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  1. "DAMN, have you been in Santo Domingo and its environs for almost a month?" If so-- your time really escaped by!" "The old adage "time goes by fast when one is having fun" is apparently in play here." APParently, you enjoyed yourself based on what you shared here!
  2. ...2003 in February Only two or three guys who posted at daddys were part of these adventures. Unfortunately today, some 16 years later, I can't recall their names.
  3. After Carnaval a few years back-- about 20+ male tourists from different parts of the world with the majority being Americanos and an equal number of escorts/garotos, boarded a boat in "The Green Isle," two hours south of Rio and had one hell of a day. Many of the escorts danced and played; a few got buck naked and paraded their charms. A photographer on board took photographs of the guys who had the biggest cocks, and I managed to meet up with one of the biggest, if not the biggest, back in my hotel room prior to my going to a Gay Ball later that evening. ...a time that I shall always remember and would like to repeat!
  4. "But deep down I just want to go to dickney land." I am smiling and thank you for writing. Continue to enjoy yourself in all aspects.
  5. Lucky, I did not get offended by the title, for what followed it fully substantiated. I am not going to debate the merits or demerits of the chosen title by writer, but I do wish that others will not chime in based on what you wrote and that they continue to address the initial thread as the writer intended. Putting myself in the shoes of the writer, I do think that he does not want his thread hi jacked, which I presume that you did not intend to do such. But with others "attacking you," that'll bring it on!
  6. I strongly concur with what you wrote! ...wish the guys here would stick specifically to the topic of each thread and NOT attack what someone else had written. Is this a contest?
  7. My amigo who's in the travel industry in Sao Paulo DOES NOT like this at all, for I presume travel businesses get some funds from non Brasilians via the purchasing of visas. I didn't comment on his posts that were on my Facebook page regarding this matter. ...only wrote that my current visa expires in four or five years. Look like it'll be a part of my passport until it itself expires in 2025--I think!
  8. ...thought I should add my take on the wonderful and exciting report that you shared! Muchas gracias! I thoroughly enjoyed the read and lived the experience slightly vicariously. ...would love to meet your "Big Dicked" play partner and be ravished into oblivion.
  9. Recoleta is central; I've stayed in this barrio on three occasions in apartments which I obtained via a gay apartmental agency whose specific name, unfortunately, escapes me. Santa Fe Av is rather gay in certain blocks. Again, I am unable to share specifics, for memory hinders this. Check out https:// gaycities.com. Also do a google check in terms of gay apartment rentals in Buenos Aires. ...wish I knew the company I used, for they were excellent as well as quite reasonable. gaycities.com/BuenosAires. It should be of help to you as well.
  10. "But this site is supposed to be confidential to members." Guess someone talked when he should NOT have and kept this site to himself and others who read and write or just view!!! Unfortunate, indeed....!!
  11. netgay.com.br for massage studios. I checked out an enticing and very well put together massage web the other evening via that website.
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