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  1. Happy to help. The site does not make enough income to support the cost of running it. Donations are accepted at any time. jk Sites ebb and flow and money comes and goes. It is never enough to pay programmers, keep up with new code, upgrades, security, etc the way I like to do it. This site is a passion of love for me. I love hookers. I love people who love hookers. I love gay sex and I love people who love gay site. But, I mostly love gay hooker sex. So, I am OK with not making ends meet on the site. However, the costs of running the site is VERY low. Unless I decide to pay myself a salary. Then, the costs go up. My understanding is that Daddy needs money for his lifelihood from his site. I don't begrudge him that. And, I hope he finds what he needs to life his life happy.
  2. I have opened a ticket with Invision (the forum people) as I get the opposite. I am supposed to be logged out but it never logs me out on my IPhone. However, when I am on GayRomeo on an IPhone it logs out every time the browser closes but it does not on an Android. I have been trying to find a solution to this that works but it is not an easy find. Most of the time, we build for computers and try to make compliant for devices but every time an update is made to IOS or Android, it changes the way things work.
  3. Sorry KJun, I tried to merge two threads but the last one took over the title and replaced yours. For years, I go to the main site, I log in and click forums and am logged in. Staying logged in for massive amounts of time is a security issue with sites and ends up getting us in trouble with the hosting provider. I believe the sign in is ever 8 hours but I'll check on that. The easy way to get into these forums is to log into boytoy.com main site, click log in, you are then logged in and click forums. That is what I have done for years. So, if others are doing something different, please share with me. The forums should not be bookmarked as they change. It is the www.boytoy.com site that is the parent site and controls logins for forums.
  4. This may also have to do with the level of sexual activity. I know guys that do not have sex except when they travel and thus for the majority of the year they have no need to take PrEP. But, I do think it is an individual decision based on planned activity.
  5. https://www.pulse-clinic.com/prep/ Interesting that many clinics are also saying the PrEP can be used for shorter, medium or longer periods of time depending on sexual activity.
  6. Go to Settings and Notifications and be sure it is set to instant. https://www.boytoy.com/forums/notifications/options/
  7. I like Romeo but find more luck with Hornet and Jackd. I have not been for years, but I did find guys galore at the park across from the palace but not sure if that is a thing still or not.
  8. Please do. It is even low season now but I really did like the places more than Soi Twilight. Perhaps more of my type. But, the guys are great and sexy and the bars were all crowed as the night went on. IMHO it was just as good as before although not as many bars right next to each other. I actually prefer the new bars more but no place for sitting and drinking and watching guys walk by (think Dicks) but I am sure someone will put one in soon.
  9. Well, your experience has not been mine. I visited the new area three times in the last 2 weeks and every time the bars had plenty of customers and tons of boys. Not sure what your definition of doing well is, but they meet that qualification for me.
  10. Perhaps you don't know me. But, let me tell you, the boys were hot and sexy and many different choices. If one could not find a boy that suits them in one of the three bars that were reviewed, they do not need to visit any bar ever.
  11. Many have heard and read about the demise of the famous Soi Twilight. However, the scene continues. Get the latest here https://www.gayguides.com/forums/topic/12361-gay-thailand-and-gay-bangkok-thrives-and-is-alive/?ct=1556660825
  12. Nice. I remember being a 34. Congrats on the 10 pounds. Cross-fit is great. I have sex with crossdressers. Is that about the same workout?
  13. It is a fun weekend. I agree with no room for animosity. I didn't see the posting about it this year. A bit late to plan things this late in the game for me. However, for those interested, it is fun and enjoyable. Plus, you get to meet Lucky!
  14. This year will be big for NYC's Gay Pride. Is anyone headed to NYC for the event?
  15. I just started bing watching this on Netflix. It was amazing. I am in the 3rd season and have been laughing so loud I disturb the BF. It is hilarious and Drew Barrymore is funny!
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