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  1. axiom2001

    ARGENTINA Jun/Jul 2018

    Muchas gracias for sharing your holiday experiences from beginning to conclusion. ...very interesting reading, indeed. ...enjoyed viewing the photos and reading the commentary in your blog. I really thought the last "taxi boy" was simply gorgeous: beautiful, silkened skin, nice, sculptured physique, and...! I'd liked to have rendered a hot tongue bath on him all over. ...simply, simply mouthwatering. Hope you have a pleasant trip back to Washington, DC. Thanks a whole bunch for sharing! Axiom
  2. axiom2001

    Nob Hill Cinema Closing

    It's unfortunate that this venue is doomed to close, for it has been around for a while. Its closing is another sign of the ever-changing "gay" San Francisco.
  3. axiom2001

    ARGENTINA Jun/Jul 2018

    This place was one of my favorites when I visited Buenos Aires. ...liked the architecture, the shops, and the overall ambiance.
  4. Since your visits entail more than sexual liaisons, I'd suggest your visiting Salvador, (Bahia) Brazil, and instead of your doing this travel adventure solo-- engage the services of a superb gay guide who is certified and has his own company. He's on www.tripadvisor.com as well as in google.com; his name is Fernando. I've been to this city in Brasil and like it as well as its surrounding areas, and although Fernando was not my guide, but an amigo of mine engaged his services and was quite, quite pleased. {My now deceased gay travel agent who lived in Rio had me connect with Fernando's mentor.) of whom Fernando has the utmost respect. Fernando and I have been in touch of three occasions via extensive emails.} And, I am with you: "I am not thinking only about sex."
  5. axiom2001

    Private clubs on here

    Tomcal, I, too, would like to join! Obrigado! Gracias!
  6. After reading about the Brazilian saunas with "boys" in 1998 or 1999 written by Trilingual who began the initial post at www.daddysreviews.com-- I ventured to Rio de janeiro in 2002. My first sauna experience was at Roger's. ...went quite well because I'd read every post as well as sought answers to all of my queries. ...went back (twice) to Brazil in 2003 and subsequently 8X's later until 2011. Damn, has it been 7 years since I was last there! Time definitely escapes one!
  7. The title of this thread is: "Barcelona Escorts on Planet Romeo," not about what transpired with me while I was at Thermas Barcelona. I'd most appreciate if a few of you would GET BACK ON TOPIC, or shut the fuck up! I do NOT need your advice about what I encountered and chose to do when I was in BCN at the Thermas. I plan to give this sauna a go again, so why offer what I deem needless, if not pointless? [While in saunas in Brasil, I wore towels or my boxers. No problem. ...had, what I thought a bad experience at Thermas, left, and that's that! I am quite cognizant as to how to handle my second visit! Remember the topic and respond if you can!
  8. Even though I've done this venture 11X's during my visits to Rio de janeiro, I have never tired of the experience. ...same for the Hippie Faire on Sundays in Ipanema.
  9. Perhaps I should have done what you stated; thus, there would not have been so much discussion about walking through parts of favelas! Thanks!
  10. That's my initial intent for giving this place a second try! [I didn't like the sauna per se, I disliked having to wear only a towel and my good flip flops.]
  11. I think Plalnetime was being facetious, but to take your question seriously, there is a forum devoted to Asia Travel and, and, and...!
  12. That is what is called a "perpetual hard on!" ...looks good to me!
  13. ...am traveling to BCN (Barcelona) for six days/nights in September of this year (2018). ...have been scoping out prospects (XX or XXL) on www.planetromeo.com. ...any recommendations from past experiences? I do plan to find myself at Thermas as well. I'll eagerly and patiently await your hot recommendations! ...have been in touch with Lito Cruz who had an ad there approximately 3 weeks ago as well as on www.rentmen.com/LitoCruz. But there are others who interest me as well.
  14. In 2002 or 2003 I obtained my information from a reputable guide book. When I arrived in Rio, I made my arrangements via phone; Sr. Marcelo Armstrong came to the hotel and discussed his tour/s with me; I booked, etc. I am quite cognizant that the environment is much different some 16 or 15 years later. If our OP desires a tour of a favela or favelas, I, too, would highly suggest that he contact the company first and discuss safety and other particulars. [When Sr Marcelo came to my hotel, I eagerly greeted him because we have the same surname. If his name is Vidal, I knew NOTHING about it, and he did not state otherwise when I introduced myself to him.]