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  1. Anyone who can beat Trump. Which unfortunately eliminates all of the 20 + current democratic candidates..... Sigh.
  2. CPR is meant to keep those from dying who shouldn’t. You know....10 year old drowning victims. Unfortunately, it’s come to be used to try and prevent death at all cost....which is assine. Anyone over 50 should have a DNR.
  3. I wouldn’t use the words “quesadilla” and “healthy” in the same sentence. It’s basically cheese...and bread. All things in moderation...but no, it’s not “healthy”.
  4. Glad to hear you’re getting the help you need. Stay strong and check in when you can!
  5. Beauty fades....big deal. And for the record....many of them still look damn good! Take care of yourself and do the best you can with what you’ve got. You'll be fine....trust me.
  6. A late response, but I just back from BCN. I used the Metro mostly. Even with some kind of “strike” going on, it was efficient, clean and safe. All the locals were bitching about it, but it was one of the nicest subway systems I’ve used. Also, like most European subways, it closes early at night, except Saturday. Be aware. Also used the Mytaxi app whenever I got lazy. It worked great, but watch out for cabbies entering amounts larger than the correct fare. They do it manually, and about 1/2 the time the amount they entered was more than the fare. They pretty much just give you a shit eatting grin and correct it when you call them out on it. Just be aware.
  7. And faggots are too swishy to make good CEOs.... And women are bad drivers.....And blacks are to......and Mexicans are to....and Asians are to.... Can we stop with the ridiculously broad generalizations already? I’m sorry that you seem to have been exposed to crappy and poorly trained emergency physicians, but painting the whole specialty with your broad based biased opinions just makes your look out of touch with the reality of the modern medical community. For the record....you should see the shit your “brilliant colleagues” send to the emergency department when they're too lazy, stupid, and/or money hungry to deal with it in their pristine offices. Late at night and you want to sleep?....”send them to the ER!” You've already pumped them full of useless antibiotics, steroids and narcotics and don’t know what else to do?....”send them to the ER!” The patient’s insurance ran out and they can no longer afford to pay your bills?....”send them to the ER!”. The elderly patient comes to your office and stinks because they haven’t bathed in a over month?....”send them to the ER!” Of course, the very fact that you use the term “ER” tells me you're still practicing medicine like it’s the mid-1970’s. Times have changed. Don’t like the “ER Docs” at you local hospitals?....campaign with the hospital CEO to shell out the bucks it costs to staff the place appropriately with tell trained board certified emergency physicians. If your hospital thinks of it’s “ER” as a loser and staffs it with loser “ER Docs”....then you’ve created a perpetually self fulfilling prophesy. You have no one to blame but yourself and your own medical staff for accepting such mediocrity. Great emergency physicians abound. Maybe they’re just not attracted to practicing in a hostile work environment with your crappy medical staff....ever think of that? Emergency Medicne......”Any patient, any time, anywhere.”....no other specialty comes even close.
  8. What a biased, stupid, and ill informed comment. The world has passed you by I'm afraid...or you work in a shitty time-warped hospital that's providing care circa 1974. Either way, I feel pity for you.
  9. Am I the only one who sees “Buttplug” everytime I see his name? I know it’s third grade humor at best....but it’s true!
  10. I start singing that song everytime end up in some little seaside town. “This is the coastal town....that they forgot to shut down”.... Just like everytime I arrive at Heathrow......I start singing....
  11. New York blew it. Unfortunately, that’s becoming a frequent refrain. 27 billion dollars in new tax revenue would have gone a long way. I don’t blame Amazon at all....why bother when 200 other cities are begging for your business?
  12. Bullshit....your roommate got it from licking boys' butts. And unless he was doing that at "work"....he didn't get it at work. Just saying.
  13. The kid is either manipulative....confused....or (most likely) both. Get rid of him and move on.
  14. LMAO. One can NEVER be too specific why trying to communicate with non-native speakers in English.
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