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  1. In the forums or on the front end of the site?
  2. I don't disagree with anything you said. But, I have very smart and educated friends who support him. Thus, be weary for the next election. Friends, both retired Dentists, living in Florida, love him and only watch Fox news and have a gay grandson. They do not see anything wrong with anything he does and truly believe all the news against Trump is fake. He has a way to make people believe him regardless of how outlandish. That is why I think the election may not go as we wish in 2020.
  3. I also think politics are a very tough subject on this or any board. I never understand someone not seeing the way I do as things seem to obvious to me. But, I am sure that RA feels the same. We all come to the voting both with different objectives and different mindsets. I never thought Trump would be elected but I fear that this may not be the last time we see him or a bigot in the White House. 1/3 of our country buys is BS. If they vote, they will. Why? Too many people sit home on their ass and don't give a shit.
  4. I agree. But, blacks support him, Hispanics support him, women support him and gays support him. Not the vast majority but he has some from all. Why? I don't get it. But, many people do not vote based on one issue. I do. I vote based on who they will appoint to the SCOTUS as I think that is what truly separates the candidates.
  5. Trump is a racist. People that support him are either racists or misguided. But, that is my belief and most of my friends from Bama support him as they think he is Godly. IMHO, again, very misguided. He is a con man. He always has been and I do not see why people fall for his cons. But, I do get why many support him as all they care about is putting conservatives on the bench and he is doing that in record numbers. Will he win? Maybe yes or no. As long as our system is the way it is, it is possible. I do not see any landslide in either direction. Our country is as divided as this thread. There are those who feel he can do no right and those who feel he can do no wrong. I think for now, it is a toss up. It is the democrats to blow and they are good at that. They always have been and I don't see that changing.
  6. Yes, I read this and found the whole thing odd. The boy was also 18 at the time. I am sure this is much more press and attention than he wanted. I do remember there were other questions about Spacey's past in the UK but not sure if any charges have been filed anywhere other than this case.
  7. Steven, A very well worded post and I liked your bottom line. I am glad that you and others stood up for Jeffrey and Rentboy. I don't know the full result of all of this but glad that he had people sticking with him. There was a great group in NYC years ago that was active in the legalization of prostitution. I do forget the name but I attended a few meetings back then. It is hard to get people really involved in this issue which is very prevalent in our society. Owning an agency years ago, I know so many guys that became Lawyers, teachers, accountants, doctors, etc. because the money they made from escorting allowed them to make a path available that was not available to them before.
  8. 1. I love his music. 2. He is hot and sexy. 3. Brave! https://www.advocate.com/people/2019/7/01/countryrap-superstar-lil-nas-x-comes-out
  9. In the 2nd Debate, I thought Mayor Pete was great as was Harris. I liked them both. I also liked Yang's answers. I thought both Bernie and Biden fell short for the night.
  10. Not running his business? His Trump hotel in DC is used by different countries. He hosts weekend galas at his Palm Beach Club and profits off of that. If you think he does not know he is making money for both, you are not paying much attention.
  11. Who impressed you in the debates? First one was last night and I liked Julian and Beto. But, I wish I heard more from the Washington Governor. Too many questions directed at Warren IMHO.
  12. Those that support Trump do not care when he made money, how much he profits in office or how many laws he breaks. It is that simple. It is not very complicated. To me, Biden and any other VP or President, should be able to write books, do tours or anything else to make money. I do not see that as a conflict.
  13. I just assume that everything I do online is spied upon. I just hope that one day the spies are able to connect me with a twink that is my type and also looking for an old fat man who loves to travel, go to movies, eat out and dance like a wildman.
  14. During Gay Pride month, I'm glad he felt comfortable enough to come out. We owe a huge debt the older generation for hard fought victories in getting closer to equality. I do worry we may be headed a bit back based on recent polls but that is where the younger gays, like Connor, can have an impact. https://www.usatoday.com/story/life/people/2019/06/25/american-crime-actor-connor-jessup-comes-out-gay/1566558001/
  15. They all make money when they leave the office. I don't begrudge him that.
  16. I'd love to see this. Free college for all. Free health care. Less military. Sounds like a good start to me. But, zero traction IMHO. Will never happen. These ideas will never pass. These candidate just tell people what they would love to see knowing it will be business as usual.
  17. I love my diet coke but all those chemicals can't be good for me.
  18. Loved the videos and photos. Thanks for sharing. Keep taking and sharing.
  19. I have been watching it from Day 1 and love it. Great show and characters. Ellen Barkin is great!
  20. Great deals to be had in visiting Gay Thailand this year! I know many think the fares are horrible, but they can be found for reasonable prices! Check it out. https://slickdeals.net/f/13160590-roundtrip-flight-los-angeles-to-bangkok-thailand-from-419-travel-sept-dec-201
  21. I agree with your last point in that I'll ride any horse that will defeat Trump. I like Mayor Pete and I hope he gets the nomination. I don't like Biden, well, I do but think his time has gone, but I'd still vote for him. I totally dislike the one of the candidates from NY but I'd vote for her as well. I loved Rentboy but the first time I saw them in the Gay Pride parade with the advertisement biggest whorehouse in the world, I was shocked as there were NYC cops at every corner. It was unabashedly in your face and it brought attention to them. I would assume they were under scrutiny for years. Please don't get me wrong. I love what the site did. But, to be all out there was a choice. I think the only think you and I disagree with is what would have happened in their bill to sex workers bank accounts. I didn't read it to say they would be shut. I may not understand the bill enough to see that. I could see Rubio wanting that and to shut down any gay person's account as well. But, I didn't see that as the result of that bill.
  22. The bill aimed at trafficking. The full ramifications are unknown. I had Paypal many years back close accounts related to porn without warning and it kept tons of people's money. I find no logic in closing accounts for sex workers. To me that is different that sex traffickers. Not sure what the exact words of the bill were or the intent. But, it wasn't passed. Also, remember this was 2018 and now it is 2019. A full year has gone by and nothing happened with the bill. I read your article each time you posted it. Each time I drew the same conclusion and that it is was meant to stop human trafficking and not sex workers but the sex workers feared it would affect them. What am I missing?
  23. New season just came out and it looks good!
  24. We all change our positions over time. I want prostitution legal but taxed. What two adults do is up to them. I am glad the online newspapers are gone as they were trafficking in underage. The way around that would have been to have things legal and big penalties for anything underage. I miss them as I found great guys there. But, they were not regulating themselves very well. When I ran a NYC agency, we kept anything underage out of the business. The newspaper rags were not doing that and were not trying hard to do that. Anyway, I'll take Elizabeth on her word. What do the other candidates have to say on this?
  25. She may just get my vote! https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/elections/2019/06/20/warren-im-open-decriminalizing-sex-work/1514029001/
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