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  1. BenjaminNicholas


    I just discussed PV in my last two blogs. http://15minutesmore.com/blog/2018/09/page/2 http://15minutesmore.com/blog/2018/09
  2. BenjaminNicholas

    HOOBOY and OZ

    Thanks Lucky. I'm dipping my foot back into this particular pool... Staying in the shallow end for now Hoo taught many of us some very important things- HB's whole life was literally one kind of show or another. He understood what being 'on' really meant. To get to hear him wax poetic about his views on how a top escort should do business was fantastic for a beginner escort just starting off. We always joked that eventually we'd open an 'escort etiquette' finishing school. Good memories indeed. BN
  3. BenjaminNicholas

    HOOBOY and OZ

    Hey guys. It's been awhile. Hoo's life was not a constant drama. It was simply what he chose to show the board within the image he created as 'Hooboy.' Personally, he was a quiet, intelligent and very cunning individual who understood that in order to draw people in (and keep them there), you had to constantly be aware of the show you were putting on. Hoo was in many forms an entertainer. Just wanted to clear that up a little. The majority of the drama laid and still lies (ahem) in the message center. That was a portion of the site he had very little to do with... Even less so as time went on. BN
  4. BenjaminNicholas

    Apple to advertise iPhone during Oscars

    Say it ain't so Oz. You, a first-generation iPhone guy? I don't see this device lasting much longer than the hype itself. Anyone can tell you that a touchscreen interface for dialing is a terrible idea, especially considering that most people in America don't have perfectly slim little fingers to do such with. I see the iPhone design working better on a v.2 or 3. Apple will learn what works for the consumer and modify accordingly. With first-generation technology, Steve Jobs has shown in the past that he's incredibly susceptible to flights of fancy. Here's hoping his new teletoy doesn't turn out to be another Sony BetaMax. BN
  5. BenjaminNicholas

    Detox Clinics

    'Detox' clinics are simply catch-phrases that stimulate feelings of well-being and health in people wanting the quick fix. Sure, colonics can be mildly slimming (mostly slimming through the loss of extra water weight) and depending on the formulation, they can also be energizing, calming or anything in-between. Keep in mind that repeated colon hydrotherapy IS dangerous. Make sure to keep a good amount of healthy bacteria in your system when going through the process. Plain yougurt is always a good source. 'Detoxing' the liver with supplements such as milk thistle seems to be a popular activity, but research shows that it does little to affect bio-creatin and stored caffiene levels. The kpuffer cells in your liver (the ones responsible for filtering out the bad stuff) react little-to-none with these sort of supplements. In a nutshell: There's no quick-fix to detoxing the body. Much like maintaining a muscular physique and healthy diet, it takes time, motivation and most importantly, discipline. http://newsfromrussia.com/science/2006/01/05/70813.html BN
  6. BenjaminNicholas

    Talent counts

    I was rooting for the Chili's this year for AOY, but it was also good to see a Texas-based group take the top prize. I still think that 'Stadium Arcadium' was a stronger album overall. The RHCP simply didn't have the 'anti-Bush' PR push that seemed to eventually work in favor of the Chicks. BN
  7. BenjaminNicholas

    Anna Nicole Smith: 1968-2007

    She was only 39 years old. How incredibly tragic. She was truly a caring and generous person... The 'Anna' that most saw on her reality show (and in subsequent courtroom appearances) was only one, very small, side of her personality. She'll be missed. BN
  8. BenjaminNicholas

    Craigslist-Why bother?

    Good comparison Lucky CL, especially in California, is a hotbed for vice-squad related busts against both escorts and clientele. I wouldn't touch that site with a ten foot pole, much less think it's a breeding ground for quality escorts. Often times you end up getting what you pay for. Sure, CL serves its purpose for working guys, as it attracts the newbies who are desperately looking to make their car payment or the over-the-hillers who can't find work anywhere else. I wouldn't consider it a good option (or ad space) for those who are in their prime or wanting to attract a higher-end clientele. Aside from the marketing aspect, i've heard that CL is swarming with police activity. Seems to me like looking for a million dollars in a mine field. Eventually, all Russian roulette games come to a messy end. Be careful guys. Be safe. BN
  9. BenjaminNicholas

    Post-escorting careers

    Don't forget that there are escorts out there who are college-educated (or further) and wouldn't have any trouble acclimating back into a traditional workforce. I've seen several escorts go on to become quite successful in real estate, whether it be showing it or flipping it. One in particular who lives in Southern Florida is making more money on property than he ever did as an escort. It's not unheard of to see a former escort working in some fashion for a past client. It can work out well, but it's not something i'd recommend. BN
  10. BenjaminNicholas

    Hooker spoiling it for everyone!

    I also know a certain escort who enjoys telling every single twink he meets that he's not charging enough and that they need to jack their prices up sky-high. Ultimately, every single guy he's mentored hasn't stayed in the industry for very long or has really yet to make his mark with either stellar reviews or top-notch marketing... And still they charge upwards of $300/hr. It's bullshit. Escorts cannot continually CREATE business on the laws of supply and demand. People have to want to contact you. It makes no sense that just because the item on the shelf is priced higher also means that it's that much better. In the world of escorting, you've got to show stability, social maturity, consistency, sex appeal and intellect. More common than most escorts are willing to admit, many working guys are quick to scale-down their rate when they know they have bills to pay and not enough clientele to cover the costs. A surefire sign of too-high rates or simply just not enough reviews to make it worth the cost-to-risk ratio. All of that being said... My rates as an escort are, yes, on the higher side. I provide a good experience for those i see and 95% of what i do is mostly longer-term engagement. If it happened that the demand for my time went down, i would adjust my rates accordingly. That's just good common sense. I wouldn't see any reason to continue to charge as if my schedule was packed 2-3 months in advance. I think that would eventually lead to shooting ones self in the foot. BN
  11. BenjaminNicholas

    Review from a lady?

    It took me a minute to realize who 'Riptide' really was... The screename and writing style are a dead giveaway. I find it pretty cowardly that you can't write under your ORIGINAL screename or simply call me if you've got an issue with me. Anyone can see that you're taking a completely harmless issue and trying (messily) turn the tables on me. It's not working. In the future, i'd be more judicious in picking a screename that's not so closely associated with one of your hobbies. Benjamin
  12. BenjaminNicholas

    Review from a lady?

    All this venom from someone with only 3 posts to their name... Why am i not shocked by this? Coward. My post was a light-hearted attempt to poke fun at the title of this very-long thread '...From a Lady.' An obvious referrence to the sketch comedy show Little Brittan, who has the pictured character always telling people 'I'M A LADY!' It's quite funny. If you haven't seen the show, go pick up season one on DVD. As for my blog: It remains more popular than ever, while my clientele continues to be pleased with the time we spend together. I'm EXTREMELY proud of both. Apologizing for finding success is something that i'll never, ever do. Your character assassination attempt fell flat. Next time you might want to try putting a second gunman on the grassy knoll. *wink* BN
  13. BenjaminNicholas

    Review from a lady?

    I wonder if this lady looked anything like this... http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b181/xpl...itain_emily.jpg BN
  14. BenjaminNicholas


    Feet are hot. Big BIG turn on... http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b181/xpl...ics/bnft007.jpg BN
  15. BenjaminNicholas


    It looks like it's been awhile since anyone's posted up in here, so let me add a new 'Whack-Attack' site to goose and gander: http://www.EdenGay.com Get's me off everytime. HOT. BN