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  1. Some dancers I know in FLL say that Boardwalk is under new ownership and that they have brought back some of the familiar faces to tend bar . They also say renovations are underway and things look promising . I guess time will tell . I hope to get to Johnsons and the other clubs soon !
  2. Well that answers my question ! Thanks so much !
  3. I was thinking of going to Rio over the Easter holiday weekend. I was curious if that is a good time to travel to Rio with crowds , holiday closings , prices etc . Thanks !
  4. Where do I find the club link ? thanks !
  5. Did you make it to LeBoy ? Boardwalk ? Johnsons, a strip club, opened on Wilton Dr in Fort Lauderdale. Grand opening was this weekend . Not full nudity as it is not allowed but I am hopeful it will become a nice addition to the Fort Lauderdale scene!
  6. Good choices ! Mine are in no particular order : 1. Seinfeld 2. Veep 3. Curb Your Enthusiasm 4. 30 Rock 5. Modern Family
  7. Not yet. They say opening soon on Wilton Drive in FLL/Wilton Manors
  8. Floppy Rooster's last day at its present location is July 15. Apparently the building has been sold . They say they will reopen in a new location soon. I guess we shall see .
  9. Finally, Were the Cuban Twins still dancing at Richards? thanks again for the nice updates! stripfan
  10. Thanks guys for the reports! Glad to hear that Boardwalk has made a nice comeback. One of my favorite dancers at Boardwalk is Esman. I was curious if any of you had a chance to spend some time with him?
  11. I was in Fort Lauderdale in late October and I also enjoyed the new SR location except that they close at 2:00 am. I used to like the later closing time in N. Miami. However the club is very nice and the guys were hot. The twins are the Cubans who used to dance at Boardwalk. They are very friendly and hot. Their English is much better but they are still learning. They came over and had a few drinks with us and were very attentive and fun. As a thank you for the drinks I was treated to a free lap dance by one of them. (other than paying for the room). One of my favorite dancers from NYC is back dancing at Boardwalk. He is from the Ukraine and he is smoking hot. I hope to get back in early January. thanks to all for the updates!
  12. I second the Corner Pocket recommendation. I have always had a fun time there and have taken some of the dancers home with me.
  13. I will try to be in FLL/MIA that weekend as well. I love research!
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