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  1. This is quite refreshing to hear and read. Unfortunately, I have no immediate plans to return to "The Land of Smiles" anytime soon but would like to before I am no longer able to travel.
  2. axiom2001

    Badboy Rio October 2018 Recap

    I loved Santa Teresa, its location, its ambience, and what it has to offer. ...went with my personal carioca guide and walked all over the place and dined in a quaint restaurant; ...went to the museums and other venues of interest and was able to ride up and back because the cable car ran then. A few years later was that horrible accident which sidelined these cars for a few years. There's a restaurant made famous here by Samantha (the former traveling woman who had a television show. It's the one with the modified-looking huts and commands one hell of a view of the city from that vantage point.) I went there in 2011 alone and loved it. While I walked to hail some type of transportation (the cable system was being repaired)-- three or more drivers stopped to ask for directions. Because I do not speak very much BP, I could not help. Some spoke Ingles as well. ...got thanks and obrigados and lots of smiles. Santa Teresa was fantastic during the day time! Guess it would be fine in various parts at night, but advice has been given throughout this forum regarding night travel in Rio de janeiro.
  3. axiom2001


    I was advised to go to Lapa with a local if at all possible. That is what I did the first time: ...went with Ernani who was a popular escort in Brazil as well as in parts of the States. He came to my hotel on "his hog;" his handsome motorcycle: I don't ride on the back of these, so he hired a taxi for me and led the way. We spent about 3 hours just walking in the middle of the main streets amongst the throngs of people. I did not particularly have that much of a good time doing this, but it was great being able to go to this area on a Friday night, one of the best nights to go besides Saturday and to see what many folks raved about. In 2010 or maybe it was 2011, I again went to Lapa with two gringo amigos and a local carioca. Unfortunately, the time that I had was NOT what I'd envisioned; I, more than likely will venture there again if I ever return to Rio, for it's a barrio that has character and a good vibe and is quite lively, but again, one has to be careful, not paranoid. Go with a local or locals on Fridays/Saturdays, and make the better of the experience.
  4. Dustin, follow the advice of Mvan1 and others regarding having company at your rented apartment. As far as your having company at hotels, it's not improbable, but it has never been that easy. When the Hotel Atlantico Copacabana was the place to go during the early to the mid 2000s, one could have guests arrive and play and leave. It was one of the very, very few hotels that did not frown on its guests having company, male/female. Many of us entertained, enjoyed, and did not encounter any problems from the sauna guys or escorts hired from the then net sites or from the hotel management. ...don't know what it's like in 2018, for as you've been reading, many of the guys who've written here during the past year have rented apartments and have had guests, the majority of them being guys from the saunas in Rio, Sao Paulo, Porte Allegre, etc.
  5. DAMN, Nmazu1-- your saga gets hotter each time you post. Continue for all to enjoy and to live vicariously!
  6. This brings back November of two years ago in the United States of America. ...very--very--very sad, indeed. [My Paulista friend in Sao Paulo did NOT post on Facebook today.]
  7. axiom2001

    Latin Forum

    I LIKE THIS!!!!!!! I, too, concur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. axiom2001

    Santo Domingo Advice

    The Adams___________ Hotel is a gay hotel in SD. ...think there's info. at daddysreviews.com httml//Message... (...sorry I can't remember the specifics, for this the forum/s area, it's disconnected from Reviews.
  9. We're using "BIG HEADS" vs "SMALL HEADS" here-- not brains per se! Accept TomCal's advice, plus when you're having unknown garotos at your place-- have ALL valuables (cell phones, computers, watches, large sums of money, expensive colonge [sp], etc. out of sight and not easily obtainable by a visitor. This advice has been cited previously by frequent and experienced visitors to Brazil to help us all. ...sorry for your misfortune. We all learn from our errors in life, be they small or large!
  10. axiom2001

    SALVADOR, BAHIA, Dec 22 to Jan 3

    Send Fernando an email regarding your query. This is the first that I've read about "the gay hood!" ...have been twice to Bahia. ...received my guide through the late Carlos who lived in Rio; no one ever mentioned or alluded to a "gay area" or a "gay hood!" It might exist now, but it didn't when I visited before 2011.
  11. ...very welcoming title. Glad you were able to reconnect and enjoy!
  12. I, too, am eagerly awaiting to read more. As related previously-- you recant your experiences oh so interestingly, and I, for one, love to read well-written pieces. Obrigado!
  13. axiom2001

    Where is Trilingual now ?

    Tom, I wrote what I wrote because when Trilingual and I had lunch on that sunny afternoon in the Plaza of KCMO, I thought he'd relayed what I'd written. Perhaps I misheard what he shared, but I could have been notified in another way: I'm referring to your second sentence. I am quite cognizant of all of this. I'm from the Midwest although I've lived in KC for my first 20 years; it would be difficult for me to move back, for I live 1:45 from SF and had once thought about moving to Rio. But after some serious thinking-- thought against it, for I have NO support base there in any way!
  14. A lot has been written here about Lagoa and Fragata in Sao Paulo; both have been around for a while. When I was in SAMPA during the first decade of this century-- there were four or five saunas. I went to four of them, but the two that I alluded to and are still going today. Type in their names here in the Search AND enjoy the read!
  15. axiom2001

    Take Care Down Here

    I started going to Brazil in 2002 and made 11 trips after that until 2011. Prior to my first visit, far too manyfolks here (in the States)-- friends and acquaintances would invariably say: "It's (Rio) is dangerous. I ignored their comments and followed the salient guidance given to me/us from the travelers at www.daddysreviews.com (now for the forums it's http://www.message-forum.net. Fortunately, for me, as well as for the majority of others who ventured there and wrote about their adventures-- only had positive experiences to present. In view of the current day economic situation, perhaps things have gotten out of hand, far more than in the past. I don't know, but I do know that I would take precautions in order to avoid having any undue harm come to me. I was sorry to read about one of our contributors and frequent travelers to Rio become a victim. ...am glad that his injuries were not life threatening and that he will continue to venture to "MOTHER BRASIL" and to Rio de janeiro.