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  1. axiom2001

    Where is Trilingual now ?

    I keenly remember this scenario. It was quite unfortunate for Tri! Tri also returned to the States to care for his ailing, aged parents. He and I had lunch on the famous Plaza in KCMO a few months upon his return. I was back visiting my relatives.
  2. axiom2001

    Corujinha's anyone??

    Yes, this venue was a very interesting place to say the least. I keenly remember the guidance that both you and Tom gave to me while I was there amongst the company of many. I clearly remember that you set me up with a hot guy who could speak fluent English. ...remember taking him back to the infamous Hotel Atlantico and having a good and memorable play session. Those days I fondly remember and do hope to return to "Mother BraZil" and to Rio de janeiro one of these days. Hope it happens in 2019.
  3. As a first time visitor to Brazil, I would select Rio de janeiro to be introduced to all things previously mentioned. It has a much more welcoming beat based on size and its overall ambience. Although I enjoyed my visits to Sao Paulo, I did not take that leap until after visiting Rio, one of my most favorite cities, first. Others have alluded to size: I have always felt it much easier to navigate in Rio than in Sao Paulo. Again, while in Rio, I never hesitated to take public transit (buses primarily) and the underground/subway occasionally. Since SAMPA is so, so friggin' huge in area as well as in population-- I stuck with taxis which, to me, were expensive because of the distances that I traveled.
  4. axiom2001


    Thanks. I did not know, for a month or so back, I remember signing up. Glad to hear this about some of my limited funds being saved.
  5. axiom2001


    Check out http://rentmen.com as well as www.gayromeo.com. There are some guys at both sites, but the latter is difficult to navigate. Think you have to pay a fee to enjoy its ads from guys.
  6. axiom2001

    SALVADOR, BAHIA, Dec 22 to Jan 3

    Fernando could clue you in on all of the gay happenings in Bahia. I did not use his services when I was last there because my now deceased gay travel agent had booked Josuel for me, an equally professional and personable guide/individual. On two occasions he, Josuel, asked me if I had wanted to go to any saunas. I declined-- for I was saving myself and R$'s for the guys in Rio de janeiro. * In the meantime I did connect with Fernando via emails and on his FB page. Two friends of mine did seek and engage his services and were indeed pleased. To date when one has asked me about a guide in Salvador (Bahia), Brazil-- I recommend him as SolaceSoul had relayed in a previous post here. * Once I've learned about saunas in an area- I usually have taken myself there; I've used my guide for cultural ventures which entailed a meal or two; I've been quite pleased and satisfied in the end. Whenever I do return to Bahia- I'll definitely seek out the expertise of Fernando. * Might I suggest that you send him a message on his Facebook page if you have specific queries and if you are interested in his services. It will NOT cost you or obligate you in any way.
  7. axiom2001

    Atlantico Copacabana?

    At www.airbnb.com-- in many of the ads there are rules listed, and in some of the ads it's listed whether or not management allows or disallows guests. In 2011 I rented an apartment from a now defunct operation. My friend and I had company over w/o encountering any problems. This apartment complex had a security guard 27/7, and when we did have guests, my friend, who could speak a little Brasilian Portuguese, would relay to him if guests would be arriving. So again, note to see if any owner/manager has a specific guest policy when renting an apartment in Rio.
  8. axiom2001

    Atlantico Copacabana?

    Remember it's winter time in Brasil! I have an acquaintance visiting there now (July). ...don't see too many persons on the beach. Brasil's economy and political system are in the pits nowadays as well.
  9. axiom2001

    SALVADOR, BAHIA, Dec 22 to Jan 3

    Latbear4blk-- you might want to see what information is available at tripadvisor.com, www.booking.com, and www.fodors.com. More than likely some reviews are at each site. Also, see what's at www.gaycities.com as well. If I run across some material which I think might be of interest to you, I'll send you a pvt. [Lastly, try to do a tour of the Old Town, preferably with a local guide. I visited Bahia twice, liked the Barra area, for my hotels were right across from the water and near that famous lighthouse. I ventured on my own as well as had my guide join me for events which I did not want to do solo. One of these days, I do want to revisit the most African part of Brasil!]
  10. axiom2001

    ARGENTINA Jun/Jul 2018

    Muchas gracias for sharing your holiday experiences from beginning to conclusion. ...very interesting reading, indeed. ...enjoyed viewing the photos and reading the commentary in your blog. I really thought the last "taxi boy" was simply gorgeous: beautiful, silkened skin, nice, sculptured physique, and...! I'd liked to have rendered a hot tongue bath on him all over. ...simply, simply mouthwatering. Hope you have a pleasant trip back to Washington, DC. Thanks a whole bunch for sharing! Axiom
  11. axiom2001

    Nob Hill Cinema Closing

    It's unfortunate that this venue is doomed to close, for it has been around for a while. Its closing is another sign of the ever-changing "gay" San Francisco.
  12. axiom2001

    ARGENTINA Jun/Jul 2018

    This place was one of my favorites when I visited Buenos Aires. ...liked the architecture, the shops, and the overall ambiance.
  13. Since your visits entail more than sexual liaisons, I'd suggest your visiting Salvador, (Bahia) Brazil, and instead of your doing this travel adventure solo-- engage the services of a superb gay guide who is certified and has his own company. He's on www.tripadvisor.com as well as in google.com; his name is Fernando. I've been to this city in Brasil and like it as well as its surrounding areas, and although Fernando was not my guide, but an amigo of mine engaged his services and was quite, quite pleased. {My now deceased gay travel agent who lived in Rio had me connect with Fernando's mentor.) of whom Fernando has the utmost respect. Fernando and I have been in touch of three occasions via extensive emails.} And, I am with you: "I am not thinking only about sex."
  14. axiom2001

    Private clubs on here

    Tomcal, I, too, would like to join! Obrigado! Gracias!
  15. After reading about the Brazilian saunas with "boys" in 1998 or 1999 written by Trilingual who began the initial post at www.daddysreviews.com-- I ventured to Rio de janeiro in 2002. My first sauna experience was at Roger's. ...went quite well because I'd read every post as well as sought answers to all of my queries. ...went back (twice) to Brazil in 2003 and subsequently 8X's later until 2011. Damn, has it been 7 years since I was last there! Time definitely escapes one!