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  1. For some reason, I can't seem to log out. I don't get by as often as I used to but, starting a few months ago, the "sign off" button stopped working and now it no longer appears at all. I can see the "login" button, but apparently I'm already here. I can post, and the member list shows that I've visited in the last twenty-four hours, even if I haven't been at the site in a month. Even as I post this, the "login" button appears at the top of the screen. I've seriously been thinking of becoming a cat burglar as it's well-documented that I'm always here and my alibi is airtight.
  2. Travel with RockHard...

    Honestly! In these days of rampant cost-cutting, you just never know when you’ll run into a pinchpenny operation without the necessary amenities. Even though my venues are more modest and my needs are few, I always remember to pack an extra fly strip or two.
  3. India May Legalize Gay Sex

  4. A Photo?

    Well, you're sure good at it! I've never been able to manage even simple changes in Photoshop. Not only do you get elements to merge and colors to match, but you also create pictures without artifacts and without anything that looks out of proportion or phony. Not easy to do. Grateful you're willing to take the time and share the talent!
  5. M4M site offline?

    I'm not going to do it That's all there is to it Oops! I've done it again
  6. M4M site offline?

    Really sorry to hear the backstory, AdamSmith, but thanks for letting us know. All I knew was that there was an empty hat where a rabbit used to be. And not just any rabbit, but one who could pull himself out of the hat. You're definitely missed and I hope you won't mind the odd* fan who shadows you over here. * In all senses of the word: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/odd
  7. The Organ

    At long last, AdamSmith finishes prototyping the FartMaster 2000 The Power Bellows and hydrogen sulfide will arrive in the morning
  8. Photo Threads

    Who needs a hundred songs? Two hundred if you count the B sides I don't even like music I wish I had a quarter
  9. Jeopardy!

    Watson's not playing games any more, and now he means business! Just ask the thirty-four workers who lost their jobs at Japan's Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance. The company figures Watson can calculate payouts as well as they can, and will pay for himself in two years. Even though he'll cost $1.7 million to install, and $128 thousand a year to maintain, he'll be saving the company a million dollars a year in salaries. I've often wondered if I'm talking to a robot at my insurance company, and I guess I won't be wondering much longer.
  10. Turkey's Gay Escort Scene

    No, this is a hookah bar, not a hooker bar