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  1. Travel with RockHard...

    I read some of the initial text and liked RH's writing style; I viewed some of the photos, esp.. the ones featuring all of those sweets and thought if I'd ignore or imbibe a little if I were a guest. Then I came to the mini-debate and had to smile, smile, smile. Men! Men! Men!
  2. Boy Beauty

    ...very, very much so! ...agreed 100%!

    I'm confused but would like to meet Allen. He looks good and mighty succulent!
  4. Palm Springs next week end, anyone?

    I have yet to attend the PS Weekend because of various and sundry reasons but might venture there in 2019 if it is still being held. I am a rather sly soul in gatherings of this sort from what others and I have determined.
  5. My formerly go-to escort [male] in San Francisco had a job at Trader's Joe's but left it; he could not live on the minimum wage vs what he made hourly in sex play! His rentmen ad is up but not his phone number; he rarely posts at Facebook as well. I'm thinking he might have a "sugar daddy!" I DO NOT like what has happened with backpage and craigslist and hope the feds don't try to shut down as well as this site and
  6. Girlfriend is Back !

    I just happened to have viewed and listened to "Good Morning, America" this morning [4.13.18] where the athletes who will be on DWTS appeared. ...don't know if I'm goin' to like this year's contest or not! ...viewed and got involved with the last 2 seasons. Personally, I don't mind Adam and await his debut.
  7. Peel Me a Grape...NOW !

    Yes! Yes! Yes! He's one hell of a gorgeous man!
  8. Bye Bye Winter.....

  9. Where will Grandma find her Boys ?

    Damn, he could be my hard, hot and hung daddy puttin' it to me from all directions!
  10. Where will Grandma find her Boys ?

    I wanna play with #s 27---42--and---43, followed by #s 1---2---5---6---8---10---12---15---17---19---23---24---30---32---33---37---38---and----40!!!
  11. The INVITE

    I'd like to spend some time with you in some mighty, mighty play!
  12. Grandma's Dark Desire

    "Tame me, stud!"
  13. Nice cock

    Damn, I could overdose on this cutie. His lips-- body, and that long, uncut cock are definitely enticing!
  14. It's TOO Quiet in Here...WTF ?

    I've always liked your contributions; please reconsider and continue to post a variety. But remember-- many of the sites have fewer viewers now. Guess all of the advance techno has impeded one coming to this website as well as at daddys. It's been slow there, too, for the past six months. [Also, craigslist and backpage have been adversely affected by the friggin' feds. Thankfully, is still around for viewing and connecting.]
  15. Mouth-watering nipples

    I'd love to "fire up" those subdued but perky nips!!!