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  1. pauleiro

    Winter in Havana

    Met a couple of guys from Cuba in Johnson s in Fort Lauderdale yesterday. Both were gay and confirmed that gay activity has increased pretty much in the last years and that, compared to other South American countries, it was very safe to be in Cuba. Both dancers were very masculine, one of them, rather muscular with a hairy torso. I think I must plan a trip to Cuba ...
  2. Are foreign visitors watched the same way ? Or even more carefully ?
  3. pauleiro


    Anyone know about saunas and gay places in this city ?
  4. pauleiro

    SALVADOR, BAHIA, Dec 22 to Jan 3

    Same here. Willing to discover new places
  5. Bogota One night stopover. Stayed in hotel 100 m from Gigolo Erotic House. Clean. A bit noisy. Very cute lad at reception. Not Hilton but sufficient when you arrive in the afternoon and leave very early next day. And cheap ... 69000 COP around 23 USD (3000 COP = 1 USD). Following Numazu s pieces of advice, I decided to go only to Gigolo House and not also to Teatron. I arrived around 8.30 pm. Boys arrive around that time also and change in the room. They only wear jock straps. That night there were around 30 boys of very different types. Many twinks. A few hunks. Striking difference between Brazil : boys are shorter including dickwise and do not have so many tattoes in general. Boys walk around the room and chat with customers (spanish only of course). They try to convince customers to take them to backrooms. There are only 2 backrooms which are in fact a very small place with only a chair. A curtain separates the mainroom from backroom which is in fact just a corner of the main room. Cost of dances in backroom is 50.000 COP (around 15 USD). This is for 20 minutes. Boys remove jock strap from beginning and do what you want. It is better to agree in advance but not compulsory. Fucking is 100.000 COP (30 USD). The curtain is not thick and at least from one backroom you can see all that happens in the room and vice versa I guess. 5 boys at a time dance on stage. Around 11 pm and then regularly in the night there are hardcore shows ie one boy coming on stage with a hard on and then displaying his tool that customers can touch or even play with for a tip. The performer passes in the room after the show to get tips from the audience. Life sex show around 1 am. Threesomes on Fridays. No guarantee of type and time of shows in fact : when I arrive, no one could confirm there would be a life show that night. Went with a few boys in the backroom and had some fun (cuddling) with some of them in the main room. A few guys were from Venezuela including a very good looking guy who was also masseur in Sauna saint Morritz where you can get more than a massage. Great time in this place. Worth a repeat. When I went from the hotel to Gigolo house around 8.30 pm there were almost no one in the streets but surprinsingly at 1.30 am there were people walking by, one restaurant was still open. Safe return to the hotel. Taxi hotel Airport : 20 minutes. 10 USD Drinks in Gigolo House cheat 2.5 USD the beer. Many contacts on Grindr including a guy from Medellin who stayed at same hotel and also went to Gigolo House. Too short a stay. Worth a longer visit to explore more.
  6. pauleiro

    BHz Brazil review

    There are many Oscar Niemeyer' Buildings around BH. Have you seen the administrative city ? It is on the road from the Confins Airport. Even the JK complex was designed by him
  7. pauleiro

    So cute boys in Prague !

    Thks for posting the pics ! They are cute indeed
  8. pauleiro

    Belo Horizonte

    Thanks to both of you for pieces of advice ! I followed of course and took Belvitur bus from Holiday Inn hotel. We were lucky since weather was perfect. We managed an english speaking guide.
  9. pauleiro

    Mezzaninu Falling?

    Sad to hear that. I was wondering if it was still worth going to Porto Alegre but i think I will skip
  10. I understand that sauna St Morritz and Gigolo erotic house are in the same bulding. Correct ? How many massagistas are there in StMorritz ? Is any boy there a potential massagista, the word massagista being used to avoid "rentboy" ? Do you need to agree prior to massage on content and price as in Brazil ? Finally what is typical price for a massagista to bottom ? I must admit that I am sorry not to be in Bogota on a thursday nite with private shows, live interactive (whatever it means) sex shows and when I see the flier ...
  11. pauleiro

    Winter in Havana

    Nice report indeed.
  12. pauleiro

    Belo Horizonte

    Went to Ouro Preto last trip. Planning to go to Inhotim next tuesday. Can we find a guide ? What is easiest way to get there ? I know there is a bus going every day
  13. pauleiro

    So cute boys in Prague !

    How are the boys doing ?