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  1. RA1

    The Organ

    Render onto Caesar................. Best regards, RA1
  2. Personally I have had mixed results from other countries medical practice. While in NZ I fell and broke a fibula. I happened to be visiting with a radiologist who diagnosed it as a sprain without benefit of X-rays. One cannot just go into a hospital in NZ and get X-rays or any treatment. So, I hobbled around for a few days, flew home, went to my orthopedist and got a proper cast. Private doctors are available in NZ and I used one of them on another occasion with good results and inexpensive care and Rx. On another trip a pilot who was accompanying me got strep throat or some such. We were in Goose Bay, Maritime Provinces at the time. We went to the local dispensary and he got treatment. Free. Thank you very much. Sent him home via airline. Another friend sincerely believes that his father died because he could not get treatment without waiting several months for same. Both the friend and father were UK citizens with the father living in England. Of course this is not a valid sample, merely my experiences. Best regards, RA1
  3. We cannot afford to fight wars all over the planet AND we cannot afford the healthcare being suggested by some current pols. It is not either or but neither. Pixie dust doesn't do it when the country is over 20 trillion dollars in debt with over 100 trillion in contingent liabilities. I agree luck is often underestimated and it DOES count. Best regards, RA1
  4. Most folks become disloyal when the checks stop coming. If you cannot purchase pols, what good are they? Al seems to have died some time ago. Here I mean altruism. Best regards, RA1
  5. RA1

    Is Trump Exonerated?

    Isn't it true that only the Congress can actually do anything and that thing is impeachment (followed by possible conviction)? I don't know if Mueller punted but a lot of folks fumbled. Best regards, RA1
  6. There is a saying which I believe to be substantially true. It goes like this. If all the money in the US was distributed equally to every citizen, within 5 years it would be the same as it was to start. i.e. those that had the money before will have it again. Best regards, RA1
  7. Of course not. If we are ever so silly as to enact redistributive wealth laws, no doubt we will deserve what negatively happens. Shall you be the first in line to give up substantially more of your income? Best regards, RA1
  8. Most everyone wants something for nothing or paid for by others. Unfortunately the world does not work that way. Best regards, RA1
  9. Kiwis are very matter of fact about everything so far as I can tell. Wonderful scenery, wonderful folks; would go back anytime. But, like asdsrfr, I was unable to make contact with the gay community because of business. Go if you have the chance. Best regards, RA1
  10. Obviously they deserve each other. Best regards, RA1
  11. In my humble opinion, many look as good or better in the latter pix. Respect is an integral part of aging and some of these have mine. Best regards, RA1
  12. As Lucky says, no one knows if Winnie originated this quote or not. However, I was not disputing the SYSTEM of government, only the written characterization thereof. Best regards, RA1
  13. Both unicorn and nycman are correct. Call your doctor and the first thing their recording says is, if this is an emergency, go to the ER. OTOH, once in the ER likely the docs will do exactly what unicorn suggests. Try to stabilize the patient, inform the attending (your doc) and call for help if things go awry. Unfortunately the modern practice of medicine is too much aligned with the bottom line. Hospitals are taking over and controlling docs and the practice of medicine. We already are only too aware of the influence of big pharmacy, insurance and the feds in general. Regardless of how and whether we have significant health reform in the US, we do not have enough docs and other medicos. Cheap Rx and universal pay for health care will not solve the current problems. Best regards, RA1
  14. Why on earth would anyone wish to immigrate (legally or otherwise) to such a poorly constituted country? Best regards, RA1
  15. The definition of a witch hunt is not having a crime and looking for the perp but having a perp and looking for a crime. Best regards, RA1
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