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  1. The metro in Barcelona is very efficient, clean and air-conditioned. And there’s a stop very close to Thermas.
  2. No. I enjoy reading about what you get upto in Brazil and I’d be interested in learning more about your adventures.
  3. msclelovr


    I’d definitely prioritise safety over fun in Lebanon. I can relate the experience of a good friend, a gay man, who was there on vacation 3 years ago. He’s savvy and he had visited 2x before, travelling with another male. On this last trip, he was travelling in a taxi a long distance to visit a particular site in the Bekaa Valley when the taxi was stopped at a roadblock. The roadblock was manned by Hamas and they decided to detain him and dismissed the taxi. He was held for about 4 hours and questioned as to his reasons for visiting. Luckily he was able to establish some rapport with one of the leaders (as they had both lived for some time in Madrid) and they decided to release him. The guards summoned a taxi to take him back to the city and told the driver not to charge him but to send the bill to Hamas.
  4. msclelovr

    Marcello in London

    You’re right @Tartegogo It’s him!
  5. msclelovr

    Profile Pix

    I happen to know the nice 25/26 year old Brazilian featured. He also looks good when wearing clothes. The pic is of Pedro Aboud who still occasionally works as a model. I’m not aware that he looks at this site.
  6. Thanks for asking the time to post @endlessdream Your report is very interesting. You asked for opinions on your reunion with Charlie. I have 2 thoughts: 1. He voiced his worry that you are “promiscuous”and a few hours later you bring home a “horse-hung” athletic guy and involve him in a 3some. You say you specifically asked Charlie, but he really had no ability to refuse - he’d come to accompany you on a trip to Varadero. It must have seemed to him that his view was correct and he had to go along with your wishes. 2. You were together in Varadero where I believe Cubans used not to be allowed as guests in the all-inclusive resorts. It may have been difficult for him. I wonder if Charlie felt out of place or if he was conscious of how the Cuban hotel employees viewed him.
  7. msclelovr

    So cute boys in Prague !

    It’s a little odd to put this enquiry here in this dedicated thread. You might get a better response if you open a separate thread on your specific interest. Of course, “reasonably priced” is a relative matter and there’s the cost of flights and hotels to take into account. At this time of year in the Northern hemisphere, when clients are fewer, you’re likely to be sought-after. That said, you don’t mention London. It’s still one of the world’s great cities with a huge assortment of young men from various countries seeking employment. If you have language skills and are happy to use the apps, you could also visit Madrid and southern Spain as well as Paris.
  8. msclelovr

    Carol Channing dies at age 97

    She has a full-page obituary in The Times (London) today
  9. msclelovr

    Tipping flight attendants! What next?

    Me too. It's funny how often a well-muscled flight attendant, once stripped and laid on his back, has no control over his legs. They naturally rise up in the air to greet you.
  10. To me, both these photos seem ‘stolen’ as they so strongly resemble Jacob Dooley, an American fashion model I’ve met.
  11. msclelovr

    Sauna Pay

    I’d really like to read these diaries @sanddunes Where can they be found, please?
  12. msclelovr

    Sauna Pay

    Intriguing. I don’t mean to quibble about the arithmetic but given the entrance fees they have to pay, these two reports suggest that a good-looking/muscled young guy actually earns about $200R per session in the saunas. That’s rather different from the $100R usually quoted as the going rate.
  13. msclelovr

    Barcelona - Sauna Thermas

    In my experience, on the Apps or sites like telechapero.com
  14. I very much enjoy your reports @numazu1 but I thought this was a particularly telling observation on your part. To locals (working guys and others), European and North American visitors must seem very strange: spending thousands of $ on flights and vacation costs yet haggling over a few $ when it comes to personal services. When I travel in less developed countries, I try to act with restraint while being generous in inviting guys to dinner or to accompany me on trips. But it is difficult: what we see as moderate expenditure, they may view as a fortune.
  15. I very much like the culture, nightlife and architecture in Buenos Aires @JuanP so I’ll try to answer your questions. To put my comments in context, I have made more than 12 visits to Argentina. Each trip was for at least a month, but my last visit was 6 years ago after I witnessed 2 robberies/assaults in daylight in the best part of Buenos Aires. You talk about the ‘holiday’ so I guess you mean Xmas-New Year. Most Argentines spend this time with their families, but there will be some guys in the city. Rich Argentines go to Punta del Este (Uruguay) for the beach, restaurants etc while middle-class portenos may be in the countryside or at some of the Argentine resorts. Generally the city is fairly deserted in the first 2 weeks of January but it will get busier as the month progresses and be back to normal (ie very hectic) in February. If you go to Punta del Este, my strong advice is to take a companion from the city with you. You might meet a guy there, but it’s unlikely (unless you’re young and handsome). There was one gay beach years ago (close to the urban areas of Punta) but on my one visit it was all couples. At the Argentine resorts such as Mar de Plata or Pina del Mar there may be some working guys from the city as well as local working guys. Mar de Plata had more of a scene and some guys advertising. You also mentioned skiing. I’ve done that in the Lake District and northern Patagonia, but I doubt the ski resorts will be open when you visit. I went in May and there was plenty of snow at the high elevations. You might be able to do some cross-country skiing but remember this is true wilderness: without a local guide, you can easily get lost and be beyond the range of any help from emergency services. In BA itself (and I assume that you do speak Spanish) you will be able to contact working guys readily. If you’re reasonably fit, I’d suggest you frequent a local gym - the Megatlon chain had lots of gay men as members, and the Alto Palermo mall has a large Megatlon gym that was cruisy. My last pieces of advice are to dress well at all times (Argentines can be vain and they certainly take pride in their appearance), to stay in a hotel with good security (Reception will check the ID of any visitors to your room) and if you want to take a stranger home, please take him to a ‘telo’ (local term for a love-hotel that rents rooms by the hour). In BA there is no anti-gay discrimination and you are unlikely to encounter any prejudice. But it is very rare to see any PDA by gay men or lesbians.