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  1. Of the friends and others I know (aged 21-50) in Barcelona, almost no-one visits the saunas. I’ve heard of a couple of saunas being places where young bottoms go to meet older bears. But if you’re here during the Circuit Festival, I think you’ll find it difficult to find a venue where there is NO sex taking place - even the daytime party at the water park is famed for the amount of sex occurring in the open.
  2. IME Yes, there are many such twinks. There is great inequality in incomes and wealth in Argentina. Alongside the economic difficulties of recent years, with severe currency weakness, there has been rampant inflation. (I see the current rate of consumer price inflation of 57% annually is expected to fall to 37% by year-end). The result of all this economic upheaval is that many are not particularly well-fed, so many young men are slender or thin and not particularly tall. Inevitably in Buenos Aires I found that I stood out as tall despite only being 6ft in height. I always enjoyed dating handsome young men who had fit, nicely muscled bodies; almost all of them came from families in the ‘high bourgeoisie’ (as it’s termed in Argentina).
  3. Just one note of caution before you go: make sure you have been properly vaccinated against measles. There is a massive outbreak in the Ukraine, with more than 100,000 cases reported since 2017. Measles is highly contagious and (although rare, at more than 1 in 1000) it can lead to fatal complications. 39 deaths have been recorded so far since the outbreak began in 2017.
  4. I agree with @SolaceSoul I would just add that here (as in other houses in Buenos Aires for example) if you should accept the offer of a drink while viewing, it’s considered appropriate to give the manager a small gratuity.
  5. I’ve spent a lot of time (in all, more than a year) visiting Argentina but I’ve not been recently. So it will be very helpful @geodesic if you will report back fully on your experiences in Buenos Aires. I’d especially like to hear about the levels of crime (or “insecurity” as locals term it). It’s very difficult to learn about the dangers except from locals, and such crimes don’t warrant Press reports. IMO caution is very advisable. I never had anything happen to me during my extensive visits, but I was aware of robberies at knifepoint in the daytime even in the very best areas of the city. Women were more often targets for bag and phone snatching. If you do have good Spanish, the locals on the local escort forum can be very helpful. The drawbacks to that forum are that quite a lot of slang is used in the reports. Also, peculiar to Argentina, is the fact that many escorts change their working name (I have never understood why): there is for instance one muscleguy who is notorious for robbing clients once alone in a ‘telo’ or hotel-by-the-hour.
  6. @TotallyOz that reminded me of an incident some years ago. I was at Spanish-language school in Barcelona and mid-morning a handsome young American was talking to me over coffee. We knew each other to be gay, and he related how he’d been to Thermas the night before. He was outraged to discover that it was a rentboy sauna, since he’d told Thermas Reception that he was gay and wanted to know if it was a good place for him to meet a Spanish equivalent. He told me it was only “older guys” who wanted him to pay for sex! (I was amused as I was about 25 years older than him) He was so angry at being misled that he demanded, and obtained, a full refund of his entry fee.
  7. That is dirt cheap @mvan1 (but then it is in coach). I wonder whether it’s a mistake fare or if it’s perhaps to price-match fares being offered by another airline such as Norwegian? Did you attempt to make a booking? (I ask only as I’ve known very attractive fares in business/first to appear at times but then disappear when it came to the actual booking)
  8. Give it time @tassojunior There are ALWAYS new guys. They just take time to grow up and define a muscled body to go with their handsome face ;-)
  9. I sense that @floridarob may be a modern version of Edith Wharton with a clear-eyed vision of @tomcal‘s progress through Mexican society
  10. Yes, the UK. It was mainly in London where I have met a variety of Eastern Europeans over the years. I met the Slovaks online before dating in London. I met one Pole in London and he introduced me to various of his friends when I made trips to Krakow and Warsaw. I met a couple of Hungarians in gay bars in Pest and that’s also where I encountered quite a few Romanians.
  11. I assume that Congratulations are in order @tomcal Just two small questions: does this mean you will spend much more time there in future? And will you have to file and pay Mexican taxes on income and gains etc?
  12. I feel it may be more nuanced than you suggest. It may also be the influence of the Catholic Church. Discretion is advisable. In many areas, public displays are frowned upon. For example, there are gay-bashings in Polish cities. Social attitudes often lag behind equality policies. Yet I’ve dated several handsome young Slovaks - all of them 21-28, with ripped muscled bodies - who were great kissers, excellent cocksuckers and enthusiastic bottoms.
  13. Let’s review @ajay1 : you don’t know the country; you don’t speak Spanish nor Portuguese; you’re somewhat scared by reports here; but you’re considering taking much poorer strangers to your hotel room. My strong advice is do not take an escort/GP to your room. Play in the saunas where it is safe. If you feel a connection with a guy and you simply must take him back to your hotel, ask the management of the sauna and/or other clients whether he is a ‘good guy’. You are much less likely to have a problem if the GP knows that other people know you are going out with him for the night. At the hotel, assuming you’ve booked a room for 2 people, just register him at Reception. They will check his ID card which will show that he’s of legal age (very important as you don’t want to end up with the Police investigating you if the guy is under-age) Lastly, the reports here about crime are accurate. You should not display any valuables on the street/beach, especially if you are alone. I have a friend who looks Brazilian and speaks fluent Portuguese (tho he’s Italian) and he just returned from 2 weeks in Rio, which he has visited many times before. He is an experienced traveller and he does not exaggerate: even he was surprised at the level of street-crime now, in broad daylight in good areas such as Ipanema; he personally witnessed a robbery or mugging each day in Rio. He also told me an interesting story of how a Brazilian friend of his got robbed by the police - they cloned his credit card while interviewing him in a Police station for several hours as a witness to the robbery of his taxi driver!
  14. This is a serious question. I’m not criticizing what others post in the forums. I imagine that a lot of the threads and the various forums must take up considerable space on the servers. And I have no idea what income the site might generate. I’m simply curious about the running costs - as to how much approximately this site costs to run - and whether this is sustainable by the owners. My interest in this has been piqued by the ‘other site’ where the owner seems very regularly to solicit donations and to complain about the low level of his ‘reserves’.
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