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  1. Strange title and strange adventure mixing Prague and Mexico. I spent last week end in Prague. I had fun with regulars and with a new boy, invictus3 (see report and pic in Prague). I came back from dinner with friends around midnight. My grindr application was on looking for men looking for me. I received soon a message from a boy, 29 years old who was 33 meters from me ... Almost in my hotel room... We chatted and he was soon willing to come to my room to have fun. I did not not trust him at first. Believe me, He insisted : "I am real". In front of my skepticism, he sent a few pictures of him. Good looking man. I proposed to go meet him in the lobby but he was scared to meet his brother or his parents. We decided to meet at level 1. At this time it was empty. After some time, he arrived and was immediately interested by my dick. He was touring Europe with his parents and brother and could not meet gay guys. He was really desperate to suck someone and I happened to be here ... He came to my room, undressed me and him in a matter of seconds and started sucking and licking. We cuddled on bed and after some time we both cummed. He then resumed his clothes rather quickly, said bye and disappeared. When I tried to contact his grindr profile seconds adter ge left, the profile had veen disconnected. Impossible to keep a copy of the pictures he sent me ... I just know his name : Gerardo. And I just have good souvenirs of the meeting ... Nice to have this adventure in Prague with a latino ! It does not happen too often (last time I met a grindr man staying in the same hotel as le and interested by me and me by him was in Porto Alegre...). Good introduction to my trip to Brazil end of October ...
  2. pauleiro

    So cute boys in Prague !

    In addition to regulars I met Invictus3 aka Gabriel this week end. Nice personnality. Great body. Claims to be 1.8 m but he is shorter (around 1.70 m). Great face. Nice smile. Not so keen in tongue kissing but good in sucking (no condom). Worth a repeat or repeats.
  3. pauleiro

    Take Care Down Here

    Yes Bruno. Worth repeats indeed
  4. pauleiro

    Take Care Down Here

    Yeah. He is really stunning. Better when he smiles. You remember his name ?
  5. pauleiro

    Take Care Down Here

    I do not remember the name of this boy. He was lovely with green eyes to die for. Met him in 117.
  6. pauleiro

    So cute boys in Prague !

    No longer on the market as far as I know. He is stunning
  7. pauleiro

    So cute boys in Prague !

    Rady. Danced during some time at Escape. A treat. Incredible green eyes. Lovely muscular body. Friendly
  8. Very sexy summary of your visit to Manhattan sauna. I hope to meet this Erik next trip ! Any pic to share ?
  9. pauleiro

    So cute boys in Prague !

    Roman, who used to perform in Escape is sometimes doing strip shows with his buddy in Up and Down, particularly when he is drunk ... .
  10. pauleiro

    So cute boys in Prague !

    For the ones interested, Steve Skarsgaard is bottoming.
  11. Tomorrow is first round of polls.
  12. I will contact you while in Rio to try to meet you. I hope you fully recovered from assault.
  13. I fly from Rio to SP. Cheap and convenient. I went to SP only once but I know there are good saunas in SP. I hope to find good boys !
  14. This Bruno is lovely. He has a butt to die for ! I will be again in BH in December and will certainly try to meet him ! Thanks for the report !