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  1. So far a really good start to the new season. Mahershala Ali Stephen Dorff Love both of these guys. Do you remember The Power of One?
  2. RIP I love hearing her. She will be missed.
  3. TotallyOz

    The Other Forum Closing

    I truly do not see the need to debate politics. We all know that Republicans are whiny little bitches. Right?
  4. OK. I hate to say I like this show. But, I do. It is about vampires and the end of the world as we know it. But, the first episode was good. I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to the storyline.
  5. TotallyOz

    In Memoriam: Hector Xtravaganza

    The article brought back so many amazing memories of NYC in my early years. I was lucky to have a "Diva Father" who took me under his wing and introduced me to gay NYC. My life would not have been the same without him. Many of the people mentioned I heard stories about, met or read about. What a great legacy so many of them left and such an easier life they made it for all of us.
  6. Someone good, 5 minutes. Someone bad, 1 hour. Someone else, toooofucking long!
  7. I started it. I sold it. I started working on it again just in the last month. True story. No BS!
  8. I do remember you there. I just can't remember the name. Was it PalmSpringStud? Or, ILoveHumor?
  9. TotallyOz

    What Are Your New Year's Resolutions?

    I hope to learn to enjoy being a bottom in 2019. I am getting too old to top all the time and I need to learn flexibility. I hope to find a good top who is slow and steady.
  10. I will say Lucky, that there is no member on the board named Lucky. I do remember that you may have used a different name on that board but I don't remember that name. Sincerely, Oz aka anyone you want me to be
  11. The new show spinoff called Good Trouble aired this week. I liked it. It is not as good at The Fosters but I had years to get to know those characters. I'll see where this one goes. Anyone else give it a try?
  12. TotallyOz

    The Other Forum Closing

    Should be in the menu bar at the top of the edit screen.
  13. TotallyOz

    Prince Sauna

    I am glad this place worked for you. It did not for me the last time. The cute Twink I chose sucked. Well, actually, he didn't and that was the problem. Even though he said he did. Thus, I was left lacking. However, I'm always willing to try again.
  14. TotallyOz

    Can Anyone Help Out Larstrup?

    Always happy to help out members who need help. I am terribly sad that Larstrup left us. He will be missed each and every day here!