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  1. If you find yourself passing thru Twilight I’ll be sitting at Maxis Restaurant in the evenings. I start there most nights.
  2. Air Marshals are supposed to sit in last row, aisle seat in First Class.
  3. planetime

    My Visit to Bangkok

    I’ll stand by my post . It’s based on my personal experiences of more than 20 visits. Jupiter and Dreamboys will draw more women than the other gogo’s. Also everybody posts “to many women “. What is to many. I have friends that don’t want any. But 2 or 3 to much? Or is 10 to many? This is a subject that has no absolute answer.
  4. planetime

    My Visit to Bangkok

    to me this Woman in the strip clubs in Bangkok/Pattaya is getting blown way out of proportion by the typical few that like to complain about everything in forums. When guys post about women in clubs they never say how many. I have been to Jupiter many times. Rarely is there more than 4 or 5 and they are with boyfriends. There aren’t raging bachelorette parties going on. You will see more on weekends. Sometimes Dreamboys will have more than a few because they cater to Chinese tour groups. If I hang out 7 nights, you won’t see any women 5 nights. I get it, some guys just don’t want any women around. But these same guys that are complaining aren’t spending enough money to sustain these places. And yes, many of the boys are straight or bi, so they encourage the women. They are mostly going for the shows, so only there for an hour or so. They rarely off a boy. Mostly have a couple drinks, watch the show and they head out.
  5. planetime

    My Visit to Bangkok

    Women alone tend to be Chinese and have a lot of money. Most of the other Asian women are with boyfriends. Especially on weekends , Thai girls will come in because their boyfriends work there and they just hang out. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen an American woman or even a Western woman in the gogo’s. South Korean and Japanese couples will sit in the front rows . Boyfriends will call boys onstage to come over and get a little personal with their girlfriends.
  6. planetime

    My Visit to Bangkok

    Oz I think my situation is similar to yours. I hang out in Twilight almost nightly and know many of the boys. I never have to want for someone to sit with. In the end they know the women might be there for a night or two, but I’ll be there for months. Women tend to go into the gogo’s and bars early. But when long time regular guys come in, they find their way over to us.
  7. planetime

    My Visit to Bangkok

    I haven’t found it nearly as bad in Bangkok as some people report. Maybe I’m just lucky. More often than not a few females with their boyfriends. At Jupiter and Moonlight, many of the boys onstage are straight and they are encouraging the women sitting up front to maybe get a bit involved. I can easily ignor them and just concentrate on what I came for.
  8. You have to define what you consider big dicks. You can be presently surprised at what you will find these days. There are a few posters that spend time in Brazil and Asia and have no complaints in either.
  9. planetime

    Mamma Mia 2 Here we go again

    If you wait till September I’ll go with you to see it. I was going today but it was close to being sold out. I’ll wait till mid week when it quiets down a bit. If the critics don’t like it, I’ll love it. They never like anything that is fun.
  10. I’m mixed on this. I have no problems with Bangkok. I love it and have lots of fun. You mention reading all the negativity. That’s the people posting. Many of forum members I know from here and Gaythailand have stopped posting because as soon as we say how much fun we are having, posters come on and post all their negatives. . I always ask these people if everything is that bad why do you keep going. For me it’s still a big bargain. Every night is different. Right now is the middle of the low season. It’s not going to be wall to wall boys or customers. I was talking to a friend tonight that stopped by Screwboys. Said it was full so he left and stopped in at Maxis. 3/4 full. So I’ll only speak for myself. I see very little wrong and will continue to spend my 6 months a year there having a great time.
  11. According to the Bangkok Post, 3 boys and the coach are the ones out so far. It’s reported the coach was very weak because he gave most of his food to the boys.
  12. planetime

    Justin Bieber engaged

    The engagement will probably be longer than the marriage, so be patient.
  13. NBC is saying 2 boys are out and in ambulances on the way to the hospital.
  14. There is signage at the opening of the cave that says basicly, Danger in caves from water from July-September. It was June when they entered. I don’t know if anybody knows the why’s of this happening, but let’s get them safely home then figure it out. Im not in Bangkok right now, but have been talking to friends everyday. The country is gripped by the story. Chang Rai is over 400 miles from Bangkok.