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  1. For me, it's mostly how it's said, and who says it. In general, I'm always a bit skeptical about language that impugns men by calling them womanly, as if being a woman was a bad thing.
  2. Temperatures normally fluctuate some, but if you're cold all the time, you should talk to a doctor. In the meantime, put on a sweater, and another pair of socks. I find personally that diet and stress can make me feel cold.
  3. I have no idea if he has joy, and neither do you.
  4. "What is the purpose?" Really? Life is precious. You don't get to chuck it in the bin and go grab a new one. This is what you get. If you want to cut yours short, by all means, be my guest. But, you don't know him, you don't know his life. You don't know what brings him joy. What the hell is it with people who think they can judge another's whole life based on a few words on an anonymous message board?
  5. No, I do not. I believe this is all we get. I'm not letting go a moment sooner than I have to. Just existing is still better than not existing. Maybe when I get closer I'll change my mind.
  6. That delicious gooeyness you love? That's all the fat in the cheese that tastes soo good when it melts on the white flour tortilla. But, if you can't stand the rest of what they serve, maybe that's not so bad. Cheese is pretty good for a diabetic. The tortilla less so, but if you eat it in moderation...
  7. I remember reading years ago that one of the frequent features of those who survived for a long time with AIDS in the early years was that they'd fired doctors. The point of it was that they took control of their own care and didn't just do whatever they were told. I've taken that lesson to remind me that my healthcare providers are my paid consultants, but at the end of the day, the decisions were mine to make. Not my business, but it sounds like you need to fire your nursing home and find somewhere that is more committed to keeping you healthy. We're rooting for you.
  8. You're right. All sorts of other countries manage to provide universal healthcare, but somehow, we can't. We brag about being the richest country on earth, except when people need help, then we're broke. And we already do provide universal healthcare, just very badly. Hospitals are required by law to provide emergency care even for those who can't pay. So, of course, those costs just get spread around to those that can. We have an enormous and obscene for-profit healthcare system that is more expensive and shittier healthcare system than most other comparable countries. https://www.healthsystemtracker.org/chart-collection/quality-u-s-healthcare-system-compare-countries/#item-overall-years-life-lost-1990-2017 It is, however, far more profitable to wall street than a well-run healthcare system, so our shitty system does have its supporters who get rich on the death and misery of so many.
  9. I think a lot of people for obvious reasons overestimate the skill and underestimate the luck and circumstance involved in their wealth. I'm with former president Carter. Why can we afford to fight wars all over the planet endlessly, but we can't afford to actually offer healthcare to our own citizens?
  10. Not my cup of tea, but sounds like a wild time for those that like it. I'd be curious to hear from somebody about it, though I'd guess you'd have to be a top to write a review, since the bottoms spend all night blindfolded!
  11. I think at the end of the day the false report is a small criminal case that isn't worth all the drama for the prosecutor's office. They take the bond to 'pay' for their wasted time, and move on. I think this is basically them saying they have a case, but the case isn't worth pursuing.
  12. When the price of admission is you have to believe that the creator of the universe committed ritual suicide because he was mad at you, it is hard for anything really rational to come after. I think hypocrisy is inherent in all organized religion. Catholicism is one of the biggest, so it gets called out a lot, but no other organized faith manages it better I think.
  13. Why derail threads with your personal drama? If you don't like Riobard, just don't respond. I don't know the neighborhoods, am not going to learn the neighborhoods, and don't speak Portuguese so I'm never going to get in with the locals. What I do like is reading threads about places I might go with useful information. If I wanted to watch a pissing contest, I'd pull up pornhub.
  14. You must have had better luck than I did with him. I think this is the Laotian guy I hired last summer. He couldn't perform without watching straight porn on his phone. That's a boner killer for me.
  15. Hot to me. Now I want to go back to Bangkok again! The food and the boys! I'm less keen on the tatted up look some of them have. Sometimes it works on some guys, but mostly not for me. I don't know why. I guess I find it a bit distracting. "what is that about?" I'm also not a size queen, so I've never really much paid attention to all the chatter about where the big dicks are. I'm more into faces and typically like the clean cut type. These guys fit that bill. If they know how to use it, whatever they've got is gonna be enough.
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