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  1. Axiom The other site only closed for a couple of days, the beta version is running at the same web address
  2. Thanks for the travelog and photos, its something that makes my morning when I wake up.
  3. Maybe the forum will return as a monthly pay for use site.
  4. So the other site's owner is shutting down the forum for the month of December. Probably not the smartest thing to do when you are begging for money because your reserves are down to 16 percent. Get ready and fire up the reserve computers, things are going to get busy here.
  5. Would anyone actually use the jacuzzi? Public hot tubs are not known to be very safe, I would never get in one.
  6. I bought a Jura Z8 https://us.jura.com/en/homeproducts/machines/IMPRESSA-Z9-OT-TFT-Piano-Black-UL-13752 back in 2004 and have loved it every since. Can make one touch European style coffee, latte, cappuccino of your choice. Very high first cost but with Swiss engineering it should last a long time.
  7. I'm on Lisinopril and have the dry cough from time to time. Its a side effect.
  8. Correct as always OZ, closed and reopened and there they were. Needed my dose of Grandma's photos and thankfully they're back. s
  9. Just noticed that half the forums are missing, just a momentary glitch?
  10. Had a moment of crazyness about an hour ago. Just came back and all is well. Thanks OZ
  11. I think he attended in the past when escorts and clients took up a fund raiser to get him there. Poor man couldn't even afford to pay for a hot dog at 7 11 because all he had in his pocket was a roll of hundred dollar bills. Of course why do you need money when all the escorts give him freebies to stay in his good graces.
  12. I had trouble hearing Justin's voice come through all the other background noise. Thought the entire show was distracting, too much going on. After a couple of years of good shows, we seem to be back to hoo hum.
  13. WOW, Florida is finally doing something right instead of always being at the back of the pack on everything.
  14. Should be fine but it will just take time. MRSA is a very difficult infection to get rid of and has a habit of coming back, however we are watching things very closely. Just so thankful to be home and one of my best friends, my regular guy when I lived in NC, has come over to help and celebrate Christmas for a few days. Getting the hang of having tubes and IV lines hanging out of me and maneuvering around the house and doing normal chores. Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
  15. Over the period of a weekend my lymph glands swelled up and I became extremely septic. Went to ER and surgery preformed the next day to clean out area. Then 3 weeks of heavy duty IV antibiotics and a wound vacuum. Home now with a portable Vac and three trips a week to wound care for dressing change. It was rough just to sit in a room for 3 weeks and I also didn't know how serious it was till I had been in for a week. Puts a whole different view on Home for the Holidays. Very very thankful here.
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