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  1. Do you skip 4 out of 5 words as you go or just how do you accomplish this? Read one page and skip the next 4? According to me, you have about 1600 weeks X .8 to live. That is at 3 per week. Readers are much alike and not so much all the others. Best regards, RA1
  2. RA1

    Do You Sit Or Stand To Pee

    Just order them from Walmart. They will be delivered in a plain brown box. Best regards, RA1
  3. That indeed was part of the problem. But the fact that the ILS was inop that day (a perfectly beautiful weather day) allowed the crew flying to not set up for the "digital" approach as they always anticipated. They obviously did not handle the VFR good weather approach which any "old" private pilot could have handled (in a plane legal for him or her to fly). You are correct in that a junior crew member was disregarded during his warnings about too low and too slow. That indeed was a "cultural" error. However a captain current on stick and rudder would not have needed those warnings all else being equal. There is usually more than one identifiable reason for a crash or incident. Best regards, RA1
  4. The tree killing line was strictly tongue in cheek. Remember, trees are a renewable resource, although I think we are using them quicker than replacing them. I am very much in tune with the digital age as regards cockpits. The last airplane I flew/managed had every thing any airliner has and more. I only carry one piece of paper with me in the cockpit and that is to take notes as necessary. However, I also learned without all this stuff and can safely navigate as well as fly without it. If the GPS signals and VHF radios were interrupted, I fear there would be negative consequences in abundance. Luckily these occurrences are rare but not non-existent. For instance the Asiana 777 landing short at SFO. That was largely caused by over reliance on digital instruments/systems. Best regards, RA1
  5. I am not favorably impressed. Having a large percentage of a group having read a book last year is nothing. How many did you read last week is more to the point. Readers and you know who you are, can hardly go a week without reading at least one book. Somebody has to account for killing all those trees. Best regards, RA1
  6. There are few "new" things. Years ago some interiors on 727's would allow the center seat back to fold down into a table top. But this was in the days before deregulation of the airlines. Most steady travelers, like me, considered it a bad flight if there was an occupant for the center seat. Often I had a whole row to myself. During those days on domestic flights I never had to make a reservation, just show up and get on. I carried the full size OAG (Official Airline Guide) in my carry on bag to choose my flights. Also you generally knew who you were going to ride by the city. If going to PIT it would be Allegheny, ATL Delta, LAX United, etc. Best regards, RA1
  7. RA1

    The Organ

    Magnificent, even if they cannot pronounce the English words entirely correctly (or perhaps I cannot). Best regards, RA1
  8. I understand your point. College players do not get paid commensurate with the risk to their physical and economic health. But, they do receive compensation of various sorts beyond their scholarship. The campus rooms are very nice. The food is beyond nice. The "free"scholastic help is sometimes priceless. The get out of class free cards are available. The travel and fame are sometime priceless, other times less so. Not to mention SEX, available for all "stars" and others. My post does not mention illegal compensation. I had a request to put a football player on my payroll with the explicit comment that he would never show up and never cost me a dime. I demurred. This kind of activity is rampant. Best regards, RA1
  9. Johnny Vaught was an amazing coach. His forte was the odds. On 4th down with 3 minutes to play, he would kick away expecting his defense and then offense to carry the day. They did more often than not. Who says college football players don't get paid? Certainly not as much as the pro's but paid nonetheless. Of course Alabama can be beaten. Georgia could have done it and Clemson could do it. Still I have so many clients and friends who are died in the wool Alabama fans I have to root for them (most of the time). Best regards, RA1
  10. RA1

    Amazon Delivery Problem

    I thought that was the point of a forum (talking). I did not realize that there were "topic police" lurking. Join the fun and "just talk". Best regards, RA1
  11. RA1

    Amazon Delivery Problem

    Money will also buy you a private aircraft which eliminates (in the US) most of the TSA annoyance as well as waiting in line. To me there is no exhilaration like flying where ever and when ever one wants. The journey is the point, not the destination. Also having another do the piloting would only be second best. However and I have had this discussion with various passengers and owners, there is no such thing as complete safety or security. Money can buy you a private island and lots of body guards but you are still susceptible to the whim of an assassin. I think anonymity is a better precaution than money and I have plenty of precaution available to me. Best regards, RA1
  12. RA1

    Amazon Delivery Problem

    I understand your point but money isn't everything. How one is treated and how one treats others seems more important to me. Some money is necessary to participate in economic intercourse. Best regards, RA1
  13. RA1

    Amazon Delivery Problem

    Being accepted might be more important than the gift. UPS and FEDEX both allow you to choose various options for delivery. Happy holidaze. Best regards, RA1
  14. RA1

    The Other Forum Closing

    They have a staff? I guess I won't be reading there in DEC or JAN through NOV either. Best regards, RA1
  15. RA1

    Time To Forgive JFK?

    And here I thought that Douglas MacArthur was the last man who really thought nuclear weapons were just the latest thing AND almost had the authority to use them. I would like to think that JFK understood how the Soviet Union was better off without US missiles in Turkey or thereabout but I really think he was just trying to defuse the situation as best he could. I think he was terrified of what the Soviets would do and, fortunately, so was Khrushchev similarly terrified. Only in retrospective does one allow that both nations might be better off. Today, US and perhaps a few other's, technology could deliver fairly clean tactical weapons of nuclear design. Unfortunately the dictator's weapons are extremely dirty. I have little thoughts that the US would use them in a first strike but I have no such reservations about others. What is holding the world at bay? Pixie dust? Best regards, RA1