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  1. RA1

    Amazon Pulls Out Before Cumming.

    Sorry but NY blew it. Best regards, RA1
  2. Agreed. Best regards, RA1
  3. All of the candidates mentioned (and many others) are promoting socialist programs. Thankfully most are so pie in the sky that they will never be enacted. Sorry to have been obtuse. Best regards, RA1
  4. I don't understand why many gays seem to want to be socialists. Is it the Sugar Daddy Syndrome in the form of Uncle Sugar? We already are trillions and trillions in debt + 10 times more in contingent liabilities. How can we justify adding more? Best regards, RA1
  5. I agree that Republicans are liars and hypocrites but equally so are the Democrats. Did you not notice that Obama added trillions to the national debt? Who ever adds the debt worries me. I agree that costs can be calculated but our social and welfare programs are beyond anything but meaningless numbers. That is my comparison to Rome. Best regards, RA1
  6. Are we forgetting the Democrats were the original racists? Some think they still are. I wish history did not repeat itself but unfortunately it does. I also do not see America as all conquering. The parallel I was drawing was offering all things to all people without regard to the true cost. Best regards, RA1
  7. They may have a lot of soul but I am hoping they are NOT connecting with mainstream America. Being the Libertarian Conservative that I am, I am hoping for summertime only Congressional meetings. Alas, that likely was gone many years ago. Does no one see any parallel with Rome? Best regards, RA1
  8. RA1

    ‘John McCain’s Last Fight’

    Of course technological means will enhance border protection as well as more agents. However, the border patrol as well as others seem to think a physical fence is desirable. At least I am not as intractable as both the Dems and Repubs. Best regards, RA1
  9. RA1

    ‘John McCain’s Last Fight’

    I agree there seems to be no solution for the "wall" question. However, two things come to mind. One, the Demos approved fencing in the past and, two, this appears to be a political fight rather than a factual one. Political fights do not seem to have solutions. Best regards, RA1
  10. RA1

    ‘John McCain’s Last Fight’

    Now if only the Demos would cross the aisle ala McCain.... Strange man who I admired and disregarded in equal measure. Best regards, RA1
  11. It is 410. Best regards, RA1
  12. If you mean RDU (Raleigh, NC) I suggest you contact Adam. Otherwise, just rely upon Southern hospitality. Best regards. RA1
  13. A few years back when things were much bleaker in the airline industry there was a running joke that pilots were carrying signs that said will fly for food. Having the cabin crew work for tips is a sad commentary on the state of the industry. Professionals do not work for tips. I have never been offered a tip as the pilot in command and the owner of a business but my pilot employees did get tips from time to time for service above and beyond. I always said, good for you and good for our reputation. Best regards, RA1
  14. Now is now and then is then. For an hour appointment now, the escort says yes or no. For some time in the future, something other than an hour appointment is required. Best regards. RA1
  15. Mamie wasn' t having another Kay Summersby around or was she? A male seems a lot safer. Best regards, RA1