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  1. Recoleta is central; I've stayed in this barrio on three occasions in apartments which I obtained via a gay apartmental agency whose specific name, unfortunately, escapes me. Santa Fe Av is rather gay in certain blocks. Again, I am unable to share specifics, for memory hinders this. Check out https:// gaycities.com. Also do a google check in terms of gay apartment rentals in Buenos Aires. ...wish I knew the company I used, for they were excellent as well as quite reasonable. gaycities.com/BuenosAires. It should be of help to you as well.
  2. "But this site is supposed to be confidential to members." Guess someone talked when he should NOT have and kept this site to himself and others who read and write or just view!!! Unfortunate, indeed....!!
  3. netgay.com.br for massage studios. I checked out an enticing and very well put together massage web the other evening via that website.
  4. When I read the read the thread-- what you cited, "Most garotos..." immediately came to mind. Obrigado!
  5. ...was at Carnaval in the mid 2000's. ...liked Rio and its surrounding areas afterwards because the prices for lodging, I remember, were drastically decreased. ...weather great as well, but today one can't count on steady weather patterns during these drastic climate changes.
  6. Where in the Castro? Where in San Francisco does this type of action transpire? If it does exist, it'll be vast news to me!
  7. I'm with you here. Mr. Smollet's career was on the upswing. Why ruin it now by staging a false attack? Let us all wait and allow the situation to play out through careful and intensive investigating, etc.....
  8. ...absolutely NOT! I've always enjoyed your posts regardless when posted. Continue at your convenience.
  9. I'm with you Tassojunior! We all have had glorious and exciting times in Amsterdam, Paris, Athens, Brussels, London, etc.... "back-in-the-day!" And we did not have to engage for pay either! But I guess it's always wonderful to reflect and to reminisce. It's also well to address the topic if one can!
  10. ...BLATANT discrimination based on physicality?
  11. I'd presume that the reason you do not see any posts regarding gay clubs and other night spots here is that most of us here are over 50 years of age. The club scene was a "once for us!" When I was a young chap-- I would hit the spots in San Francisco almost weekly on weekends. ...had a fantastic time, and today at times reflect on the past, esp when I'm visiting my best friend who now lives in Los Angeles. Today I would not venture into these venues, for I'd stand out "like a sore thumb" with my beautiful white hair and ok bod but would be ignored because of ageism! And during my travels, I take in other cultural activities and some of the male natives but NOT dance clubs or the like.
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