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  1. I very much like the culture, nightlife and architecture in Buenos Aires @JuanP so I’ll try to answer your questions. To put my comments in context, I have made more than 12 visits to Argentina. Each trip was for at least a month, but my last visit was 6 years ago after I witnessed 2 robberies/assaults in daylight in the best part of Buenos Aires. You talk about the ‘holiday’ so I guess you mean Xmas-New Year. Most Argentines spend this time with their families, but there will be some guys in the city. Rich Argentines go to Punta del Este (Uruguay) for the beach, restaurants etc while middle-class portenos may be in the countryside or at some of the Argentine resorts. Generally the city is fairly deserted in the first 2 weeks of January but it will get busier as the month progresses and be back to normal (ie very hectic) in February. If you go to Punta del Este, my strong advice is to take a companion from the city with you. You might meet a guy there, but it’s unlikely (unless you’re young and handsome). There was one gay beach years ago (close to the urban areas of Punta) but on my one visit it was all couples. At the Argentine resorts such as Mar de Plata or Pina del Mar there may be some working guys from the city as well as local working guys. Mar de Plata had more of a scene and some guys advertising. You also mentioned skiing. I’ve done that in the Lake District and northern Patagonia, but I doubt the ski resorts will be open when you visit. I went in May and there was plenty of snow at the high elevations. You might be able to do some cross-country skiing but remember this is true wilderness: without a local guide, you can easily get lost and be beyond the range of any help from emergency services. In BA itself (and I assume that you do speak Spanish) you will be able to contact working guys readily. If you’re reasonably fit, I’d suggest you frequent a local gym - the Megatlon chain had lots of gay men as members, and the Alto Palermo mall has a large Megatlon gym that was cruisy. My last pieces of advice are to dress well at all times (Argentines can be vain and they certainly take pride in their appearance), to stay in a hotel with good security (Reception will check the ID of any visitors to your room) and if you want to take a stranger home, please take him to a ‘telo’ (local term for a love-hotel that rents rooms by the hour). In BA there is no anti-gay discrimination and you are unlikely to encounter any prejudice. But it is very rare to see any PDA by gay men or lesbians.
  2. Very interesting observation @demedici It reminded me of how I paid the very full asking price once. I dated a Brazilian musclegod several times when he lived in Europe. He had a fine-featured handsome face and a beautiful hard, ripped body. He had been featured on the covers of a couple of fitness magazines. He always had limits (I had to use condoms, I could not unload in his mouth etc) but we had fun together. He moved back to Brazil but we kept in touch and a few months later, when he knew I was going on holiday to the beach resort of Punta del Este, he asked to join me. I was unsure but he said he would pay for his own airfares if I would pay for all meals, drinks etc for the 4 days we’d be together. As his fee, he asked US$2000 but he promised to do “everything, no limits”. I did not haggle on the price. We had a terrific time. He was of course amazing arm-candy in the restaurants and clubs. His allure was compounded by the tight clothes he wore - Versace tops and jeans that looked as if they’d been sprayed on, and Speedos at the beach. He was attentive and devoted throughout. And each day and night, he kept his promise: I topped him a couple of times each day and he sucked me off, no condoms; I unloaded in his mouth and he swallowed my loads. He did everything possible to please me. Sometimes you have to pay a lot to get a lot.
  3. msclelovr

    it finally happened

    @tomcal Am I the only one thinking it's lucky the robber didn't just shoot at you through the apartment door? I'm certainly aware of that happening with robberies in Cape Town, for instance, where the robbers being frustrated just fired their weapons.
  4. msclelovr


    @Marcorjbr, Did you also read this extensive report by @meteorb It dates from earlier this year.
  5. Hot report @pauleiro
  6. msclelovr


    Have you read fully the first thread in this forum? If it doesn’t answer your question, please be specific about what you want to know.
  7. msclelovr

    Warsaw, Poland

    I went there for a long weekend with a gay Polish friend who had lived there previously. This was 3 years ago. Krakow is lovely and had exceptional food at low prices compared to Warsaw. There were some goodlooking young men in the local gay club but I didn't need to hire. NB I was reliably informed that there are homophobic attacks and public display is best avoided.
  8. That’s very shocking @mvan1 More so because it happened to a young Brazilian who would have known his way around. And I share the feelings of @sydneyboy1 I have travelled extensively in Latin America and Africa and I always take security measures and stay alert. I’ve learned over the years of many incidents that go unreported by local media yet extreme violence is a routine feature of these incidents.
  9. msclelovr

    Women Like Gay Porn More Than Men?

    IIRC there was such a survey maybe 10-12 years ago in San Francisco. A video-store manager remarked that more single women rented gay porn videos at the weekends. A local gay paper did a survey of other stores and confirmed this. I’m not surprised at all by these findings. Generally the men in gay porn are young, pretty and well-groomed with smooth, muscled bodies.
  10. msclelovr

    Hustlaball in Berlin

    Well spotted @audihb I didn't know Aaron Mark was still working - he must be aged well over 40 by now!
  11. msclelovr

    So cute boys in Prague !

    Lol. You’re half-right @tassojunior I’ve known models to check both the condom I’m putting on and the lube I’m going to use. But I only ever hired guys who’d suck and swallow. It simply drives me wild to unload in a hot guy’s mouth, see him swallow and then lick my cock clean.
  12. msclelovr

    So cute boys in Prague !

    I always found there’s a “sweet spot” in hiring escorts aged 24-27. By then, they have experience and know how to please, while they remain good looking and have nicely muscled bodies. As they near the grand old age of 28 and think of what they want in the future and the hard work that may be needed, I notice how they become much more appreciative of an older man and his support. In my direct experience, male models seem to get wiser faster than escorts. I’ve met models aged 21 and up who really value all that an an older man with a big thick wallet can offer.
  13. There’s lots of good advice here from various posters. But I want to applaud @likeohmygod for taking the time to detail his experience and to acknowledge openly how easily things can go wrong. It’s good to remind us all that bad things can happen to good guys. My guess is that almost all of us (with a certain experience of hiring companions in various places over the years) will have had something similar occur.
  14. msclelovr

    So cute boys in Prague !

    Thanks for posting his pics @pauleiro He is very attractive. Do you follow him on social media? And I wouldn't give up hope @Sauter IME male models earn very little (unless they head up a fragrance campaign) and they often need to supplement their income. And as we all know, many male escorts retire but the 'easy money' often lures them back.
  15. msclelovr

    So cute boys in Prague !

    That was true of London as well, from about 2001 to 2006. The guys were 21-25, typically with a nice personality and muscled body, masculine appearance and eager to please. The guys had a great work-ethic. And for some reason, all the Slovak guys I met were enthusiastic cocksuckers and passionate bottoms.