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    I am not sure that I agree with the word - worry. Rather than worry, I think visitors to Brazil need to exercise a little more caution than they did just a few years ago. There is no question that poverty and no jobs make otherwise good people (Brazilians) do things they would not normally do such as stealing and mugging. In my opinion, the above is a better way to look at the facts about visiting here. In my case, I visit Brazil often. I have traveled here for over fifteen years. That equates to more than one hundred trips to Brazil. If you believe in statistics, you have comfort and a high probability of not having any negative issue or a problem during your visit. Statistically speaking, you have a greater probability of having a wonderful time than a bad time. Although I am less comfortable than I was before my incident, I am now back in Brazil again. This is my second trip here since the mugging. Don't be discouraged about reports of crime. Just be a little more cautious. Philosophically, if your number comes up, you will have a problem regardless of where you are.
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    I'd like to repeat that I have nothing against you, but i wanna use your experience to tell people to don't do anything you did...Many people need to watch less Rambo movies, cause shit here in Brazil happens even to people living here from when they were born. Experience has nothing to do and doesn't make you bulletproof. And unexperienced people as much as the experienced ones often tend to underestimate the risks and to misjudge situations. Like the 25 yrs old MMA fighter who some months ago reacted to an assault got shot in the head by the older friend of the flip-flop wearing 16 yrs old thief in Tijuca who was keeping the situation under control and who came from around the corner to save his friend from the beatdown he was receiving. That's why most of the people won't help you if you get mugged. Most of the people would never risk to get shot to save a gringo from losing his DSLR camera or iPhone, there are too many weapons and too many people willing to kill you for no reasons in Brazil...bad combination.
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    That's quite a knock on gay men. Anyone who lived through the AIDS crisis saw the vast generosity of the gay and lesbian community. We see it still today in the support social programs receive. Gay men volunteer, they donate, they show care. Don't knock them. Knock those pompous fools who think they know so much more than anyone else.
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    I had just arrived at the beach front and was walking behind a tourist and his girlfriend, 5 lads around 18 grabbed his carrier with food and tplk the glasses off his face I was so close to them i ended up embroiled in it and helping them. They ran off o centre we scattered the boys with some eventual help from some locals. I continued and moments later 2 lads again about 18 fried to grab the bag off my back but the straps were on tight but 1 kept trying so I punched him in the nose which did the trick and moments later 2 kids about 15 were pulling at my arms trying to get my hands out of my pockets as by now they were in there protecting wallet and phone ! They both got a slap around the head and left with nothing. I lived in Venezueal so a bit of a tough if not slightly risky cookie
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    Below is a link where Americans and citizens of certain other countries can obtain a Brazilian computerized visa that Brazil calls an e-visa or electronic visa - there is that bad word again - visa - (Fake news). The Brazilian electronic travel authorization (e-visa) will not be pasted to a traveler's passport. The e-visa will only come to the traveler via e-mail. The travelers' passport will be verified, electronically against information provided when applying for the e-visa or electronic travel authorization. According to certain posters in the forum, an electronic travel authorization is not a visa and is "fake news" if one refers to the new electronic travel authorization (visa) as a visa. Whenever I hear the term "fake news" it usually comes from FOX news or from Trump or one or more of his supporters. Therefore, anything "Trumpish" has no credibility for me. Anyone interested in reading about Brazil's new optional electronic e-visa, check out this link: https://www.bronlinevisa.com/en However, be careful. If after reading the link, you might want to do what Brazil does and call the travel authorization a visa - Naughty, naughty.
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    Money talks.

    Normally I would agree with you. My point is that 2.5 years into the current administration and the sobering thought given another 4 years of the same the SCOTUS could conceivably curtail equal protection under the law for the next 20 years, I don't need to vet any of the candidates to know that any one of them would be better than what we have now. That's enough incentive for me not to weaken any of them. Sorry we'll just have to disagree.
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    Buenos Aires Recommendations

    Hey guys. It's my first time to BA. I've been to Rio - loved it - and found my way to 117, 202, etc. BA doesn't get all that much play here, so I'm wondering if anyone has some suggestions for: what area to stay in where there are cafes, restaurants where cute gay guys (not garatos) hang out, just for eye candy purposes. Also, in what area - I'm assuming the same - would there be more boys strolling around? gay gym - I think the Megatlon chain might have a gay crowd, but which one(s)? Any other gym suggestions? a modestly priced hotel/apartment in that neighborhood? and, last but not least, muscle guys for hire - yes, specifically muscle men, big bodybuilders most preferred. I've seen soytuyo and some of the other sites, but I didn't see any really competitive bodybuilder types (ripped fitness model types also do it for me). I realize that there's nothing in BA like the Rio saunas, so any advice would be most appreciated - if anyone knows anyone in particular, please by all means send me a private message with contact info. Many thanks!
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    Money talks.

    Maybe part of his appeal is that he can't be painted as a bull goose left loony like Ocasio-Cortez. Of couse, it didn't hurt that he ran his Texas campaign against a creepy whack job of a troll. Come to think of it, maybe that would be just the right model for a campaign against Trump. And it doesn't hurt that he's kinda cute.
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    Please credit me with some sense ! They were wearing flip flops and shorts and nothing else and if I wasn't sure if the situation I would have reacted differently ! I have lived all over the world and spend 48 weeks of the year travelling to wild and wacky places for work and more than capable of judging a situation thanks. I think some people in here need to stick to the keys !
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    One more thing - My travel insurance carrier sends out newsletters every now and again. Their newsletter of today has some excellent suggestions about how to reduce the chances of someone stealing your property or money while you are traveling. Some of the suggestions are already in the forum but there are some different ideas about how to keep thieves away from your money and property. Most of the suggestions I already knew. There were a few different ideas. This company is very knowledgeable about reducing theft. Many of the suggestions help both the traveler and the insurance company because the insurance company does not have to pay for covered items not stolen. For those interested in seeing the newsletter - http://links.mkt1649.com/servlet/MailView?ms=MTUyOTM0NDAS1&r=MTkyNTI2ODYxNDMzS0&j=MTYwMTEzOTczMQS2&mt=1&rt=0
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    Money talks.

    Which is why I stressed the importance of the $25 donation. Bernie Sanders proved that $25 from enough individuals can help finance a revolution. It's going to take a revolution to put Trump and his minions in their rightful place. They are not going to leave the stage without a serious FIGHT. Trump needs the White House to prevent him from going to jail. He's taking a lot of flack for the silent, adoring wife sitting at his side. IMO, he deserves the flack. None of the women candidates featured their husbands in the same manner. Beto should have known better that these ancient, useless, outdated tropes are no way to sell young and fresh.
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    So cute boys in Prague !

    I am in Up at 7pm on a cold raining Thursday and there are 2 cute blond escorts and a very cute bartender here. Why every time I come to Up it's good but not for anyone else?
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    Palma de Mallorca

    I go there regularly (as I have a place there). The best way I can describe Palma is as a mini-Barcelona. There’s great architecture, wonderful food and shopping, with lovely beaches and countryside. As you’re asking here @rodiem25 I guess you’re interested in meeting local guys. There are lots online and as long as you speak some Spanish, you should have no problems. There is a small sex-sauna (but AFAIK to meet other men, not working guys) and some working guys advertise on Hunq (the commercial part of Planet Romeo) and on Spanish sites.
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    Patricia Nell Warren Has Died

    I was about 15/16 when I ran across The Front Runner on one of those wire spinner display racks at a local store. Just thumbing through the paperbacks, probably looking to see what SF was on offer. When I realized what I was reading, it electrified me right down to my toes. I had no clue gay themed novels were even a thing, much less soft core porn (not that it was soft core to me! ). God bless whatever sorting clerk at the distributor who accidently stuck a gay novel into the assortment shipped to that store. It was one of those events that helped me understand that the wider world was not necessarily just my local Bible soaked reality writ large. Maybe not exactly like Oz moving to NYC, but still eye opening.
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    I traveled to Brazil more than one hundred times over a fifteen year period. I never had a mugging until late last year. Perhaps, because of my good luck over those years, I did not expect that two guys would suddenly see a gringo to mug who was hurriedly heading toward a restaurant. For those who have not been mugged - YET - it is easy to say "use common sense" or a variety of empty words that suddenly change after they, themselves, become a victim.
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    I was mugged in Rio in 2005 which I reported on another thread. There is a wealth of wisdom here. I never go on public transport and am very wary of walking alone. The lesson to be learnt from my experience is that you are not safe because an area is “busy”. My mugging occurred almost in front of the Copacabana Palace at about 6:45pm and barely dark, in front of a group who just stood and watched not to mention numerous passers by who ignored my screams for help.
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    I avoided going to Rio but was hit by a car in Canada. We make our choices and take our chances.
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    Money talks.

    I'm happy to report I sent three checks today to candidates running for president. I saw the Peter Buttigieg CNN Town Hall recently and the guy blew me away. So smart. So articulate. So open to new ideas. He's got some serious talent. I believe his mind and heart would be good for America. First check to him. I like Kamala Harris. Second check to her. I think she's got talent, too. She doesn't quite have her policy chops sharpened enough, but I want to watch her growth and see her in the debates. I think it's important to have leadership discussions among a diverse group. I like supporting smart women who don't behave like Amy Klobuchar in private. If Stacy Abrams jumps in, I'll be sending her a check, too. I enjoy supporting smart minority women with talent. Check #3 goes to Beto O'Rourke. So glad he decided to jump in. Let's see how he fares on the national stage. He has the potential to bring an Obama-type impact to politics. The fact that he's a White guy from Texas only helps attract more conservatives on the fence. We caring patriots need to support worthy candidates who try to avoid PAC money. Even if it's $25, I highly recommend our fellow gay men write a check asap to show support. Good candidates need every non-corporate penny they can get their hands on. Let's do whatever we can, whatever it takes to dump Trump and Pence. (I apologize for posting in the Pub. I wanted to reach as many members as possible.)
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    Money talks.

    Beto O’Rourke Raised $6.1 Million Online in First 24 Hours of Campaign Only 1k of that is mine, but if he plays his cards right, I'm sure I'll be sending more.
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    Money talks.

    Did I mention that Ginsburg and Breyer are 85 and 80 yo respectively, and Gorusch and Kavanaugh are 51 and 54.
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    We’re in Hong Kong Now

    To each his own, but I have to disagree. I find all races and ethnicities to have beauties among them. HK is a great world city - and my experience has been that I end up needing a neck massage after walking around because I see so many stunning Asian men. I'm not vouching for the sexual vibe, just the abundance of beautiful men.
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    Buenos Aires Recommendations

    Many thanks, Latbear4blk. Your info will help me to kick off my plans. Douglas seems very hot, but I'm looking for someone more massive. The local forum that you linked me to would be great, but I don't speak Spanish, unfortunately. I'm gonna continue doing some research - and hopefully there will be some more guys on this forum who can provide some additional info. Thanks again!
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    This is the key or main point of his reporting the event. A busy area does not guaranty safety from muggers! Street people/muggers know they can likely do their deed almost anywhere and at any time without being hindered. Unfortunately, muggings have increased in Brazil, mainly because of the poor economy. Many local citizens are without work (and without money) because there are too few jobs available. People need money to eat and to pay rent for themselves and for their family. Mugging someone on the street is a fast way to get money when there is no work or paycheck. Just remember this and be cautious without being paranoid.
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    The Organ

    AND...For Adam Smith
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    The Organ

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    You have repeated this story on the site several times, and yet after reading your clarification here, it is still not clear just what type of ' assistance' you were looking for, that the locals somehow begrudged you. I can only reinforce what @likeohmygod has stated. Neither you nor your missing saviour would have benefited from retaliation in your favor - quite the contrary. As he states: - "That's why most of the people won't help you if you get mugged. Most of the people would never risk to get shot to save a gringo from losing his DSLR camera or iPhone" .... Not then, and not now.
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    The Organ

    One of the most inspiring teachers I ever had. And incredibly personally open and present. To us undergraduates. He valued each of us as people. Ultimately in the sense of course of what each of us might find able to contribute to the world of ideas, whatever the particular field.
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    Money talks.

    The Guardian, Arwah Mahdawi: Lord give me the confidence of a mediocre white man! Specifically, I wouldn’t mind the confidence of Beto O’Rourke. A dude so assured of his inner greatness that, after losing a Senate bid, he decided the next logical step would be to run for president. Not only did he lose, by the way, he lost to Ted Cruz: a man so unlikable there’s even a conspiracy theory floating around that he’s the Zodiac killer. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t think losing one election disqualifies someone from jumping into the presidential nominations. Stacey Abrams has said “2020 is definitely on the table”, and I’d be 100% behind her running. (Then again, Abrams didn’t really lose the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial contest; she had the election stolen from her because of voter suppression tactics.) No, it’s not Beto’s loss last year that bothers me, it’s his entitlement. His certainty that he’s qualified for the most powerful job in the world despite his lack of experience. His belief that he is qualified for the role despite the fact that he himself has absolutely no idea what he stands for. “I don’t know where I am on a [political] spectrum and I almost could care less,” Beto recently boasted during a stop in Wisconsin. I’ll tell you where Beto is on the political spectrum: he’s wherever it’s most convenient for him to be. He announced his presidential bid by talking about the environment but his six-year record in Congress shows him to be a friend of the fossil fuel industry. His voting record is characterized by flip-flopping and he is vague about his position on healthcare and raising taxes. The only strong conviction he really seems to have is that he deserves to be president. “Man, I’m just born to be in it,” he recently enthused to Vanity Fair. In many senses Beto is right: he was born to be successful. He is, after all, a rich kid from a well-connected family. His dad, Pat O’Rourke was a county judge and got 19-year-old Beto (who had no interest in politics at the time) an internship with the West Texas congressman Ron Coleman. Like many privileged people, Beto seems to have confused his luck for God-given talent; a talent so spectacular that he doesn’t need to do the hard work mere mortals do. “I don’t ever prepare a speech,” he boasted to Vanity Fair. Can you imagine a woman boasting about how she never prepares? No, because women know they need to be overprepared just to get a foot in the door. Ultimately, what might be most frustrating about Beto is that we all know someone like him. He’s the guy in the meeting who hasn’t done any of the work but who repeats a woman’s points and immediately gets a round of applause and a promotion. He’s the guy who pays eloquent lip service to the importance of diversity, but would never go so far as conceding a woman might be better qualified for a job than him. He’s the epitome of mediocre white male confidence. And if there is one thing America does not need at the moment, it’s more mediocre white guys running things.
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    I just finished reading a biography of Randy Shilts, so the AIDS crisis was on my mind. It's not something one forgets either. Perhaps narcissists don't like it being mentioned as it distracts from talk about them. My apologies.
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    From my experience the best time is always between 4 pm to 9 pm. Best days are Friday and Saturday. Sunday and Wednesday are ok. The other days are quiet. But if you like a guy and tell him on Friday that you will be there on Monday, he will be there on Monday. Friday and Saturday is sometimes so busy that all private cabins (you have to pay extra for private cabins but I prefer because it is clean and you have more space) are occupied and you have to wait for a free cabin, so I go early on these days that I can get a cabin for the time I stay there. I guess other clients do the same and thats why it is sometimes hard to get one.
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    I'm sorry to hear you got mugged and at no point was I saying anywhere was safe what I was saying in a tongue in cheek way was don't go getting carried away and taking unnecessary risks ! No where in the world is 100% safe in fact in the sleepy town in England where I oc assionally reside when home a fella got stabbed j the face some 30 times in a shopping centre and don't get me started on the safety in American schools ! Hope you are better now
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    BKK - how to arrange this?

    I have seen (just public-toilet peeking at the urinal station) quite a few very big Japanese dicks.
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    In order to boost tourism, Tropical Trump plans to drop visas for US citizens (and Canadians, Australians, and Japanese) entering Brazil altogether. Although this is very promising news for tourists to Brazil, do not expect a travel authorization document requirement to be eliminated altogether. It most likely will be replaced with a quick, on the spot, visa-like ETIAS or a travel document granted at the airport. https://www.usnews.com/news/world/articles/2019-01-16/brazil-plans-to-drop-visas-for-americans-to-boost-tourism-minister Brazil Plans to Drop Visas for Americans to Boost Tourism: Minister Jan. 16, 2019 BY JAKE SPRING BRASILIA (Reuters) - Brazil plans to eliminate visitor visas for Americans, the country's tourism minister said on Wednesday, as President Jair Bolsonaro seeks to turn around the lagging tourism sector and engineer cozier relations with the United States. The visa initiative is part of the Foreign Ministry's plan for the first 100 days in power of Bolsonaro, who assumed office on Jan. 1, Tourism Minister Marcelo Alvaro Antonio told Reuters in an interview. "Our intention is really to eliminate visa applications for Americans," Antonio said. Bolsonaro won the presidency running on a right-wing populist platform and is an open admirer of U.S. President Donald Trump. He has sought to realign Brazil with the United States, unlike the leftist Workers Party government that led the country for 13 of the past 15 years and favored relations with fellow developing economies. "The left has treated the United States as an adversary, but not our government," Antonio said. "President Bolsonaro wants to embrace the United States as a partner of Brazil." Brazil is Latin America's largest economy but has long punched below its weight in tourism. The country currently receives 6.6 million foreign tourists a year, roughly half that of New York City alone. Brazil will also seek to eliminate visas for Canadians, Japanese and Australians but the timeline is up to the Foreign Ministry, Antonio said. A Foreign Ministry spokeswoman declined to comment. Currently, U.S. citizens pay $44 for a two-year visa, or $160 for a 10-year one. Antonio said bureaucracy increased for Americans seeking to visit Brazil under the Workers Party government, which supported equally strict treatment for Americans seeking Brazilian visas as Brazilians face when going to the United States. Other plans to overhaul tourism policy include doubling the country's spend on foreign tourism advertisements to more than $34 million by 2023, said Antonio. An existing target of doubling international visits to 12 million annually by 2022 remains in place, he said. The government also is seeking to convert its national tourism board into an agency, allowing it to partner with private enterprises like airlines, which is currently forbidden, Antonio said. (Reporting by Jake Spring; Additional reporting by Anthony Boadle, Editing by Rosalba O'Brien) Copyright 2019 Thomson Reuters.
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    Jan-Michael Vincent Dead at 73

    Oh yes, did I have the serious hots for him when I was younger (and he was still smoking hot.) Drugs and alcohol can make beasts of saints.
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    So cute boys in Prague !

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    I believe I recall your sharing that insight in an early review of Andre.
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    I'lI will go first. The guy with the biggest cock i've ever seen in Brazilian Saunas, was at 117 in the mid of April 2018. I'm talking about a black guy, 1.95 meters tall, toned body (towards gym-like), who was always spending most of the time inside the video room. He was always wearing a black/red Nike's hat. If i correctly remember his name was Breno...25 yrs old, from Bahia, but he disappeared (not sure if from just Rio saunas or from Rio). I could not get his phone number. He was wanking inside the video room when i've seen him for the first time and he asked me to grab his cock with my hands to check how hard and huge it was... I have small hands....when closing them they measure around 8cm...3 hands weren't enough to grab that cock. I'd say it was around 26/27cm....around 10.5"
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    I was one week in Rio in December and did not feel particular danger. I mistakenly booked Hotel Atlantico PRIME (good hotel btw, no problem to take GP) instead of Atlantico COPACABANA on Booking.com. So I had to walk 1,5km from hotel to 117 every night back and forth (around 20mn walk) and it was OK. Sometimes I would take the metro at Gloria to go to Point 202. It was also OK. Another day I walked to Cinelandia, till the theatre and back and it was OK too.
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    Planning My First Trip to Brazil!

    Ill add my feedback....I just got back from Salvador at the beginning of February...Went on GOL...No TVs from MIA to Salvador...night flight was fine...day flight sucked coming back to the states I go to Rio 5-6 times a year...Hence I love it more Salvador has definitely has more darker skinned Brazilians...tons of beautiful people...the apps work well...As far as bi play..I strongly suggest you know some Portuguese are you will definitely get somebody who is savvy to get you out of your money getting what you are looking for... There are female escorts/prostitutes and the rule of thumb is the more English they speak, they more savvy they will be in getting you out of your money...UNLESS you are very attractive and you may get pussy for free... Villa Mimosa is a favorite of mine in Rio...use google to see vids and pics...rachet but women all over the place just for SEX... As far a bi play with a couple or a sauna boy/male escort...Money talks so that shouldnt be a problem.. Make sure you confirm price, use your best judgement and don't do anything that would get you robbed or worse... Both cities have the same level of danger to me...you pay attention and try not to go places that arent well lit or have a lot of people around The women AND men all beautiful all over Rio so you wont lose going to either city... Its a matter of slow, laid back vs more high pace, definitely more beach life and larger beaches in Rio....
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    Rio - do they need more public restrooms?

    Yes, he did. I wonder whatever happened to him. I took him on trips outside of Brazil. I spent too much money on him but that is okay. I had a good time. I met his wife and child. They did not seem to care that he spent nights away from them with a male. I was too dumb to realize what a negative effect his being away at night must have had on his marriage and child. I was new to Brazil. He was always late coming over. Eventually, I got tired of him keeping me waiting an hour or two or more for him to show up. In those days there were more saunas in Rio. We had Rogers, Pointe 202, Estacao, Spa 73 and of course 117. After I stopped waiting at the hotel for him to appear hours later than he said he would show, I found it more rewarding to meet different guys in those others saunas. He was a nice guy and I am glad I knew him. I never see him in any sauna or on the streets. That was fifteen years ago. Maybe the saunas do not work for him anymore. I hope he is okay.
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    Where is it ?

    I found recently on internet a video of a show of a bunch of naked men in full erection. Has anyone any idea where it was taken ?
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    The picture looks like the same bed and layout (minus the champagne bottle and towel art) of the 10 euro room.
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    Womp. Womp. I don't get into pissing contests online. It's not worth my time. Enjoy Rio. Don't enjoy Rio. Up to you. I will continue to
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    joe2001london, thank you, looking forward to your post
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    Sorry for being so judgmental in the topic, but it is how I feel about the escort situation here in Morocco. Escorts are everywhere and I have nothing against them. In fact, I love them, as long as they are honest about what they do, have a sense of service and be more or less fair. They are not here! The economy in Moroco is bad, so bad that few young guys have a real job and those who do make barely their rent. With the typical Arab horniness and their welcoming nature on one side, and the affluent tourists from Europe and Middle east, it could have developed a healthy and booming escort market. But unfortunately, it hasn't the been the case. The main problem is the lacking of work ethic in the whole region. I can't help comparing the situation to Cuba. Moroccans are as hot as Cubans, equally open to homosexual sex, but far less educated and ethical. Something good which came out of the communist years of Cuba is people understand in order to get something, they need to deliver something in return. Here in Morocco, they just grab and run. Which made things worse is the illegal immigration from the neighboring black African countries. Desperate situations made lots of them rotten. Several points can illustrate the issue here: First, Morocco is a muslim country. The escorts here somehow made this their avantage. Most of them are miserable and have nothing to loose, so they are not afraid of making a scene, especially the foreign black guys from Mali, Niger, etc. I met a young Moroccan cardiological doctor in Marrakech, who told me that two weeks earlier, he was obliged to pay 2000 dh (200 euros) to a disguised black escort when he refused to leave. Second, they never say they are escorts. Actually most of them deny that when you ask. You really need to be vigilant and dig really hard to get the truth. They have ambiguous way of answering your questions, such as: - I'm not escort. (But I still want some money for cab, and I paid 100 times more than normal because I was in such a hurry to get to you) - I just want to have fun. (But you have to pay) - Dont be silly, not everyone's escort. (But I am) ... When you try to let them answer just 'yes' or 'no' to a very specific question such as 'Are you going to ask me for money?', they would become silent, maybe for a day. Then they will come back talking to you as nothing had happened, until you ask them specifically again. Third, they lie about everything, they send fake photos, and they don't perform sexually. Again, if I take some examples of how they answer your questions: - They are my photos. (But they are not of me, but of a 'friend') - I'm always hard. (As hard as I can get, while you keep on sucking me) - My cock measures 25 cm. (Seriously you believe that? How fool) Just to resume, the escort market here is sick and disgusting. And it spoils the normal fun market, too. When people don't have any ethical bottom line, anything can happen. I personally would not recommend Morocco to those who want to meet local boys for fun.
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    Tawan / muscle worship

    Please report back on your Brazil trip.
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    Mexico this week

    i have been here 3 days and the weather is perfect, Sunny with daytime temps 82/84 and nighttime around 62! We went to the newer gay bar and it was full and had various dancers walking on the oval bar dancing and removing their clothes until they were naked, at the same time another 10+ guys were working the room! The Brazilian who is staying with me was asked by the manager and then later by a waiter if he wanted to dance on the bar! he politely refused. the other Brazilian who is staying gets here today, he was suppose to get here Friday but the travel agency he works for in Cancun had asked him to work the last 2 days because of a influx of Brazilian tourists(Cancun is the new hotspot for Brazilians). Had a small party last night and one of the Americans invited a guy off of Grindr over and another local i know showed up and by the end of the night they were flashing their dicks(with the encouragement of FloridaRob)Everyone who wasn’t staying here left at 3:30 this morning!
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    Barcelona - Sauna Thermas

    Just returned from my first visit to Barcelona a quick weekend trip. A wonderful city although I have just scratched the surface. I visited Sauna Thermas everyday. Thank you to all the earlier posts which are a great help. From my own experience I would say the staff are very friendly and helpful. (I do not speak Spanish.) The place is well run and clean. A great selection of boys. Something for everyone. All the boys I met where friendly. Yes some will approach you with more enthusiasm than others but none were rude and a polite no always worked. I have a wide taste in guys and met a few different types over the weekend. 1. Brazilian - European - Muscle 2. Ghana - Black - Twink 3. Columbian - Black - Muscle 4. Polish - White - Athletic 5. Mali - Black - Tall Twink 6. Brazilian - Latin - Twink 7. Polish - Blond - Muscle 8. Polish - White - Athletic 9. Brazilian - Latin - Tall twink All agreed to EUR 50. I look forward to returning, but São Paulo and Rio are next week.
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    BKK - how to arrange this?

    Very unlikely in Thailand (or in most part of Asia) as most Asians will do vanilla only. However, I found some Japanese are quite kinky.
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    Grandma Asks......

    I googled up a price search for 'sildenafil 20 mg.' from my local pharmacies. The sweet spot appeared to be 90 tablets. Results: Walmart $57.34, Walgreens $143.50, CVS $263.32 & Rite-Aide $766.03. Seeing as the folks at Walmart are not much inclined to run their shops at a loss, one can only conclude that the wholesale price per pill and thus the manufacturing cost is likely even lower than Sucrates's tongue in cheek estimate of 25 cents. Sucky, you have my gratitude and my thanks for starting this thread. I never would have thought to do this w/o your nudging (I didn't even know the generic name of Viagra nor did I know it was off patent). For now on I can go hog wild on my boners with nary a thought of the consequences to my pocketbook. As partial recompense for the good turn you have done me (& probably many other posters here) I hereby pledge to deep six my next three snarky remarks to your posts. It won't be easy but1 you've earned it today. 1 Snarky remark #1 crossed out free of charge; still three to go. PS I just thought of another one and this one was kind of funny too. Damn, this is going to be harder than I thought. Oh well, still free of charge and three to go.
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