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  1. If you desire to experience an entirely different area and what it has to offer-- then I'd venture out and travel to Buenos Aires, one of my favorite cities. ...have been four or five times when I've journeyed to that part of South America. I contacted my guys from the sites that have been mentioned in other posts: ratonesonline.com, www.soytuyo.com and one that begins with an "l. Although I can't speak Espanol, I managed to have some hot encounters. Unfortunately, my guys are no longer advertising at either site. [BA is a beautifully fantastic city, very European in scope.] In terms of Bariloche, I was once on a tour; I connected with its beauty and quaint architecture. Unfortunately, I was only there for a day or two. But, after weighing the plus and perhaps minuses as to your going to Buenos Aires or to Brasil-- take your trip and enjoy immensely!
  2. axiom2001

    Nob Hill Cinema Closing

    This past Friday, 1.4.19-- I drove down Bush Street in SF and passed by the Nob Hill theater. On the marquee are still those candid and conspicuous words: "Feel My Junk!" As I continued to drive by, I sadly smiled!
  3. axiom2001

    SALVADOR, BAHIA, Dec 22 to Jan 3

    ...superb assistance and guidance to future visitors to the saunas in Salvador (Bahia)--Brazil. I personally appreciate that you took the time while visiting a place of which you highly desired per previous posts and wrote and posted for the benefits of others. Muito obrigado!
  4. I absolutely and wholeheartedly concur! The webmaster can freeze anymore postings to this post if the ideas are not relevant!
  5. axiom2001

    SALVADOR, BAHIA, Dec 22 to Jan 3

    HAppY New Year to you and thanks for your most interesting continuance of your saga while in the most African-influenced cities in Brazil. I was waiting but knew why there was a brief loll: it's holiday time, and you and the natives wanted to experience the offerings! EnJOy your final days sanely and safely and fully bask in the afterglow once you return homeward!
  6. Thanks again and a very, very Happy New Year to you as well! Your sharing has been invaluable as well as highly interesting! ...can't wait to read about your adventures in Salvador (Bahia), Brazil. I've managed to have visited twice. ...liked very much but have yet to experience the "sauna scene" as it exists there!
  7. Yes, we all should be respectful of our fellow human beings, but did I misread the title of the thread? I thought it read as: "2 boys I had in Havana." Did I read correctly?
  8. axiom2001

    Winter in Havana

    You are more than welcome, and WELCOME to the site!
  9. axiom2001

    Winter in Havana

    This question has been asked here previously; the website with the rules and the 12 categories is posted. One supposedly cannot travel as independently to Cuba directly from the States as s/he could under the Obama administration. I traveled there in 2015 but was with a group for ten days "too few." A couple, who joined us, had been in Havana for a week, traveling independently and w/o any problems. Others stayed after the People-to-People tour and did their own thing. Unfortunately, today #45 and his friggin' administration has rescinded traveling legally and purely independently. Do a google search; also search the archives here; your query will be answered. As far as I've read here as well as experienced, there are no hotels in Havana which allow guests, male or female. I went with my escort to a house of his choosing; we fucked around; I paid his requested fee as well as for the room. He exploited me in terms of the latter. When I was in Havana in 2016 or maybe it was in 2017, I stayed two days with a family and rented an apartment for three in order to be "FREE" and to have company. Because I did not do my entire trip of some 25 days, I forewent my apartment stay. The owner of the apartment received the money, for it was an airbnb property. But again, your queries have been answered and are in the archives. Just type in a few words and see what's there. And lastly-- if you do go-- please report back here for past visitors as well as for future ones. I LOVE CUBA and do desire to return and travel independently! ...want to re-experience Havana and go to other places for the first time. [If you do manage to travel to Havana, I have a Brit amigo who's rented rooms from a Cuban to play. He's traveling again there in February of 2019; he plans to stay in a hotel (for comfort) but will use one of Frank's rooms to play.]
  10. Latbear,  a few minutes ago I perused your thread re: the new blog which you are in the process of developing for those who read and speak Espanol.  As I scrolled, I noticed something about an escort/entertainer in Buenos Aires. 

    Question: although it's nov defunct, unfortunately and sadly, did you ever go to the INSIDE restaurant which featured some of the hottest and most hung men in BsAs?  My porteno amigo took me on three occasions.  I enjoyed the shows and the guys who were there but not the food of the restaurant. 

    If you managed to go-- what was your assessment?  This curious man desires to hear from you!  Gracias!

    1. Latbear4blk


      I have never heard of that place, my friend. 

      About your request, my bad memory is legendary. Plus, I just smoked my bong. You should remind me to inquire about the place the next time you see I am in Buenos Aires. Probably in July.

  11. axiom2001


    There's one that I went to, but the information is in the archives at the other site that has closed down for the month. See what's listed (if anything) at www.netgay.com.br for Curitiba. Also, see if any information (via a search) is available in the archives here. Sorry, that's the best that I can do regarding your inquiry.
  12. axiom2001

    Do not Post any photos

    It's not sad, just very specific and direct for ALL to follow if they desire to post photos at this site!
  13. axiom2001

    Smoking Hot Santo Domingo

    During my visits to the saunas from 2002 until 2011-- I saw very few to no black garotos in the saunas in Rio, Sao Paulo, and Curitiba. ...did not go to the saunas while in Salvador (Bahia) when I made two visits to that most city where Brazilian blacks are in abundance. I did have one spectacular experience with a guy in my hotel room though. At the time he drove a taxi and had been with one or two guys who wrote extensively at www.daddysreviews.com (...way before 'Daddy' decided to split the "Reviews" from the "Forums." Today they're separate. When the "Message Forums" return after the new year, go to the archives and search for "Taxi Driver in Bahia." Makes for interesting reading.
  14. axiom2001

    Winter in Havana

    ...truly enjoyed your read and reflected on my Brit friend's yearly visits and contrasted your saga with what he's shared with me via emails. Apparently you must speak Espanol in order to have meandered and communicated so very well? When I visited in 2015-- I met only one guy from https://planetromeo.com. His fee was CUC $30, and he "exploited me" by requesting the same amount for the room that we'd used in this house which, from him was that of a female friend whom I met after we'd entered. At the conclusion of our play time-- he and I walked to the back of the house to a pleasant room; he had requested that she ask me if he could be with me the next day. That she did in rather good English. My response was that I would be touring with my small group; then she asked about the next day: I responded that I would be leaving. The guy and I left and went back to my hotel in order for me to obtain more money. I'd only taken his fee and enough for the taxi to and from my Hotel Presidente. [The guy was hot and beautifully hung and apparently only fucked as well as getting sucked. I concluded he was "gay-for-pay." To date there are very, very few ads of men in Cuba at the aforementioned site.]