I agree. I go to night clubs in SP quite often, many clubs have gogo dancers. People rarely tip the dancers at night clubs in Brazil, I suppose it's the culture here. But I often just sneak bills in their socks, sometimes even R20 bills. I do this not because I am hoping to hookup with them later, but because I like some dancers moves, or their expression. That's all. And sometimes I see young guys (customers) dancing at clubs but not buying any drinks all night (these are not druggies clubs), so I go buy beers for them, and left them alone. Again, I have no any intention other than seeing happy faces. And I am thankful I can afford to do this.
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    I was always taught to give gifts from the heart, without any expectations in return and without any conditions attached to them. If you are reluctant to give a gift because you are unsure of how it will be received, what the receiver will use it for, or what the receiver might give you in return, then you are probably better off not gifting anything — just keep your relationships purely transactional and call it a day. I would think that this rule would apply to any relationship — including even employer — employee, or contractor-contractee relationships like garoto-client or hustler-trick.
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    Tartegogo, since you asked, to me it is a case of you guys being on a different page and neither of you intends to be offensive about it. You can take the word "you" to mean Tartegogo, or you can take it in a more generic way. "If one wants to throw away his money, what's it to me?" Throwing it from the balcony, I think, gives it an indifferent twist. The suggestion is that however you do it, it is not worthwhile. But again, it is his opinion. You received some criticism for things in your trip report. You handled it very well. My suggestion here is that you resolve that you are confident that giving presents is a benefit to you. You like to do it. Who cares if floridarob doesn't agree with you? It just simply doesn't matter. You get to do what you think is the best thing to do. As for his criticism, consider that he is a different individual with a different personality. He expresses himself in a way that you don't. You can ignore him, or you can accept that his way of speaking is more direct, even more blunt, than others. It is not a reflection on you. What it does is affirm that we are a group of diverse individuals. If we all agreed, if we were always polite and kind, wouldn't this be a boring place? So chalk it up and move on. You have more people here agreeing with you than disagreeing. Your trip report has been very popular. One size does not fit all, so get used to it! Is that me being blunt? Anyway, you can disagree with me too. I won't be troubled, but I like it better when we see things in a similar fashion. Just not so similar as to be dull!
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    Adventures in Rio...New Years edition

    I arrive Wednesday morning...went immediately to the beach...got a great massage while I was waiting for the apartment to be ready... Apartment...great location...Definitely not up to my standards....Wont be staying here again... 3 blocks from the beach...1 block from the metro but very noisy from the street below even though Im on the 5th floor and I hate the bed.... 117 on Wednesday was slow in the beginning...I was about to leave until I saw something that may me stay My appetizer was a guy that really isn't my type but he had an amazing big butt and when he kissed me, his lips were wet and he was a good kisser Tall Brasileiro named Victor....the session was decent enough but I just thinking how pretty he was....Wont see him again but it was nice-R80 My main course was exactly like I like my boys....young, attractive face, amazing ass and body....he was 19....from Bahia-R130 He is working to become a body builder and was really cute....At first he was all top...Or so he says until we get into the room... He took dick like a pro and when I asked him did he want me to stop, he said no....More on him later Note: Weather was overcast Wednesday and Thursday....it sprinkled on Thursday I got to the sauna at 4:30-5 on Wednesday and left about 7 since I have a date with my local guy who....who I realized is TOO young for me....Better off as friends Thursday I got to 117 about 6 pm...Already crowded....stayed until about 8....super drunk and high....in a really good place... My first snack for the night was the cute Bahian from Wednesday...even better than the day before...He loved it and kept asking me for harder...He told me it would be more if I came....I told him it was not necessary but when I kept fucking him harder and harder....he came on his on....I love this guys body....Maybe Ill see him one more time Friday or Saturday...depending on who shows up...R130 Place was crowded all over.... My next guy was a sexy guy who definitely is a trainer or something...amazing body, bald head, great ass...he said he was 26...Not sure but amazing ass... He was a dud...not sure he is knows how to clean properly but I didnt have the time or patience to show him....Beautiful guy and I was definitely disappointed since I was rock hard and his ass was amazingly built but after 3 failed attempts...he wasnt taking his time to property clean out and I hate wasting my time or money-R100 I left around 8 to come back to Copa...was supposed to go to a street samba but was too high to do anything but watch netflix and pass out... More adventures today... Note-grindr was amazing on Wednesday....Great prospects...Thursday was slow... Only one overnight guest in this apartment
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    Great writing, I barely remember where I was , never mind names! Something stood out to me though... " I tell him that it was Paolo’s decision to cut himself, not Leandro's and allowing Paulo to stay in his bed is not being honest with Paolo. Paolo needs honesty" I'd say many here that think these guys are into them, or love them (even BF's)....could also use honesty.....money and presents that get thrown around has always amazed me, thinking that they'll like you more.
  27. 5 points
    Day 4 - Sunday in Mezzaninu (after Tom and I go hunting for a McDonalds for Tom) About 8 garotos, 15 clients... it should be a sellers market but it's the same old sellers faces... I chat with Roberto I chat with Tom The usual boys who sit with the Filipinos are not there. One boy is standing in for them all. Alex Roberto (who is looking out for me)... has sent Alex to hunt me down... We all agree Alex's indigenous look is not his best feature. But he is lean and golden skinned. And.... he's unbelievably good.... he's got the passionate kisses... he sucks.... he enjoys being sucked.... he gets fucked.... and does all the work... he's really good. He will be a repeat. Asked 100 Paid 150 Bruno I'm now doing a "Tom's Super Saver Sunday" whereby you don't hand the room key back (we've worked out that they're lax on time keeping here)... and you grab boy number 2 and whisk him into the room you've already got! So this is 50 for just kisses with Tom of Finland lookalike Bruno. He's totally active and won't suck... so kisses was as far as I'd get. And he's rubbish at that. It’s like kissing the Blarney Stone. That said... he has a killer smile... looks great... and was very jolly and smiley. He says he has a girlfriend and a boyfriend. He works as an estate agent in POA and lives in Gravatai. I've had worse experiences. Agreed 50 Paid 50 A quick exit to get back home... to prepare for… Leandro So at 10pm the "swan princess" will arrive... and he does... hair in a bouffant style... shirt open... tight trousers... he looks amazing. We go for dinner in a nice restaurant. "Pope Francis you must teach me English" (obviously he didn‘t call me that but you get the idea) We come back to the apartment… Leandro offers to park my car… and he crashes it into a wall. We chat forever. So many things... 1) his ex boyfriend Paulo is suicidal. He tried to kill himself again recently. When Leandro tried to tell him it's over, he took an overdose and cut his neck with a knife.... and so it continues... Paolo is still sleeping in Leandro’s bed... Leandro is too scared to try and get rid of him... I tell him that it was Paolo’s decision to cut himself, not Leandro's and allowing Paulo to stay in his bed is not being honest with Paolo. Paolo needs honesty. 2) Leandro now has alopecia areata.... of course no real cause... but he is blaming the stress with Paolo. It is a 50p piece size on the back of his head... very noticeable. But there is some new fine white hair growth. 3) He's only been to Mezz 3 times since April because other boys don't like him. That said he has a WhatsApp of lots of repeat requests from clients which he shows me. He asks me how he compares to the other boys. I tell him he's the best. He says "no"... but I suspect he's heard “the best” many times... He talks about being in a room with 3 other boys and the others being ordered out... he talks about his fetishism. .. how Americans love taking photos... he likes double penetration... He says he wants to stop doing this but needs the money for his studies and his mortgage. I know he likes champagne so I've bought him a bottle of Brazilian "Chandon". It was his birthday recently so I give him some presents. Chatting until 3.30am. After finishing a bottle of champagne, he seemlessly moves on to Fabio's bottle of white Martini (having previously dismissed it as a girls drink) He finds it funny that there are other brands of alcohol in the fridge... which he knows can only mean one thing... Then the sex marathon begins... and he is unquestionably the best. It is difficult to work out how he has managed to become perfect at this... immaculate presentation ... almost punctual… an absolute delight to be with... and a total total slut in bed... at times you’re fighting him off… he is amazing. Day 5: Monday - Mezzaninu CLOSED ...so it's like a "find your own way" day... For me, the day begins with being sexed to death by Leandro... I'm on a high... I'm exhausted. I spend the rest of the day pottering around... doing nothing... staring into space... eating chocolate... washing a bath mat... much like the Prisoner of Zenda Fabio has texted to say he can't meet me this afternoon because he has to take his mother to see a lawyer (it's about getting her dead husband's pension). ...so I'm now scanning vivalocal for something to fill in the time... I turn my attention to two of my long term targets - Mateus P - a guy who once advertised on Vivalocal about 5 months ago (and I kept his details) - and Lucas M - a guy who I tried texting the last time I was here, but felt that he blew me out. I Facebook message Mateus... back comes the response - R$ 5000... there's a bit more texting… I’m saying his prices seem to have gone up somewhat... him asking how much I'm prepared to pay... he wants a nose job... it's all very odd... best avoid I WhatsApp Lucas (who had previously advertised on vivalocal and less than a month ago was still advertising on Skokka)... 150 for 1 hour... and after lots of faffy messages... do you have a photo of your dick?... I need to go to the shop... I need to tidy up... I do the 25 minute drive to his apartment. It's a massive gated community called Parque Vargas... and it is, no joke, 100m from Fabio's house and shop!... a few more faffy messages... I have a flatmate here - do you mind?... did you bring a condom?... and he comes out to meet me... Lucas M After having to walk past some guy sitting in his own living room... Lucas leads me into his sad rented room... He keeps asking me if I'm nervous?... no I'm not… he clearly is... he starts by standing up and undressing... he is taller than me... very thin... his face is beautiful but his body is a mixture of mottled pigmentation, razor reactions and pustules and pick axe scarring from acne... kisses are half hearted... and like others who advertise (in my limited experience), his trick here is to try and get you to fuck him as quickly as possible to bring the episode to a close... so he's repeatedly turning his back to me... and I, realizing that the kisses are unlikely to improve, that chupa is not on tonight’s menu, eventually fall in line with his plan and I make a half-hearted attempt to fuck him. I quickly decide to stop... ask him to gozar... which he does. We then have a little chat on the bed... he's a primary school teacher... he likes Taylor Swift, nightclubs, sneakers and fashion... he has depression and anxiety and takes Fluoxetine... and would I like to see him again? I'm escorted out of the compound. Agreed 150 Paid 170 Fabio A two second drive around the corner to Fabio who has just messaged me. He says it's been a difficult day but it’s been productive (in terms of his mother’s pension)... he gets changed... then apologises for his clothes. We drive to McDonalds. Back to the apartment... a bit of something... I'm too tired. The problem here is I've had Leandro... no one else compares really. I'm now telling myself that Fabio is real... Leandro is a professional. Day 6: Tuesday in Mezzaninu Fabio leaves in the morning and I spend the rest of the day eating jelly beans and watching the fall of Robert Mugabe. Tom and I arrive early at Mezzaninu. There are about 8 clients (mostly active) and 8 garotos (mostly active). Madonna is still in concert. Given the lack of fresh talent, I attempt to lay old ghosts to rest with Marius... On the stairs, we Google translate one another... I tell him that when I was last with him, at the end he started requesting more money to pay the rent. After first trying to tell me about his rent, he settles on "Sorry"... I tell him to be careful as he will gain (should read as "has gained") a reputation... Marius After some intense bargaining (he says he is usually active) we head off to a room... I think he has an incredible body. The tattoo on his left wrist is the same and he has resisted the urge to get more. His lips demand kissing. Ok kisser. I don't recall chupa. And you need to fuck him slowly... every time you get as far as you can, he squeals. Fuck… squeal… fuck… squeal… fuck… squeal… Agreed 125 Paid 150 + he asks for food I’m not seeing anything new in Mezzaninu... the only other possibility would be Andre but I cannot bring myself to go there. Yet. Tom has found himself a relatively new guy called William And Tom refuses to share him! With nothing happening here, I head to Plataforma... It's raining. Tom has left his umbrella in my car. Divine justice. Plataforma is as sad and dingy as ever. The boys are all watching TV. 4 garotos, maybe 3 clients. What the Plataforma boys lack in looks, they more than make up with desperation... Willian He comes and sits... says he'll do it all... off to room 12... Great kisser... asks to put a condom on for sucking (I say don't bother)... then he sits on top of me and gets fucked until he comes. It takes ages. Every cum-face known to man. I have to check my penis doesn’t have a repetitive strain injury. Offers to send me photos of other guys that are available (if he can have 50R commission!) Agreed 120 Paid 150 Jorges Again… he'll do it all. Room 12 (by now I know all the dirt on the floor) Kisses are virtually none existent. He makes it clear that he doesn't like it. He also says he won't be able to get fucked as I'm too big (possibly worth the payment alone) He then sets out on a blow job that I've never experienced by a garoto... constantly sucking... taking it down to the hilt... holding it there... gagging... tears rolling down his face... looking up at me… surely he can’t continue doing this?... but he does!... gagging… tears… looking up… tears… Bambi choking to death… it's all an incredible turn on. Sensing he’ll go further… I enter into a renegotiation…and I cum in his mouth. Agreed 150 (in the end) Paid 150 Marcus I pick Marcus up at 9.30pm... we go to Zaffari and buy his drink of choice (Campari)... off to a restaurant... then back to apartment. All the time we are speaking English. In the room I give him some Hugo Boss presents. He seems much happier now that he’s left Mezz and is working at the telephone shop. He earns 1800 per month... works six days a week... and can only have a month's vacation after he's worked for a full year. He'd like to rent his own apartment. He's thinking of doing university entrance exams for accountancy now. In March 2017, he told me that he wouldn't wear a pair of brightly coloured Andrew Christian swimming trunks on the beach as it would be tantamount to telling everyone you're both gay and passive. So I present him with a pair of pink Andrew Christian swimming trunks with “PASSIVO” in neon yellow lettering printed on the backside. He loves them. But he still won't wear them. We're in bed. He seems keen. We have sex. We're a good fit in terms of height. And he was always perfect to fuck. His buttocks are perky. The bed moves 2ft across the floor. He is totally lovely. We sleep. Paid 400 (though his lowly self esteem had previously quoted me 250 per night when I was last here)
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    So cute boys in Prague !

    Snaps my boys "Justin_Jazz" and Dominik sent me this morning. Dolls.
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    Tarte is going to South America

    I will weigh in on this against my better judgment! first Tartegogo thanks for your in depth reviews! It is seldom that someone goes into as much detail as you have, mostly I think because they don't like to tell even anonymous posters on here what they like to do and of course the inevitable critiques/criticisms from posters most of whom are keyboard warriors who have never been to Brazil but feel compelled to add their 2 cents! I have always believed that as long as your not using or asking for my money to do your activities it's none of My Business how or what or how much you spend on your activities. In my first few years of going to Brazil I thought that people that paid more then the "going" rate or gave large tips or presents where going to wreck it for the rest of us! that American would be seen as having lots of money to throw around...I learned the boys are a lot smarter then we think! they know who are the easy marks and know how to work them! I realized that I was Wrong! So now I keep my opinions regarding how much to pay the guys to myself! I thing it was Badboy82 who said on there "...it depends on a number of factors , your personality, your ability to communicate, etc as to how much not only will you pay but whether or not they will want to hang with you afterwards for dinner or drinks at the local clubs/restaurants. I have a good friend who has been going to Rio for almost as long as I have and he just doesn't have the type of personality that makes him enjoyable to be around so after the obligatory time in the sauna cabin the boys are out of there! He says to me " how do you always end up with the guys that like to hang around and go out afterwards?' I gave up trying to explain to him... While I might think it's too much, if it makes you happy and again it is your money...fuck them(not literally! lol)
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    Oprah for President

    Or just vote Totally Oz for president
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    If you are worried about client safety, you definitely want to be in a sauna. This is the safest place you can be for hiring.
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    Day 13: Tuesday - Curitiba I've got to do this sightseeing... so I'll Uber it today... Opera House de Arame (Wire Opera House) It's a glass concert venue set across a lake. To get there you walk across a mesh bridge. It’s exciting. It’s a bit scary. It’s a place where you don’t want to drop your phone… Paul McCartney's been there (yawn!). The place itself is closed, but you can see inside and their clearly setting up for some sort of show in the future. Beneath the venue is café which is open. There are lots of people here taking photos.
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    I’ve spent the last few days downloading some photos from my phone… so if it all goes to plan, you’ll see the sights of Curitiba… Day 12: Monday - Curitiba In the morning, Fabio joins me for a ride back to FOCO… then an Uber to the airport. He says goodbye. He has to get to his shop. The old terminal at POA involves lots of people following lots of coloured lines on the floor. I get there in the end – Curitiba. I chose the hotel – the Alta Reggia Plaza Hotel - based on a photo of a mural in the lobby I advise you never to do the same. Once I’m there, it's hard to make out what exactly has happened... is it an early 60's converted office block? My suite has 3 rooms and a corridor!... a marble dining table with wooden chairs... purple chairs from the Flash Gordon set... a huge plastic orchid. ...it’s my kinda place! Suitcase thrown on the bed... quick shower... and I'm google-mapping myself towards... Sauna 520 It's difficult to put into words how upsetting this place was. They insist on just towels. They insist you wear their flip flops. Mobile phones banned. Signs in every room. If you don’t speak Portuguese, you’re stuffed. It's just like a British sauna... bar area... sauna... wet room... showers... jacuzzi... a dark corridor with a few turns at the end... a room showing gay porn... a few rooms you can go in... and what looks like 2 bedrooms with locks. It is difficult to differentiate client from garoto. Most have beards. Late 20s/30s. A couple of guys say hello - they are masseurs - both with beards - both good looking but not head turning. A really muscular black guy approaches me. I guess he’s a garoto? He's nice but I tell him I prefer 'magro". I spend 3 hours just bouncing from bar to sauna to outside to lockers. Clients blow jobbing one another in the sauna. The one guy who seems younger just sits and chats with the others. It’s like a beard convention. It's terrible. I walk a few blocks to... Sauna Opinião ...which is a strange place. It's essentially a sauna version of POA’s Bar Mixx - a run down open plan 5-room dingy bar... and shower!... with a sauna somewhere... and bedrooms and a straight video room upstairs. It charges either for BAR (bar and use of rooms) or SAUNA (added sauna and locker) I go for BAR... leave my bag at Reception... and take a look... Yes it's a bar with a shower! And yes, it really is this dark...
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    Happy New Year! The team at Boytoy.com wishes each and everyone a very happy New Year. Thank you for your participation and your advice. We hope 2018 fills everyone with wonderful things!
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    The 1st MEAT of 2018

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    " Auld Lang Syne "

    To ALL the Boytoys , their Admirers, AND friends I have met along the way here...... Love, Health, Hope, Peace - Sucky / Grandma
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    In 2018, we'll Party like it's 1999 (especially IF Trump is GONE)
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    Its Sunday morning...early as hell...Im getting over numerous caipirinha after leaving 117... It was PACKED....I know, I know...Its closed tomorrow and its a holiday weekend but tonight was PACKED....outside, in the bar area where they have the dancers...downstairs....the hallway....LONG waits for rooms... More guys than on Wed, Thursday and Friday... I got there tonight at about 7.....about 530 on Thursday and about 615 Friday I like the saunas but after so long being there, I start getting TOO analytical....Weed, liquor....whatever it is... I totally get why Rio...117...Pointe...the saunas PERIOD are a heaven for middle aged guys who have money... The quantity and the quality of the guys that you get to choose from is absolutely amazing and after traveling all over the place, I can not think of anything, any place like it....
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    A video from Sao Paulo

    A friend of mine, Danilo, who was always one of my favorite tour guides in Sao Paulo made this video. I love it and hope you enjoy it as well!
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    Lagoa last night

    The last Friday of the year at Sao Paulo's Lagoa, was mild disappointment, I guess is low season in the city,the admission was R$65,00 but there was signs around advertising $50,00 admission for every night of the week nights throughout the summer with free cabins on the same nights, I was not aware Lagoa had cabins despite been at the place many times for the last 10 years. Maybe is a new thing. As usual the average quality is well above what you get in Rio, but was not as outstanding as I've seen before, there was only one drop-dead gorgeous guy, like those you won't ever see in Rio in a million years, as usually is the case, pretty much unapproachable, the typical Lagoa sauna-god, I did not even try, I just don't feel comfortable with full-of-themselves types, besides he was probably charging double the rate, which he rightfully deserved, as a matter of fact the fee charged by the boys at Lagoa is probably the only useful information of this post: R$150,00 and nobody budged, I was even told by a boy no to bother haggling, of course I did, but no dice. "Sao Paulo people has more money" was one of the replies I got from my "in Rio they are asking R$100,00", which of course is true. I end up going with a guy called Tulio, nothing to write home about. Also worth of note was the 4 go-go boys dancing with full erection in the middle of the sparse crowd for a very generous amount of time, 2 of them were just astounding. Despite not being at it's peak, Lagoa is still the #1 sauna in Brazil. Hopefully the glory days will be back when the low-season is gone (end of February).
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    Finally I can disagree with Tartegogo! floridarob has his own opinion, based upon his experience, and it isn't sick or hypocritical. It's just different from yours! I don't give presents, but I do tip. I never send money after I leave. That's just me and I wouldn't expect anyone to blindly follow my opinion. One example is tipping a go-go dancer. I will sit in a bar for awhile watching the guys, but I don't off one. I give the guy I liked best a tip though, just for pleasing me with doing his job. I don't see that as throwing money away, but someone else might. Okey-dokey with me.
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    Grandma Makes NEW Friends

    Well there's just soooooo many Boys in My archives and nowhere to PUT them ! And Grandma has decided to make this NEW YEAR about "Friendship", which includes SHARING...... "Grandma likes to share ME"
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    1) vivalocal - I think it's as reliable as any online advertised escort anywhere... I'd only bother hiring anyone who had put some effort into their advert (real photos etc)... and came across as helpful when you contact them. I'm mostly aware of the POA adverts... many of the adverts belong to sauna boys who you can hire in the sauna for a fraction of their online prices. Later you'll see my experiences with 2 online hires! 2) light skins - yes it's fairly normal (90%) in POA and Curitiba... but from my memory there's plenty in Sao Paulo too if you just decide to go there. 3) muscular tops - are not really something I look for but there are muscular guys in POA. More likely in Mezzaninu. That said, SP and RDJ have much higher proportions of jaw-dropping "God-like" guys wandering by. 4) touristy things - POA is mainly about art galleries - every two years it hosts a South American Bienial - and it begins on 5th April 2018!... there are some great permanent galleries and the incredibly sad Iberê Camargo Foundation (an ultra modern riverside landmark gallery that has been a financial flop and is now only open on Friday afternoons)... Curitba has a load of tourist destinations (I'll mention them later) but you have to weight it up against what else is on offer in Curitiba.
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    What would Dear Abby say?

    they should Invite every living member of the Obama family blood line and snub their royal noses at the Trumps.
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    Tarte is going to South America

    i would say a majority of the guys probably care less what you look like, you are a client and nothing more then $100.R+. but for a minority that are smart and look ahead futher then the next day they will cultivate a relationship if possible with a client...as long as he isn’t a jerk or asshole! imho
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    Tarte is going to South America

    I didn’t need to keep a record at that time, I was enjoying myself. I did both spreadsheets only on my return home. My own posts here above reminded me of every hire, and for anything I didn’t write here, the Bank records had all the information (restaurants, sauna bills, gifts etc) It was fun to search back through my memories for the few missing bits. I like remembering Brasil! Cost matters only so much to me, but during this time, I had people telling me they were genuinely interested in replicating some variation of this trip, and were amazed at the low fees for the boys, and I thought it would be helpful to them to realise the true cost, and if their own cost would be different With this spreadsheet, they can remove things they would not do (like a shopping day in Gramado for e.g.) or add what they would do (more days, with sauna every day for e.g.). That is why I did it.
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    I get a lot of responses to my grindr profile but I have a face pic and I word it something like "businessman looking for fun..."
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    Nice cock

    I don't recognize the face but that cum on his stomach looks familiar.
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    A FACE to Wake Up to....

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    Leather pants

    I wear leather pants all the time in winter. Great for the elements, wipe clean and warm. And they make this old man look kinda sexy... Dont forget, the right footwear is mandatory... NO velcro sneakers.....(not even in Black)