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  1. Sure Chicken Little, the sky is falling. Mosquitos can kill you. Shockingly, most of us who have been bitten are fine, and they are hugely more dangerous than bed bugs. In the list of threats to your life, this one doesn't make the top 10,000. Probably comes right after death from an infected hangnail. I get bug phobias, but freaking out about bed bugs isn't a rational fear.
  2. Bed bugs are generally annoying, but not harmful. They exist all over the place. It sucks, but seriously, get over it.
  3. I like protein bars, or some of the nut bars. I also go for citrus or a banana. At home, I prefer a good thick yoghurt, like a brand of Skyr Siggi's that is perfect because it isn't too sweet. But, pretty much any yoghurt will do in a pinch.
  4. The noise to signal ratio made it a waste of time years ago and I left. So much drama, so little information. I check every so often to see if it has changed. It hasn't.
  5. Wasn't getting screwed the point? I always figure that as an obvious gringo who doesn't speak the language, I'm going to pay a premium until I really get to know the place. Seems to me it's the cost of the education. Still a bargain in my book if you enjoyed your time!
  6. Well, I never had much respect for Marcom people either. I think PR has more in common with lawyers. You work with facts and truth. You tell your client's story the best way you can, but you don't make shit up. Marcom people frequently make shit up, then fall in love with their own shit despite the evidence that it IS shit. I quit my last gig when they made me work for Marcom. I swear I might have punched her in the face if I had to hear her say we needed to "lean in" one more time.
  7. He paid her off before, so my guess is there was something that happened. But, I can't know, and don't feel the need to have an opinion. I can't imagine any DA thinking he could build any kind of case nearly 10 years on. So, I don't read anything into the not charging thing other than the DA can't build a case. He is hot. That doesn't mean he didn't do anything. It is hard enough for victims to come forward as it is. She gets nothing out of this except the grief of all the doubters.
  8. I like them all. Been working hard to give up on the sloth and gluttony though.
  9. I get that perspective. As a long time corporate communicator (spin doctor), it was exhausting to be endlessly polite to a host of complete idiots. But, they paid me a lot to do it, so I did it.
  10. I don't know who Andy Cohen is, but if he's involved in that housewives thing, hard pass. I agree with the assessment of it as vile. I never thought much of Kathy, but I did think crucifying her over that head of Trump thing was really stupid.
  11. We'll see if I have the same luck. I'll have fun either way, since even the full listings on romeo aren't bad pricewise. I'm looking forward to the tour of chernobyl, and am trying to decide if I want to hit Lviv or just stay close to Kiev. Did you tour around Ukraine much? I wanted to do the Baltics this trip, but couldn't quite make it work, so will do them on another trip. Looking forward to your report on them!
  12. Thanks for the tip on where in town to stay. I'll be doing Istanbul, Moldova, Ukraine, and then Thailand in September. (direct flight from Kiev to BKK!). When you say not asking for much, how much we talking about?
  13. If they aren't old, white and male, I'll support them in the primary. If it isn't orange and a rapist, I'll vote for it in the general. We vote late enough that there isn't much point paying too much attention because the race is basically over by the time we vote in Oregon. I did make a small donation to Pete though.
  14. Sorry, don't know. I got this excellent advice to get a google voice number years ago. I use it for all my escort contacts, and used it to register for whatsapp. I haven't used whatsapp much, just when I travel, so can't really advise on having multiple accounts with different numbers.
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