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  1. Both of these are humorous and fun. Happy you dug them up.
  2. kjun12


    And, just what does it reveal about me? I am interested what thought you have.
  3. I am having a problem believing Jussie Smollet's assertion that he was attacked in Chicago. What is of particular concern to me is that he has consistently refused to turn over information located on his cell phone. He is being just foo reticent in his cooperation with police. No proof has been given that he staged the alleged attack for publicity purposes but that does linger in the background.
  4. Come and enjoy yourself. I have lived here a long time and I don't think you have anything to worry about.
  5. I think this comparison is a bit ludicrous. There is no comparison in the two situations..
  6. Drag is not something I like.and I have never enjoyed drag shows. Unfortunately, drag is quite prominent here in Thailand. Even more than in the US I believe but I avoid it whenever I can.
  7. I live in Northern Bangkok and it is unnoticeable here but it is bad in the City center. I've been living here for 12 years and it has never been this bad before now.
  8. I go to Hanoi occasionally. Not for sex because I go with my partner. Hanoi is my favorite city because it is more comfortable and not as hot as Saigon. On one occasion we went to Sapa and it was down right cold there and not as interesting as I expected it to be. Danang is somewhat boring. Hoi An is fun with much to see and do. Dalat is a very clean and nice place with many interesting hotels and places to see. I know it is a very short report on Vietnam but if you are interested in going it is a little info.
  9. What pray tell me do you mean by: small nose with my mobile
  10. kjun12

    What's Up With MPREG?

    I feel that the whole issue is a bit absurd.
  11. I have no plans to go to Brazil but it is great that this site has become a very informative site for those interested in that country.
  12. kjun12

    Joke for the Day: Add more if you want

    unicorne, not much to explain. It is just a weak joke at best. The whore is forced to live with Trump and that is her curse for being bad.
  13. Have you noticed that, on the average, more African Americans are circumcised than Caucasians? Why do you think that this is so?
  14. kjun12

    Puerto Vallarta

    No. That is not what I intended to say. It is simply that in my experience any wheel chair at the exit of the plane has been for a specific passenger. Why did you need a wheel chair?
  15. kjun12

    Do You Sit Or Stand To Pee

    I am somewhat amazed that this topic has gained this much traction.