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  1. The City of Chicago has now filed suit against Smollet to recover the money spent in investigating his claim.
  2. Any of you ever watch the TV series DEADWOOD? I think that it is the best Western that I have seen in a long time. Check it out and you may enjoy it.
  3. OZ, you have taken on a defense of Smollet from the get go but now I have no doubt that this man did what the police say. He is a damn criminal and is very lucky to have escaped conviction and a jail sentence. As Adam Smith said he should pay up, shut his mouth and move on.
  4. Well, it appears that it is time to put the fork in this turkey. He's done.
  5. Good luck in finding what you want but, also, be cautious. Many, if not most, escorts are not the most stable guys around and not above stealing, borrowing money they forget to repay etc.
  6. I have known the living legend, Lucky, in person for quite a while. I stick with my statement concerning Thai dicks. Big ones are rare and uncommon. Next time we get together here in BKK you can show me some.
  7. I've never been to Toronto but several visits to Montreal. The city has the best collection of Bonsai I've seen. The city is nice to walk around in and the Gay area is pleasant Hope you have a great time..
  8. I read these Brazil posts with envy in my heart and tears in my eyes. OOPs, I forgot jealousy
  9. I absolutely hate all these postings about Brazil. Why do I hate them? Simple. I am jealous of all of you for the sex you are having with handsome men with big dicks. Have fun my friends.
  10. Caeron, I think you have it. Your belief is the probable reason for what has happened.
  11. I'm sure planetime is correct. He knows everything.
  12. Sorry to hear about your health problems and I hope the Doctors can find something to help you. I use Meloxicam and Voltarin for my knee pain and both help. Good luck.
  13. I don't see that we have many "nasty queens" on the site. Most posters appear to be nice people in contrast to some posting on other sites. The only nasty poster I've encountered has been planetime.
  14. 12, sorry I dropped the ball on answering you. Big dicks are a rarity in Asia. I"ve seen a couple but that was a while back and I don't go out much anymore.
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