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  1. RA1

    Joe Biden Exposed

    A trait often found on the posts herein. Best regards, RA1
  2. RA1

    Joe Biden Exposed

    You have written disparaging comments about DT and me personally while I have not written disparaging comments about you or any of the candidates that you might support. When DT is re-elected will you apologize? Just curious. Best regards, RA1
  3. RA1

    The Organ

    I don't expect to live long enough to know the answer. Best regards, RA1
  4. RA1

    The Organ

    30 some odd years ago I was in Goose Bay when the temperature hit 90F. Most thought they had died and gone to hell but for Memphis (and me) it was just another summer day. That night the temp was 45 and everyone was happy again. The ice pack in the ocean around Greenland extended more than 100 miles that year. So, what do you call unusual heating and unusual cooling in the same year? Just Mama Nature doing her thing? Best regards, RA1
  5. RA1

    Joe Biden Exposed

    You have no sense of humor. Best regards, RA1
  6. RA1

    Joe Biden Exposed

    Some people like to fantasize about various scenarios. Such as nuking various enemies. I view Hilary Clinton's supposition that BO was not born in the USA as fantasy. Things that very likely either will not happen or are not true. You do remember that MS. Clinton was among the first to question BO's place of birth? Best regards, RA1
  7. RA1

    Joe Biden Exposed

    Of course it does. You simply did not understand it. Best regards, RA1
  8. RA1

    Joe Biden Exposed

    You probably will not understand my reply but I view this "hounding" as similar to those who said that we should nuke enemies in the Middle East. Radioactive gas will burn OK in your pickup truck. Best regards, RA1
  9. RA1

    Joe Biden Exposed

    Perhaps I should have said I disagree with the context of the things you list. Best regards, RA1
  10. RA1

    Joe Biden Exposed

    The media would have ignored them. They hate Trump and loved BO. I disagree that DT did all of the things you list. Best regards, RA1
  11. RA1

    Joe Biden Exposed

    It certainly is not traditionally what a US President does but it is easy to imagine that is what they are thinking. Sometimes we find out after the fact. I do not approve of many things DT says but I do approve of many things he actually does. Best regards, RA1
  12. RA1

    Bernie Sanders Panders

    You have already stated that you do not care what others think, so why are you curious? Best regards, RA1
  13. I was just wondering if Lucky was staying a few nights in this new hotel/resort? Best regards, RA1
  14. RA1

    Joe Biden Exposed

    No President was happy with the press. One problem with DT is he lets everyone know his feelings (and pronto). Best regards, RA1
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