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  1. Have you noticed that, on the average, more African Americans are circumcised than Caucasians? Why do you think that this is so?
  2. kjun12

    Puerto Vallarta

    No. That is not what I intended to say. It is simply that in my experience any wheel chair at the exit of the plane has been for a specific passenger. Why did you need a wheel chair?
  3. kjun12

    Do You Sit Or Stand To Pee

    I am somewhat amazed that this topic has gained this much traction.
  4. kjun12

    Puerto Vallarta

    I think that you are correct in your belief. The wheel chairs waiting at the departure are for specific passengers who have requested them.
  5. I think it is likely that he is just not interested in escorting.
  6. I am anxious to learn what anyone with experience can add regarding the original post. Dutch, thank you for your inquiry.
  7. kjun12

    Amazon Delivery Problem

    Some of you guys have a real knack for diverting a thread to your own desire to just talk.
  8. kjun12

    Smoking Hot Santo Domingo

    I hope Jesus and Manny paid you well for the commercial add you did for them.
  9. Singapore is one of the most expensive countries to visit.
  10. Sadly, I found South Korea to be quite boring. Not a lot of things to see or do. I was not there for sex so I can't comment on that.
  11. I agree with Walker in that it would be almost impossible to arrange what you want but my reason is different. You can get 2 boys to perform with you or for you at some massage places, but you will not find boys with that size equipment.
  12. That river is not even the River Kwai. They renamed the section of the river by the bridge to suck tourist in.
  13. It might be best that you just get a little cot and spend the night there so you can have more fun.
  14. If you have never driven a car in Bangkok, you are asking for trouble by renting a car.