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  1. kjun12

    Planet Romeo

    As is said, each to his own. I think this new Planet Romeo and Hunqz suck. I will not renew my membership.
  2. kjun12


    On my recent visit a taxi driver wanted 800 baht but finally agreed on 500 baht. when we got to the destination he demanded 800 baht and I refused. A discussion ensued and we were soon surrounded by several other taxi drivers who took my drivers side and demanded I give him the 800 baht. I felt very physically intimidated and gave the money. We had decided to go to an island off of Phuket the next day but I backed out because I just did not feel like it. My friends negotiated a fee of 2500 baht but once at the island the boat driver demanded another 1000 baht or he would just leave them at the island. They paid him. The people of Phuket are shake-down artist and I'll have none of it. I just wont go back.
  3. kjun12


    My belief is that of, all of the places to visit in Thailand, Phuket is the worse. My last visit only elevated this belief. The place is physically dangerous and has more rip-off artist than Pattaya and Bangkok combined. I will not return.
  4. kjun12

    How to use Chaturbate

    Not everyone is a computer literate as you are.
  5. The whole thing was very sad. He looks terrible in the TV I saw of him.
  6. kjun12

    How to use Chaturbate

    You should create an account if you don't have one now. Only then will you be able to chat with the guys. Once you sign into your account then you choose a person you wish to chat with.You click on the picture of the person you want and his account will open and you can send him a message. It is not certain that he will chat with you because some do and some don't.
  7. kjun12

    British Escorts

    Yes, thank you.
  8. kjun12

    British Escorts

    There is one outstanding site for British escorts. Can any of you tell me how to Sign in to it?
  9. kjun12

    Planet Romeo

    Has anyone learned how to negotiate the Romeo Escort's section? Perhaps I am just too slow but I just manage to fumble around that area.
  10. kjun12

    Newbie to Boy Toy

    Please enjoy yourself.
  11. What does this post mean? I do not understand it.
  12. kjun12

    The Organ

    Please excuse me and I'm not trying to be smart. What is the reason/purpose of these posts?
  13. kjun12

    Happy Labor Day

    Good for you. I hope you enjoyed yourself.
  14. kjun12

    RIP Aretha Franklin

    I am thankful that I got to see her a few times in New Orleans. She was, indeed, great.
  15. kjun12

    Do You Like it Latino Style ?

    Unfortunately, I don't think they are available in Thailand.