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  1. If one is interested in directly contacting Frank-- he sent me his email address and his phone numbers along with a plethora of information regarding his properties. Contact me via PM, for I have not been given permission to write this info. publicly. Frank sent me via email pertinent information along with a description of his properties. Yoel also included two photos of "his blessing" which is not as impressive in the ones that he had made four years ago and sent to me. We managed to meet in 2015. My plans in 2017 were aborted after I had visited for 3 or 4 days--. The trip was a 25 day sojourn.
  2. A Brit acquaintance of mine has been going to Cuba during the past six years. He's rented rooms and has met guys through Frank who rents out rooms in several or more properties. Check out his Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Zarzamoracubacuba.Frank. In 2015 I met a guy through Frank; in 2017 I had an airbnb apartment apartment rented for company; I'd planned to receive some of Frank's guys there. Because I had to abort my 25 day trip (back problems)--the latter of the above did not happen. Hope to redo in 2020 or 2021.
  3. I enjoyed reading your post, for before you left, you asked questions; some of us responded (in various ways based on experience) to them. You encountered many positives and a few negatives from which you now know how to operate when you return. Brazil (Rio) especially is addictive, as well as at times,sometimes daunting, depending on the circumstances. Return to "The Marvelous City," and do venture out as Badboy81 mentioned in the highlighted area and I in a private to you before you left. It'll only enrich you. A friend of mine whom I met in Rio during my last trip a few years back just recently returned to Rio where he managed to stay for almost a month. He did "the sauna scene" and apparently had garotos over on a daily basis, but almost each day he would post on Facebook where he was or went during that particular day. His photos recaptured some of the experiences that I had when I managed to travel there as well as expose me to a lot of the unknown which is there for me to explore. Hope to return in '20 or '21. I've been to Thailand on three or four occasions, but as another poster mentioned-- the two cultures and nations about which you wrote are definitely different. Now that you been to the largest country in South America and to its supreme city, experience and enjoy but try NOT to compare. Appreciate the uniqueness of both. Obrigado! I'll await to read reports from you when you endeavor to travel to Brazil again.
  4. When is the best time to arrive? What's been the general fee request for a lap dance? ...for anything else very sexy?
  5. ...sorry to hear about the "bug" that you picked up. With antibiotics it is hoped that you will rebound soon. Have you tried getting a ticket from SFO to MIA and MIA to the SD? American has flights there. Look into some brokers who offer discounted fares. I've used their services to fly first and business class and did not break the bank. Do a google check, for my address book is in another city right now.
  6. ...hands down and up: Tarntawan Hotel allows "working boys inside." I stayed there a few years back; upon registration I had to fill out a card related to my desire in receiving guests. This supposedly was for my protection. Had a masseur come over. After he left-- the personnel at the desk rang my room to see if everything were fine; it was and then some! Saw other guests bringing "talent" back with them for some hours or perhaps overnight stay. That's all that I can relate except that I found the place comfortable, quiet, clean, and wonderful for five days/nights. Its location was in walking distance to the area that had clubs with boys, etc. Don't remember the precise title for the area. I also could walk to the train that ran skyward. The first T that you mentioned is the one where I stayed.
  7. Dear TomCal- I find what I cited NOT to "outdated opinions." Perhaps you should have carefully read what I cited. I wasn't advising future travelers to spend more than asked-- I wanted to instill in one that although R$100 to R$150 seem a lot, it, in actuality it is not and not to fret or try to lower the requested fee unless that is the guy's (client's) thing.
  8. Men, from this juncture- "agree to disagree" and move onward! The previous discussion could go on and on and on, and NObODY will change his mind as to "safety" as it exists in both Santo Domingo and other places in the DR as well as in Rio de janeiro.
  9. Matt4twinks- a lot has been written about the guys who are in the saunas. My suggestion would be to go on your trip and make the better of the situation. ENJOY! There are a variety of guys at the saunas which has been written about previously. When I visited some years back, there were more than three saunas each in Sao Paulo and Rio de janeiro. Twinks were there, but they were not at the top of the list for me. Today, the number of saunas in both of these prime cities is limited, so visit ALL. "If push comes to shove, check out https://netgay.com.br. A few twinks advertise here! More than likely these guys might charge more than R$100 and R$150, but when you calculate and check the exchange rates, this is NO MONEY as compared to the US dollar and Euro and to what escorts in the US and Europe and Canada request! "Mother Brasil" will "open her arms and heart to you to "THE MARVELOUS CITY!" ...don't know too much Brasilian Portuguese.
  10. A few months back- I saw this film in a movie theater. ...really liked it very much-- the music as well as the actor who portrayed Queen. ...thought he was hot and sexy in his own right, and I yearned to play if the opportunity arose (which I knew it would not). Just one hot fantasy. I thought Queen himself was a sexy, hot man and died way too soon!
  11. I took my first tour of two or three favelas with Sr. Marcelo Armstrong-- the man who's been given credit for beginning tours to the favelas. ...liked it very much. There were only four of us which made for a somewhat intimate experience (nonsexual) for us. The second had a religious bent per our guides: I did NOT like the atmosphere at all. Try to go but in a smallish group or perhaps 1-1 (local and you). ...the Tijuca Forest as well as those fabulous botanical gardens are two other alternatives and great places to visit as well. ...meandering throughout Santa Theresa-- ride the bondi-- walk-- observe-- visit-- go to that restaurant that came to power after Samantha visited a few years ago-- walk those stairs (NOT ALONE) from Santa Teresa to Lapa. Snoop Dog and Pharrel (sp) did a music vid a few years back while standing on these stairs. At the time I thought Pharrel was a carioca because I did not know of him. There's lots to do while in Rio de janeiro!
  12. Paulerio-- thanks for posting. My amigo and I have taken some of these marvelous experiences: the helicopter ride was exhilarating, esp if boarded in Flamengo/Leme nearest a great restaurant that had lots of ambiance and stunning views from afar and tasty food. I did this twice: once with my traveling amigo; the second time was with a guide I'd met while going on a trip with gay men to "the Green Isle." ...have experienced many other cultural/nonsexual activities and experiences that I shall forever remember!
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