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  1. msclelovr

    So cute boys in Prague !

    Thanks for posting his pics @pauleiro He is very attractive. Do you follow him on social media? And I wouldn't give up hope @Sauter IME male models earn very little (unless they head up a fragrance campaign) and they often need to supplement their income. And as we all know, many male escorts retire but the 'easy money' often lures them back.
  2. msclelovr

    So cute boys in Prague !

    That was true of London as well, from about 2001 to 2006. The guys were 21-25, typically with a nice personality and muscled body, masculine appearance and eager to please. The guys had a great work-ethic. And for some reason, all the Slovak guys I met were enthusiastic cocksuckers and passionate bottoms.
  3. msclelovr

    Brazilian model

    Full of himself, cocky and rude...would about cover it. I don't know him personally but I have several Brazilian friends (1 actor, 5 models and personal trainers) who work full-time. I was with a group of them, having a good time over drinks, when I met him. I didn't recognise him until I was told his name, and then I remembered him as a young man. I can read Portuguese but I cannot follow it when spoken, so I have to rely on what 2 of my friends said. To be precise, one friend commented on how casually insulting EN was and I later confirmed this with the other friend. His casual remarks or insult centred on my being an old man and so the friend I'm close to must be a whore, sucking my cock for my money etc. My friend countered that he enjoyed being with me and that he had stayed with me in Europe on holiday. I had the impression that this exacerbated matters and that EN was simply jealous of the success of some of my friends. AFAIK, EN is still in Brazil and gets little work as a model.
  4. In terms of nightlife, is there nothing to see/do in Key West nowadays?
  5. msclelovr

    Brazilian model

    I saw EN a few (maybe 5) years ago. He's filled out now, so no longer lean and ripped, but he's muscled up. He's no longer built to my taste but many would consider him attractive still. What I found unattractive about him was his obnoxious attitude - two Brazilian friends confirmed that he was similar when younger but then he hid it better
  6. Have you registered with the site? And logged in correctly? AFAIK if you're not logged in and are a casual visitor, you are only not able to see the Photos aka Porn forum
  7. msclelovr

    Where is Trilingual now ?

    I take issue with what you wrote @trencherman ‘de mortuis nihil nisi bonum’ Of course, you may not be aware that Roberto died in a domestic accident a few years ago. He was always a good friend to me - keeping in touch between my visits to Argentina, giving dinner parties for me when I was there, introducing me to his friends etc - and I was happy to reciprocate when he visited Europe. AFAIK Roberto did not cease to be a friend when Tri “lost everything” (as you put it). Rather he never considered Tri to be a friend. Tri was merely an acquaintance, and made use of Roberto’s contacts in Buenos Aires. Roberto commented that he never understood Tri and what he did, and he assured me that he had seriously warned Tri about getting involved with the young Brazilian. Roberto related a number of incidents that had convinced him the young man was only there to make use of Tri and, what were to a dirt-poor Brazilian, his economic advantages.
  8. You’re right @Walker but I would add ice-cubes to the list of things to avoid.
  9. msclelovr

    Where is Trilingual now ?

    As usual @tomcal hits the nail on the head. Roberto of Buenos Aires and I were friends. He knew all the details (as Tri considered him a friend, tho Roberto told me they were not) and he was scathing about what he considered to be the folly on Tri’s part. Even before the break-up, he told me the Brazilian had met a German (IIRC) in Rio; the German was enamoured of him and took him on vacation in Europe. I know of a similar folly. A retired Army officer went on holiday to Rio and came back with a slim young man (some 25-30 years younger). Installed in a comfortable home in Europe and taken care of, the young man indulged in all the desserts, cake and ice-cream he’d never had as a child. It took less than 2 years for the slim young man to turn into a blob, and that killed the retired older man’s desire for him.
  10. msclelovr


    This is not a scientific survey, but... I was in Berlin for a week in August. For a large capital city in Summer, I was surprised that there were so few attractive young men. Only a couple of men could be considered physically splendid. Most young men were simply not in shape. Somehow I had thought that I'd see many guys with the same level of physical fitness and beauty as is usual in London, LA and Sydney.
  11. Thanks for taking the time to report @Badboy81 . I found your observations and comments interesting. Where do you feel you might prefer to stay on your next trip to Rio?
  12. msclelovr

    August 2018 Rio Trip

    Sorry to hear of your medical problem @tomcal and I hope you are feeling much better now. It's a very common condition if you're over 50. I too was diagnosed with it early this year. You're right in that if surgery is needed, it's minimally invasive. In my case, the hernia (or opening) is so tiny that it's below the minimum size for the operation. I control the symptom of heartburn by diet (no fatty/fried/spicy foods, less alcohol, no citrus etc) and that seems to work for me. The Mayo Clinic website is very helpful. And one last comment on your observation about comparative healthcare costs: in the UK, I saw my family Dr on a Friday morning and had the gastroscopy in a central London hospital on the Tuesday afternoon; including the final discussion with the specialist consultant on how to manage the condition, it was 2 hours in the hospital; total cost NIL.
  13. msclelovr

    I'll be moving to Montevideo in 2020

    @marylander1940 Where do you plan to spend the Southern Hemisphere winters? I enjoy Jose Ignacio very much in the Summer as it is both very relaxed and highly social...depending on what you want. I don't care for Punta del Este otherwise very much, although there is good shopping. FWIW I found Montevideo dull on a brief visit a few years ago. I was told good and bad reports. Local gay friends have told me it's easy to meet young men if you are generous and sociable. The bad news came from the BBC correspondent in Uruguay whose parents live in Montevideo; she informed me that there was an increasing level of street crime and domestic burglaries.
  14. I entirely agree with you @tassojunior I still recall how shocked I was when I met Tim Hamilton in London years ago; with his flabby belly and thinning hair, he was not the blond Adonis of the films.
  15. On the two holiday trips I know about, Dolph was very gay-friendly and flying solo; the fiance was left at home.