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  1. Financial Times Financial Times pulls out of gala honouring Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro Corporate boycott of New York event grows after campaign by LGBT rights activists Jim Waterson media editor and Tom Phillips Latin American correspondent Thu 2 May 2019 The Financial Times has pulled its involvement in an event honouring Brazil’s far-right president, Jair Bolsonaro, after a campaign by LGBT rights activists against the celebration of the self-declared homophobe. The recently elected South American leader is due to be honoured at the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce’s person of the year gala dinner, which is scheduled to take place in New York later this month. The FT is one of several prominent sponsors and partners of the event, including the management consultancy Bain & Company and Delta Airlines, who have pulled their involvement after pressure from the campaigning organisation GLAAD. A spokesperson for the the newspaper confirmed it would no longer be a media partner for the ceremony to honouring Bolsonaro, but added it intended to “maintain a partnership with the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce” on other events. The growing boycott leaves the dozens of remaining British and American sponsors in a tricky position, as they have to choose between their desire to match public statements of support for LGBT rights with their desire to do business in one of the world’s most important emerging economies. Many multinationals, including banks such as Morgan Stanley, Santander, and HSBC, remain listed as sponsors of the event, which was originally due to be held at the American Museum of Natural History in New York but had to change venue after protests. US museum of natural history will not host Bolsonaro gala event after outrage. The debate surrounding the event has echoes of the corporate boycott of Brunei-owned hotels which came about after protests against laws criminalising LGBT people under threat of the death penalty, and has shown how placing pressure on corporations to live up to their public statements on diversity can cause them to pull their accounts. The gala boycott also underlines the damage done to Brazil’s international reputation by Bolsonaro, a populist known for his hostility to human rights, LGBT people and the environment. Last week he said he wanted to stop Brazil being a “gay tourism paradise”. “If you want to come here and have sex with a woman, go for your life,” Bolsonaro reportedly told journalists. “But we can’t let this place become known as a gay tourism paradise. Brazilcan’t be a country of the gay world, of gay tourism. We have families.” He has previously said he would rather his son died than be gay and that same-sex couples living in an apartment block can cause house prices to fall. Bolsonaro has managed to become “almost a pariah”, according to a former Brazilian ambassador to the US. “People see him as a dangerous man,” Rubens Ricupero told the Guardian. In the 21st century, a country’s international image was based largely on issues such as tolerance, human rights, respect for the environment and equality, Ricupero said. “And in all of these areas the current Brazilian government has odious positions. This will have serious consequences, even in terms of the economy and trade.” Sarah Kate Ellis, the chief executive of GLAAD, said her organisation would continue to campaign against businesses associated with the gala to honour Bolsonaro. “It’s imperative that the companies and organisations associated with this event understand the egregious anti-LGBTQ record and rhetoric of the Brazilian president and stand by LGBTQ people in Brazil and everywhere by withdrawing their support. His brand of anti-LGBTQ activism is actively harming LGBTQ Brazilians and companies that host or participate in this celebration of him need to take a stand,” she said.
  2. Incredible choice currently on rentmen in Paris. You can certainly fulfill all dreams. You can meet guys from many countries : latinos, asians, africans, ...some Brasilians also (never saw the one below in Brazil BTW). I met slutboy in Hustlaball in Berlin. Mouth, hands and asshole were all busy with huge cocks. He asked me to send the pictures I took from the scene ... I will certainly consider a tjreesome woth TWIINS. I had one of the Peters twins in the past but never managed to have them both at same time.
  3. Some more pictures of Lubor, bottoming for William Higgins. The happy trail was so inviting but asshole is even better ... rimming session is particularly hot ...
  4. It is true. They do open at 8pm. But last time I went at 8.45 pm and I was the only customer during one hour. It was good however to see the boys arriving progressively and stripping themselves in a corner of the room. Some boys from Sauna arrived around 10 pm. BTW, GEH just updated their instagram site, focusing on their program on fridays ... maybe they are members of this forum ... Saturday May 11th and 18th program is pretty exciting ... mas de 20 hombres nuevos dispuestos a todo ... more than 20 new men ready for everything ... Not to mention Saturday 25th program : men in erection on stage competing for the best dick ...
  5. https://www.boytoy.com/forums/topic/30814-columbia-full-list-of-hot-spots/page/3/ I was in Gigolo House in Bogota last December. It was Saturday but, in the link above, I made some comments on Gigolo House on Fridays They upgraded their facebook group in January The boy seen in the top picture on the left is typical of the boys who can be found in Gigolo House
  6. My experience on Avianca from US is not so good. My comments from May last year : "Arrived in Rio from Miami withAvianca. Until last year they used A330 from Bogota to Rio during the night with full flat bed. Perfect. Now they use the new A320 Neo. No longer beds... but OK flight except that the pilot did not show up on time... ". Since then I flew again on Avianca to Miami, either through Bogota or Lima and it has always been A 330 with flat bed. I used them again not because of the service but their business offer ftom MIA or FLL was very attractive. In Brazil, Avianca Brazil experiences many problems and flights are often cancelled or delayed. They can be bankrupt some day. Better to avoid ! After having written what is written above, I checked on internet and found this article which was published in Rio Times in April 2019 : SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL – Avianca Brasil on Friday canceled 179 flights scheduled for the next five days after a judge denied an appeal by the carrier to hold on to nine disputed planes, marking the unraveling of the airline four months after it filed for bankruptcy protection. Avianca Brasil was operating with 35 planes, a representative said, but a federal judge late on Friday ordered the return of nine planes “immediately,” denying the carrier’s last-minute appeal, according to a news release by the Brazilian court. Lessor Aircastle was scheduled to repossess its remaining nine planes leased to Avianca Brasil by Sunday, Brazil’s civil aviation regulator said. The vast majority of the airline’s 179 cancellations so far are scheduled to take place between Monday and Wednesday and include some flights between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, by far Brazil’s most popular route. For months, Avianca Brasil managed to hold on to its fleet despite continuing to miss lease payments, as judges repeatedly ruled that the carrier should be able to keep operating the planes until a creditor meeting could define the fate of the enterprise. The creditors meeting took place last week, lifting that restriction. Creditors approved the auction of most of Avianca’s assets. ---------------------------------- Personnally, I will avoid flying on Avianca
  7. One of the risk is that a militant or a gang of extremists, pushed by Bolso's comments decide to attack some gay targets as happened in Budapest a few years ago when Victor Orban was exciting hungarians to react to immigrants, jews and faggots. The action below happened in 2008 while Orban became Prime Minister of Hungary in 2010, position he still holds now. In recent years, homophobic attacks have increased in Hungary, for example during the Budapest Pride Marches (Renkin, 2009, p. 20). Additionally, in 2017, the US-based anti-LGBTQ group International Organisation of the Family (IOF) was invited by Hungary’s conservative right-wing president Viktor Orbán to hold its big annual gathering in Budapest. This year, the theme was Building Family-Friendly Nations: Making Families Strong Again. This article argues that Orbán’s position on the LGBTQ community is part of his anti-Enlightenment nationalism, which creates the right circumstances for anti-LGBTQ groups to flourish and stir homophobic violence in Hungary ... As a result, Orbán’s anti-Enlightenment nationalism stirs homophobic violence and creates a ‘safe haven’ for anti-LGBTQ groups in Hungary. ACTION BAR set on fire Gay rights activists in Hungary have spoken of their concerns about extreme right-wing violence in the country after a gay bar in the capital Budapest was set on fire with a petrol bomb. The bar, called Action, was attacked yesterday. In a chilling reminder of a tactic sometimes used by terrorist groups, a telephone warning, allowing the bar to be evacuated. Just after the basement bar was cleared, a petrol bomb exploded – it is unclear from reports whether it was thrown – and the foyer was destroyed in the fire. Activists said it could be the work of a group who use a website called kuruc.info. Described as “an extremist nationalist hate site targeted against gay people, liberals, Jewish people,” the phone numbers and other details about gay activists are regularly posted on the site. “This site, although Hungarian, is hosted in a US server, so there is nothing we can do to stop them,” a Hungarian activist from Budapest told PinkNews.co.uk this morning. “Yesterday this site put out an address list of all the gay bars in Budapest, the first in the list being Action. Later that night, it was set on fire.” The chief of police in Budapest has said he is anticipating disruptions to this year’s Pride march on July 5th. Last year at Budapest Pride, a gang of ultra-nationalists, skinheads and fascists attacked marchers along the 7km (4.3 mile) route. Pride organisers said that the police had failed to take appropriate action: “Contrary to a number of reports and the statement of the Interior Ministry, items capable of causing grievous bodily harm were thrown at the marchers: beer bottles, smoke bombs and molotov cocktails,” they said. “The counter-demonstrators continuously shouted: “faggots into the Danube, followed by the Jews,” “soap factory” and “filthy faggots.”” After last night’s arson attack on a gay venue, there is concern that fascist and nationalist extremists are planning more violence against the city’s gay community.
  8. I totally agree with Bolsonaro here. Brazil can't BECOME gay tourism paradise. it IS already gay tourism paradise. :-))
  9. I am just coming back from a trip to Brazil. it has been fun, thanks to the boys I met and to the sites I visited, but also thanks to the members of this forum whom I met during my trip. Very often the difficulty is to know who is where without looking at all the posts. Sometimes members of forum are in a city but do not mention it and write a report when they are back. Impossible to meet them then. It would be very convenient to have, for the major cities, a kind of schedule pinned at the beginning of the post where people could simply indicate when they plan to be in the city mentionned. In February 2019, I tried to start up a post like this, called "BT travelers to BRAZIL : where - when" . Some members started to fill it but it was rapidly buried in the list of messages. To be useful and used, it has to be pinned and classified by major cities visited. I would suggest for cities : For LATIN AMERICAN : Rio de Janeiro - Sao Paulo, Bogota and Mexico City For EUROPE : Barcelona, Prague For ASIA : I do not have sufficient experience to propose cities FOR NORTH AMERICA : Fort Lauderdale, Montreal. Any comments ?
  10. I imagined you were there since you wrote it. I asked a couple of gringos whete they were coming from. One from Italy and the second from USA. Then I stopped asking ...
  11. Surprisingly, I met a few good looking guys after 8 pm in 117 : some were in the rooms and I had not yet seen them but one had just arrived. Obviously very recent in 117. Black hair, dark blue eyes, twink type. Marcelo. I was really sorry not to be able to have a third session today and to leave tomorrow without meeting Marcello more in depth (lol). In order to keep contact with Brazilian boys, I will meet L in Ireland beginning of May. I met L in Lagoa 3 years ago. I had had a very good 3some and was not willing to do anything else. L proposed to give a sample of his skills before we go eventually to the room. We went to the video room. It was late and not many customers and boys were still in Lagoa. Noone was in the video room. He started sucking me as if it were our last day on earth. He proposed me to give him only 50 R$. So we went to the room. He sucked me, rimmed me, ate my ass and let me fuck him. If there were Olympic Games in Sex, L would certainly be on the podium. I gave him 100. He was happy. We kept in touch since then. And I know more about him : L is gay of course but he loves coroas, in particular hairy coroas. He was somehow completely turned on by me when we met in Lagoa. I am already excited by the idea of L eating my ass again soon ... Below is what I wrote in 2016 ... L is a different thing : he genuinely likes Coroas (older gentlemen) and might have been more excited by me than me by him ! He is rather short with an average toned body. We cuddled in the sauna, in the gay porn video room and had a terrific session in a room. He was hard from the beginning to the end and cummed a huge cumshot. He loved to lick and suck me from head to toe and rimmed and ate my ass as I have not been done so many times in my life. ... I had indeed forgotten that he also licked me all over, from head to toe, ... Indeed excited to meet him again !
  12. Lunch and afternoon.with bf. We are both with saudades to have to leave each other for sometime ... 117 for my last night. It was not raining when I arrived but now it is raining a lot. Many boys arrived early including some faces I never saw. One of the newbies is very good looking. Nice face, nice defined body ... maybe due to Jiu Jiutsu he is supposed to be practising according to a tattoo on his chest. A couple of other boys whom I never saw are quite good looking and obviously very well endowed judging from the bulge of their towel. A. my regular is here also and I soon agree in a program with him. He is a perfect sucker and a power bottom. And he ends the session with great and relaxing massage. His white bubble butt is very teasing. I might have gone with a new boy but feared it might be a bad experience giving a bad end to such a great trip. I try to convince A to prepare his boyfriend to do together a life sex show for me during my next trip. But bf seems to be shy ... time and $ will help convincing them. My target for next trip ... 8 pm in 117. All tables are occupied. There are many customers but not many doing "coisas" (things) and there is not even a line to get a suite ... not usual for a tuesday in 117. It is true that it is bank holiday (Saint George) just after Easter. This plus the rain might explain the situation.
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