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  1. For all you bottoms out there that like no commitment or cuddling after sex.
  2. Some beautiful photos here!
  3. This is pretty disgusting for Christian to do IMHO. I ain't saying I would have looked, lusted, jerked off and then got pissed off.
  4. Shithole Countries

    Trump denies saying this. Congressmen in the meeting say he did. Do you think it is possible for someone to have recorded this?
  5. "Boys for Sale" the rentboy scene in Japan

    I go back to the South as little as possible! Is it coming to Bangkok?
  6. Oprah for President

    That would be a problem as the White House would be called the Whore House. How good would that be for our image abroad?
  7. Oprah for President

    Did you see Oprah's speech at the awards last night? It was moving and powerful. There is talk of a Presidential run. If that happens, would you support it? Do you think she would have a chance?
  8. This was an interesting read about Japan's male escort scene. I have not see the movie. I have been to Japan several times but have not been to the areas mentioned in the article or seen the gay male scene there for escorts. Has anyone else experienced this?
  9. That is you. You have it down. Other don't. Why try to deprive them? And, like I said, I appreciate the details. Some of us like more details. Why try to deprive us? My motto is if you don't like what someone is posting, fine, move on to another thread. No need to nitpick someone who is contributing!
  10. I have loved your stories of the saunas, your encounters and the photos. Great report! I also like the talk about money as it is important to see how others spend it and how much they agree to. Excellent!
  11. Bannon Will Take Down Trump

    The more I read of this book, the more exciting I become! LOL The idiots that voted for him, however, knew this about him and did not care. I do not see them caring now either. I just hope when the bastard is out of the White House that his name is ruined around the world!
  12. Leather pants

    Wear them! I like less inhibited!
  13. Leather pants

    It all started when I was 13 and we were swimming in a pool. There was a huge group of us and somehow at the end of the day it was only he and I. It was getting dark and my mother was inside the house. But, he came over to me as I was at the edge of the pool with my hands on the concrete and he started gyrating. I moved my ass a bit and before you know it he had my swimsuit down and was fucking me. His girlfriend (future wife) was inside my house with my sister. It was quick and painful but good and sweet all at the same time. It was the first of about 50 times over the next few years but the rest of the times were in my bedroom. I had a basement bedroom and it has a door to the outside. He knew after 10PM my family would be asleep and he would visit from time to time. It was one of my fondest memories.
  14. Leather pants

    No, never. And, after the baby, I saw him only a few times for sex and then it was done. He feel in love with his baby and wife. I never thought he was gay. I just thought he liked a bit more sex than most people.
  15. Leather pants

    Well, I had one older BF who was 3 years older and was my lover for many years. However, when I was 16, he joined the Air Force and I only saw him when he came home to his wife and baby after training. He did like the pants.