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    Day 1.5: The Boyfriend Cometh What started as a post about my first day out in Recife turned out to be a big fat tribute to the boyfriend. Oh well. I am not known for my brevity. As I slept my way through Brazil these past year and a half, I’ve been able to find a variety of shapes and sizes to be intimate with. I’ve always been fascinated by the diverse complement of guys available in the country. Black, white, blonde, dreads, multi-racial, half-indio, half-italian, half-japanese, green-eyes, blue-eyes. From super muscular bulls, to athletic lean guys, from super twinks, to (american) football player builds. Usually super hung, most often with giant butts. Almost always super passionate. I’ve never seen such a diverse set of guys available for fun in one place. And to me the most fun sometimes is to find out what diverse mix of races and circumstances a guy had to be made up of, to produce that kind of beauty that I saw that day. The answer is always surprising, and I’m always glad I asked. And I always ask. So it is a wonder that in the past few months I have seemed to zero in on a particular type of Brazilian guy: the tall, hyper-athletic, hyper-masculine, muscularly lean, white-ish/mix-white guy. Not super-duper worked out like the steroided hulks I’ve seen haunt Club 117 or Lagoa. Usually plays a sport well, or is a personal trainer. Usualy with some facial hair. Probably white, but with enough of another race mixed in that they can hold a tan year-round. I blame my Sao Paulo friends. They have turned me into following certain Brazilian Instagram influencers, and I’ve been hooked on to these types ever since: After I broke up with my previous BF earlier this year, I felt a little down, but hopeful to become the biggest whore that I could be. I have planned a week-long stay in Rio for my birthday, and with no BF to spend it with, I asked a long-time GP friend, who in the last year has turned out to be a good confidante on all things Brazil and boys, on what to do. He has known the whole story of the ex, and knew I was stressed out because of the relationship towards the end. He had a suggestion: he wanted to introduce me to a good friend of his, someone he knew I would enjoy. After all these months of recommendations, he has not failed me yet. This friend of mine knew exactly what I liked, in sex, in company, in men. So I was interested. The guy my friend was going to introduce me to was an ex-Garoto de Programa, just like the ex, and another one of those that escaped the sex-trade by buying a car, going back to his native state of Santa Catarina, and becoming an Uber driver. There seems to be a plethora of those. He said his friend wanted to buy a MacBook Air for his 8 year old son, and wanted to see if I could help him with that, since electronics was way cheaper in the USA. In return, he said, his friend could stay with me the whole whole birthday week as my constant company. Show me the money, I told him. I of course needed pics to see if I was even attracted to the guy. Lets call him Tomas. The pics he sent back to me of Tomas did not disappoint. He looked like one of the guys I’ve lusted over like those above. He was an interesting mix: half-indio and German. I immediately said yes, and asked for Tomas’ WhatsApp. My friend gave me Tomas’ Instagram instead, which to me felt weird at the moment. (he had no Whatsapp?) No matter. I found his Instagram and messaged Tomas and he replied right away. After some intros, and more (yummy, x-rated photos), we went and talked business: There is always more than one way to pay a Garoto de Programa. There was always more than one way to do a programa. So Tomas was eyeing this MacBook Air that was 5899 reals in Brazil. I looked at the price here in the USA, and found that this particular model was last year’s, that can be bought at $900 used (about 3500 reals or so). He explained that he might be able to pay me 2500 reals, and the rest can be my payment for his services. Which just made out to be 1000 reals, which was a pretty good rate for the week. I said yes and ultimately it was one of the best weeks I’ve spent in Brazil. He was grateful for this: he didn’t really want to go back to the sauna or hit up other former customers to get the money.(And he didn't have to know that I could get it for a cheaper price). At the end of my birthday week, he finally gave me his Whatsapp number. He had a good reason he didn’t give it to me at the start: he just changed phone numbers, and didn’t want any customers knowing his new number. He says his old number never stopped ringing, and it got embarassing at times in front of family, and with his son when the son borrowed his phone to play games. After that week I always wondered what Tomas’ story was. He was clearly a popular GP, having the ability to save up for a car and able to leave the profession it completely. He was still young-ish (28), dashingly good-looking, and sexy as hell. Why give up on this very lucrative job, where he said he earned 2500 (at least) reals a week? He gave me details: he started out doing sauna work in Rio in his early 20s, and when he got the hang of it, was able to rent a nice apartment in Copa on his own, he branched out to website work (which cost him 700-1000 reals a month to list his ad on the web), and was able to host clients in his new apartment. It came to a point that he didn’t have to go to the sauna because site work was enough to pay the apartment, and then to a point that he didn’t have to advertise at websites at all (and avoid paying the ad listing and monthly fee) and relied on repeat business with favored clients, or added more clients through referrals. And sometimes he would get hired on the spot just by hanging out at Ipanema or Copa beach (in his usualy skimpy speedos, working on his tan), by fellow beach-going clients who found him hot. And he was hot. But the thing he hated the most was the GP lifestyle. There was just something about GP work that was soul-crushing for him. It was very stressful for him to do that kind of work, and he hated taking Viagra at times to just be functional on the job. To cope with the stresses, he’d turn to drugs. At first he would just overdo maconha, but he learned to do cocaine with clients who wanted to do the drug with him while on their Rio vacation. Also, at the start, he just did cocaine with clients because they were doing it as well and paying for his share, but when clients leave to return to their homes, his addiction to cocaine remained, and soon he was buying his own cocaine because he was hooked. Lots of GPs are hooked on all kinds of drugs, sure, but he said it never occurred to him that he would be one of them. So he had an exit plan hatched mid-2017: he was going to be a GP till Carnaval 2018. He’s going to get through the tough spring market, mine the Christmas and New Year Rio tourist crush for all it’s worth, and ride his way all the way to Carnaval. And he was going to quit doing drugs. After this he saved up enough money to buy a car, and other creature comforts, and was able to put Rio de Janeiro in his rearview mirror (literally). He had a son from a previous girlfriend, who meant the world to him, and he didn’t want the son to grow up wondering what his dad did for a living. And for a few months after that, for the most part, he has made ends meet by being just an Uber driver. But some previous GP clients still wanted his services, so he would oblige them once in a while if the offer was right. They’d fly him to Rio (or Sampa or Salvador, or whereever else), have their fantasy week, and he would return to Santa Catarina where noone knew he was a GP. But he said even going with previous clients was bad. He said that once you get reminded of how easy it was to earn money by being a GP, you’d be fooled into thinking that money was very easy to earn in general, so you spend it like crazy (on booze, on girls, on silly things), thinking that you can replace it as easily as well. For people who have had to go without money most of their lives, sometimes this sudden change of fortune does tricks to their minds. And he had to fight against the idea that he could go back to that life. He wanted to be back in Santa Catarina, live close to his son, and just become a regular, boring, but stable worker. Flash forward to early this year. To recap: I told my good GP friend that I wanted a week in Copacabana, with him and other sexy guys in the house, with trips to the beach or the clubs or even the sauna, to celebrate my birthday week. Enter Tomas. Tomas has been Ubering constantly to save up for a MacBook. His friend tells him about me, a sucker for handsome sexy guys. It was a win-win: Tomas could get a week-long vacation in Rio away from Uber, and he could get the MacBook he needed. For me too: I could get this stone-cold fox to get to know for a week, that wouldn’t break the bank. But apparently a week wasn’t enough. We both wanted to see each other again after that initial week. He leveled with me: he really just wanted to treat me as a client and be done with me in the week. But after the week was over, he asked if he could see me again, maybe in Santa Catarina. So I did. Three weeks later I was back in Brazil, taking that extra flight to go further south to his city. I got to know his hometown. I got to ride in his car. I got to stay in his apartment. And I got to meet his son. After that trip, it just got harder to stay away. Two more trips later, here I was, about to take an Uber to Recife airport, where I was 12 hours before, to pick him up from his flight from the same city I was in just two months ago. The sunset, like everything else in this city, was gorgeous: After 15 minutes of waiting at the arrivals area, Tomas finally appears, dashing as always, in a crisp white shirt, trendy jeans and sock-less loafers. He sees me and shows me his million watt smile. He gives me big hug, and a stealth kiss on the neck, as I stand there not sure what to do. I am not sure how I feel about public displays of affection in Brazil airports. I hug him back. “E ai, gringo?” he asks, jokingly. I call an Uber and as we wait outside he lights a cigerette. Before he takes a drag, he looks around, to make sure the coast is clear, and then he kisses me in the mouth. We are off to a good start. It was only 7 PM when we get back to the apartment, but I could already tell that we weren’t going anywhere tonight. He was always made para ficar, instead of being para sair. A quick shower together and we tried our darndest to remind each other why we were together. We got comfortable. It was gonna be a relaxed night. As a nightcap, we ordered some Chinese food (his idea) in using the app iFood. He got the Yakisoba (his favorite), I got some frango crispy with rice. They even threw in some fortune cookies, a very California invention, with the meal: Good advice for what was turning out to be an intense week. Next, as promised, Recife!
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    Hi forum dwellers, All reservations are made, everything is planned. I'll be heading of to the Dominican Republic for the first time this august 15th - august 30th 2019. I am so exited! A special shout-out to 1tennisace who made my head spin with his fantastic trip reports and some extra tips through PM (thanks buddy). I fly out to Punta Cana, which is a few hundred euros cheaper than flying out to Santo Domingo directly. From Europe this is. After unwinding in Punta Cana I'll have my 10-days-slut-tour in Santo Domingo from august 17th - 27th. I found a newly renovated, private Airbnb one block away from Parque Colon and Parque Duarte. Doesn't get more centrally I guess. If there are any forum members out there who like to share stories over a cup of coffee or a cocktail whilst in Santo Domingo, be sure to PM me! Always fun to meet up with like minded and have a laugh. Reports on this trip will be added to this post. We all like a good sleaze story don't we?! Any suggestions to improve my experience (cruising spots, saftey tips, etc.) are highly appreciated of course.
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    Make friends with other travelers! Don’t be afraid to spark up a conversation. I traveled to SD for 6 years before I started speaking with other travelers and I missed a lot! And a rule of thumb the loud black gays a Pacos (though at times annoying) know ALL the boys lol! And if you become friends they will hook you up!
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    I pay very little attention to TMZ, but a business colleague sent me this link on celebrity donations to Pete Buttigieg's campaign. It's interesting to see who in Hollywood is supporting Pete with actual dollars. I have a few friends on the list. Pete Buttigieg 2020 Presidential Campaign Celebrity Donations
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    Photos From 117 Last Night

    His rentman answers seem consistent with how he behaves in real life...one of the locals at 202 told me he has trouble staying hard and isn’t a good lay. So I’m passing on him (and his attitude)
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