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  1. Free PReP In Florida

    WOW, Florida is finally doing something right instead of always being at the back of the pack on everything.
  2. Grandma Makes NEW Friends

    Thanks Sucky for your time in posting these.
  3. Packed & Stacked

    Youzer, some big meat. The lifeguard can come down and work at my pool.
  4. What's Everyone Up To For The Holidays?

    Should be fine but it will just take time. MRSA is a very difficult infection to get rid of and has a habit of coming back, however we are watching things very closely. Just so thankful to be home and one of my best friends, my regular guy when I lived in NC, has come over to help and celebrate Christmas for a few days. Getting the hang of having tubes and IV lines hanging out of me and maneuvering around the house and doing normal chores. Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
  5. What's Everyone Up To For The Holidays?

    Over the period of a weekend my lymph glands swelled up and I became extremely septic. Went to ER and surgery preformed the next day to clean out area. Then 3 weeks of heavy duty IV antibiotics and a wound vacuum. Home now with a portable Vac and three trips a week to wound care for dressing change. It was rough just to sit in a room for 3 weeks and I also didn't know how serious it was till I had been in for a week. Puts a whole different view on Home for the Holidays. Very very thankful here.
  6. What's Everyone Up To For The Holidays?

    I've been in the hospital for almost 3 weeks and get discharged today. Christmas will have a different meaning for me this year and will be more than happy just to be home with a good friend.
  7. Matt Lauer Fired

    Is he separated from his wife?
  8. Matt Lauer Fired

    A question that never seems to come up.....With Lauer being one of the youngest accused he has children that I think are under the age of 14. What do you tell them? They are used to daddy being a big deal, front row seats to macy parade, probably the olympics etc. How do you prepare your children for what is to come at school, out in public or in the media?????
  9. Tristan is arriving in Phuket today or tomorrow so if you are in town give him a shout out. He may like to meet some of the BoyToy crowd for a drink. 860.281.6382 Text /Phone Call | TristanBaldwin1@yahoo.com He is traveling on vacation to Thailand for the first time I think and is solo on this trip.
  10. Montreal A/C 2018

    I believe he is talking about a water source heat pump or straight air conditioner that uses river water to produce cooling for the home. If the city makes it illegal to use the water they would have to go to standard air conditiong systems like 99 percent of us have.
  11. Czech boy in Miami

    And from looking at his ad his prices are extremely reasonable. I don't get all these new boys that think 300 or 350 is normal for someone with no experience. Thinking this guy will do very well.
  12. The carnage of Las Vegas

    Please take the Case of JD Daniels and that proves Adam's point.
  13. Reviews on Boytoy

    The reviews at the other site have become useless in almost all the cases. "He was cute, made me happy and the rest I'll keep to myself" What good is something like this?
  14. Hurricane Irma

    Anyone who doesn't live in South Florida will ever be fully able to understand what many are going through. I evacuated the day before the storm to Fort Lauderdale when my county said to get out of B zone flood areas. When I left I had a high anticipation that there would be no home to come back to. After spending 5 hours on Monday to get 6 gallons of gas I came home. We were so fortunate that Irma wiggled east after coming ashore and they said that little move saved about 150 Billion dollars in damage. I was lucky enough to return to a house with no damage and the power was on. If you have never been in Southern Florida in the summer you just can't imagine the heat. 8 days later there are still 100,000 homes without power from Englewood south through Everglades City. I feel for these people and couldn't do it myself. On top of that in Cape Coral people are returning to their homes to find them looted. What a truly sad world we live in.
  15. Merida Mexico

    Lovely homes, looks like a wonderful place for a second home. I have been there once and enjoyed it immensely.