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  1. Pope Benedict must have been worried that the book I posted about will make further impressions on people that he is gay. The author's premise is that the more they scream about gays, the more likely they are. (mind you, they don't have to be active!)
  2. His Attorney General thinks so. The Mueller report left it to Congress to pursue, but that's a surprisingly chicken shit decision. Mueller was appointed to investigate and make findings. He punted instead. Just my opinion as of today.
  3. I take back my comment, having heard the objections to it and reconsidered.
  4. When I entered Oliver's house, the crowd was so big that it was hard to get around. So many naked guys, I thought I had entered the baths! Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.
  5. Attraction takes many forms. A beautiful guy may be a dud in bed. I know from experience! I think back at ll the guys I rejected because of the face. Later experience taught me I was missing out on a lot.
  6. The headline screams; the fine print doesn't. More people will see the headline than the fine print. I've chosen some titles myself that could have been better, so I know this happens. It's just my opinion too.
  7. I am not likely to win any friends for saying so, but I find the headline of this thread to be a poor choice. We are Rio lovers, and to call the place RIHOE is insulting to the city and the sex workers. Just my opinion, of course.
  8. Has Tumblr just died or have people brought new and exciting things to it? Without sex, has it continued functioning?
  9. I did a search for Tumblr, trying to find the thread where we discussed the big changes that ruined the site. I saw my results page for a mini-second, then an error note came on telling me that something went wrong. Please wait 18 seconds to make another search. The countdown stopped at 7 seconds. The error code was Error code: 1C205/3 . UPDATE: I was not signed in when I searched the first time. The second time I was, and the search went just fine.
  10. In Mexico you don't take naps. Siestas work just fine!
  11. I made my first donation and bought my first t-shirt today to support Pete Buttigieg
  12. Speaking of Walmart, I went today to the one in Palm Desert. There were a lot of kids buying goodies for the weekend Coachella Festival. I saw a very hot Asian in a tank top, soon joined by his muscular friend in a form fitting top. The two cutest guys in the store, and they were Asian! Even EZE would have agreed. Not that it did me any good as they didn't once look my way!
  13. Back in 2004, I conceived of the idea to have a get-together with fellow posters and escorts from Hooboy's posters on the message board. The event continued, and gradually the crowd grew.We added a Saturday night theater event after the dinner. Sunday was a pool party, excepting that I didn't have a pool! Then the day came when Daddy had taken over from the late Hooboy and banned me from his site in what I recall as extremely under-handed behavior. But the Weekend continued under the wise eye of Oliver. He maintained the rules- only escorts and actual posters were invited. Eventually the Weekend, now known as the Palm Springs Weekend flourished. More people attended, more parties were arranged. Escorts, sex and hungry guys contributed to the event. The 16th Annual Palm Springs Weekend is here! April 14th and 15th devoted message board posters descend upon the Coachella Valley for fun and games. Oliver informs me that the tally of attendees is 46- evenly split between escorts and clients. It;s a chance to see the escorts with their hair down, if not their pants! Members of this site are invited. Even Oz has attended, and I saw him have a god time. There's no room for animosity, just fun. If you would like to attend, let me know with your information, and I will pass it on to Oliver.
  14. He is speaking very well. Even if ultimately he doesn't win, he i saying things that the other candidates shy away from. Ill be sending in my own check.
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