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  1. TotallyOz

    Trump again makes the cover of Time Magazine

    LOL But, the actual cover itself was pretty scary!
  2. TotallyOz

    Trumpeting Trump

    The majority of Republicans do not believe in global warming. Is that based in fact? The majority of Republicans believe that white people are discriminated against. Is that based on fact? I could go on. But, yes aeronautical principals are based on fact. And, I love you trust and verify. I don't see many in that party doing the same. Blind faith is never a good thing.
  3. TotallyOz

    Mamma Mia 2 Here we go again

    Thanks for pointing that out. I blocked that URL from my browser. Ignorance is bliss. Can't wait to see it!
  4. TotallyOz

    Mamma Mia 2 Here we go again

    I won't. But, I hear, people said, this was the greatest bigliest movie of all time!
  5. TotallyOz

    Trumpeting Trump

    I met him years back in Thailand. I thought he was articulate and handsome. I think his online personality on this site is totally different from who he really is or how he participates in other forums. I may be wrong but the Gay Thailand forums don't have a lot of politics on them. I love politics even though it gets messy at times. BTW: he is not looking to be saved. He has seen the light and the Lord has guided him to Trump. He will never see this is against his own interests and we will never understand his rationale. I have many family members just like him (his beliefs) and they are happy to be in their bubble.
  6. TotallyOz

    Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Bangkok

    So far, 7 months in and now 133 pounds lost. Still, a long way to go but happy to be headed in the right direction. Not much of a change in lifestyle other than more exercise and less food per meal. However, I just go over Dengue Fever and that took me out for over a week.
  7. TotallyOz

    Trumpeting Trump

    It will NEVER happen. I grew up in the Bible belt and people who believe in things based on faith vs fact have no desire to change anything as it is their faith that sustains them.
  8. I am so excited to see this. It doesn't come to Thailand until August but I am anxiously waiting. Please don't spoil it and tell me if there is any music in it, good times, fun laughs, etc. I want to be surprised!
  9. TotallyOz

    Trumpeting Trump

    mvan, you make me laugh. Sorry, my friend, you are just too naive. You just asked a Trump supporter to read. Are you fucking serious? You should know better. Only show them a quick video clip less than 1 minute and you might capture their attention. But, reading? Come on mvan, get serious!
  10. TotallyOz

    Trumpeting Trump

    I saw the interview in full. Good for Whoopi. I also grew up in the shadows of Pierro as I was in law school when she was DA of the city I lived in. I didn't like her then, and I guess things have not changed that much in 20 something years. I am surprised that Republicans like her. She has Arab blood in her. Aren't most Republican's anti Arab? black? gay? human rights?
  11. TotallyOz

    Trumpeting Trump

    So, you don't need those directions to the God Hates Fags church? I'm just trying to clarify in case you wanted them.
  12. TotallyOz

    Trumpeting Trump

    I think perhaps you are smelling your own bullshit. Hillary is fine. And, regardless of how much do you proclaim your love for Trump, I think it is just an online game for you and not your real beliefs. That, or you need a bit of therapy. Just get a few Thai boys to massage your head on your next visit and perhaps your frontal cortex will realign? Or, there is a great church group that you might fit into ran by the Phelps family. It is right across from an Equity House. If you need directions, let me know.
  13. TotallyOz

    Nob Hill Cinema Closing

    All cities are changing and the availability of guy is changing venues. Where once Nob Hill and The Gaiety were NEEDED, now, they are just wanted and appreciated. There are so many other ways to meet guys. But, I never got over The Gaiety closing as it was amazing. I'm sure Nob Hill frequent visitors will also have a sad longing from days gone by.
  14. TotallyOz

    Fuck You, Bigot!

    It is sad to see and know he is so bigoted. He is also very young and I often forgive the young as they are naive and stupid. I hope he learns from this and grows up and grows to be tolerant. In the group he seems to be involved in, I doubt that is probable but it is possible.