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  1. Very nice vid, @Avalon1849 The two boys are cute: I especially like the blond one.
  2. Sorry to hear that, @Avalon1849. I wish you a speedy recovery and, if those hallucinations persist, I hope they involve fantastic sex with our favorite Czech
  3. There is a very comprehensive, informative, creative, and extremely recent thread on this same board, initiated by @Latbear4blk Its title is Ciudad de México, CD MEX, April 13-19. You will find LOTS of very useful information there. Good luck, @germark01
  4. Fantastic reports. Thanks for sharing, @Latbear4blk
  5. Amazing that a nursing home doesn’t have a special diet for diabetics...
  6. Sorry about your complications, @Avalon1849 I hope that things will improve in your new living conditions. Keep it up!
  7. It was, @boiworship, it was. And he was sooooo damn gorgeous, you couldn’t believe.
  8. I can understand your fantasy, @Mili2323 A long time ago, when I lived in NYC, I had a breathtakingly beautiful escort who was visiting the city stay with me for about one month. We agreed that he could continue working, but not at my place. He came home every night after seeing his customers, showered, and went to my bed naked, to talk, sleep next to me, kiss, make out, and cuddle. We often had sex as well: he gave fantastic blowjobs, his dick was always hard, and he was an awesome top. He needed a roof over his head, some human touch, a sympathetic ear, and affection. It was a very exciting and different experience: I gave him what he was looking for, and I learned a lot from him.
  9. Aren’t we all? Except escorts, of course.
  10. Sorry to hear about your recent health problems, @Avalon1849, but I am glad that you finally saw a doctor. I hope the medicine he prescribed will work on your walking-on-gravel foot pain. Take extra good care of your “leaky leg” to avoid an infection. Hang on in there!
  11. Welcome to the forum, Avalon.
  12. If the boy were a real Bel Ami star, @pauleiro, why would he hide his face and not use his porn name? Something doesn’t smell right
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