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  1. I'll let you queens go back to fighting each other. You live here but you can't get along.
  2. I remember now that this is not the first time it has come up:
  3. Mvan, Riobard, and Solace Soul lead the effort to keep the Latin Forum interesting, and it is the only forum where there are constant new posts. Where do you guys get the time to do this?
  4. The President of the United States called attention yesterday to a right-wing preacher's warnings that civil war would be at hand should the President be impeached. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/donald-trump-civil-war-impeachment-violence-removed-from-office_n_5d916a88e4b0019647aaa42d
  5. Once at the Narai Hotel security came to my room where I had brought a hot bodybuilder from Tawan. The guy said he suspected I had a woman in the room. Naturally, I denied it. He insisted on checking, so he found the body builder in a bikini on my bed. I agreed to pay extra for the guy, I can't remember how much, but it turned out that the guy had not brought his ID, so he was out. At the old Crowne Plaza, now the Holiday Inn, security met me at the elevator and directed me to the front desk, where they asked for about $40 to have the boy in the room. I was take aback, and declined. We went to the Surawong instead. (Today I would just pay it.) This is the same hotel that did not have my room ready when I arrived from the States dog-tired at 2 a.m. I had to wait an hour and a half! No doubt they were renting the room knowing I would be late. And, Oz, I can now claim 20 hotels as your question prompted a memory of another hotel incident. I think it was called the Evergreen. It's on Convent Road at Sathorn. We were staying there because our Thai friend knew the Caucasian manager, who had assured me there would be no problem with guests. And I enjoyed the company of a very hot guy. I escorted him to the lobby as he left and I returned to the elevator. A man in a suit got on with me and pushed a button for a floor above mine. However, he got off with me on my floor and proceeded to say he was hotel security and insisted on checking my room. Naturally, it was empty as he was too late. The odd thing is that when I told the manager the next morning, he said they had no security dressed as this guy was. He checked around and found no one from the hotel to say he was the one who had checked on me. So, who was? It's been fun recalling these hotels as each has its own memory!
  6. This comment prompted me to think of all the different Bangkok hotels I have stayed in. I could only come up with 19.
  7. Steven, you want the banter between us to stop, so you should not claim the last word for yourself. You have not made the slightest effort to explain why you revealed personal information here about you clients. If you were still an active escort, that would keep a lot of people from hiring you. The community is huge, with lots of young firebrands ready to go forward as activists. Yet you pick on 2 guys in their 80's. I submit that's because you have a personal grudge to work out. Find the younger guys who need a nudge to become more active and work on them. I did my part, and yes, I am now retired. The fight for gay rights, and escort legalization, will continue. I do support your activism. And, I will concede that until you went after two of your best clients, I admired you. Yes, I even liked you. Thanks for letting me have the last word. I am done now on this topic.
  8. grumble grumble grumble bark bark bark You derailed your own thread when you used it to attack Oliver and Epigonos, formerly your lucrative clients. Now I see that they have become Ollie and Epi. How sad. Why do you reveal client information here?
  9. Steven, I wish you all the best in your activism. Not everyone is an activist, and some of us are retired. Do you really expect guys in their 80's to become gay activists? Why not just let them be retired? The torch has been passed to a new generation. Focus on those guys. I've always understood that an escort relationship necessarily involves trust. Clients expect that their privacy will be kept by the escort. Posting personal information on the internet about a client is, I think, a violation of that trust. A client's health or bedroom activities is for him to talk about, not the escort.
  10. Steven, did not Oliver, and especially, Epigonos, spend tons of money on you? You knew their politics yet still let them hire you. For years! Your lack of loyalty to your friends is stunning. Once your escorting days were numbered and those bucks weren't so sure anymore, you turn on them. I am also of the opinion that if that website ends, the Pool Party would also likely end. So what? No one else has stepped up to make the effort that Epigonos and Oliver made. They made this event a big success and created good times that many participated in., Oliver never asked for a penny to compensate him for the costs of the weekend.
  11. The Democrats need to focus on defeating Trump. We don't need long, drawn-out impeachment investigations. The people will decide on Trump in the election.
  12. Bernie is probably a fan of daft punk as well.
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