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    I was lucky to stay in Colombia in April 2018. I had visited Medellin, Cartagena, Cali, Barranquilla and Pereira, staying in each city for 5-7 days. Colombia is a beautiful county and the people are generally very nice. Grindr works wonders in every city. Following is my brief report, in a logical way of writing per se. First of all, three warnings: 1. Underage problem: In Grindr and on the streets, I had seen some (while not a lot) under age boys contacting gringos. Some of boys would say straight that they are 16 or 17 years old while some pretend to be 18 or 19 years old but without a valid ID. Never put oneself in a compromised situation because having sex with under age boys or girls is a major crime in Colombia (illegal in most countries as well). While I had not seen fake IDs in Colombia, be very careful and smart. (when I was in Havana,I saw quite a few fake IDs, particular from men of Santiago de Cuba). 2. In Medelline, there are quite a few homeless-looking drug-addictive young men selling candies and approaching gringos. They are regulars of Metro Barrio and Park Bolivar and they could be dangerous in many ways, sometimes they getting violent. Better stay away from them and completely ignore them. 3. Policemen in their twenties are very cute and very attractive in Colombia. hmmm, is there a way... or not? **** Medellín: more the abundant men to meet, from Grindr or from the streets (in particular, Metro barrio and park Bolivar). The price of a massage, typically ranges from 50 thousand Colombia pesos to 100 thousand, but it could be as low as 30 thousand (11 dollars). The men are more of twink-type, cute and slim. There are many motels for hourly rent in the center (around Metro barrio and park Bolivar) with a cost between 8000 pesos to 15000. The city of Medellín is quite beautiful, so called a city of eternal-spring. It often rains a lot in late afternoon or at night in April. The living cost of Medellín is very low, a good meal for 10000-20000 pesos and a nice apartment for 100-200 thousand pesos per night. It is generally safe in Medellín but it is advised not to walk in the center at night. **** Cartagena: more the abundant men to meet, mostly from Grindr . The price of a massage, typically ranges from 100 thousand Colombia pesos to 150 thousand. The men of Cartagena are from many other cities such as nearby Barranquilla and Bogota and Medellín. They are usually more muscular than Medellín. There are many motels for hourly rent in the old town (walled city) with a cost between 10000 pesos to 20000. The old town of Cartagena is very charming and has a colonial feel to it. Cartagena is a great place to visit. The old town is also very safe. It is of no problem to walk at night in the old town alone. there are also lots of international tourists in the city. The weather is a bit hot during the day in April, but cool at night with breeze from the ocean. The living cost of Cartagena is higher than Medellín, probably 30-50% higher. **** Barranquilla: abundant men to meet, mostly from Grindr . While Barranquilla is close to Cartagena (only 2 hours of driving), Barranquilla is a lot more conservative than Cartagena. For example, men from Grindr here are more cautious to communicate and tend to cover their faces in the profile photos. It is also a lot harder to find a motel in the city. (There is a motel called "secretos" on Cra. 53# 68-204 in the center, with a hourly price 16000 pesos). The price of a massage, to my surprise, is somewhat higher than Cartagena. Barranquilla is an industrial city and I did not find any place particularly interesting to visit. The living cost of Barranquilla is higher than Medellín. **** Pereira: abundant men to meet, mostly from Grindr. Pereira is a smaller version of Medellín. A Paisa is someone from a region in the northwest of Colombia, including the part of the Andes in Colombia. The main cities of the Paisa region are Medellín, Pereira, Manizales and Armenia. There are quite a few motels in the center around plaza bolivar. The price of a massage is from 100 thousand pesos and 150 thousand. Similar to Medellin, Pereira is also a city of eternal-spring. The surrounding mountains and cafe areas are spectacular and relaxing. The living cost of Pereira is probably 20% less than Medellin. **** Cali: more the abundant men to meet from Grindr. The price of a massage, typically ranges from 100 thousand Colombia pesos to 150 thousand, but once I was quoted at 150 US dollars! It surprised me because it far exceeded the average living cost in Cali. The men in Cali are very attractive, handsome and muscular. There are some motels for hourly rent in the area of San Antonio(for example, there is one called “Diosa Del Amar”). The city of Cali is beautiful but I didn't find any place particularly interesting to visit. The weather is very nice in April, neither hot or cold. The living cost of Cali I feel is higher than Medellín. I think the people of Cali is the most attractive (twink-ish face with muscular body) in Colombia and Paisa come in a second. But over all, I would rank Medellin 9 out of 10, both Cartagena and Cali 8 out of 10, Pereira 7 out 10 and finally Barranquilla 6 out of 10. Again it surprises me that the cost of play in less touristic cities like Cali and Barranquilla is higher than that of more touristic cities like Cartagena and Medellin. In conclusion, I have had a great time in Colombia during the one-month travel. In particular, all the men I met had been courteous and respectful. I am looking forward to my next visit to Colombia, and my visit to cities of Santa Martha, Leticia (amazon), and Bucaramanga.
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    San Juan Puerto Rico

    The ‘gayborhood’ in San Juan is on the other side of the highway from the traditional tourist areas of Condado and Ocean Park. Its an easy 10-15 minute walk from most hotels to the three main clusters of bars, discos and bathhouse located in the Santurce Arts & Culture District. Gay Bars in San Juan’s Condado Tourist Area: Although Condado used to be the center of all gay nightlife, over-gentrification has left the traditional tourist strip with only one remaining gay bar. But don’t worry – its a short walk under the highway to the Santurce Arts District where all the action continues just a 10 minute walk from Condado hotels. #11. Oasis (formerly Splash) – 6 Ave Condado across from the Marriott, next to Sandy Beach Hotel. Monday night is very popular with lots of strippers, low lights and much too much artificial smoke/fog/yuck… Look for Walgreens and CVS and walk toward the beach. Open afternoons til night. Neighborhood bar and tapas restaurant just a few steps to the beach. Atlantic Beach Hotel/Oceano Restaurant Beach – Also check out the beach in front of Atlantic Beach Hotel and Oceano Restaurantwhich is still very gay most days. Two blocks from Oasis (formerly Splash) if walking on the beach. Look for Calle Vendig if arriving via Ashford Avenue. The Atlantic Beach Hotel is listed in many gay guides – but call them and ask if you will be allowed to bring a friend up to your room – in the past, travelers have reported a strict ‘no visitors’ policy. Street Cruising – Lots of gay guys and gals live in Condado – so cruise along Ashford Avenue any time of day or night! Gay Bars and Clubs in Santurce Arts District: If you are at any of the Condado hotels – you can get to the Santurce Arts District by just crossing over or under the highway. There are three clusters of gay bars in the Santurce Arts District: Stop 18 at R.H. Todd Ave & Ponce de Leon Ave near the Metro Theater and Museum of Contemporary Art. Stop 22 is further down Ponce de Leon Ave at the intersection of De Diego Ave near the Fine Arts Center & Puerto Rico Museum of Art. Stop 24 is another 7-10 minute walk near the the intersection of Ponce de Leon and Calle Bolivar or Calle San Jorge. You can easily walk between each of the areas in about 10 minutes or grab a taxi. Note: ‘Stops’ or ‘Paradas’ are how locals estimate location along Ponce de Leon Avenue in the Arts District. This is a remnant from the old trolley system which hasn’t run since the 1940’s. There are no signs with the numbers (even at the bus stops) but all locals and taxi drivers will understand the general location from the ‘stop’ or ‘parada’ number. Santurce: Stop 18 Gay Bars – across the highway from Condado near Metro Theater & Museum of Contemporary Art. These are on Calle Condado (mislabeled Avenida Condado on the street sign) which is one block to the right if you are facing the Museum of Contemporary Art. The street has abandoned buildings and looks very seedy – but is generally safe. If someone approaches you just say ‘No Thanks’ and move on, just like you would in NYC. There are also a few straight bars on the block, so be careful and don’t assume everyone is gay – use your ‘gaydar’ and be respectful. If taking a taxi – just tell them ‘Stop 18’ and then go one block to the bars. #6. SX – 1204 Ave Ponce de Leon – Late night strippers and dance every night. Find the stainless steel door (usually with a doorman) and then go downstairs. There is a straight bar just next door at street level, so don’t get confused. Hot bartenders, strippers, loud music, dance floor in the front. Go upstairs at the back and then downstairs to find the darker, less noisy ‘hang-out’ area. #7. VIP – 613 Calle Condado – Very popular with the young Reggaetón and hip-hop crowd. Starts late and stays open after the other bars have closed. Same building as Scandalo but closer to Ponce de Leon. #8. Scandalo – 613 Calle Condado – late night strippers and more. #9. El Chinchorro de ‘W’ – Calle Condado on the block before Circo. New gay bar and snacks with great Happy Hour prices. Very popular late night! #10. Circo – 650 Calle Condado – Multi-level video bar and disco. Mansion Lounge – this is a straight bar in the middle of all the gay action on Calle Condado.KRASH Disco – 1257 Ave Ponce de Leon (next to Metro Cinema). Closed permanently for several years, but is still in many guides – so we’ve listed it for reference only Santurce: Stop 22 Gay Bars: Across the highway between the Fine Arts Center & Puerto Rico Museum of Art. If taking a taxi, tell them Ponce de Leon & Ave. De Diego – Santurce. #4. Tia Maria Bar & Liquor Store – 326 Ave De Diego – Neighborhood Gay Bar. Open from afternoon til midnight or 1am on weekdays, later weekends. Make sure you go on Tuesday, Thursday or Sunday nights for gay Karaoke from about 9pm until ??? #5. The Palace – 1501 Ave Ponce de Leon (2rd Floor) – 2nd floor disco and rooftop bar/terrace. Just around the corner from Tia Maria. Update April 2, 2016: They have now put up a new sign saying ‘Coming Soon’ and the entrance around the corner has a notice ‘Coming Soon’ as Papi’s Club… so not sure what will emerge… I’ll update as soon as I get info… Santurce: Stop 24 Gay Bars: This is the intersection of Ponce de Leon and Calle Bolivar. If you arrive from Ocean Park via Calle San Jorge, go past the San Jorge Children’s Hospital and up the hill to San Mateo Church. Then only one short block downhill to Ponce de Leon. If walking along Ponce de Leon from Tia Maria and The Palace, you go past the Ciudadela Condo Complex, First Bank, Arrivi Theater, Cobian’s Plaza (turn right for Temptation) and some vacant buildings until Abracadabraand Hotel San Jorge (for Zal Si Puedes). If taking a taxi, tell the driver ‘Stop 24’ at Leonardo’s or Cobian’s Plaza & walk one block. Bartender Angel at Temptation! #1. Temptation – 608 Calle Bolivar – Just one block from Cobian’s Plaza (3 blocks from Tia Maria and The Palace). Club is open from 9pm every night with Happy Hour Specials (see below for details). No cover charge. Everyone is welcome! Weekly Drag show at 2am on Saturday night! Temptation is easy to get to from all major hotel areas by taxi, driving (plenty of free street parking in the area) or even by walking from Condado/Ocean Park or a short walk from the other bar areas. www.temptationpr.com Happy Hours EVERY NIGHT at Temptation! #2. Zal Si Puedes – 1700 Ave Ponce de Leon. Small, friendly club catering to the 40+ crowd. Open Wednesday – Sunday nights from about 10pm til about 2am. Drag shows are mostly Thurs – Sat nights about 11:45pm but a diva may show up at any moment. Friendly and Fun! Located at Hotel San Jorge. The bar has seating for about 15 people – but often has up to 50 crowded in for shows plus spill-over on the street. You’ll see all the classic Latina Divas – like La Lupe, Yolandita, Paloma San Basilico, plus Barbara Streisand and Donna Summers thrown in if you’re lucky! #3. Xteamworks – 1752 Ave Fernandez Juncos. Bathhouse on second floor open from 6pm til about 2am Sunday – Thursday and until 6am on Friday and Saturday nights. A little hard to find, so check out their website for map. It’s next to a gas station with 24 hour mini-mart and upstairs from a sign store. Look for the doorbell next to the steel mesh gate on the right side of the ground floor entry. Very discrete from the street – very hot once you get there! Too far to walk home, so make sure that they help you call a taxi back to your hotel – or head back to Zal Si Puedes (two blocks away) or Temptations (four blocks away) and continue the fun! -------------------------------------------------------- From a recent gay guide on san juan. Pretty exciting ...
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    Day 1-3: Pre-Christmas: the Good, the Bad, and the Messy Like previous trip reports, I am bundling the non-sauna days into one post. I’ve heard this so many times in Brazil: Christmas is for Family, the New Year is for Friends. I am abandoning my own family this year for some friend-, and boy-, time in Brazil. In a way though, I have found a new family in Sao Paulo, with some friends I’ve known for a year. Some of them are even eschewing their own families to celebrate a sort of “orphan” Christmas dinner. I’m here for all of that. Leo, hairdresser extraordinaire, and Alex, the programmer, were my hosts for this stretch. I preferred staying with Alex and his bachelor’s pad, versus Leo’s house he shared with his mother. 1. Holiday travel I alluded to it in the last trip report, but Holiday travel in Brazil is no different than anywhere else. I left the USA with a very busy International Terminal, and arrived Sao Paulo Guarulhos with a similarly packed arrivals area. Upon exiting the Terminal 2 secure area, I saw a lot of families waiting for loved ones who were arriving for the holidays. A lot of balloons, music, and joyful tears: Noone was waiting for me though. I was supposed to Uber it to Leo’s house for dinner first before heading over to Alex’s pad. I whipped out my Uber and quickly got matched with a driver. But after 10 minutes of waiting, the car was not leaving its position. That was weird. After 5 more minutes, the ride got cancelled. And then Uber quickly matched me again with another driver. 5 minutes later no movement. 5 minutes later cancelled. This happened 5 more times. I wasted an hour doing this. While this was happening I thought about getting a cab, but held out hope for the Uber. I was also texting Leo about my issue. Leo tried to get me an Uber as well and got the same treatment. He told me another friend who was in GRU same time I was, was getting the same thing. It apparently it was too busy tonight. I cancelled the search. Leo advised me to do this: when I get matched with a driver next, to try to send the driver a message, of where I was and where I was going, to at least tell the driver that I was actually waiting and was a sure fare. I did it just that, my 8thattempt to get an Uber. I got matched, I quickly send the messages, in Portuguese. Sure enough, the driver calls me soon after to confirm what I just said, and 8 minutes later, I was on my way to Leo’s place. 2. Chips and Samba When I used to go to Thailand a lot, I would always get a Thai SIM card at the airport on arrival before heading over to the city center of Bangkok for the fun I came for. This would enable me to get the necessary internet data I needed (for Grindr, WhatsApp/Line, email access, google searches) for the usually week-long trip. The data never ran out, and I was even able to let a boy or fellow tourist “borrow” data from me when they needed, all for $15 a week. Flash forward to my previous 5 trips in Brazil. All have been over a week or more. It never occurred to me to get a SIM card, and have always been using my $10 a day(!) international plan from AT&T. I didn’t know why I didn’t get a local SIM. Maybe because the tourist infrastructure in Brazil is not as developed as Thailand, so getting a tourist SIM was not as straightforward, or as easy, without having to go through a few more hoops. It was so easy in Thailand: you just pop in the SIM before you hop on your cab or train to Bangkok. Brazil to me seemed harder. Even in another country, let's say, Costa Rica, it was easier. There was a cellphone kiosk at baggage claim in San Jose airport, and the attendant always spoke english. Leo, upon hearing that I was paying $10 a day, immediately planned on getting me a SIM card. On Day 2 we went to the shopping mall closest to Alex’s apartment and marched our way into a TIM store, a popular cell provider. Upon talking to the saleslady, and figuring out that I would be in Brazil on average 1 week a month in 2019, we determined that this monthly plan was right for me: It was about $30 a month for the plan, or $360 for 2019. Compare that to possibly $70 a month of using AT&T, or $840 for the year, for a savings of $480. With unlimited use of redes socias (social media) which was the whole point of using a phone in Brazil. And with my new iPhone XS supporting two SIMS, I could still use my AT&T SIM with my Brazil SIM at the same time, and just using my Brazil SIM mostly for data. The saleslady said that as a foreigner I could have a post-paid plan as long as I resided in Brazil. I didn’t, but Leo said I could use his address for billing. After a few more back and forths, Leo determined that it would be easier for the cell plan to be in his name, thus taking over the responsibility of the plan, in the case that I did not pay the fee. But that’s what friends are for right? It took us about 30 minutes to get all the paperwork all squared away, but I left the TIM store with the new plan on my phone. And the knowledge that I am saving about $40 a week on this. Which is what, one programa with a premium garoto? 3. Tale of Two Baladas Alex, my programmer friend, is a man of many talents, and with multiple irons in the fire. Apart from his day job, and his side hustle selling used electronics, he also helped sponsor a monthly 24-hour “party weekend” at a nightclub in Sao Paulo Zona Leste, which starts at 12 noon Saturday and ends 12 noon Sunday. Leo tells me that I would absolutely hate the party, because he thinks it is “muito bagunçado”, too messy, for my gringo sensitivities. Which made me want to go even more. I was curious. Did my friends think I was too sheltered and too particular to go to a regular Brazilian party? On the day of the event, Alex was up early tending to the details of the party. He told me I really didn’t need to go the party till well into the night, since that’s when the party really ramps up. So after getting haircuts, the SIM card, and even a sauna visit (separate post), Leo, another friend, and I Uber it to the venue at 2 AM. On the way there Leo kept warning me about how bad it was, that I would hate it, and to prepare to leave it early. So I set my expectations low. We arrived with Alex waiting for us and he gives us all a huge hug. Alex quickly gives us our wristbands and tells us the party is on him and we can help ourselves with the drinks. I noticed that there was still a line to get in, at 2 AM, with the party going on for 8 hours already. The place looked like a condemned building from the outside: Inside, it was like a sauna. No, not the sauna with Garoto de Programas. It was because it was super hot inside. It was already a super hot day today, and there was no air-conditioning, so almost all the guys in the premises were shirtless. It was surreal. It was packed to the gills. No doubt it was a popular party. I got scooped up by Alex and Leo to the VIP section where we watched to crowd from below: After the initial shock of the wall-to-wall flesh, the sweating from everyone, the shirtlessness, the trash everywhere, and the pools of spilt alcohol, it was actually a great time. Everyone seemed to be in their 20s, save for a few, and most were fit and cute and ready to party. I got to meet some of Alex’s groupies, and all were young and hairless and cute and adorable. The music was rough but enjoyable after a few drinks. The place was a dump, but it hardly mattered if you’re having a great time with friends both old and, as the night wore on, lots of new ones. I left at 5 AM, not because I wanted to, but because I wanted some privacy (wink wink). The next day, Leo was excited to go to a next party. It was the Tic Tac Festival, a bi-monthly party night in Sao Paulo, which sometimes used The Week Sao Paulo’s clubhouse as a venue. This was more Leo’s speed. Leo is a “The Week” kind of gay. Likes the more luxurious, air-conditioned, clean expansive space, crowd more well-off, that The Week offers. But another warning from Leo: a number of the guys there were beautiful, muscular, but were using drugs. “What drugs do they use?” I ask. “It is easier to tell you what drugs they don’t use,” Leo answers, with a nervous laugh. The entrance fee was a steep 60 reals, but it came with a program, so I guess you’re paying for a lot: We get in earlier, at 7:30 PM, because the party ended earlier. Indeed, The Week is pretty slick. Organized lines, counters, coat checks, ventilated spaces. The music was top-notch. The program was pretty cool and organized. But the centerpiece of course was the crowd. Indeed, the guys were hotter, more Instagram ready, more manicured. No one was sweaty. But yes, Leo was right, a lot were high on something. Which was fine, pick your poison and all that. It was a fun time for sure, but there was more posing and use of phones and Instagram live story streaming than the other party. The men here were more well put together, but less accessible. I had fun with my friends, and met a few more, but the drinks were way more expensive than the other club. Granted, I got my drinks comped by Alex in the other party, but still, it could not be as expensive as this: We left at midnight, pretty satiated from the revelry, but felt the need to continue the party in more intimate settings. 4. Hookups in the wild I didn’t look for hook-ups while in Sao Paulo, but rather let the nightclub nights dictate my boy hunt (and alternative to the sauna). At the Tic Tac Festival at The Week, I wasn’t able to make a connection with the porcelain doll gays with the perfect bodies and drugged out minds. Probably because I wasn’t a porcelain doll myself. At Alex’s balada, the boys seemed younger, probably because it was cheaper there, versus the high cost of the Tic Tac Festival. But the boys here seemed more fun, more friendly, more grabby. I got friendly with a nice, compactly-fit 19 year old. When Alex introduced me to him he was of course shirtless, abs in a naturally youthful torso, and wearing form-fitting shorts, and looking sexy. His face looked younger, dangerously younger, but Alex assured me he was of age. Alex also said I could trust him, so that soothed my fears of robbery and all that. The boy and I danced together, eventually graduating to making out. We attempted at conversation on the dance floor but it was too loud in the clubhouse. We took a break to go outside for a smoke, and I got to know him more. White kid. Cute as fuck. Amazing smile. Big bright light brown eyes. I was sold. I talked to Leo, who didn’t seem to have a problem with the kid. I asked the kid if he wanted to leave. He said yes, punctuating it with a kiss. So I asked for the keys to Alex’s apartment. I was taking this kid home. It was 5 AM. It was nice to have Alex’s apartment all to myself. He wasn’t going to be home till 2 PM, 9 hours from now, since the party ended at noon. And the kid was pretty good. Great voracious bottom, which meant his dick was huge, and it was. We didn’t bother showering. Had dirty sex. Didn’t matter. Didn’t use a condom either, which was stupid, but I was on PrEP. The kid stayed over. At 9 AM I was woken up with a mouth on my cock. The kid wanted it again, waking me up for more. At 1:30 PM I got woken up by a WhatsApp call from Alex, warning me that he was on his way home. I wake lover boy up. Sex in the shower. Left Alex’s bed an absolute dirty mess. I’ll deal with that later. We walk to a nearby padaria to have a coffee and some salgados. I walk the boy to the Sao Paulo Metro in Tatuape. I bid him farewell. Kisses me in full view of public. I haven’t done this kind of thing in a while. At this age it felt new. Different. Better. Travel Tip: (1) To avoid being cancelled on by your current Uber in Brazil, try to send a message to the driver as soon as you get assigned one. (2) Brazil SIM data plans are cheaper than international data plans, but it is easier to get if you speak Portuguese, or if you get it with a Portiguese speaker. Boytoy Tip: It is possible to hook up at the nightclubs, without getting killed or maimed afterwards, but it depends on the nightclub. Sometimes you find the best boys in the worst places. Next: Sauna Lagoa, and how it never disappoints.
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    Fragata - seems like old times

    There was a time (for about twelve years) when I visited Fragata sauna whenever I was in Sao Paulo. During those initial twelve years, I enjoyed Fragata sauna far more than I enjoyed Lagoa sauna on other days of the week when Lagoa supposedly was the best sauna ("in the world"). Traditionally, Tuesday nights and Sunday nights were the busiest days of the week to visit Fragata during those early years. On those nights, Fragata was often filled with magnificent/handsome looking garotos. Fun was had by one and by all. However, about three years ago the garoto and client turnout at Fragata dwindled and became hit and miss and the crowds were, pathetically small. My being somewhat stubborn and loyal, I continued to visit Fragata at least a few times each year to see if it resumed its former fun place. Each time was a disappointment. About a year ago, I totally stopped visiting Fragata because it was a waste of time and effort to go there. Last week, one of my Brazilian friends told me he was going to Fragata "for old times sake" - - I wished him well. My friend reported back that he had a wonderful time almost as good as in the old days. I was skeptical, and decided to see for myself. Tonight I went to Fragata. My friend was correct. This being Sunday night, it was nearly as it was in the earlier years. What a shock I had tonight - - walking into Fragata was tantamount to watching a porno movie. Beautiful handsome guys, many with huge erect cocks, were standing around masturbating and many were making out (kissing and fondling) with clients in the hallways. Needless to say, I felt an inital shock but decided to join the fun, and fun I had. For those who visit Sao Paulo and go only to Lagoa, consider Fragata. You might be pleasantly surprised. Needless to say, I plan to return to Fragata Tuesday night to determine if the old tradition will also be in effect for next Tuesday. I will write an update if the Tuesday tradition holds.
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    Day 10: Vamos We went to bed around 3 AM. I set the alarm for 7 AM because I had to catch my flight back to US at noon, and we had to tidy up the AirBNB before we left, as well as getting some farewell Café da Mahna. One of the disadvantages of getting an AirBNB vs a Hotel. While one could leave the AirBNB with a mess, my mom raised me better than that, and we had a lot of beer cans and dirty dishes in the sink that needed cleaning. I am fairly sensitive with keeping my AirBNB reviews positive. At 5 AM, still a little bit tipsy, I got woken up by the doorbell. Took me a while to realize who that could be. It was Diego, trying to get his bag back. I tiptoe towards the door and look through the spyglass in the door. Yup, it was him. I go back to the bedrooms and look into Leo and Alex bedroom: both were sleeping soundly. I go back to bed and get a few more hours of shut eye. I heard the apartment phone ring a few times, but just assumed it was Diego trying to call us from the guard shack downstairs. The alarm rings at 7 AM and I get up and wake Leo and Alex. We all hear the doorbell ringing and I tell them it is Diego. “Serio?” Leo says. I am sure he wants his bag back, I say. Leo was thinking about what to do next. He then tells me to hide in my room. “He’s going to try to appeal to you. I need to get the truth out of him,” he says. I do what I’m told and go in my room to pack. I then go take a shower. I put on clothes and head to the living room. I see Leo texting and Alex doing dishes in the kitchen. I see Diego’s backpack still here, open. “What happened?” I ask. “Diego is taking a shower in the other bathroom,” Leo says. “What did he say?” Leo says that Diego was promised 500 reals to fuck the two clients who were interested in him last night. They bought him some beers and got to know Diego, before asking him to go to a cabina with them. But Diego said he had a problem: he said because of all the alcohol, he couldn’t get it up. The clients offered to buy him some Viagra and commence their tryst at a love motel nearby. Diego’s bill was paid off by the clients and they proceeded to buy the Viagra and then had a romp in the sack. It was 3 AM by the time they finished. He took a cab to Ipanema and slept some hours in the beach. At 5 AM he went up to the apartment to claim his bag. I shrugged my shoulders. Leo said he told Diego that I was very disappointed in him. “But I’m not,” I tell him. “Well, I am,” Leo throws his arms up. I can certainly understand his anger. To tell you the truth, at this point of the vacation I was just glad I did not get robbed or get swindled by anyone. A GP reneging on a promised night was hardly something I would be upset about, especially since there was no money involved. Diego emerges from the bathroom, in a towel. He goes over to shake my hand and I return the gesture. “Desculpe,” he starts, and I feign disappointment in my face. He says he will just change and then would want to talk to me. He disrobes, revealing his perfect body and his cock swinging, as he changes into fresh clothes that were in his bag. He then goes up to me and hugs me. He said he was sorry he left us. He said he had to do it for money. He asked that I see him again next time. I barely hug him back (still feigning), and tell him good luck. I go to my room. I hear Diego and Leo exchange some words before Diego leaves the apartment. All three of us clean the apartment up and finish packing before the AirBNB owners come in to retrieve the keys. We had breakfast next, at a nearby cafe, and made our goodbyes over coffee. Back at the apartment, the owners, who were also gay (and hot) were pretty nice to all of us and we had a nice conversation about our vacation. I will rent from them again. I Uber it to Galeao and check in to my flight. Another vacation done. Time flies. Some post-trip events that happened, proving that a proper Brazilian vacation stretches out long after you’ve left the country: 1. Leo, intrepid friend and bleeding heart, was really affected by Diego’s actions. He extended his Rio trip by another 4 days, about 5 days after I left Brazil. It was his mission to get to the bottom of Diego’s story. He managed to get Diego to come back to Ipanema at Leo and Alex’s new AirBNB, to talk it out. Diego’s story, as with most GPs stuck in this kind of work, is very complicated. 2. Since Diego did not have a phone, Leo had to call his “roommate” to set up the meeting. In turned out that the “roommate” was not really just a roommate. It was Diego’s pimp. Leo had to tread lightly. He pretended to be interested in becoming one of the pimp’s employee’s. Eventually the pimp was amenable enough with Leo, to deliver Diego the message of wanting to meet. Diego was able to visit Leo and Alex in Ipanema before heading over to Pointe 202 for work. 3. Diego’s story was pretty compelling. Without getting into too many details, let’s just say a tragic childhood and crushing poverty got him to Rio in search of a better life. Not being able to find work (and not having a place to stay and food to eat), he was recruited by his current pimp in a party Diego happened to be in. Citing his extreme good looks and bigger than average cock amazing ass, the pimp offered Diego a roof over his head and 3 squares a day, in exchange for access to a customer base, and 50% of Diego’s income. He was stuck in this prison ever since, not being able to leave because he didn’t have a cellphone and he did not have enough money to get an apartment. 4. Leo and Diego eventually were able to form a plan for Diego to leave the pimp. Diego had some money saved, and he could pool it with another fellow GP to get a room farther away (but cheaper) in Barra de Tijuca. But he needed help getting a cellphone. So Leo asked me for 300 reals to buy him a cellphone. I trusted Leo enough to do this. Leo used his own 200 reals and Diego and him went to the Centro area, near the Uruguaiana station, and Leo got Diego a cheap smartphone. 5. At the end of the week, Leo was able to help Diego move from his prison near Copacabana, and move into his new digs in Barra de Tijuca. I got all the scoop and photos and Whatsapp live video of the move (and Uber ride from Copa to Barra de Tijuca). Diego was pretty thankful of Leo and me. It’s amazing what 300 reals can do. 6. Diego, upon hearing that I was visiting Leo in Sao Paulo in 3 weeks, promised Leo and I that he will take the bus to Sao Paulo to stay with me, and us, for free, as thanks for all the help. I accepted the deal, but wasn’t really optimistic about this happening. Did it happen? I guess I need to write that next trip report for everyone here to find out. Sufficed to say, the Diego saga is still ongoing. In other news, of all boys I’ve had programas with this trip, Gabi was the only boy to hit me up for money while I was back in the USA: I forwarded my interactions with Gabi to Leo, and Leo was on his case as well. He found out that Gabi had not one, but TWO gringos who sent him money on a regular basis. Gabi even sent Leo some of his Western Union screenshots, in which Leo promptly send to me. The screenshots contained the person’s full name and address, as well as amounts sent from $200 to $500. I hope you guys trust your own GP’s in not exposing your identities to others. That’s it folks. I still have 3 trips to Brazil this year after this one.
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    Day 5.5: The night of too many boys There was a lot of people tonight, customers and boys. I didn’t know if Tuesday was a big night at Club 117, but it sure looked like it. Busier than that one Saturday night I went to many months ago. As a result, there was a short wait for rooms. Gabriel was waiting for room availability at the counter. He asked David and I to hang back closer to the stairs. While we waited, I was sizing David up. He was a little bit taller than I am, but not that much. He definitely worked out, and had large pecs and biceps, and strong trunk-like thighs. He had a giant ass that filled his undies perfectly. And the face, oh what a pretty face. Maybe knowing that he was from Manaus colored my suspicions, but he looked like he had some Indio in him. It was the eyes, and the lips. His nose was still the Italian nose I’ve gotten used to seeing here. He said he was 21, but his smooth face looked younger than that. Finally, Gabriel was able to get the room key. The room was at the lower level. On the way, Gabriel was telling me the price terms. 150 for the boy, he told me, and that was with gozar, since Gabriel already knows what I liked and asked the boy how much for this. At the room I notice both of them had the same sauna strategy. They were among the few who didn’t wear towels around the sauna, and instead wore briefs or swim trunks. Gabriel told me before that he likes the trunks better because it shows his giant powerful thighs and legs, and he said some of the guys that did not have worked out legs wore towels. He says he gets more clients that way, because it is more flattering. David was the same, wearing briefs to show off his giant legs and giant ass. David excuses himself to shower. Gabriel starts with me and makes out while he took off my clothes. I take off his trunks to reveal an already hard cock. I know I already had morning sec with Gabriel, but here is still with me. We make out for a while till David was able to join us. David starts by taking off my underwear and suck me. I lean over and suck Gabriel’s cock as well. Somehow I forget that I am in a dirty sauna, laying on a dirty bed. I was truly focused on the task at hand. Gabriel leans over to me and kisses me again, jacking off his hard cock. I turn over to David and turn him around to rim him. Gabriel heads over to David and offers his cock. This was good. I take the condom and lube and suit up to fuck David. He’s a pro. I had my fill and it was Gabriel’s turn. I had to watch this from all angles. Gabriel suits up, and then slowly goes in. He knows he has to go slow. David whimpers. Gabriel is halfway in. David protests in Portuguese. Gabriel is truly big. Not just in length, but in girth. Later this trip he would tell me that it is way easier for him to fuck girls than guys. He can hammer a girl to oblivion (with videos to prove it on his phone that he showed me). But with guys, it was hard for him to use “the machine”. He was just too big sometimes. And David is finding that out the hard way. He was in pain. He had tears. Gabriel kept pounding away. I was loving the visuals of course. Two muscle guys, one alpha, one sub. A big turn on to see live, like my own porno. I decide to give David a reprieve. “Desculpe,” Davis says, as Gabriel slowly pulls out. David runs to the bathroom to clean himself. Gabriel joins me in bed to kiss me and he starts jacking off. When David returns, Gabriel directs him to stand over me, and to cum on my face. Gabriel knows what works for me. Gabriel alternates kissing me and sucking my nips, while he and I jack off. When Gabriel was close he sits up and cums on my face. I release as well. David takes a while, but eventually gets to release. We all clean up in the en-suite shower. I tell David I am interested in talking to him more, perhaps on a different night. I wanted a guide to Manaus and told him that he was perfect. He tells me a few things about his hometown. Museums. A beach. The forest. The rivers. Gabriel tells us that he wants to come with us. Two GPs on a trip? Could be expensive. Could be hot. Gabriel tells us he will return the key and will find just find us in the sauna. I lead David to my locker and I give him his 150. David thanks me and asks to put his number on my phone. I give him my phone and he finds himself on Whatsapp and sends himself a message with my name on it. He thanks me again and disappears into the maze in the sauna. I make my way back to the bar in the back and see Leo deep in conversation with a GP. The GP was tall, super muscular, some tattoos. He was more indio than white. Leo introduced me to his him, Junio. Junio talks to me a little, in English, which was interesting. Leo was just looking at both of us with a stare. I tell Leo he really needs to learn English. He concurs. Leo asks me how was my threesome with the David and Gabriel. I said it was great, and told him he could have joined us. Leo just shakes his head and says “safado,” to me. Of course I was a safado. I get beer ordered and all of us just shot the shit for a while. Leo then spots a boy who was sitting at the next table. “That boy is gorgeous. I think he is a good fit for you. He is only 100. I already negotiated the price for you.” I laughed. First Gabriel was acting like the pimp, now Leo. I invite the kid over. “Gabi,” he introduces himself, in English. The kid was a knockout. He’s 20, looks 16. He was a twink, a contrast to the muscle god majority in the sauna. His face was gorgeous. A face that you would want to take care of. I fondled his torso. He was pretty cute. While I turned my attention back to Leo and Junio, Gabi whipped out his cock through his towel and massaged it a little bit. To entice me of course. I took it in my hand and made it grow. I could really make use of this kid tonight. As if by cue Gabriel comes, with skin glistening again. “I got pulled by another customer again, sorry.” Again? I ask and then i laugh. He laughs too at the absurdity of it all. He then says sometimes it is very slow and he doesn’t get customers, and sometimes it is like this night. I ask if he fucked the client. He said he did and was able to cum again too. I reminded him that he already came four times today. He said he knows, and that it is his job. He then tells me he has to go. I tell him that I have to pay him for tonight. Gabriel says to just add it to whatever I was going to pay him this trip. I was going to see him again tomorrow and he was going to stay at the apartment with Leo and I. Ten minutes later I get a Whatsapp message from Gabriel, saying that I should be careful with other GPs in the sauna. Some are crooks, he said, and will take advantage of me. I did not know if he was pertaining to someone in particular, but I replied with thanks for worrying about me. I am not sure if he is coming from a place of genuine worry, or if he didn’t want me to get enamored by another GP. Back to the task at hand. Leo asks me if I had the energy to give it another go with Gabi. I tell him that I was thinking about it, but was unsure if I wanted to just leave now to eat or do another programa. I then notice that Junio, Leo’s GP friend, had his cock peeking out at the slight opening of his towel. They were clearly getting acquainted. I ask Leo if he wanted to have sex with Junio. “Maybe. But I would never pay for sex,” he said. “I don’t need to have sex right now, and there is plenty of free boys on Grindr.” I ask him “Do you like him?” Leo says of course. Junio is sexy, built, and obviously has the equipment to make anyone happy. I had an idea: “Since you’re my friend, and I want to make you happy, I will pay Junio the 100 he wants.” Leo was unsure of the idea. He said he didn’t want to waste any of my money. I tell Leo that this is the perfect scenario. I can have a programa with Gabi here, my young friend, and he can be busy with Junio. “Otherwise,” I tell him, justifying the offer, “you would just be waiting for me again here while I have another programa.” Leo acquiesces, probably relieved that he can now get a piece of the action that was going on at the sauna. Gabi and Junio both get separate rooms for us. Leo and I go our separate ways. I have my way with Gabi. He was gorgeous, his ass tasted great, and the visuals and sensations were enough to get me excited enough to fuck a boy again in a span of two hours. Gabi was a good kisser too, and did all the requisite acts to get me in the mood. I didn’t ask him to cum. I didn’t need to see it. Maybe another time. After the deed I give him the 100 he quoted Leo. Leo was already done and was waiting for me at the bar with Junio, deep in conversation. We all go back to the lockers and I give Junio his 100. Junio shakes my hand and offers his cock for me to touch as thanks. I gladly put my hand inside the towel. That cock had some heft to it. Leo puts on street clothes and we call an Uber. While waiting I ask Leo how Junio was. Leo said he was fine. No fucking, just some oral, making out and talking. He was still uneasy with the idea of the programa. I told him we have to fix this somehow. It was 11 PM, and we were both exhausted. Just got some McDonalds burgers in Ipanema to take home to the apartment. We retire early. We were exhausted by all the excitement. Tomorrow, more shenanigans with Leo, Gabriel, and a really hot Uber driver.
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    Day 3.5: Taking the bad with the good I got to Sauna Olimpo as soon as I scrubbed myself down and got dressed. It was 5:30 PM, and the place was fairly busy with the Sunday crowd. Got into my towel + cellphone attire and surveyed the terrain. Some boys who I saw yesterday were here again. Some new ones that were just OK. No one stood out at the moment. I saw Bruno again and he spotted me and gave a big smile. He gives me a big hug and asks if I wanted to have a go again. “Talvez,” I said, not committing to anything. I told him I wanted to survey the field first. He respected that and then just hung around a bit to talk. He asked me if I liked the sauna, and how it compared to others I’ve seen. I told him that the facilities were excellent, but the cabinas were not as good. He told me I could get one of the “suites” with an en-suite bathroom. I asked if he could get one for me. He took off for the counter and pretty soon was back with a key to the suite. He showed me where it was and unlocked it for me to have a peek inside. It was fairly decent. He said it was charged per hour. I told him I was going to hold onto the key for a while. We retired to the video room and watched some straight porn while talking. After a few more minutes, Bruno told me that he will check out the customers, as he wanted an early night. We both left the video room and then went our separate ways. After a few minutes I was getting bored. I wasn’t finding any of the boys inspiring. I guess that’s what happens when one has already hooked up with two boys before the sauna. I spot a young pretty guy with an average body who was hanging out with a Brazilian friend yesterday. I though he looked charming but he is more of a B-quality boy. Definitely someone I wouldn’t get in a sauna. He spotted me and extended a hand, and then sat with me. He spoke Portugues in a strange accent that I could barely understand. But I kept up and talked. Eventually we got to the subject of a programa. He said he’d do everything, and for 80 reals ($20). That is the cheapest I’ve ever been quoted in a sauna. He was a B quality boy after all, so it made sense. Since nothing seemed to be inspiring me I took a chance with this particular boy next door. I told him I already had a suite and to just get some condoms and lube. He got some and took my suite key and led the way. What followed was pretty decent foreplay. But then I decided to rim him and he obviously needed a shower down there. I told him to shower and clean his bunda before proceeding. He did as told and then came back. His ass was still not as clean as I hoped. I decided to skip rimming and just fuck. He expertly took the condoms and lube and then sat on me. It was pretty rough thrusts by him, not sauve at all. After a few more pretty violent thrusts I told him to get off me. Holy shit, literally. My condom-sheathed dick was covered in shit. Disgusting. I told him to take it off and shower some more. He tossed the condom on the floor and did as told. He came back and put another condom on me and sat on me again. I tossed him on the bed and fucked him that way. I pulled out and the condom was covered in shit, again. This boy is not gonna work out. I told him we should just shower and call it a day. In the shower he tried to make amends. He blew me till I came in his mouth. I gave him 80 reals because, I guess he performed as promised. There is no standard of cleanliness with garotos I am know of, as with gay guys, but all that shit was just ridiculous. I remember in my most recent Bangkok trip I had three Myanmar boys in a row, and all three had pristine, smooth asses. And the asses were scentless too, no trace of perfume covering up anything, and not even a soap scent. It was just scentless, beautiful ass. Not like the hellscape I just experienced just now. I decided to not let that discourage me. I sat on the bar and ordered a beer. One of yesterday’s friendly clients was back and we talked for a bit. I warned him about swamp ass. He laughed and said that the boy did have a reputation. I guess I missed the memo. After a while, he bid me farewell to do a programa with a tall and lean black guy. I played with my phone for a while. After a while, and still nursing my beer, I felt a big presence get behind me and they put their hands on my shoulders. “How are you,” the guy said, in English. “I am good, yourself?” “I am good thanks!” answers the guy. I thought it was someone I knew. I turned around and it was another boy. He was very tall, young looking, nice lean muscular body and very cute. He has very tanned skin, and his smile was amazing. I was slightly disoriented. They were the first English words I’ve heard anyone speak to me in 3 days. “Can I?” he asked, pointing to the seat next to me. “Sim,” I answered, veering to the more familiar Portuguese. “Voce fala Portugues?” he asks. “Um pouco,” a little, I said. “Ainda estou aprendendo,” still learning. We switch to Portuguese. He was highly intelligible, even if he was speaking faster than what I am used to. His voice was deep and boyish at the same time. And he smiled while he spoke. A turn on. We talked about some boilerplate topics. Names (let’s call him Thiago), where we were from (he was native Mineiro), age (he is 21). He looked his age but his demeanor was more mature. He then asked me about what my impression of Brazil was. He was pretty easy to talk to, but also was not afraid to challenge me on certain things I said. He made me feel at ease. I asked him if he was going to school. He said yes, he was studying in a university, for a science degree. He said he went here at the sauna on the weekends to make money. He was also fairly complimentary. He definitely knew what words to say to give you confidence. It was different talking to him versus other GPs I’ve hung out with so far. I could talk to him all night. But of course I knew he didn’t have all night. I asked him if he really was a GP, or just a gay guy who wandered in the club. He laughed and asked why I asked that. I told him that he was educated, a great conversationalist, and not once asked if I wanted a programa, and we have been talking for a while. He said he liked talking too, and didn’t mind getting to know me. Since we were on that topic, I did ask him about what he did in bed. “Tudo,” he said the magic words. I told him we should go to my suite. And then I remembered the suite still had the shit covered condoms on the floor. I asked Thiago if he can have someone clean up the room. Handing him the key, someone took it from him to clean the room. I ordered him a beer and then waited for the suite. After a few minutes the key was handed back to me. We headed over to the room. The room was clean again thank god. We quickly dispatched of our towels. His dick just swung back and forth while he got to the bed and lied down. This was promising. I wrap myself around him. We continued talking. But now with a lot of making out and groping. We finished our beers and then made out like bandits. Sucking, body contact. Rimming was heaven. He was scentless, and it tasted great. He was toying with me too, teasing my ass with his big hard cock. His cock was nice. Thick, uncut, healthy foreskin real estate. I told him I wasn’t ready to get fucked, but would love to fuck him. So I did. And came in the condom. Pulling out, the condom was spotless. He is my kind of GP. We shower together, still talking, laughing, kissing. He asks me for my Whatsapp. I put it in his phone. He takes a selfie and sends it to me as a first message. We put on our towels and head for the lockers. I give him 150 and he accepts, not counting the bills. I don’t think we ever discussed the subject of payment. I gave him what I thought was fair, but he deserved more. I put on my clothes. It was 9 PM. I was late for my nightcap. Paulo was waiting for me at the hotel. That’s next.
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    Floridarob, you get my favorite quote of the day award! Agree 100% with every word.
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    Day 5-6: Salvador, My Savior This was a 2-week stay in Brazil, and just staying in Sao Paulo, or Rio, for the entire time, can be a bit monotonous for me, no matter how good the boy selection was. Before this trip, I was going back and forth with my choices on a possible third location to mix it up. Since it was winter in the USA, I wanted a great beach location as a counter. I narrowed it down to three locations in the Northeast of Brazil: Fortaleza, Recife and Salvador. The former two are in Brazilian states I have never been to, and I’ve heard good things about them, except their saunas, which from what I’ve read on here, are mediocre at best. Salvador saunas, on the other hand, have received some attention on here, but I was there last year, with a former boyfriend, though I have never been to the saunas there, so it was a possibility to at least hone my sauna skills. My answer came in the form of a request of a former boy I hired in Rio. I have talked about him here. David, the 21 year old dynamite from Manaus: He reached out to me just right after my November trip, in the first week of December, telling me he was already bored out of mind after just a week of staying with his parents in Manaus. He intended on staying there till after Christmas, after which he intended on going back to Rio to catch the New Year customer base at the sauna. He was one of those GPs that hates Rio but go there because that’s where the money was. He has locked in a particular niche at the saunas and has been fairly popular, from what I can see. He only stays and works in Rio 50% of the time, and whenever possible (during known lulls in the sauna popularity) he goes back to Manaus to work odd jobs here and there and stays with his parents to save on rent. So he messages me, out of the blue, to ask me when I was going to be back in Brazil. I told him when, and he asked if it was possible if we could meet. What’s the catch, I asked. What did he want? He needed a one-way ticket back to Rio after Christmas, as flights have become prohibitively expensive for him due to the holidays. How are you going to pay me back? I ask, of course. Quid pro quo. Can I stay with you in Rio, he asks? Do this for me and I’ll stay with you the whole time. That was tricky, I told him. I’ll be with friends those days. I told him about my plan for 6 days in the northeast, but not knowing what to pick between Recife, Fortaleza and Salvador. He asked me about what I thought about the pros and cons about all three. After a few more back and forths, he chose Salvador for me, based on how well he knew me and what he thought I liked. So David got his flight to Rio from Manaus from me, and I added a 6-day connection at Salvador, with me. I picked a pretty reasonable one-bedroom apartment across the street from the Barra beach. I timed David’s flight from Manaus so it arrives the same time mine did coming from Sao Paulo. During Christmas dinner we both were texting back and forth, knowing that we both weren’t going to be able to sleep before our flights. I arrive at Salvador with a lot of other people going into town for the New Year. While I waited for my luggage at baggage claim I felt an arm go around my waist, from someone who smelled familiar. I look to my left and there was David, looking all smiley and perky and seemingly happy to see me. I hug him and he kisses my cheek. He seemed to be fairly unbothered by anyone who could see such PDA. I felt this was going to be a good stay. Since we were both tired from not sleeping from Christmas dinner, we had three things to do before we rested: check in the apartment, eat at a restaurant, and have welcome sex. Check-in the AirBNB was easy: the keys were with the porter. We blasted both air conditioners in the unit because it was hot as hades in Salvador. We decide on eating at a restaurant across the street called “Barravento”. I wouldn’t recommend it. The service was too slow and food overpriced, but it was nice to use the time to catch up with David. Afterwards, and after a quick shower, we were off to the races. Sex was pretty good, though we were both exhausted. We slept soon after, with cum still all over everywhere. I have been talking to @Latbear4blk the whole time, and had to give my regrets for not being able to meet today. David and I were simply too exhausted and too busy getting reacquainted, to meet. The next day, after some restorative sleep, and some further hanky-panky every chance we got (David was super horny this trip), we were able to successfully extricate ourselves from our love nest and make the 5 minute walk to the nearby mall Shopping Barra to get lunch. @Latbear4blk played a big part with David and I being up and running today because we planned on meeting later at the sauna Clube 11. Without his motivation and insistence I probably would just be with David the whole trip, indoors, in bed, marinating in a heavy fog of sex. Sometimes I do love trips like this, especially if it was with someone as amenable, sexy, and eager as David. David did his best to get me stay in though. We finally got out of the house at 3 PM (egads), but we went to the mall to eat. @Latbear4blk was appraising us of his whereabouts, and he intended on arriving early this Wednesday night (4 PM!) because of advice in this forum. He thought he got in too early: After eating, David and I decide to go to the gym. Luckily there was one in the shopping mall as well, Alpha Fitness. 50 reals and an hour and a half later we got a great workout in, and were ready to hit the sauna: Arriving at Clube 11 (formerly Planetario 11), I was impressed by how clean and open everything was. Got the usual keys and slippers from the counter, and a towel was in every locker. I put the keys of the apartment and my wallet and money in the locker. David and I did not change into towels, and just kept our tank top (regatta) and shorts ensemble. We go down the hall to the stairs and find the stage and tables area, where @Latbear4blk was. He was already entertaining some good looking boys when we got there. After introductions we settle into our seats and survey the area. I would say that there was about 15 boys at the most in the premises, and I found about 5 that I could have some dirty fun with. I always feel bad for dragging another working boy to go to a sauna. It’s bad enough that they had to work here anyway, even worse that they had to stay here without earning any money, but David was a good sport about it. He brought headphones with him and listened to music whenever @Latbear4blk and I would talk in English and shot the shit. He would get stared at of course, since he was cute and a breathe of fresh air from the usual offerings in the sauna, and rejected advances politely. And oddly enough, he was super clingy, asking for a kiss, or full on make out session, once in a while, and in full view of everyone. He always had a hand touching me, either my hand, arm, or thigh. He seemed to be the perfect companion so far. @Latbear4blk eventually went with a gorgeous guy, which left me to survey the offerings on my own. I was admiring a slim dark-skinned guy with perfect abs and handsome face, but I was not pulling the trigger. And then I notice another slim dark-skinned guy in the upper level just getting in. He was black, young-looking, with perfectly developed abs, athletic build, and a pretty face. He was slight, sure, but something about him made me get the courage to invite him over to our table. Plus I really wanted to leave so as not to make David more bored. Let’s call the guy Ronnie. Upon arriving he immediately leans over for a kiss, and then notices David with me. “Namorado?” he asks David and I if we were boyfriends. “Sim!” David responds quickly, perhaps to claim me quickly and not give Ronnie any ideas beyond a programa. Ronnie and David exchange some pleasantries first, perhaps to check what the ground rules where, before Ronnie plopped himself basically on top of me, draping his left leg on my lap, and his left arm around my shoulder. He does not waste time. When Bingo started, I gave him my bingo cards, and he and David played the game while I basked in the perfection of his tight body pressed on mine. When the drag show started, I decided to start Ronnie’s programa. I asked for his price (a very cheap 80 reals). We quickly get a room (I wanted a suite, always a suite). Upon entering I was super impressed by the suite. It had a huge HD TV, a presentable bed that didn’t look like it has seen better days, and nice touches everywhere. This would do nicely. Ronnie and I both took a piss to get rid of the beers we imbibed earlier, and I saw a nice preview of what I was working with. The boy may be slight, but his cock sure wasn’t. And whatever affection Ronnie gave me at the bar, he doubled, tripled it in the room. He was dynamite. The kissing was everything you would want from a lover, sucked dick well and long, and surprisingly rimmed me for a long time without any hesitation, without even knowing that I loved getting that. Whenever a boy rims me without me asking, I know it was gonna be good and he was not afraid of me or my body. I got to the business of his cock and it was long, thick and hard. I could only get the tip in my small mouth. His ass also tasted great, and looked like it doesn’t get extensive use. He finally takes a condom and sheaths me up and lubes himself up. He was rocking my world. Without prompting he came while jacking himself off, without me asking. That was hot, and was enough to make me cum. After bathing together and talking about Salvador, I give Ronnie 120 reals (deserved every penny) and we both went back to see David. @Latbear4blk was back from his own programa. David, however, was worried. “Demora!” he complained, telling me I was gone a while. I gave him my apologies, and hugged him for a kiss. He pulled away, mocking me, pointing to my mouth. “You need to brush your teeth!” he tells me jokingly. I frown and pull away. “Brincando,” he finally says, and then pulls me back for a kiss. Best non-boyfriend ever. We were ready to leave, and its good that @Latbear4blk is joining us for dinner. It’s always nice to meet with forum members and get to know people behind the screename. We decide on a sushi restaurant (David’s favorite), and just google a place that was open at 10 PM at night. We find something on google and we settle our accounts (35 for entrance? 30 for the suite? Fucking cheap, I love Salvador). We all Uber it to the restaurant and find that the restaurant may have been too fancy for our tank tops and shorts ensemble. It didn’t matter, they accepted us in our sloppy attire and got seated, though the waitstaff paid more attention to @Latbear4blk than me or David. After drinks and conversation we got our sushis and tempura: Thanks @Latbear4blk for hanging out. Let's do it again soon. We Uber it back to Barra, with us again sharing an Uber. And then it occurred to me, I forgot our apartment keys in the sauna! And it was 11 PM! Travel Tip: Uber has a multiple stop feature, so we were able to split an Uber, saving money. Boytoy Tip: Salvador is waaaayyyyy cheaper than Rio and Sao Paulo, and this includes the saunas. Next: We can’t get into our apartment!
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    Well having spent the month of January in Colombia I thought I would give an overall view on the country and some of the places I have had the pleasure of visiting. Colombia in general. I think it has a bad rep it no longer deserves, like anywhere in the world if you wander into the wrong part of town or go looking for trouble you will find it but a bit of advance research and you should be good to go. Dating apps are busy here and when you arrive in a new town and log in expect to be inundated with messages and 20 subsequent photos, which if you do not respond in 3 seconds receive ????. I have received many messages from a mix of guys from not my type, older and looking for love to young chancers looking to subsidise a night out to full on rent boys. Clues on the profiles, the blue diamond which is becoming the accepted worldwide symbol for rent to ‘serio’ to ‘solventes’ ‘scort’ some state quite clearly they are not scorts so it is probably common practise to just message a handsome guy and ask outright, I have on a couple of occasions and it worked. Always insist on a face pic of them even if there is one on their profile, often due to discretion it won’t be theirs and they will almost likely ask for yours as they presume you haven’t used your own. Cities here are so large and there are so many on the apps that normally I found anyone on the screen was very local which was good but it also means as you move around the city more profiles come into view When you arrive indo town treat yourself to a local chip and an internet package its inexpensive keeps you connected with the boys at all times and a great tool to get around and find where its at. I visited some online guys around the country, and all was fine and had a great time in their apartments. I always (anywhere in the world) send details of where I’m going via email to a close friend as a safety backup. A lot of the guys here are Venezuelan which pleases me and many are only gay 4 pay which is another box ticked. Medellin. The best thing I found there was Fercho Massage it really was my kind of place. The guy will send via wattsapp a whole rake of photos and videos and it’s a quirky house in town with a bar and boys hang out there and he can call some in from his vast portfolio. Really helpful guy, great guys and I like to sit in a bar and watch guys behaviour before deciding as you see the real them before you buy. They also have weekend parties sometimes at a farm and all the boys are there to select from, never made one of those but that is my ideal weekend of fun. Bogota. Such a massive city I wish I had longer to explore and enjoy St Moritz sauna and Gigolos upstairs and I also found out that they have a video cabin store above that, 3 in one building. Had an amazing time in the St Moritz Sauna and my 1st ever private dance in a lap dancing club with a straight (gay 4 pay) Hot Chilean guy who let me do anything and did the same in return in Gigolos. Cramped little booths but its amazing what you can get up to in such a small space and only 50,000 pesos a dance. For everything else there is google so I won’t bore you with saunas etc and they change so frequently its not worth it. San Andres island. Not impressed although everyone raves about it. Only action was on apps and I only had a short time there so didn’t bother hooking up but lots of opportunity to do so. Cali. Didn’t have much time there but it was the only place I found I got trolled on social media ( Grindr) by some guy who basically told me I was punching about my weight in what I had listed as looking for on my profile. Guy was bonkers bonkers bonkers and was let ignored then starts begging me for a dick pick ! Turn out he just didn’t fit what I was looking for and he wanted a piece. Bad luck there Mr. Armenia. Again it was a fly in fly out visit but apps were busy and attractive didn’t have time to visit any of the listed bars etc. Cartagena. Cartagena is one of the most beautiful places I have visited ever and I’ve seen a lot of the world. It ahs some of the best looking men anywhere in the country as it’s a big holiday destination so they are from all over. La Petit is a fun bar and even on a Wednesday for Karaoke was busy. The staff are stunning, and I mean some of them are STUNNIG very friendly and straight. I was just bold and asked this stunner with guns to die for and a smile as big if he was a scort and he just said sorry not my thing and then proceeded to tell me those that will those that wont and those not to bother with. I just got flirty with a really cute waiter dropped him tips every round and asked if he was a scort and he just said no but I will give you my number and we can spend the night together if you want which he did and we did and we did each other all night before cuddling up in a bundle and falling asleep. Overall I love Colombia and Colombian men but Brazilian saunas are much simpler for me with so much choice to select from under one roof. If I can offer 1 piece of advice to make your trip safer and more enjoyable LEARN THE LANGUAGE. I am fortunate and have a high level of spoken Spanish and can read and write sufficiently to get by, I wandered into places decent locals wouldn’t and had a laugh with the rough lads and got out with all my possessions and me intact, not sure that would be the case if I didn’t have the lingo and its just so much more fun if you can communicate with these guys on a decent level they are lovely and just want to have some fun and make some money and you will be more a part of that if you can communicate efficiently.
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    Day 2: Hello Belo Horizonte, and a Setback I slept like a baby at Royal Center Hotel. I guess I was really tired from yesterday’s travel day. I checked my phone and there were a ton of unread Grindr messages waiting for me. I might have fallen asleep responding to the messages, and some new ones trickled in as the night progressed. The GP offers I got on BH on Grindr weren’t too spectacular, and they seem to all ask 150 reals ($38) for their services: The some of the free boys were much more hotter than these GPs. My setback: I wish I didn’t check my work email. I guess my work needed me to finish something that I can work on remotely from hotel. I brought my work laptop with me this trip, just in case I needed to work, and I guess my instincts were right. I made myself available to work this trip, as with most trips. I then decided to just use this weekend, in BH, to finish whatever was necessary, so I can be free for the rest of the trip, which would be in Rio. The good thing about this was I can charge for 2 days worth of work, saving me some of the vacation days I was going to use, but the bad thing about this was, I had to cancel my intentions to do an overnight to Ouro Preto, since I didn’t have time to go there as well as work this weekend. I also then decided to leave BH one day early for Rio. I can't imagine BH would be exciting on a Monday, with Ouro Preto out of the picture. Fortunately, Azul Airlines sent me a “flight time change” notice in my email a few weeks ago, which enabled me to either accept the new time, or book a completely different flight, even on a different date, no charge, by clicking on the blue button: I booked a flight on Monday, two days from today, instead of leaving originally on Tuesday, since I was not going to Ouro Preto. I might as well start my Rio leg early. Mondays in Rio meant going to try Manhattan Rio sauna, which made me feel good about my choice to get there sooner. Before working I had to get breakfast , since I was hungry. I slept past the availability of the free breakfast offered by the hotel, so I had to get my "cafe da manha" outside the hotel. I showered, google mapped the closest shopping mall (Shopping Cidade), memorized my route so I didn’t need to whip out my phone unnecessarily in public (can’t be too careful in Brazil). It was only a 15-minute walk, and it was nice out, but my path took me through the downtown (centro) of BH, which made me feel a little uneasy, due to the volume of people walking around. Nothing bad happened of course, and I was actually asked for directions twice in my walk. Maybe I looked like I knew what I was doing, or where I was going. I got to the shopping mall with no incident, and I felt I wasn’t in any danger whatsoever any time. BH felt safe during the day. I have been talking to a boy from BH on Grindr for 2 weeks now, let’s call him Paulo. He’s a cute 22-year old, tall with tanned skin and an athletic body. His face looked more latino than white, and had the most luscious lips I've ever seen in a while. He worked at hotel reception in a hotel in Savassi, so his English was good/passable. We planned on going to Ouro Preto together tomorrow, but since my plans changed, a coffee meetup would have to do for now. When I got to Shopping Cidade, I Whatsapped Paulo. He said he was already in the mall and told me to meet him at Mr Black Coffee: It was easy to find, and Paulo was already seated. When he saw me he stood up to greet me and gave me a hug. We sat down together and ordered. I was overzealous and ordered a Pao de quiejo, a pao de quiejo with Nutella, and a ham panini, and a latte with Nutella: All delicious of course. Not as delicious as Paulo though. That face. Talking to him was enjoyable. He had a good sense of humor, and his broken english was pretty endearing. After a good conversation and good food, we decided to walk back to the hotel. We get to the hotel and there were no issues with taking him up to the room (no one cared at reception, no one looked up). We immediately get to the business at hand. We tear our clothes off. his body was lean and tight. Big cock, big ass, two things I come to expect with Brasileiros, and Paulo was no exception. We make out in bed. We suck, we rim, we fucked each other. My first sex this trip proved to be pretty amazing. He did ask if we could do it bare. I thought about it but decided not to give in to temptation. It was fun nevertheless. After the deed we showered together. Thank goodness the shower was big enough for two people. Another point for Royal Center Hotel. He towered over me, but he didn't mind leaning over once in a while for a kiss. It took us a while to finish showering but between talking and kissing, it was worth it. We put clothes on and he asks me what I was going to do for the rest of the afternoon. I tell him I needed to work. I didn't tell him I was going to the sauna after working. He frowns with the news and tells me he will leave me to concentrate. I tell him I’d like to see him again. He said to Whastapp him. He had work tonight but was free all day tomorrow. So I do just that. I work for about 3 hours fueled with the “para levar” coffee I had from Mr Black. It is hard to concentrate on working while you’re in paradise, as I have done numerous times before. But I felt it necessary to get this done this weekend, so I can have all the fun time for my main event: Rio. And for the main event today: Sauna Olimpo. At 5:45 PM I decide to call it a day and closed my laptop. I shower (again) but this time for the sauna. I wear shorts, a t-shirt and flip flops. I step outside and there was a little chill in air (it is late winter), but thankfully the sauna is just a 4-minute walk from the lobby of the hotel. Using Google Maps was accurate, as I got to the sauna location without getting lost. Sauna Olimpo actually looked like a house more than a place of business, so I was turned around at first. I enter the yard, walk up the stairs to the "house", get myself registered with the person in front, and head on in. Déjà vu set in. I felt like I was in Sauna Mezzaninu in Porto Alegre again. Where were the boys? I can’t tell the boys apart from the clients. What happened? Next…
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    So after a long haul (27 hours inc layovers), i finally made it to Rio. I arrived just after 1.30am and used airport taxi service per Pauleiro's suggestion, which is the second stall right outside the exit. The next day i went walkabout in nearby shops. By mid-day i went to the beach and had caipirinha (R19) and some sort of fishball (R19). Love the drink but i thought the fishball is meh. Afterwards i went back to my hotel to sleep for my first sauna adventure. Due to excitement i didnt really sleep well, probably just half hour shut eye. I got up at 4pm, showered and walked to Point 202 which 14 mins walk from Americas Copa Hotel. By the way, earlier when i walked around downtown and at the beach, i didnt see any particularly hot guy. I saw one but i think hes a tourist. I was a bit disappointed as i was hoping ill see hotness everywhere. So i was hoping that the sauna will change that. I leisurely walked to 202 trying to immerse myself to the environment. Did you guys notice that downtown Rio smelt of cooking oil? I arrived at Point 202 where its 12 garotos vs 2 clients. Im one of the two. Immediately i was approached by a guy with unpronounceable name whos not my type trying to sell me a massage for $180. He was nice and although i said no stayed with me and kept talking in Portuguese and showed me the lay of the land. I thanked him and i went to the bar and he followed me again. I pulled out my phone from my pocket and pretended to check something and he left. Then i heard a voice talking to me in Portuguese coming from a guy whose name as he claimed was Patrick. Thankfully it is easy on the tounge and he's easy on the eye. I scanned the whole place and although he wears more clothes than the others, to me, hes the fairest of them all. Hes selling me a massage for R100 which i immediately said yes to, because i like him and i wanted to get out of the garotos prying eyes fast. We went up to the room and he started explaining in Portuguese I think he said that if i want sexo as well it will be for so and so reiase. I said massage only please. He persisted, so i get my phone out and google translate what i want. The conversation was ungainly because after i showed him the translation he would reply in Portuguese and when i asked him to type it on my phone he cant spell correctly. Long story short he gave me a massage but it was luck lustre. When he asked me to roll over i grabbed his dick and i said i want to suck only which is R50 extra. His dick smelled a bit but i sucked it anyway. What turned me off was his fake Oh-Ah as soon as i put it in my mouth. Hes so sweet though cause he gave me a long wet and sexy French kiss. Honestly I enjoyed his tounge better than his dick. Neither of us came. When i went back downstairs i saw the first guy who approached me with unpronounceable name, this time he wouldn't even look at me anymore. He must have been annoyed with me. Then i was approached by another guy whos very muscly but not my type. Again hes trying to sell me a massage. I decided im going to leave now as i coudnt relax. So i left. Time spent at 202: 45 mins. Money spent: R280 (3 stella artois, fee, room, massage, suck, French kiss). I'll have a quick shower and check out 117. Report tomorrow.
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    Rio report

    Am in the midst of long awaited Rio from from Australia. Taxi from airport to my Airbnb to ipanema was about R$130 (blue cab). I won’t recommended Airbnb its not that it is bad it’s just that after booking got a list of lots of rules and warnings about guests and a specific don’t bring prositutes into your room!! Am sure I couldn’t bring someone in but at this stage haven’t... but it is a nice place and safe area. as I got in late was tired so just ducked to Rio G. I got there with an hour to close so it wasn’t packed but s fee guys around. Had a bit of a play. In the very dark dark room. It’s quite a small sauna don’t have a firm view on it after just one visit. today started with a massage - wasn’t a great one. Guy did it naked but was obvious didn’t enjoy and was going through. Motions. i was debating go to go to club 117 or pointe. I choose 117 and was happy with decision I got there about 6 and quite busy and when I left just after nine the room with the stage etc was full. I have nothing to compare as first visit. The u we there from ipanema was r$25 which I thought was good. I read othrrr posts about the area - it all looked pretty safe to me both when I arrrived and left. I was nerous as I entered but needn’t have been staff were welcoming. As I was fairly early I booked a 1 hour massage straight away to settle in. It was excellent and only r$100 for an hour (the one in the morning was $200). After the massage had a walk around to suss place out. Ended up in the video room here were a few hot guys jacking off. I spotted a skinny heavily tattooed guy I think (name starts with w) he stoppped jacking off snd came over to me and started asking the normal questions. Was very sexy said he was ativo his dick was s nice side but not huge which suited me as hadn’t been fucked for s while so wanted to start slowly. We agreed on a rate of r$150. I didn’t really haggle as was anxious to get laid! We went to a cabin downstairs near the lockers (the one upstairs as nocer but they are still ok and better than most saunas). he said he kissed and whilst he did couldntell was not that into it and wanted to be sucked while he watched straight porn. After a while he lubed me up and slide into me pushing my legs behind my esrs. As I had came earlier in the day I didn’t cum but he ended up cumming over me (no extras charge) he was a patient fuck and didn’t try and rush too much but was a bit off putting how focused he was on the straights porn (like most of the guys he is straight ) wemt upstairs and had some food and drink. Was cruiser by a few boys but wanted to be patient... then say hot 21 year old called Pedro who spoke really good English. We went to the room upstairs ... I laid r$200 for 40 mins as just had to have him. Was worth it his dick was s nice size we kissed and rolled around a lot and he also sucked me as I ate his arse. Room have a mirror which is quite fun. He fucked me with my on my back again pushing my legs back strongly fucked with a nice Rythmn. He fucked for ages and then slipped some lube on my cold and started jerking me off and he started fucking me harder looking me in the eye the whole time which was hot. Eventually was too much for me and this time I came. Was a better session than the first. I left after the show and my exit bill was r$270. was at least 3 or 4 other guys would have gone with but still a bit jet lagged. The saunas wet and dry are nice and clean btw. All in all a great experience having dreamt of this place for ages. It really is unique. I will be back tomorrow but will also try pointe time permitting. Will update post throughout trip. Any specific questions let me know.
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    A Newbie's First Time in Brazil

    I appreciate your perspective and thus why your post was not removed or edited and why you were not warned or banned. I believe in free speech and rarely get involved when people have issues with posts. However, let me help you edit your first post to be more positive and not rude (as I and OTHERS who wrote to me) believed it was. Rude You: From what I could make up from the overly long (extremely detailed) and somewhat confusing encounter...you had a good time...Happy to hear (read) that Your writing/typing sounds like somebody else who also writes long, hard to follow encounters with boys in Brazil... FYI...Most of the guys don´t steal especially if they know they have the opportunity to make more money with you and also if they know they may run into you again... Glad that you were able to entertain so many guys on here.. Not Rude You: From what I could make up from the extremely detailed and somewhat confusing encounter...you had a good time...Happy to hear (read) that Your writing/typing sounds like somebody else that use to post on this site. FYI...Most of the guys don´t steal especially if they know they have the opportunity to make more money with you and also if they know they may run into you again... Glad that you were able to entertain so many guys on here.. Oz here again: So, see, just a few words can make a big difference. You thought the OP's post was not to your liking. You said that in a rude way. I thought your post was not to my liking and I said that in a rude way. I guess I was trying to treat you like you had treated the OP and hoping that you would see how you could be just a bit kinder in THIS instance to help new posters feel more welcome as opposed to alienating them (much like another poster here from years gone by). Also, notice that your pissing on this thread did not cause me to piss on your other thread. I view things very separate. I think many would say that is the wrong approach but I'm old and my ways are kind of set in stone at this point in time. I can truly count on one hand the number of people banned from this site (other than one poster who created 10 or more names and we banned them all). You are appreciated here. But, rude comments to others are not appreciated or loved.
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    In Grindr or Scruff, at least in Rio, there is an increasing number of guys who claim to like "maduros" or "coroas"or "50 +" ie older gentlemen. During my first trips to Rio, back 10 years ago, these ads were very rare. They are now common and are basically of 4 types : - the garotos de programa who are identified as such in the ad - the garotos who are in fact garotos de programa but who do not identify themselves as GP and try to find an older gentlemen who will think that he is not a guy next door and not a GP - the garotos really liking older gentlemen, who are of course a very small minority. They are not expecting anything else than finding a boyfriend or starting a relationship with someone older. They are not looking for money. Since my first travel, I met around 15 of these boys and am still in contact with a few of them, even meeting some of them, for dinner or more, when I am in Brazil - the crooks. This is a new category which seems to be growing and I know that there is a gang of these boys operating in Rio and Sao Paulo. They will meet you and then blackmail you, rob you and put pressure on you to get money. Below are some of the precautions I take to try to identify the boys who genuinely like older gentlemen : - I make it very clear that I am not looking for a GP and I am not prepared to pay for sex (normally the guys from first 2 categories above stop chatting) - I make it clear that I am not (only) looking for sex but want to have discussion on subjects such as politics, travels, languages, art, music, ... - I try to use internet sites which are specialized in bears (and therefore avoid Grindr or Scruff or be even more careful on these general sites) - I check if they know the places where older gentlemen and younger guys who like them meet together (ie La Cueva in Rio and ABC Bailao in Sao Paulo, or internet sites such as ursosderio, or sauna such as Carioca in Rio or Sauna LeRouge 80 in Sao Paulo) - Some questions raise a red flag, in particular the question "are you alone in Rio ?" or personnal questions coming too early and not naturrally during the exchange (on job, ...) - Some attachments also raise a red flag : a too good looking guy -almost a model -, nudes of open asses or huge dicks sent very early in the exchange, ... - I always meet in a public place first, never in my hotel or apartment. I normally arrive in advance in order to see who is coming, if he is alone, is he looks like the pictures which were sent, etc - I never ever go to a boy's place. It is an unknown environment and you never know whom you are going to meet. In addition, a movie or pictures of your meeting can be done ... I remember the story of this american guy who recently in Rio went with 2 guys he met in the street and with whom he had drinks. He was threatened to be thrown from the window and his head and torso were already out (his shouting made the neighbours call the cops). BTW the 2 guys were working in 117. I saw one of them in 117 a few days after the incident. The other is banned from 117, certainly for other reasons. In addition, it is impossible to know what is going to be
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    Client Murdered...?

    I am American living and working for over 25 years in Rio. I have frequented the sauna scene for years. Over the years I have had friends drugged ( boa noite cinderella), beat up, tied to beds, chained to toilets, robbed and several murdered. Brasil and especially Rio are extremely dangerous. The police are poorly trained and paid very little. A very small percentage of crimes are solved and most likely the crime will not even be investigated. The judicial system is slow and inefficient. The boys and all of us who live here know this as it is constantly repeated in the press, on the news and portrayed inthe local novelas.... In Rio, often, nobody is who they seems to be. The gringo tourists often behave badly, in ways they would nerver conduct themselves at home. Many falsely allude to wealth or the possibility of taking the boy away to Europe or America. The boys must register with copies of ID to the suana...... but mostly the boys give false names (nome de guerra), ages, home locations, to the clients...... I've seen many foreign clients try to negociate lower prices and even refuse to pay afterward... claiming the boy did not provide the agreed service. Prostitution comes from lack of opportunity and poverty. That does not mean they are stupid or have no pride. Treat the boys with respect.... I recommend doing as the locals.... Never bring a stranger into your home or hotel room. And if you do not speak portuguese and know Rio de Janeiro well.......NEVER EVER BRING A STRANGER INTO YOUR HOME OR HOTEL ROOM.
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    So cute boys in Prague !

    Finally added Fillip....wow....def a Top 10 at least. Great guy. Decent English. Complete BFE. He leaves for Prague tonight but keeps apartments in Prague and Zurich. PowerBottom Afterglow....20 minutes ago. A keeper ! Hendrik Bjorn of Bel Ami. 4 profiles on Hunqz (agents idea). Main one Sexy_Filip. Apts in Prague and Zurich. Very young looking.
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    photos from first trip in 2001

    Some photos of sauna guys from 2001 on my first trip to Rio, they either worked at Roger's or Club 117 as this was pre Pointe202 and MM although In 2002 Estacio opened. I have more photos but if having issues uploading so will post them later. There is one guy who is in a photo from 10/23/2001 who still works at 117!
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    Don't even worry about it! Nobody can understand what you are trying to say anyway!
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    It seems so many want to pay as little as possible. I can't tell you the number of times I hear ( in brasil saunas) some old guy with a 100k USD or Euro salary trying to negociate a discount from a poor boy who traveled 2 hours on a city bus to make some money selling ass or dick. Personally, I pay the asking price plus a small tip....or choose another that is in my budget. The boys also have pride and deserve respect.....
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    Bogota and Brazil July August 2019

    Sunday. Eye candy at Ipanema. Disappointing. Not so many hunks when I went (around 1 pm). Maybe better in the afternoon. Tide is high so beach is significantly reduced. Former Pointe massagist comes to appartment. Excellent massage with great fucking session. No need of going to club after such a session ! Bossa Nova instead in the mythic Boca das Garrafas (rue Duvivier). Little Bar and Bottles bar are two places in the same street where you can hear good Bossa Nova. Bottles bar was having Bossa Jazz. Great music. (No strippers lol).
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    Barcelona - Sauna Thermas

    Just returned from my first visit to Barcelona a quick weekend trip. A wonderful city although I have just scratched the surface. I visited Sauna Thermas everyday. Thank you to all the earlier posts which are a great help. From my own experience I would say the staff are very friendly and helpful. (I do not speak Spanish.) The place is well run and clean. A great selection of boys. Something for everyone. All the boys I met where friendly. Yes some will approach you with more enthusiasm than others but none were rude and a polite no always worked. I have a wide taste in guys and met a few different types over the weekend. 1. Brazilian - European - Muscle 2. Ghana - Black - Twink 3. Columbian - Black - Muscle 4. Polish - White - Athletic 5. Mali - Black - Tall Twink 6. Brazilian - Latin - Twink 7. Polish - Blond - Muscle 8. Polish - White - Athletic 9. Brazilian - Latin - Tall twink All agreed to EUR 50. I look forward to returning, but São Paulo and Rio are next week.
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    Husband Swap in Santo Domingo

    Hope all is well guys. Last week was my birthday so my husband decided to surprise me with an unexpected trip to santo domingo. Like all my vacations to Santo Domingo, this one would be full on twists, turns and a lot of Dominican and surprisingly Haitian dick. So I wake up Tuesday morning to prepare for work. My husband says to me, “You’re off for the rest of the week. Get back into bed.” I’m glanced at him and said, “WTF are you talking about?” He repeats what he says and proceeds to tell me that part of my birthday gift is a surprise trip to santo domingo. I looked at him and told him he was lying, but I knew he was dead ass serious and I was so fucking ecstatic. I then asked him, “What time did our flight leave.” My husband never plans these trips. I’m the only one who ever plans these international trips for us. All he does is packs and boards the plane. This trip was an even bigger surprise because I monitor or credit cards like a hawk and asked how he booked the accomondations without me knowing. He told me he used my sisters credit cards because he knows I monitor ours closely. After the 1 hour 50 minute flight from FLL to SDQ arrive and make our way through customs. For some strange reason my phone isn’t working and I cant send or receive text messages. After we check into our 2 Airbnb apartments (we needed 2 apartments because we couldn’t get our usual 2 bedroom apartment), both in the same building, we went to grab a bite to eat HERE IS WHERE OUR TRIP TAKES ITS FIRST TURN FOR THE BEST! As were walking through EL Conde, I’m still trying to resolve the issue with my phone. My head is down, im walking slowly and trying to figure out whats going on with the damn phone. All of a sudden a guy bumps into me really hard. i said, “This motherfucker,” and turn around to look at the guy. my husband says, “what,” and turns around also. Fellas, the guy who had bumped me was 6’4, 225 and full of muscles. My husband and I were like, “Holy Shit!” The guy, with a serious look on his face nods his head for us to come over to him. I have to admit guys, I was afraid and I told my husband, “This guy wants to fight.” We didn’t move towards the guy because in my mind there was no way this big brawn sexy MF was gay. My husband and I proceeded to walk for food, but continued to look back to check the guy out. He stood in the same spot and nodded for us to come to him. I told my husband to lets go and introduce ourselves to him and apologize. Turns out he didn’t want an apology. The guy was looking to make money and fuck. We shook hands and to our surprise he spoke English. This guy has a sculpted body and a dick that was big and thick. How did I know this just from talking to him, well during our conversation he pulled out his phone to show us what he was working with. he further went on to say to us, “If you are looking for a big dick, you wont find any bigger than mine in santo domingo. I was so turned on by him after he said that, he could have fucked me right in the middle of the colonial zone. We agree on a price and head back to the apartment. We get in the apartment, disrobe and begin to play with each other. I left the room for a second to go get my fuck supplies (poppers (ENGLISH BRAND and magnum bareskin condoms). His dick would get hard then soft and continued to do that for about 10 mins until we just told him maybe he should come back when his dick would stay hard. not wanting to disappoint us, he told us to get dressed and lets go the pharmacy to buy some cialysis. He told us if we bought the cialysis, he would stay hard for 2 days and give us the best fucks of our lives. We walk to the pharmacy to buy ONE CIALYSIS PILL because in the united states, one pill is like $80. To our surprise, when we get to the pharmacy in the colonial zone Its just much, much, cheaper. $70 for a 4 pack and it’s the exact same pill that can be purchased in the United States. We purchase the cialysis for him to take and head to a nice restaurant, Duo, in the colonial zone. He orders a glass of water then takes the pill. After spending 45 minutes at the restaurant, he tells me to look under the table. He had pulled his massive dick out under the table. It was the most beautiful dick you ever laid eyes on. The slut in me wanted to take him to the bathroom and let him fuck me there. It took everything in me not to go under the table and suck his dick. His dick was rock hard and he said it will stay that way for the next 48 hours. I was in gay boy heaven and couldn’t wait to feel his dick in me. Once we got back to the apartment we disrobe a second time, but this time he was ready to fuck some ass and I was ready to fuck his thick meet. It took about 5 minutes for me to comfortably take his manhood while I sniffed my ENGLISH POPPERS! THOSE POPPERS ARE THE ABSOLUTE BEST. About 10 minutes into him fucking me, he asked me for a hit of the poppers. He took a whiff and turned into a fucking beast. My husband was in the background saying, “Omg his body is like poetry in motion. You have to see how hes winding his body while hes fucking you. Its amazin.” The session went on for about 1 hour, we napped for about 20 minutes and started over. He would not allow us to take pictures or video, my husband tried to but he has tattoos and a family. He mentioned he was going to the gym and asked if we’d like to go. We decided to go with him and hop in an uber to an upscale gym with rooftop equipment. His workout was far more advanced than ours so my husband decided to branch off, explore and do a workout that was more familiar to us. After our workout he told my husband and I that he had to go home, check on his family and wanted to come back to our place around 11 p.m. we agreed, swapped whatsapp numbers and parted ways. My husband and I were hungry and decided to get pizza from pizza hut in the colonial zone. after we ordered, we sat outside to people watch. A sexy, muscular, dark skin Dominican walked by while we were eating, made eye contact with us and smiled. I nodded and walked onto the paved walkway in the colonial zone to introduce myself. In speaking with this sexy guy I discover he is not Dominican, but Haitian. We chat briefly and decide to take his sexy ass back to the loft. As we walk, he was very personable. Asking lots of questions and telling us about himself. Even showing us pictures of his son, his girlfriend and his beautiful dick. This guy speaks creole, English and Spanish and he spoke all three languages while we were fucking. I had no idea the word, “coco,” means ass or pussy. He kept mumbling things in creole while we fucked, but the only word that stood out to me was COCO because there is a song called, “Im in love with the COCO.” In the apartment, he takes off his clothes and displays his ripped body and very nice dick. We begin to caress and play and within 30 seconds his dick is ROCK HARD. he and my husband double penetrate me. My husband is in me raw and the guy is wearing a condom. When my husband released his load in me, this guy got extremely turned on, flipped me over and pounded the shit out of me until he came in the condom. We all laid around talking for about 30 mins afterwards. The first guy from the gym stayed in contact with us from his home and the vibe with him was good as well. I was really into the guy from pizza hut and told my husband that I would prefer to just play with him for tonight and he could have the first guy we met from the colonial zone earlier in the day. my husband agreed and when the first guy came back, he took him to the second studio apartment we rented in the same building. My husband laid around and played with his guy and I did the same with the guy from pizza hut. Because they both spoke English, my husband felt like we had made a solid connection with both of them. Both guys left around midnight and my husband came back to loft and we spoke about our experiences with each guy. He felt comfortable with his guy and I felt very comfortable with my guy. Manny knew we were there and tried to set my husband up with a few of his guys, but because we had hit the jackpot twice in the colonial zone, we decided to stay with the guys we met. HERE IS WHERE ITS GETS CRAZY AGAIN! My husband says, “do you want to take them with us.” I said, “take them where with us?” He explained that us coming to santo domingo was only part of my birthday trip. The second part of my birthday surprise was that he hired a driver to take us from santo domingo to punta CANA for 2 days and that we would stay at the hard rock, punta cana. We discussed this for about 5 minutes thought it would be fun if one or both guys would join us. We sent both guys a text and asked could they join us on Thursday and Friday in punta cana.. they both said yes. My husband had to book a second room because we decided that he would stay in the room with the first guy and I would have my room with the Haitian guy I met. When we met the guys on Wednesday they provided their identification so that they could be added to the room reservation. We leave for the resort Thursday morning. It was a nice ride with my husband sitting in the back of the Hyundai h-1 mini van and my guy sat next to me in the front row. Weve never done anything like this before, but decided to live a little and have some different kind of fun. Our plan was for my husband to spend the 2 days with his guy and for me to spend the two days with my guy. we would meet up to eat and see the shows and do excursions, but for the most part the new guys would be our part time boyfriends while in punta cana. Fellas, if you’ve never tried this, I HIGHLY ADVISE you to. It was absolutely amazing. I love my husband with all my heart, but there was something that just felt amazing about being with this other guy. We arrived at the sprawling hard rock property and it was amazing. At check in I mentioned that my birthday is tomorrow. The reservationist stepped away from the desk to go speak with a guy who I later found out was the manager. The manager came over to introduce himself and welcome us to the resort. I had no idea the manager was at the desk to upgrade our room to the presidential suite. He told me this after he finished pecking at the keyboard. While walking out to the room, I told my husband that the room he upgraded us to was probably just a studio suite and nothing would be PRESIDENTIAL about the room! Well to my surprise, when we walked in, this room was ABSOLUTLEY AMAZING. My husband and I couldn’t believe our eyes and he didn’t think it was fair for me to have my guy in this room while he and his guy stayed in a standard room. We decided that I would have the room for on night and he and his guy would get it the other night. The shower area in this room looked like a closet complete with a bench inside. My Haitian companion and I fucked all over the bench in that shower with steamy hot water streaming through the pipes. We fucked everywhere in that room, the hot tub, which by the way, I didn’t know you could fuck in a hot tub until the Haitian guy showed me how. We had so much fun at this resort. We went to the shows, dined together, worked out together and did one excursion together that my husband and I paid for. We didn’t give a shit because we were with two of the most sexy, passionate men in the Dominican republic. We had so much fun this trip and plan on going back again VERY SOON. we fucked so much this trip and I was very concerned because we leave for rio on the 20th of march. The last thing I wanted was for my ass to be sore before our trip to rio and I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the sexy guys there. Guys, if you are looking for the ULTIMATE BOYFRIEND experience, find a guy in santo domingo and take him to the hard rock in punta cana. Omg! We had a MAGICAL TIME and will surely do the same thing again.
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    I spoke of good manners. Opinions in all their variety appear to be welcome here but there should be a limit to invective. Was a reference to 8th-grade intellect truly necessary if one's point is valid?
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    August 2018 Rio Trip

    I got back home last Wednesday from a 2 week trip to Rio. Originally it was supposed to include 2 days in Porto Alegre and 3 in Sao Paulo but it was changed for two reasons! more on that later. I spend 5 days in Ipanema and 7 days in Centro for the first time! I stayed at a friends' condo in Centro and is really the first time I had spent any time there. The apartment was about 3 blocks from the American and Mexican consular offices. The American ia a large well fortified building but most of the area is made up of some beautiful historic buildings man of which are used as government offices. Daytime there are many people/office workers and many restaurants and sidewalk dining available. Night time the area has much fewer pedestrian traffic but I felt very safe in the immediate area of the Apt. building which is on a busy blvd. I uber'd everywhere and while not as convenient as staying in Ipanema it was fine. I went only to Pointe and MR saunas this trip not to 117, not for a specific reason just due to that I was having a good time where I was at on the nights that are best at 117. On both Mondays I went to MR first at 5:30 and Pointe around 7:30 second. Both were good but Pointe has really improved on Monday evenings and the only slow nights there were Tuesdays and Saturday nights. Wednesday was great there with Monday and Friday also being really good. The improvements made esthetically are all good. and the massage guys(Venezuelan)are both good. On Monday night I ran into a guy from Uruguay who I originally met at Lagoa in Sao Paulo 4 years ago when he was 20, he was friends with a friend of mine and he moved to Europe to do fashion/sports modeling and was semi successful at that before moving back to Uruguay last year because of family issues(he is one of 13 children in his family). We both recognized each other immediately and he ended up spending the night and next day at the apartment. He came up from Montevideo a week ago and is going back next week. He is good looking, great athletic body and a amazing bttm., if you run into him I would highly recommend him.
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    I’ve made it my goal in life to see as much of the globe as possible. I’m generally on the road for three to four months a year. This doesn’t mean I’m rich (by US standards). I work in Alaska during the summer months in remote villages. Housing and food is paid for, hours are long and overtime is great and it’s generally 5-6 months of nonstop work with no days off. This leads to a really fantastic savings rate and being able to invest. It also brings up the possibility of not having to maintain a typical settled life in a city with rent, bills, car, etc. so, long ago I chose life on the road since I figured this type of opportunity doesn’t happen that often. And I’m too far down the rabbit hole to go back to a typical lifestyle anyhow. I did take a two year hiatus after 11 years living out of my backpack but I’ll be back on the road this winter again thankfully. So what do I do when I travel? I don’t treat it as a “vacation”. It’s more just regular life. Trying to be as frugal as possible. Hoeing around as cheaply as possible (being late thirties I’m for sure getting to the edge of the free hookups with this body let me tell you....). I sometimes settle into a city for a month to be a regular person just wandering around, reading books, taking photos. Sometimes indulge in touristic things. Other times just enjoying the street life and local guys. That’s actually the biggest drive for me. Meeting a few incredible guys to befriend, and hopefully hook up with. Those have by far been my best experiences. And since my time isn’t constricted I don’t feel the sting of missing out. Or the need to pack everything in before I have to go back to Alaska. I spent a month in Havana a few years ago and had my daily routines. I made incredible friends and I felt a lot more connected to that place than just passing through would bring. This winter I’m planning New Orleans for New Years. Then down to Mexico City for a week to meet up with old friends and explore more of that endless metropolis. Then off to Cuba for a month. I really want to spend a couple of weeks exploring eastern Cuba. Then I’m heading to Colombia where I’ll probably spend a month in Medellin and possibly take Spanish lessons. After that I want to be in Salvador Bahia for Carnival. Ideally I would start my Brazil trip in Manaus and finish in Iguazu via the coastline all the way down. Who knows what will happen though. I’m open for it all. And I’m planning on reports from all these stops as well.
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    Does Point 202 Have a Jacuzzi Now?

    I am a man of contradictions. I will not dip my toe into the "jizzcootie". I will send back the snack fork if there is a speck on it, but minutes later be flicking my tongue into some dark recess.
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    Last night, my last night in Merida, i had planned on finishing up some minor work on the house, have dinner with one of the guys i met this week who i really liked and get to bed by 10:00 as I had to be at the airport at 6:00 am, but it didn't happen! I had set up a dinner date with a guy i had been with several times and he said he would come by at 6:00 to pick me up for dinner. At 5:30 a got a message on grindr from a guy who said "Grindr shows i am very close to your house!" I looked at his profile and he was 27 and handsome! I told him i was going out to dinner in a 1/2 hour unfortunately, and he says "then there will only be enough time for a couple of kisses!" So he came over 5 minutes later, and he was better looking in person! When my dinner date arrived i asked him if he would be ok if he came along and he said no problem! This guy was from Mexico city and visiting his mother. after dinner we parted as the one guy was meeting friends to go to a club and i said i had to finish packing and get up early for my flight home. but it wasn't going to happen! at 10:00 i got a message on grindr from a guy who looked cute was 25 and a civil engineer for the city. he came over at 11:00 pm and we had great conversation until 1:00 am and then we went to bed and were still awake when the alarm went off at 5:00! I can't wait until my next trip!
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    Badboys March 2018 Rio Recap

    For the youngsters in the group, you know we did not have apps and online fora in the 70s and 80s. We have all been as young as 20 and up. If we had online communication then, I think it would have been considered impolite or 'gloaty' to share that we could pick up tricks in a bar, park, church social (including Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence religious retreats), etc, but not describe them a little. Look, I had casual sex with a lot of really attractive guys in my day. Like, a lot. And I simply do not recall any silly top/bottom distinction; you fucked and got fucked. Eventually, you reach an age of majority ... the majority of hot young things look to their age group while issuing you your gay death certificate with a golden handshake, not even the decency of a golden handjob. Not bitter ... had a good run, and no hangups about the sex trade. This forum is meant to be inclusive in that it is not restricted to catering to men seeking info and stories about paid encounters. But commenting about Grindr and similarly sourced exploits is like saying there are gay men who have sex with other gay men. Everybody knows this already and that the bulk of sex that occurs on Earth does not involve monetary exchange. So if you wish to underscore your membership in the subgroup of queers capable of hookups with guys not interested in your money, please at the very least entertain us a little with some tantalizing narratives. Also, discreet photos of your conquests do not compromise the average joe in the same way as they would a working guy. How do you like them freedom of speech apples?
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    Merida Mexico July 18th - 30th

    I have slowed down this past year, and I do have someone special! Thats all I am saying right now in case I slip up and fall back into old habits! LOL
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    Oh wow!!! We were in Santo Domingo at the exact same time and we were at Paco’s at the EXACT same time I was there from 1/18-1/25. We must have meet up or seen each other at some point or another! I also contacted Manny on the 1/18 when I arrived and my first guy was also Manuel. I’m not sure if you all know manuel but he is IG famous and has about 12k followers... idk if I should put him out there like that but if you want his IG let me know he is a big old queen and LOVES to take dick! We fucked for a good hour and a half before I nutted. The next day I had the chocolate daddy in your picture Pablo! He was big black and beautiful... but he had a weird mole on his ass that I didn’t like... otherwise he was perfect! The next guy I found on Grinder, he was also BEAUTIFUL! He bottomed for me like most of the guys end up doing as long as you are willing to pay 2500 pesos. The next day around 1 I went to Apollo spa, which was a TON of free fun! Later that day I went to Paco’s as everyone does and meet stroke up a conversation with some older queens that had been going to Santo Domingo for over 20 years. Let me tell you! I thought I knew about Santo Domingo but I had no idea... I’m 29 and have been traveling to SD since I was 22. I had my first every gay experience in Santo Domingo and the city means a lot to me and I thought I knew it... well I didn’t know half as much as I thought I did. So I go out with the girls who are my new found friends on Saturday night I didn’t find any of the street hustlers attractive so I called and old reliable Jorge. A beautiful bottom that never disappoints. The next day the girls call me and tell me to get ready we are going to the prison... I said... the prison for what... you guessed it... the boys. So we load up into a van and with Fansisco (Paco’s Offical/unofficial tour guide) as our guide we head for the prison. Honesty the prison deserves its own post so I would run on about it but it’s exactly what you would think or for some dream about. $1500 pesos and you can fulfill any fantasy you could possibly have. I’m a strict top so this wasn’t 100% my scene but my god it was amazing to watch... I honestly can’t put into words how insane the experience was. But the adventure isn’t over yet the next day the girls call me again for another adventure. This time we go out to a house in the country where an old man 86 to be exact sets up what is ultimately a sex party for me and the group of 5 people. And OMG! Every cock was HUGE!!!! This also was a bottoms dream but as a top there wasn’t much for me to but but watch and enjoy! I mean some of these guys had the biggest most beautiful dicks I’ve ever seen. After it was all said and done one of the guys pulls out his phone and shows us a picture of a guy who he says has the biggest dick in all of Santo Domingo. When I see the guy I automatically know that’s the guy I’ve been trying to hook up with! He was a model for a guy named Lee Studios who I follow on OnlyFans. I messaged that bumb Lee asking for his number a few times, each time he would promise to give it to me but the crab never did. But my boy from Franchisco’s House had my back! So he put me in contact with Mike and the rest is history. He obviously wasn’t fucking me with that huge dick but being that I’m BiSexual we had a few amazing experience with some local Dominican girls. I’m talking about that amazing Bi shit that you only see on LegalPorn but wish they would take it a step further that’s what we did DP DPP DAP all that freaky shit. He even invited another guy over and we all fucked one girl in the hottest session I’ve ever been apart of... not to mention My apartment had a HUGE hottub OMG OMG.... but to wrap it up this was by far my most exciting trip to Santo Domingo ever... honestly I can’t wait to go back! I know I said before that Havana and Santo Domingo are on the same level... that’s just not the case. Even tho in SD the boys cost 2000-3000 pesos $40-$60 while the most I paid a guy in Havana was $30 the difference in quality was obvious.
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    Villa Gianni in London, UK

    The Villa is open. I have been using them twice a week for the past two months since I’ve been living here for business. They were closed Christmas and New Year’s. They got brand new mattresses for all the rooms, so they have been updating each room. An update: 1-normally 3-5 guys around 2 pm when I go, and around 5-7 when I go around 5 pm. 2-very gracious manager and a sexy tall French receptionist. They will ask if you want some water before you view and after you have sex. A really small but classy place. The rooms are small but immaculate. 3-cost is £100 that is paid afterwards to the management. The guy you choose will usually seek an extra £30-40 if you want him to cum. 4-when they take you to the room with the one way mirror, they will usually explain that the guys are all versatile but note exclusive tops. I always tell the management that I want the guy to be a good kisser so they will later ask the guy to confirm. If not, you can just tell the guy you will choose someone else. 5-virtually every Brazilian and most of the guys on sleepyboy/Grindr who charge £150-200 there, will be at the Villa at some point for £100. That reality is important because the photos of especially the Brazilians are way old. The nice thing is to see what you are getting first in person. 6-when the guy comes into the room with you, be sure to confirm exactly what he will do and what you are expecting. If there is a disagreement then you can say you want to choose another guy at that point. 7-outside the Earls Court underground station is a large and small pharmacy to your left. I went to the large BOOTS pharmacy and got an 8 pill set of Viagra for £35. If you have not done this before, just tell them you want viagra connect and they will give you the one page form to complete. No name is required, as the form merely asks medical info. The pharmacist will ask you to confirm your checked off answers, and then give you the medicine to pay there. Took me five minutes max. The Villa is just a five minute walk from there. 8-twice I found a guy on Grindr but could not accommodate. The Villa will give you a room for one hour at £40 if you call and reserve. Worked perfect for me. Cheers!
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    Porn is probably still fine to post. What should not be fine, however, is gratuitously posting identifiable pics of sex workers, especially without their knowledge and permission of specifically what these photos are going to be used for and where they are publicly posted. If the latter is truly “fun” to you, then we should see how “fun” it is for clients to have their photos involuntarily posted on what amounts to be a publicly accessible message board, too. There are several clients and posters here who some of us know who they are and may even have photos in our possession (from WhatsApp messages or profiles, face-to-face meetings, even garotos sharing with clients). How much “fun” would that be if the shoe were on the other foot? Fun? Yippee! In the past, clients’ or posters’ photos have been involuntarily shared here, and the moderator has removed them lickety-split! Why does our privilege protect our anonymity, yet identifying garotos and sex workers can be fair game?
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    it finally happened

    1. Glad you’re okay and no one was hurt. 2. I understand your adrenaline kicked in, but a phone isn’t worth your life. My insurance (with a little push back) would’ve sent me a new one overnight to Brazil. He “probably” wouldn’t have shot a white turisto in the middle of Ipanema (THOSE cases, unlike the 50,000 others, tend to make international news and the book is thrown at the brasileiro offender — and he most likely knew this), but it really is better to be safe with your life than sorry and dead. 3. Don’t display your phones on the street or in public places — especially at night. Yes, you and your group had targets on their backs. 4. “Cute and 20”? He would have made more off of you with a simple programa. 5. Did you get the license plate? If so, Id go down to the Tourist Police Station and make a huge stink. Brazil is broke and (at least currently) treats American, European and Asian tourists with money like first-class citizens. The tourist police station will escalate this with evidence like a license plate number. They don’t want the bad publicity and they desperately want the money. I’ve used the “American privilege” thing to my advantage several times, and I’m a man of color. It would work for you at least tenfold being a white guy from California!
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    Day 8.5: Two for the price of one Our ride back to Ipanema was pretty awesome. We were all rejuvenated after the fairly relaxing (though intense as well) stay at Arrail do Cabo. On the we noticed that the traffic getting out of Rio was pretty awful, but our ride into Rio was pretty nice: Along the way we picked up Leo’s cousin who was waiting at Santos Dumont airport, where he flew from Sao Paulo to join Leo and I in Rio. Alex was early 30s, a computer programmer. Cute-ish, boy next door type. He squeezed into the back seat between lean and slim Leo and jacked-up muscley Gabriel. On the way back to Ipanema, I heard introductions made and a conversation led by Gabriel that I didn’t quite catch since Mateus up front was telling me about Rio. Upon arriving at the apartment, Leo and Alex excused themselves and told me they will walk to the beach really quick to take photos of the sunset. I asked if I can join them, but they said I needed to shower first, since all of us were filthy from visiting beaches all day. I thought that was weird, but Gabriel took me by the hand and led me to the bathroom. Gabriel was kind of frustrated this trip. My attention was divided between him, Leo and Mateus. My sexual energy was more towards the newer, shiny Mateus, and Leo was there to disrupt the whole vibe in between the sex events. I quickly realized now that Gabriel asked everyone for a final alone time with me. Mateus went in Leo’s room and laid down. Gabriel stripped off all his clothes to reveal his tanned, muscular body, his giant ass, and his already erect cock. I guess we are doing this. Shower sex was difficult with him, because he was much taller than I was. We retire to my bedroom where we continue the deed. He had a lot of pent up energy and frustration. I gladly received all of it. It was hot. After sex we cuddled for a while, talking. He told me in all honesty his frustrations about the trip. About not liking Leo. About Mateus. About his fear that I was forgetting him. I assured him that I wasn’t, and he would always be a permanent fixture in my Brazil trips, as he has been three straight times already. But that was a lie. I know I will need to move on from Gabriel at some point. It was inevitable. There are so many other hotties in the saunas, and while Gabriel’s chemistry with me is hard to mimic, the fun part is me trying out new boys to get to find out anyway. Prostitution with companionship takes the impersonal (money) with the personal (sex), and mixes the two together for a complicated concoction, where there lots of gray areas, and not everything was clean and tidy. At the end of the day, one has to be sane about these things, and not get too carried away. One needs to realize that mainly, you are just a job for them, and it is just fun for us. Anything more will just be asking for trouble. Unless trouble is what you want, and there is plenty to be had in this place. The streets are lined with it. I pay Gabriel his usual rate, 250 a day (750 total) and 50 more for good measure. We emerge from the room and find Leo, Alex and Mateus hanging out in the living room. “All good?” Leo asks. “Of course!” I said. “You were loud!” Mateus interjects. We all laugh. “Is it my turn?” Mateus follows up. “Yes. It’s your turn… to drive Gabriel back to Sao Goncalo.” Mateus nods. They both lived in Niteroi, so it all worked out. Leo interjects, saying we needed to be driven to Pointe 202, the sauna in Copacabana. Leo and Alex quickly take showers too. Thank god the AirBNB has 2 bathrooms. highly recommended if you plan to invite more than one Brasileiro to stay with you. We all pile into Mateus’ car. Alex asks me about the sauna we are going to if it was good. I have never been to Pointe 202 before, so I told him I did not know. I told him about Manhattan and 117. Alex then asks if there are young GPs there. I told him I didn’t know, but asked him if that was his preference. “The younger the better,” Alex said. That was a little creepy but I put it aside for now. Soon we get to 202, as Gabriel tells us where it is. We all get out of the car (except Mateus), and Gabriel shows us the stairs that led to the sauna. We all get a hug from Gabriel, and upon seeing this, Mateus steps out and hugs everyone goodbye as well. Gabriel and Mateus both disapear into the night. Both were great company, but more fun is to be had. The steps going up to the sauna were a little bit slick from some water. Someone could really slip and fall here, I thought. We get up to the door and it opened as people were leaving. Looks like the same deal. We get asked our names, get our locker keys and towels, and get asked our flip-flop sizes. We head over to the locker rooms, which were in a sunken part of the sauna. Both Leo and Alex quickly strip down to their underwear. No modesty whatsoever. I, on the under hand, just changed my shoes for the flip flops, locked up my wallet in the locker room, and did not change into a towel. I was more comfortable with wearing t-shirt and shorts in the sauna. We make our rounds. On the floor we were in, we see a bar and some sort of stage and seating area. There were some clients milling around, and seated, with and without boys. The boys were… OK. No drop dead gorgeous ones so far. We decided to go upstairs and find some cabinas and other boys presenting themselves, and a locker area, probably for the boys. Another set of stairs, and an upstairs room with a bar and some seating, and a TV with a sports channel on. We sit in a booth and order some beers. “Can I smoke in here?” Leo asks a boy passing by. He gets a yes. Leo starts smoking. The boy in question, a tall, average looking guy, probably late 20’s, continued chatting Leo up. Leo asks him to sit. Normally someone I wouldn’t hire to have sex, but he was friendly enough. The guy sits and his towel parts to shows off what is probably the size of a child’s arm. That thing was huge. I guess I know the reason why he is a GP. He can do damage with that thing. He asks me where I am from, in perfect English. I answer and then ask him the same things, in Portuguese. He is a Carioca. Alex was quietly assessing the place. I didn’t know if he was having fun or not. I ask him if he was having fun. He said yes, and said that the boys were hot. I ask him if he found any of them hot enough to hire. He said no. After a few minutes Gabi, the young GP I met in 117 a few days ago, appeared I wave him over to sit with us. Alex was in love. I tell Alex that Gabi was pretty sexy and fun, and I recommended him as a first GP hire for Alex. Alex talks to him a little bit to get comfortable. And then Alex had a request for me: “Do you want to share him with me?” “Like a threesome?” Yes, he said. I told him sure but I would just watch. He said that was fine. I could tell he wasn't that comfortable with the idea of hiring a GP but was willing to try. I ask Leo if he could negotiate a price for what we wanted. Gabi asked for 200, but Leo got it down to 150. Gabi leads both of us to reception to get the room key. While waiting I see Alex’s towel already showing his true intentions. He was hard, and it looked like he was huge as well. This was an unexpected bonus. We get to the room and Gabi asks to wait while he took a shower. While waiting, I take Alex’s towel off and sure enough, his enormous penis was hiding in there. The stereotype of the hung Brazilian still holds true. I stroke the penis a bit and Alex starts kissing me. This was great. Gabi emerges from the bathroom and looks at Alex’s penis. “Caralho!” he says. I laugh. I pull Gabi towards Alex and encouraged them to get it on. And they do. Alex forces Gabi to get Gabi to give Alex a blowjob. Gabi tries, but it was thick one. I just sit there, admiring the scene. Some foreplay, rimming, more blowjobs. And then Alex puts on a condom. Gabi lubes up really good. Alex tries to enter him doggy style. Gabi was tying but was in pain. Alex tries different positions. They settle on a groove. Pretty soon Gabi has had enough. It was just too painful. Alex pulls out and finished himself on Gabi’s butt. That was hot. 150 reals well spent. Alex gives the boy 100, and I give him 50. Alex thanks for me for his first time. We go back to Leo, who is still in the bar upstairs, chatting it up with some customers. There was still one more chance to get a boy. This one is special. That’s next.
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    August 2018 Rio Trip

    Sorry to hear of your medical problem @tomcal and I hope you are feeling much better now. It's a very common condition if you're over 50. I too was diagnosed with it early this year. You're right in that if surgery is needed, it's minimally invasive. In my case, the hernia (or opening) is so tiny that it's below the minimum size for the operation. I control the symptom of heartburn by diet (no fatty/fried/spicy foods, less alcohol, no citrus etc) and that seems to work for me. The Mayo Clinic website is very helpful. And one last comment on your observation about comparative healthcare costs: in the UK, I saw my family Dr on a Friday morning and had the gastroscopy in a central London hospital on the Tuesday afternoon; including the final discussion with the specialist consultant on how to manage the condition, it was 2 hours in the hospital; total cost NIL.
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    Not that anyone asked, but I agree that it depends on the person, the parties involved, the place, the time and the circumstances. I have been hiring almost as long as I’ve been messing with guys (the former started in my very early 20s out of college, the latter started in my teens). A few years later, I was working and traveling internationally, and hiring as well as just casual dating / sexing non-hires. Often times, the lines were so blurred, that it was hard to distinguish between what was a date and what was a hire — whether in or out of the USA. One of my all-time favorites was a “straight” guy I met in NYC through a connect who very briefly advertised as a masseur for women. First time, he came over, we both had a great time and connected, and I paid his regular asking massage price. Then, for about once a month for maybe 3 years, he would call me and just want to come over and chill overnight — which always meant sex and sleep. He never asked me for anything else, and I’d only hear from him when he wanted to do this. Our relationship was nothing more, nothing less. Like Tomcal says above about his friend Florida Rob, I also often prefer overnights when I travel. Whenever I travel to Rio or Santo Domingo in particular, I have a few that are waiting to do overnights with me. As much as they may seem to enjoy it as much as I do, I always provide them with a nice, parting presente / regalo in the AM, because (1) I can more than afford it, (2) they can certainly use it, and (3) I prefer doing it. I don’t and never have viewed these exchanges as some sort of measure of someone's unattractiveness, or unloveableness, or inability to love or get a “real relationship” (whatever that is). I have had more than enough false starts at “real love” to know that NOT hurting and actually enjoying yourself feels SO much better, is much better for the soul, and is much more therapeutic. We all know the argument, “but for the money, would they still be there?” I can guarantee you that this question can also be used for subject matter other than money, such as physical appearance. For those who are considered to be nice looking, or for those who are very physically built — but for your looks or body, would some of the men or women that you have dated or met still be interested? If some of the escorts or sauna boys that we pursue had lost their looks or their nice builds — or for those into this, their ability to get or maintain an erection — would we also still be interested? Why would we expect others to behave so saintly and magnanimously when we ourselves have our own selfish, prurient interests in people? A bit hypocritical, is it not?
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    So cute boys in Prague !

    Aren’t escorts lucky to age backwards?
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    Will Tomcal Wed?

    the guys on here that know me, know that i am a pretty happy guy always up and happy with life in general. I take things as they come and accept that we only have limited control over our lives, saying that, i am the happiest i have ever been and this and one other guy :-) have everything to do with it! I am going to be in Rio 8/9 - 8/20 and then back to Merida with the Paulista 9/27! then i may have to make some decisions...but it will be great whichever way it turns out! I used to say who ever came up with the saying “the golden years” was full of shit! maybe not so much!
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    My Observations on Brazil vs Mexico

    i have been asked “what do you find is the best method for meeting guys in Mexico?” what really works well for me is Henri! My dog goes with me every time i go and he is way more popular then me!
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    The Sao Paulo diaries

    This morning a garoto from Rio sends me a pic of himself with the new girl he is dating, with a question: do you think she is pretty? I tell him the obvious. She is gorgeous, certainly an upgrade from his now-ex, who I had only seen once in a video where she was giving him a sloppy blowjob. This new one might even be wife material. The garoto seems quite pleased at my approval. What happened to your other girlfriend? I caught her cheating on me with a guy that works at the butcher shop. Que pena..(what a pity) Can I pretend to understand a garoto’s definition of “cheating”? No, none of it makes sense. But that is what makes Brazil so fascinating.. “Saudade de você, gostaria que fossemos ficar em seu hotel juntos, bebendo, beijando e fazendo sexo.” (I miss you, I wish we were in your hotel together drinking, kissing, and having sex). I find myself wondering if his new girl knows about his extra-curricular activities. Would she mind sharing her man’s cock with me? What about his ass - or is that pushing it? There are no obvious answers to these questions. Brazil seems to operate on a different planet in regards to cultural, social and sexual norms. It’s not easy being back in the US after spending several months in Brazil. I guess you could say it’s kind of a reverse culture shock. It’s a little depressing, to be quite honest. After the highs of being in Brazil, the US feels so boring..
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    So guess who just got a promotion and a new pair of kneepads!
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    Perfect choices. Berlin is way underrated. It's a huge city much like Paris and beautiful. The people are as fashionable as anywhere and the nightclubs are easily the world's best (London 2nd). Decadence has always been "in" in Germany, especially Berlin. The main gay area is around Nollendorfplatz subway. There are 5 gay hustler bars there on one street that have been there forever. Hustling is a tradition in Germany and the rates are under 100E. The bars (except for BlueBoy and one small one) are mostly Romanian so be extra cautious. There are also several nude and fetish bars. The trendy nightclubs are close to AlexanderPlatz and Berghain, the world's most "in" club is easier for gays to get in. Lab.Oratory next to it is all gay and I hear gives new meaning to "decadent". Those two should be at the top of any "I've been there" list. Prague has been discussed plenty and the Prague thread here is very current. With both cities, although there is some bar scene, 99% of the good ones are online (Hunqz.com).
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    New Sauna Manhattan-Rios

    i sent a copy of the review(w/o names) to the owner of MR and this is what he wrote back: the bar upstairs , the ceiling is very low but it is very cute... Yesterday we had a very good night. The best night after inauguration day...and we have to improve many things but everybody who goes there, like the place. I have a lot of new boys and the rooms are very neat and clean. It is compact but very charming. Of course some people will not like it because of the size...The wi fi, i have but I only give to those who asks because the customers complain when the boys are always on their cell phones and don´t pay attention to them! you can’t please everyone but i am trying to please at least 95%! Like any new business there are things that need to be changed or adjusted it will just take a little time to get everything right!
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    New Sauna in Rio

    A new Gay sauna is tentively scheduled to open in Rio in a week, Friday March 2, it was formally a straight sauna and was sold to Acir the Owner of Meo Mundo. the location is literally a block from the main terminal at Santos Dumont Airport (SDU) it is 3 blocks from the Candalareia stop on the metro, Here are some photos taken today! It has 2 bar areas 4 executive suites and 12 regular rooms which means they a total of 16 rooms more then any other sauna!
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    what a differnce a decade makes!

    I have a friend (ex) in NYC and also Brazilian who is in his 50's and still escorting. It is all he has done for 25 years since I introduced him to The Gaiety. He still get clients and he has worked no other job in all these years. When I was at Stella's Bar in the 90's there was an older Puerto Rico dude in his 60's and still getting clients. He was old but apparently a big dick and a good fucker. Luckily, there is someone out there for these guys.
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    mount From USDUS Dollar To BRLBrazilian Real 1USD = 4.12050BRL 1 BRL = 0.242689 USD 1 USD = 4.12050 BRL US Dollar to Brazilian Real Conversion Last updated: 2019-08-24 00:33 UTC
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    Crimson Tide: Can anyone stop them?

    Oh my! You football fans are so butch! I like the smooth swimmers and divers SO much more!
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    Photos From 117 Last Night

    His rentman answers seem consistent with how he behaves in real life...one of the locals at 202 told me he has trouble staying hard and isn’t a good lay. So I’m passing on him (and his attitude)
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