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  1. These abs are so beautiful

    Damn, he's a gorgeous creature just beckoning me to come to him to render the most torrid tongue bath!
  2. Rimming

    After I posted-- I gave second thought as to leaving it up, for the hottie had a strange name which I did use in the review. I used his name that appeared in his ad at Right now there are over 750 reviews that have been posted at, so it will take a while for mine to appear. When it does-- I'll give a "heads-up" here!
  3. ...enjoyed your read and appreciated your mentioning the restaurants which you visited as well as the cultural components which you and friends explored. I hope to be in BCN in September and will try to go to some of the eateries to which you referred in your report. Muchas gracias +
  4. Rimming

    Last month when I was in Los Angeles for a few days, I saw a hot, Latino escort one of those nights. He asked me about rimming, and I told him it had only been done once to me. He and I continued our play when he suddenly asked me if he could rim me. Of course I obliged his request, for I knew I was very clean after having prepared myself to receive him anally. The latter didn't happen (something that I'd truly yearned from him) because he did not have any condoms, and I do not get it "raw." The rimming felt ok, but of the activities in which he engaged, I preferred his oral skills. Although he said he was more bi than gay-- I could not tell, for he could suck a cock! [A review should be posted at "the other site" once the webmaster returns from his holidays!] SORRY can't remember the guy's name.
  5. This morning on my Facebook page-- I received a post from Tim Kruger, the founder and owner of Tim Tales Production. In this post were the rankings of sixty-six porn sites. "Tim Tales" ranked fifth amongst the lot. Am posting here for you guys who like porn and related subjects.
  6. Nice cock

    This guy has one gorgeous piece of "meat" that I'd love to give lots of hot "service!"
  7. BOY-pourrie

    Those very timely captions really enhance those alluring and very, very hot photos!
  8. The 1st MEAT of 2018

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! I wouldn't "GO WRONG" meeting any of these men who grace your first post of 2018! Many thanks!
  9. Dont Cook Tonight....

    What a gorgeous, fuckin' feast to begin 2018! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
  10. Happy TODAY.....

    ...always had the "sizzling hots" for Queen. To me he was ravishingly-handsome and very, very sexy!
  11. Holidaying in February

    Redxs, you're asking quite a bit here, but I'll give you my limited take on this. There's always the Thermas in Barcelona. Although my one experience there was not the best, others here, as well as a good friend of mine, have fared much better. My experience had NOTHING to do with the guys but with management. But at any rate, others can chime in regarding this venue in BCN, a city that I love. There's also the hot scenes in Berlin and Munich, but you will have to do the research. Read what has already been posted here (live) as well as what's in the "archives." I had a very hot escort in Budapest about four years ago. He, at the time, advertised at or perhaps at the now defunct rentboy. The time with him still resonates with me. Sorry, can't remember his name. Check out: and some other gay-specific webs. In many cases the info. that's posted is worthwhile.
  12. At the Stroke of Midnight....

    What a super-invitating way to anchor in the new year! Many thanks and a very happy new year to you, Suckrates!
  13. Oh, THOSE LEGS....

    Both men are stunningly gorgeous! They're awaitin' to greet the new year and all that holds for them!
  14. Does there always have to be a "tit-for-tat" when opinions and experiences differ? Yes, T..., I read all of your reports with much interest and appreciated the time that you took to share and/or gloat, but please begin to read and share and NOT feel compelled to respond. Remember "everyone's experiences" or expectations or perceptions are "NOT" the same. That goes for sex with escorts, too. One man's hot time can be one hell of an abysmal of a time of another with the same escort. Continue to enjoy life and have a wonderful and refreshing 2018.
  15. Many of the sauna guys move on; they could be there one year but not during the next time that one visits Rio and/or other cities. Many first names are similar, too, so asking for names is somewhat futile unless the guy [garoto] is a "mainstay!"