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  1. planetime

    Grammy Awards

    I watched most of it and thought it was fun. Music covers so much territory now there are always going to be people that will complain. Social media just allows people to hate. Overall it seemed most people liked it.
  2. The only issue you will have is they probably won’t serve alcohol that day. Unrest is a long shot , but it would probably be near the government buildings or possibly Grand Palace area. Neither of which is anywhere near the Gay entertainment areas. I don’t know any of my friends that are regulars that are altering their plans. I’ll be there and not worried. Just keep up with the news to be aware of what’s going on, but I wouldn’t change my plans. I can understand your concern as a first timer , but there are a lot of us that live there or spend a lot of time there. Feel free to post or pm if you have any questions or concerns.
  3. AA is only flying 777’s to Gig and Gru. They use a 789 out of Lax.
  4. I arrive a couple days after the election. I’ve talked to friends if they thought there may be any issues that week and everyone says things will be fine. Now this morning everyone’s thoughts have changed to it may be a very rough week. PM Prayut wants at all costs keep his job. But he need to go. I remember one coup sitting in the bars watching a few tanks rolling down the street. People barely look up. Now the last few years political rally’s have become a bit more violent. The next month is going to be really interesting.
  5. In Bangkok just about all tops. In Vietnam the apps have allowed a high percentage of guys to say they are bottoms. I would say more tops, but bottoms catching up fast.
  6. I’m very happy to hear the hotel got back to you with a positive response. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
  7. planetime

    Prince Sauna

    Prince is a end place . You can tip 1500 baht for 90 minutes. Many other massage shops are available where you can tip less than 1000 baht. Many options to fit everybody’s wallet issues.
  8. Interesting you picked Essence Palace. It’s the hotel I usually stay in when in Hanoi. Great location in the Old Quarter. It caters to Western tourist. The entire staff speaks fluent English. Rates are great so I always get a terrace suite. Fun sitting on terrace and watching the hustle and bustle of the Old Quarter. If your flying in, let them arrange car. Cheap and driver knows where hotel is. Old Quarter is difficult for taxis to find their way around. Now the downside ...if you want to bring company back to your room. They used to have a sign in lobby saying No Guest Allowed in Rooms. When I was there in October it was gone. But I usually have my boy with me so not looking to bring someone back. My friend is younger, Vietnamese and we live in Bangkok. They treat him like royalty as Vietnamese don’t stay in this hotel. Only one time I have had a Vietnamese friend stop by. I met him in lobby. I took him to the room with looks from front desk but nobody stopped me. I had a package for him from friends so only in room 10 minutes. I could tell front desk wanted to say something, but I stay there a lot and figure they cut me some slack. I don’t think u will as lucky. One guest u will be ok, but different guy every night I think an issue. They take all passport or ID info. Extremely small lobby, so impossible to sneak anybody in. Western chain hotels only place you might get away with revolving door. I’ll be back there in March or April. Be interested to hear how you make out.
  9. The boys have really taken to the apps in Hanoi. You will find several massage boys that work in the saunas openly mentioning it. The smaller the hotel the more trouble you will have bringing someone to your room. Especially in Old Quarter hotels. I usually have a friend with me so not an issue, but in October I went alone and stayed at the Hilton. I had no problem bringing someone to my room there.. Hope you have fun. I get to Hanoi a few times a year and love it.
  10. Twilight FreshBoys is better than New FreshBoys. You won’t find find mature guys at Screwboys. More toward twinks.. Jupiter and Moonlight mostly mature guys.
  11. The new FreshBoys is up the stairs over Screwboys. The original FreshBoys is still open in Twilight. Screwboys is on ground level few doors in Patpong from Surawong. Usually several boys sitting out front to direct you.
  12. Depends on the customer. It may not work for you, but Screwboys is one of the busiest offing gogo’s in Bangkok. They have lots of fans.
  13. A lot of the boys that might have gone to Taiwan are working at Jupiter and Moonlight. Lot more money to be made leaving Taiwan.
  14. planetime

    SALVADOR, BAHIA, Dec 22 to Jan 3

    I always look at it this way. If everything went perfectly you would write one line saying, left ontime, great flight. Now you have a story to remember and tell.
  15. planetime

    GOL Airline USA expansion

    737 Max is a single aisle aircraft. The picture above isn’t accurate. But look at the one line above the picture. It says, traditional 3 seats on either side of the aisle.