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  1. Cannot see neither. It says the link is broken
  2. Praia da Galheta is indeed really hot. When did you go to see these tons of gorgeous guys ?
  3. The problem is not leaving just before Brexit but coming back just AFTER Brexit ;-))
  4. Some news from Prague Little action last Friday in Down. Egon did a strip show. He still has a very nice body. Only natural muscles. Then Ukainian Anton did a strip show and was joined by a customer who stripped also completely ... No new faces but regular boys in Down. When I left the place, I was asked if I was interested in having company by a boy who was not entering the club (banned or too shy ?) but asking customers who were leaving. OK body and face but I was not interested. Rumors of Escarpe starting again in a few months ... Deal with Massimo on going by a new owner (from US) ? Boys whose pictures have been posted here (of their time in Patagonia sauna in Zurich not happy at all) No answer from new boys on Hunqz. Luckily I have my regulars.
  5. I think number 3 above is theoretical. I just cannot think of a garoto de programa collecting world currencies.
  6. I would have attended with pleasure but I am not in Prague at that time. I am in Prague now
  7. OK. But where in Sao Paulo ? A club ?
  8. Another newcomer on william higgins. Oto useda, 19 years old. Very nice body. Not yet on the scene. He wants to discover Brasil ...
  9. Tomas Salek fucked by Milos Ovcacek aka Jeffrey LLoyd. So hot. On william higgins. Both can be met. Maybe thay can be met together for a very hot session or a very live show
  10. Almost springtime. Many new boyson hunqz in Prague. I wonder if the belami boy is a real bel ami model (and who he is) or only trying to the bel ami prices ...
  11. Summary : go spend a week end in Puerto Rico if you like : - sea and beaches - history - good food - live bands (everywhere in Puerto Rico) - street art - wrought iron (most houses are protected this way from burglars as in Brasil. Some are real masterpieces - cock fights (to discover a cruel game) - cocks and SX boys posted above and SX atmosphere as below
  12. I tend to think that indeed Brazilian guys are better looking than PR guys. Some guys are stunning also eg the SX bartenders Yol and Che. But when there are 10 to 12 gogo boys in SX in PR, there are 30 to 40 boys in a sauna in Rio. On a statistical standpoint, you are more likely to find boys whom you like facially in Brazilian saunas than in PR. However there are many good looking latino boys in PR. Dickwise, it is hard to compare since most of the gogoboys do not have an erection. PR boys seem to be less endowed than Brazilians. Yol was exception : even though he was caucasian, he was as big as big Brazilians. I could check in depth his big sausage.
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