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  1. TotallyOz

    What's The Deal With Gay Republicans?

    Grabbing it and fucking it are two different things. For the life of me, I don't get anyone who is gay being a supporter of Trump unless money is their only issue and they believe his agenda will help them keep a bit more in the end and they can zero about future generations of gays. I know men like this but I don't understand them.
  2. I look forward to seeing it. Thanks for the increased desire.
  3. I saw it. I loved it. I'll buy the ITunes version. Amazing movie. https://www.jpost.com/Diaspora/Bohemian-Rhapsody-glosses-over-Freddie-Mercurys-roots-and-religion-just-like-he-did-571554 That article talks about some things left out of the movie but that is life. I thought they did a very nice job of incorporating things into the movie and discussing his sexuality.
  4. TotallyOz

    it finally happened

    So sorry this happened to you. I am glad you are OK!
  5. TotallyOz

    Predictions for Tuesday

    Who will win?
  6. TotallyOz

    Info On Game Of Thrones

    Seems like I have been waiting forever!
  7. I loved the Season 6 of House of Cards. I thought Robin Wright did a fabulous job. I did miss Kevin Spacey and wish his character had not been written off but this season was great even without his great writing. https://www.salon.com/2018/11/03/michael-kelly-on-how-robin-wright-made-house-of-cards-go-on-you-want-to-be-on-the-robin-train/
  8. TotallyOz

    Official Word From US Embassy

    It depends on your lifestyle and what you want to do and how much you want to do it. Living in Bangkok is not cheap, but could be easily done on 2k per month but not with many trips to the bars. Short times on apps are about 60-70 USD. Food is cheap if done on your own but Western restaurants are more expensive.
  9. TotallyOz

    Shooting In Pittsburgh

    Americans have been listening to hate speech for 2 years from a sitting President. Did you really think that they would have no results? Yes, I do blame everyone who continues to support this president for the bombs and the recent deaths. Yes, his supporters have this burden to carry. They know that their continued support will result in more violence but they don't care. They may say they don't condone murder or violence. But, saying you don't support hate and being anti-hate are two different things.
  10. 5th Post in this thread says only active members with 10 or more posts can view all forums.
  11. I enjoyed this interview a great deal. I also look forward to seeing this movie on Netflix. https://www.eonline.com/news/979588/chris-pine-gets-profound-discussing-male-nudity-in-movies
  12. TotallyOz

    Hot Hip Hop Couple

    I love me some sexy hip hop guys. These photos have just converted me to watching the show next season! https://www.queerty.com/gay-couple-next-seasons-love-hip-hop-everyone-feeling-parched-20181026
  13. TotallyOz

    Latin Forum

    Lucky, to help bring things back, I can travel there from Thailand for the benefit of the group. However, the website reserves are down so much and I'll create a donation link to help. The excess will be used for going to Brazil via air and hotels. I promise I won't travel first class or stay in 6-star hotels. Any donations can help. Send them to BR549.
  14. TotallyOz

    Words Matter

    I don't think I have experienced a time in my lifetime where the statement "words matter" is so relevant. They have always mattered but with the current President, they have become more divisive and more important. I realize he does not know this or does not care, but they are important. In Turkey, the denials from the Saudi government over the murder of a US resident journalist were important. The denials kept coming and the lies kept coming. The Saudi people believed their government until this. Will this change their minds? The MeToo movement has taught us one thing for sure, that words matter. What you say, how you say it and where you say it is relevant. When I grew up, the saying that "sticks and stones may break your bones but words may never hurt you" was repeated often. However, somewhere along the way, this changed. Or, was it always the same? Words do matter.
  15. I was leery about seeing the new A Star is Born. But, I have to say that the movie was fantastic and I loved every part. The acting was excellent and Laday Gaga was incredible in the role. I love seeing Andrew Dice Clay as the father and all the other fun characters. The opening in the drag bar was fabulous and brought back so many fun memories. All in all, this was my favorite move of 2018. If you have not seen it, give it a chance!