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  1. Palm Springs next week end, anyone?

    I thought the reports and the photos were great. I didn't see anything inappropriate in either. Stop apologizing! You did it once and that is enough for anyone. Shit happens. You feel you made a mistake (I don't) but you removed them and said sorry. That should be the end. IMHO
  2. Travel with RockHard...

    Loved the photos! Wish i were in that pool.
  3. Palm Springs next week end, anyone?

    Great story and great telling of a story. I thoroughly enjoyed it!
  4. The login for the main site is less than the forums and we adjusted the length for forum logins. But, the forum software has changed and a better sync is coming out in the next version of Invision. So, in the end, yes, a glitch based on our code in trying to extend the login of forum participants over the time frame on the main site.
  5. Curiosity Killed the Cat

    I want the blue coat! Or, the man inside. Or, better yet both! Or, even better, the man as my date while I'm wearing the blue coat at the Palm Springs weekend?
  6. Curiosity Killed the Cat

    No one forces people to vote either. But, if you know what is good for you, you do it. Might I suggest the following for the committee?
  7. Curiosity Killed the Cat

    Your comments confirm my suspicion. Fake Review Sites do taint the minds of those members!
  8. I am curious, if we separated the forum from the main site and said it had to do with new regulations would you all applaud and tell me how brilliant this is and offer to donate money to keep my massive server configuration going and constant work needed to keep the website going? Would I finally get the accolades I think I deserve? Would I be invited on trips paid for at member's expense? Would you all donate miles for me to travel? Rooms for me to stay in? Sex with sexy twinks for me to play with? Tell me.. I need to know! Curiosity killed the cat! Tell me!
  9. Girlfriend is Back !

    I never watch this show and find it a bore. However, with Tonya and Adam, I'll all in!
  10. So where will the guys go now?

    Listen dude! You are not allowed on this site to comment in a way that causes me to piss myself. This is your last warning!
  11. Review of SubForAlpha

    Check out the newest review on Boytoy. I love the butt photo! Thanks JKane for the great review!
  12. So where will the guys go now?

    Come on guys. This gives them 2 different sites to ask for money. Can you help? Donate now!
  13. Jack Was Here

    I have not heard of this. Thanks
  14. Novels Set in Thailand

    Burdett's books are great. Love them. I met him once in the swimming pool in Pattaya. Lovely man The books are fun to read and a really good description of the scene here (in some ways).
  15. Palm Springs next week end, anyone?

    Members of this site use to be invited to the party but that stopped a few years back. Lucky originally started these parties and did a great job getting everyone together. I went to one and had a nice time and even met Daddy who was friendly. If you are in the area, go. It is always good to meet people with similar ideas and things in common.