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  1. Oh yes, did I have the serious hots for him when I was younger (and he was still smoking hot.) Drugs and alcohol can make beasts of saints.
  2. Sign up for google voice and get a fake number. that's what I did, and I use it for all my escort contacts.
  3. I think it far more likely that the difference in numbers isn't because of the effectiveness of this particular protocol, it's that people don't actually follow it.
  4. I think people want to believe they have more control than they do. You can do all the right things and still be victimized. You can do all the wrong things and get away with it. That doesn't mean you shouldn't exercise due caution, but being unlucky isn't the victim's fault.
  5. I personally think he deserves some kind of strongest man in the world prize. Surely nobody else in the world is strong enough to haul that ego around 24x7.
  6. Amazon brought a lot of efficiency to book selling. Efficiency is a brutal thing. Most of us say we hate the hollowing out of local businesses, but most of us aren't willing to pay a fair bit extra to have them. Most of us don't have the money to not care what things cost. When given the real choice, we choose cheaper and more efficient at consumers. I buy a lot of stuff from Amazon. If I know what I want, why am I benefited to get in my car, drive to a store, pick out and pay for an item, and then drive home? Never mind that it is also probably cheaper not even figuring in car, gas and the value of my time. With a couple of clicks, it will get delivered to my door. It's the Sears and Roebuck catalog for the modern world (I date myself that I know and ordered from that catalog). No doubt that also did a number on mom and pop general stores in the heartland. It's legitimate to ask if those Amazon are the type of jobs your community wants. But the frequent fixation on the $3B tax rebate I think really misses the mark.
  7. I liked Obama, but he didn't deserve a Nobel.
  8. The attack didn't seem random to me, which struck me as odd, but I will wait for the rest of the facts.
  9. Except the $3B was a rebate on the $27B they would have paid in taxes. So NYers are out $24B in tax revenues, but hey, they showed the man, right? Slate on Amazon abandoning NY HQ
  10. Some guys like wearing women's clothes. That doesn't make part of them female. It means they reject stupid rules on what they wear. Everybody who breaks convention isn't automatically queer to me. It could possibly mean they're non-binary, but it would be that which makes them queer in my eyes, not the choice of clothing. If you know something more about this gentleman than I read in his wikipedia entry, by all means share. Nothing in it suggested to me that he wasn't a normal hetero guy who liked to dress up.
  11. While I consider cross-dressers and the like allies, I don't typically think of them as queer. According to his wikipedia page he's married to a woman, and has a daughter. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grayson_Perry
  12. Haha! Thanks for the kind words.
  13. I thought we had a separate politics forum so we didn't have to read this crap. Talking about internet sex and politics is one thing, but can we keep the rest of the cesspool in the actual cesspool?
  14. In the unlikely event I choose to write a sequel, I will definitely have to pay more attention to the science of non verbal communication in the locker room.
  15. No, partner got sucked into it by the brother of a friend. Writes 'shifter romance' which seems to be the current hotness. werewolves, werebears and weredragons all needs their womenfolk to be making the werebabies. Turns out there is something of a market for that. Who knew? But my partner does most of the work, and gets a poor share of the return. If I could do the marketing, that could change.
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