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  1. Merida is lovely. That's the exact word I'd use to describe it... As would my grandmother. I'm a bigger fan of San Miguel de Allende.
  2. While you state that you might not be giving clinical advice, you are posting studies in an attempt to bolster your personal medication regime. My problem isn't with what you do... It's that other people might follow it thinking it's right for them. Bottom line, until Gilead does further studies supporting the use of intermittent PrEP, I am apt to go with their direction of one-pill-a-day.
  3. Interesting, but with a much less effective rate. 86% leaves a lot more wiggle room than the 92-99% effectiveness of daily regime PrEP. Bottom line (for me), until the manufacturer and leading ID doctors say it's as effective, I would never do intermittent cycles. Daily use results in maximum protection. Protection is the very reason why we take the drug. Why would I want to cripple the effects?
  4. Can you please provide a link to research that supports your 'on-demand' taking of PrEP provides the same level of protection as daily use?
  5. Bottom line, a pharmD is not a prescribing PhD and isn't in the same category as an infectious disease MD/specialist. https://www.onlineschoolscenter.com/difference-pharmd-phd-online-degrees/ PrEP is to be taken every day for it to be as effective as designed. https://www.hiv.va.gov/patient/faqs/PrEP-not-everyday.asp This thread is about misinformation and the spread of it. PrEP is to be taken EVERY SINGLE DAY
  6. Boy, you've really gotten good use out of that image. Based on some of your postings, I'm nearly certain you got it on clearance.
  7. You're giving examples of the highest end of Hublot to attempt some kind of clapback You can easily find an intro Hublot in the $4-5k range. That's not bad for a decently crafted watch.
  8. As others have mentioned, the metro is clean, safe and efficient. I've used it and recommend it. I will say that getting too used to Uber makes me feel totally lazy at times as a traveler. When cities go through their spats with Uber, it's a nice reminder that other forms of transportation are widely available and often times a lot more fun
  9. Womp. Womp. I don't get into pissing contests online. It's not worth my time. Enjoy Rio. Don't enjoy Rio. Up to you. I will continue to
  10. Really? Fantastic. When did this change out of MIA? I know about the newer equip from JFK/LAX... That's how I'm routing down in next month. I was seeing 767s on the MIA/DFW NS runs a few months back. Great if that's changed! I was thinking it was a typical AA seasonal thing.
  11. For which dates? Assuming it's on AA, who's flying really dated 767s down. They need to move their new(ish) 777s or 787 on the route, but that's not likely to happen anytime soon.
  12. Bottom line, safe or not, you hit what I call the shit lottery. Wherein I've traveled all over the world- sometimes in odd, unsafe nooks and crannies and have never gotten robbed or been in the middle of something life threatening- you unfortunately got picked to become a statistic. And bottom line, that's just the strange way life works. It could have as easily happened in Chicago or New Orleans, two US cities known for their violence issues. Side note: I also realize that at nearly 6'4" and 210 lbs, I'm the guy walking down the street that most people aren't going to choose to fuck with.
  13. I just mentioned the Rio gig as it was a yearly thing and really more about my love of the event/city/people/culture- Otherwise, I visit Brazil, several parts, multiple times a year. My main point was not buying into fear, using one's head as an experienced traveler and if it feels wrong, turn around and leave immediately. I'm not encouraging people to take insane risks, but frankly, most Americans sit on their couch and grandstand about these kinds of things, never having actually traveled a day in their lives. If I let the media or government tell me where to go based on red-banner warnings, I'd never have seen some incredible places
  14. Or, there's always the former-Steamworks, now named Xteamworks https://www.yelp.com/biz/xteamworks-bath-house-san-juan Not exactly strippers, but diversion just the same ;)
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