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  1. There is a local site - www.rentboyaustralia.com which might be worth a look.
  2. I believe the Alcron will leave the Radisson network shortly and just trade as the Alcron in future. The current Sheraton Charles Square is due to close at the end of the year for refurbishment and will re-open in early 2019 as a Radisson.
  3. This guy has just started advertising but does not look the typical Belami "star" https://www.planetromeo.com/#/hunq/BelamiTom
  4. It can take a while to get used to new updates/relaunches so I try to be kind to start with. Even so, I just cannot imagine wanting to use PR very much in the future. They really do seem to have messed it up.
  5. I saw Pavel very early in his career when he said that he could only be active because being passive made him sore.
  6. I would echo the doubts being expressed about Pavel. I noticed his GayRomeo profile had changed and he is now promising he will be passive as well and is even better than before. Somehow that did not sound quite right when I read it the first time but with the remarks above about money it all begins to sound a bit odd.
  7. Thanks for the post. He certainly looks good! Is it possible to contact him anywhere?
  8. I wonder if anyone has ever met AlexMaster who has an ad on GayRomeo. He is not on the site very often but he has some positive, and apparently genuine, guestbook comments.
  9. The selection of escorts for Bratislava on GayRomeo is very thin and uninspiring. There is another guy Falling-Angel, who lists himself under Vienna but actually lives in Bratislava so is available there as well. Falling-Angel has lots of positive reviews and some good photos but he is over 30 and the reviews rather die out after 2013. I wonder how up-to-date the photos are and what he is like as an escort now, rather than three years ago. I imagine Falling-Angel is well-known to some of the readers of the Prague thread so maybe they have an opinion on him if you are interested.
  10. Can I just second what mscleovr said. Many London escorts advertise less than £150 and even those that do will often readily agree to accept less. Most people would want to tip a guy at a massage parlor assuming they have been satisfied but if you agree a rate with an escort, a tip is generally not expected. In other words, there is not much, if any, saving.
  11. I was really only suggesting that a manual check could be done on escorts due to be put in the "Featured" column to ensure that their links were active. I understand it would be a big - and never-ending - job to ensure all escorts listed had correct details but just doing a check on the Featured escorts to make sure links to their websites were still working would only take a couple of minutes each day and would give the site much greater credibility. As it is, a new visitor can take a look at the Home Page, click on a Featured Escort, see that the links do not work and get a very poor first impression. On the other hand, if someone goes to the list of all escorts in, say London or Paris, they are unlikely to be so surprised if quite a few of them are not up-to-date.
  12. I know there have been various comments in the past about cleaning up the lists of escort profiles to ensure they are up-to-date. I suspect this is much more difficult outside the US where this site is maybe not so well-known and escorts are less eager to maintain their listings. The only real problem is when some of the inactive European escorts are shown in the daily "Featured Escorts" section because it does rather advertise the issue. There have been several retired European escorts featured in the past weeks - today's is Adam Tremadoc who has not viisted MER for nearly two years and lists a link to an inactive website. I do not recall seeing an ad for him elsewhere for a long time so I presume he is retired. Clearing up the full escort lists would be a big job but it would certainly help the credibility of the site if only active escorts were featured.
  13. Firstly thank you to Oz for the sensible remarks. I do know of sites that have got themselves into big trouble when an affiliate company went bust or ran off with money but, as you say, you would probably have heard about that. If the obvious answer is correct, it does leave rather a sour taste in the mouth. As to StuCotts' comments; I have posted a couple of reviews (under two names) and I rarely contribute to forums because I do not always feel there is much that either I can, or wish to add. This was an exception because the subject was more important. Invariably when I do contribute, some smart ass comes along with a comment that reminds me why I prefer to stay away.
  14. I had to laugh when I read this. Oz was trying so hard to avoid controversy and be nice to the other site but he just could not resist the dig about comparing donating pixel hearts to Nigerian bank scams! Joking aside, it still leaves the question unanswered as to what is happening. I think most people would agree that we need Daddy's site. To the casual observer, the curent site is much the same as ever. A few less posters on the forums but the same number of reviews. I guess a few less hits but still enough to generate an income. There can be only two possible answers: - The people running the site have made a mess of it behind the scenes and/or there has been some sort of fraud/bankruptcy with one of the companies they were involved with. - The plea for assistance is a sham. My feeling is that if they want their plea for help to succeed they will need to be more forthcoming about what has happened.
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