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  1. A fit young New Zealander told me (about 6-7 years ago) that every small town in the country has a bath-house or sauna where men go to hook up for gay sex. He said that there’s little publicity but everyone knows it goes on. He added that when in a new and small place, he just asked where the sauna was. I’m not surprised that so many guys in the main cities are commercially-minded. I was there once and had plenty of such offers. New Zealanders tend to be quite matter of fact about having gay sex.
  2. @pauleiro you are a veritable heat-seeking missile. Do let us know if you reach your target ;-)
  3. Maybe it’s no longer considered sexy/erotic in Finland. Last year, I saw his designs/illustrations being used on bed-linen, towels, garden chairs etc in a high-end store on one of the main shopping streets in Helsinki. These same products were displayed in 2 large shop-windows and no passers-by seemed perturbed.
  4. That was very much my experience of Chilean society too.
  5. I wonder @boiworship if you had to be discreet, or whether you were able to be open, about being gay while you were in Bulgaria? And was there a marked difference in social attitudes towards/acceptance of gays between the capital and the countryside?
  6. You mention speaking “broken Spanish” @MiamiEthan but can you understand websites written in Spanish? If so, a simple search on Google for ‘Lima gay escorts’ refers you to various sites and a search for ‘Lima gay sauna’ brings you the info on 3 bath-houses.
  7. I visited both cities last year. Helsinki was frankly dull while Tallinn has a very attractive, but very small, city centre. Saunas are plentiful and popular but not used for sexual encounters; indeed on weekends in Helsinki, you have to reserve ahead to visit a popular sauna. I’d characterise both cities as having a paucity of available talent, tho there was some eye-candy. I had earlier met online (on Hunq/Planet Romeo) a couple of fit young men in Tallinn who like older men. I also met online a submissive muscled young Finnish guy; he professed his eagerness to meet but in the event he was a no-show. As it happens, I met a good muscle-bottom with a submissive streak in Tallinn; he really enjoyed serving and being topped by an older man - but he’s not an escort.
  8. Ipanema beach. (He mentioned it in his earlier post which included the State Department warnings)
  9. I go there regularly (as I have a place there). The best way I can describe Palma is as a mini-Barcelona. There’s great architecture, wonderful food and shopping, with lovely beaches and countryside. As you’re asking here @rodiem25 I guess you’re interested in meeting local guys. There are lots online and as long as you speak some Spanish, you should have no problems. There is a small sex-sauna (but AFAIK to meet other men, not working guys) and some working guys advertise on Hunq (the commercial part of Planet Romeo) and on Spanish sites.
  10. Presumably the ID also shows their date of birth? And if you’re interested in a young man, it’s great to be certain that he is of legal age. I can’t speak to Rio/Brazil but it was definitely a problem in Buenos Aires/Argentina where under-age guys pretend to be legal in order to meet rich men. It happened to me 2x and only by checking their ID first did I keep things ‘above-board’. I was told by an Argentine lawyer that it was a regular scam at Retiro station bathrooms where families used their attractive teenagers to lure adult men into an encounter. The idea was not to earn some small sum of cash but to blackmail the adult men by threatening to report them to the Police.
  11. I can't offer much insight on the escort scene in Sydney but FWIW I've always been able to find company easily there. I visit Australia regularly and have been doing so for almost 20 years. I've always found Aussies to be enthusiastic and uninhibited in bed. Sex work is regulated and legal. My simple tactic was to join a good gym on each visit and I met various interesting personal trainers and models. As a people, Aussies tend to be direct and open. There was one time when I had to 'rescue' a non-Aussie friend from a social situation where he'd invited a handsome and virile 30year old Aussie for drinks at his hotel, thinking that his sexual interest was apparent tho unstated. The Aussie became upset as he felt 'messed around' but I managed to smooth things over by stressing that my friend was very shy; I explained that we both wanted a rewarding date with him and the Aussie readily agreed and played with each of us separately.
  12. Great reports @pauleiro Thank you indeed! May I ask one question: is Puerto Rico just like the US when it comes to tipping for any and all services, and would you say 15% is the usual expectation?
  13. Enjoy yourself (and others) @pauleiro and please report back.
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