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  1. Almost every thread is ruined on this site. It's becoming very disappointing.
  2. The Dallas producers have been meeting with CBS this week since CBS is looking for more summer series to fill their schedule and this would be a perfect 15 episode summer season. And I agree that they shouldn't have split the season.
  3. I agree completely. I have a process where I go through my house once a month with the goal of getting rid of something from my house and I've slowly gotten rid of a lot of stuff. It is liberating. After dealing with two deaths in the family in the last couple of years and having to get rid of stuff for them, I vowed I would never put someone else through that.
  4. The Texas Mormon teen gets a big surprise. . . Check out this other coming out story. . .
  5. I'm glad I've now used up all my miles. It's no longer worth pursuing miles anymore.
  6. That clown freaked me out. I've always been scared of clowns. So now I won't sleep for days.
  7. This show will either be epic or terrible.
  8. Well that was not very good. Way too much dysfunction in that family and of course that's why you are drawn to have an affair. I think I'll be skipping this new series.
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