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    Some notes on Bogota

    Just wanted to drop a note about Bogota. I was there a few weeks ago and it was my first time in this city, but not Colombia, having visited Medellin, Cartagena, Barranquilla, Santa Marta and Cali before, so I am very familiar with the country at least. What has helped with my travels in Colombia has been getting to know an actual Chaturbate studio (and have visited numerous times), and because of that I have been sifting through its models to be my companions in my travels in Colombia. When I’m discovering a city for the first time, I always like to have a constant companion with me, preferably someone who speaks the language to discover the city with me. Interestingly (unlike my experience with garotos in Brazil), through this studio, I don’t pay the boys any money per se, but I do take them to the occasional shopping spree, plus of course providing all food and transportation. I think it is because I started right with the first cam model in this studio I went out with, and subsequent boys have followed suit. Of course I will get the occasional plea for money when I am home, but I just say no. The disadvantage in having someone there all the time is it is hard to meet other boys to have sexy time with you when you are with your chosen boy for the trip. But I can hardly complain, as these Chaturbaters are really sexy and eager to show you a good time. Lately I have been spending a lot of time with two Colombians, ages 23 and 24, and boyfriends who only do duo broadcasts on Chaturbate (and Cam4). They seem to be the perfect combination of hotness, generosity with their bodies, with a healthy dose of humility and easy-going demeanor. They let me stay in their apartment one weekend, and they always insist that I sleep in between them, for maximum contact. It is such an amazing arrangement, but it can get awkward sometimes when you have to get out of bed to pee. You either have to roll over one of the boys, or get out of the bed the long way in the middle. But again, hardly a deal breaker. Sex with both is always great and satisfying, and having each sexual encounter be a threesome is always a production (three times the cumming, all three need to be showered, etc). Bogota has always been a dream destination for them. As “Costeños” they were used to the constant sunshine of the Caribbean coast. They were excited to visit what they call “the refrigerator,” due to Bogota being colder and grimmer than the coast due to its altitude. Before the trip, I promised to bring them old sweaters and jackets I had in storage back home that I haven’t worn in a while. They insisted on taking the arduous 18-hour or so bus ride to Bogota from the coast, due to one of the boy’s fear of flying, so they left their home hours before I had to hop on my flight from California. I was glad I brought the sweaters and jackets for the two boys. They got to the AirBNB safely, but were freezing their asses off, even though it was only 65F (18 C). The AirBNB unit I rented did not have a heater, the same as most apartments and hotels in Bogota, so the boys snuggled up to me in bed and the couch, which worked for me of course. Days were much better for them, as It was warmer, but they still had to bundle up when leaving the house, and I also had to buy them some gloves and beanies, which was readily available from street vendors for cheap. Some points: 1. I was kind of surprised by how Metropolitan Bogota was. It is not as modern as Medellin, but the pace of the city was much faster than the more laid-back coast. During the day the city had an army of workers who filled the offices, and it was kind of a nice change of pace from more tourist-oriented towns. 2. My Uber driver from the airport to my AirBNB was a tall, muscular and hot Bogotano was also a firefighter. Spoke very little English but very accommodating with my broken Spanish and talked slowly enough for my American ears to understand. Good start to the trip, and his hotness got me worked up for my boys. 3. The AirBNB I rented did not have any issues with my two companions staying with me, and I can imagine them not having any problems if instead I had a rotating harem visiting me constantly in the building. The security, though fairly cautious, seem to be very laid-back. View of the front of the building, with a drumline celebrating… something: 4. The neighborhood we stayed at was in Chapinero, and I was unprepared on how gay it was. Opening Grindr was like seeing a Christmas tree light up. The boys were checking Grindr as well and got inundated with offers from locals to meet. If I were to guess, the boys who messaged me constituted of 40% boys looking for customers, and 60% were just regular locals wanting to hookup, 30% of which what I would consider hooking up with. I will need to go back here alone to take advantage of the boys: 5. Speaking of gay, I purposefully picked an AirBNB that was close to the gay bars. I was surprised that the apartment building was just across the street from not one, but three gay bars, and in the same block as 4 others. And we saw the occasional gay couple holding hands in the streets. It was really gay central, complete with a rainbow crosswalk: 6. Another surprising benefit of staying in gay central Chapinero, is that it was relatively safe to wander the streets at 4 AM without fearing for our safety. Granted, there were 3 of us every single time when we walked the streets, but we did not have any problems stumbling out of a bar at the usual ungodly hour, and to look for late-night snacks around Chapinero. We did not have to take any Ubers and appreciated the relative safety of the neighborhood. 7. Even if Bogota is a proper world city, it still had relatively third-world prices for the most part, cheap food readily available and super delicious. The boys insisted in indulging my request to eat authentic Colombian food. I certainly was not disappointed here. And having soup in the morning is a good counter for the cold: 8. There are a lot of things to do in the city, if you are bored with all the indoor sweaty activities. Highlights for us were the Gold Museum, which was free on Sundays (most museums are free on Sundays): and the mountain Montserrate, which had a church on top of it, which we took a cable car to get up to: 9. Sadly, I did not have the opportunity to check out the saunas. Maybe next time. 10. And finally, and probably the highlight of our trip (apart from the sex, of course), was visiting Theatron, the legendary gay bar in Chapinero. Saying it is a bar, of course, does not describe the venue accurately, because Theatron is really 13 bars in one: it was this large stadium type dance hall: surrounded by 12 other gay bars, each with its own theme and vibe: We all agreed that Threaton was a destination on to itself, and the sheer variety of what you can find in the place deserves multiple trips back. We only had time to go on a Saturday night, and there was a tremendously long line of energetic party-goers trying to get in, but once we paid the 35,000 COP ($12) entry fee, which included a hard plastic cup we used to get our unlimited drinks (between 10 PM and 2 AM), we took advantage of the various venues the place had. Traditional dance tunes, electronica, latino music, trance, chill music, you name it, they had it. But probably the crowning jewel of the place was in the 4th floor, which was a men’s only floor. We did not know why women weren’t allowed until we saw this: I will definitely go back to Bogota, possibly alone next time. There is so much more to see.
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    Winter in Havana

    Whenever I go back to Havana it's funny how nothing seems to change much. It's kind of reassuring in a way...unlike Brazil, Havana feels like a little cocoon to me. How refreshing to walk the streets day and night and never feel in danger - there are no guns here, and getting mugged would be a rare exception, and not the rule as in Brazil. December is not my favorite month to come - the weather is cooler and not as good for the beach. It was warm most of my trip but the last couple days there was a cold snap that saw temperatures drop to the low 60's. Mi Cayito was a lot emptier than usual, I noticed police in the sand dunes and the normal action there was dead - I'm wondering if there has been a recent crackdown. One of my local friends told me if you ever get caught doing something outdoors just bribe the police and you can go along your way...I'd rather not risk that.. There were several boys hanging out at the beach, as well as a black masseuse who gives 1 hour massages for 15 cucs underneath a little hut there. My friend told me he also does "full service" outcalls. He claims the masseuse has a 10 inch dick and fucks like a bull...apparently his BBC loving friend had a ride and got drilled so hard he couldn't walk straight for days. There was a teenager that came up and started talking to me. He had a large herpes sore on his lip...I honestly felt so bad for him. Life is not easy for most of the locals. At night I went out to the usual spots - Las Vegas (Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are when Imperio performs and the best nights), Karabali on Wednesday, Cafe Cantante on Saturday. I was disappointed that the Cuban doctor who I met years ago on Planet Romeo and have seen every time I went to Cuba blew me off this trip. He is bisexual and recently got married...I guess he is trying to settle down and live a straight life. He told me before that he enjoys sex with guys more, but has intense pressure from his family to have a wife and kids. We had so many good times together that I was actually really sad it seems to be over... he was very proud of his job and would never take a dollar from me. He inherited a house and car from his grandmother, so I guess compared to a lot of Cubans he is getting by ok. The thing I like about Cuba is meeting guys does not feel as transactional as Brazil. The garotos in Brazil have multiple clients a day, going to the sauna is their job. If you meet a guy at Las Vegas and hang out with him, you are probably the only guy he is with that day. It isn't a sex factory...I have never asked a "price," negotiated an overnight, negotiated whether they will suck you, negotiated whether they will cum. I had to get used to doing all of that in Brazil, but everything happens organically here...nobody has ever asked me for money or said flat out I want x to do this or that. The first night I went to Las Vegas I met a handsome guy named Oscar. He came and sat at my table with my friends, I bought him drinks, we watched the show. Afterwards he came back to my place, had great sex - he was extremely horny....very tight but a good bottom, and came twice while I was fucking him..afterwards he was in no rush to leave, we hung out and chatted. I gave him some money but he never asked for it. The next day he texted me and we went out to dinner the next night, and afterwards to the Cuban Art Factory. He was visiting from Camaguey and left that day, or else I would have hung out with him more. I can really only think of one bad experience that I had with a guy in Cuba where afterwards he was literally going through my suitcase, trying on my clothes and asking me for my shoes, razor, etc. I could tell he was totally straight and really not interested in the sex at all...last I heard he married a girl from Sweden, who I doubt knows her man sucked cock on the side for a little while just so he could get a pair of Nike shoes.. I met another guy named Alejandro at Las Vegas, he is model gorgeous and turned out to be very sweet and carinoso which I love. He came back to my place, took turns fucking each other, but he was so passionate and afterwards wanted me to hug him all night. He woke me up in the middle of the night hard and wanting to fuck again, and then in the morning he woke up hard as a rock and wanted to fuck a third time. He came 3 times total and still didn't want to leave in the morning. He never asked for anything either, but I gave him 100 just because I know how hard it is in Cuba with what they make...I really liked Alejandro and the rest of the week didn't even bother looking for someone else. I might go back just to see him and take him to a beach resort in Varadero. Cafe Cantante was really good as usual, it is probably the biggest gay party of the week. Lots of cute guys, a lot of transgender girls hang out there also. I don't even bother with grindr in Cuba, hardly anyone is on the apps and it is just so much easier and better to meet guys at the bars.
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    Day 1-3: Sao Paulo State of Mind I am condensing the first non-sauna days in this post, because I think most people here prefer the sexy sauna bits anyway. But to others who also like the travel bits, here’s three days’ worth of Sao Paulo state. As the days grew closer to the actual trip, Leo, Alex and I were getting excited. They strongly suggested that we all should go to Sao Vicente, a coastal town by the Atlantic coast, about an hour and a half drive from the city of Sao Paulo. Alex was going to borrow his parent’s car and we would all chip in for an AirBNB for 3 nights. We found a nice two-bedroom just by the beach in the nearby city of Santos. There weren’t any GP saunas in the area (I think), but there were GPs that could be found on Hornet and Grindr (this is Brazil after all). I told my friends that it would be nice to at least have a companion (for sex, talks, whatever else) if Diego decided to flake out on me. So Leo, who is always trying to help, set his fake GPS thing to Sao Vicente and hunted for a few boys for me in case I was solo for the trip. It was important for him to find eye candy as well, because he likes filling his Instagram with pretty things. His findings, ranging from 150 reals for a sex session, to 500 reals per day: Boy 1: Boy 2: Boy 3: We go close to hiring this one, he was 400 reals a day: But the boys weren’t needed. On the day that I would arrive in Sao Paulo, Diego informed me and Leo, through Whatsapp, that he was about to board his Azul flight from Santos Dumont in Rio, to Guarulhos. I was also arriving at Guarulhos, and timed Diego’s flight to arrive the same time as mine did. When I landed I immediately turned my cellphone on, and then a flood of messages on Whatsapp came. Some from Leo and Alex, informing me that they were coming to pick me up, and Diego, sending me photos of his FIRST time on a plane (I didn’t know), all excited, as he made his way from Rio. Diego was already telling me it was the best trip of his life. And he hasn’t even made it to Sao Paulo yet. Immigration was surprisingly quick, as well as baggage arrival. I stepped out onto the arrivals area of Terminal 3 of Guarulhos looking all haggard and gross from the flight from Miami (and the previous flight the night before). Leo and Alex, looking all excited and… Brazilian (as in handsome, trim, and tan) were there waiting. They both greet me in Portuguese, and proceed to ask me how my flight was. It always takes me a day to fully adjust my brain to talking in a different language, since I am usually out of practice, so what came out of my mouth was a horrible garbled version of what my Portuguese usually sounds, and required constant repetition from the boys because what was coming out of my mouth was mostly unintelligible. I was whisked away to the parking garage and had my bags carried by both guys. Alex’s car was a Volkswagen sedan (the Virtus). We drove away and got to Terminal 2, where we saw Diego, looking all handsome in his crisp white shirt, slim jeans, and blond highlights, waiting for us at the curb. He was tanner than I remembered which made his green eyes pop out even more. He sees us and breaks out a million watt smile. I was so glad he came through. I am looking forward to spending more time with him. Our first stop was Leo’s house to have dinner with his mother. Lasagna was what was for dinner, as one would expect from a family with Italian roots. The mother was a fellow whore, and had stories of all the huge penises she has taken in the past. A shower for both Diego and I was next, and Diego wasted no time showing me how much he missed me as well. He had a tan line from where his sunga would be. It was hot. We were told by Leo and Alex to dress up comfortably but fashionably, which meant shorts and a nice t-shirt and shoes I guess. 1. No rest for the wicked: This first night, a Friday night, was really nice out, which for gays here usually meant going to the outdoor bars near Rua Frei Caneca, one of the gay streets in Sao Paulo. Alex parks at a nearby parking lot and then gets all of us cheap beers from a nearby market as we join the throngs of gays sipping beers, talking and flirting with each other. I got my Portuguese to a respectable level enough to not embarrass myself. Though I heard the word “gringo” uttered a few times to describe me: 2. From one gay bar to the next: At 1 AM we quit bar hopping in Sao Paulo, and after a stopover at McDonalds to get sundaes for the road (my treat) we drove straight down to Sao Vicente, the gay beach. The 1.5 hour drive to the beach town was not bad, though we did encounter fog in the last 20 minutes of our drive. We arrived at 2:45 AM, and apparently there was still a lot of gay socializing to be had. Alex stopped at a sandwich shop called Quiosque Ponto G, which is a pretty chill gay hotspot in Sao Vicente, and at this hour in the morning, it was still hopping with gays. https://www.facebook.com/quiosquepontoglsaovicente/ 3. Russian Dressing: Probably the main attraction of Quiosque Ponto G was not the gay clientele or the food or the drinks, it was this waiter: He got us our drink orders and seemed pretty shy and didn’t talk much. Leo was in love of course, and after the waiter left to get our drinks, was raving about how blue the waiter's eyes were. When the waiter comes back with our drinks, Leo was hell bent on talking to him to see what the waiter’s deal was. Leo was trying to flirt with the guy, but 10 seconds into their conversation everyone was wondering where the guy was from, because it was clear, from the long pauses he takes before answering our questions, that Portuguese wasn't his first language. People in our table (and everyone else within earshot) were speculating where he came from. The consensus of the people so far was that he was Venezualan. I asked the guy for him name. “Dmitri,” the guy answers, with the D sounding like how you say it in Portuguese. “Russo!” I shout out. “Voce e Russo!” He smiles and goes back to the counter to serve more drinks. Of course the guy was Russian. Those blue eyes, that blonde hair, impossibly smooth skin. Large powerful legs and blonde hair peppering his arms and legs. I wonder if he was a garoto de programa as well. We speculated about it all night. To this day, I wonder about it. I didn’t get a photo of him but got these from the FB page of Quiosque Ponto G. Photos don’t do him justice. He was just freakin' gorgeous. 4. Beaches with Bitches: We got home at 5 AM and slept till noon. Enough time to check out the beaches. First day went back to Sao Vicente to hang out at Ponto G (as in gay), and just stayed there basking in the sun and drank all day: Next day we ventured out all the way to Guaruja, which meant getting on a ferry with our car and crossing the water: Guaruja was a more well-off part of this area. Leo told me a lot about his childhood spent here with his family and this beach. Caipirinhas and finger food for lunch: For dinner and breakfast, everyone pitched in, and we cooked meals at the AirBNB. We did need a lot of food, since we had to feed all four of us plus all of our tricks: This eerily reminds me of a family outing. Maybe this is my family now. 5. Gays gays gays. Sao Vicente was widely known as the gay part of the area, and Santos, where our AirBNB was, was only 5 minutes away. It was 175 reals a night for a 2 bedroom with a spacious common area, and Leo, Alex and I split the three nights, so it was fair. Also Grindr predictably blew up, and it was full of free boys: And I never really knew how horny Brazilians are before I decided to spend a long weekend with a house full of them. Leo seemed to have a revolving door of tricks from Hornet. If he couldn’t do it in his and Alex’s bedroom, he would just do it in the living room. He didn’t care who saw. Which was fine by me. #pervert Alex, on the other hand, stuck to one boy he met on Day 2. But the pairing slightly crossed the line from what I was comfortable with. The age of consent in Brazil is what, 18? That’s what Leo and Diego told me. The boy Alex met may have been younger than that. The boy may have stayed over at our AirBNB. The boy and Alex may have bickered like an old married couple. It was a running joke the whole weekend. Leo and Diego teased Alex mercilessly about his choice, and that he may go to prison because the boy may be underage. Alex didn’t care. He may have been in love. At this point I could not say anything bad to Alex. I just played along. I wouldn’t be arrested because of this right? I wasn’t doing anything wrong? I really didn’t know the boy’s real age. He did seem a bit young. Oh well, moving on, before I get in trouble. 6. Speaking of old married couples, Diego and I were bonding pretty well. We took ownership of the bedroom that had the queen bed and adjoining bathroom, and made good use of the privacy this provided, in between bar visits and beach lounging. While I could have probably gotten some free tail from Grindr (just because the place was crawling with gays this weekend), I did not want to waste my time looking on my phone while on vacation. I was glad I had my guy there already, and all I had to do was relax and be with me, instead of being distracted about getting the next trip, which Leo was at times. And what I appreciated most about Diego is that he learned to speak Portuguese slower than he usually does, to help with my nascent Portuguese skills and American ears. Actually, Leo and Alex also got to enunciating their words and slowing down their speech cadence for me. At one point, all three got used to slow talking Portuguese that they started talking like this to other Brazilians. Hilarity ensues. On Monday morning at 2 AM, we needed to head back to the city of Sao Paulo. Leo and Alex both had work on Monday, so we all had to end our beach adventures. I offered to drive while Leo and Alex slept in the back. Diego kept me company on the passenger’s seat, not sleeping, but talking to me and singing along to the Spotify playlist I had on in the car, to keep me awake. When we got to the city, it was raining cats and dogs, but I got all of us safely to Alex’s condo building in Tatuape. We all took our luggage and situated ourselves at Alex’s place. Alex laid out a queen-size matress in the living room where he and Leo would sleep. He offered up his bedroom for me and Diego to sleep in. I told him we could just sleep on the mattress but Alex insisted since I was his guest. He gave me a set of keys to the apartment and told me help myself to anything in the house. Diego took a shower, asked me if I wanted sex (tomorrow, I tell him), went to bed and was out like a light. Alex was out too on the mattress. Leo and I stayed up talking till 5 AM. Then, Leo took a shower and then called an Uber to go to his work at a studio somewhere west of Paulista. No sleep for him. I take my own shower, and then snuggled next to Diego. Diego turns around to face me and spoons. He was big spoon. “To frio,” he says, saying that he was cold from the rain still going on outside. This was nice. Next, Diego and Leo, with me at Sauna Lagoa.
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    Day 7: Canela Road Trip I was sort of surprised on how easy and hassle free my rental car-road trip-Brazil tour has been so far. It is Brazil after all. From all the news reports and the general overall impression that Americans have and get about Brazil, I was half expecting a “Max Max” dystopian nightmare throughout my drive. Instead it was a care-free and stress-free time with a very amiable and game-for-anything garoto. I guess realistically the success of any road trip hinges greatly upon the quality of your travel companion. I do not know if I would get the same experience if I instead got a garoto, or free guy for that matter, off of Porto Alegre to go with me, while knowing the guy only a day or less before embarking on this trip. Gabriel and I have built up a rapport since our initial meeting last January, and we have settled quite remarkably into just a pair of old friends embarking on a road trip together. And this established rapport was crucial to a day like today. All I knew about Canela was I wanted to explore it and the area around it because my Portuguese tutor highly recommended doing so. So Gabriel and I did our research together the night before to prepare for today. From our little research, everything looked beautiful and accessible and since we had a car we would be able to go everywhere. Also, it looked like we will be getting a lot of exercise today with all the hiking and walking some of the venues required, so we both opted to wear athletic attire to be well prepared for the day. So after breakfast, we take the four bottled waters from the mini-bar in the room at Hotel Serra Azul, as well as some snacks we bought from chocolate shops off of the main drag in Gramado, we were off to our Canela adventure. Some highlights: Canela downtown was as quaint as Gramado downtown, and the Catedral de Pedra was very photogenic. Gabriel took a shit-ton of photos for Instagram. Lots of souvenir shops here as well: The Parque Estadual do Caracol, or Caracol State Park, was the highlight. We get there mid-morning, with the air still crisp and fresh. We had fun hiking around nature, and the view of the waterfall was pretty spectacular: After hiking around the park itself we drive up to the teleferico, or cable cars, to have an even better view of the park. There was a nature trail at the top of the terminus of the cable car route. At this point Gabriel was in a full jokey mode. The nature trail had some kitschy replicas of animals around the trail. Gabriel had fun with how bad some of the replicas were, while taking photos, and even riding some of the animals (you’re not supposed to do that), and wondered if the real animals were even here to begin with: On our drive back down the mountain, we pass by a Jurassic Park-type theme park called Vale dos Dinassauros. I asked Gabriel if he wanted to stop by the theme park. He said that if the animal replicas in the nature trail was any indication, he said he wouldn’t want to see what might be the same poorly rendered animatronic dinosaurs. We did have fun taking photos in front of the supposed electrified fence. Not sure if this was worth the 60 real ($16) entrance fee, but it probably would have been fun anyway with Gabriel’s commentary, or pictures of him riding on one of the dinassauros: After all the hiking and laughter, we find a por quilo buffet-style restaurant on the side of the road. It was 25 reals, or $7, for lunch. We skipped dessert because we were going to a chocolate museum next. Yesterday, at the hotel, they gave out little Chocolate nibbles from Caracol chocolates. So when Gabriel googled the chocolate brand, he found that Caracol had a whole chocolate museum full of kitchsy fun, called O Reino do Chocolate, or the Kingdom of Chocolate. We just had to visit it today: We bought a lot of chocolate souvenirs at the gift shop and was helped by a very good-looking employee. He even packed the chocolate in a Styrofoam cooler to protect the precious delicious chocolates: This is not the last we hear from good-looking employee… More about him next post. We wrap up our road trip with a victory lap of Gramado. We visited the various parks in the area, and concluded with a sunset “Pedalinho” ride in Lago Negro, or Black Lake. A pedalinho is like a boat with foot pedals like a bicycle to drive it around the water, and in this case in the shape of a swan. It was a pretty nice, though strenuous, way to enjoy the lake: Gabriel, as expected, did an Instagram live broadcast, with me in it. I was able to utter a few phrases in Portuguese for his audience. Back at the hotel Gabriel was still buzzing with energy. He dangled the gym-then-sex combo again to motivate me to go to the gym with him before dinner. I said we can if he bottomed again for me. He said yes, since he said he will probably be able to top someone tomorrow back at Sauna Mezzaninu. I forgot to mention this yesterday: Gabriel did not bring gym shorts and enough underwear. I offered to buy him some but he said to not waste my money since he had plenty back home, and just asked if he could just borrow shorts and underwear from me if I had extras. Luckily, I brought some spares with me, and both fit him perfectly. He looks better in them than I can ever dream myself looking like in them: Gym, rinse, repeat. I think my relationship with Gabriel has progressed a little bit today. At our room after gym we start hugging and then it graduates to making out. Still sweaty and gross from the gym and from the rest of the day’s exertions, we start having sex. Normally I expect him to shower first, with me or after me. Now here we were, sucking, rimming, enjoying each other, wearing the sweaty and filthy baggage of the day. Gabriel scent was in full tilt masculine musk mode, and I was covered in a shiny sheen of sweat, but it didn’t matter. I was more concerned with him not liking the dirty me, but it seems it didn’t matter to him. I was enjoying this version of Gabriel, taking in everything, the smells, the sweat, the filth, all of it. And at this point, I didn’t think it could happen, but it made our sex better. A long hot shower was needed after that (because, among other things, there were buckets of cum between the two of us). We get ready for our big dinner tonight. It was at the Churrascaria Garbo and Bombacha, which was restaurant with a show. I think it’s like South Brazil’s version of a luau which is to say it was very touristy and overpriced, but that was not the point. The point is to just get huge helping of Gaucho culture (found in Southern Brazil, Uruguay, and Northern Argentina) in one spot, while eating a yummy dinner. It was about a 30-minute drive from the hotel to the restaurant , which was in the mountain ascent of Canela. Inside, the restaurant had a large dining hall area, with a big stage in the center. It was typical Churrasco with the meat station and buffet style display of food filled with side dishes and desserts, but it had way more variety in meats and side dishes than most Churrascarias I’ve been to, and the meat was out of this world delicious. At 10 PM the main show started with a very touching spoken-word song recited by the host. He rattled off all the states in Brazil in one poem, and various people would cheer when their state was mentioned. When Rio was called out, Gabriel gave out a fairly enthusiastic cheer and clap. He was getting into it. I was as well. There was a big Minas Gerais table, and they had the biggest cheer of all tonight. We stayed for two hours, and the show was pretty good, and was intelligible for me even if it was in Portuguese: We leave the restaurant at 12 midnight, after taking photos in front of the restaurant and surrounding park. With our bellies full and senses heightened by the cultural show, we successfully concluded a full day of touring. We were almost sorry we were going back to PA tomorrow. Not because PA was not as pretty as Gramado and Canela, but because it meant we were closer to saying goodbye. Sauna: 1 Laziness: 1 Hot boy tour of the city: 4 Act of god: 1
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    Well after 6 years I’m back in Rio and what a 2 weeks it’s been so far. club 117 remains the best the hottest and the horniest spot on the planet I’ve been there 6 nights a week for 2 weeks and wow just wow. I love that 99% of the guys are as straight as you can be when you have gay sex for a living ! There is muscle there is twink there is Black as the dark of night and blonde as a swede and of course your typical Latino and they are all so lovely. They kiss they suck and some even deep throat, they fuck like their life depends on it and most make you feel ( at the time) they love you. I have found a great guy who will happily get fucked for his pay check and he’s a fit number and he runs off to find other guys that suit my taste and are also up to get fucked and we all take turns at the front back and middle ! Beef sandwiches are my thing. Sundays are relatively quiet, Monday’s closed and Tuesdays wall to wall as there is no charge for cabins so there are more customers which brings MORE BOYS. I’ve been eating my way through 3 a night and one night 4...... they will come and sit and chat for ages and after aren’t in a rush and to run off and are happy to snuggle up for a bit on a sofa. As always agree what they will and won’t do as I had one who said he was versatile and then changed his mind when I told the other guy to fuck him so the other boy got him gone, it was part of the deal so there was no problem. If your main reason to visit Rio is for sex you will find it and every kind of guy in 117 and in abundance ! Don’t be shy ask for what you want and they will let you know if it’s possible, they don’t mind it’s their job. I stay 4 minutes walk away in a reasonable hotel called the Diamaond and you can have visitors for R50 for the night but always be careful who you invite but they do have to register at reception so there is some safety net not that I’ve had a problem. Grindr is also hot but had a let down when a not so hot guy arrived with not such a big cock, must have been using his brothers pictures lol. I have another month in Brazil and I’m exhausted already. happy hunting guys
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    Day 10: Business up front, Party in the Back As far as I know the majority of the direct flights from Brazil to the USA (Miami, Atlanta, New York, Houston, LAX) depart at night. I don’t know if I like this schedule or not. On the one hand it is pretty cool to have late night departures because you can have a last minute victory lap at the sauna before heading out to the airport. But on the other hand I do feel a little bit of anxiety throughout the majority of the day of the flight. I've always lived in mortal fear of missing my flight, anywhere I am. Having to wait for it all day, even if I was doing something fun, kind of takes away from the fun because I keep checking my cellphone for the time. But there was still a lot of day, and a lot of boy, to get through today. My flight is at 11:15 PM tonight, which meant I had till possibly 8:00 PM to enjoy Thiago, and some boys at the sauna, tonight. The whole day meant looking at my cellphone to see if I had the time to do things. Not good. Thiago though, was hell-bent on doing one big thing with me today. After going through all the Sao Paulo tourist sites on google, we decide on visiting the Sao Paulo aquarium. I can’t tell you how many successful dates I’ve had in the aquariums in the USA, so I thought that this was a good choice for us. And good ole Thiago. He still knew how to pace things. He knew the last time we can have sex is this morning, since in the afternoon, he will need all the strength he can get for the long sauna night ahead. Starting in bed, working our way to the shower, having some slap and tickle while soaping up (this is all we can do, he was too tall for me to have any good sex in the shower), and then settling at the bed to have some sex. From what he tells me, he enjoys bottoming with me, and bottoming in general, as he doesn’t get to do it often, as everyone wants him to top. I can only oblige, though maneuvering his long, muscular legs is not an easy feat. In the end he cums, while I am lying on my back and him towering over me, feeding me his cum while I feast at the sight of him up above. Bliss. We hurry up and shower again, have a quick coffee and pastries at the padaria nearby, and then head over to the Sao Paulo aquarium. The entrance fee was US $30, which I found steep for something to do in Brazil, and Thiago thought it was oddly expensive as well. He insisted to go do something less expensive, but I told him since we were here, we might as well go. I knew he wanted to go, so I pay up and we enter. We encounter the usual fish, rays, seascapes and other staples of any aquarium: But then we enter a space where more land-based critters reside, including meerkats, kangaroos, and the Aquarium's centerpiece, two adorable polar bears: I like these kinds of dates, as it shows if a person is in my wheelhouse: learning something with someone you are also trying to learn something about. Thiago is up for the task: his University learning and natural curiosity showed throughout the three hours we were there. It does help that someone that handsome can also geek out on nerdy things like what Brazil’s different biospheres are, or knowing how Australia’s species evolved to what they are. He tried to remember what he learned from his biology classes, as did I, though it is a longer time ago for me than for him. Oh well. I wouldn’t say I’d wholly recommend the aquarium just because of the expensive price, but for me it was worth it in the end. After the aquarium we get back Shopping Cidade on Paulista to have our late lunch, and then strolled on Paulista, since today was Sunday and the street is closed to cars so pedestrians and bicyclists can have free reign over the popular street. At 2:30 PM we headed back to the hotel to pack, shower and say our intimate goodbyes before we both head to the sauna. Thank goodness for late check-out at the Intercontinental. Thiago only packed a back-pack, and was going to the bus station after the sauna tonight, so he can bring all his stuff to the sauna. I had a big suitcase, so I will have to store my bag at the concierge to pick up after the sauna. We get to the sauna at around 5 PM, and my countdown starts. At this point I am thinking I have till about 8:00 PM to stay at the sauna, which gives me time to Uber it to Intercon to retrieve my bag, and then head over to Guarulhos with some time to spare if traffic doesn’t fuck things up for me. 3 solid hours in a sauna is of course plenty of time, but since I had to be mindful about my time, it felt shorter than it actually was. After our usual welcome drink and scoping out the current scene (him for customers, me for boys), I bid Thiago a warm farewell and thanked him for the wonderful time today. I wish that he got as many customers as he needed tonight. He bids me farewell as well, and tells me to not spend too much money on boys. I promise him I will not. We part ways to get what we wanted out of the evening. Hopefully I get as much sex as I can with giving as little money as I can give, so I have money for more boys, and Thiago can get as much money as he can with giving as little sex as he can give, so he has energy for more customers. It’s a game that’s played all night long, by everyone in the sauna. Some win more than others, but in the end, hopefully everyone gets what they want. It didn’t take me long to spot my potential boy #1 for the night. He was sitting in one of the tables, just alone playing with his phone. From afar he looked like any average white boy I encounter at home. But up close, he was stunning. Natural looking body with abs, porcelain white skin, dark blonde hair. “Oi,” I say, and he looks up. The boy looked 15. He smiles and puts down his phone. “Tudo bem?” he asks. I point to the seat next to him. He nods and we size each other up. He was gorgeous, innocent face, but you kind of knew he knew all the tricks of the trade. His name is Miguel, just 18. Another University student. Just been in SP for a month. He’s not a regular at the sauna, but goes if he needs to buy clothes or new gear. He suggests us leaving the sauna to have dinner and then go back to my hotel for a fuck, and then go out to a club to round out the night (The Week was his choice). Sounds nice of course. I told him I couldn’t, since I was leaving tonight for the USA. “Take me with you,” he jokes. He says he is slight and can fit in my suitcase. No doubt he could. We get to the topic of sex. Does everything. More of a top but open to bottoming, but has never done it with a customer. Quoted 250 reals. I stood by my firm 150 reals with gozar. Seems to work with the boys. At the room, he suggests to shower first so we can do “whatever we wanted.” And that’s what exactly happened. I like a boy who takes initiative. He rims me first, telling me that he wanted to do this badly. I didn’t mind. After warming up the oven he puts on a condom. I didn’t tell him I also preferred to top but that hardly mattered now. He fucks me for a while until he was close. He takes the condom off. Some more foreplay. His ass tasted amazing. Tight and hairless. The body works for me. Amazing to the touch. He sits on me and proceeds to thrust. My first time in a sauna room to be fully versatile. I consider this a triumph. I cum fast, due so much sensory overload. It takes him a while to cum because he said that happens when he gets fucked. It was worth the wait. He cums everywhere, his hair, the bed, me, the wall. We cuddle for a while, cum getting everywhere but we didn’t mind. And then we shower and exchange info and such. Next time, I’ll get my hands on him to have a full weekend. I give him his 150, and a 20 to pay for his entrance. I look at my cellphone. It was 7 PM! I had an hour left. Time flies when you’re having fun. I could not find Thiago, which is good because it meant he was with a customer. Halfway through my beer I spot a boy who was tall and inviting. He was not gym buff but had a natural fit body. He spots me staring so he pretends to adjust his towel so he can show me what he got. Giant dick alert. I wave him over and he sits with me. 24 years old. Smoldering Latin look. I give his cock a tug. He says it grows to 26 cm, and thick. Only a top, kisses, he says. I was running out of time. So I hurriedly accept. 150 with cum, as usual. It is good to have the price set before starting. The actual programa was nothing to write home about. Kissing was not as good as promised (more nibble than kiss), foreplay not much better. But with him I imagine everything is forgiven once a customer sees the dick. That was his selling point. He was very pretty, so his face can also sell, and he was tall and had a nice body, so he had a lot going for him. But the dick just overshadowed everything else. No doubt the biggest I’ve seen, and the thickness is a sight to behold. I played with it. He struggled to cum, looking at the straight porn the whole time. It was fine. The dick made up for it. Showered with him afterwards, so I don’t smell like boy on my flight. Paid 150, not a repeat for sure, but the perverse sight of his gigantic dick was worth the price of admission, so I had that memory to carry me over the continent on my way back home. Thiago still was nowhere to be found, but he messaged me saying he was in a programa, and to message him to tell him I was leaving. I told him I was leaving. Relunctantly. The night was still young. But vacations have to end. Uber to Intercon, then to GRU. Got to airport with an hour to spare. Slept really well in the plane, well-earned from the gymnastics from earlier. Thanks again for the lovely time Brazil. I’ll see you again soon. Really really soon, apparently.
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    Not sure if its the same boy but... Yes he is tall, yes he is muscular, and he has some tattoos, but not full of tattoos. He also doesn't want anyone knowing he is a GP. More on this later, when I write about him. Haha. Well it's still nice to get the temperature of the room. My trip reports are too long, too detailed, and too rambling even for me. Thanks for the more than ample encouragement. Some of you, privately, took umbrage with the fact that I wrote these three words, signifying that I was starving for attention. My intention was to footnote every “Day 0: Setup” post with this “Continue or no?” question, as more of a flourish or rhetorical question that it is a call for votes to see if I am popular or not. It’s always nice to get feedback, but that’s not the main reason why I write my drivel. I write about my adventures primarily because I enjoy writing, and it helps me to take stock of what just happened, especially because these Brazil trips are always super intense and always somewhat life changing. Every. Single. Trip. Traveling alone is a sort of punishment you give yourself. You willingly thrust yourself at the mercy of strangers, in a strange land, with strange customs, and sleeping in a strange bed, eating strange food, and speaking a strange language. But it does change you, always, for the better, because, as the saying goes, “adversity builds character.” So guys, for the few who are reading, I hope you enjoy the trip report!
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    Day 8: Three Gramado Musings 1. The Education of Gabriel Gabriel was a talker. He was naturally bombastic and demonstrative because of his tremendous luck of being born a Carioca. There was just something about Cariocas that instantly draw you to them. The joy and zest for life for them seemed effortless and natural, and makes you wonder what was in the water in Rio that made them the way they were. And because Gabriel was also a garoto, he was even more boisterous and confident, and fairly generous with his body and his personal space, and it was his mission to get you to be comfortable enough to be equally generous with your body and space with him. There were downsides to this happy-go-lucky existence of course. A Carioca friend of mine who lives in San Francisco always tells me how proud he is of being Brazilian and wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world. But then goes on to say that the very thing that makes Brazilians so happy and carefree is also the reason why they cannot sustain a good government and stable economy. He couldn’t explain why it was so. He said they seemingly have everything: a robust population, abundant natural resources, relatively progressive thinking for the region, which are all ingredients that would otherwise make Brazil an economic superpower. He says that just when he thinks the country has turned a corner, it collapses in on itself, unable to withstand the weight of rampant corruption and the burden of weak leadership. Gabriel is struggling with his own motivations. He was not born super poor. His siblings are all college graduates who have stable jobs and could thrive even within the corrupt system of government. He didn’t go to college, and liked going to parties and bask in the sun too much, his words. He wants to go get a degree but lacks the appropriate drive or the concrete plan needed to execute this. His brothers help him out sometimes, and he earns enough at the sauna to pay his bills and his motorcycle, and to keep up with his constant partying. I guess life can be hard when you live in paradise. There is no urgency to stop the party, if the water is always warm, the sun keeps shining, and the samba music keeps playing. As we wind down our night and not wanting to sleep yet, Gabriel and I talk about the sauna, and the characters in it. He says he wants to leave the sauna as soon as he can. He has told me about the energia negativa that permeates through the sauna walls. It’s a sad place to earn money, he said. He has been working in 117 for about a year, but says that some garotos have been there upwards of 10, even 15 years. Most have turned to drugs as a way to cope with the negative energy and the relentless grind of grinding customers. He said everyday he tells himself that he wants out, but he gets to the sauna and earns more money in a day than most his siblings do in most weeks. It is hard to leave, he said, but he has to, for his sanity and health. He does not want to end up like the career garotos in the sauna. He values his health too much to do so. We talk about his options. We come up with a plan for him to slowly phase out the sauna from his life. But to him, the first step to this road to prosperity was to learn English. He asked me if I could teach him English and in return I can practice my Portuguese with him. I told him that this was an excellent idea. For now though, he asks me to improve his “sauna English”, by teaching him a few phrases he needed to deal with gringos and other non-PT speakers. I took the hotel notepad and pen and scribbled down two questions. I hand him the pen and pad and asked him to answer the questions in English. He does and I check his work. I give him some corrections. I ask him to scribble in more sentences: I tell him that it helps me to write down some of the Portuguese I’ve learned to help with remembering. We go into the most important subject of all: payment. He knows mostly how to count in English, which is good. He asks me how English speakers usually could ask him how much his services were worth. I give him a few examples. He scribbles them down. I ask him if customers ask him what his sexual services were. I tell him about top and bottom, equivalent to his ativo and passivo: We get into stuff like kissing as well. I told him it is important to tell customers that you are like a machine in bed, pounding away like there was no tomorrow. I call him the “Maquina,” the energizer bunny in bed. He tells me it is good that he loves sex so much, it is no problem for him to perform for clients. Amen to that: He in turn teaches me a few colloquialisms in Brazilian Portuguese. I type them down in my phone. We talk about doing this kind of teaching session on WhatsApp video once in while when I go back to the USA. Indeed, after this trip was over, we commence with our teaching lessons, usually when he is in his long bus ride from Sao Goncalo to his work at Club 117, or on his ride back from work, though he is more subdued and less talkative after the grind of the sauna. It is probably that negative energy thing again. We do not do this every day, but often enough that he is now more effective in teaching me Portuguese than my teacher. It's almost 3 AM when we fall asleep in each other’s arms. 2. Angel of the Morning We get woken up by the alarm at 8 AM. We wanted to get an early start today so we can at least see some of Porto Alegre before we return the car and prepare for the sauna tonight. I wasn’t looking forward to the 2-hour drive back to PA, but I figure the earlier we get the drive out of the way, the better off we will be today. Gabriel was not a morning person either, but he was in tune with my wish to get an early start. We decided to get some breakfast first, and then after settling our tummies, go to the gym and then hit the road. That’ll get us to Porto Alegre around 1 PM at the latest, plenty of time to get some other sightseeing done before returning the car at 6 PM. The breakfast in Hotel Serra Azul was pretty standard fare, but it was included in the price of the room, so we were not complaining. Lots of breads, meats, cheeses, and waffles/pancakes, with a full complement of fruit juices and surprisingly excellent coffee: While eating I checked my Grindr. I scrolled through some old messages, with some pretty promising but missed opportunities. Oh well. After 5 minutes, some new messages trickle in, including a message from a 23-year-old guy. I look at his profile photo and recognized him from somewhere but couldn’t exactly put my finger on it. I read his message: “I saw you at the caracol chocolates:” Remember him? It was the guy who helped us at Caracol Chocolates yesterday. I thought he was pretty hot. I asked for more photos. He obliged. Nice body, handsome, and was hung like a horse, or a Brazilian. I say I like: I guess he saw me at the store and liked what he saw. But he saw me with Gabriel, the guy who was hotter than the sun. Since Gabriel did not have Grindr, maybe this guy was trying to get to Gabriel through me? It was possible: So I guess he really wanted to fuck me. I send him a photo of my ass. He doubled down with his wishes to meet. I guess I could give this is a go. I tell him he could meet me but I had to ask my “boyfriend” first. I fill Gabriel in on what was happening. He asked to look at the messages and photos. He chuckled. He showed me one of the penis pics. “Grande,” Gabriel said, pointing to the pic. I laughed. Gabriel was still bigger and thicker than this guy, but he recognizes a big penis when he saw one. I ask him what I should do. Gabriel says to go for it and said he could go to the gym while the guy and I do it. I asked him if he was OK with it. He assured me he was. I tell the guy to give me 20 minutes. He asked for my room number and I gave it to him. Gabriel and I wrap up breakfast and while Gabriel changed for the gym, I get a quick but thorough shower to prepare. When the message came that the guy was at the lobby, Gabriel takes the key card and kisses me in the lips and says “Have fun!” I get a knock at the door and there he was. He was over 6’ tall, strong and lean, and fairly handsome. He was whiter than most Brazilians I’ve become accustomed to, and had either hazel or green eyes, I couldn’t tell for sure. He looked younger than how I remembered him yesterday. I welcome him in and we exchange names. In perfect English he asks me some questions about my trip so far. I ask him about his work in Caracol chocolates. Mandated small talk at the start of a Grindr hookup. A way to ease into the task at hand. He struck first. He leans down to give me a deep kiss, then takes off my shirt to give my nipples a nibble. I take off his shirt as well, to reveal a slightly hairy and inviting torso. I relieve him of his trousers to reveal an already hard cock, pointing up with anticipation. I take it in my mouth. He takes off my shorts and gives me an amazing rim job. He takes his time. He clearly loves my ass, and wasn’t afraid to go for it. I give him a condom a lube. He fucks me doggy style, softly at first to get me used to his size, and then came the jackhammer. He flips me on my back and assumes the position. He wraps my legs around his neck and kisses me while pounding me. He comes this way. He pulls out and takes my still hard cock and puts two fingers in and finger bangs me till I come in his mouth. After washing up together we exchange Whatsapp contacts, and tells me to send him a message when I am back in town. He said maybe my boyfriend can join in next time. I tell him that it was a possibility. When he leaves I text Gabriel that the coast was clear. After 5 minutes Gabriel walks in the door. He gives me a kiss and asks me how it was. I tell him it was great. He said he saw the guy at the lobby while he was taking the stairs down to the gym. He tells me he thought the guy was handsome. I see a bulge in his shorts. I take them off and his large cock flops out, all thick and hard like the previous guy. Gabriel takes off my shorts, turns me around and bends me over and takes a look at my hole. “Nice,” he says, and then proceeds to rim me. I guess it turns him on that the guy was just here in the room, and in me. He takes a condom and proceeds to fuck me. Brazil is turning me into a bottom. 3. Lost in Translation Google Maps is a bitch sometimes. My blind trust with it has occasionally been my downfall. It gets me to my destination 99% of the time, but the 1% of the time it fails me, it is oftentimes ends horribly. Gabriel and I, post-coitus, pack up and check out of the hotel. It was $100 for the 2-night stay, plus another $10 for some mini-bar items, and $13 for the valet parking. I put in the address of the apartment in Porto Alegre, let Google Maps calculate the quickest route to our destination, and head on out. In the car we have loud music playing right away, and have lively talks about whatever came to us during the drive. I wasn’t paying too close attention when Google suggested to make a right on Estrada Serra Grande, which took us out of the main highway on the state route 116. I noticed the road was smaller but didn’t really think anything was amiss till the concrete part ended and it turned into gravel: I checked google and it said we were on the correct road. I should have just turned it around to get back to the four-lane highway, but somehow I just kept on driving on the dirt road. Pretty soon we see farm land. We are clearly not on the main thouroughfare anymore: Gabriel seems unconcerned about the detour. At this point I was a little concerned. I did not want bandits to suddenly appear and force us to stop the car and rob us. This looked like a pretty remote part of the south. As we drove on, we get to see some nice farmland with some animals. We decide to make the most of our detour and snap some photos: We drive on, with the road getting rockier and less traveled. We got a little worried until we see a lone man walking on the road. We stop and asked him if this was the road to Porto Alegre. The man said yes, and there was probably 15 more minutes of unpaved road before we hit gravel again. This gave us some relief. We encountered a fork in the road, and stopped the car to figure out which road to choose from the google map directions. While we figured out which way to turn, we see a nice church in the distance so we decided to leave the car to take photos: There was an old man, who had a house close to the church, who encouraged us to get closer so we could get better shots of the area: We get a lot of nice goofy photos. Lots of "the hills are alive" shots. After our photo session we talk to the man. He was a jolly old Gaucho, probably close to 80. He asked as where we came from. When he learned I was from the USA, he asked me if I liked Trump. I was diplomatic, as one should be when encountering strangers, anywhere, and told him a lot of people liked Trump and a lot didn’t like him. He laughed at the answer and told me what he thought about him. His wife soon joined us in the conversation. The wife laughed at my strange Portuguese. We bid both a farewell and thanked them for their hospitality. Not long after we finally encounter gravel road! I guess we found a shortcut, which was cutting through the town of Santa Maria do Herval, a nice farming town with lots of natural features. We make stops once in a while to take some photos. We stop by a creek and do an impromptu photo session with a shirtless Gabriel: It was actually a nice accident that we got “lost” in the farm lands of the south. Sometimes the cliché is true: it really is all about the journey and not the destination. From there we find our way back to state route 116 through Novo Hamburgo. And it took us to Porto Alegre. Next, the Sauna.
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    Introductions I thought I’d recap my week in Recife (and Fortaleza) through my usual ramblings, so if you're pretty averse to my way of writing it is best to turn away. This was the first Brazil trip I’ve taken (out of 13), in which I have not had also gone through either Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo, or both. I have used the smaller city Belo Horizonte before as a port of entry (from a Copa Airlines flight), which had its pros (no lines due to not having as many international flights into Confins Airport), and cons (takes a longer time for them to process foreigners because they are not used to it), but the trip after BH, I went to Rio to stay for a few more days before going back to the USA. I’m one of those people who likes to randomly surf Google Flights and Skyscanner for airfare deals whenever i am bored. I would put in dates (usually over weekends and/or holidays), sometimes almost 6 months to a year in advance, to find out if there are deals to be had. I usually get some good deals out of this method. One time I booked a Monterrey, Mexico flight over 200 days in advance for $105 round trip, and I almost forgot I had that I made the reservation till I got a United App notification, reminding me that I am able to check in to the flight 24 hours in advance. I hastily booked a hotel (Crowne Plaza) and packed whatever I could, and thanked the heavens that I still had room in my passport for MX immigration stamps. Still one of my best quickie vacations ever. It’s like finding money between the couch cushions. So this was one of those trips. Early January of this year, sometime after my New Year’s trip to Rio (my incomplete trip report here, sorry for not completing it), I found myself at work, bored, and wanting to go back to Brazil. I used Skyscanner to find out which Brazil cities other than Rio and SP had direct flights from the USA. I found these so far: BH, Brasilia, Manaus, Salvador, Belem, Recife and Fortaleza. The last two I found interesting. Recife and Fortaleza have have been mentioned here in BoyToy, with some members commenting on how beautiful the beaches and cities were, and some had some decent saunas as well, so I knew at least I would not be bored there if I did go. On Google Flights I put in some holiday dates to check for cheap fares, like - MLK Day weekend which at this point was just 2 weeks (too close) and President’s day weekend in February (no availability), Memorial day weekend in May (too expensive). Finally I put in the dates around July 4thand found this crazy fare: a roundtrip from Miami to Recife for $159. I quickly click on the LATAM link in the Google Flights search result to confirm. Sure enough, it was a real fare. Without any regard to whether I can get the time off from work or not, I booked it. If I can’t go, throwing away $159 isn’t the end of the world. I end up going every time anyway. Luckily for me as well, there were awards flights available to Miami, from my city in California (United), and back (American Airlines) through points. Which was very lucky indeed because sometimes it’s hard to find award flights around the holidays (especially around July 4th here in the USA). The good thing about point redemptions is that you can get the points refunded back to you if you decide to cancel (some nominal fee, $25 to $50 per leg), so this was some low risk high reward shit I was dealing with, which was a no brainer. The one quirk with this booking is that the flight back to Miami had an almost 24 hour layover in Fortaleza. Which to me wasn’t a bad thing, since it will give me a chance to check out the Fortaleza before heading back home. Since I was trying to visit all Brazilian states, getting two new states crossed off the list (Pernambuco and Ceara) in one week is kind of amazing. During the time of the booking of this flight, I had a Brazilian boyfriend who was from Minas. I thought about taking him with me to this trip but decided against booking his flights as well, since I was not entirely sure I will go. Sure enough, 2 month later, we have broken up. And from this booking in January, to the time I had to leave in late June, I would have taken 6 more trips to Brazil, and found another boyfriend on trip 3, this time, someone from Santa Catarina. In these 6 trips I would visit new states, to bring my total to 10 visited so far, out of 27 possible, in 12 trips. This 13th trip would bring it to a total of 12 states visited. Still not half but I have a whole lifetime to get there. And in these 12 trips, I have run into the same problem: I always intend to go to the saunas in the city I am in but never seem to quite make it there in the majority of the trips. I find myself just trying to make local friends and using Grindr for both free and paid encounters. Part of me is intimidated by saunas, another reason is simply because that I prefer to just have sex in my own (better) AirBNB bed and use my (better) bathrooms and facilities. With Brazil, it was really never just about sex with me, and the saunas do give me a hypersexual venue that I sometimes crave, but not always seek. Overall though, it’s good to have options. Also it is hard to go to a sauna with a bf. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Oftentimes I just have to go by myself before or after bf time. Next up, AirBNB recommendations, my choice of companion, and the journey to Recife…
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    RI "HOE" De Janeiro

    FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELTS, DARLING!!! ITS ABOUT TO BE A SLUTTY RIDE!!! This 8 day trip to Ri-HOE de janeiro was filled with condoms, lube, poppers, videos, photos, sucking, fucking, dicks, ass, semen and vagina. Yes, fellas!!!! I said VAGINAS. You’re not going to believe this shit. If I didn’t experience it, I wouldn’t believe it myself. I don’t know how I get myself in these slutty situations. Wait a minute! Yes I do, know how it happens. I seek these kinds of situations cause I’m a sex crazed, whore. When I tell you the wild shit that happened this trip in Ri-Hoe, you are going to lose your mind. I love this place and when I use the term Hoe, im not referencing the country, I’m referencing myself because that’s exactly what I was this trip. Before I start though, let me just thank the individuals who created and oversee this site. Thanks for giving us this platform to share our experiences and learn from the other members of the group who travel extensively. I receive quite a few private emails from member of the group and even have a, “Virtual BoyToy BFF.” I’ve never met. His name on boytoy is @stlcards81. We started chatting around the time he first visited rio last month and needed information regarding what to do while there. Though weve never met we chatted almost daily and hes just as slutty as I am. Since we are virtual BFF’s he feels as though he should see the videos and pictures before they are posted to boytoy. Lol. I obliged him and sent him a couple. So thanks BOYTOY for bringing guys together to share their experiences and SEX-CAPADES! FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELTS!!! Wait a minute…..Didnt I already say this???? Pardon me guys for being repetitive, but that line is worth repeating. This trip/rollercoaster was truly filled with twists and turns. So my hubby and I leave for rio-HOE last thursday night around 10 p.m. the day before we left Miami my husband and I had decided that we would each see a guy that we met while we were there for new years eve. While still at work on Thursday, My husband whatsapp a pic to me of the guy he was going to see and I did the same. When I sent the pic to my husband his response was, “we never met the guy in the pic you sent.” I told him I met him in 202 over new years eve. Usually if we meet a guy in the clubs we will do them together. However, there was so much dick and ass in the clubs that week that we decided to sleep with as many as we could so we could add them to our HOE-LA-DEX (rolodex). Here is the back story regarding the guy who’s pic I sent to my husband. While in 202 over new years eve my husband and I saw 2 different guys who peaked our interest and decided to split up and take have the guy we liked. I was finished with my guy in about 20 minutes. I was done so quickly because I left my poppers in the room and for some strange reason I don’t get the same gratification from sex when I don’t have my poppers. My husband must have really been into his guy because they were in the room for close to an hour which left me about 40 minutes alone in club 202 while my hubby was upstairs handling his business. I made good use of those 40 minutes by walking around looking for guys for the 2 of us to share. I know! I know! Im such a thoughtful partner. Yeah, right!! I’m a shameless whore and you guys know it!!! While I was gathering numbers, I met this sexy 22 year old brazalian with a huge dick. He wasn’t really my type because he wasn’t muscular. He had more of an athletic build. Beautiful legs, ripped abs and handsome face. We exchanged numbers but didn’t mess around that trip. There were 2 many other muscular guys over the new years eve weekend for me to mess around with and I was determined to sleep with as many of them as possible. Thursday afternoon I asked the young 22 year old to send me pics. He started to send the pics and I would forward them to my husband. My husband was really into this young, hot guy and told me to get him over. Our flight arrived in Ri-HOE at 8 in the morning. We make it to our Airbnb in Ipanema around 9/915 and check in. we are allowed to check in so early because although we didn’t arrive until Friday morning, I booked the apartment as if I was arriving on Thursday (the day before our actual arrival). Doing so ensures that we wont have to wait until the prior occupant checks out at noon, the apartment needing to be cleaned and us having to check in at 3 p.m. After receiving the keys, I jump In the shower to thoroughly clean myself, if you know what I mean. I believe the 22 year old was due to arrive at noon. He arrives and I walk out the apartment to let him in. once hes in, the apartment that is, he shakes my husbands hand and we give him a towel for his shower. My husband remarked at how sexy he is. Again, he isn’t muscular, but has the sexiest athletic build with nice legs and a round shapely ass. Once he’s out the shower, he walks into the bedroom and we begin to play. Were all sucking each others nipples, my husband begins to suck me, I suck him and my husband goes to retrieve my favorite condom, Magnum Bareskin. While my husband puts the condom on this young studs hard dick, I walk away to grab my bottle of ENGLISH poppers. As im opening the bottle, my husband lubes the guys dick and begins to lube (Swiss Navy lube = the best lube) my ass. The reason you will hear porn while my husband is recording is and the guys are used to porn playing. Because there is always porn playing in the saunas, I always bring my laptop and play porn while im having sex with a garato. They love this shit…how do I know this, you ask? Because many have told me. I will tell you what confirmed this for me in greater detail later in this post. I move to the bed and assume the, “doggy style,” position. It’s a lot easier for me to start sex in this position and its also probably my favorite sexual position. Im positioned in the bed so that when the sexy 22 year old enters me, he will be facing the computer monitor and can watch the straight porn while fucking me. I feel the mattress move as the 22 year old begins to climb in bed. He rubs his finger around my hole and I repeatedly twitch my hole while hes doing this to let him know im ready to receive his manhood. He slowly begins to put his dick in my ass. I tell him to do it slowly. When the head is in, I squeeze really hard on his dick head and begin to twitch/grind on his dick head while squeezing my insides so he cant enter me anymore. My goal was to fuck his dick head really good for a few seconds before I let him move deeper in me. He begins to moan. The more he moans, the more I move my ass in a back and forth grinding motion to fuck the head of his dick. I release and he pushes deeper in me. I squeeze again and take a whiff of my poppers. After taking a whiff of the poppers my husband puts his dick in my mouth. In that moment I opened myself up to let this young buck fill me up and give me the fuck of my life. This youngster didn’t disappoint either. In fact, because he was so stellar at taming my hungry ass, we decided to hire him every morning while we were in ri-HOE. This young kid grabbed the back of my neck, had begun to make sounds of pleasure while making love to my ass. Im the kind of bottom who doesn’t just lay there while my top is fucking me. I like to be an active participant so I fucked his dick while he fucked my ass. My husband said the youngster threw his head back in pleasure while I was fucking his dick doggy style. We fucked for about an hour. Changing positions as you can see in the videos. After about 50 minutes, I had, “tapped out,” and was ready to end the session. i had the young guy pull out of me and told him no more. I asked if he wanted to take a shower. I don’t speak Portuguese so im kinda animated when I speak to someone who doesn’t speak English. In that meaning, I use a lot of hand gestures and motions to try to get them to understand what im saying. He said NO he didn’t want to shower, but he did want to CUM. In the attached video you will see the 22 year old jacking his dick and releasing a HUGE load. It was amazing. After he nutted, I laid on my back and he and my husband sucked my nipples until I nutted also. During our session with the 22 year old my husband received a text from his guy saying he couldn’t make it. Guys, this is why we go to the saunas and collect as many “whatsapp,” numbers as we can. We were disappointed that his guy couldn’t make it, but we had many other guys who were on call. I then sent a whatsapp message to a sexy, muscular brazalian I met at 202 over new years eve. This guy is the total package. Hes handsome AF, sexy AF, hung like a mule, can fuck like a porn star and the icing on the cake is that he is very polite and friendly. Hes my latin muscle god! He’s the muscular guy fucking me in the video and hes also the guy who we took photos of from behind while he was fucking me. My husband was amazed at how beautifully built this guy was. I wont go into detail about how we fucked because ive posted the video. I did mention earlier that I would explain how I knew these guys loved watching straight porn while they fuck. This guy in particular loves straight porn and I have a video saved with 2 big dick guys pounding the shit out of one girl. I will attach that link to this video. The video is hot AF. There is a scene in the video where they double penetrate her. My latin muscle god wanted to fuck me in the same position that the men were fucking the girl in the video. If they did it doggy style, he wanted to fuck doggy style. It they were fucking missionary, he wanted to fuck missionary. If they slapped her ass, he slapped mine. It was INCREDIBLE! We saw him everyday day because hes just the sweetest guy in the world. So humble and not aggressive like some of the other guys who look like him. I like him because he doesn’t rush and he makes sure he CUMS after we fuck and I CUM also. He actually opened his phone and showed us pictures of his family. He has the cutest kids. They are freaking adorable. I promised to bring them some clothes and school supplies when we return in July. We also noticed that the shoes he was wearing were EXTREMELY WORN. I told my husband that I wanted to buy him a new pair and he said it was fine. My latin muscle god was so happy with the shoes. We went to the mall without him to buy the shoes. We sent him pics and he told us the ones he liked best. We kept my muscle god on heavy rotation throughout the 8 days we were in RI-HOE. My husband and I arrive at 202 around 6:15 p.m. I had some other buddies in town who had gone to 117 the same night and said it was AWESOME. Friday is definitely the night to go to 117 like the schedule someone posted months ago suggested. 202 was dead. It was just ok. We stayed for maybe 2.5 hours with hopes that things would liven up at 202, but they didn’t so we left. Around 1030 I receive a text from my buddies telling me about the amazing time they had with the guys at 117. A few of the guys they were telling me about were already in my HOE-LA-DEX from new years eve. They joked about how slutty they felt and couldn’t wait to go to 202 on Saturday night. I mentioned to them that this was my 4th time and rio and ive never done any of the attractions because we just laid around all day and fucked. I suggested that we do a tour in the coming days and they agreed. They mentioned this place, “blame it on rio travel.” We decided to meet there Saturday morning to book a tour. Here is where shit is about to take an UNEXPECTED TURN. We arrive at the establishment and the owner is a very very nice guy. hes super friendly and very welcoming. There were about 8 other people in the establishment. Here you can book countless tours, rent bikes, wash clothes and he also converts money at a great rate for you. There were about 2 people in front of us. My buddies and I are talking to everyone in the establishment because they are all so damn perky and friendly. It was like we had known them for years. There was a black guy there who was telling us how the owner actually found him a Dominican girl to take care of ALL HIS NEEDS. He was telling us that the woman cooks for him, cleans, shops for him and does other things that I cant mention on this site. Lol! Yeah, right! Isn’t that why youre still reading this post, for the dirty things that transpired while I visited rio? Lol! When it was our turn to book our tour we wanted one that wouldn’t keep us out for more than 5 hours. The owner suggested the tour and the black guy sitting in the area stated that he had taken the same tour the day before and it was amazing so we decided to book the tour. While I was speaking to the owner, I told him about a facebook page, “black travel movement,” that im a member of and that I would give him a great review. The black guy says, hes never heard of the site and asked how could he join the facebook page. I told him he had to be added by someone who was already a member. I then asked him what his name was on FB. He gave me his name and mentioned something about a volleyball game that happens each day on the beach and theyre always looking for random players to join. I told him id like to play and asked what section of the beach could I find this pick-up game. I hope you have your popcorn fellas cause here is where shit gets quite interesting. I don’t know how this shit always happens to me on these trips, but im thankful and not complaining. The black guy and i swap numbers and he says that he has to meet his girl because they had plans for today. He stated that he would text me the exact location of where to meet for beach volleyball. My buddies and I rent bikes from the shop and take a 45 minute bike ride along the beautiful beach. We ate after the bike ride and went back to our apartments. We had agreed to meet at 117 later that night to have some fun. Its about 4 p.m. on Saturday so I decide to get in the shower and PREPARE for whats about to happen to me at club 117. I go into the bathroom and turn on my Donna Summer Live music to help bide the time while I clean myself. Im singing along to Donna Summer’s, “Mc Arthur Park,” when I hear the whatsapp indictaor sound. Im thinking its one of the Brazilian guys weve met because they had been blowing up our phones since we arrived. It wasn’t any of those guys. when I unlocked my phone I saw it was the black guy from the bike shop. He asked what my buddies and I were doing for the night. I told him we were going to a club. He asked could he tag along. I then told him that I didn’t think he would like the kind of club we were going to. He asked why and I told him we were going to a gay brothel. You can read the rest of the message in the attachment. We get to the club and the black guy from the tour company is walking around fully clothed. we greet each other, shoot the breeze for a brief second and then we give him a tour of the place. We decide to settle down in the inside bar area. He offered to a drink, but my husband and I decline. A young hot brazalian walks over to the table and introduces himself. Im not interested, but my husband is attracted to the guy. they talk briefly and then go get a room. About 5 minutes later, one of my favorites approaches, sits beside me with a hard dick and asks do I want to go upstairs. The black guy I was with says, “hey man, don’t let me get in your way. Go handle your business.” I said to him, “you’re not in the way. You should come watch me dominate this big fucker.” He chuckles then reluctantly says, “alright.” As we were walking downstairs to our room, I mentioned to the black guy that he should return the favor and fuck a girl in front of me and my husband the following day. He says to me, “I can make that happen.” We go inside the room and only the garato and myself begin to disrobe. I place my waist pouch with my condoms, lube and poppers on the stand in the room. The 2 of us begin to caress, suck each others nipples and rub each others bodies. The black guy is standing there trying to adjust the lights so that they would dim. He couldn’t seem to dim them enough because the lights wouldn’t stay on his or my desired setting. I then grab my cell phone, turn on the flashlight and face it to the wall on the stand. That provided the perfect lighting. It wasn’t too dim and it wasn’t too bright. The garato and I begin to touch again. The garato lays on his back with a hard dick. I reach for my condoms and lube. Put the condom on his dick, take a whiff of my poppers and begin to suck his dick. I take a whiff of the poppers about every minute or so. The black guy asked, “what are those?” I explained what they are and handed them to him. He took a whiff and had to sit down on the bed. I mount the garato. Slowly putting his hard dick in my ass. I reach for the poppers again and surprisingly as I lay them on the bed next to me, the black guy picks them up and takes another whiff. By now the garato is completely in me and im riding him like a cowboy at a rodeo. The garato begins to moan. Im moaning and the black guy stands up and has positioned himself on the wall behind us. While im enjoying the garato I also hear the black guy behind me saying, “shitttttttttt! Yeahhhhhh!” so now that I know hes into it, I really begin to perform and lean over the garato for him to suck my nipple. I knew this would expose my hole more and the black guy would get a better look at how I was sliding up and down on his dick. Again the black guy reaches for the poppers then touches the garatos legs and moves from the wall. The black guy is now close enough that I could feel him directly on me. He begins to touch and kiss my back. I can hear him taking off his clothes. In my heart im smiling because this is what I really wanted. He leans in to my ear and says to me, “I want you to ride my dick like you’re riding that white boys dick.” It was so fucking sexual and I was sooooo turned on. The black guys dick was so big and hard, I almost told the garato to leave and I would pay him when we get done. The black guy laid on the bed next the garato. I grab some lube and begin to jerk his beautiful dick while im still riding the garato. He puts a condom on his dick, I take a whiff of my poppers, dismount the garato and begin to ride the black guys dick. The black guy and i switch positions and now im in the missionary position. As im on my back, I see him kiss the garato. This is hot because im on my back getting pounded and as I look up I see 2 hot men kissing each other. The black guy pulls out of me and moves the garato between my legs so that he could fuck me again. The garato puts on a new condom and enters me. While hes fucking me, the black guy jerks off on the sheet of the bed. It was an INCREDIBLE EXPEREINCE. We paid the garato $300R and went back up to the bar. The 3 of us stayed around for about another hour and a half then left for our hotels. I reminded the guy that he was supposed to have sex with a girl in front of me tomorrow. He promised he’d call me the following morning to set it up. As promised, he called around 10 a.m. and said he had a girl and needed our address to bring her to our place. We gave him the address and about an hour later he arrived with this beautiful brazalian girl. Her body was amazing. We introduced ourselves, and go back into the bedroom. I told him that I haven’t been with a girl in about 40 years or more so I would probably just watch. He says to me, “you don’t know what youre missing.” He asked for the poppers and I gave him the bottle. He sniffs the poppers and begins to play with her. He starts by finger fucking her and kissing her passionately. I get an instant erection and begin to play with my nipples. My husband does the same. she begins to suck his dick for a few minutes. They begin to fuck and hetero sexual sex its as beautiful live as it is in the videos. She begins to speak Portuguese as she rides his dick. He sits up in the bed and begins to passionately suck her breasts. i always wanted to see a guy eat out a womans vagina and he did it masterfully. It also gave me great pleasure to watch her juices stream down his dick while he was riding her. It was one of the most intense sexual encounter ive ever had. This guy fucked her as if his life depended on it. He finishes by shooting a HUGE LOAD all over her face, in her mouth and on our damn sheets. Thankfully we have a washer in the apartment to clean the linen. The experience with him and the girl was insane. My husband and I decided that since most of the guys here are bi-sexual, next time we are here we will ask a few of them if they would bring a girl over so we could watch them have sex. So my husband and I continue to follow the sauna schedule that was posted to boytoy months ago. The person who posted that schedule knows the nights to be at which club. That schedule is EXTREMELY ACCURATE. Lets skip to Tuesday night. my husband skipped out on going to club 117 with me because he found one of the sexiest versatile men in Ipanema. Omg! He met the guy early Tuesday morning from grindr. The guy arrived to the apartment while my husband was still showering so I went to the front gate to let the guy in. he was 6’2, full of muscles and has the most beautiful sinister eyes. Ive never seen anyone with such beautiful eyes. The boy was a beauty. My husband comes out the shower with a towel on and walks over to the guy. they start to kiss and walk to the bedroom together. Although the guy was a hunk, my hole was tired from the poundings I had endured since Friday. I grabbed my bottle of poppers and watched them have sensual sex for about 40 minutes. He was definitely my husbands type. Muscular, tall, latino, nice dick and very easy on the eyes. Fellas I tell you, there is nothing like having hot sex, but for me, watching to sexy people have passionate sex is just as fulfilling. The guy my husband met on line was an amazing lover and it was obvious that they had a sexual connection. When the guy leaves, I tell my husband that we will rest up and head to club 117 later. He tells me, “Fuck 117! I wanna play with that guy again tonight.” I told him I was cool with it if that was what he wanted to do. I reminded him that our goal for when we come over here is usually to collect as many numbers as we can and see as many guys as we can. we do this so that we will have a multitude of guys to contact when we visit again. that didn’t matter to him and he texted the guy to see if he would come back later. The guy responded, “Yes!” So I went to club 117 alone on a Tuesday night. I arrive at 117 about 6 p.m. I see a few of the guys weve already had sex with and a tall, muscular, brown skin brazalian who ive never seen before. I glanced at the guy and he blows a kiss at me. The kiss caught me off guard so I smiled and blew a kiss back. There were about 3 people in front of me to get a locker. It seemed like it was taking forever and I was standing in the middle of the desk where all the garatos could see me check in. it was nerve racking. I look over at the guy again and he is still staring at me. i know ive said this about a few of the guys ive described in this post, but I just couldn’t get over how beautiful this guy was. I attached a pic of him to this post. Hes wearing a white shirt in the pic and also has his shirt off with a pair of jeans on, maybe a jacket that’s open. I finally check in and get my key. As I walk downstairs, I look at the guys and speak. This guy follows me downstairs and into the locker area. He says to me, “I’m going to make you my wife.” I laughed and told him how handsome he was. He says, “youre handsome also.” I told him I would see him later. He spoke English. We shook hands, but you know how persistent these guys can be? I never, never go with the first guy I see. Especially if I hadn’t been to the video room to see who’s there playing with their big dicks. I walked into the video room and their were guys there playing with their dicks, but nothing peaked my interest. I walk out the video room, through the inside bar area and out the back door. Thankfully, there was an empty table just behind the door so I sit there. The outside smoking area was packed. Here is where shit takes another turn for the best in my trip to Ri-HOE. The dark guy who followed me to the locker room decided to follow me outside and sit at my table. I smile at him and he starts to caress me, nibble on my ear and begin whispering in my ear and telling me how he wanted to eat my ass for 30 minutes then fuck me with his big dick. Now I never saw this guys dick so I didn’t know how big it was. U guys know me. im a size queen so the BIGGER THE BETTER. When he told me he would eat my ass for 30 minutes, it kinda peaked my interest and sweetened the pot a little. I LOOKED down at his crotch, he moved the towel over and told me, “my dick will be BIG AND HARD IN 10 SECONDS. You guys know the slut in me was counting to 10 by 5’s, lol! I’m a whore and that’s what we do. The entire time hes playing with his dick, hes still whispering provocative shit in my ear and its REALLLLLLLLLLY TURNING ME THE FUCK ON. Within seconds his dick was hard. I touched it to confirm and it was brick hard. he had a nice set of low hanging balls as well. We agreed to $120R and went to get a room. We both drop our towels and begin to play with each other. I move into the bed with my poppers and lube that removed from my waist pouch. Im on my hands and knees doggy style and this guy begins to give me the best rim job in the world. He had my hole so wet I could feel his saliva trickling from my ass to my nutts. It was an amazing feeling. He was masterful at rimming. He took his left arm and started to play with my nipples. he grabbed my lube bottle, put lube in his right palm and begin to play with my dick. So he was rimming me, playing with my nipples and jerking me off at the same damn time. The pleasure was immense. I had begun to moan loud and couldn’t control myself. I had completely lost it, but he was done with me yet. After about ten minutes of that, he climbed into bed with me and begins to suck on my neck. This guy has a fucking magic mouth. The pleasure I derived from him sucking on my neck was insane. My nipples have always been my erogenous zone, but I was experiencing the same pleasure from this guy sucking on my damn neck. In that moment I decided to pay him $150R without him even asking. We had been in the room for at least 30 mins and he hadn’t penetrated me yet. The thirty minutes was all INTENSE FOREPLAY. THIS guy still wasn’t done with his foreplay. He starts to suck on my ear and begins to bite my head. YES! You read correctly! He started to bite my head. I had lost my mind in that room. The pleasure was so great, I really thought I was going to cry. I got this tingling sensation throughout my entire body. This guy had my body trembling. Fellas, I was moving all over the bed like a fish out of water. I had no control over the full body contractions I was feeling. We were now at least 45 minutes in the room from just the foreplay. When he was done with his foreplay he slipped on the condom and had begun to give me one of the best fucks of my life. Even while he was penetrating me, he would find a way to get his mouth on my nipples, ear or bite my head. Im sure he took great satisfaction in knowing he had pleased me at that very high level. He fucked me for about 15 minutes and then told me he wanted to come, but I would need to pay him $150R. well I was already going to give him $150 because of his intense foreplay. We agreed and he did cum a lot. Afterwards, I asked could I take a picture of his dick. He said yes and he also demanded that I cum. I told him I didn’t want to come but he told me he wanted me to cum. This guy puts on another condom, pulls me to the edge of the bed and puts his dick back in my ass. I grab the lube bottle and start to jerk my dick while he plays with my nipples. It was amazing. He had begun to talk in Portuguese and before I knew it, I had a load of cum on my stomach. Afterwards I asked for his number, but he explained that he had fallen on hard times and didn’t have a phone at the time. I did see him at the club a few more nights after that. our last night at the club was Friday night. We had walked around a packed club 117. about an hour after we arrived we saw this BIG BLACK BRAZALIAN STALLION walk into the locker room. we were in hot pursuit and spoke with him at his locker. we took him up to the room and had an UNBELIEVABLE time with that stud. Well fellas, that’s enough of the sex stories. I hope you enjoyed my 8 day travel to Ri-Hoe de Janeiro. If you get a chance check out the Cinelandia area. Take you cameras and eat at on of the restaurants in the square. We had gone Thursday around 2 p.m. and it was very scenic and beautiful. Very vibrant area. My husband and I saw the gay sex theatre, but didn’t go inside. It looks haunted. The area is very cruisy. I forgot the restaurant we dined at, but its next to the restaurant with the yellow awnings. My next trip isn’t until memorial day so I wont be posting anymore until then. Until then, my boytoy friends, take good care of yourselves!!! boytoy8.mp4 boytoy9.mp4 boytoy8.mp4
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    Day 0: The Setup Previous post: OK, so after my first trip, I am not such a newbie to Brazil anymore. I visited my first (and only) Brazilian sauna to date (the legendary 117, everything it is hyped up to be and more), got my first garoto de programa experience (lucked out on a gorgeous carioca, did not get robbed or decapitated), got to make some friends (a couple of Paulistanos, some Cariocas, and some Nordestinos (peeps from the Northeast Brazil, Salvador and Natal). I am ready for more, of course, primarily to at least spend more time at the saunas when I can. I spent 3 weeks in Brazil last time and only had time for a sauna visit on my last night, so I have to work on this. Just a background: I am 36 year-old Asian American from California, and I travel some for work. I'm a bit familiar with Colombia and Mexico, and trying to make inroads into Brazil. I've been learning Portuguese casually since late last year just for the heck of it using a once- or twice- a week Skype lesson online from a nice lady living in the South of Brazil. I've been currently struggling with verb conjugation, and my vocabulary is still limited, but between work and personal life and procrastination, it is the probabaly the best I can do at this stage. After spending Carnaval in Barranquilla, Colombia (with some Chaturbate boys) in March, I decided to cash in some miles and get a nice week-long Brazil trip. My United Mileage Awards search pointed me to some Super Saver Business Class flight on Avianca. Having used Copa Air as my primary airline to South America from California, using Avianca was a needed change of pace, because layovers in Tocumen Airport in Panama City has long worn out its welcome with me. Since business class award seats were only available on Sao Paulo flights in the dates I was looking to fly, I let the airline points gods choose my fate and decided that Sao Paulo will be my my entry point to Brazil. I don’t do anything without a goal, even with my vacations. My goal for Colombia was to visit its top 5 cities (in population), which I have completed last month with the Bogota trip (so I now have expanded this goal to top 10 – I am 6 for 10 so far). Since Brazil is bigger (and possibly better), my goals needs to be as ambitious, or more. My goal for Brazil: to visit every state in the country. To date, I have visited the states Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Rio Grande do Norte (Natal) and Bahia (Salvador). So what state should I visit this time to accompany Sao Paulo? A short search of the Latin Section of this site yielded more mentions of Porto Alegre (apart from Salvador) as a nice 3rd city, in addition to RJ and SP. So I do some research and ask my Portuguese teacher, who is from the south (Floripa, Santa Catarina) just to see what she thought of Porto Alegre. Also, the promise of meeting more light-skinned, light-eyed Brazilians sounded intriguing (-ish), so I look for round trip flights to PA from Sao Paulo. I ran into some cheap fares on Azul airlines. Without looking at reviews for the airline and its flight record I booked it. Gotta take a leap of faith once in a while. So I guess Rio Grande do Sul is going to be my 5th state. And then there is the matter of companions. I am still in discovery mode in Brazil so I am eager to see the tourist sites, and having a local companion show you the way is always superior to just going it alone. There is still a lot of Sao Paulo I want to see, and I also wanted to go to Gramado and Canela in the south, to supplement the Porto Alegre visit. I could just leave it to chance and just find companions when I am there (and possibly burn a lot of minutes on Grindr or take a chance on a garoto), or I can do what I do usually: invite friends and/or boys I met in previous trips to accompany me on the next one. A lot of sexy Brasilerios to choose from, but two stood out for me: A 22-year-old Nordestino office worker from Salvador who me and the BF met at a party, who I have been Whatsapping and Instragraming with me all these months, and Gabriel, the Carioca garoto I had a GP with last trip in Rio, who was also my first hire for Brazil. These two I thought I had the most chemistry with, and it is nice to compare notes to which boy is better the free one, or the garoto? My last, but (most?) important goal is of course to visit as many saunas as I can. It will be tricky with the presence of the two boys I've invited, but I will have at least 3 nights of alone time I can do this in. I only had one night last trip. Let's see how many nights I can get at the sauna this trip. So this is the setup. I write very detailed trip reports because it is the only way I know how. Continue or no?
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    Day 1: Sao Paulo Back home people always ask me: why would one ever go to Sao Paulo? What is there? Isn't Rio the place where everyone goes to? I had the same misgivings about Sao Paulo, even if it was the first Brazilian city I've ever visited (last December). Rio is stunning with its natural beauty and unique laid-back atmosphere for sure, but after being impressed with Bogota and how metropolitan and cultured it is (and how different it was from the natural beauty and laid-back atmosphere of the Colombian caribbean coast in Cartagena), I was eager to appreciate Sao Paulo as a city with similar charms. Rio can have its beaches for now. I was ready to discover, for the second time, the more buttoned-up Sao Paulo. Its time to hangout with Jackie Kennedy, after having fun with Marilyn Monroe. I took a Biz class Avianca flight (booked through miles) from LAX to Bogota. It’s only a 6 hour and 15 minute flight, and by the time food service arrives, I'll only have about 4 hours of sleep, even with the lie-flat seats. I wait at what must be the largest Star Alliance lounge I've ever been at, take photos of the tarmac while waiting at the terrace: Sent some photos to my 22-year-old Nordestino friend from Salvador who will be joining me in Sao Paulo, to tell me I am on my way, and he promptly posts those photos on Instagram (sans my face thank god). He must be excited. Pretty soon I board my flight. We are given these pretty nice Tumi amenity kits: The food service comes and goes, I pop in two Advil PMs, recline completely, and sleep... to be woken up by the flight attendant to ask me if I wanted breakfast. I slept pretty soundly. I muttered out an annoyed "Si!" and got situated. Used my Amenity kit to freshen up as we head over to Bogota airport. The airport is still familiar of course, having just left it about 11 days prior. The Avianca boarding was a shit show and the gate changed twice, as panicked people ran back and forth the massive El Dorado International in Bogota. This is unfortunately a common feature of this airport. We finally boarded. Another Tumi amenity kit. I didn’t even bother with food service. I reclined fully and went to sleep, wanting to be fresh for Sao Paulo. But in reality, how does one sit still when Brazil is on the horizon. My mind was racing with the possibilities of the week. I watch "I, Tonya" to pass the time (good movie, Tonya Harding had a rough life). Pretty soon we get to Guarulhos. It took me 12 minutes to wait in line at immigration. The immigration had one question "Turismo?" To which I said "Sim!" Rushed through baggage claim because I only had carry-on with me. Turned on my roaming on my phone ($10 a day on AT&T International Day Pass). Got Uber to figure out where I was. Put "Intercontinental" and it found the Sao Paulo hotel. It showed that the journey was 48 minutes. I'm pretty sure with "muito transito" the journey will be longer. I always forget how big Sao Paulo is. I go up to the Departures level and looked for Check in counter D, since that was where one of the Uber stops were. The driver was already there when I get to the curb. I put my roller bag and backpack in the backseat with me. The driver confirms the address of our destination (Sim, obrigado), and then speeds away. The drive was pretty ordinary, though some trouble getting out of Guarulhos. So much traffic. An hour goes by and we get to the Intercontinental. $18 for the Uber ride. Taking advantage of my loyalty to IHG properties when I travel for work has its perks, and it meant cashing in a whole lot of points for this trip, I decided on the Intercontinental after staying at an AirBNB in Bela Vista with my BF the prior trip. My first companion for this trip is a budding body builder, and so before the trip he asked if my hotel had a gym. I always remember sex after the gym is always amazing, with muscles still swole from the workout, so I made sure I got a hotel that had a more than decent fitness facility. Post-gym sex for 3 days! Check-in was fine. Receptionist spoke english well. Made sure that my companion's name was in the reservation (it was). Got a double upgrade, which meant at least a suite. The room was lovely, got a pretty nice view of Sao Paulo, and, 10 minutes later, got my sweet amenity (they ask if you wanted the sweet or salty amenity) and some free water. Pretty pathetic amenity compared to other intercontinentals (in Europe there is at least always Champagne): When all was said and done it was 6:30 PM, which I guess is prime sauna time. It was a Friday, I'm in Sao Paulo, what should I do? I do the pathetic thing and fire up Grindr. It took a while but soon I get some messages. Got the typical Garoto offers: This one is asking for 300 reals - $80 (https://gustavo-goiano.webnode.com): Looks good, but too rich for me: This one was fine for 200 reals - $53, but only Ativo so it wont work for me (http://www.garotolandia.com.br/lucasnahad.html): But tonight, because I am too "preguicoso" to do anything because of the long flight, the pillow-top mattress, and the room service dinner I just ordered (Picadinho with risotto and some farofa, 65 reals - $18, with a free glass of wine), I just try to chat up some guys and see where it lead: After two hours of Grindr talking, eating my dinner, watching TV (NBA playoffs in Portuguese, not bad), I make plans with a 27-year-old Paulistano who lived near the Itaim Bibi area. I guess it’s a good sign that he asked if there was parking close to the hotel, which meant he had a car, which meant he was not going to charge me anything. He chose to Uber instead. When he got on his Uber, I got on the shower. Despite my best attempts, I was in danger of having sex in Brazil. It does not take a lot to get some here, and if you fail to land anything here, it is your own damn fault. Sex was fun. He bottomed, of course. Insisted on bare. I obliged. I was taking PrEP, so at least he was safe. He wanted to stay over. I told him I had to get up early so it was not a good idea. It was true. The Nordestino's flight got in at 6 AM tomorrow. Got to be up for this hottie from Salvador. But I failed tonight. No Lagoa. Sauna: 0 Laziness: 1
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    Programa Pricing 2018 Version

    not sure what’s stuck up your ass tonight but you are being a jerk! the primary purpose of this board is to talk about Gay Sex south of the border! unless i missed the announcement by Oz that you are now the moderator?! and everyone who has visited Brazil for longer then a hour knows that “gozar means to “Cum”! no one has to google it except you evidently! We get it You think you are a hot Black escort from Atlanta that can get all the free sex he wants in Brazil! great! Again as OZ has said innumerable times, if you don’t like a post MOVE ON! Don’t rain on all of us less fortunate then you! your posts the last few days have been a combo of Dismissive/contrary/demeaning/argumentative and rude! try being a little helpful and positive! I have been repeating answers to posters for years! big deal! if your time is so precious why waste it here? because IMHO you are helping no one!
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    A Newbie's First Time in Brazil

    BONUS POST 5: Dos Males o Menos When in Thailand, the process of hiring a boy and taking him out of his boy bar is called “offing”. There are two types of offs. An off is “short-time” if you take the boy out between 15 minutes to 3 hours, usually with just one sex event within that time. Afterwhich the boy goes home, or goes back to his bar if it early enough (to get more customers). The off is called “long-time” if the hire goes over the mythical 3 hour mark, usually with the boy staying over to sleep with you, and may or may not feature an extra sex event or two, usually in the morning when you and/or him has morning wood. The Thai bar boys operate on a flat-rate (similar to Brazil) and not an hourly rate like in the West, so you usually agree on a rate before the off. And oddly, the long-time rate is not a multiple of the short-time rate. I’ve had short-time rates at $40 lasting an hour. And I’ve had long-time rates lasting for 24 hours only paying $75. It depends on the john, the boy, the circumstance, and maybe how nice your hotel room is (usually, if they prefer your bed over their own for the night). So essentially, I initially was only “short-timing” Gabriel at the sauna, with our 20 minutes or so tryst. Then, mid-off, I decided to “long-time” him, which entailed me taking him out of the sauna. There was no “off” fee for him, or the fee to take him out, like in most Thailand gogo bars, so I guess that is advantage Brazil. But there was still the matter what was his “long-time” fee was, in addition to the 200 reais I already gave him earlier. Such things I did not know, and the BoyToy forums are a little vague about what clients pay their companions when outside the confines of the sauna. But there are more urgent matters right now, as I peel off his now familiar speedo off of him. His huge cock, now super hard and pointing upwards, was a treat I just had to indulge on. I sit up to put it in my mouth. It won’t all fit in, but I try anyway. Once I was satisfied, I migrate down to his beautiful ass. It still tasted as good as it was in the sauna, but since I was not on a bed that a thousand client-customer pairs have defiled throughout the years, in a room that has seen so much action and filth, and I was instead in the confines of my own (albeit temporary) comfortable apartment, I was able to spread my wings a little bit wider. And that meant spreading his legs a little bit wider too as well, as I ate him out for a while. His moans of pleasure, and his outstretched hand guiding my head to eat him harder and to navigate me to where he wanted me to focus, all added to the experience. After a while he knew what was coming next. He leaves the bed and disappears to the living room, and returns with a condom, lube pack, and his trusty tube of lidocaine. I take the condom, unwrap it and put it on my cock. He takes both lidocaine and lube up his ass, and gives me the lube packet to oil up my thing. He immediately gets on all fours. I oblige and fuck him like this. After a while I sit down and lean my body on our bed’s headboard. He treats this as his next position, as he stands up and then squats down to take my cock. It was probably weird seeing the two of us like this, because he was the bigger and longer pf us two, and I was the smaller and slighter, but the up-close sight of his heaving body and bulging muscles making this position work for me, was all it took for me to cum in the condom. Still with my cock in him, he jacks himself off. I ever so slightly open my mouth and he sits up to cum in my mouth. Despite the relative complexity of our physical exertions, we definitely did not have to speak the same language to be in-sync sexually. He was a find. My one gripe about this apartment is that the shower is not that big, so we had to take turns in taking showers. He wanted me to go first, MISTAKE #3: so I go to the bathroom and shut the door and take a luxurious shower. Mid-shower Gabriel goes in with a toothbrush and starts brushing his teeth while I was there. I finish, towel dry, and then it was Gabriel’s turn to shower, and my turn to brush my teeth. I leave the bathroom and shut the door and look for my boxer briefs. It did not occur to me then that the time I left Gabriel out there alone, he could have just robbed me and left. He didn’t. While waiting for him to finish I check my phone in the living room. Lots of messages to answer. After some time I see Gabriel emerge from the bedroom, with my 12” iPad Pro in hand. “Posso?” he asks. “Sim,” I say. But of course, MISTAKE #4: all my stuff, including expensive electronics, is just ripe for the picking for Gabriel. But here he was, asking permission to use the iPad Pro. I unlock the device with my thumb, and out pops out YouTube, with the music video of the “Vai Malandra” by Anitta, was playing mid-song: Vai Malandra pretty much has defined my whole stay here in Brazil. This song was release just last December 18, right in the middle of my stay in Sao Paulo. That day I was with my Paulista friend who was a hairdresser, and he was the one who put the song in my YouTube. Later that day it was as if the whole city was exploding with discovery of that song. You could hear it everywhere. And I watched the video transfixed with all the images. There was a lot of things going on in the video, but the best things about it was it shot in the Vidigal favela in Rio. And in particular, the sequence wherein Anitta cavorts with two blonde cariocas, stood out for me: Gabriel played the video and was screaming by the end of this sequence. He clearly wanted me to see this sequence because of the presence of the two bleach blonde cariocas, who kind of looked like him. This shot of the two boys from the back made me realize how much Gabriel looked like them from this angle, gold necklace, tan skin, and everything else (and if the back was more muscular).: The boys were going to jump on this makeshift pool, on a bed of a truck: With Anitta, just vamping at the side: I took my phone and typed in for Gabriel: “You could star in this music video. You look like the blonde boys.” He nods and smiles profusely and flexes a bicep and says “Sim! Mais musculoso!” Indeed. He was mais musculoso than the two boys in the video. And mais lindo. And mais carinhoso. And most likely mais everything else. One last thing from this video, a shot of one of the hunks. If you ever have to imagine what Gabriel looks like, he may look like this (with way more muscle): My favorite part, when he shows his tongue: The full video, in case you can stand Brazilian pop music: Vai Malandra Vai Malandra has followed me from the streets of Sao Paulo, to the malls of Natal, to the nightclubs in Salvador, and now here, in my Ipanema apartment, with my carioca boyfriend for the night, watching it in my iPad Pro. Gabriel talked more about the Vidigal favela, and favelas in general. He says that Vidigal is going through some gentrification, and he googled some photos of the Alto Vidigal Bar and lounge as proof. The bar had some fantastic views of Rio. He told me we should go there sometime. Sigh. Someday. We talk a little bit about a bunch of other things. About my life in the USA. About my trip in Brazil. He tells me about why he is a garoto (the usual tale of poverty and supporting the mother and siblings). He shows me photos of his family. I show him photos of my vacation in Brazil. I showed my whole iPhone photo roll, which contained some risqué photos of the boys I’ve met along the way, and my BF too. He looks at them with some curiosity, and then google translates this: “Sometime, maybe we can get a boy and fuck him together.” I think I am in love. After a few more topics of discussion we decide to go to bed. I told him that the alarm was set at 6 AM because I had a flight to catch. We both sleep in our underwear. He wants to be big spoon, so we cuddle. All the activity today must have gotten to me, because I sleep all the way through and get awoken by the alarm. I suddenly figure out where I was and who I was with. I see Gabriel still fast asleep, his tight body and tan skin glistening. I go to the bathroom to pee. And then after I look around and see that everything is still intact. MISTAKE #5: I find my passport on the table just there ripe for the picking. The AirBNB unit did not have a safe so if Gabriel were to steal it I would be SOL on my flight back to the US today. I figure that if Gabriel was bad, he would have done something by now. I’ve given him so many chances to rob or kill me. I even remember him offering gum after dinner and I just popped it in my mouth. So many mistakes tonight. I hear the toilet flush. I guess Gabriel was up. He emerged and went over to hug and kiss me. “Tudo bem?” he asks. Yes, everything was fine. My time with him was up. I have stretched my time with him as much as I could. I had to pack for my flight. I had to meet up with the AirBNB guy at 9:30 AM. I had to do a million things. But of course, the most important thing I had to do is pay him for the extra time he spent with me. I had no clue what 11 extra hours of time is worth for him. I take out my wallet and fish out 4 50 reais bill. I guess $62 would be enough, in addition of course to his other 200 in the sauna? I had no idea. He pocketed the money without question. I felt bad. Was it too little? I figure I would do the next best thing. I told him I would get him an Uber, so he does not have to wrestle with subways and busses. I hand him my phone and he types in his address. 15 minutes later we get a bite from Uber. 8 minutes away. I give him a big hug. I type in a few goodbye phrases, and he bids me a nice flight, and thanked me for the Uber. 3 minutes away. I kiss him, he kisses back. I go with him to the lobby to bid him goodbye. We get to the gate and the car was there. He gets in and closes the door. He waves one last time before the car took him away. 40 minutes later, this was the fare: It was reasonable, considering the distance. 30 minutes later, as promised, he sends me a video of him skateboarding. It was impressive. 3 weeks later, he would send me photos of him, his brother, and his friends in bathing suits ready to go to the beach. I recognize some of his friends from the sauna. 5 weeks later he sends me 2 photos of his birthday celebration. Turning 23 looks good on him. And now, 7 weeks later, I agree to have him be my travel companion for part of my next Brazil trip in April, which coincides with my birthday. I will spend 3 nights in Sao Paulo and 3 nights in Porto Alegre with him, paying him a flat rate of 300 reais a day, except on my birthday, which he says he is free for me, as a birthday present. And to sweeten the pot, he says this: He will go with me to the sauna and we can fuck boys together. I guess we have a deal. I am starting to like this country.
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    A Newbie's First Time in Brazil

    Part 4 of 4: The Boy in Ipanema There is a little trepidation on my part when I invited the boy to dinner, for two reasons: a.) the first two posts here in the Latin America section, which outline the various precautions one must take when dealing with Brazilian sauna boys, and b.) the high crime and murder rate in Brazil in general, and Rio in particular, whether real or hyped in the news, is seared in my brain. I was bold enough to spend my first four days in Brazil alone (in Sao Paulo), but in those days, I had the fortune of meeting two Paulistas (a hairdresser and a teacher) on Grindr (the hairdresser was even set up on the 45 minutes Uber ride from Guarulhos airport to my AirBNB in Bela Vista), who gave me the 411 on the general dos and don’ts of the city. And even with all my experience boyhunting in Thailand, Mexico and Colombia, where various boys have stayed with me in my hotel or AirBNB without incident, and even one time I’ve even stayed in the apartment of two Chaturbate webcam boys in Colombia, and slept in their room, sandwiched in the middle between the two boys in their queen sized bed, I was still nervous about being with this Brazilian sauna boy, out and about in dangerous Rio, without the security of the sauna. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am usually a good judge of character, and not one instance in the countless encounters I’ve had, have I ever felt I was in danger. Let’s call my Brazilian sauna boy Gabriel. To recap, Gabriel is a bleached blonde 22-year old Carioca who was tall (6’1), muscular (not steroided, huge pecs, large thighs) and versatile (enormous penis, giant bubble butt, needed lidocaine to bottom). He had the typical Brazilian looks and racial mix I was looking for. In time I’m sure I’ll explore all the colors and types that the saunas have to offer, but now, Gabriel has out-Brazilianed every Brazilian boy in the house. On a whim I invited him to have dinner with me, as my first baby step into expanding my sauna experience here in Brazil. In the Uber, he immediately grabbed my hand and held it for most of the ride. This was a great sign, a sign that he was not afraid to be intimate with me even in the non-sexual parts of the our time together, and he was comfortable enough with me enough to do so. The few times he wasn’t holding my hand was when we were using google translate to speak to each other. My Portuguese was a little better than his English, which was to say it was still pretty bad, so if we were going to do a deep dive into each other’s lives, we had to do so with the help of the app. He told me he lived in the edges of one of the favelas in Sao Goncalo, one of the districts of Rio northeast of Ipanema. He googles some images of the Rio-Niteroi bridge, and tells me that he crosses this bridge everyday on the way to the sauna. He is fairly athletic and is a skateboarder. He shows me some photos of him on the sakteboard, and tells me he would send over a video of him doing some amateur tricks. He asks me about my life. I give him a general version of my life. He asks me how often I go to Brazil. I type the words “This is my first trip to Brazil. And you are my first sauna boy.” I look at the translation first before giving it to him. The word garoto pops up, so I was satisfied with the output and hand it to him. He reads the translation and smiles. He looks up and says “Serio?” I nod “Sim!” He types a response back: I hope your trip is great. And I hope your first time in the sauna was a very good experience. I type something back in the affirmative. We get back to holding hands in the uber. And then I realize: MISTAKE #1: I showed him all my cards too soon. I told him I was a newbie. Now I am thinking that he is going to take advantage of me, or worse. This brief but disturbing thought flashed through my head. I try to not think about it further, lest it ruin the rest of the night. I had the Uber take us to the condo in Ipanema. We arrive and I tell Gabriel that we should go in first and get the umbrellas that the condo had, in case it rained while we were out, since it was cloudy. We get in and we hug right away. We kiss for a few minutes and then he says he was really hungry. He leaves his whore bag in the apartment (clear sign that we were going back here after dinner) and we head out. Sure enough, it started to rain hard so we unfurl our gay rainbow umbrellas (which made Gabriel chuckle but didn’t mind it), and started to look for a restaurant that looked good. We see a nice restaurant called Armazem Devassa (image from Google): Gabriel points to it and I nod. We walk to the maître d’ to get seated. I put up two fingers to the guy and he says “2 people?” in English. He gives us one of the outdoor tables that was protected from the rain by an awning. We get comfortable and this was out view of the wet streets of Ipanema: We were given menus, both in English. Gabriel laughs and points to himself and says “Gringo.” He asks for the Portugeuse language menu. We look at the menu: Whenever I am overseas, I always prefer to try the local dishes. So I ask Gabriel what the most traditional Brazilian dish on the menu was. He looked at the menu and said that the Picadinho Carioca would be his choice for traditional meal. It was cubes of filet mignon with beans, fried bananas, farofa and a poached egg. Sounds good. Gabriel orders the salmon, and he says this was the healthy choice because he needs to keep trim for work. We put in our order and then we get into a conversation about his diet. He says he tries to avoid alcohol when he can. And because he has a fast metabolism, he eats a lot of eggs (around 12) in the morning to get in the protein right away. The results of his diet regime truly are remarkable. He gives me some diet tips. I’m sure I will never follow it. Our food comes and it looks good (a little bit blurry sorry): We eat in peace because it is hard to use google translate and have two hands free to use the fork and knife. He asks me if the food was good by pointing to my plate and then giving a thumbs up. I nod. We do a lot of grunt-talking for communication since we cannot use words. It was kind of interesting. We finish up and the waiter asks if we wanted dessert. Both of us say “Nao” and we get the bill: It was R$133, or $40. One of my knocks on Brazil, compared to other destinations like Thailand or Colombia, is that food is relatively expensive. Almost the same price as I would pay in the USA. My BF has warned me about this so I budgeted accordingly. This meal will hardly break the bank, and it was a fitting last dinner for what was an intense and fun Brazil trip for me. It is also fitting that I share my last dinner in Brazil with a sauna boy. I pay with my credit card (haven’t had problems using it, or my ATM, in the country). Before we leave, Gabriel shows me his phone. It was Google Translate, asking me if I wanted to go anywhere else. I shake my head and say “apartamento” as we open our umbrellas to shield us from the light rain. Even with the skies opening up, there were still a lot of people in the various bars that we walked past on the way home. I was slightly disappointed by the weather here in Rio in my last three days. But with such excellent company presently, I hardly had any cause for complaint. As we get to the apartment gate, we get buzzed in by the doorman, so I did not need to use my key. No issues getting Gabriel in, as we exchange “Boa noites” with the doorman on our way to the elevator. We get to the unit and and as I fiddle with the keys to unlock the door, Gabriel puts his hands on my shoulders, gentling massaging them. He was ready to head in as well to continue our night. I finally unlock the door. Gabriel immediately takes off his shirt. He is getting comfortable. He sits on the couch and checks his phone. I sit beside him and he leans over to kiss. We make out for a bit and then he starts taking off my shirt. I toss it over to the side and go over and sit on his lap and keep on kissing. His hands explore my back for a bit as put my hands on face. I whisper “Quarto?” to his ear. He answers me by picking me up! That was unexpected. He maneuvers both of us to the bedroom and he lays me down on the bed. He takes off my shorts, and then he starts taking off his. I can already see my prize: that big bulge that is barely contained in his speedos. My eyes drift for a bit to the wall behind Gabriel and see the clock. It was 10:45 PM. Almost time for Gabriel to leave. As he lies down beside me, I look at the window and see outside that the rain still pouring down on Ipanema. Then a crazy idea popped in my head. I retrieve my shorts from the floor and find my phone. I type something in Google Translate that was MISTAKE #2: “Do you want to stay here tonight? It is still raining and the bed is comfortable.” He looks at me and says “Yes!” in English. I was not thinking clearly. I was not expecting company tonight, especially a garoto, so all my stuff was just strewn everywhere in the house. I was not thinking about the dangers of having a working boy in my room, especially in Brazil. All the warnings in this forum, all the precautions given by my friends, and all the research I’ve made about crime here, all that went out the window, into the soaked streets of Rio, draining onto the south Atlantic. And how could any mortal think clearly, under these heavenly circumstances, in the presence of angels. So, a bonus post, more sex, and more mistakes, next…
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    Day 1: Best Laid Plans The warm Brazil weather doesn't hit me as harshly in Brazilian winters as much as in summers. It was actually warmer in Miami when I left it, than in Recife now. Uber is pretty easy to get, and the good thing is that the airport is only 10 minutes away from Boa Viagem. I love when airports have Uber paths like this, it makes things easier for first-timers: Since it was early morning still, there was not a lot of traffic or people out in the streets, which made the journey straightforward. The AirBNB owner (and the photos) stated the name of the building and the apartment number. Check-in was a breeze: I only had to give the porter my (AirBNB) name and the apartment number, and without checking my identity, gave me the keys, and gave me a quick rundown of how-tos: to park, to gym, to chuck trash. My apartment was in a high floor (upper 20s), and the balcony was facing the ocean, with some apartment buildings just obscuring the view: I hate these types of high-floor, unsecured, balconies. It always makes me want to jump off it. Everything seemed to be in order, and as a bonus, the fridge was stocked with the basics, including my precious water: 1. Too Much Planning is a Bad Thing I’ve discovered that it is best to just let Brazil tell you what you need, instead of the other way around. I knew I wanted to get some various tail before the BF gets here later today, so I tried to maximize my chances by planning for dates in advance. A week before the trip, I had my Android phone, outfitted with the app Fake GPS, to do a mock location for my Grindr. I set it to Boa Viagem, Recife, and a few minutes later, as I always say, my Grindr lit up like a Christmas treeTM. Not as much paid guys messaged me, surpisingly, in proportion to the free guys, like in RJ or SP. Just lots of horny guys messaging fresh meat. I was eager to test both kinds however, so I started talking to the pay ones with interest. Two GP profiles that ultimately hooked my interest were from a young twink couple, and a hung and sexy 24 year old garoto. Since my BF was a athletically muscular, mostly top and dominant late-20s guy, I went with the twink couple for two reasons: (1) they were the opposite (twinks, 18 year olds, bottoms to vers, more submissive) to the BF and (2) they were charming and promised more than just sex, a full day of beach, eating, and of course, sex: Maybe 500 reals was high, I don’t know. Seemed fair for a full-day, multiple session, beach and other activities type of day, for 250 reals a boy. And they were really cute and sexy, one looked like Beiber, the other looked like a young Wilmer Valderrama, super-twinks with big cocks and delicious asses. They were full-time students, but needed cash for their various extra-curriculars. In the week leading up to the trip, they kept their contact with me, doing video calls, countless messages, and telling me they were excited for my arrival. BUT, on the day of arrival, this is what happened: So the one guy didn't message me till about 10 AM, and said that he was sick, and wanted to recover. I can certainly understand that. It was kind of dissapointing for sure, and they wanted to meet tomorrow (I can’t, BF will be here). But they showed so much promise in the week leading up to the trip that I couldn’t help being dissapointed. I got messages from them throughout the week, still apologizing. Maybe I’ll meet them at the end of the trip. I guess I will just have to check out the beach with the BF, for now. The pros and cons of trying to hire non-seasoned pros: on the one hand at least you’re not hiring some hardened professional who is jaded with everything, but you get uneven results. I turned to my other pro (24 year old good looking muscular fit hung guy) who wanted to charge me 200 at first, but knocked it down to 150, and even threw in a friend, to entice me, another, 20-something good looking guy: But I was tired of wasting time on pros at this point. Because the free market in Recife, it seemed, was willing to pick up the slack. 2. I’m not the only one Home Alone I was tired, cranky, spending too much time on Grindr, and was drifting from awake to asleep in bed, as the long journey finally takes its toll. I wake from an hour or so nap and check my Grindrs. A 23 year old white boy catches my eye. He was handsome, a nice tight body with a few tattoos, and some facial hair that made him look a little older. We did the usual back and forth in Grindr, in English. Photos were exchanged (big dick, big ass, as expected from these parts). He seemed to be eager to meet, but insisted to do it in his place. I asked where and when, he sent me the address and apartment number, and now, he said. I looked at Google Maps. It was 3 blocks away in the next street, at a high rise same as mine. I asked for Instagram, cute pics, seems like a nice energetic young guy. I asked for Whatsapp, I get a message there instantly. He asks if I wanted to chat on webcam. OK, so he wanted to see me live first before committing Fine, I call him. He answered. He was shirtless, smoking, by the balcony. Looked good so far. I took off my own shirt and went to the balcony as well. I felt the sun’s warm rays on my body. Recife was starting to feel good. We talked, in English, feeling each other out. I told him I was still waking up from a nap. He invited me over again, saying he would make me coffee when I came over. I got into it. Told him I would be there in 15. I took a quick but thorough shower (groin and ass spotless), left my wallet in the room and took only about 80 reals in 20s with me, my cellphone and keys, and started walking. Lots of red flags for sure right? I am meeting him at his place (but it’s a high-rise like mine with a porter). He was gonna make me coffee (I might get roofied). I did feel that I did the necessary due-diligence to manage the risks. I think the risk I am taking in this is no more than if I went over to a trick’s house back in the USA. I had his Whatsapp, Instagram, name. And what are the chances an English speaker would kill me in Brazil (highly likely). I get to the buidling and it seemed to be newer than mine was. I go straight to the elevators and key in the floor. I text him that I was on my way. He video calls me, and I answer when I get to his floor. 30 seconds later I get to his door. I see in the video him walk to his door and open for me. We both hang up our video calls. I come in. He was everything that was advertised, and his charming banter was helping my initial nerves go away. We talk for some time. He gets up to make the promised coffee. I follow him to the kitchen and watch him put the filter, the coffee, then water in the coffee maker, and turns it on. He turns to me and gives me a kiss. And we were off to the races. We get to the living room again and take off our clothes on the couch. As much fire as you would want out of a sex encounter. No protection too. I was on PREP. He said he was too. After cumming (and towels to at least clean us off), he makes the coffee. Yes to milk and sugar. He says he was staying with his mom in this condo, and she was out for the day. He talks about Recife, what to do, where to go. I tell him about my Brazil trips. He says that I’ve been to more places in Brazil than he has. He has been to the USA, NY and FL. More fooling around. He tells me we should shower together. While waiting for the water to get hot, we make out again. It only takes that much. Another session in the bathroom. I leave his condo clean, and thoroughly satisfied. 3. Walmart is different here than back home On the walk back I turned on my Grindr. I had some active messages currently with some guys that I just left hanging since I went to the guy’s place. I send out a reply to this one guy who I thought was interesting. He said he was married, to a woman, and just wanted to get his man fix while he was out of the house during errands. He refused to give me any pics (too many excuses), but promised that he was good looking (right). He was pretty insistent. But it was his stats: 29 YO, 6’5, 220 lbs, white guy, hairy, big dick and ass, that was intriguing. He said he was at the nearby Walmart and just driving around. Another English speaker, which at this point was surprising. I could’ve sworn I left Miami yesterday. I had to weigh my options. It was 3:30 PM. I had to be at the airport at 5:30 PM, to get my prince charming. Fine, life favors the bold. I told him I’d meet him at Walmart. It was only a 5 minute walk past my apartment building. If he was fugly I'd just walk past and go in the Walmart to buy tube socks. We agree to meet at the entrance. As I walk to the entrance I see a tall guy. It was unmistakably him. Alright, I can maybe work with this. He was in his gym clothes, sleeveless shirt, shorts to his knees, trendy Nike “tennis” shoes. He was twirling his car keys in his hands. He knows what I look like and nods at me as I walk up to him. “Matheus?” I ask. He says my name. We shake hands. He was a little nervous, I could tell. I suggest to walk to the direction of my apartment building, and explain to him that it was just across the street. We walk by his car (a black Mercedes CLA, another rich guy, like lover boy earlier), and he locks it (again) for good measure. Once we get to the room he was more relaxed, but we were both sweaty from walking in the Recife sun. I try to move things along, and initiating contact, and it turned out the time with him was pretty hot too. He came right away, and in the act of fucking him, he came again. He was really wanting it. He was straight-guy hot. No visible abs but flat tummy, non-manicured body hair but pretty nicely laid out. His cock was all Brazilian and instantly hard, but he was looking to be fucked and I obliged. The hottest thing of all was me thinking he was married to a woman. His golden band was very visible. There was something about Boa Viagem in Recife that made me feel secure, unlike even in Ipanema or Copacabana in Rio. Boa Viagem seems to house the rich people of Recife. The streets were safe, lots of higher-end cars, and chill people. When he left I had to “de-whore” the apartment. The blanket was full of jizz, so I folded it up and hid it in a closet. The towel the guy used, I also hid. I straightened out things as much as I could and opened all the windows to get rid of the stench of sex that still permeated the air. I showered, and checked to see if I had any visible sex marks on my body that would give me away. Next up, hubby is here!
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    As a young black man who enjoys this sites forums... You niggas are exhausting.
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    Day 6: Night and Day “I have decided on something,” Diego tells me at 2:30 AM. Leo, Alex and both Diego and I shared a few beers after McDonalds at Alex’s house, and we were all in good spirits. Today, Alex and I were going to Rio to hangout for a few days. I booked a one-bedroom AirBNB in Ipanema weeks ago, not knowing that Alex would want to tag along. Not to worry. The AirBNB had a sofa bed in the living room. Diego was making the journey with us to Rio, because that’s where he lives. Our deal was he would stay with me for 5 days in Sao Paulo, as payment for the 500 reals I gave him to help him escape his pimp and be able to live on his own. “What is it?” I ask Diego, as we cuddle in Alex’s bedroom. “I’ve decided to stay with you in Rio as well. You’re there Wednesday to Saturday correct? You leave Saturday?” I nodded. “OK. I want to stay with you longer.” I asked him how much for the extra three days. He said to not worry about it. Same deal as before. I didn’t expect Diego to stay with me the whole time I was in Brazil. But so far it’s been nice. Yes, there was another mouth to feed when we go out, but that hardly mattered considering how much I’ve gotten back from him. “But what about the money you could get in the sauna? I am keeping you from your income.” I tell him, worryingly. I did not want to keep him from his work. It’s one thing when Alex takes some time off from work, but he earns a salary. Diego’s disposition is different. If he doesn’t work, he doesn’t eat. Plain and simple. “A regular client of mine in Europe just sent me money, so I am good this week.” he says. “He sends you money even if you don’t sleep with him or stay with him?” I ask. “Yes, I get a monthly allowance. It’s a big part of the reason why I was able to pay off my pimp. And when he comes to Brazil, I just stay with him. He’s coming next month for a month, so I’ll see him then.” So thank you, random European person, for subsidizing my time with Diego. I feel this practice is more common than I think. So in the morning, and after Alex returns his car to his parent’s house, we all Uber it to Guarulhos. Took lots of photos of Diego at the airport, by the plane, in his seat, disembarking, and at Santos Dumont in Rio. I get it, it’s his second time on a plane. He is still giddy. We Uber it to Ipanema and it only took us 15 minutes in this early afternoon. That gave us time to do Rio shit like: Take the Rio Metro to Uruguiana station: Shop for knick-knacks at Uruguiana: Diego was looking for a used iPhone to buy in Rio’s version of Rua 25 de Marco, but because we had Alex, a programmer and tech geek with us, we were able to discover that most of the iPhones in Uruguiana were blocked by Apple. Perhaps stolen and then duly blocked by the hapless victims? I dunno. Diego got discouraged and we went home. Go back to the apartment and shower, and then we were ready to head out to Pointe 202, the GP sauna in Copacabana (no photos allowed!): While we were waiting for Alex to finish getting ready, Diego shows me a photo of a guy. The guy looked young, handsome, naked, and had a hard-on. “Who’s that?” I ask. Diego says that it was his roommate, who was also called Diego, who was asking my Diego if I was interested in seeing him. “I am showing you this as a favor to him, since he needs money, but you are not obligated to see him.” I look at the photo again. Indeed the boy was handsome and hot. I tell Diego to ask him to go to Pointe 202 so we can meet him, so I can make a better determination if I liked him or not. Diego texts Diego Dois (that’s his name now) to meet us at the sauna. When we got to the sauna, it was almost 8 PM, but the place was packed to the gills. It was a Wednesday night, a school night, but it was like night and day compared to Sao Paulo’s Lagoa. There was also a show tonight, which what might explain the crowd, but even still. Alex was excited. We got our beers and surveyed the selections. I told Diego I wanted someone super muscular, maybe a little bit darker this time. I wanted an opposite of what I had yesterday (white muscular twink). After a few misses, Diego and I find Marcos, a handsome, muscular, and darker GP, with giant biceps (disproportionately so, eu acho) and a nice fat cock. Diego again negotiated his sweet spot (150 reals for everything) and Marcos and I were on our way to our room. Marcos was a gem. Everything you wanted from a GP. Him: perfect muscles, great to look at and touch, delicious ass to eat, perfect cock to suck. His demeanor: super attentive, gave as much as I did to pleasure me. His attitude: very laid-back, but very passionate. His sex: knew how to pace, knew how to bottom: fiercely, came in my mouth like a bullet. Post-coitus too: great conversationalist putting one at ease, gave his WhatsApp plus a few more photos to ensure repeat business. Worth the 150 that was asked for. Afterwards I found Diego sitting with a fellow handsome boy just chatting. It was Diego Dois, looking gorgeous and young in his shirt and cut-off shorts. He shakes my hand to say hello. We sit down over a few beers. After a while, Diego sets me aside. “Do you want him to stay with us tonight?” Sure, I say. “Same 150 reals. And don’t worry, I will stay in the living room with Alex while you two have sex in the bedroom.” Diego adds. “So we can’t have a threesome?” I jokingly responded. “No!” Diego replies nervously. “He is like a brother to me. I can’t do that. It would be too weird.” That’s when I learned the word “estranho.” We found Alex in the steam room and we all decided to leave the sauna. Diego Dois whispers something to Diego and they talk for a good while, while Alex and I pay for our accounts at the counter. As we descended the stairs Diego was telling me that Diego Dois needed the 150 reals up front to pay a debt. He would go to the house of his lender and pay up while we waited for him. I found that sort of “estranho,” but I have trusted Diego all this time so I fished three 50 Real bills from my wallet and gave it to Diego Dois. All four of us exited the sauna and made our way to the street. We get to the corner of Rua Siquiera Campos, where the sauna was located, and Rua Alfredo Valadao. Diego Dois tells us to wait for him there while he goes to the house of the guy he owed money from. It was muito estranho at this point. It was 11 PM, we were all outside, exposed, on a Rio street corner, just standing around. Why were we doing this? Every young man, or group of young men, that walked passed us, I thought could be thieves. Diego however, was acting normally, talking to Alex about the sauna. After waiting 10 minutes, even Alex was nervous. “Did Diego Dois take the money and run?” he asks us. “Nao, I trust him,” Diego replies. There was an old car, with three young men in it, which slowed down past us to make the turn to the next street. I almost jumped out of my skin. I thought: this was it; I am going to die here. But the car just continued on its way up the street. Diego sensed my anxiety and gave me huge hug. At the 20-minute mark, Diego was kind of nervous as well. He kept peering up the street to see if Diego Dois was to be seen. Did we get stiffed? And then I see Diego smile. I guess Diego Dois didn’t take the money and run after all. Diego Dois apologized for the tardiness. He said the person was sleeping and had to be woken up. I was relieved and hugged Alex. “Uber?” I ask the guys, so we can leave this exposed position and get to relative safety. “Let’s buy some food to eat and some beers first,” Diego says. “I know a cheap place. I go there often after the sauna. We can just walk there.” Fine. As we walked on Rua Siquiera Campos, I again felt uneasy and exposed. It was now 11:30 PM, and walking the unfamiliar street got me to worry a bit more. There were not a lot of people in the streets but the ones that were, were young. Diego tells me to calm down. He was there to protect me. He puts an arm around me. Maybe I was being a little too anxious. It was night and day again. I’ve never felt danger when in Sao Paulo, but there was something about Rio that just scares me a little. We get to the place called Big Bi Sucos and Sanduiches: Which was on the corner of Ruas Siquiera Campos and Barata Ribeiro: Diego knew what to order. Some sandwiches, a big order of French fries, and several cans of beer. It cost 93 reals, which seemed cheap to me, for all the things we got (I paid). Alex gets the Uber. We get to the apartment (no problems getting Diego Dois through the porter, the porter didn’t seem to care, or didn’t seem to be conscious at this late hour). Diego sets up the chairs and table for all of us to sit and situates the food. We all share the beers and food and everything was good again. My moral of the story is: Rio can be a dangerous place to visit. So when in Rio, you can’t be too overly cautious. But don’t let this cautiousness ruin a good time with friends. After 2 hours of food and beer and French fries, Diego instructs Diego Dois to shower. I guess it was time. I shower after him. When I was done, Diego was in the living room playing with his phone. He sees me and goes to me for a hug. He tells me Diego Dois is in our bedroom, waiting. “Don’t give him any more money if he asks you, OK? You already paid. That’s it. Not a centavo more.” I enter the bedroom and there was Diego Dois, super naked, waiting for me. He indeed was gorgeous, more boyish than Diego, but the visuals were great nevertheless. So maybe it was all the beer? I knew he drank a lot. But Diego Dois couldn’t get hard. Not even by blowing him, not even if he looked at straight porn off my phone, he could not get hard. He kissed well, sucked decent, ass tasted like Christmas, but could not get hard. After trying for a while, I gave up. I fucked him senseless (maybe too aggressively – to compensate?). Afterwards he apologized profusely, and promised we could do it again in the morning, if given another chance. We both emerge from the bedroom and Diego Dois showers again. “Fraco. Nao dura,” were the first words out of my mouth when Diego asked me about the sex with Diego Dois, when Diego and I were both in bed. Diego Dois slept in the living room, not with us. “Really,” Diego answers. I told Diego it was fine. I fucked him, I came. All was fine. Diego shook his head. “I’ll talk to him tomorrow.” I told Diego it was no big deal. He guided my hand to his crotch. “Nao e fraco,” he says, as I feel his hardness underneath his briefs. He was showing me what hard really was. And it was really hard. And if a hot guy in his underwear was in my bed, hard, it’s easy to know what happens next. Night and day. Soft and hard. More Rio tomorrow.
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    Brazilian model

    i met this guy my last trip, he was working at MR’s, he told me he was trying to make it as a fashion model(i smiled but was thinking...yeah right)guess i was wrong! he got his first cover shoot! he is now in Asia and leaving there soon for Europe! i wish him well he is a really nice guy. He is from Bahia and is 21
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    Day 2.5: Sauna Olimpo First Impressions I confessed on a previous trip report that I wasn’t particularly fond of saunas in general. Among one of my reasons was that I really didn’t like strutting up and down the premises wearing just a towel. I wasn;t particularly ashamed of my body but I’m just not comfortable. When I was in 117 or Lagoa I kept my clothes on with a towel in tow and sometimes wearing the sauna’s flip-flops, if I wasn't wearing my own, and left my wallet in the locker (I felt this was the safe thing to do). I tried to do the same here, but was told by the owner(?) that I needed to be in a towel. Okie-dokie, no worries. I still brought my cellphone with me. Can’t be without that. After the initial sensory overload of everyone in towels and my inability to make out the boys from the clients, I stood in a corner and saw everything and everyone, in a better light. Alright, there were clearly some hot boys here, and the clientele were a mix tonight, mostly older, some nice lookers, and sprinkling of younger guys. The place itself was really nice and appealing. There was a bar, some tables and chairs to sit on, and ideal lighting. Going around the premises, I could make out the cabinas and doors to bigger rooms, and a series of showers. I go back to my corner and immediately got accosted by a tall and muscular guy. He was lighter skinned, and he was squeezing his ample bulge over his towel. He leaned over close and started with his questions: what was my name, where I came from, what do I want. He then started to tell me what he could do. Lots of kissing, lots of body contact, and he would fuck me hard. I asked the ultimate questions “só ativo” he says. I had to break it to him. I was also a top, and would like to fuck him. He shakes his head and smiles, and then proceeds to tell me that the other stuff is enough, and penetration doesn’t have to happen. I ask how much: “150” he says. That is too much for just foreplay, even if he checks all the other boxes: handsome, tall, muscularly stacked, and a big dick and possibly delicious ass. I tell him to check in with me again after I get a bottom to fuck. He shakes my hand and pecks my cheek. That move alone made me hard, but ultimately I did want to get my rocks off inside an ass, and not my own hand (or his, or his mouth). So the hunt continues. I get some offers from other guys but felt they were more B-quality. I was content with waiting, I had all night. I sat down on one of the beach recliners and played with my phone. Eventually another garoto made his offer. I look up and saw a “Lagoa quality” man. Let’s call him Bruno. He was light skinned, long-ish brown hair that was clearly styled and framed his handsome face perfectly. He had nice thick lips, pretty striking for a white guy to have. And his body was perfect. Giant pecs, perfect six pack, and yummy biceps. Looking at him lording over me was hot and accentuated his physical gifts. He stretched out a hand and introduces himself. He asks if he could sit beside me, pointing to the void space next to me. I put a hand on the space and patted it. He sits down and gives me a sideways hug. We talk for a while, him asking some good questions, making me feel at-ease to be close to him. He again checks all the boxes, including willing to bottom. I asked how much “150” he asks. I was OK with that to be honest, but I countered anyway “100” I respond. “Vamos” he says with out hesitation. That was easy. He asks permission to get a room and some lube and condoms. I wait for him on the lounge chair. Two minutes later he was back, and takes my hand and guides me to a cabina. I was kind of disappointed with the cabina though. Not a lot of lighting, not totally private as it was more of a booth than a room, though there was a door that locked. I was going to say something but Bruno takes off his towel to reveal his hard penis. All my reservations melted away. You can’t find anything else wrong after you see such perfection in front of you. We kiss standing up for a while, and then I tell him to continue this on the “bed”. After that, he was in control. He knew the beats to follow. He knew how to position his body for maximum client enjoyment. He knew the right amount of foreplay and got the condom to suit me up to fuck him. He knew how to pace himself on top of me, making sure I came before he got tired. The visuals were wonderful of course. His muscles tensing up and his motivating “gostosos” and “issos” were pretty remarkable. When my hands explored his body, everything was rock hard and strong. I came in the condom. He automatically cleans me up and throws away the rubbish. I wanted him to cum. “150” he asks, and it was my turn to say yes right away. He came in my mouth. Now all of that was wonderful of course, but there was nothing organic about it. It was mechanical, passionate and detached at the same time. I know he was just trying to make a buck, and it was only work for him. And he knew how to please for sure. I was not complaining. It was just too rehearsed and unspontaneous. Probably too much to ask in a disgusting sex booth in a Brazilian sauna filled with hot male prostitutes, but then again, if one is in a Brazilian sauna filled with hot male prostitutes, you pretty much will have fun, no matter how “by-the-book” the sex was. He leads me to the showers, and talks while we were showering. He is very friendly. He asks me about my stay and my work, I ask him questions about BH. He kisses me after drying. We head over to the lockers and I gave him his 150. He asks me to put his number in my Whatsapp, telling me we should do something tomorrow. Sounds expensive but I let him do it. He hugs me one last time and heads off to find his next client. I decide to take a breather and headed over to the bar and sat down. I asked for a beer and was handed this giant bottle. I looked around and everyone was drinking it. A Brazilian guy to my left, probably 40-ish, started to talk to me in fairly broken English. I answer in my broken Portuguese and we went from there. He was nice, introduced me to his older boyfriend who was sitting next to him. And then there was a guy to my right who was ordering the same beer started talking to me. Maybe 50-something Brazilian. Was pretty friendly as well. Complimented me on trying to speak the language, since he said the gringos he knew did not even try. He asked me if I was staying for the show. I didn’t know there was a show. It was going to be in 30 minutes. I asked what the show was. I heard the English words “drag queen” and “stripper”, so I guess those things were enough to make me want to stay. I was also on Grindr during all this, and some gays I was talking to were wanting me to hang out with them. It was a Saturday night after all, so I was interested in checking out the gay bars in BH. I was told by one guy (25, tall, fit, handsome) to meet with his friends in a bar called Sapucai: I ask my new friends in the sauna about this place. One guy called on his younger friend. The friend was probably early 20s, not a looker but oh well I am not fucking him. He looks at my Grindr and tells me that this bar was in a sketchy place, and if it was my first time to go there it was not recommended. The young guy then tells me that this sauna is a nice way to spend a Saturday night as well, and it is safer and more secure. This was good information. I didn’t have to decide right away anyway, but its good to know the lay of the land from locals. After a spirited conversation with my seatmates (including them telling me there was another sauna de GP close to here but told me to not bother), the show started. It was a good show, and the drag queens were pretty skillful, though they were afflicted with the same condition as Thai drag queens, and that was “lip-syncing with an accent”, with them not mouthing the English words to the song as well as one would want, but oh well, it was fun. The star of the sauna came out as well, in a sexy striptease. I forgot his name, but he was worthy of being the superstar. Handsome, tall, perfectly smooth muscled body, big thick dick and ass. And a killer smile. When the show ended, my new friends headed over to cabinas with boys in tow. Like clockwork, Bruno appears, looking more handsome than before fro some reason, with hair all tousled, giving me a hug. He asks me what I was up to. I told him I didn’t know yet. He then asks me if I wanted company in the hotel tonight. I smile. He had a hand on his chest, and he was bouncing his perfect pecs up and down. He was making a sale. “How much?” I ask. “How much can you offer?” he asks. I automatically say “150”. He counters with 250. “200” I say, with finality. “Sim, vamos!” he then says, smiling. But I could go out with these guys in Sapucai later. What should I do? Bruno or this other guy?
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    My Observations on Brazil vs Mexico

    First a caveat, I am biased in Brazil's favor! I have been going there 4 or 5 times a year since 2001 and will keep visiting until... I bought a 2nd home in Mexico last year after visiting Florida Rob 3 times in 2016(he is one of my oldest friends having met in Rio in 2003) I wanted a place that was closer to SoCal then Brazil, which is a 13-1/2 hr flight vs a 4-1/2 hr flt. to Mexico! He knows my requirements better then I do! First Story, I visited him the first time in Fall 2016 and after I landed I got to his house 15 minutes later, and we immediately went to the bar owned by friend of his(and now one of my good friends and one of the nicest guys I know) on the way to the bar we walked thru the Main Square in front of the Cathedral and we start talking to a guy sitting on the park bench(there were a lot of them occupied by young guys) within 5 minutes he was walking to the bar with us and ended up sleeping with me that night until noon the next day! I immediately knew this was my kind of city! My type of guy encompasses a pretty broad range depending on my mood, but probably 75% of the time it skews to natural toned swimmers build with a leaning to worked out semi musculature...but if he's got a good face then short or tall, thin to muscular I have done them all. While I find that most guys no matter what ethnic type or what nationality have usually average size dicks, Brazil leans towards more larger then average and Mexico leans to smaller then average, although I have found a number of 7.5 - 8" there. but personally since I am a top average size dicks are fine as I find them easier to suck, where huge dicks are fun to look at and hold for a minute or two, but I can't do much with them. If you are more inclined to bottoming there are enough guys in Mexico to keep you happy just not as many as Brazil....IMHO! Looks! this is so dependent on individualism! what I find sexy my friends go Ehh! and vice versa. there are a lot of sexy Mexicans, so I would call that a draw, maybe 55/45 Brazil's favor! If you like Latin looking guys you will find them in Mexico, there are many Latins from other countries living in Mexico now due to problems in their own countries, Venezuela, Cuba, Honduras, etc, the first party I threw in Mexico my realtor brought over 3 guys, one from Cuba one from Venz. and one from Mexico City and I wanted all 3! the Mexican guy was the tallest, whitest and hottest so there are all types in Mexico. I do a lot of 3/4/5 ways in Brazil and there doesn't seem to be any hesitation on Mexican guys part to do the same so another Draw between the 2 countries. Body types! You will definitely not see the number of gym/muscled/steroid bodies in Mexico that you see in Rio or SP, more like Porto Alegre of Belo Horzonte type bodies in Mexico. thin with 6 pac from working construction all day is the most common type here. con't--
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    I was lucky to stay in Colombia in April 2018. I had visited Medellin, Cartagena, Cali, Barranquilla and Pereira, staying in each city for 5-7 days. Colombia is a beautiful county and the people are generally very nice. Grindr works wonders in every city. Following is my brief report, in a logical way of writing per se. First of all, three warnings: 1. Underage problem: In Grindr and on the streets, I had seen some (while not a lot) under age boys contacting gringos. Some of boys would say straight that they are 16 or 17 years old while some pretend to be 18 or 19 years old but without a valid ID. Never put oneself in a compromised situation because having sex with under age boys or girls is a major crime in Colombia (illegal in most countries as well). While I had not seen fake IDs in Colombia, be very careful and smart. (when I was in Havana,I saw quite a few fake IDs, particular from men of Santiago de Cuba). 2. In Medelline, there are quite a few homeless-looking drug-addictive young men selling candies and approaching gringos. They are regulars of Metro Barrio and Park Bolivar and they could be dangerous in many ways, sometimes they getting violent. Better stay away from them and completely ignore them. 3. Policemen in their twenties are very cute and very attractive in Colombia. hmmm, is there a way... or not? **** Medellín: more the abundant men to meet, from Grindr or from the streets (in particular, Metro barrio and park Bolivar). The price of a massage, typically ranges from 50 thousand Colombia pesos to 100 thousand, but it could be as low as 30 thousand (11 dollars). The men are more of twink-type, cute and slim. There are many motels for hourly rent in the center (around Metro barrio and park Bolivar) with a cost between 8000 pesos to 15000. The city of Medellín is quite beautiful, so called a city of eternal-spring. It often rains a lot in late afternoon or at night in April. The living cost of Medellín is very low, a good meal for 10000-20000 pesos and a nice apartment for 100-200 thousand pesos per night. It is generally safe in Medellín but it is advised not to walk in the center at night. **** Cartagena: more the abundant men to meet, mostly from Grindr . The price of a massage, typically ranges from 100 thousand Colombia pesos to 150 thousand. The men of Cartagena are from many other cities such as nearby Barranquilla and Bogota and Medellín. They are usually more muscular than Medellín. There are many motels for hourly rent in the old town (walled city) with a cost between 10000 pesos to 20000. The old town of Cartagena is very charming and has a colonial feel to it. Cartagena is a great place to visit. The old town is also very safe. It is of no problem to walk at night in the old town alone. there are also lots of international tourists in the city. The weather is a bit hot during the day in April, but cool at night with breeze from the ocean. The living cost of Cartagena is higher than Medellín, probably 30-50% higher. **** Barranquilla: abundant men to meet, mostly from Grindr . While Barranquilla is close to Cartagena (only 2 hours of driving), Barranquilla is a lot more conservative than Cartagena. For example, men from Grindr here are more cautious to communicate and tend to cover their faces in the profile photos. It is also a lot harder to find a motel in the city. (There is a motel called "secretos" on Cra. 53# 68-204 in the center, with a hourly price 16000 pesos). The price of a massage, to my surprise, is somewhat higher than Cartagena. Barranquilla is an industrial city and I did not find any place particularly interesting to visit. The living cost of Barranquilla is higher than Medellín. **** Pereira: abundant men to meet, mostly from Grindr. Pereira is a smaller version of Medellín. A Paisa is someone from a region in the northwest of Colombia, including the part of the Andes in Colombia. The main cities of the Paisa region are Medellín, Pereira, Manizales and Armenia. There are quite a few motels in the center around plaza bolivar. The price of a massage is from 100 thousand pesos and 150 thousand. Similar to Medellin, Pereira is also a city of eternal-spring. The surrounding mountains and cafe areas are spectacular and relaxing. The living cost of Pereira is probably 20% less than Medellin. **** Cali: more the abundant men to meet from Grindr. The price of a massage, typically ranges from 100 thousand Colombia pesos to 150 thousand, but once I was quoted at 150 US dollars! It surprised me because it far exceeded the average living cost in Cali. The men in Cali are very attractive, handsome and muscular. There are some motels for hourly rent in the area of San Antonio(for example, there is one called “Diosa Del Amar”). The city of Cali is beautiful but I didn't find any place particularly interesting to visit. The weather is very nice in April, neither hot or cold. The living cost of Cali I feel is higher than Medellín. I think the people of Cali is the most attractive (twink-ish face with muscular body) in Colombia and Paisa come in a second. But over all, I would rank Medellin 9 out of 10, both Cartagena and Cali 8 out of 10, Pereira 7 out 10 and finally Barranquilla 6 out of 10. Again it surprises me that the cost of play in less touristic cities like Cali and Barranquilla is higher than that of more touristic cities like Cartagena and Medellin. In conclusion, I have had a great time in Colombia during the one-month travel. In particular, all the men I met had been courteous and respectful. I am looking forward to my next visit to Colombia, and my visit to cities of Santa Martha, Leticia (amazon), and Bucaramanga.
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    Day 7.5: Free At Last 1. Goodbye My Lover, Goodbye My Friend It has been a whirlwind 6-night stay with Tomas. We were both looking forward to this week together because (a) it was our first time together outside of his home state of Santa Catarina, his old state of Sao Paulo, and his adoptive state of Rio de Janeiro. Heading all the way out to the Northeast together was like turning a page, a new chapter, a chance to know for sure if this relationship was worth moving forward together. We were both giving up a few things to be together: me, the freedom of being single and changing the reason why I go to Brazil, and him, this week, giving up precious time away from work and his son to see if this relationship was worth it. And we took advantage of the week together by matando duvidas, or killing doubt (direct translation) with each other. I had my doubts about him, about him being bisexual and not having had a serious relationship with a man before, about his Garoto de Programa past, about his intentions with me, about my insecurities with him – the biggest one is the amount of attention he usually gets whenever we go out in public together. I can never get used to people, men or women, staring at him. He is quite attractive, and when we are in a club or even the beach together, he attracts attention. He has doubts with me too: about my numerous “boyfriends” scattered around South America, about my life back in California, about my inability to commit, about my fondness for pretty boys. He gets insanely jealous of just the smallest of things: like when he notices I am online on Whatsapp too long he wonders who I am speaking to; he is also afraid to cold call me on a Saturday night, because he is afraid to find out that I am with another guy. His insecurities with me seem to dwarf my insecurities with him. And he has a reason. I like sleeping around. And he doubts that I will stick around to be with him for the long haul, especially if I am in a country, his country, full of beautiful men. But we talked it out, usually cuddling together in the AirBNB's comfy couch, throughout the week. And we are still together, and this week in Recife helped us tremendously in figuring out the reasons why we are together. It is hard enough to be in a relationship, any relationship, but being in a long distance one just ups the difficulty. And never mind the fact that we are from different cultures, nationalities, backgrounds, life experiences, and economic statuses. BUT, I am reminded of the quote by President Teddy Roosevelt, himself quite a hottie when he was younger: Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, and difficulty. In the entirety of our relationship, we have been apart more hours than we have been together, but it seems worth it somehow, worth more than the doubt, the insecurities, and the distance between us. Tomas once told me that he eventually wants to be rich. I asked him how he intends to earn a lot of money. By getting a good job? By winning the lottery? By marrying a rich American? He shook his head. “That’s just money. Money does not matter at the end of the day,” he says. His definition of rich was a person who, after wrestling with the world at work during the day, had a house and a person he loves, to come home to at the end of the day, to make going through all that nonsense worthwhile. For Tomas, having a roof over one’s head, a delicious meal, and a person who loves you and you love, is what makes one rich. “I hope to strike it rich someday,” he smiles, while saying this, and then kisses my forehead. Maybe I’ve hit the jackpot. Have I gone soft? Well, not quite yet. 2. The Heat is On So after this very intense and emotional week, do I even have anything left for sexy shenanigans? I dropped off Tomas at the airport at 4:30 PM, and I was alone again, for the second time, in Recife. This time though, everything seemed to have changed. Do I even want to check out the sauna now? I’ve already had sex twice today, as Tomas and I had to make our last day together count. My flight to Fortaleza was at 2:30 AM later tonight. Maybe I should just take a nap so I get to Fortaleza refreshed? I hemmed and hawed my way through the evening, not sure of what to do. I did my last AirBNB cleaning, and then fixed myself dinner. It seemed like I was not going to be able to get the motivation to check out the sauna. At 7:00 PM I decided to read BoyToy’s Recife entries. @pauleiro's trip report was pretty informative, and his summary of the Recife saunas got me motivated: Alright, maybe I should check out at least Termas Boa Vista. That seemed to be the sauna to go to, if I had only one shot at this. Looking at their Facebook yielded this announcement. On a Friday, they had a show that started at 10 PM, and they had a happy hour at 9 PM: I took a shower, and 10 minutes later I was in an Uber to Santo Amaro, where the sauna was. It was a bit of a trek from Boa Viagem to Santo Amaro (25 minutes), and involved going over 2 bridges, but in a flash, I was there. I was unsure if I was in the correct place, but I checked the address and indeed, I have arrived: There was a security guard at the door, and after he assessed that I was, truly, there with good intentions, he buzzed me in. The receptionist was pretty jaded with everything. He gave me a key, a towel, slippers, and waved me off. The locker rooms were the next stop, and I found my locker pretty quickly: I never want to be wearing just a towel in saunas. But I was unsure if this sauna allowed patrons to be in street clothes while at the premises, or if everyone was required to be in a towel. Both Rio saunas, and Lagoa in Sao Paulo, as well as the two main saunas in Salvador, and Mezzaninu in Porto Alegre, allowed for patrons to be in street clothes, but Sauna Olimpo in Belo Horizonte did not. I saw a lot of patrons milling around, and they were all in towels, so to be safe, I changed into a towel as well, and kept my undies on underneath. I left my wallet with money and my house keys in the locker. I took my cellphone with me. As I did all this, a really hot GP was there in the locker room area with me. He was just standing there, wearing boxer briefs, with a huge bulge serving as his best advertisement. He caught me looking, and he smiled, revealing perfect teeth. He had an interesting look: He was a mix for sure (aren’t they all), but ofwhat, I don’t know. He was super tan, but had a tall Italian nose and green eyes, and some freckles on his face. The total effect looked very northeastern. And his body was perfect for me: not too worked out, but abs and powerful thighs that showed athleticism made outside the gym. But I remember the number one advice here on BoyToy: don’t fall in love with the first guy you see in the sauna. As I passed him by, I put a hand on his arm to acknowledge that, yes, I found him hot. He quickly guided that hand to his crotch. I got a nice handful of his money maker. I smiled at him, and made my way into the main sauna, leaving him on his perch. My initial impression of the sauna was great. It looked new, clean, and spacious. Maybe too spacious, as it made the place seem deserted. It reminded me of Mezzaninu in PA. Big and deserted. Lots of shower and toilet facilities. A long corrider that led to an internet café and some lounge facilities. I noticed the crowd. Again, it had the Mazzaninu vibe. Who were the clients and who were the boys? It was hard to tell who was who at first. And no obvious stunners so far. The upper floor had more seating. I saw a bar area. I bought a beer and sat down in one of the tables, and noticed the crowd in front of me. Looks like most of the patrons knew each other, and they seem to be a lively crowd. The place to be on a Friday night. After my eyes adjusted I was able to discern the boys from the clients. Again, the boys weren’t obvious stunners. Earlier, I asked Tomas about the saunas here, since he used to work in one of them, a long time ago. He said that I would be disappointed. It was not like the Rio saunas. The boys won’t be the same quality. And being here now, it was true, they weren’t for sure. Maybe a tier below Salvador, and just where Porto Alegre was. Some were handsome but the body wasn’t there. Some had abs but the face wasn’t there for me. I tried my best to settle on one, since I have been in Brazil for 7 days already this trip, and have not yet been able to pay for sex (and this is so unlike me). I bought another beer. A fellow client started talking to me. Still no boy for me. I was going to get another beer when the boy from earlier appeared. He stood across from me, leaning against the far wall, fluffing himself. He was still available. I was surprised he has not been snapped up yet. I wasted no time. I guess there is a thing called lust at first sight. I wave at him to come. He shakes my hand and sits with me. His sauna name was Paulo. From Recife. Played football for a league in the city. After a few more pleasantries I look at the time. It was 8:30 PM. 6 hours before my flight. Still plenty of time but it is probably wise to not waste any more time. How much? 100 reals. “Let’s get a suite,” I tell him. Always a suite. We both head down to reception, and the jaded receptionist screams at both of us “just one hour!” Fine fine. I’ll be done in 30 minutes. Paulo takes my hand and guides me to the suite which was on the upper floor. I see a sea of clients gauge me and my boy as we pass by. That’s right bitches, I’m doing a programa. We get to the suite and it was clean and pleasant: There was no bathroom per se, just a double shower head stall with glass doors, and no toilet and sink, in the room. “I need to pee and there is no toilet,” I tell Paulo. “You can just pee in the shower,” he says, laughingly. After I drain tonight’s beer and wash it down by turning on the shower, I join Paulo on the thankfully soft bed. He was already naked, and hard, and ready. We make out and caress each other’s bodies. He reached for my dick, which was by then hard, but I told him not yet. I wanted to take it slow. We talked for a bit, with kissing intermissions. He was a nice guy. His northeastern accent was pretty clear and not too hard to understand. After a while the main event was too hard to ignore. He was pretty successful in turning me on. I could just lay there with him all night, talking, with hard ons, and be happy with the programa. The suite had large mirrors on the wall, so I could see the full length of his body. He had a tan line where his tiny speedo would be. So hot. His legs were tree trunks, a sure sign of a footballer’s build. The rest of him was just perfect. And of course, his cock. So stereotypically Brazilian: fat and long. And his ass, plump and tasted great. There was no denying what would come next. He took his time with that too. We both came. I looked at the time. Holy shit it was 9:35. We exceeded that bitchy queen’s hour by 5 minutes. After kissing one last time, we shower and get presentable. As we headed back down, he goes to reception to return the room key, and I go to the locker to fish out 150 reals. The extra 50 reals was well-deserved. He hugs me for thanks. He asked me what I was doing next. I told him I was just gonna hang out to see if there were more boys I could do a programa with. He invited me back upstairs to hangout. He said it was happy hour from 9PM to 10PM, so there were free beers. There was also the show with drag queens. He gets me my free beer and we watch the show for a bit. Not my thing. No strippers even. Boo. We leave the stage area to sit down. Another round of free beers. “Where are you staying?” he asks. “At an apartment in Boa Viagem.” “I live in Boa Viagem too. Sometimes we play football at the beach.” I have seen nighttime football at the beach on my nighttime walks with Tomas. “What are you doing tomorrow?” Paulo asks. I lied: “Nothing planned so far.” I didn’t tell him that my flight to Fortaleza was 4 and a half hours away. “You should go by the house tomorrow. My mom is cooking lunch because my brother is visiting. We can have lunch there, as friends of course. And then we can hang out after and go to your place if you want.” That sounded really good. But alas I couldn’t come of course, but I told him “maybe!”. I asked for his Whatsapp just in case (lol). I asked about his plans tomorrow. He said he just had a football match later that day at 6 PM, and after that he was just going to the sauna. But he said we can hang out before the match. I asked how much he was going to charge me. He said we were just hanging out and he didn’t need to charge. He only charges in the sauna. Besides, he said, “friends are more important than money.” OK, it may be just a line he uses with every client, because of course money is very important, but it doesn’t matter I guess, because I was not staying long enough to find out if it was just a line or not. He asked for my Facebook too. I gave it to him and pretty soon I got a friend request. I never accepted it. I stayed for another hour, with Paulo by my side. I tried to find a second boy for a programa, but no one was clicking with me. More twinks than bulls. Paulo was a good combination of both. He was also very attentive. Telling me about the sauna, about the boys, about his life. It was almost 10:30 PM. We sat by the TV, on the couch. We started making out. Pretty soon he was hard again. I, of course, was as well. He led me to a corridor that was at by the other end of the long couch. It was where the free cabinas were. We went into one. We continued making out. “Wait, am I paying you again?” I ask. “I don't care. Let’s just do this.” He says, whipping out his cock. I push him on the bed. I put his legs on my shoulder. I put it in. He jacks off his huge dick. After some thrusts, he pulls out my dick, sits up, pulls my head towards his groin and shoves his cock in my mouth and cums. He was really wanting to cum again. “No clean up this way,” he says as he drains himself in my mouth. I was not complaining. That was unexpected. But good. He cleans up and meets up with me at the lockers as I put on my clothes. It was time to go. I give him 60 reals for the extra session. He kisses me and bids me farewell. He was going to meet up with friends who were nearby. “See you tomorrow, OK?” he says. I give him a thumbs up. I was not going to be able to see him. A pity. I head back to the bitchy receptionist to settle my bill. Apparently the cashiers were on the other side of reception, so I go back in and head out the other way. I am so bad with remembering things, but thank goodness for credit card statements: The entrance fee, the suite for one hour, and two beers all cost $22.52. Not bad for what was 3 hour stay. Plus the additional two cans of happy hour beer. Not a bad sauna going experience for sure. Recife is not done with me yet, next…
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    Merida Mexico

    Those who read this forum regularly know that I have a 2nd home in Merida Yucatan, Mexico. I have been asked many times why Merida? what's the gay life like there? Costs to live there? etc? I, like many people had never heard of Merida(it is 90 miles west of Cancun). Florida Rob on this site is a good friend of mine for close to 15 years and he had moved there and opened a restaurant and told me I should visit him. His stories about how all the guys in Merida "are gay or if they aren't they want to be" lol, sounded so over the top that I wanted to go and find out. Merida is the capital of the state of Yucatan and has a population of over !,000,000 It is considered the safest city in Mexico as it is not a route for drugs to the U.S. Unlike Cancun, there has been no killings, robberies assaults of Americans/Canadians. The city has a expat community of approximately 5,000+ Americans and even greater number of Canadians! Canadians seem to have discovered Merida years ago as a 6 month winter get away that was very inexpensive. It is also the number one city for Medical tourism in Mexico. Merida has a International airport(MID) and has direct service from Houston on United, Miami on American and Atlanta on Delta. It is about a 1-1/2 hr flight from either Houston or Miami. Airfare from SoCal to Merida is usually just under $400.r/t The Centro part of Merida has the Historic Homes that are over 100 years to 200 years old. This is the area where most of the foreigners have bought homes as the younger Mexicans would rather move to the new suburbs rather then in the town center where their grandparents lived. Merida is about 20 miles from the beach area which really doesn't have any major hotels...Yet. but a 4 mile long pier was built to accommodate cruise ships. you can still buy individual private homes on the beach for $300,000. The city is dominated by one of the oldest churches in the Americas, built in the 1500's the park in front of the Cathedral is where all the activities take place every night in Merida, with music, dances, food fairs, and a number of hustlers always there. the photo of the guy is one of the strippers at one of the four gay bars, who often swings by in the late afternoon on his way to work to ask if I want to do anything. if I say no not today he goes "ok will check with you tomorrow". He is tall compared to most as he is 6'1", he is from a village about a 100 miles away.
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    Day 0: The Setup My Sixth time in Brazil also marks the one-year anniversary of my first trip to Brazil, chronicled here: I started my Brazilian conquest last year with a BF. He was Brazilian, living in Portugal, and was as handsome and as “Gaucho”-looking as anyone you could meet in the Rio Grande do Sul state. As you can tell, that relationship didn’t last, but my love affair with Brazil continued on long after my love affair with that Brazilian fizzled out. I have him to thank for introducing me to the country, but it is really this Boytoy board that made the trips all the more richer. I am skipping “My Fifth Time in Brazil” trip report because I only went to the sauna once in that 9 day trip. I am going to try to make amends this trip, though it will be hard. 1. Planned or Whim I’ve been to Brazil 5 times already this year, and normally my trips have fallen into either two types: Planned or Whim. The Planned trips have been booked way far in advance, including airfare, hotels and others (rental cars, tours etc). The Whim trips are booked more spontaneously, oftentimes when (reduced points) reward booking space for LATAM/AA or Copa opens up and I am free to use airline points for the airfare. Usually this is booked 1-3 weeks before the actual trip. Booking places to stay on a Whim are sometimes problematic, as the choice options have been picked upon and more expensive or lower-rated places remain. Tours are not scheduled on Whim trips usually. This trip is a Planned trip through and through. I booked my Copa Air flight 300 days(!) before the trip, the earliest I could book it, and got the Economy Saver rate. I knew I was going to Sao Paulo first for Christmas, and will be staying with friends Leo and Alex, so no need for hotels there. After Christmas I’d be jetting off to Salvador, booking a pretty cheap flight from SP well in advance, as well as a flight to Rio just before New Year. I booked the Salvador AirBNB well in advance too. I got a good rate on an apartment in the southern Praia Barra area in front of the beach. Rio de Janeiro over the New Year celebration is tricky. One would want to be as close to Copa as possible to join the revelry of Reveillon, but because of that the AirBNB prices are super expensive. To top it all off, Alex and Leo wanted a bigger apartment for all of us to chip in for, to be able to invite other people to stay with us. We were able to find a three-bedroom in Copa, but it cost us $1100 for 6 nights. I offered to pay for half and the rest was divided among the other two. 2. Boyfriends or Being Single The eternal conundrum I always have when going to places on my own is whether is it worth having a constant companion with you if it means not being able to have as much slutty fun as I would like. I kinda like having someone there at all times. I sleep best when sleeping next to someone I like. For me, the trip is richer if you share it with someone else, especially if that someone is local and can act as guide/translator/safeguard. Oh also having someone there available for sex anytime is also great, though it is Brazil, so finding temp sex companions is not a hard proposition, between the phone apps and the saunas, and even the bars and clubs. So I decided, as a greedy American, to have both modes of travel. I will have four days of alone time in Sao Paulo with my friends, free to hookup unencumbered, and free to sauna unbridled by Brazilian boyfriends. For the trip to Salvador, I decided to invite David, the ravishing 21-year-old kid from Manaus, who I meet at Club 117 in a threeway with my first boytoy Gabriel, and who needed a diversion from his boring Christmas with his parents in the Amazon. He will be with me the whole time in Salvador, but he is also fine with me going to the sauna once in a while to blow off steam. Finally, for the 7-day New Year celebration, I decided on enlisting Diego for his company. Remember him? He’s the one time Pointe 202 hire turned 4 month companion. I have seen him in 3 different trips this year, and I am eager to get to know him more. The upside with him is he does not charge me a daily rate, and I only have to pay for his food and drinks (sometimes not even then). The downside with him is that I cannot hire anyone at the sauna (or anyone really) while I am with him. His logic is that he is forgoing a certainly lucrative week at the sauna, full of gringos with money in town for the holidays, to hang out with me for free, and it would be strange for him to see me spend money on sauna boys and not on him. I am fine with this arrangement, although as you will see it is not without complications. 3. Sauna or Friends Initially when I booked this trip months ago, I was under the mindset of “I’m a gringo on a sex tour” and therefore I was going to maximize my time by going to saunas every night, possibly to multiple saunas, to take advantage of the flesh trade in Brazil. As I've inevitably have gotten to know friends through the trips, it was getting harder and harder for me to carve out time and motivation to go to the sauna. The casualty was my fifth trip. There was only one sauna trip out of 9 nights in that trip, which is an embarrassment for sure, if you’re the type that likes to make it rain among the Garoto de Programas. So I made a promise to myself, to go to each decent sauna in each city I was in at least once. That meant going to Lagoa and Fragata on my 4 nights in Sao Paulo (50% of nights), going to Club 11, Fox and 13 on my 6 nights in Salvador (50% of nights), and going to Clube 117, Pointe 202 and Manhattan Rios in my 7 nights in Rio (43% of nights). So I guess roughly that's half of my stay, my goal would be going to the sauna. The other half will be just bullshitting with friends. The only problem is I can’t hire anyone in Rio because of Diego. Surely a challenge. But I’m at the beginning of my trip. I’ll make it work somehow. So this is the setup. Yes, I will continue! With Day 1 next.
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    San Juan Puerto Rico

    The ‘gayborhood’ in San Juan is on the other side of the highway from the traditional tourist areas of Condado and Ocean Park. Its an easy 10-15 minute walk from most hotels to the three main clusters of bars, discos and bathhouse located in the Santurce Arts & Culture District. Gay Bars in San Juan’s Condado Tourist Area: Although Condado used to be the center of all gay nightlife, over-gentrification has left the traditional tourist strip with only one remaining gay bar. But don’t worry – its a short walk under the highway to the Santurce Arts District where all the action continues just a 10 minute walk from Condado hotels. #11. Oasis (formerly Splash) – 6 Ave Condado across from the Marriott, next to Sandy Beach Hotel. Monday night is very popular with lots of strippers, low lights and much too much artificial smoke/fog/yuck… Look for Walgreens and CVS and walk toward the beach. Open afternoons til night. Neighborhood bar and tapas restaurant just a few steps to the beach. Atlantic Beach Hotel/Oceano Restaurant Beach – Also check out the beach in front of Atlantic Beach Hotel and Oceano Restaurantwhich is still very gay most days. Two blocks from Oasis (formerly Splash) if walking on the beach. Look for Calle Vendig if arriving via Ashford Avenue. The Atlantic Beach Hotel is listed in many gay guides – but call them and ask if you will be allowed to bring a friend up to your room – in the past, travelers have reported a strict ‘no visitors’ policy. Street Cruising – Lots of gay guys and gals live in Condado – so cruise along Ashford Avenue any time of day or night! Gay Bars and Clubs in Santurce Arts District: If you are at any of the Condado hotels – you can get to the Santurce Arts District by just crossing over or under the highway. There are three clusters of gay bars in the Santurce Arts District: Stop 18 at R.H. Todd Ave & Ponce de Leon Ave near the Metro Theater and Museum of Contemporary Art. Stop 22 is further down Ponce de Leon Ave at the intersection of De Diego Ave near the Fine Arts Center & Puerto Rico Museum of Art. Stop 24 is another 7-10 minute walk near the the intersection of Ponce de Leon and Calle Bolivar or Calle San Jorge. You can easily walk between each of the areas in about 10 minutes or grab a taxi. Note: ‘Stops’ or ‘Paradas’ are how locals estimate location along Ponce de Leon Avenue in the Arts District. This is a remnant from the old trolley system which hasn’t run since the 1940’s. There are no signs with the numbers (even at the bus stops) but all locals and taxi drivers will understand the general location from the ‘stop’ or ‘parada’ number. Santurce: Stop 18 Gay Bars – across the highway from Condado near Metro Theater & Museum of Contemporary Art. These are on Calle Condado (mislabeled Avenida Condado on the street sign) which is one block to the right if you are facing the Museum of Contemporary Art. The street has abandoned buildings and looks very seedy – but is generally safe. If someone approaches you just say ‘No Thanks’ and move on, just like you would in NYC. There are also a few straight bars on the block, so be careful and don’t assume everyone is gay – use your ‘gaydar’ and be respectful. If taking a taxi – just tell them ‘Stop 18’ and then go one block to the bars. #6. SX – 1204 Ave Ponce de Leon – Late night strippers and dance every night. Find the stainless steel door (usually with a doorman) and then go downstairs. There is a straight bar just next door at street level, so don’t get confused. Hot bartenders, strippers, loud music, dance floor in the front. Go upstairs at the back and then downstairs to find the darker, less noisy ‘hang-out’ area. #7. VIP – 613 Calle Condado – Very popular with the young Reggaetón and hip-hop crowd. Starts late and stays open after the other bars have closed. Same building as Scandalo but closer to Ponce de Leon. #8. Scandalo – 613 Calle Condado – late night strippers and more. #9. El Chinchorro de ‘W’ – Calle Condado on the block before Circo. New gay bar and snacks with great Happy Hour prices. Very popular late night! #10. Circo – 650 Calle Condado – Multi-level video bar and disco. Mansion Lounge – this is a straight bar in the middle of all the gay action on Calle Condado.KRASH Disco – 1257 Ave Ponce de Leon (next to Metro Cinema). Closed permanently for several years, but is still in many guides – so we’ve listed it for reference only Santurce: Stop 22 Gay Bars: Across the highway between the Fine Arts Center & Puerto Rico Museum of Art. If taking a taxi, tell them Ponce de Leon & Ave. De Diego – Santurce. #4. Tia Maria Bar & Liquor Store – 326 Ave De Diego – Neighborhood Gay Bar. Open from afternoon til midnight or 1am on weekdays, later weekends. Make sure you go on Tuesday, Thursday or Sunday nights for gay Karaoke from about 9pm until ??? #5. The Palace – 1501 Ave Ponce de Leon (2rd Floor) – 2nd floor disco and rooftop bar/terrace. Just around the corner from Tia Maria. Update April 2, 2016: They have now put up a new sign saying ‘Coming Soon’ and the entrance around the corner has a notice ‘Coming Soon’ as Papi’s Club… so not sure what will emerge… I’ll update as soon as I get info… Santurce: Stop 24 Gay Bars: This is the intersection of Ponce de Leon and Calle Bolivar. If you arrive from Ocean Park via Calle San Jorge, go past the San Jorge Children’s Hospital and up the hill to San Mateo Church. Then only one short block downhill to Ponce de Leon. If walking along Ponce de Leon from Tia Maria and The Palace, you go past the Ciudadela Condo Complex, First Bank, Arrivi Theater, Cobian’s Plaza (turn right for Temptation) and some vacant buildings until Abracadabraand Hotel San Jorge (for Zal Si Puedes). If taking a taxi, tell the driver ‘Stop 24’ at Leonardo’s or Cobian’s Plaza & walk one block. Bartender Angel at Temptation! #1. Temptation – 608 Calle Bolivar – Just one block from Cobian’s Plaza (3 blocks from Tia Maria and The Palace). Club is open from 9pm every night with Happy Hour Specials (see below for details). No cover charge. Everyone is welcome! Weekly Drag show at 2am on Saturday night! Temptation is easy to get to from all major hotel areas by taxi, driving (plenty of free street parking in the area) or even by walking from Condado/Ocean Park or a short walk from the other bar areas. www.temptationpr.com Happy Hours EVERY NIGHT at Temptation! #2. Zal Si Puedes – 1700 Ave Ponce de Leon. Small, friendly club catering to the 40+ crowd. Open Wednesday – Sunday nights from about 10pm til about 2am. Drag shows are mostly Thurs – Sat nights about 11:45pm but a diva may show up at any moment. Friendly and Fun! Located at Hotel San Jorge. The bar has seating for about 15 people – but often has up to 50 crowded in for shows plus spill-over on the street. You’ll see all the classic Latina Divas – like La Lupe, Yolandita, Paloma San Basilico, plus Barbara Streisand and Donna Summers thrown in if you’re lucky! #3. Xteamworks – 1752 Ave Fernandez Juncos. Bathhouse on second floor open from 6pm til about 2am Sunday – Thursday and until 6am on Friday and Saturday nights. A little hard to find, so check out their website for map. It’s next to a gas station with 24 hour mini-mart and upstairs from a sign store. Look for the doorbell next to the steel mesh gate on the right side of the ground floor entry. Very discrete from the street – very hot once you get there! Too far to walk home, so make sure that they help you call a taxi back to your hotel – or head back to Zal Si Puedes (two blocks away) or Temptations (four blocks away) and continue the fun! -------------------------------------------------------- From a recent gay guide on san juan. Pretty exciting ...
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    Day 1-3: Pre-Christmas: the Good, the Bad, and the Messy Like previous trip reports, I am bundling the non-sauna days into one post. I’ve heard this so many times in Brazil: Christmas is for Family, the New Year is for Friends. I am abandoning my own family this year for some friend-, and boy-, time in Brazil. In a way though, I have found a new family in Sao Paulo, with some friends I’ve known for a year. Some of them are even eschewing their own families to celebrate a sort of “orphan” Christmas dinner. I’m here for all of that. Leo, hairdresser extraordinaire, and Alex, the programmer, were my hosts for this stretch. I preferred staying with Alex and his bachelor’s pad, versus Leo’s house he shared with his mother. 1. Holiday travel I alluded to it in the last trip report, but Holiday travel in Brazil is no different than anywhere else. I left the USA with a very busy International Terminal, and arrived Sao Paulo Guarulhos with a similarly packed arrivals area. Upon exiting the Terminal 2 secure area, I saw a lot of families waiting for loved ones who were arriving for the holidays. A lot of balloons, music, and joyful tears: Noone was waiting for me though. I was supposed to Uber it to Leo’s house for dinner first before heading over to Alex’s pad. I whipped out my Uber and quickly got matched with a driver. But after 10 minutes of waiting, the car was not leaving its position. That was weird. After 5 more minutes, the ride got cancelled. And then Uber quickly matched me again with another driver. 5 minutes later no movement. 5 minutes later cancelled. This happened 5 more times. I wasted an hour doing this. While this was happening I thought about getting a cab, but held out hope for the Uber. I was also texting Leo about my issue. Leo tried to get me an Uber as well and got the same treatment. He told me another friend who was in GRU same time I was, was getting the same thing. It apparently it was too busy tonight. I cancelled the search. Leo advised me to do this: when I get matched with a driver next, to try to send the driver a message, of where I was and where I was going, to at least tell the driver that I was actually waiting and was a sure fare. I did it just that, my 8thattempt to get an Uber. I got matched, I quickly send the messages, in Portuguese. Sure enough, the driver calls me soon after to confirm what I just said, and 8 minutes later, I was on my way to Leo’s place. 2. Chips and Samba When I used to go to Thailand a lot, I would always get a Thai SIM card at the airport on arrival before heading over to the city center of Bangkok for the fun I came for. This would enable me to get the necessary internet data I needed (for Grindr, WhatsApp/Line, email access, google searches) for the usually week-long trip. The data never ran out, and I was even able to let a boy or fellow tourist “borrow” data from me when they needed, all for $15 a week. Flash forward to my previous 5 trips in Brazil. All have been over a week or more. It never occurred to me to get a SIM card, and have always been using my $10 a day(!) international plan from AT&T. I didn’t know why I didn’t get a local SIM. Maybe because the tourist infrastructure in Brazil is not as developed as Thailand, so getting a tourist SIM was not as straightforward, or as easy, without having to go through a few more hoops. It was so easy in Thailand: you just pop in the SIM before you hop on your cab or train to Bangkok. Brazil to me seemed harder. Even in another country, let's say, Costa Rica, it was easier. There was a cellphone kiosk at baggage claim in San Jose airport, and the attendant always spoke english. Leo, upon hearing that I was paying $10 a day, immediately planned on getting me a SIM card. On Day 2 we went to the shopping mall closest to Alex’s apartment and marched our way into a TIM store, a popular cell provider. Upon talking to the saleslady, and figuring out that I would be in Brazil on average 1 week a month in 2019, we determined that this monthly plan was right for me: It was about $30 a month for the plan, or $360 for 2019. Compare that to possibly $70 a month of using AT&T, or $840 for the year, for a savings of $480. With unlimited use of redes socias (social media) which was the whole point of using a phone in Brazil. And with my new iPhone XS supporting two SIMS, I could still use my AT&T SIM with my Brazil SIM at the same time, and just using my Brazil SIM mostly for data. The saleslady said that as a foreigner I could have a post-paid plan as long as I resided in Brazil. I didn’t, but Leo said I could use his address for billing. After a few more back and forths, Leo determined that it would be easier for the cell plan to be in his name, thus taking over the responsibility of the plan, in the case that I did not pay the fee. But that’s what friends are for right? It took us about 30 minutes to get all the paperwork all squared away, but I left the TIM store with the new plan on my phone. And the knowledge that I am saving about $40 a week on this. Which is what, one programa with a premium garoto? 3. Tale of Two Baladas Alex, my programmer friend, is a man of many talents, and with multiple irons in the fire. Apart from his day job, and his side hustle selling used electronics, he also helped sponsor a monthly 24-hour “party weekend” at a nightclub in Sao Paulo Zona Leste, which starts at 12 noon Saturday and ends 12 noon Sunday. Leo tells me that I would absolutely hate the party, because he thinks it is “muito bagunçado”, too messy, for my gringo sensitivities. Which made me want to go even more. I was curious. Did my friends think I was too sheltered and too particular to go to a regular Brazilian party? On the day of the event, Alex was up early tending to the details of the party. He told me I really didn’t need to go the party till well into the night, since that’s when the party really ramps up. So after getting haircuts, the SIM card, and even a sauna visit (separate post), Leo, another friend, and I Uber it to the venue at 2 AM. On the way there Leo kept warning me about how bad it was, that I would hate it, and to prepare to leave it early. So I set my expectations low. We arrived with Alex waiting for us and he gives us all a huge hug. Alex quickly gives us our wristbands and tells us the party is on him and we can help ourselves with the drinks. I noticed that there was still a line to get in, at 2 AM, with the party going on for 8 hours already. The place looked like a condemned building from the outside: Inside, it was like a sauna. No, not the sauna with Garoto de Programas. It was because it was super hot inside. It was already a super hot day today, and there was no air-conditioning, so almost all the guys in the premises were shirtless. It was surreal. It was packed to the gills. No doubt it was a popular party. I got scooped up by Alex and Leo to the VIP section where we watched to crowd from below: After the initial shock of the wall-to-wall flesh, the sweating from everyone, the shirtlessness, the trash everywhere, and the pools of spilt alcohol, it was actually a great time. Everyone seemed to be in their 20s, save for a few, and most were fit and cute and ready to party. I got to meet some of Alex’s groupies, and all were young and hairless and cute and adorable. The music was rough but enjoyable after a few drinks. The place was a dump, but it hardly mattered if you’re having a great time with friends both old and, as the night wore on, lots of new ones. I left at 5 AM, not because I wanted to, but because I wanted some privacy (wink wink). The next day, Leo was excited to go to a next party. It was the Tic Tac Festival, a bi-monthly party night in Sao Paulo, which sometimes used The Week Sao Paulo’s clubhouse as a venue. This was more Leo’s speed. Leo is a “The Week” kind of gay. Likes the more luxurious, air-conditioned, clean expansive space, crowd more well-off, that The Week offers. But another warning from Leo: a number of the guys there were beautiful, muscular, but were using drugs. “What drugs do they use?” I ask. “It is easier to tell you what drugs they don’t use,” Leo answers, with a nervous laugh. The entrance fee was a steep 60 reals, but it came with a program, so I guess you’re paying for a lot: We get in earlier, at 7:30 PM, because the party ended earlier. Indeed, The Week is pretty slick. Organized lines, counters, coat checks, ventilated spaces. The music was top-notch. The program was pretty cool and organized. But the centerpiece of course was the crowd. Indeed, the guys were hotter, more Instagram ready, more manicured. No one was sweaty. But yes, Leo was right, a lot were high on something. Which was fine, pick your poison and all that. It was a fun time for sure, but there was more posing and use of phones and Instagram live story streaming than the other party. The men here were more well put together, but less accessible. I had fun with my friends, and met a few more, but the drinks were way more expensive than the other club. Granted, I got my drinks comped by Alex in the other party, but still, it could not be as expensive as this: We left at midnight, pretty satiated from the revelry, but felt the need to continue the party in more intimate settings. 4. Hookups in the wild I didn’t look for hook-ups while in Sao Paulo, but rather let the nightclub nights dictate my boy hunt (and alternative to the sauna). At the Tic Tac Festival at The Week, I wasn’t able to make a connection with the porcelain doll gays with the perfect bodies and drugged out minds. Probably because I wasn’t a porcelain doll myself. At Alex’s balada, the boys seemed younger, probably because it was cheaper there, versus the high cost of the Tic Tac Festival. But the boys here seemed more fun, more friendly, more grabby. I got friendly with a nice, compactly-fit 19 year old. When Alex introduced me to him he was of course shirtless, abs in a naturally youthful torso, and wearing form-fitting shorts, and looking sexy. His face looked younger, dangerously younger, but Alex assured me he was of age. Alex also said I could trust him, so that soothed my fears of robbery and all that. The boy and I danced together, eventually graduating to making out. We attempted at conversation on the dance floor but it was too loud in the clubhouse. We took a break to go outside for a smoke, and I got to know him more. White kid. Cute as fuck. Amazing smile. Big bright light brown eyes. I was sold. I talked to Leo, who didn’t seem to have a problem with the kid. I asked the kid if he wanted to leave. He said yes, punctuating it with a kiss. So I asked for the keys to Alex’s apartment. I was taking this kid home. It was 5 AM. It was nice to have Alex’s apartment all to myself. He wasn’t going to be home till 2 PM, 9 hours from now, since the party ended at noon. And the kid was pretty good. Great voracious bottom, which meant his dick was huge, and it was. We didn’t bother showering. Had dirty sex. Didn’t matter. Didn’t use a condom either, which was stupid, but I was on PrEP. The kid stayed over. At 9 AM I was woken up with a mouth on my cock. The kid wanted it again, waking me up for more. At 1:30 PM I got woken up by a WhatsApp call from Alex, warning me that he was on his way home. I wake lover boy up. Sex in the shower. Left Alex’s bed an absolute dirty mess. I’ll deal with that later. We walk to a nearby padaria to have a coffee and some salgados. I walk the boy to the Sao Paulo Metro in Tatuape. I bid him farewell. Kisses me in full view of public. I haven’t done this kind of thing in a while. At this age it felt new. Different. Better. Travel Tip: (1) To avoid being cancelled on by your current Uber in Brazil, try to send a message to the driver as soon as you get assigned one. (2) Brazil SIM data plans are cheaper than international data plans, but it is easier to get if you speak Portuguese, or if you get it with a Portiguese speaker. Boytoy Tip: It is possible to hook up at the nightclubs, without getting killed or maimed afterwards, but it depends on the nightclub. Sometimes you find the best boys in the worst places. Next: Sauna Lagoa, and how it never disappoints.
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    What the hell did I just read? Guys stop feeding trolls....especially the ones who pretend to be some kind of Brazilian ethics experts or some kind of NGO owner in a forum about escorts. Just to inform people who have never been with a brazilian rentboy in Brazil, or to the ones who are bad observers. WAKE UP!!!! It's 2019 even in Brazil. The time of "desperate" guys selling their bodies to eat food in Brazil is well over for the vast majority of them (it's 30 years that the government is spending loads of money in social welfare) . The 2 sauna guys that i've been with on past tuesday, did have phones (iphone XS, 7000 BRL,; Iphone XS MAX 8790 BRL), clothes and bodies that would require monthly payments of at least 2 times the minimum salary (1000 BRL, the most common in Rio) for the next 12 months, while living both into a favela-looking bairro. Most of the rent guys are selling their own bodies because it's the best and quickest way to earn a TON of money for brazilian standards; and that's the amount of money required to buy those useless privileges (BRANDED THINGS) that we all like and which are at the opposite side of where an essential good would be. And there's nothing wrong about this, especially in an extremely openminded culture like the brazilian one. These guys are doing a job which involves meeting even rude customers or lowballers....don't worry....they're not stupid and they know how to act.They could not care less about getting referred as goods. What these guys really need is respect, treating them like professionals, selling a service... and trying to make them looking like poor and stupid hungry desperate people, unable to do anything but getting abused by rich tourists from around the world...it's far from being respectful.
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    Not the biggest, but close to it

    Considering that I had such a good time at Lagoa a couple of days ago (Wednesday) I decided to return to Lagoa last night (Friday). Last night I went to Lagoa alone. The place was even busier and better last night than it was on Wednesday. I met a couple of nice garotos and had a great time. Then, it was time for me to leave for the night. I paid my bill and stepped outside to call for an Uber to take me back to my hotel. When the Uber car arrived, I could not see the driver because it was at night and the headlights from his car made him appear only as a shadow. He called out my name which gave me confidence to enter the vehicle. I sat in the back seat. The driver was friendly and could tell from my Uber account and from my accent that I was not Brazilian. Shortly after we chatted a while about nothing, he asked me how i liked the sauna. Well, that was a strange question. The Uber app tells him my basic details and gives the driver a pick up address. However, the app does not say that the pick up address is a sauna. I was taken aback by his question about the sauna. So, I asked him how he knew the address was a sauna. He said that he used to work at Lagoa as a garoto de programma. I was speechless at that point. He then asked me if I was interested in getting together with him as a garoto. I told him, I don't know because I could not see him with the headlights blocking my vision of him. After the next corner and in the middle of the block, he suddenly pulled to the curb and stopped. Initially, I thought there was about to be trouble. However, he said, please sit up front with me so we can talk better. I told him, "okay" and I got out of the back seat and opened the front passenger door to get in. It was easy to see him now with the dash and phones lights shining on him. He was very handsome. Not only that, I could see that he already had his hard cock out of his pants. The cock was so long it touched the bottom of the steering wheel. And, he had a smile on his handsome face. He quickly started to drive. He said that the Uber app would know that he stopped his car. I asked him how would it be possible for us to get together for a programma while he was working. He said it was easy. He stated that when we arrive at my hotel, he sends Uber a signal that the trip is finished. Then Uber sends him a message about the next trip he has. He said he can decline a trip for a lunch or dinner or even a bathroom break. He would decline his next trip if I wanted him to come to my hotel with me. We worked out an agreement where he would park at my hotel and how long he would stay and how much he wanted for his time to get together at my hotel. He said his fee was the same fee as I would pay in the sauna for a garoto. How could I decline that offer? What luck to be picked up by this particular driver that knew what the building was (sauna) where I called for the ride. Meeting this fun guy was not the biggest surprise of my life, but close to it. EDIT: I asked him why he quit the sauna for Uber. He said that Uber is a reliable source of income (about R$2,500 monthly). The sauna pays only if he meets a paying client. He said on slow days he does not meet clients then he is out the money for his transportation, his sauna entrance fee and wasted time.
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    Normally no one gets up before 10:30 - 11:00 am, go to lunch then the beach, usually get back around 4 ish and everyone catches up on their emails, texts!
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    Comments like that just make someone taking an incredible amount of time to give DETAILED reports the feeling of "why do I bother"......you're not him, is his thread, is well written and I don't think many (if any) find his writing style boring. Actually, it might give some people the balls to go rent a car and explore a little more. And if you find it boring, just go to the next thread......
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    Day 2: Sao Paulo with a Baiano It is common practice for me to look for a companion when I want to do a lot of touristy stuff at a place I am visiting for the first time. This has been particularly useful in my previous Brazil trip, where my BF at the time, a Brazilian (another story for another time), accompanied for 2 of the 3 weeks I was there. Obviously he knew the language, and was fluent in English as well, having lived in Europe for a few years now. In my Colombia trips, I’ve always been accompanied by either Colombian or Venezuelan Chaturbate boys. All knew the language, the ins and outs of the country (if not the city), and the safety concerns one must have when traveling in this part of the world. For this trip I sought out two people, for different halves of my trip. My Sao Paulo companion was a 22-year-old telemarketer from Salvador. Let's call this boy Marcos. The (then) BF and I met Marcos when we visited the city, at a mutual friend’s party. Marcos added me on Instagram during the party (as a pre-Whatsapp step – check out the guy’s Insta first before committing to Whatsapp). He was very prolific on Instagram (as most people his age) and had thousands of followers due to his thirst-trap type photos he posts. But he’s not just a pretty face. His Insta timeline is always chockfull of videos of him talking about the current events of the day, shirtless. The videos are just him talking, usually about politics, but since he is shirtless and his delicious chest (and abs) are in full view of the audience, he gets a lot of likes and delightful and creepy messages. Marcos and I have been messaging back and forth after my January trip. When I told him I was going to Sao Paulo he immediately asked me if he could go with me. I didn’t have to think about it too long. He was handsome, young, and since he is a budding bodybuilder, his body was on point. But he was also educated and had passable English, unlike most garotos (I am assuming). The problem was the motivation: I did not know if he was interested in having sex with me, or if it was even on the table. But I knew that he didn’t earn enough to be able to afford the RT airfare from Salvador to Sao Paulo, as well as pay for his share of food and other things, so I had to take care of all of that. I don’t always assume sex in on the table (but in my experience, it usually is). But he was charming, and smart, and would be a formidable (and interesting) companion for me as I dive into the touristic and cultural delights of the city. If sex was on the table, great! If not, I can always look for it on my own, or wait till he leaves in 2 days and catch the next Uber to Lagoa. I look at airfares for him: about $150, which was not bad. He then sends me photos of his CPF (I love doing this, I like seeing CPFs of guys), and I use the info on the CPF to get him a LATAM flight. I take the leap of faith, as I usually do in most situations, and invite him to Sao Paulo. Since he had work till Friday evening, he opted for a 3 AM, Saturday morning flight from Salvador, which got him to Sao Paulo at 6 AM. He took the Monday off, instead using the day to fly back to Salvador. I insisted on getting him the 6:25 PM flight back, which meant he had to be at the airport at 5 PM, which meant he had to leave the hotel at 4 PM, which meant I had time to go to Lagoa after he left. One must think about these things when on a (semi) sex tour. Before he left, he forwarded me a list of places he wanted to visit in Sao Paulo. I like a guy who knows exactly what he wants. He really really wanted to play the tourist: So Saturday morning, I await his arrival. He texts me saying he has arrived. He takes an Uber and tells me he is 45 minutes away. I shower and make same coffee. Pretty soon he texts me to say he is at the lobby. 5 minutes later he is at the door. Since his name is in the reservation he was able to get a key to the room, and used the key to operate the elevator up to my floor. I hear the door open in the living room. I wait for him to find his way to the bedroom. I see his head poke though the bedroom door. “What are you doing?” he asks me. “Waiting for you.” I head over his way and extend a hand to shake his. He pulls me in for a hug. “Nice to see you again.” He says warmly. He tells me about his journey - it’s his first time flying, he is very tired, he is excited about the hotel. He tells me he wants to shower and get going on our tour of the city. The next sequence is magical: he takes off all of his clothes, heads over to the bathroom, and turns on the shower. After a minute he pokes his head out and asks “You want to join?” I guess there was going to be sex after all. I fuck him in the shower. Life is good. Can’t give out photos of him of course. But I have permission to post his a pic of his cock (changing skin tone, etc), which I had to crop from a magnificent full-body shot that I took: The rest of him wasn’t half bad either. Pecs, abs, biceps, ass, handsome face. This kid was the embodiment of everything you expect from Brazil. Being from the North East, he seemed to have more “Indio” in him as there was white and black. A perfect mix. Oh, and as promised, he ran me ragged today playing tourist. I didn’t mind. He was gregarious and charming and was chock full of knowledge about Sao Paulo and Brazilian culture. Places we went to today: MASP – the Sao Paulo Museum of Art. Walkable from the Intercontinental. Nice first location for us. We had time between walking from one art installation to another to get to know each other. His English was not as good as I thought, but he tried hard anyway. These two paintings called “Retirantes” held a special meaning to Marcos. It was about Brazilian Northeastern Migrants, his ancestors, and their suffering during the drought in the last century. Touching explanation from Marcos. I’m glad I was able to get him here to see this piece of art in person: Mid-day we noticed Paulista Avenue was closed to traffic today due to a cycling/health festival. Lot of things to see: After, I took Marcos to his first subway ride ever, on the Sao Paulo Metro. He was beyond thrilled. I showed him how to use Google Maps to know which lines to use and which stops to look out for, as we made our way to the Sao Paulo cathedral (from the Consolacao station to the Se station, two lines, transferring in Paraiso station). Cheap fare – 4 Reals or $1 for a single ride ticket: The Sao Paulo Cathedral was pretty nice: We walk down through Rua Quinze de Novembro and of course we see some sexy soccer/football action, seemingly a regular sight in the country: And some concert happening ahead: We take an Uber to Beco de Batman (Batman’s Alley), an alleyway with a dense concentration of graffiti. We get a Bud and admire the art: And at sundown we head back through Uber, satisfied with our day: We did a lot in just a few hours. What I saw was a living, breathing dynamic city, through the eyes of my equally dynamic companion. I did not feel unsafe at all through all this. It was a pretty refreshing feeling, especially in Brazil, a supposedly fairly dangerous country. We were exhausted, and took a nap when we got to the hotel. We woke up pretty late, ordered room service, and just had a night in. Sex before bed of course. I guess it was always on the table. But, failure with my tally today. Maybe tomorrow? Sauna: 0 Laziness: 1 Hot Boy Tour of the City: 1
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    Some notes on Bogota

    Thanks for the feedback so far. I'll get to some of the questions posted here, but I thought I'd post a response I wrote from some PMs I got because of this post. Some members have asked me on how to visit a Chaturbate studio in Colombia. The owners of these studios of course do not want their studios to be known as brothels, and what the models do on their own time is their business, but to those who want to visit a studio, here was my response: Hi there, I guess I lucked out on the first Chaturbate model I contacted to meet with me. He is one of the favorites of the studio, and the model was eager to show me the studio and to meet the owner as well. Soon after that the boys came to know me (or my reputation), so I did not have problems getting other models to agree to be my companion. The good thing about this is that first model was a gossip, and my sexual preferences came to be known in the studio. So the other models who went with me knew exactly what to do to please me. On the other side of the coin, they knew that I did not pay this first model for his time (just the occasional shopping spree), so I started right. My suggestion to you is of course go on Chaturbate, strike up a conversation with a model you think is a good fit with you (after paying for play of course, depends on the model). Ask for his WhatsApp, and then just setup a meeting from there. He may even have suggestions on other companions that may accompany him (and you). You'll know from your conversations that that he is from a studio versus just being a independent contractor, and maybe a visit to his city may facilitate a visit to his studio. Your mileage may vary of course. I've visited two studios so far. These studios are really a cottage industry in Colombia, so these are not "professional studios" per se. These are usually just residential houses with good internet connection and rooms outfitted each with computers and an HD webcam. Sometimes these studios also house the boys, providing them with common areas and access to laundry facilities and a big kitchen. It is perfect, for example, for a hot young Venezuelan without any legal documents to stay in Colombia (and there are a few I've met) to earn money they otherwise would be incapable of earning back in their country, without any need to possess any prior useful work skills except possessing a hard body, a big cock and pretty hole. They won't even need a place to stay or clothes to wear. Everything is provided by the studio. Lots of drawbacks in this arrangement. The owner gets a possibly unfair cut of the boy's earnings. But oh well. I've actually stayed the night in one of the studios (but not in the boys area with bunk beds, but in the owner's bigger bedroom with other boys), and the ambiance of the house is not really designed for sleeping if you are a light sleeper. Lots of boys graduate from staying in the studio to getting their own place, once they earn enough money, because it is simply not ideal living conditions, due to the sheer number of people who live with you, with music always playing in the background, and the boys (and girls) transmitting in all hours of the day. I did not get sleep that night I stayed, but for a number of reasons in addition to the the noise. Hope this helps. numazu
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    Day 1.5: The Boyfriend Cometh What started as a post about my first day out in Recife turned out to be a big fat tribute to the boyfriend. Oh well. I am not known for my brevity. As I slept my way through Brazil these past year and a half, I’ve been able to find a variety of shapes and sizes to be intimate with. I’ve always been fascinated by the diverse complement of guys available in the country. Black, white, blonde, dreads, multi-racial, half-indio, half-italian, half-japanese, green-eyes, blue-eyes. From super muscular bulls, to athletic lean guys, from super twinks, to (american) football player builds. Usually super hung, most often with giant butts. Almost always super passionate. I’ve never seen such a diverse set of guys available for fun in one place. And to me the most fun sometimes is to find out what diverse mix of races and circumstances a guy had to be made up of, to produce that kind of beauty that I saw that day. The answer is always surprising, and I’m always glad I asked. And I always ask. So it is a wonder that in the past few months I have seemed to zero in on a particular type of Brazilian guy: the tall, hyper-athletic, hyper-masculine, muscularly lean, white-ish/mix-white guy. Not super-duper worked out like the steroided hulks I’ve seen haunt Club 117 or Lagoa. Usually plays a sport well, or is a personal trainer. Usualy with some facial hair. Probably white, but with enough of another race mixed in that they can hold a tan year-round. I blame my Sao Paulo friends. They have turned me into following certain Brazilian Instagram influencers, and I’ve been hooked on to these types ever since: After I broke up with my previous BF earlier this year, I felt a little down, but hopeful to become the biggest whore that I could be. I have planned a week-long stay in Rio for my birthday, and with no BF to spend it with, I asked a long-time GP friend, who in the last year has turned out to be a good confidante on all things Brazil and boys, on what to do. He has known the whole story of the ex, and knew I was stressed out because of the relationship towards the end. He had a suggestion: he wanted to introduce me to a good friend of his, someone he knew I would enjoy. After all these months of recommendations, he has not failed me yet. This friend of mine knew exactly what I liked, in sex, in company, in men. So I was interested. The guy my friend was going to introduce me to was an ex-Garoto de Programa, just like the ex, and another one of those that escaped the sex-trade by buying a car, going back to his native state of Santa Catarina, and becoming an Uber driver. There seems to be a plethora of those. He said his friend wanted to buy a MacBook Air for his 8 year old son, and wanted to see if I could help him with that, since electronics was way cheaper in the USA. In return, he said, his friend could stay with me the whole whole birthday week as my constant company. Show me the money, I told him. I of course needed pics to see if I was even attracted to the guy. Lets call him Tomas. The pics he sent back to me of Tomas did not disappoint. He looked like one of the guys I’ve lusted over like those above. He was an interesting mix: half-indio and German. I immediately said yes, and asked for Tomas’ WhatsApp. My friend gave me Tomas’ Instagram instead, which to me felt weird at the moment. (he had no Whatsapp?) No matter. I found his Instagram and messaged Tomas and he replied right away. After some intros, and more (yummy, x-rated photos), we went and talked business: There is always more than one way to pay a Garoto de Programa. There was always more than one way to do a programa. So Tomas was eyeing this MacBook Air that was 5899 reals in Brazil. I looked at the price here in the USA, and found that this particular model was last year’s, that can be bought at $900 used (about 3500 reals or so). He explained that he might be able to pay me 2500 reals, and the rest can be my payment for his services. Which just made out to be 1000 reals, which was a pretty good rate for the week. I said yes and ultimately it was one of the best weeks I’ve spent in Brazil. He was grateful for this: he didn’t really want to go back to the sauna or hit up other former customers to get the money.(And he didn't have to know that I could get it for a cheaper price). At the end of my birthday week, he finally gave me his Whatsapp number. He had a good reason he didn’t give it to me at the start: he just changed phone numbers, and didn’t want any customers knowing his new number. He says his old number never stopped ringing, and it got embarassing at times in front of family, and with his son when the son borrowed his phone to play games. After that week I always wondered what Tomas’ story was. He was clearly a popular GP, having the ability to save up for a car and able to leave the profession it completely. He was still young-ish (28), dashingly good-looking, and sexy as hell. Why give up on this very lucrative job, where he said he earned 2500 (at least) reals a week? He gave me details: he started out doing sauna work in Rio in his early 20s, and when he got the hang of it, was able to rent a nice apartment in Copa on his own, he branched out to website work (which cost him 700-1000 reals a month to list his ad on the web), and was able to host clients in his new apartment. It came to a point that he didn’t have to go to the sauna because site work was enough to pay the apartment, and then to a point that he didn’t have to advertise at websites at all (and avoid paying the ad listing and monthly fee) and relied on repeat business with favored clients, or added more clients through referrals. And sometimes he would get hired on the spot just by hanging out at Ipanema or Copa beach (in his usualy skimpy speedos, working on his tan), by fellow beach-going clients who found him hot. And he was hot. But the thing he hated the most was the GP lifestyle. There was just something about GP work that was soul-crushing for him. It was very stressful for him to do that kind of work, and he hated taking Viagra at times to just be functional on the job. To cope with the stresses, he’d turn to drugs. At first he would just overdo maconha, but he learned to do cocaine with clients who wanted to do the drug with him while on their Rio vacation. Also, at the start, he just did cocaine with clients because they were doing it as well and paying for his share, but when clients leave to return to their homes, his addiction to cocaine remained, and soon he was buying his own cocaine because he was hooked. Lots of GPs are hooked on all kinds of drugs, sure, but he said it never occurred to him that he would be one of them. So he had an exit plan hatched mid-2017: he was going to be a GP till Carnaval 2018. He’s going to get through the tough spring market, mine the Christmas and New Year Rio tourist crush for all it’s worth, and ride his way all the way to Carnaval. And he was going to quit doing drugs. After this he saved up enough money to buy a car, and other creature comforts, and was able to put Rio de Janeiro in his rearview mirror (literally). He had a son from a previous girlfriend, who meant the world to him, and he didn’t want the son to grow up wondering what his dad did for a living. And for a few months after that, for the most part, he has made ends meet by being just an Uber driver. But some previous GP clients still wanted his services, so he would oblige them once in a while if the offer was right. They’d fly him to Rio (or Sampa or Salvador, or whereever else), have their fantasy week, and he would return to Santa Catarina where noone knew he was a GP. But he said even going with previous clients was bad. He said that once you get reminded of how easy it was to earn money by being a GP, you’d be fooled into thinking that money was very easy to earn in general, so you spend it like crazy (on booze, on girls, on silly things), thinking that you can replace it as easily as well. For people who have had to go without money most of their lives, sometimes this sudden change of fortune does tricks to their minds. And he had to fight against the idea that he could go back to that life. He wanted to be back in Santa Catarina, live close to his son, and just become a regular, boring, but stable worker. Flash forward to early this year. To recap: I told my good GP friend that I wanted a week in Copacabana, with him and other sexy guys in the house, with trips to the beach or the clubs or even the sauna, to celebrate my birthday week. Enter Tomas. Tomas has been Ubering constantly to save up for a MacBook. His friend tells him about me, a sucker for handsome sexy guys. It was a win-win: Tomas could get a week-long vacation in Rio away from Uber, and he could get the MacBook he needed. For me too: I could get this stone-cold fox to get to know for a week, that wouldn’t break the bank. But apparently a week wasn’t enough. We both wanted to see each other again after that initial week. He leveled with me: he really just wanted to treat me as a client and be done with me in the week. But after the week was over, he asked if he could see me again, maybe in Santa Catarina. So I did. Three weeks later I was back in Brazil, taking that extra flight to go further south to his city. I got to know his hometown. I got to ride in his car. I got to stay in his apartment. And I got to meet his son. After that trip, it just got harder to stay away. Two more trips later, here I was, about to take an Uber to Recife airport, where I was 12 hours before, to pick him up from his flight from the same city I was in just two months ago. The sunset, like everything else in this city, was gorgeous: After 15 minutes of waiting at the arrivals area, Tomas finally appears, dashing as always, in a crisp white shirt, trendy jeans and sock-less loafers. He sees me and shows me his million watt smile. He gives me big hug, and a stealth kiss on the neck, as I stand there not sure what to do. I am not sure how I feel about public displays of affection in Brazil airports. I hug him back. “E ai, gringo?” he asks, jokingly. I call an Uber and as we wait outside he lights a cigerette. Before he takes a drag, he looks around, to make sure the coast is clear, and then he kisses me in the mouth. We are off to a good start. It was only 7 PM when we get back to the apartment, but I could already tell that we weren’t going anywhere tonight. He was always made para ficar, instead of being para sair. A quick shower together and we tried our darndest to remind each other why we were together. We got comfortable. It was gonna be a relaxed night. As a nightcap, we ordered some Chinese food (his idea) in using the app iFood. He got the Yakisoba (his favorite), I got some frango crispy with rice. They even threw in some fortune cookies, a very California invention, with the meal: Good advice for what was turning out to be an intense week. Next, as promised, Recife!
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    Day 0.5: Preparation 1. AirBNB Recommendations One thing that stayed in my head from my December trip to Salvador, where I hung out with @Latbear4blk for the first time, sauna boys usually asked me where I stayed because they said that most hotels in Salvador did not allow guests to have visitors up to their rooms. While this only happened exactly once in my life (in Yangon, Myanmar - I was so disappointed, we had to do it in the hookup’s apartment), I believe @Latbear4blk was able to play with his boys in his hotel in Farol da Barra. Still, I had this in mind when I was booking Recife and Fortaleza accomodations. I never even thought about booking a hotel and just looked at AirBNB. Fortunately, most Brazil AirBNB’s allow visitors, because usually the unit is in an ordinary residential apartment building, where of course visitors are allowed, unless the AirBNB listing specifically says NO GUESTS. I stay away from these. And most nice apartment complexes in Brazil also had a pool, a gym (usually simple but serviceable), a parking spot and a 24 hours porter for security. When I look at an AirBNB listing, I check if the name of the apartment complex is mentioned, to do a quick Google search of the complex that tell you where it is exactly in relation to the beach, markets or shopping, what kind of facilities it has (some photos in the apartment’s website usually are available) etc. I asked the boyfriend as to where he wanted to stay in Recife, since he spent almost a year of his early 20s in Recife. He preferred to stay in the relatively safe and rich beach district of Boa Viagem. Looking at AirBNB for my dates, filtering for “pools”, “24 hour check in” and “gym” I was able to find way more than I could want. I put in “<$40 a day”, “1 bedroom or more” and the most important “kitchen” filter and found a more manegeable ~50 properties. I found several that didn’t specifically say “NO GUESTS”, and had the name of the property either in the listing or in one of the listing’s photos, looked at where the building was in Boa Viagem, and narrowed it down to 3. I let the BF choose which he liked. He chose the property that had a big kitchen, 2 bedrooms and baths and nice faciltiies. It was going to be our home for a week. As for dates, it was a little bit tricky. If you look at my dates in the previous post, I will arrive at 7 AM in Recife, and leave at 2:30 AM. So I book dates starting with the night before I arrive, so I can check in early the next day (making sure the place has 24 hour check-in, I checked), and then check out will be the day I leave. For Fortaleza, it was less clear to me where to stay. I did not intend to have the BF go with me in the tiny 24 hour connection I had before flying back to Miami. So I did a similar search for Fortaleza like I did above, and found a lot of nice properties along Beira Mar Avenue (along the beach) in the Meireles district of Fortaleza. Google maps showed that there were also a lot of hotels near the properties I looked at, telling me that the area was touristy. So I just book a place that looked nice and had my requirements (no NO GUESTS for example). Since I arrived in Fortaleza at 3:20 AM, I had to book dates starting the night before, and the next night as well, even if I was only going to stay for 24 hours. But for a total 2-day stay for $71, it hardly mattered that I was booking 2 nights. Was I right with my choices of habitation? Stay tuned. 2. My Choice of Companion I do not go to Brazil to look for a boyfriend. So it’s strange that I always have one. I am a very good solo traveler, but I do not like to be alone when I get to my destination. In past Brazil sex vacations I’ve tried a week of just going at it alone, and just subsisting on free Grindr hook-ups, sauna visits and paid dates with site boys, but invariably, almost alway, my experience turns into inviting some old (and new) friends to the apartment and just letting the magic of Brazil run its course. I would get less sex probably this way than if I do it the other way, but Brazil does have a way of giving you what you really need instead of what you want. In my case it was friendship and companionship, as well as a view of the culture not readily available to tourists (not to mention my Portuguese fluency gowing leaps and bounds with every trip), instead of just sex and checking off tourist spots. I find that once you get to know people well in an area, it is inevitable that one finds a companion, a boyfriend, that matches your own needs and quirks. I long stopped fighting the urge to pair up and just went with the flow. I really think that I open myself up to be boyfriends with Brazilians precisely because it is not a huge commitment: I get the benefits of having a relationship (love! sex! companionship!); I still get to live my life in California, and ultimately, and this is important, it never ultimately works out because of a myriad of things (infidelity! fights and disagreements! distance!). When I booked this trip I was dating this beautiful, worked out, green-eyed, 27 year old Mineiro who lives in Rio. He was a very popular Garoto de Programa who was able to get himself out of the sex trade by saving enough to buy a car and motorcycle, and then became a motoboy, at a favela and a sometimes Uber driver (only on busy holidays and festivals). We started dating late last year, and he also started being friends with my friends in Sao Paulo. I’d visit him monthly, sometimes twice a month (did I mention he was beautiful?). Things were hot and heavy the first few months and then it got a little weird the last month. I then got a harried Whatsapp message from his girlfriend(!), who found out about me while she snooped in his phone. Turns out he started dating her a month prior, and she had no clue I even existed. I sent her messages (prints) to the Mineiro, and afterwards, the inevitable drama, crying, explanations followed. He told me he was pressured to have a girlfriend after his sister found a photo of him and me together, being lovey dovey, in a friend’s facebook. So he had to deny this to his family and pretend to date a girlfriend to quash the gay rumors. Whatever. This was exactly what I thought would happen (in one form or another). I never really hoped that any of my relationships here would last, so this was the perfect time for me to bow out. I bid him goodbye but he didn’t accept it. I blocked him on Whatsapp and he messages me on Facebook, then Instagram. After all those blocked he texts me on iMessage. It took me about a week of this back on forth to finally get him to admit defeat. He also lost my friends in the process. I really liked the guy and maybe the relationship was going to work, but the promise of single life and being able to Grindr and sauna in peace has taken over me once I was given the opening. And just when I was planning to fully take a huge juicy bite of the single-life apple, I met another former Garoto de Programa to become boyfriends with. Sigh. Yes he is also beautiful, worked out, blah blah, everything you need out of a seemingly genetically engineered Brasileiro. I met him in March, been boyfriends ever since. A month before this trip I bought him tickets to meet me in Recife. I carved some alone time (not enough, but some) to hunt on my own. We shall see what happens with that. 3. The Journey to Recife I was looking forward to spending time with the BF in the Northeast, since I’ve only hung out with him in Rio, SP and his home state of Santa Catarina. But I also, at the very least, wanted to carve out solo time for myself, to hunt either on Grindr or the saunas. This is THE constant stuggle of my life actually, the push and pull between how awesome being in a relationship with a sexy, interesting and amazing man, and the freedom, wonder and intensity of meeting new pople. The struggle is finding a good balance of both. Ultimately I fail, but the fun is in the trying. My first attempt at balance: I wanted to see the BF on my very first day (I missed him!), but booked his flight to arrive later in the day (early evening) than my own arrival, enabling me to at least get some hours of rest and hunting. No sauna time possible the first day, but a week before my trip, I did a GPS spoof with Grindr and found a massive treasure trove of boys who were interested. This was promising. Weather forecasts for the week showed sunny conditions during the day and some showers at night. Since it was “winter” in Brazil, and the Northeast, the temperatures were a little bit cooler than summer, so it was looking good. Which meant packing mostly tank tops, shorts, and flip flops, with the odd t-shirts and pants for date nights. Ordered my usual suite of travel sized items, including 5 cans of spray sun block, which I found came in handy in Brazil, since the stuff they sell in the beaches are easily 5 times more expensive, and in drugstores at least 3 times more. Once I got to Miami I flung my way across Miami airport to get to Terminal J, which was at the very end of the South Terminal. Here is where I am thankful for my status in American Airlines: despite the very cheap economy fare in LATAM, I was able to reserve a seat (window), line up to LATAM’s priority check in, spend time in LATAM’s lounge in Miami (where there was a Copa America Quarterfinal match between Chile – Colombia watched by very lively Chilean passengers waiting for their flight to Santiago), and get priority boarding (Group 2). Once on board, I see the usual old and tired LATAM décor and colors, but fairly dependable and benign anyway. Leg room was reasonable, but found out that the flight was not full (maybe ¾ full), and therefore the seats at the back (where I was) had passengers, including me, who had the whole row to themselves. After takeoff and getting to cruising altitude, I took off my seat belt and laid flat on my whole row. I didn’t bother waiting for dinner or breakfast, knowing that LATAM’s dining offerings were not worth the giving up the extra minutes (hours) of shut-eye I will need. If I was going to spend 12 hours alone in Recife before the BF arrives, I better have all the energy I can muster. This is my 13th trip to Brazil, and by this time I know very well that rest (more than money) is the most important thing to have in abundance. Recife immigration was pretty quick and hassle free, and I actually had a nice conversation with the officer, in English. He made some remark about my passport, because it was full of Brazilian entry and exit stamps. I usually had my stock response ready (one that was fairly benign and safe), but I was excited to start my Recife adventure. So I told him the truth: that I was going to spend a week with my boyfriend who was from SC. He laughed, and found this amusing, and gave me some tips on where to go and what to do. “Bom trabalho,” I said, wishing him well with the rest of his shift. He winked, and said “I’ll see you soon.” Not sure if that was a threat or a an invitation. I zipped through customs, and the classic welcome sign greeted me: Two other things I do that is almost second nature to me by now when traveling to Brazil. (1) One was buy bottled water at the airport upon arriving. If I was going to hit the ground running, I won’t waste time looking for the basics necessities on the first day, and while I had everything I needed in my luggage (condoms, lube), not all apartments had drinking water in the fridges. If I was gonna have sex marathons, water is usually required in breaks to refresh one’s body after exchanging fluids with strangers. The other thing is to (2) get Brazilian Reals at the Banco 24 Horas. I’ve always just used my Charles Schwab ATM that was ATM fee free, international transaction fee free, and had competitive exchange rates in Brazil. The challenge was to find ATMs in Brazil that would accept them. It works *sometimes* with the big Brazilian banks like Bradesco and Banco do Brasil, but *always* at Banco 24 Horas ATMs. Again, I don't want to waste time looking for this ATM in the city, while I could be just getting laid. Airports usually had them, and Recife airport was no different. 1000 reals to start the vacation: Next up, it was a cum 4 times a day kind of day…
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    São Paulo

    Brazil Trip Overview Background Hematology- Oncologist so 100% book smart, 0% street sense or cred. British by birth, Ghanaian (Asante heritage), Mayo-BJH-CDC-NIH-NCI willing hostage. Nerdy as fuck!!! Woke up one morning, three weeks ago and decided that I had had enough reading other people’s sexcapades in Brazil. Visa Application My British passport expired late last year, I have not had time to renew so I had to apply for a visa with my Ghanaian Passport and Green Card. Since I was not sure if the visa waiver policy was going to apply to permanent residents as well I decided to go ahead and apply for a visa anyway. Gathered the required documents (completed online portion with an uploaded passport picture~>print receipt sign and paste another passport photo on there, passport, green card, pay stubs, utility bill and an $80 USPS cashiers check and a ticket I got with COPA for about $500 for the 17th of April). 4 hour drive to Chicago, submitted my application on the Friday, 5th of April. I was given a receipt to pick up my visa on the 12th of April, was in and of the Embassy within 15 minutes. I had heard and read terrible stories about the in-person visa application process so I knew I was cutting it real close. Tuesday 9th April I checked online and my visa was ready to pick up. I bought my ticket to fly out of Chicago to São Paulo, so I waited to pick up my passport and visa on the 16th and then just fly out in the morning of the 17th. Pre-Trip Planning Extensive reading of this blog consulted a member on here who gave me a lot of pointers. I chose an Airbnb in Jardim Paulista. I sent the host a message asking if visitors were allowed. She said yes but it is better, safer, easier and more convenient if I knew the names and RG or CPF of the friends I am expecting so she could pre-authorise them to come up to the apartment. I went ahead and gave her the names and CPF of two guys that I had planned to meet. As part of my planning I pinned to various locations (including Lagoa) in São Paulo on Grindr to see the kind of guys around. Spoke to two that I found really attractive (non- Garoto) and meeting up with with them when I get there. I tried to set up a massage and waxing appointment package at inhouseagencia via WhatsApp but whoever is managing the account was not keen on setting up an appointment a week before. He said to get in touch at most a day before. Goldtherapy spa did not even bother to respond. Estudio5massagem set up a waxing appointment for Thursday at 11:00am. I set up an Instagram account followed one Garoto and then I got several suggestions so followed a bunch of Garotos (I think those guys live more fabulous lives than I do) lol. Just arrived at the Airbnb and it is small but looks great. Will update daily. I doubt my reports will be as juicy as Numazu’s and Tomcal’s but i’ll try my best slut up!!!
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    Day 4: Feliz Natal, Merry Christmas It’s late December; can you feel the chill in the air? No? Why, you must be in Brazil for Christmas. It was hot as hades in Sao Paulo this Christmas Eve. We had an impromptu party the night before with Leo, Alex, and a bunch of their other friends in Alex’s flat, and it ended with me sleeping on the floor in the kitchen (long story). I woke up with a pillow resting my head and a blanket over me. I looked at my phone and read Alex’s message to me on Whatsapp: “I left for the airport to go see my parents for Christmas. I left a set of keys by the door. Help yourself to anything. Merry Christmas! It was almost 1 PM. I remembered that Leo was hosting Christmas Eve dinner at his place. It was the same for Leo, Christmas is for family, and he was supposed to go to his Grandmother’s house with his mom and siblings to spend Christmas there. But because I was here, he decided to host an “orphan Christmas”, just like the orphan Thanksgivings I used to go to in my 20s in the USA. He invited a few friends over to join us for the dinner. He will cook. I will just have to show up. After I extricate myself from the kitchen floor and manage to brew a cafezinho and cook some eggs and cheese over toast, I tell Leo that I was going to go to his place to help him with dinner. I received some photos from him of his haul from the Mercado earlier today: two whole chickens, some beef ground and steaks, a bunch of vegetables, farofa ingredients, etc. Leo is not kidding around. “Sou Master Chefe,” he tells me. I laugh. That show gets around. I take a shower and get ready to head over to Leo’s place. I had a flight to Salvador early tomorrow, so I decide to pack my shit as well, with the expectation of sleeping at Leo’s tonight, and leaving for the airport from there. As I haul my suitcase down to street level I get a Whatsapp from Carlos, the garoto next door from yesterday. He asked me if I was going to the sauna today and if he can see me again. I quickly sent him this graphic, from Sauna Lagoa’s Facebook: It took him a while to answer back. Then he said: “This is bad for me. I need money because I am going to see my family tomorrow.” I was in the Uber on the way to Leo’s at this point, and I thought about what to do for Carlos. It was Christmas, I was in a charitable mood. Everyone deserves a good Christmas. I asked him what he was doing tonight, for Christmas dinner. He said he had no plans. He wanted to work tonight and take a bus to his small town in Minas tomorrow and spend the day with his family. I told him maybe we can meet tonight, for dinner, and other things, but I had to clear it with my host first. I get to Leo’s place and he was in full-tilt Christmas dinner prep. A friend of his, a 23-year-old office worker from Rio, was there helping out. He was black, cute, and had the most amazing smile. He tried some canned English phrases with me but I told him I wanted to practice my Portuguese instead. I turned to Leo and asked him about Carlos and him possibly joining us for Christmas dinner. Leo had to think about it, probably wary of inviting a perfect stranger, and one who was a prostitute, to his house for a meal. He eventually said it was fine, the more the merrier. He made me promise that Carlos was not a psycho. I told him I was not sure because I only spent an hour plus hours with him. Leo asks for the guy’s Whatsapp and he talks to the guy for a few minutes. Leo signs off on the guest, and tells me to call an Uber for Carlos when he was ready. After figuring out logistics, I was going to call Carlos an Uber in an hour. Luckily he lived in north Sao Paulo as well so it wasn’t an expensive fare. He will also take his suitcase with him as he will leave for the bus station after the Christmas party. After that, I helped with cooking, which included merging two chickens together and stuffing both with farofa: An hour and a half later, I call Carlos an Uber. 30 minutes. Leo tidies up the house a bit, and his friend continues to make food. Carlos arrives, looking smashing in a tight sleeveless shirt and jeans. He brought two bottles of Salvagem Catuaba, a sort of sweet wine-like drink made from local native plants. Carlos asked me if I had Catuaba before. I shook my head. “It’s an aphrodisiac,” Leo interjects, “not that you need help in that area.” Leo winks. I laugh. Carlos blushes. This was gonna be an interesting night. Another one of Leo’s friends arrived an hour later. A girl in her mid-20s; who brought dessert. The feast was complete now. It’s just a matter of getting everything prepared. Everything smelled so good by the time everything was cooked. Carlos seemed to be pretty comfortable and easy-going with meeting everyone in the house. And Carlos’ better qualities stood out outside the sauna. All we do is objectify guys in the sauna. Getting to know these guys out of the hypersexual atmosphere of the sauna, and seeing how cool they really are makes them even more sexier. Leo was also having a blast teasing Carlos. When it came time to ask about Carlos’ sexuality, he said he was bi but was more hetero. “Does he have sex like a hetero?” Leo asks me. “He has sex like a man,” I answer diplomatically. Carlos appreciated the response and kisses me. At midnight, after all the noises of the fireworks outside, Leo and friend served dinner. Everything looked great, and we all partook at the table. The Catuaba was chilled and was the drink of the dinner. Carlos sat next to me, and made sure my plate was always full and I got the choice cuts of chicken. Do I look incompetent when I eat? Why do guys try and feed me every time I eat with them? This Christmas was pretty chill for sure. Yes, there was a language barrier with me having to ask them to repeat themselves whenever they speak too fast for me, but everyone was pretty cool about it. Yes, I was away from my friends and usual friends back home, but I am making new friends and memories. And of course, Carlos, the garoto next door now turned guest for Christmas, was a good sport. I don’t know if it was because he wanted a big tip, or if he’s just a genuinely nice guy (possibly both), but he was giving me the ultimate boyfriend experience tonight. Not that I needed any of this at a night with friends, but it definitely added to the experience. Lots of attention, held hands, and discreet kisses between bites. It was probably his default mode whenever he spends time with clients, or maybe he likes me. It doesn’t matter I guess. After dinner, more alcohol was plied and everyone was chatty and social. After some class photos we played the game “spin the bottle” but with a twist: If the bottle landed on me I had to choose someone to ask me a question, in Portuguese, and I had to answer in Portuguese as well. If the bottle landed on anyone else, I had to ask him or her a question, in English, and they had to answer in English as well. It was like Rosetta Stone’s version of Spin the Bottle. It was Leo’s idea, perhaps to help me with my Portuguese, and probably because all night everyone was asking me how to stay stuff in English. It was a fun game, and I held my own. My Portuguese was definitely much better than everyone else’s English proficiency. Surprisingly, it was Carlos who’s English was best among the others. Perhaps because he needed English proficiency as a Garoto de Programa (I’m just guessing) for gringo customers. One of the questions I asked him was what was his biggest dream in life, and he responded, correctly in English, that he wanted to start a restaurant with his mother. A very sweet answer. It was 3 AM by the time everyone decided to get some shut-eye. Leo readied his room for his two friends, while he gave Carlos and I his mom’s room on the second floor. I felt weird defiling his mom’s room like this but I guess Brazilians have less scruples about this than Americans. We both get some hugs, kisses, and some “Feliz Natals” from everyone as we retire to the second floor. We only had 3 hours to rest and “other things” before I had to make my flight to Salvador, so it was clear there was no sleeping tonight, with Carlos here. We both laid down Leo’s Mom’s bed and talked for a while, while cuddling. Of course, cuddling turns into kissing, and then caressing. Clothes slowly come off. Carlos’ silky white skin comes into full view. His tattoo-less body was a change from other GPs I’ve been with, which made the experience feel different. I didn’t notice it before. And because I was in an actual house in a bedroom, and not a sauna, it was as if I was home back in the USA. Carlos’ cock and ass though, was all Brazilian. Cock big, thick and uncut, ass plump, firm and delicious. He excelled as much in foreplay as yesterday. But without the strangeness of a room in a sauna, the foreplay somehow was better. When it was time to fuck he got on his back and his legs up in the air. I started thrusting but the bed was old and squeaky and made a noise with every move. We tried to move the bed off the wall so it was nice banging against the wall, but it was still making noise. “No chao?” I ask, pointing to the floor. Carlos takes two pillows and lays on the floor, one pillow under his head, another under his ass, creating an easier entry angle. The floor made no sound. We, however, did. After meticulously cleaning up our mess (fluids everywhere: lube and cum), we take a shower together. We had 30 minutes before I had to leave. We get ready to leave, and then head over downstairs to Leo’s bedroom and I go in. I wake Leo up to tell him we were leaving. I call an Uber for Guarulhos. The Uber comes, Leo lets us out of his house, hugs us both and bids us farewell. I will see Leo again in Rio 6 days from now, for the New Year “Reveillon” celebration. But now, I am Salvador bound. Carlos goes with me to Guarulhos, holding my hand the whole way. At Guarulhos I check in and then we both get a little “Café da Mahna” for the road. Carlos thanks me for the wonderful time and for inviting him for dinner. He said he would have just either taken the bus to Minas or spent Christmas dinner alone if it wasn’t for my invitation. “It worked out I think,” he says. “Everything happens for a reason. I was meant to meet you at the sauna yesterday. I would like to see you again after this. Maybe without friends next time.” I concurred with his assessment of things, though my Brazilian dance card is getting pretty full. I’ll find a way to make this happen. I always do. I give him 250 reals. 150 reals for the sex, and another 100 reals because it was Christmas. He pocketed the money without counting. I call him an Uber to the Tiete Bus Terminal, which was only a 20-minute car ride. He hugs and kisses me as a goodbye. “Merry Christmas!” he finally says, in perfect English, before getting into his Uber. This was probably the best Christmas gift I have given myself, ever. I felt really really good. Travel Tip: Airfares on December 24 can get expensive, but get way cheaper on December 25. It was a $100 difference for me going to Salvador from Sao Paulo. Boytoy Tip: When in Brazil for the holidays, it would be good to get a boy’s number when in the sauna, in case the sauna is closed for Christmas or New Year's Eve, if you want company on these days. Next: Salvador!
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    Day 2: Sometimes You Just Have to Wait For the Right Time I had a sauna day on Day 2 of my trip, before heading to the first club night described in the previous post, the one that my friend Alex helped sponsor. I was staying at Alex’s apartment, and with jet-lag and just general weariness because of the travel the day before, I woke up at 2 PM on Day 2. Alex was long gone and attending to his party. Leo was working, his last day before the Christmas celebration starts. So I was alone, left to my own devices, for a few hours. This was my chance, to get a sauna visit in without any distractions and worries that I am taking time away from my friends. After helping myself with a café com leite and making myself a mortadella sandwhich which Leo said I could make using stuff he bought for me in the kitchen, I took a shower and dressed in a tank top, shorts and slippers for the sauna. It was sort of a hot day today, the sun was pretty strong, so I dressed appropriately. I then Ubered it from Tatuape to Vila Clementino, where the sauna was, which was a 30 minute Uber ride. Thankfully, due to the holiday weekend, traffic was light, and I got there at 5 PM. Before I embarked on my Brazilian adventures, I’ve always had the impression that Sauna Lagoa was “the best sauna in Brazil.” Judging from the forum’s entries at that time, and various discussions with forum members, it seemed to me that Sauna Lagoa was the gold standard of saunas in Brazil. My first ever sauna experience was in Club 117 in Rio, and I would never forget that first time I turned around to go in the sauna after checking-in at the counter. What I saw was wall-to-wall muscle gods milling around, trying to catch my eye. It was surreal, and hot, and probably colored my first impression of Pointe 202, the second sauna I visited. It was a relative disappointment, with not as many boys and the ones there were not as hot. I later realized that there are good nights and bad nights, in every sauna. But 202 has never recovered from my initial impression, even if I’ve probably have had more fun there than in 117. I am not as knowledgeable about the whos and whats of the sauna world in Brazil, probably because I am still a newbie relative to y’all. Visiting Sauna Lagoa for the first time last year yielded a different experience. I thought the sauna’s layout was way different than that of 117 and 202. I thought Lagoa’s floor plan was more open, less claustrophobic, and had way more facilities for comfort and play. On a good night, like my first time, it was impressive. There are more “genetic freaks” per capita than what I’ve seen in Rio. And by genetic freaks I mean muscle gods with impossible musculature. I got one such creature that first night. He was handsome, tall, and with muscles upon muscles upon muscles. I overpaid, and the sex was just OK, as a gullible first-timer would, but overall I was happy with what I did. After a few more visit to Lagoa, I noticed that I had a pattern to my visits. I would first hire a “genetic freak”. Someone usually handsome and cocky and had a huge cock, large ass, and perfect pecs, abs and giant legs. The sex would usually just be OK, nothing spectacular. Kissing just so-so, sucking so-so as well. I would even say that the guy was just be going through the motions. I’d be happy with the hire tho. I think the point of getting a genetic freak was less having to do with getting great sex, and having more to do with worshipping and admiring their hard bodies and cocks. I don’t mind this kind of hire. It happens though, that when a genetic freak turns into great sex AND great companionship, that’s when you take them out of the sauna and spend more time with them. Happened a few times to me. Don’t hate me, I probably require too much in sex. Something a straight guy who’s only a top couldn’t deliver. After sex with the genetic freak, I would try to hire someone who may not be as impossibly hot, but still very very easy on the eyes. I don’t want to use the term “boy-next-door” because these are boys I wouldn’t see next door where I live. The “garoto next door” usually is hot and sexy, maybe a little less muscular than Mr. Steroids, but you still get to live your dreams of having sex with a hot and handsome young guy. And that’s the good fortune I’ve had in Lagoa. I’ve always found the garotos next door to be hot and amazing in bed. This trip was no exception. Upon arriving at the sauna and getting a coffee (I am still half asleep from my 10 hour sleep), I quickly get greeted by a “garoto next door”. His name was Carlos, he was about 5’10, white, nice messy floppy brown hair. Amazing green eyes. He was handsome for sure, and had a smooth and a porcelain white body. He had nice abs, and had respectable musculature. He shook my hand and asked if he could sit with me. He sat really close. He made some compliments about my looks, and kept touching my hair to arrange it (was my hair a bird’s nest?). I told him to order a drink (he chose Gatorade). The conversation was pretty light and pleasant. Christmas plans. Sao Paulo in summer. California in winter. Then the conversation turned to sex and discussing about a possible programa. I was game to have one. He checked all the boxes physically, and it seemed like he was a fun lay. He started kissing me. Very deep. Very convincing. I was sold. What was he willing to do, I asked. Deal breaker #1: he was only a top. I tried to convince him to bottom but he said he “wasn’t ready” today. Deal breaker #2: he will not cum. I like cum. A lot. I had to ask why. He danced around it. After 15 minutes of dancing around it he countered: 400 reals for cumming. I countered with a “that’s absurd.” 350? No. He came clean: it was early still, he needed money for Christmas. His mom needed money. He needs to get more than one client tonight, and if he blew his cum with me, he fears he would be too tired to get another client after me. I admired his honesty. I told him I was not the client for him. I wanted a bottom and cum. I would tolerate a top and no cum from a “genetic freak”, where I would be in worship mode, but not with “just” a garoto next door. I bid Carlos good luck and wished him many clients tonight. He had a look on his face like he was sorry, but kissed me and then he was gone. So many fish in the sea tonight though. I quickly rebound and turn my attention to the other boys in the yard. I could easily count about 7 genetic freaks in the vicinity. A tall one caught my stare and walked over to my table. “Pedro,” he says. He was wearing a towel slung low. His cock outline was inviting. He towers over me. Fairly tall. His face was pleasant. Cute. His body was insane. Stout chest, big abdominal muscles, large biceps and big powerful shoulders. Very long legs, with veins. He sits next to me and starts massaging my shoulders. After the tease that the previous guy gave me, I was ready to jump into a room with Pedro. But I bided my time to at least try to get to know this guy. I admired his musculature. Very defined. I fondled his biceps and he flexes for me. I fondle his abs. Impossibly defined. I ask for specifics: as expected he was only a top – fine, I’ll be in worship mode; kisses great and gave me a preview; will cum but asked for 200. I countered with 150. My friends taught me well. After some thinking he accepts the pay cut. We head over to the counter to get a suite. At the room I took my time. He felt good in my arms. I looked at the mirrors covering the walls of the room. He LOOKED good in my arms. We kissed for a while. He knew how to do that at least. I did my best to get my money’s worth. I sucked his fat cock good. I rimmed his sweet ass. Felt up his amazing body. It is remarkable how these guys get their bodies to get like this. It was enough for me to blow my wad. He then asked if he could cum as well. I did the honors. Sucked and jacked him off till he blew in my mouth. Again, not the most spectacular sex-wise. But I am not beyond just admiring a nice body. Showering with him was nice. I didn’t bother getting his WhatsApp, I doubt there will be a repeat. I get back to sitting in the stage area and checked up on my friends. Leo was still working. Alex was happily partying away. I order a red bull and vodka. I figure I should start drinking now, to celebrate, since my first Programa was under my belt. I survey the room. More boys were in. Some clients were milling around too. This Saturday night was a good night at the sauna. Whenever a boy would approach me for a programa, I would just say “recuperando” so they would go away. It was true, I was recuperating from the previous programa. I am getting ready to find my garoto next door. After 30 minutes of recuperating and talking to my friends (and refilling my vodka and red bull), I decide to make the rounds. I made my way to the pool area and I bump into Carlos, the guy earlier. He remembers my name and hugs me, with the biggest grin on his place. “To pronto para voce,” he exclaims, saying he is ready for me. “Ready for what?” I ask, playing coy. “I am ready to do what we talked about earlier. I can do it now,” he says. “Really? Everything?” I ask, touching his ass. “Yes even that!” Now I assuming he got his first and/or second customer tonight, and not ready to blow his wad with me. I still wanted to play coy. I didn’t have to take him tonight. Let me see what he had to say. He confirmed he did get a threesome programa, he was asked by a pair of clients to fuck them, and got double the fee. I said it was bad for me because he was tired now. He said he wasn’t. He was ready. He took my hand and guided it to his crotch. He was soft, but with him rubbing my hand on his cock it quickly grew hard. The guy was not playing around. How much, I ask. 200 for everything, he says. I counter with 100. He laughs. He says he can’t do that. I repeat with 100. He counters with 150. I tell him I still was not sure. I was still playing with him. He then says he wants 150, but if I was not happy with the sex, I can give him 100. I immediately said yes. This is the first time I got this deal from a boy. I was intending to give him 150 anyway, even without knowing how good or bad he will be. So we get a room (same room as before, cleaned thankfully). Carlos takes off his towel, and hurriedly takes off my clothes as well. He kissed me deeply. He kneeled down to suck me. He pushes me on the bed and feasts on my ass. Rimming is always a surprise when a boy does it for me. I never expect it but it’s always good when it happens. I knew he was trying really hard to earn that extra 50 reals. And the effort was a real turn on. I probably got further with him than any other boy I’ve had in Brazil. When it came to fucking he was a champ. Made sex noises. Pretty damn hot. I put him on his back. He jacks off while I am fucking him and cums all over his torso, neck, and face. I smear his cum all over, and feed some of it to him. He gladly eats it. I cum really quickly. Fucking hot. After the shower we talk for a while. He gives me his WhatsApp. I tell him he deserves his fee. The program was surprisingly long. Around an hour and 10 minutes. Felt like a breeze. He thanks me and we head over to the lockers. I give him 200, which was what he originally asked for. “Feliz Natal,” I greet him. He smiles widely and hugs me tightly. “Merry Christmas to you too,” he responds, and tells me he really needs the 200. I was glad I could help. It was Christmas after all. Travel Tip: Holiday traffic in the normally horribly congested Sao Paulo is relatively light. Boytoy Tip: A boy may be more expensive and more picky at the beginning of the night but may lower prices and willing to do more much later. Next: Christmas with friends and a GP.
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    Fragata - seems like old times

    There was a time (for about twelve years) when I visited Fragata sauna whenever I was in Sao Paulo. During those initial twelve years, I enjoyed Fragata sauna far more than I enjoyed Lagoa sauna on other days of the week when Lagoa supposedly was the best sauna ("in the world"). Traditionally, Tuesday nights and Sunday nights were the busiest days of the week to visit Fragata during those early years. On those nights, Fragata was often filled with magnificent/handsome looking garotos. Fun was had by one and by all. However, about three years ago the garoto and client turnout at Fragata dwindled and became hit and miss and the crowds were, pathetically small. My being somewhat stubborn and loyal, I continued to visit Fragata at least a few times each year to see if it resumed its former fun place. Each time was a disappointment. About a year ago, I totally stopped visiting Fragata because it was a waste of time and effort to go there. Last week, one of my Brazilian friends told me he was going to Fragata "for old times sake" - - I wished him well. My friend reported back that he had a wonderful time almost as good as in the old days. I was skeptical, and decided to see for myself. Tonight I went to Fragata. My friend was correct. This being Sunday night, it was nearly as it was in the earlier years. What a shock I had tonight - - walking into Fragata was tantamount to watching a porno movie. Beautiful handsome guys, many with huge erect cocks, were standing around masturbating and many were making out (kissing and fondling) with clients in the hallways. Needless to say, I felt an inital shock but decided to join the fun, and fun I had. For those who visit Sao Paulo and go only to Lagoa, consider Fragata. You might be pleasantly surprised. Needless to say, I plan to return to Fragata Tuesday night to determine if the old tradition will also be in effect for next Tuesday. I will write an update if the Tuesday tradition holds.
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    Day 8: When an Ending is a Beginning Today is my last full day in Rio, and Diego knew it. He said that we should take it easy today (no beach, no sauna) and just maybe go out to a club tonight to celebrate my last night. Leo arrived mid-morning from Sao Paulo, with his work done for a few days, to join us for my last day, and he intended to stay in RJ some days after. After a few minutes of being at the AirBNB, he already has plans to meet with a Grindr hookup (something about Rio that makes him a slut, he says), and one he chose to go with him to the club tonight with all of us. Alex, super hungover from last night’s festivities, kept his head low all day to recuperate. Rio makes sluts of everyone, I have found. Diego and I had a late start today, due to lateness of last night. Thankfully we did not have anything planned today. We tidied up our room and arranged our luggage for a bit, with some good conversation and some make out sessions thrown in for good measure. Mid-afternoon we decide to get a haircut to look sharp for tonight. Diego suggests going to the Siquera Campos Metro Station area, near Pointe 202 sauna, since he knew a good barber there. So we left Leo with his flavor of the day to shag like bunnies, and Alex who asked to use our bed so he can take a nap. The Metro was not busy this mid-afternoon hour on a Friday. We get to Siquiera Campos and headed over to a shop in the little shopping complex near the station. He meets with his usual barber, who knew exactly what he needed to be done. The salon attendant instructed me to go to another barber on the second level to get my hair did. Upon settling on my barber’s seat I realized that this was my first trip to the barber in Brazil. How would I know what to say to the barber on how I wanted my hair done, in Portuguese? It wasn’t as hard as I thought. Short in the side (half), a little trim at the top (one). I was done in 10 minutes. For half of the price I was used to at home. Very efficient. Diego meanwhile, was having all kinds of things done. His hair was cut, but he was about to get his blonde highlights refreshed and his facial hair sculpted. He was waiting for the barber to get his coloring stuff ready. After 5 minutes, and a quick chat with his barber, he tells me that it will probably take a good hour to get everything that he needed done. “You know it takes work to actually look this good. We don’t look this good without a lot of help,” he says, half jokingly. The good hair, great skin, manicured facial hair, banging body, yeah, all of that takes work to get to and maintain. I appreciate all the hard work for sure. “Do you want me to wait here?” I ask. “Nao, of course not. You can go back home and wait there,” he suggests. I told him I didn’t want to do that. I want to let the boys have their fun while we were gone. “What do you want to do then?” Diego asks. Inspiration strikes me: “Well, the sauna is just a 5 minute walk from here. I can wait for you there.” “Great, you can do that. I’ll call Tomas to see if he can go with you. He lives nearby,” he says. Before I know it, Tomas is walking up to the barbershop, again looking smashing. He was in club wear, so I kind of guessed Diego tipped him off that we were going to the club tonight. We were off to Pointe 202. I can understand Diego wanting Tomas to go with me so I wouldn’t get bored. But I was going to the sauna, so of course I won’t get bored. Unless he needed Tomas to either protect me, or watch me, or both. The sauna was packed. Tomas, ever the communicator, told me his journey to becoming a GP over some beers. Very interesting story. I don’t hear any sadness in his story. It almost felt like he was happy being able to make other people happy. And he seems to be compensated pretty well. He seems pretty well-adjusted. Lots of pretty boys tonight. Very festive mood today on an early Friday night. Many possibilities for a quick programa before Diego joined us. And then David, a previous GP hire, walks by. Remember him from last trip? I was clearly enamored by him that trip. Remember before this trip started that I thought Diego would flake or cancel on me, so I had Leo look for a GP to stay with me in Sao Vicente? Well that’s not all I did, as insurance. I also invited David to join us. If Diego showed up, I would have two GPs with me. Double the fun. If Diego bailed, I would still have David. But the reverse happened. It was David who bailed. He could not get to the airport on time to get to Sao Paulo, and he lost his flight. I shared this with Diego, as well as Leo and Alex, on Day 1, and ever since then the three badmouthed David for wasting my money, calling him “indio,” (because he was from Manaus) and other names because he lost his flight. Maybe mean-spirited. But the guys did not have a good opinion of David after that. But David is here, now, and I am reminded of why I was so enamored with him in the first place. Handsome face (young, inviting), perfect body (naturally muscular), and his amazing ass bulging out of his towel. My tongue was out again, and my eyes bugging out of their sockets, like a Looney Tunes cartoon fox. David sees me and approaches me. “Ta bem?” he asks. I say yes. He then apologized profusely again, as much as he did the day he lost his flight, personally this time, not on WhatsApp. I invited him to sit with us. I fill Tomas in on David’s story. Tomas laughs and shakes David’s hand. I ask David if he wanted a drink. David asks for a coke, and then asks me if he could order a pizza as well. He was hungry. “Sure,” I say. “We can share.” Tomas orders the food. David snuggles beside me, and gives me a big passionate kiss. We make out for a while. The food comes. We partake. I had a hard-on the whole time. The boy was doing a number on me. When we finish the food I had to tell David that I couldn't take it anymore, and we had to go do a programa. David gets a room for us and I tell Tomas that I will be back. Off David and I go. We sure made up for the time we supposedly were going to spend in Sao Paulo. David was eager for redemption, and this was his chance. And he took it. I always thought that sauna rooms are kind of dirty and gross *for me – I’m a princess this way* and prefer the relative comfort and serenity of my own bed *AirBNB or hotel* but we sure made use of the room we got. Two words – fluids everywhere. David came twice, and so did I. We made the room even more dirty and gross. I gave a 10 to David to give to the cleaner person. She deserves the money. I paid David 200 reals, because I was so fucking happy. After the deed David still lingered with me and Tomas while we waited for Diego. Pretty soon Diego appeared, looking all polished and pretty. He was kind of surprised I had someone else there with Tomas. Introductions were made. It clicked with Diego all of a sudden that it was the same David who stood me up. Diego suggests we go home to prepare for the club tonight. I bid farewell to David. Something was up with Diego. He was kind of distant. In the Uber though, Diego and Tomas were their normal selves. Maybe I am imagining things. We get back at the apartment and it was empty. “Grocery shopping,” Diego said. After a few minutes Leo and Alex (and Leo’s date) come in with bags of stuff. Soon Leo was cooking up something fierce. Enough for everyone, even for Tomas and Leo’s friend. There was even dessert. This is how it’s done. Restaurants in Ipanema can get expensive. It definitely took the pressure off me in paying for Diego and Tomas’ food. After dinner, everyone got ready. Showers. Smart clothes. Leo styled my hair, an advantage in having a hairdresser as a friend. Everyone shared Alex’s cologne. Instagram live video of everything. Including the walk to the club of the night – Cueva (Cave) in Copacabana. We opted to get fancy. We paid a flat 80 reals each (I paid for Diego and Tomas) and we got to hangout in an exclusive section by the well, roped off from the masses in the dancing area. The place really felt like a cave, dark and isolated, but was super warm, instead of cold. Was super fun tho. Eye candy everywhere: Diego was having fun, but when I approached to get the usual hug or kiss I get from him, he pulled back from me. He would say that he was not comfortable with PDA with a man yet. It was fine in the sauna or the occasional peck in the cheek in the beach. But not here, he said. I found that weird. Cave was a gay club. Everyone was kissing and hugging. Why wasn’t he comfortable? I moved over to Leo and Alex instead of Diego and Tomas. Everyone saw that I was a little bit disturbed by this. Leo asks me to go with him to the patio area for a smoke. “I don’t smoke,” I protested. “Just come, OK?” Leo insists. At the patio area Leo asks me what was wrong. I tell Leo what happened. “It's my last night! Why is he all of a sudden acting like an asshole?” Leo tells me why: Diego told him that he was angry at me for spending money on David. And Leo agreed. David flaked out on us in Sao Paulo. He already wasted my money. No sense rewarding him for that behavior. I told Leo that it was my money and I can do what I want. Leo said that was true, but this was the reason by Diego was pissed off. And like clockwork, Diego appears. “Let’s talk,” he says. So we go through all of it. An actual fight, like boyfriends. In a club, like boyfriends. He tells me his piece. He says 200 reals is too much for anyone to receive for a programa. That’s a lot of money for Brazilians. And buying David dinner was just too much. And we were supposed to have alone time today. No one else. I tell him my piece as well. I told him I go to Brazil to relax. I don’t care if I waste money on boys. It’s why I am here in Brazil. It shouldn’t concern him. He said it did concern him. He was spending all this time with me without compensation. He was staying because he wanted to stay. He does not like me throwing my money away on boys that don’t honor their word. He says he is different. He honors his word. He is concerned because this is Rio. Everyone will want your money and will do anything to get it. I asked him if he wanted my money as well. He was offended by this. He tells me: “You cannot buy me. You are a rich American. You can buy others. It’s very easy for you. But you are buying something false. I have something real. That can’t be bought." That cut through the heart. I was affected by his words, even if we weren’t boyfriends. I told him that: we weren’t boyfriends, and we can’t expect the other to commit to something, or anything. He agreed that we weren’t, but he admitted that this week was nice for him. It was different. He says we are not boyfriends, but this was at least a start. To just a nice friendship or actual boyfriends, he didn’t know. But it was a start. It is easier for him for other clients to spend a lot of money because it was work, and it suited him if clients spend a lot of money on him. But it was hard for him to see me do it. For some reason he cared. He suggests that we just try to have a good time tonight. We were in a cool club with friends. Let’s not let this weird thing between us ruin everyone else’s fun. I head back down to the dance area while Diego smoked. Had a few drinks and danced with Leo and Alex. I wondered where Diego was. I tell everyone I wanted to see what Diego was doing. I get back to the patio and I see Diego and Tomas, talking to a bunch of young-looking Brazilian gays. It looked like everyone was getting friendly with each other. Diego sees me and smiles. He approaches me and takes me by the hand. “This is my husband,” he says to the group of Brazilians, and then kisses me. The group looks in astonishment at me, like I had two heads. Tomas laughs. The group leaves. “What was that?” I ask. Tomas fills me in: “They wanted to hire us, 500 reals each, to go back to their place and fuck all of them.” That’s a lot of money,” I tell them both. “It doesn’t matter. It’s your last night,” Diego says, still hugging me. “But I am not your husband,” I tell him. “I had to get rid of them. I had to tell them something,” Diego finally says. It was almost 3 AM. We joined our friends and drank and danced. Alex was the first one to be drunk, as usual. Somehow we salvaged the night. I really didn’t know where Diego and I were headed, but at least I knew this was a start. Next, Sao Paulo.
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    Day 5: A Mineiro’s Guide to Sao Paulo We got done with the sauna at 11 PM last night. Even with the spectacular programa with Miguel, I kept thinking I missed my opportunity with Lucas, the blonde delight. If only I had waited a little longer, instead of snapping up Miguel. Oh well. These are the ridiculous “problems” one has when in Brazil. “I missed my chance with Hot Guy A because I was too busy having spectacular sex with Hot Guy B!” Sounds ridiculous when you think about it after the trip. But during the trip, I felt some distress over it. Brazil has spoiled me. Any other place would just pale in comparison. But wait, I had Hot Guy C with me the whole time as well. Diego, ever so patient with waiting on me the whole trip, had huge plans for tomorrow. It was our last full day in SP, so he wanted to make it count. Luckily, Alex, whose apartment we all were invading, took the rest of the week off, so he was free tomorrow to hang out and be our guide to touring Sao Paulo. Don’t ask me how he got a full week off. But I think it meant getting a doctor’s note somewhere and sending it to his boss. Which also meant he couldn’t post anything on social media for the week, because he is supposedly sick. Oh well. His life, not mine. Moving on. We got to bed around 2 AM, but not before Diego asked me for sex. I joked that it is usually me who initiates sex with him. “I want it too sometimes you know,” he tells me. “When I want it, I want it, and I usually get it.” And he definitely got it. I have the scratch marks in my back and hickies in my neck and chest to prove it. I wonder what Alex thought about the noises we were making in his own bedroom. I got woken up by Diego at 9 AM. “Levanta amor,” he whispers, asking me to get up, and tells me the time. He was already showered and clean, and he was in his briefs looking mighty fine. I give his crotch a slight tug, and then reluctantly I do my bit in the bathroom. I finish and start putting on clothes and smell coffee brewing. I go to the kitchen and see Diego making 3 cups of coffee. Where is Alex, I ask. “He’s buying some bread. We will have breakfast here.” Alex arrives and Diego makes us all Mortadela sandwiches. How did I not know that Alex and Diego are both from the State of Minas Gerais? They were telling me this fact as Alex drives us to our various locations. We mainly went to familiar places, like Beco do Batman, Paulista Ave, MASP and Sao Paulo Cathedral. But probably what stood out for me this trip were the numerous abandoned buildings the city had that had beautiful graffiti: Alex made sure we were all back at home at 6 PM, because he didn’t want us to arrive too late at the sauna today. He sensed that I was disappointed with the sparse choices yesterday, perhaps due to our late arrival, so he made sure we could get ready for the sauna at an earlier time than our arrival yesterday. Some coffee and 3 showers later, we were out the door. We got to Lagoa at 7:30 PM. Just an hour earlier than yesterday. Upon getting there, I still felt that the place could use more people. It was a Tuesday nigtt, so understandably the place would be less busy, but I always felt that the Rio saunas had more people any night of the week. We all plopped ourselves in the seating and tables area and had a beer. There was probably double the amount of boys than yesterday. Which was not saying much because it was not busy yesterday. Diego asks me what I was in the mood for today. “Voce,” I said, in my pathetic attempt at flattery. Diego laughs. “Later. I will get my turn. But now, I want you to be happy. It makes me happy to see you happy.” It was a flattering statement, and one that he would repeat over and over throughout the trip. I didn’t know what kind of game he was playing. He is after all a Garoto de Programa, possibly an expert in creating an illusion, and a good-looking one at that. I am sure he is angling for some type of compensation towards the end, even if he said it was not needed (because of the help I gave him a month ago to escape his pimp). Oh well, we just have to wait and see. But what was I in the mood for today? I am thinking maybe someone different from what I had yesterday. I had Miguel, the giant (6’4), handsome and muscular GP. Today, maybe someone slighter, shorter, but still equally captivating. Maybe someone younger too. A muscular twink maybe. I tell this all to Diego. He asks me if that was what I really wanted tonight. I nodded. Diego then left his seat. “Where are you going?” I ask. “I’m gonna find you a boy!” Ten minutes later, Diego reappeared, and he had two boys in tow. Both were young-looking, both were slighter (but still with defined abs and muscles), and both were handsome. Wow, it was just like ordering off a menu with Diego. “Choose one,” Diego tell me. I thought to myself, could I choose both? Maybe I can make a threeway happen. And before I could say this thought to Diego, Diego blurts out “Not both, just one.” I laugh. “Por que?” I ask. “Too much money,” Diego says. “Entao, you pick,” I finally say. I just found it heartless to pick just one boy, in front of everyone. Diego, perhaps used to rejection when dealing with clients in saunas, had fewer scruples about rejecting a fellow boy. He sizes up the boys and then asks them a few questions. He finally chooses the slightly taller and more ripped of the two. He bids the other boy a healthy “Valeu!” and invites the other boy to sit next to me. The boy does not order anything. “Robert,” he introduced himself. Paulista, 24 years old (looks younger). He asks me where I hailed from. “Sou gringo,” I say; my usual introduction. “Really,” Robert says, in English. He then proceeds to have a full conversation with me in near-perfect English. I was kind of surprised. I ask him why his English was so good. He said he works for a hotel also so he needs to be fluent. We actually had quite a lengthy conversation amongst the other Brazilians at the table who were speaking in Portuguese. And I actually enjoyed talking to Robert. He was affable and charming. I almost was sorry I had to ruin the moment by asking for a programa. But Lagoa isn’t a café, it’s a whorehouse. So I had to ask Diego if they agreed on terms (not yet). I’d rather get Diego set the business side of things, just out of consistency. Sure enough, the same deal. Everything, including bottoming and cumming, for 150 reals. I kiss Diego on the lips before Robert whisked me away to the counter to get our cabina. In the room Robert takes off his towel to reveal some black briefs. He was already hard, and the outline of his giant cock was all I could see. That looked like a monster. Sure enough, as I unwrapped my present, the giant cock sprung out. That thing was huge, and thick. Maybe it was a matter or proportion, and just an optical illusion, because Robert was shorter and slighter than Miguel from yesterday, but it did look like Robert had a bigger cock than the towering Miguel. I naturally put it in my mouth, like my life depended on it. It’s rare that I’d start a programa not with a kiss on the lips, but with a mouth on the shaft, but that’s what happened. I got over the cock and concentrated on the boy. He was gorgeous. White boy looks, interesting tall nose. Pretty brown eyes and boyish features. His body, even more perfect. Not an ounce of fat on him. Cum gutters. 8-pack abs. Nice firm pecs. Biceps you could squeeze. I got down to the worship. He clearly took care of his body. I did what I could to show it the attention it deserved. And he was pretty hairless, so rimming was heavenly. I was in heaven. It was his turn to show attention. He was pretty good. Sucked great. Even rimmed. This was a treat. He put a condom on me and sat on it. With each thrust up and down, his giant hard cock was bouncing up and down as well, hitting his tummy with a sound. It was a sight to see. I came really hard at that point. Too much sensory overload. He takes off my condom and throws it on the floor (gross). He lays beside me and asks me how I wanted his cum. “I just want to see you shoot.” So he kisses me, and asks me to fondle his balls. He pulls back and cums, with cum shooting on his face and chest. A gusher! He reaches for the toilet roll by the bed and dries himself off. We cuddle after and we talk a little bit more about each other. It’s nice to meet a GP who was fluent in English. I’d rather practice my Portuguese, but once in a while it’s nice to have this instead. We exchange WhatsApp and take showers. We head to the lockers and I fish out 150 from my wallet. I give it to him and he kisses me. “WhatApp ok?” he says. “Let’s hangout again, maybe not here?” I said sure. This was a guarantee. The boy: I get back to my posse and Diego looks at me with a bit of worry. “That was a long time. Are you ok?” I assure him that everything was ok. I was not sure how long we took. Diego said it was an hour or more. Maybe he was exaggerating. Alex didn’t get anyone at the sauna and just shot the shit with Diego over beers. We paid up and left the place. We stopped by Leo’s place of work to pick Leo up. We then decided to get McDonald’s for dinner, since Leo was buying and that’s what he wanted to have for dinner. 120 reals later we had our burgers, fries and cokes. I take a photo of our food and send it to Robert: Another behind the scenes peek at a boy’s process to get more clients. You never really think about these boys with perfect bodies ever diet to retain their perfect bodies. It’s probably worth it, not eating McDonalds forever if you depend on your body for your income. We shouldn’t be eating this shit anyway. But in a perfect evening, sitting in the patio area of the McDonalds on Rua Serra de Braganca in Tatuape, with newfound friends, that hardly mattered. Tomorrow, the posse's heading to Rio.
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    This is a question I would never answer. Not because I think not relevant but I do not want to embarrass myself and sometimes my little head thinks more than my big head. NYC - ouch Thailand Virgin - OMG Brazil Model - What was I thinking
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    Day 10: Vamos We went to bed around 3 AM. I set the alarm for 7 AM because I had to catch my flight back to US at noon, and we had to tidy up the AirBNB before we left, as well as getting some farewell Café da Mahna. One of the disadvantages of getting an AirBNB vs a Hotel. While one could leave the AirBNB with a mess, my mom raised me better than that, and we had a lot of beer cans and dirty dishes in the sink that needed cleaning. I am fairly sensitive with keeping my AirBNB reviews positive. At 5 AM, still a little bit tipsy, I got woken up by the doorbell. Took me a while to realize who that could be. It was Diego, trying to get his bag back. I tiptoe towards the door and look through the spyglass in the door. Yup, it was him. I go back to the bedrooms and look into Leo and Alex bedroom: both were sleeping soundly. I go back to bed and get a few more hours of shut eye. I heard the apartment phone ring a few times, but just assumed it was Diego trying to call us from the guard shack downstairs. The alarm rings at 7 AM and I get up and wake Leo and Alex. We all hear the doorbell ringing and I tell them it is Diego. “Serio?” Leo says. I am sure he wants his bag back, I say. Leo was thinking about what to do next. He then tells me to hide in my room. “He’s going to try to appeal to you. I need to get the truth out of him,” he says. I do what I’m told and go in my room to pack. I then go take a shower. I put on clothes and head to the living room. I see Leo texting and Alex doing dishes in the kitchen. I see Diego’s backpack still here, open. “What happened?” I ask. “Diego is taking a shower in the other bathroom,” Leo says. “What did he say?” Leo says that Diego was promised 500 reals to fuck the two clients who were interested in him last night. They bought him some beers and got to know Diego, before asking him to go to a cabina with them. But Diego said he had a problem: he said because of all the alcohol, he couldn’t get it up. The clients offered to buy him some Viagra and commence their tryst at a love motel nearby. Diego’s bill was paid off by the clients and they proceeded to buy the Viagra and then had a romp in the sack. It was 3 AM by the time they finished. He took a cab to Ipanema and slept some hours in the beach. At 5 AM he went up to the apartment to claim his bag. I shrugged my shoulders. Leo said he told Diego that I was very disappointed in him. “But I’m not,” I tell him. “Well, I am,” Leo throws his arms up. I can certainly understand his anger. To tell you the truth, at this point of the vacation I was just glad I did not get robbed or get swindled by anyone. A GP reneging on a promised night was hardly something I would be upset about, especially since there was no money involved. Diego emerges from the bathroom, in a towel. He goes over to shake my hand and I return the gesture. “Desculpe,” he starts, and I feign disappointment in my face. He says he will just change and then would want to talk to me. He disrobes, revealing his perfect body and his cock swinging, as he changes into fresh clothes that were in his bag. He then goes up to me and hugs me. He said he was sorry he left us. He said he had to do it for money. He asked that I see him again next time. I barely hug him back (still feigning), and tell him good luck. I go to my room. I hear Diego and Leo exchange some words before Diego leaves the apartment. All three of us clean the apartment up and finish packing before the AirBNB owners come in to retrieve the keys. We had breakfast next, at a nearby cafe, and made our goodbyes over coffee. Back at the apartment, the owners, who were also gay (and hot) were pretty nice to all of us and we had a nice conversation about our vacation. I will rent from them again. I Uber it to Galeao and check in to my flight. Another vacation done. Time flies. Some post-trip events that happened, proving that a proper Brazilian vacation stretches out long after you’ve left the country: 1. Leo, intrepid friend and bleeding heart, was really affected by Diego’s actions. He extended his Rio trip by another 4 days, about 5 days after I left Brazil. It was his mission to get to the bottom of Diego’s story. He managed to get Diego to come back to Ipanema at Leo and Alex’s new AirBNB, to talk it out. Diego’s story, as with most GPs stuck in this kind of work, is very complicated. 2. Since Diego did not have a phone, Leo had to call his “roommate” to set up the meeting. In turned out that the “roommate” was not really just a roommate. It was Diego’s pimp. Leo had to tread lightly. He pretended to be interested in becoming one of the pimp’s employee’s. Eventually the pimp was amenable enough with Leo, to deliver Diego the message of wanting to meet. Diego was able to visit Leo and Alex in Ipanema before heading over to Pointe 202 for work. 3. Diego’s story was pretty compelling. Without getting into too many details, let’s just say a tragic childhood and crushing poverty got him to Rio in search of a better life. Not being able to find work (and not having a place to stay and food to eat), he was recruited by his current pimp in a party Diego happened to be in. Citing his extreme good looks and bigger than average cock amazing ass, the pimp offered Diego a roof over his head and 3 squares a day, in exchange for access to a customer base, and 50% of Diego’s income. He was stuck in this prison ever since, not being able to leave because he didn’t have a cellphone and he did not have enough money to get an apartment. 4. Leo and Diego eventually were able to form a plan for Diego to leave the pimp. Diego had some money saved, and he could pool it with another fellow GP to get a room farther away (but cheaper) in Barra de Tijuca. But he needed help getting a cellphone. So Leo asked me for 300 reals to buy him a cellphone. I trusted Leo enough to do this. Leo used his own 200 reals and Diego and him went to the Centro area, near the Uruguaiana station, and Leo got Diego a cheap smartphone. 5. At the end of the week, Leo was able to help Diego move from his prison near Copacabana, and move into his new digs in Barra de Tijuca. I got all the scoop and photos and Whatsapp live video of the move (and Uber ride from Copa to Barra de Tijuca). Diego was pretty thankful of Leo and me. It’s amazing what 300 reals can do. 6. Diego, upon hearing that I was visiting Leo in Sao Paulo in 3 weeks, promised Leo and I that he will take the bus to Sao Paulo to stay with me, and us, for free, as thanks for all the help. I accepted the deal, but wasn’t really optimistic about this happening. Did it happen? I guess I need to write that next trip report for everyone here to find out. Sufficed to say, the Diego saga is still ongoing. In other news, of all boys I’ve had programas with this trip, Gabi was the only boy to hit me up for money while I was back in the USA: I forwarded my interactions with Gabi to Leo, and Leo was on his case as well. He found out that Gabi had not one, but TWO gringos who sent him money on a regular basis. Gabi even sent Leo some of his Western Union screenshots, in which Leo promptly send to me. The screenshots contained the person’s full name and address, as well as amounts sent from $200 to $500. I hope you guys trust your own GP’s in not exposing your identities to others. That’s it folks. I still have 3 trips to Brazil this year after this one.
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    Me desculpe pela ausência... .. but I won’t be able to post this week because yes I’m knee deep in Brazilians at the moment. The events in this trip report are from my last Brazil trip 4 weeks ago. I thought I could finish it before the trip I am currently in but alas. But the good news is there is another trip report immediately following this one. Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate it a lot! More please lol. P.S. I love the gofundme idea! I promise to post naughty photos and videos of the boys in the trip if this happens.
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    Day 5: Gabriel’s Offer, and the Paulista I can’t believe it is Day 5 already. A lot has already happened, and a lot still to come. Gabriel has stayed the night. It was a more low-key, introspective night than most nights with Gabriel. Sex was still there, and is his specialty, but it was coupled with deep talks and some tears about recent life events. No, it wasn’t a plea for money or an attempt to gain more pity from me. It was a talk about loss, and moving on from it, that made the night melancholic. I’ve known Gabriel for about 10 months now. I’m still peeling away a lot of layers from the onion. In the morning came morning sex, his favorite. We shower and then head over to the breakfast buffet at the Hilton, which came complimentary with the room. The buffet hall had a nice view of Copacabana: During breakfast, Gabriel asked me about my plans tonight. I told him my Paulista friend, Leo, was coming from Sampa after lunch. Among other things, I told him we were thinking of checking out his sauna, 117, tonight. Gabriel then tells me that it was his chance to show me “a maquina,” the machine, his nickname for himself when he tops other guys. I ask him if he had a Garoto de Program bottom in mind for the machine. He said it will depend on who was there tonight. He said 117 is usually good for him on Tuesdays, so it is a good time to go for me as well. So I tell Gabriel that if Leo wanted to go to 117 with me then we will see Gabriel there. Gabriel was kind of curious of what Leo’s deal was. I told Gabriel he is just a friend and he has nothing to worry about. For a GP, and a supposed straight guy, he sure gets jealous sometimes. Gabriel leaves and I wait for Leo’s arrival. Leo gets to the Hilton lobby at 1:30 PM. I gather all my things head to the lobby to check-out and meet Leo. I see Leo sitting at one of the lobby couches. It’s been 8 months since I saw him last, in Salvador, with the then BF. He is still the handsome, lean and obnoxious Paulista that I first met in Sao Paulo. Since we were not checking in to the AirBNB till 3 PM, we decided to have lunch (45 reals) and get haircuts (25 reals) in Copacabana. We headed back to the hotel to rescue our luggage and take an Uber to the Ipanema AirBNB, from the same owners as my last Ipanema AirBNB. One of the owners was already there waiting for us. Leo immediately warms up to him and they chat like they are old friends. Check-in was the same, the AirBNB guy gave us a tour of the place and gave some pointers for the area, but this time in Portuguese, as Leo did not speak English. The owner spoke fluent English, and did to me last January when my Portuguese was still in its infancy. Incidentally, Leo has learned to speak slower to me so I can understand clearly (nao rapido!). Leo and I get settled in and then take showers (separately) in the two-bedroom, two-bath AirBNB. I took the room with the queen-size bed, and Leo took the room with the two-single beds. We have never had sex before, and I am not assuming we will, ever. We have made out a lot in that gay club in Salvador (much to the chagrin of my then BF) though. So it’s possible. But it is also possible to be friends with another gay dude and not have sex with him. Let’s put this to the test this trip. After catching up we decide to walk around Ipanema before hitting the sauna at 6 PM. It was cooler today (it was winter after all), and the beach was deserted, even the gay beach: There were some people in the streets but not as busy as you would expect for Ipanema: We get back to the apartment and shower again and prepare for the sauna. Saunas weren’t Leo’s cup of tea, even the ones that were normal, non-GP saunas. Leo tells me there are quite a number of normal saunas in Sao Paulo that some of his friends frequent. But he finds the whole scene trashy and slutty. I told him that that was the whole point of the sauna, to be trashy and slutty together. He laughed, and told me he was willing to try at least one with me because I really wanted to go. He told me I was way more of a “safado” than he could ever be. I am way more horny than most people, that is certain. I decide on Club 117 tonight because of Gabriel’s recommendation. We Uber it to the location. Not much traffic tonight, I guess on a Winter Tuesday it is really slow here. As with everyone else, Leo chats up the driver and gets into a lively conversation about Rio vs Sao Paulo. It gets really fucking lively. I yearn to have that level fluency with Portuguese. We get to the sauna. It was packed. It was slow outside, but it sure was hopping inside. We get checked-in, get our lockers, and get asked about our shoe size, for the flip flops. It pays to know your Brazilian shoe size in this aspect, which is like the EU shoe size but a bit off I think (https://www.convertworld.com/en/shoe-size/). I’ve only been here once, but remembered that the lockers were at the lower level. As we got to the stairs, we immediately get accosted by at least 5 very very sexy GPs. They were looking at Leo with some circumspection. Was he a GP or a client, they wonder. Leo is young (25), handsome (Italian face) and fit. We get to the lockers and Leo immediately disrobes, save for his briefs, and puts on a towel. I, with my puritanical American upbringing, kept my shirt and shorts and just put on the flip flops and put my towels and wallet in the locker. We go back up and go through the corridor and immediately see Gabriel. He smiles widely and hugs me, and I introduce Leo to him. They nod at each other, both still fairly unsure of what to make of the other. I mention to Gabriel that he said he was going to find a bottom for us to share so I can see his topping skills in full effect. He said he will ask around but wanted to know what kind of guy I wanted. “Young, smooth, light skinned,” I told him. I figure the juxtaposition of the golden tanned Gabriel with a lighter skinned guy would be really amazing. Leo asked Gabriel if there was a place that he could smoke. Gabriel said there was a place, and led us to the bar further past the bar/stage room. The smoking room/bar was packed as well, and we were lucky to find a table and chairs to sit on. Leo situated himself and started smoking. Gabriel told us he was going to find a bottom. Leo asks me to sit down and then asks me if I wanted to order beers. I told him I wanted a beer and he stands up to go to the bar. After 5 minutes of waiting at the bar, he gets us our beers. There were some clients who were eyeing Leo as they walked past our table. Leo and I laughed everytime that happened. Some boys came up to me to introduce themselves. Leo would ask them to sit down and then have a conversation with them. You’d know when a boy asks Leo if he was a GP when Leo gives out a shriek. He was enjoying the attention, and the wonderment of people. It was fun to see. The boys who would say hi to us were all hot. The average boy here really is a tier above what I saw at Manhattan. I wasn’t really paying attention to the time, as hanging out with Leo and some boys was doing it for me at the moment. Gabriel suddenly appears, with his skin glistening as if he just took a shower. He apologized to me, telling me that as soon as he left the bar to find a bottom, a client took his arm and made an offer he couldn’t refuse. Thirty minutes later he was back here to tell this to me. “What did you do to the client?” Gabriel says “I fucked him.” I ask “Do you still have the energy to fuck a GP with me?” He says “Always. I hit the gym hard to be able to fuck multiple times a day.” He laughs. Leo just stares at him, perhaps shocked at this pronouncement. Gabriel then tells me he is going to find the boy to fuck for real this time. He disappears to the other part of the sauna. Leo asks me about Gabriel. He was still unsure about what he thought about the guy. I assured Leo that Gabriel is trustworthy. I’ve known Gabriel as long as him, I tell Leo. I show Leo my photos of me and Gabriel in Porto Alegre and Gramado. I guess Leo didn’t realize that I have spent considerable time with Gabriel. After 15 minutes, Gabriel comes back with a young, handsome, and a muscularly built GP. Gabriel points to the guy and asks me if he would do. Absolutely, he would do. But I wanted him to sit with me first to make a better assessment. The boy sits beside me and shakes my hand. “Me chamo David,” he says. How old are you? “21” Where are you from? “de Manaus”. Wow, my first guy from Amazonas. This could get interesting. He holds my hand and smiles at me. I was sold. Well I was really sold when Gabriel first dragged him here, but now, it was a sure thing. I would get him even without the threeway. I nod to Gabriel. We all stand up and I look at Leo. “20 minutes,” I tell him. Leo laughs. “Per person?” he responds. Witty, that one. I blow him a kiss and then I follow Gabriel and David to our threesome. What happened? That’s next.
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    Day 3.5: Taking the bad with the good I got to Sauna Olimpo as soon as I scrubbed myself down and got dressed. It was 5:30 PM, and the place was fairly busy with the Sunday crowd. Got into my towel + cellphone attire and surveyed the terrain. Some boys who I saw yesterday were here again. Some new ones that were just OK. No one stood out at the moment. I saw Bruno again and he spotted me and gave a big smile. He gives me a big hug and asks if I wanted to have a go again. “Talvez,” I said, not committing to anything. I told him I wanted to survey the field first. He respected that and then just hung around a bit to talk. He asked me if I liked the sauna, and how it compared to others I’ve seen. I told him that the facilities were excellent, but the cabinas were not as good. He told me I could get one of the “suites” with an en-suite bathroom. I asked if he could get one for me. He took off for the counter and pretty soon was back with a key to the suite. He showed me where it was and unlocked it for me to have a peek inside. It was fairly decent. He said it was charged per hour. I told him I was going to hold onto the key for a while. We retired to the video room and watched some straight porn while talking. After a few more minutes, Bruno told me that he will check out the customers, as he wanted an early night. We both left the video room and then went our separate ways. After a few minutes I was getting bored. I wasn’t finding any of the boys inspiring. I guess that’s what happens when one has already hooked up with two boys before the sauna. I spot a young pretty guy with an average body who was hanging out with a Brazilian friend yesterday. I though he looked charming but he is more of a B-quality boy. Definitely someone I wouldn’t get in a sauna. He spotted me and extended a hand, and then sat with me. He spoke Portugues in a strange accent that I could barely understand. But I kept up and talked. Eventually we got to the subject of a programa. He said he’d do everything, and for 80 reals ($20). That is the cheapest I’ve ever been quoted in a sauna. He was a B quality boy after all, so it made sense. Since nothing seemed to be inspiring me I took a chance with this particular boy next door. I told him I already had a suite and to just get some condoms and lube. He got some and took my suite key and led the way. What followed was pretty decent foreplay. But then I decided to rim him and he obviously needed a shower down there. I told him to shower and clean his bunda before proceeding. He did as told and then came back. His ass was still not as clean as I hoped. I decided to skip rimming and just fuck. He expertly took the condoms and lube and then sat on me. It was pretty rough thrusts by him, not sauve at all. After a few more pretty violent thrusts I told him to get off me. Holy shit, literally. My condom-sheathed dick was covered in shit. Disgusting. I told him to take it off and shower some more. He tossed the condom on the floor and did as told. He came back and put another condom on me and sat on me again. I tossed him on the bed and fucked him that way. I pulled out and the condom was covered in shit, again. This boy is not gonna work out. I told him we should just shower and call it a day. In the shower he tried to make amends. He blew me till I came in his mouth. I gave him 80 reals because, I guess he performed as promised. There is no standard of cleanliness with garotos I am know of, as with gay guys, but all that shit was just ridiculous. I remember in my most recent Bangkok trip I had three Myanmar boys in a row, and all three had pristine, smooth asses. And the asses were scentless too, no trace of perfume covering up anything, and not even a soap scent. It was just scentless, beautiful ass. Not like the hellscape I just experienced just now. I decided to not let that discourage me. I sat on the bar and ordered a beer. One of yesterday’s friendly clients was back and we talked for a bit. I warned him about swamp ass. He laughed and said that the boy did have a reputation. I guess I missed the memo. After a while, he bid me farewell to do a programa with a tall and lean black guy. I played with my phone for a while. After a while, and still nursing my beer, I felt a big presence get behind me and they put their hands on my shoulders. “How are you,” the guy said, in English. “I am good, yourself?” “I am good thanks!” answers the guy. I thought it was someone I knew. I turned around and it was another boy. He was very tall, young looking, nice lean muscular body and very cute. He has very tanned skin, and his smile was amazing. I was slightly disoriented. They were the first English words I’ve heard anyone speak to me in 3 days. “Can I?” he asked, pointing to the seat next to me. “Sim,” I answered, veering to the more familiar Portuguese. “Voce fala Portugues?” he asks. “Um pouco,” a little, I said. “Ainda estou aprendendo,” still learning. We switch to Portuguese. He was highly intelligible, even if he was speaking faster than what I am used to. His voice was deep and boyish at the same time. And he smiled while he spoke. A turn on. We talked about some boilerplate topics. Names (let’s call him Thiago), where we were from (he was native Mineiro), age (he is 21). He looked his age but his demeanor was more mature. He then asked me about what my impression of Brazil was. He was pretty easy to talk to, but also was not afraid to challenge me on certain things I said. He made me feel at ease. I asked him if he was going to school. He said yes, he was studying in a university, for a science degree. He said he went here at the sauna on the weekends to make money. He was also fairly complimentary. He definitely knew what words to say to give you confidence. It was different talking to him versus other GPs I’ve hung out with so far. I could talk to him all night. But of course I knew he didn’t have all night. I asked him if he really was a GP, or just a gay guy who wandered in the club. He laughed and asked why I asked that. I told him that he was educated, a great conversationalist, and not once asked if I wanted a programa, and we have been talking for a while. He said he liked talking too, and didn’t mind getting to know me. Since we were on that topic, I did ask him about what he did in bed. “Tudo,” he said the magic words. I told him we should go to my suite. And then I remembered the suite still had the shit covered condoms on the floor. I asked Thiago if he can have someone clean up the room. Handing him the key, someone took it from him to clean the room. I ordered him a beer and then waited for the suite. After a few minutes the key was handed back to me. We headed over to the room. The room was clean again thank god. We quickly dispatched of our towels. His dick just swung back and forth while he got to the bed and lied down. This was promising. I wrap myself around him. We continued talking. But now with a lot of making out and groping. We finished our beers and then made out like bandits. Sucking, body contact. Rimming was heaven. He was scentless, and it tasted great. He was toying with me too, teasing my ass with his big hard cock. His cock was nice. Thick, uncut, healthy foreskin real estate. I told him I wasn’t ready to get fucked, but would love to fuck him. So I did. And came in the condom. Pulling out, the condom was spotless. He is my kind of GP. We shower together, still talking, laughing, kissing. He asks me for my Whatsapp. I put it in his phone. He takes a selfie and sends it to me as a first message. We put on our towels and head for the lockers. I give him 150 and he accepts, not counting the bills. I don’t think we ever discussed the subject of payment. I gave him what I thought was fair, but he deserved more. I put on my clothes. It was 9 PM. I was late for my nightcap. Paulo was waiting for me at the hotel. That’s next.
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    Day 3: Putting the Belo in BH While I finished my *3rd* beer big gulp, I had to ponder what I wanted to do tonight. Normally I’d err on the side of exploration, because you never know what you can find in a new city. I know how to take care of myself, and I can take precautions with meeting new people, like ask the guy to meet me at the hotel before going to the bars, have a good conversation first to suss out the situation, before even going blindly to the bar with strangers. Still not a foolproof way of avoiding getting robbed or worse, but it has served me well in my, albeit limited, experience in meeting guys in Brazil, Colombia and Mexico (and to a lesser extent, since they are safer places, Costa Rica, Panama and Uruguay). But what’s that saying? A bird in the hand is worth two in a bush? I have a garoto de programa willing to stay over overnight for 200 reals ($50). Yes, the other guy is free but in Brazil there is a 50% chance I’ll pay for drinks (from experience). And it is not a done deal that I will like the guy. I’ve been just going off the guy’s photos he sent me on Grindr. Or maybe he won’t like me. Lots of variables, versus a sure thing, sitting next to me, looking all statuesque and ready to go. Ultimately, I had to weigh in the fact that this is Brazil. There is still the danger factor to take into account, though it is ironic that I am putting more trust on the prostitute more than on a supposed office worker (the guy on Grindr). Also, only in Brazil that I can get someone with Bruno’s quality to get to stay with me overnight for $50. I decided to sleep in Bruno’s massive arms tonight, and tell Grindr guy to just meet tomorrow, in broad daylight, at the hotel. -Years from now, when I can’t be this adventurous anymore, due to either health or financial circumstances, I may regret not going out this night in BH. Oh well- So I tell Bruno to put on clothes (does he have to) to get out of here. I finish my beer and say goodbye to the remaining new friends I had that were not in programas currently. I head over to the locker rooms to put on clothes myself. I pay for my night (3 beers, a cabina, entrance fee). It must’ve been cheap since I don’t remember. What I do remember was they did not accept Visa credit cards (they had signs in big bold letters saying they only accepted Mastercard). I paid the bill with cash, and waited for Bruno to come. Bruno comes, in a tight button down that accentuates his chest and biceps, and nice jeans and shoes. It is always jarring to see the boys in fully clothed. Not bad, just different. As he guides me to the street he asks me if I was hungry. I wasn’t particularly hungry but asked him what he wanted to eat. It was past 10PM and I didn’t know where to go at this hour. He said we can just go to McDonalds a block away. With such a fine body, he still can afford eating junk food once in a while. Having sex and pleasing clients for a living is probably a workout in and of itself. After the cheap meal we head back to the hotel. Once again, no issues getting big strapping handsome Bruno through past the reception and to the elevator. I believe getting overnight guests in this hotel is not an issue. We get to the room and Bruno immediately takes off his clothes down to his skivvies and lounges on the bed. I do the same, cuddling with him, and we talked about a lot of things, in Portugues, about his life and my life and BH and Brazil. He’s turned out to be an interesting guy. High school educated but pretty sharp and smart and funny as well. I am always a fan of getting these sauna guys out of the sauna to get the true story. We got to have sex too, now in the more comfortable confines of a hotel, versus the filth and depravity of the sauna. We took our time, and took advantage of the expanse and comfort of the queen size bed, versus the filthy and hard cabina mattress in the sauna. When the fucking commenced, we had an issue with how squeaky the bed frame was, and it made some noise with the bed banging on the wall with every thrust. Sleep was pretty nice too. I got woken up by him going to the bathroom. It was 7 hours later. He gets back into bed to snuggle some more. After an hour of cuddling and kissing and some talking, I finally coax a hard-on from him and off we went. I didn’t want to cum (saving for other boys) but he was game and came in my mouth. Afterwards he heads to the shower to clean himself off: and then I join him. Afterwards we go downstairs to have café da mahna. He was hungry and ate a lot. After some more talking back in the room, I give him 200 and a 20 for the taxi. He tells me to send him a message if I was st the sauna later. I tell him I will. We kiss and he was off. I checked the room. All my things accounted for, nothing was stolen. I have come a long way from that first overnight with Gabriel in my first trip report. With sex and breakfast behind me I dive into my work. I was motivated to finish all this once and for all, so I can meet up with Grindr guy from last night at 3 PM, as well as going to the sauna after, and then a rendezvous with Paulo, the guy I had coffee with yesterday, to end the night. This is why I had to save the cum. I had several chances to score later. I was able to finish work with some minutes to spare. Grindr guy was coming up soon, in 20 minutes. I do a quick shower and tidy up the room to give it some semblance of order. I head downstairs and got some potato chips at reception. I was a little hungry. I waited for the guy at the lobby. After 10 minutes Grindr guy saunters in. He is taller than I thought, maybe 6’4. 25 years old, Italian looks, wearing cute glasses, a polo shirt and jeans. He was smiling widely, as I stand up to shake his hand. “How are you? Nice to finally meet you!” he says enthusiastically. I apologized to him for not being able to go with him and his friends to the bars. He said it was ok, he was with friends. But he said he had too much to drink. And he had to wake up a little early today because he had a lunch with family. Sunday is family time for Brazilians, he says, and this Sunday was no exception for his family. I asked him if I was in the way of his family day today. He said I wasn’t. He was going to go back to a family dinner later anyway, and my time with him this afternoon was a good distraction. This was nice. Conversation was flowing. The guy was pretty amiable, and had a naturally cheerful personality. English was perfect, accent only discernable with certain English words. We continued talking in the room. And then he looks at my left hand and takes it. I lean in for a kiss. That was it. He had a muscular frame but not too worked out body. More natural, with a little belly but suited him nicely. To my surprise, his body was smooth. I thought he’d be hairy because of his big beard. And he didn’t lack the size. My Brazilian expectation of a big dick and plump ass was pretty impressive with this guy. The cock was nice long and thick. The ass was plump and smooth. We feasted on the buffet at hand. It took us one and half hours to finish. He came 3 times! All 3 times was when I was fucking him. After every time he came we would take a break, sometimes talk, sometimes doze off. And then he would get a hold of my dick to make me hard and we were at it again. I only came once, on minute 20. Not that I couldn’t do more, but I had far to go today. The guy left around 5 PM. I had only a few minutes before I had to shower again for the sauna. Sauna Olimpo on a Sunday, next…
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    Day 5: Sao Paulo to Porto Alegre. Baiano to Carioca. New adventure today! I am heading to Porto Alegre. I am leaving Marcos, the Intercontinental, and Sao Paulo behind. I am bringing with me some souvenirs from the tours, gifts from Marcos, and some bruises on my body courtesy of Grindr Boy yesterday. I was not able to go Lagoa at all the last 4 nights, and I actually had two chances to do so, but because of laziness and crowd control, I was unable to do so. But there is still next Saturday, the day I return to Sao Paulo, before I catch a flight back to the USA on the following Sunday, so I still have one more chance to visit the legendary Lagoa. But my thoughts are not to Saturday at the moment. Right now my thoughts are to Porto Alegre, as well as Gramado and Canela. While PA has saunas, the other two cities do not, therefore I had to get a companion for this stretch, as I was not in the mood to burn hours on Grindr to find someone to tour with me. I chose Gabriel, the subject of my previous trip report. He is a garoto in Rio, working at Club 117. So since he is a garoto, unlike Marcos, I had to pay for Gabriel's time. I have no problem with this of course. Gabriel has been my first and only garoto hire in Brazil. I had a fabulous time with him last time, but because it was only one night, my time with him was painfully short. I was eager to spend more time with him. I have been in constant contact with him all these months in between trips, and have built a rapport with him. He only asked for money once, and I said no. After that he kept talking to me as if nothing happened, and never asked for money again. I thought he would stop talking after that denial. I was wrong. As soon as I knew I was going to Porto Alegre, I asked Gabriel through WhatsApp if he could go with me. He said yes right away. I was honest with him, and told him that I will want to go on Grindr and will have sex with other guys while he was there, and I may have to go to the saunas and get garotos as well. He said that this arrangement was perfect, and said that he would even go with me to the saunas and have 3 ways with me if i wanted. I was sold. Also, he was actually curious about what other saunas looked like. It would be fun for him too. The tricky part about asking him was probably the most important detail of all: how much should I pay him. He is not going to go with me for free, that much is clear. I am taking him away from 117 and Rio for 4 nights to be with me in Rio Grande do Sul. That’s 4 nights of not working in 117. And if there is any payment involved, I am the kind of guy that wanted things in simple black and white. The payment terms needed to be clear. So I asked him, in one of our conversations on Whatsapp before the trip, what his nightly rate for me was. He first countered with a “whatever you think is best,” which is an answer that I hate. I wanted a firm price so there was no gray area, no hard feelings and no second guessing. I asked him again. He thought about it, and then said 500 reals a night, or $140. I felt this was fair. I would expect him to get this amount in a normal night in 117. I know he is fairly popular. Normally I would have just said yes, but for some reason I was in a bargaining mood. I just countered with a “That’s too expensive,” without giving a reason. He then says he can charge 500 reals on days we have sex, and 300 reals on days we do not have sex. I countered with something like “But I will want to have sex with you everyday because you are hot.” And this was true. He is hotter than the sun. There was no way on earth I will not spend every waking moment enjoying him. He told me he will think about it, and then told me he was going to work, since our conversation happened on a late afternoon. I received a message from him after work, around 12 midnight Rio time, telling me that he was just OK with anything he gives me. I then just threw out a “250 real a night?” or 70 dollars, which is half of his initial offer. And he said yes. That was cheap. For a guy I will have sex with multiple times a day. Maybe tonight was a really bad night at 117 for him. Anyway, at least I had a base to work with. It was a guarantee that I will give him more than 250 reals a night anyway, plus I planned on taking him to a shopping spree as well (for me and for him), as well planning on gifting him a $55 cellphone (the LG Phoenix 3), so I will take care of him for sure. I take care of people who take care of me. Gabriel is no exception. So with the ugly and unromantic (but necessary) subject of monetary compensation out of the way, I was free to plan our vacation together. There was the matter of buying Gabriel’s flight to Porto Alegre. I already bought my tickets to PA on Azul airlines. I looked on the Azul website and saw some departures from the SDU airport in Rio, which is the closer airport to Sao Goncalo where Gabriel lives, which is just about after one crosses the Rio-Niteroi bridge. The cheaper flights connected to Guarulhos on the way to PA. I thought it would be fun to meet Gabriel in Guarulhos airport and take that flight to PA together, sitting next to each other, to catch up and get reacquainted. So I book the flights ($120 roundtrip), booking the “Mais Azul” fare, the one with check-in baggage included in the price, and we were set. So today I get a WhatsApp from Gabriel super early this morning, telling me that he was leaving his apartment in Rio. And Marcos (remember him?) and I leave the hotel today together, in the same Uber, for the aiport. Marcos was pretty chipper today, considering having had to go through an ordeal just yesterday. He held my hand the whole way to the airport. His flight departure today was 2 hours after mine, so he will have plenty of time to make his flight. Since his flight was with LATAM his departure was in Terminal 2 of Guarulhos. Azul flew out of Terminal 1. I ask the driver to drop Marcos off first at Terminal 2, before going to Terminal 1 to drop me off. When we get to Terminal 2, Marcos gives me a warm hug before leaving the Uber. It was fun kid. And then the Uber had to leave the airport to get back to Terminal 1. The terminal looked way smaller than Terminal 2. At this point Gabriel would have been already in GRU, his layover from the Rio flight, but I have not heard from him yet. I go to the check-in counter. No lines today. I get greeted by the attendant in Portuguese. Upon seeing my American passport, the attendant shifts to flawless English. I get my boarding pass. I go through security pretty quickly. Again no lines. This is the advantage of Azul having a virtually dedicated Terminal just for them. Terminal 2 of GRU is a circus compared to this Terminal. Once in the secure area I check the Arrivals display. I see that Gabriel’s flight has arrived, but still no messages from Gabriel. I was a little worried. There was still an hour to go before boarding, so I wait patiently. 20 minutes before boarding I finally get a Whatsapp message, and then a flood of them, from Gabriel. He said that he arrived safely, but he needed to find a cellphone shop to buy some more data for his phone. Unfortunately, he said, Terminal 1 had too little shops, and didn’t have the shop he needed, so he had to take the airport shuttle to get to Terminal 2. And he had to wait long for that. He got to Terminal 2 but had to find the shop amongst the circus in the terminal. That took some time too. Once he got data in his phone, he then messaged me. I told him to get back here to Terminal 1 soon so he can make boarding. He said he is waiting for the shuttle. Pretty soon pre-boarding announcements were being made. I was getting antsy. I keep checking the back where the security checkpoint was to see if Gabriel will appear. And then it was the start of boarding. They board by seating, so I line up in the appropriate lane. 15 minutes in line and boarding started. The Azul status members line get in first. I take another glance in the back to check. And then I see him, just in the nick of time. I see Gabriel emerging from security, looking a little bit stressed, scanning the hall, looking for our gate. He sees it and starts sprinting towards the queue. I put a hand up and he sees me. An incredible wide smile greets me. He looked so relieved. He joins me in line, giving me a side hug. “Ate que enfim!” I whisper to him, he finally made it. “Estava muito preocupado,” he answers, saying he was worried. “Eu tambem,” I reply, concurring. We both laugh. It was nice to see him. He was wearing a sleeveless shirt that was cut deep in the sides, revealing his muscular torso, giant arms, and abs. He was wearing knee-length shorts that revealed his strong legs, along with his Air Jordans. Carioca wear till the end. When he hugged me just now I got a whiff of his scent. It was all man. He was sweaty from his ordeal of running back and forth between terminals, and it made him smell even more manly. And his face, handsome, friendly, with a look of joy and relief, was great to see. He towered over me by a good 10 inches. The overall visuals and scent all were working for me at that moment. It got me hard! I could not wait to spend more intimate time with him. Right there, em vivo, I realized that even 500 reals was really too little to spend for this kind of quality. And he stood out for sure. People were staring at him. A big strapping handsome young man just barreled through the terminal to be by my side. In revealing Carioca wear, amongst the more buttoned-down Paulistanos. It was probably a strange sight. I didn’t care. It was Gabriel’s time with me now. Marcos was in the rear view mirror. Next, the flight, Porto Alegre, and Sauna Mezzaninu.
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    Travel with Oz - An Homage to Rockhard

    Fascinated at the responses to Rockhard's travel thread (everyone must love him to be so passionate about him). I felt a bit guilty that I have not contributed a good review recently. I hope this helps! Walking into the Burger King, the first thing that envelopes you is the ambiance. While many trendy restaurants these days attempt a muted, minimalist look, with subtle tans and creamy whites, this restaurant announces itself to you. Bright colors abound, making a statement that an era of fashionable dining is just around the corner. But more than that, it seems like a comment on the way culinary progress has become nearly imperialist in the post-Michelin era. Once you have soaked in the visuals, the next thing you'll notice are the fragrant aromas that wash over your senses. It hints at traditional dining with a bit of neoclassical fusion. Immediately you want to become part of this experience, to dive into it, flow with it, move with it like a classical jazz concert. Next, you discover that the chef has done away with traditional table service. As if to say that the masses should be set free and equality should rule, diners line up while inspecting a menu directly over the kitchen itself. The experience literally breaks the fourth wall of culinary spectacle. For my meal I asked what the specialty of the chef was, and learned an entirely new word for food, called a “Whopper.” The server was very helpful and suggested that for the full experience, I should add “fries” as an amuse-bouche and “Coca-Cola,” selected by their sommelier. The main course was exceptional. The Whopper had a delectable slice of meat, topped with lettuce, tomato, and tasty red and yellow sauces. One bite sent my taste buds exploding, but it was when I then sampled the fries that I realized a perfect combination of tastes had been borne from the heavens. The Coca-Cola had a deep bouquet and completed the experience – cleansing my palate while energizing my taste buds at the same. Once I finished, the egalitarian esthetic was complete as I was directed to clear my table myself. It was an excellent touch of post-deconstructionism, returning us to a time when meals were about self-sufficiency. Burger King is a transcendent experience honoring the proletariat while offering a mélange of tastes fit for royalty.
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    Colombia Virgin

    There's a few threads on Bogota and Medellin but they get sort of lost. I'll try to remember most details. Bogota is certainly worth the trip just for a visit to the Gold Museum if nothing else. Hundreds, maybe thousands of beautiful Pre-Columbian gold pieces of art and jewelry displayed in a modern museum. The Botero museums in both Bogota and Medellin are also very visit-worthy. Bogota is the "Capital of the Andes" high in the Andes and populated by Inca descendants. Cool and often cloudy. But Bogota is a big (8 million) modern, European-like city. It's clean and safe. Everything costs twice as much as Medellin and everyone seems to wish they lived in Medellin. Bogota has a huge gay scene. Chaperino is the gay area of Bogota and Theatron nightclub is the largest in Latin America and possibly the world.There are also a dozen "saunas with masseurs" in Chaperino. Each has 5-10 massuers. In Columbia, unlike Brazil, the guy has to put you on a massage table and at least make the pretense of starting a massage. In fact, in all the ones I visited in Bogota, this is all you get, possibly with happy ending. There are 1 or 2 nice looking guys at each sauna but then you run into attitude. And the prices again, are twice Medellin's for half as much. In summary, the guys in Bogota are not super good looking, have attitudes, and are not cheap. Medellin is more a tropical city (even though it's in a deep Andean valley-beware that ride in from the airport). It's bigger than you'd expect ( 2 million) but doesn't seem that big. Usually perfect weather and very friendly smiling people. The people are a beautiful mix of mostly Spanish European with a little Inca and Central American Indian. Think the more European looking Mexican or Argentine types. (The only blacks in Colombia are in the far-northeast Carribean islands).They stay in pretty good shape physically and are extremely active sexually. One-quarter of the guys on Chaterbate are in Medellin and they are easy to talk with and set up meetings on Chaterbate. I would highly recommend this as Medellin can be hard to hook-up once there for some reason. Grindr has a lot of profiles with "prepaygo" titles, which is slang there for escorts. I would be leery of strangers off Grindr though. Networking works best in Medellin. Besides trying to snag a guy in the several gay nightclubs in the Laureles neighborhood, there are two main venues in Medellin for cash-and-carry guys, Club Tobi and Calle 57. Club Tobi is a beautiful big modern clean sauna with masseurs who do a lot more than massage. It's about 3 blocks in on Calle 47 from the main street, Oriental (you must use street #'s in Medellin there are no signs). I understand Christain, who was a solid 9/10, has moved to Europe. There are usually 3 masseurs each day, but other employees rotate as masseurs and are available. Unlike Bogota, you get on a massage table, then anything goes immediately. There is a big gym where the employees and masseurs work out all day so they stay in excellent shape. The fee for "massage" is about $25, all-inclusive. This is one of the most-sought-after jobs in gay Medellin. I would certainly get phone numbers and referrals here, ie: network. Both customers and massuers are extremely attractive. Calle 57's 1st block west from the main street, Oriental, is a marketplace of male meat. There is a smallish hustler bar with roll-up front making the guys spill on the sidewalk. Across the street is a larger nicer gay hustler bar and an hourly gay sex hotel (painted in rainbows). You pick a guy and get a room. The "street" is more an alley and the two hustler bars and the hourly hotel are all within 20 feet so it's a very transactional place. It opens about 5 or 6 and gets crowded later. I am extremely picky and unfortunately out of dozens of available guys there I rarely see one who's attractive. This is amazing in Medellin, a city of truly attractive guys. There is also a small dirty sauna with masseur a few doors down, but again, extremely ugly. Do not venture further down 57 or on the other side of the cathedral there. There are supposed to be a couple gay venues but totally not worth the danger on the other (west) side of the cathedral. You will be mugged. Parque Lleras in the touristy area of Polanbo is a gay bar/cruise area that is supposed to be easy to meet guys in. I haven't tried it. Neither have I tried the gay nightclubs in the Laureles neighborhood. But Medellin is very gay-friendly and it's really easy to pick up guys. It's just that it helps a lot if you prepare with dates off Chaterbate and network from Club Tobi. The pickings off just Club Tobi and Calle 57 can be limited. A great thing is flights to Colombia are plentiful, fast and cheap. Not much further than Florida. Avianca is a great airline and besides American, United, Delta, JetBlue and even Spirit fly to the big cities, usually for $150 each way. Hotels, especially in Medellin, are very cheap as well. The worst part of the trip is the long ride over a huge mountain from the airport to Medellin in a small taxi. https://www.facebook.com/elclubdetobico/ yes, the guys really look like those in the Facebook profile ! https://outincolombia.com/2017/02/15/medellins-main-party-zone-becoming-a-gay-nightlife-hotspot/
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