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  1. Kjun, did you go to the new Patpong locations? It’s true the Twilight locations were about finished in April as they were getting ready for moves. The locations in Patpong have been drawing much bigger crowds than expected. I’m sure some is the novelty of seeing the new places. They are all bigger and have twice as many boys. LuckyBoys is very large and was turning people away during a Songkran week. But even when I was there Wednesday night, 50 boys on stage. And 3/4 full. Screwboys full every night. I’m sure it will quiet down a bit as the summer low season drags on, but for now, things are good. Lot depends on time you are there. Crowds do appear to be arriving more in the 10pm range now.
  2. I’ve never had any issue getting into any porn or gay sites in Thailand. I go into Boytoy and GayGuides sites every day. Sometimes the govt threatens to sensor social media, but so far they haven’t.
  3. I’m not a fan of Dreamboys so haven’t been for a month or so. Lots of changes for them. They are in the process of refurbishing a new Patpong location. Supposed to be large. Most of the current staff is supposed to be back. If you want things to be like they were 10 years ago, that’s not going to happen. A good time can be had, but some will always be disappointed.
  4. Your correct, this new scene was not in place when you were there in December/January. Twilight just closed up entirely on April 30. The Bars and gogo’s started moving into new venues in Patpong and Soi 4 April 1. Most finished moving by April 15, Hot Male the last to move yesterday. Now all newer, larger and twice as many boys working. Many of the hotter guys that worked at Tawan have moved on to Jupiter and Moonlight. Newer, more modern and more pay, You say, in years gone by, Soon Twilight will be know with stories of years gone by, but for now a new generation of places have opened and for now are doing very well.
  5. You should be in Bangkok this weekend. An overload of extremely good looking young men from, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan. Thousands in the city for the Songkran weekend White Parties.
  6. It’s just words lost in translation. It’s their 1 year anniversary party.
  7. Leans towards hunky, boy next door type. Occasionally twinks, but not Pattaya type twinks Something for everybody. you can sing up on their LINE app and see who is working.
  8. If Kjun doesn’t like it, that means it’s pretty good. For me, Prince is my favorite place in Bangkok. I’ve never been dissapointed.
  9. I watched most of it and thought it was fun. Music covers so much territory now there are always going to be people that will complain. Social media just allows people to hate. Overall it seemed most people liked it.
  10. The only issue you will have is they probably won’t serve alcohol that day. Unrest is a long shot , but it would probably be near the government buildings or possibly Grand Palace area. Neither of which is anywhere near the Gay entertainment areas. I don’t know any of my friends that are regulars that are altering their plans. I’ll be there and not worried. Just keep up with the news to be aware of what’s going on, but I wouldn’t change my plans. I can understand your concern as a first timer , but there are a lot of us that live there or spend a lot of time there. Feel free to post or pm if you have any questions or concerns.
  11. AA is only flying 777’s to Gig and Gru. They use a 789 out of Lax.
  12. I arrive a couple days after the election. I’ve talked to friends if they thought there may be any issues that week and everyone says things will be fine. Now this morning everyone’s thoughts have changed to it may be a very rough week. PM Prayut wants at all costs keep his job. But he need to go. I remember one coup sitting in the bars watching a few tanks rolling down the street. People barely look up. Now the last few years political rally’s have become a bit more violent. The next month is going to be really interesting.
  13. In Bangkok just about all tops. In Vietnam the apps have allowed a high percentage of guys to say they are bottoms. I would say more tops, but bottoms catching up fast.
  14. I’m very happy to hear the hotel got back to you with a positive response. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
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