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  1. RA1


    Voting is critical. Good for you. I, too, wish to reject authoritarianism and ignorance. I am only hopeful we are all up to doing so. Best regards, RA1
  2. Yes, I am a survivor. Best regards, RA1
  3. I have said it before and I suppose I am about to say it again. My long standing advice to myself is to keep moving. I have been in a lot of dangerous places all over the world and keep moving has worked for me. Moving is easier if the goal is the journey not the destination. But, it still can be applied with reasonable care of one's surroundings and the purpose of the trip. I once delivered a plane to the Philadelphia area. The buyer was a VW dealer. He paid me in cash and handed me to a guy who took me to PHL in an old pick up truck. Throughout I was worried that I was being setup for a robbery or worse but he delivered me safely to the terminal and I departed for home. Maybe I was just lucky. Maybe my keep moving worked in this case. In either event, I am still alive. Best regards, RA1
  4. RA1

    The Organ

    More than likely it was low time pilots and heavy loads which left little to no room for error in flying the aircraft. Best regards, RA1
  5. RA1

    The Organ

    Thanks for the vid. Did you notice that before starting they motored each engine through about 8 blades? That is because round engines had top, side and bottom cylinders. The bottom cylinders can collect oil in them if various seals are not perfect. That will cause a hydraulic lock in that cylinder and cause it to become separated from the main engine. Not good. On large round engines there is a clutch to disengage the starter if there is a hydraulic lock and that is why they motor the engine. Smaller engines like on the DC-3 do not have this clutch and a smart crew will do this "motoring" by hand before entering the aircraft. Next and before the actual start they motor the engine while fuel is available but not ignition. This charges each cylinder with fuel so that when ignition (the magnetos) are engaged, the engine will start. Again they count the blades (meaning counting each prop blade as it advances) before ignition. Old airplanes are lots of fun but lots of work. Best regards, RA1
  6. RA1

    The Organ

    I have been asked, why can't you go faster full stop. Best regards, RA1
  7. RA1

    The Organ

    They were celebrating the technical accomplishments of a amazing aircraft during its most famous flight. There are always at least two sides to every issue. You stated one and I stated another. Best regards, RA1
  8. RA1

    The Organ

    As is recorded there was a lot of controversy about this aircraft and its possible display. I consider this an earlier example of political correctness gone awry. Currently the entire aircraft is on display at Dulles Field in the Udvar-Hazy museum. Around 1977 I had occasion to go to the aviation celebration held every year at Oshkosh, WI. During one show I saw a B-29 drop a replica of the A-bomb complete with mini-mushroom cloud. The Japanese complained bitterly and this show was cancelled. I suppose in addition to denying the Holocaust we shall soon decide the Japanese were not the aggressors in WWII. Best regards, RA1
  9. RA1

    The Organ

    Fifi has made numerous tours over the years offering rides for a few hundred dollars per passenger. It really is as complicated as it seems in the video. Bob Wilson, owner of Wilson Air Center in Memphis, is the guy in the nose in the blue shirt taking cell phone pix. Amazing aircraft. Thanks for the video. Best regards, RA1
  10. RA1

    The Organ

    AS- Good luck with a generator. They have some well established problems. One being if not run on a regular basis they might not start or run when actually needed. Another being keeping and having enough clean fuel. Let me know how it works out for you. Best regards, RA1
  11. RA1

    The Organ

    You may recall that I have never been a fan of any pols. I was merely stating that things could have been better had Lincoln lived. Best regards, RA1
  12. RA1

    Paraty, RJ

    Thanks for the reply. So, you don't think my post was tongue in cheek? Best regards, RA1
  13. RA1

    Paraty, RJ

    Why are you sad? Best regards, RA1
  14. RA1

    Paraty, RJ

    So, food comes from the grocery store? Even vegans have to realize that plants react to being killed. Survival of the fittest. Of course I do not enjoy killing anything. I hunted game as a young man but gave it up years ago, but I realize that animals (and plants) offer their lives so that we can survive or so I think. Best regards, RA1
  15. RA1

    The Organ

    I am willing to speculate that Lincoln, had he not been assassinated by Booth, would have been a voice of reason during re-construction. Instead we got all sorts of carpet baggers and others of their ilk. One reason it took so long to "get over it" (which some apparently have not yet). I was not brought up as a racist or anything other than an American citizen but I did always know who Traveler was. Best regards, RA1