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  1. Actually I had a great time in Montreal. It remains my favorite city in North America. I just find myself spending less time in The Village than I used to. Plenty of other places keep me well occupied. And to paraphrase Saint Oscar " reports of the death of the Gay Village have been greatly exaggerated!" Saint Catherine is undergoing a transformation. That transformation has slowly been moving eastward. It may take a bit but the Village will soon be gentrified. But I hope it takes a long bit of time as shiny new condos and mixed use buildings do not want Strip clubs ( gay or straight) in their neighborhood. While I did not have a good time at Campus or Stock that is not to say I won't be back. The talent pool is constantly changing and it just takes one or two dancers to make an enjoyable visit. Taboo was really the saving grace this trip. As I mentioned in my report the type of fella that used.to thrill me at Campus is now dancing at Taboo. There was one young man who made my visits most enjoyable. And there were a few more that I would have happily spent more time with. Taboo also has an outstanding DJ. While the scene has changed in Montreal so have the scenes in every other metropolitan area. You can either cling to your memories and not participate in the now or you can appreciate what is still worthwhile in life. I look forward to returning to Montreal.
  2. Well there have been a lot of changes.in the Talent pool in Montreal. I found absolutely nothing of interest at the Campus. Friday afternoon was very slow and the energy level was not good. Sunday evening was.even worse.a A lot of the daytime/evening dancers are what you used to find at Stockbar with a very heavy Latin presence. Stockbar has raised the cover to $5. Drink prices have also gone up. Some 9f the performers are definitely posing for the camera/website with little participation with the audience. It has been a while since I have found anything of interest at Stockbar but if you like bigger buff dudes this place still would fit the bill. Adonis was an absolute horror show 9n a Saturday night. We make a quick exit after a fella with a very pronounced surgical scar on his abdomen got up to dance. Taboo was.the saving grace for this trip. The type of boys one used to find at Campus during the day are now dancing at.Taboo as well as some younger fellas. I met a very nice young fella that I spent a lot of time with in the back as well as at my hotel. T We took a lovely drive into the country and up to Mont Tremblant. Amazing how little English is spoken once you leave Montreal. And the fellas in the Quebec countryside are stunning !
  3. Heads up if any other Hoovillians happen to be there at the same time. It has been quite a while since my last visit to Montreal. I am really looking forward to it!
  4. This is a very interesting look into the wayback machine that is the internet. Amazing to think of what was going on in my own life at that time and what I would have done differently if I could have looked into the future. a couple of the above posters are (real life) dead and a few have either changed internet personas or are no longer posting on Boytoy.com . My life and my circumstances have changed a great deal - as I am sure many of the long time posters on this site have also.
  5. I actually went inside the Abbey for the first time in over 5 years two weeks ago. Some nice looking staff/dancers but far too many woman for my taste.
  6. It looks like there will be a party hosted by Falcon on the 17th of August and that will be the last day it is open to the public While it was never my favorite ( that would have been The Campus) I did have fun at the Non Hill. It will be missed.
  7. Sigh.... I wish I would have seen this post before your trip! I will be heading back to Montreal at the end of September and I look forward to visiting the newly reopened Adonis!
  8. I had a meet up with an acquaintance I have not seen or heard from in twenty five years recently. It was odd and awkward in so many ways. I first had to establish that this fella was no longer using hard drugs. No I have been lied to about this by many addicts but I usually can suss out the truth quickly and make decisions using that information. I don't automatically discriminate against drug users- I just like to know what I am dealing with. This fella had used Crack in the past and that is not a drug with effects that I find pleasant. He told me he had not used Crack in four years. The other issue I wanted to clear up was what he looked like these days. I found his FB profile but there were so many "looks" that I guessed I had to see for myself. Well he is not the young fella I played with from 25 + years ago but I have changed a lot also. So I agreed to meet him. I asked him about going to lunch/ coffee near his place and he agreed_ asking to pick him up first. All of that was forgotten I guess when he asked me in. :( A brief chat ( where he overshared) led to him wanting to roll around which led to a lot of uncomfortable roll play scenarios finally after an hour of me trying to get him off he got up to smoke and I got up to get dressed.and leave. Welllllll now I have a stalker! UGH! I guess on the one hand I should be flattered that someone want to have sex with me for free but on the other hand...well it just is not worth the bother.
  9. Jeffrey Hurrant was released from prison last month He is still on Parole (and will be for some time) and now he will try and get his life back together. Even with the generous donations of his friends he is pretty much broke now- but he is optimistic about his future
  10. saw a report yesterday that Montreal will be colder than the North Pole on NYE!!!! Stay safe and stay warm!I
  11. I would have serviced every single fella in that number! Bobby Barras is one of my crushes!
  12. When I drank I loved a Dubonet and Gin (aka Pink Gin) which I first learned of from a Noel Coward song! And yes, I was a pretentious little fuck when I was a twink!
  13. The main things to ease this situation would be 1) have a well documented contact person who knows your plans and your wishes regarding health emergencies or death. Best to have those plans in writing. 2) Transportation of a dead body is a PIA and is very expensive. If you cannot have money put aside to handle these expenses then you might be disposed in the place you died. You should document that you are ok with this to relive your friends/family of any feeling of responsibility or feelings of guilt. 3) Travel insurance is great- but good policies that would cover the cost of the return of a body to another country are pricey. If you buy travel insurance make sure you know what is covered and also make sure that both your emergency contact and the person responsible for making decisions about such things have a copy of the policy. 4) Stay in contact with friends / family and let them know where you are traveling and where you are staying.. I tend to "overshare" especially when traveling on Facebook but my family and friends know where I am. 5) Finally, although it is not always possible or desirable to travel with friends it has it's good points. Especially when traveling to new destinations. If you die - well you will be dead and won't have to worry about any of this! But there are almost always survivors who will have the unwelcome (and usually unwanted) responsibility of taking care of the matters that follow a death.
  14. Having enjoyed barbecued spareribs with LurkerSpeaks if he was Jewish he was not observant. His Family made the decision.
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