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  1. Normally I would agree with you. My point is that 2.5 years into the current administration and the sobering thought given another 4 years of the same the SCOTUS could conceivably curtail equal protection under the law for the next 20 years, I don't need to vet any of the candidates to know that any one of them would be better than what we have now. That's enough incentive for me not to weaken any of them. Sorry we'll just have to disagree.
  2. Did I mention that Ginsburg and Breyer are 85 and 80 yo respectively, and Gorusch and Kavanaugh are 51 and 54.
  3. At some point, one of the candidates for the democratic nomination will secure/win that nomination, and he/she will likely run against Donald Trump. If part of the democratic base stays home like the Bernie Bros did last year, there's a good chance we have 4 more years of the same. I am not sure much could be worse than that. It's why though I have my reasons for wanting Beto to be that candidate, I say nothing about the flaws of Harris, Warren, Biden, Booker, Sanders, Kloubacher, etc etc... because ONE of them will ultimately be MY candidate. If the Dems lose this election, we deserve what we get. Fool me once, shame on you (Republicans), fool me twice, shame on me (Democrats).
  4. My wallet didn't open as broadly, but I too sent $$$ to Beto within minutes of his announcement. yes he's vague on specific issues and solutions. yes he does not have much executive experience. but yes we are in the 3rd year of the current administration, and like comfort food, the words that come out of his mouth about what's right and what's good just make me feel that there's hope for our divided country! Just the right thing at the right time.
  5. It was Tendermoments, Oz. I have no idea if they are still around! And yes, strong memories in that city, both with you and with NolaJohn, the OP. But yes, Montreal changed. But when the strip clubs weren't what they used to be, I would go to Unity (dance club) and meet (pick up) cute guys there. Haven't been for a while but heard Unity is not what it used to be, so in that case, would look elsewhere. Two points behind my story: 1) Cute guys in Montreal who are willing to play haven't gone away. They've just moved location. 2) To have a successful night, you just need to find one. You really don't need more than that!
  6. Welcome to posting, NolaJohn! Someday, a reunion in Montreal would be nice!
  7. Saw it. TERRIBLE movie, and I loved every minute of it!!!
  8. haha... and see above. This is why I won't read the reviews... just look at the boys and listen to the music!
  9. Heading to see it this weekend regardless what people say. It has: 1) Music by ABBA, 2) TWINKS, 3) Cher It therefore at the very least will be entertaining. I have such good memories of this show. The musical blew me away. And once, I actually picked up a very cute young man from right behind the cash register of Bergdorff Goodman (I actually went to check out in his line because he was so cute) because I had an extra ticket to see it when it was running on Broadway, and the evening was... well... magical. MAMMA MIA!
  10. He's cute! And I finally saw "Dunkirk" on a plane and really felt that he's a credible actor as well.
  11. sounds like you had a great first trip. Glad you enjoyed Adonis and scored. I've always maintained that at any strip club nothing really matters other than if you can find ONE that you really like and he pays attention to you. If you go to Campus in the daytime (3-8 pm) rather than at night you'll find dancers more to your liking based on your description of your type.
  12. you got me hooked when you said Evan Peters. Beautiful guy!
  13. where's that darned time machine when you need it!! I think I was in grade school and i got hard!
  14. It's been YEARS since I looked at that site (and certainly never donated money). The trigger for me was when there was some kind of "incident" (I think it was a squabble between posters on one topic), and the owner decided to shut down the forum for a few weeks as a time out. I actually wrote to him and complained about that move, making the point that the content was all created by the participants, for use by the participants, and that it seemed very heavy handed to operate with disregard for the suppliers of the actual value. In a nutshell, this is the biggest problem I've always had about his attitude and the culture created there. He owns the platform, but the participants create all the content and arguably therefore all of the value (reviews, forum posts, etc). His reply was dismissive and rude, and the site remained shut down, and that was the end of it for me. I didn't need to be abused twice. Of course when I first stopped going there, I missed it a little. But the internet is such a wonderful and entertaining place... it you're not finding fulfillment somewhere, you're not looking hard enough. It's like smoking or drinking or any other vice. If you want to quit, the only real way to do it successfully is just to quit. If you're periodically stepping your toe back in the water, it won't be long before you have to jump in the pool. And without a doubt, regardless of our addictions, the one thing that is pretty universal, is that if you have an addiction, you'll pay for it. That last paragraph was a rambling and long winded way to say that I quit looking at that site many many years ago and the result of it is that: 1). I no longer miss it 2). I no longer even think about the owner 3). I don't care if people give money to him or not, whether he's rich or poor, or whether he's legitimately worried about some law or not Life is good! (PS: I understand why Oz has to continue to look there since it's a business competitor.... keep your friends close and your enemies closer)
  15. happy birthday, Oz!!!! Hope you celebrated appropriately!
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