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  1. Nice. I remember being a 34. Congrats on the 10 pounds. Cross-fit is great. I have sex with crossdressers. Is that about the same workout?
  2. It is a fun weekend. I agree with no room for animosity. I didn't see the posting about it this year. A bit late to plan things this late in the game for me. However, for those interested, it is fun and enjoyable. Plus, you get to meet Lucky!
  3. This year will be big for NYC's Gay Pride. Is anyone headed to NYC for the event?
  4. I just started bing watching this on Netflix. It was amazing. I am in the 3rd season and have been laughing so loud I disturb the BF. It is hilarious and Drew Barrymore is funny!
  5. I am so excited to see this! I read the book when a teen and I know I had hope. From Alabama, it was hard for me to get this book but once I found it, it truly spoke to me.
  6. PS: Notice you also said relationship expectations. That is not a roommate.
  7. And, you may be 100% correct. However, whenever the orange orangutan gets involved, it turns my stomach. But, I still have my doubts that everything is as open and shut as you seem to think. Perhaps it has to do with the countless lies I have seen police make to clients. I am not a believer in anything deep blue. Having spent time in NYC legal aid clinics, I know the shit that happens. And, Kjun, he is cute.
  8. You are actually looking for more than that is you expect them to bring in clients and tell you about it. Nothing wrong with that. But, it is a service.
  9. I just saw the first episode of Warrior and really liked it. It reminded me of Banshee that was by the same producer and director. I loved the fight scenes and the interesting building of characters. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/03/arts/television/warrior-review.html
  10. I am still just not so sure. Maybe I misread something, but the check seems to be a point of contention and the brothers said they charge 12 UDS per hour for personal training. That can't be the right amount. I know of no trainer in any big city who charges so little.
  11. I don't think he should. But, that is because I don't know the full details. To me, it sounds like he is taking advice from his lawyers. And, if they are the ones calling the shots, he may be listening to people who have the need to draw this out. Always good to seek advice but then set your own course. I am not sure he is mentally capable of calling his own shots. He may be in post traumatic stress and things have just built up to the point where he can make good decisions. Hell, the president is calling him names and belittling him.
  12. Finding an escort roommate is easy. Finding one that shares with you and includes you in their life the way you want is a job. There are tons of guys that look for roommates with no expectations outside of a room to share. When other expectations are required, to me, that says services rendered. Thus, will your share of the rent be the same as theirs or higher because of your expectations?
  13. https://edition.cnn.com/2019/04/05/us/jussie-smollett-attorneys-chicago/index.html I read this. Is there more?
  14. The age of consent for all Americans traveling abroad is 18. The laws of each country are irrelevant.
  15. I went to Soi Twilight last night as I heard about the demise of Soi Twilight. The area is being converted into a big mall. There are only 2000 malls in Bangkok, but they seem to want another one. Lots of the bars and clubs are now boarded up and closed. This weekend is the last weekend for a few others. Many of them are moving to the other side of Suriwong and some near Silom 4 and some near the Patong Night Market. When I first came to Bangkok 17 years ago, I fell in love with this area as there were 10 GoGo bars and 10 beer bars (estimate) on the same little street and all next door to each other. Walk out one door with 100 boys on stage and into another with the same. Paradise! Now, it will be more spread out and a bit of a hike (5 minutes) from one area to another. Some are moving next to each other while others are still trying to find venues. I don't get into this area too often but wanted to go in this weekend to say goodbye to this old friend. This truly was one of the most amazing streets on earth and it will never be replicated anywhere. It is just not possible to do. Now, don't think for one moment that this means the boys are gone. They will still be there, just spread out a bit more and now more than a 5 second walk.
  16. It is kind of like the Muller report: anti-climatic. However, something smelled fishy with me all along.
  17. What do you make of the news that all charges have been dropped?
  18. I hear the same thing. But, I do not know. Not one of the "superstars" of the bar is one I would want to off. I like more the Screwboy twinky type guys.
  19. Numerito, I remember a few NYC escorts who stayed the same age for 10 years. I wish I had some of what they were drinking.
  20. Do you see this as a sign of the times and things changing in Brazil as they have so many other places?
  21. Glad you have not been hurt. I am getting older and each year I find ways to cope and change my lifestyle. I now do not use bathtubs as they have rounded edges but use a shower only to take showers. I am always fearful of slip and falls.
  22. This is an interesting thread on Moonlight at GayGuides complete with photos and experiences. https://www.gayguides.com/forums/topic/12024-moonlight/
  23. It is typical for the format. This bar has more body types like these. Others are very different and cater to different needs. I like twinks so it is not my cup of tea. Well, I have found just as many big dicks here as I have in Brazil or USA. True size queens can be happy anywhere they just need to see the goods first to not be disappointed. For me, this is not a requisite.
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