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  1. lookin

    The Organ

  2. lookin

    The Organ

    An older piece perhaps? I hear the bloom is off the rose.
  3. lookin

    What's up?

    For the gloppiness, just add more water. For the taste, there's only one workaround I've found so far.
  4. lookin

    The Organ

    Les tubes: L'Orgue: http://www.charbonnieres-les-orgues.fr/index.php?id_rub=orgue
  5. lookin

    The Organ

    Preparing his forthcoming Dysfunctions of Decadence Paracelsus resolves to drop AdamSmith a line
  6. lookin

    Travel with RockHard 2, and final.

    Well, RockHard, I'm sure you'll do what you think best. Selfishly, though, I hope you continue to post. I've read your posts for many years on both Boards and am never quite sure if they're day-in-the-life, a Board persona, or creative writing. Perhaps a mix of all three, and probably more. I know I look forward to reading them. The other thing I know is that you take time to craft something for us all to enjoy. As AdamSmith said in another thread, it's a gift and I thank you. I'd send some flowers, but there's a small issue in the garden.
  7. lookin

    server issues?

    Hopefully these will give you something to do till the lights come back on.
  8. So why is Principe Prettyboy sitting over there? . . . . .. . . It's rank Hey you guys are no bouquet of roses either
  9. So guess who just got a promotion and a new pair of kneepads!
  10. Perhaps he's been buried.
  11. For some reason, I can't seem to log out. I don't get by as often as I used to but, starting a few months ago, the "sign off" button stopped working and now it no longer appears at all. I can see the "login" button, but apparently I'm already here. I can post, and the member list shows that I've visited in the last twenty-four hours, even if I haven't been at the site in a month. Even as I post this, the "login" button appears at the top of the screen. I've seriously been thinking of becoming a cat burglar as it's well-documented that I'm always here and my alibi is airtight.
  12. lookin

    India May Legalize Gay Sex