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  1. Jean. A tall slim twink with brown skin. The teenager sweetness is easy to spot. Somehow even at 18, he manages to grow a bit facial hair: side burns and light mustache. Isn’t it funny when you are young, you try looking older. When you are old, you try to reverse the time.
  2. Damn. I was on that trail two weeks ago. Was only going to visit Park Large, but it’s quite small, excitement and love for Rio trails overcame my worries. Quite tough trail, for a short section of it one has to climb rocks dragging a chain with support of iron bar nailed into the rock. Totally exhausted hiking up. Gladly paid the cable car ride down. Overall for the week I was there (Dec 17- 24), felt pretty safe walking around. Did two hikes by myself, Corcovado and Dos Irmãos. Then you read this kind of news :-( The Corcovado trail from Park Large has been known for occasional incidents of robbery. I went up with only 100 reals with me, but was a little worried and would be really pissed if my phone got robbed. While this won’t deter me from returning to Rio, I won’t hike that particular trail again. wonder if any of the 40 unlucky tourists will return to hike those beautiful trails in Rio ever again.
  3. Last day of my two weeks 2018 Christmas trip Rio/São Paulo. It has been the best trip since I started visiting Brazil in 2012! A revised ranking for my preference and the luck I had on this trip: #1: Lagoa - model boys, fresh faces. A recent model boy who did shoots in Italy a couple years back. Lovely boy in and out of the room. Must be really tough to make it as male model. To me, he looks even hotter now than in his shoots 2/3 years ago. A cute young couple working Lagoa together the last Sunday before new year. First time seeing that. Had fun with one of them. Would love to try the other half as well, but Lagoa closes on 12/31. #2 - tie: 202 - a former soldier boy, current jiujitsu instructor, memorizing blue eyes, pretty boy under disguise of tough straight man surface, fantastic in bed. Sadly couldn’t arrange a repeat since he lives 3 hours away from Rio and only works Mondays #2 tie: 117 - varieties. Hooked on a sweet 18 yo who just started working saunas 3 weeks ago as he turned 18 in late November. A self identified bi boy, he doesn’t do bottom, but is the sweetest kisser, sucker and rims with a smile on his face. Had a 3 time repeat with him. The sweetest moment is when we were done the second time, as I ask to have a photo together, he hugged me from behind and stretched out one hand in a half heart shape encouraging me to complete the heart:-) #4: Fragata - Only hot on certain days. The low common price (100) probably deters the hot Lagoa boys from working there even on its best day (Tuesday). Several fragata boys I had sessions with on prior trips moved to Lagoa on later trips. Very friendly boys. Did find one I like on a Saturday. Unfortunately the Tuesday of my trip fell on Dec 25. Agree with Davet that on low days the place can be rather deserted. Brazil, the heaven for gay tourists, because of the hot boy saunas. Nowhere else in the world comes close!
  4. Fragata was Quite busy on Saturday. It’s a party of some sort. Some new faces since my last visit in May. It’s always nice to have multiple choices :-) My type is slim boy next door, not bulging muscle. Ideally If the boy seems fond of education, but that’s hard to find. As luck strikes, there is one tonight! The boy is white but golden tanned, slim build, flat abs with defined packs, shiny big eyes which I later saw are blue, nice smiles and respectful demeanor. Great in bed as well. As we connect on Instagram later, his sharp looks in blue suits only makes me swoon even more:-) unfortunately he couldn’t go to Fragata on Sunday. We will meet again in a week after I return from Rio. Perhaps since they had a party the day before, Sunday is rather deserted comparatively. Anyways, if you like boy next door type and stop over São Paulo on a Tuesday, most likely you will find someone you like. And their performance in the room is usually much better than Lagoa boys. Ongoing price has been 100 since I first visited this place 6 years ago. The boys I like say they usually always go on Tuesday and Friday. I also find those days with best options. Low days, sadly, can be a bit depressing. Some prefer cabbage, others carrots. For the type of boys I like and the easygoing vibe, Fragata is my #1 sauna in Brazil.
  5. Glad you got away safely and no one got hurt! Is this in Rio? What a horrific experience. Stay safe!
  6. Congrats on the exciting encounter, mvan1! It was a little scary at first:-) why we all go back time after time!
  7. Don't have much sauna report since Leo came back to my trip. As I gave up hope and decided to just say happy new year and bye bye on the 30th, he replied that he remember I am staying until 31st. He ended up staying the night of 30th before heading to work early on the 31st. We didn't sleep much that night, the boy is a late sleeper. Even though he needs to get up at 6:30 to go to work, he simply can't go to sleep until after 3am. And to my surprise, he brought me a starbucks mug as a gift, what a sweetheart. He is adamant that he won't accept anything from me, except a dinner. We went to the mall first since he wanted to get a book for his friend and a pair of pants for new year. But he didn't find neither of the items. I loved the walk around in a cool night in Sao Paulo. We didn\t get to dinner until 10pm. What a wonderful night, and for the first time, I have someone to go back to next trip. Overall, the encounters off sauna have been the highlights of my trip this time. What a wonderful trip it has been to end 2015. A late happy new year to fellow friends.
  8. Rained in yesterday. Didn't really feel the urge, turned back after seeing even though the rain is lightening up, it's still quite steady. Ended up watching movie on TV learning Portuguese. Raining again today, not nearly as heavy as yesterday. Made up my mind to hit Fragata around 4pm. Last Tuesday before New Years, and raining, hopefully it's not empty. I feel a little like an investigative journalist :-) I like taking metro in São Paulo, outside rush hour, of course. A lot eye candies. The walk from metro is quite pleasant. Light rain, rather cool, all the restaurants along the road are still open, just like a regular day. Arrived at 4:25. Not empty at all. Renato is there again, still too timid to say hello. Changed and sat down in the TV lounge to see what's available. A cute black boy I haven't seen before is fondling his big dick sitting next to me. I like his looks and nice smile, but he is apparently a top. After he realized I am top too, he said he bottom a little. We both laughed as I tell him vc e nao psv :-). This friend of Renato walked by. I was not immediately attracted to him. He is shorter than me, a couple huge tattoos and short legs like mine. I have a thing for slim legs. But as I watched him talking to friends, I was very drawn to his sunny smile. The kind you see on kids, pure happiness. I saw him going into the sauna, and followed in. Since I avoided his inquiring look on previous visits, he politely stands aside waiting to walk out after I pass. I put my hand on his shoulder and started the conversation. He is very friendly and speaks a little English too. He is not pushy for a programa, instead we sat and tried to chat using the limited English and Portugese we both could manage. Only 20, the boy already had 2 ex gf and 2 ex bf! I was attracted to him more every minute. He goes by the name Gustavo. He is great as a btm even though he said he is top initially. The best ass I had this trip. Jose was a little too tight, Renato is a little too loose, he is just right. I would be happy to have a repeat. Later he gave me his Instagram handle, since I don't have whatsapp and he abandoned his Facebook due to some troubled ex gf. It seems he has a baby girl! Amazing how some Brazilians live their lives, fucking girls, fucking boys, getting fucked by boys, selling sex for money, and still smile so genuinely and be so kind and friendly. I actually learned something from one of his Instagram post. Walking back to metro after a great encounter is always a pleasure. More so today in the gentle light rain, lush trees and flowers on the ground after the heavier rain earlier in the day. This is what the boy posted, a quote from Mark Twain:
  9. Thunderstorm clouds moved in around 4, my hotel room is at 5th floor, right at treetop level, I can see wind was picking up. Hesitating whether I should go to saunas tonight. Hard to believe it's only been 15 days in the trip. I really had more action than the rest of the year. And with highlights of Jose and Leo, this is my best trip to Brazil ever. 5th time is the charm perhaps :-) I can honestly say I would be happy flying home now, but even better, there are still 4 nights left! Today is the last Sunday before new year. Still 20% of the shops are open during the day, including all pharmacies, a lot of shoe stores and my favorite lunch place at Praca Republica: sukiya. Unfortunately I can only visit during Christmas break, but at least unlike smaller cities, the mega city São Paulo doesn't completely shut down. 4:15, still just gathering clouds. São Paulo seems to have a lot more short thunderstorms than Rio. I am not really horny, but I would rather look at some hot boy's than staying in hotel room. I really appreciate Fragata stays open 365 days a year, so I decided to show my support to go there first tonight. Arrived at 4:45, thankfully a lot of the restaurants along the way from the metro station are still open, so it feels quite safe as usual. Not a lot of boys, quite a lot clients. Renato is there. I love how he looks when he is not smiling, especially from the side. And the slim body and smooth legs. Just adorable. However he is lacking confidence to chat, even with local clients. After we had two sessions, he still couldn't stop by just to say hello. And when he smiles, it kinda turns me off. He has a friend there, they often sit together looking at something on their phones. The friend is more Latino, cute face, but rather built with huge tattoo on one arm, not really my type. But when he talk and smiles, his face lights up and I am quite attracted to him after a while. Perhaps I will do a session with him later. By 6pm, more clients came in than boys. There was a new boy I never seen before, looks quite hot like a slimmer version of supermodel Marlon. But once he undress, there is a huge tattoo coving his chest. I am not a fan of big tattoo or piercings. Later he walks naked in between the two sauna rooms sporting a hardon. Interesting but I lost interest. The friend of Renato is picked up by a regular. Another boy I haven't seen, dark skinned Latino, is also opening his towels frequently to show off his huge asset. Not much hope for new incoming boys, I decide to check out Lagoa next to see if the cute twink skater boy shows up tonight. Arrived at 6:55. Still quite busy for the last Sunday before new year, but not as crowded as Saturday. I avoided eye contact with Jesse yesterday, but it's hard to do today with fewer people. His smile is just lovely. I wish Renato has this smile, I would definitely bring him back to my hotel. Jesse is very good at making small talk, even though he speaks little English. He remembers my name, rubbing his little facial hair on my face after I point it out. It's hard to say no to a charming boy like him. But I told him I just came in and need a little rest, maybe later. He politely walked away. 7:40, the skater boy is not here tonight. Jesse came back to sit with me. He is very good at touching you a little here and there, and saying "come on" in a little whiny but still manly voice. It's peanuts money these boys are making, I just can't say no to him. I am not really horny so I'm just doing it for fun. Jesse is a fun dude in and out of the room, keeps making jokes, giving me a finger when I joked that he likes getting fucked. He is more into bottoming than last year, but still very tight. He is making a lot of faces, but determined to get through to the end. I like other stuff he does, but not really the fucking. To be fare, I have done it quite a lot in the padt two weeks. So I gave up after a while. He asks me jokingly 'milk? No milk?". Then insist to suck me off. I appreciate his hardworking ethics, but I really don't need to cum that much. I had a fun time, and this is a good excuse to say no next time :-) Lagoa has special rates on Monday, Fragata on Tuesday. Wednesday is my last night here. A very satisfied tourist already. No pressure, lets see if more fun things happen before the trip ends.
  10. Leo was off Saturday, so he said maybe he will come over again. As I try to confirm with him in the afternoon, he said his best friend he lives with need his help in his store, it will be really late, he won't be able to come over after all. I am afraid this might just be the gentle way to say I don't want to do it again. also he is not as chatty as before. Nothing to do at night, I went to Lagoa around 6pm, there is a party there according to their website. One big difference between the saunas in Rio and São Paulo is that in São Paulo, both saunas have ample quiet rest spaces where you can just relax, unless you make eye contact with the boys, they just leave you alone. I love it. A lot of six packs, but I am not looking for that. Not very busy, I have seen better boy parade between 6:30 and 7:30. Jesse is still the one I like the most. He has a little facial hair now, I just love that smile when he is talking to his friends, so sunny and happy, it lights up the room. But he is very clear that he is gay for pay, I had a lot of sessions with him last year, not ready to jump in with him again. He went upstairs twice over the next couple hours, once in a 3-way. Around 7, a very cute slim tall white twink came in with a client, they went up to a room right away. Long dirty blond hair, boyish face, very much my type. I am not really horny after an afternoon with Leo the day before, but I will definitely go for him, if he is btm or vers, a lot of pretty boys tend to be top only I found. Not any other boys there already or came in later interest me. By 7:40, I saw the twink boa again, still in his jeans, but carrying his t-shirt. Unlike most of the gym trained bodies, the boy is clearly not going to gym, just naturally slim, smooth body, the regular skater boy type, I really like. Before I could get up talking to him, another apparent regular hugged him and after a short conversation, took him home out of the club :-( bummer. By 8:30, I decided to call it a night. It's only 40r if you pay cash, 60 if pay by card. I might just come back tomorrow to see if I can find that boy. Around 11pm, Leo sent a msg saying hello, and that he is still at his friends shop, they are just closing and heading home. My hope is coming alive again. But then when I said I missed him and asked if he want to come over next day, he said he is really tired. I am very confused. Is he saying no or not. But I think I won't ask again.
  11. Saunas in São Paulo have a much more relaxed atmosphere, the boys more friendly. Everyone has his own taste, since I like slim twink student type, São Paulo has been my favorite place among Rio, Porto Alegre. Talking about relaxed atmosphere, in Fragata, you can often see older clients playing cards in the quieter area between bar area and TV lounge. Although I do find more boys my type this time in 117. And beaches and trails in Rio are wonderful time killers during the day. No sauna report. Things turned for better unexpectedly. Leo, the 20yo I started chatting with on hornet, turned out to be a sweet boy who is somewhat curious about foreigners and likes older guys (30something). He doesn't do programa, as he said, "faço por prazer mesmo". We became friends on Facebook and have been chatting a lot. He is away from family going to an aviation school in São Paulo, and working in Starbucks to keep ends meet. The photo of him as a barista with many Starbucks pins on his uniform is so adorable:-) He was off on both 24th and 25th, but couldn't come over on 24th because he lives with his best friend, and can't leave him alone on Christmas Eve. Such a sweet heart! But we chatted for hours on Facebook msger until 11pm and he agrees to visit me on 25th. What a wonderful afternoon it was! I can't think of what I did in 2015 to deserve my good luck on this trip. The boy's parents divorced long ago, so he has been living on his own since 18. perhaps that explains a little why he likes older men and loves cuddles. He slept in my arms for a couple hours afterwards like a baby. He had to head home at 6 since he had to go to work the next day and his area is not very safe after dark. We didn't even have time to have dinner. My first free encounter in Brazil and I loved every minute of it! And we made plans to meet again. I love Brazil :-)
  12. Granted, late December is not the best time to visit Saunas, but São Paulo got to have the best odds giving its size. Went to Fragata two days straight. Tuesday is good day for Fragata since the entry fee is lower. There must have been 30 boys, what a contrast with MM the day before! And the slim type I like is actually the majority here :-) I arrived at 5:15 as Fragata happens earlier than Lagoa. Ricardo is there, I had a session with him two years ago, liked it a lot. He is white, tall, atheletic, very big cock. I was surprised he would btm, and he is very accommodating in the room, so I would have no problem having a repeat if nothing better. Then there are two I never saw before that I like a lot. One is 5-10, slim, natural boy no gym fit, very much my type. The other is 6ft, gym fit but still slim, nice cute face too. I like the shorter guy better. He caught my eye, smiled a little, went into the wet sauna. I followed him in, met with some nice kisses. Me like it. For a slim white boy, he has a pretty big cock. After confirming he would btm etc, we head upstairs. Great sex. Boys in Fragata are much more into it, give long bj unlike 117 boys who just bend over after a couple minutes. And he asks 100. No need to negotiate here, unlike 117 where I was asked for 200 by two different boys. His name is Renato. I like him a lot, so I ended up doing it with him again today. Also it's a bit slower today. The other boy I like yesterday didn't show. Too close to Christmas I guess. Although I like Renato in bed, the difference between him and Jose are quite big. I like the looks of both of them almost equally, but Jose came out way on top due to his education and life experience. I wanted to cuddle with him and have some conversation. With Renato, it's just sex. The boy is good in bed, but twice is probably all I want. A great start. A lot more people on hornet too, had a nice chat with a 20 yo, who said no, thank you, I am no gp. But we ended up chatting just for fun. Liberdade is packed today. Had a haircut and some real Chinese food. This is what I love São Paulo a lot. In a smaller city like Curitiba, the city would have stopped run in by now with restaraunts closed down until after new year. A couple years back, I had to eat Burger King in the big shopping mall since that's the only place open. In São Paulo, things only clise down half a day on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. Lagoa is having a party on Christmas Day, for example. Will check it out. Merry Christmas, everyone!
  13. My Rio trip ended. Now closing the thread with a couple practical matters. For any future visitors who would like to stay at Hotel Monte Castelo, watch out for two things: 1. They charge a lot for using the phone in the room, especially if you call a cell number. I made one 10 min call to Epi's cell, I am assuming it's a local number, got charged 26 reais. 2. I book the stay for one person, to get Jose staying a night with me, they charged half of regular day price. Since I booked early, this is more than the nightly rate I paid for myself! Should have used the love hotel instead. At least there will be more privacy. I can actually hear neighbours fucking :-( Overall, hornet helps me find Jose who made the trip for me. MM is rather disappointing this trip. 117 is way better than my previous visits. Quite a few slim twinks, I didn't even get to try some of them since I only went there 3 times this trip. A photo of Henrique, since he is rather proud of working in the sauna, and it's not x-rated photo, I think it should be fine. He looks better in person, at 1.90, he is so friendly like a tall teddy bear, very endearing. He is not my usual type, but I love his personality and the fact that he speaks very good English. So long, Rio. I am sure I will be back.
  14. One, or two for OZ, special boy makes the trip. Can't agree more. This is the first time I came to Brazil without long excursions, just for saunas. 9 fucks in 9 days are pleasantly exhausting :-) How I love Brazil for this. Plus the nice beaches and great hiking trails. If I win lottery, will be moving here right away! As God wishes, Sunday is for resting. Even today, the last Monday in Rio, I was not really horny. My rio trip peaked Friday morning after the overnight with Jose. But it would be a nice opportunity to say goodbye to Epi in person, and I planned my last night in Rio on a Monday to check out MM. For a Monday night, it's rather quiet as I got in around 5:30. Jacson was there, I love his face, but his body is not in a better shape from last year. So no immediate repeat. Walked up to the second floor, sat down to relax a little, look who is here, ihpguy after his gym session. We chat and boy watching. A couple new faces today, but no one I really fancy. The cute top only white twink is still the best looking boy. He has a baby face, Ihpguy says he is too young looking for him, he would have felt he is raping him :-) Then Epi showed up, we all sat down and chat for quite a bit. Not many distractions as it's really a rather quiet night here. After Jose and seeing what's on offer at 117, except for that baby faced top twink, the boys here tonight just don't trigger my fancy. Both ihpguy and Epi has backup plans if they don't score in sauna, they left at 7 and 7:30. there is a skinny white twink that I could go with if this is the earlier days of my trip. He came over to say hello, I like his smile, but his breath is not fresh, so I decided to call it a night. 8pm, still not very dark yet. There was a boy, about 6ft, athletic built, better looking than anyone inside standing by the building right outside MM. We made eye contact and he nodded his head. I gave him a goodbye wave and walked away. If I speak Portuguese or if he was here before I checked in, I might go for it. Even metro is rather empty. Ihpguy said probably a lot of people already left for holiday breaks. Am I glad I caught up with Jose before he flew away for vacation on Saturday! I am leaving Rio a happy visitor :-) São Paulo tomorrow. After a two nights break, I am looking forward to seeing what's on offering there.
  15. Spent the afternoon with Epi again at the same spot of copacabana beach. Saturday, there are a lot more families coming to the beach. Several young dads play with their 3 or 4 years old kids in the water. The waves are pretty big, sometimes the kids got knocked over, but still loves it as they puking sea water from their mouth and nose, very cute to watch. Then of course, more eye candies walking by now and then. We stayed until 5, then separate ways, plan to meet in 117. Got in 117 at 6:30. The place is packed. It's a bday party for one of the managers, in addition to Saturday. Epi also just got in, we went to the bar area to watch boys while Epi got a tiny cup of coffee. We point out our favorites to each other, it's quite fun. Epi focuses more on body, I more on face. We rarely collide on our favorites. A lot of new faces, quite a few slim or athletic twinks around. I especially like one tanned white twink with light beard. It's really warm in the packed bar area, so we went downstairs to sit besides the boys lockers area, both relax and boy watching. The boy I really like was there too, talking to a client. It didn't click, and the client left. Epi left to check out the massage arrangement to give me a chance to talk to the boy. His name is Lukas again, what the odds. Very nice boy, but a total top :-( it's been quite often the bigger boys I wouldn't guess as bottoms are versatile, the smaller, slim pretty boys are strict tops. Epi's top target is a tall white boy. I also like his face. A rare agreement between us. I encourage Epi to go for it, he is taking his time. Epi actually has a beach boy tried to set up a meeting with him before he left home, so he is not in a hurry to score. He did meet up with boy 15 minutes later. There was a very friendly dark boy I kinda liked tries to talk me up, he is very nice, quite cute, but too muscular for me, so it didn't work. Another dark boy is quite hot, but he just stands in the hallway with two other boys, didn't catch my gaze as I went downstairs to sit down for a little bit. 5 minutes later, I couldn't find him anymore. Then I walk into Epi, he is not with the tall white boy. He said they talked, and the boy, Enrique, insisted on 150, he doesn't like the price. Epi then headed to the sauna room. As I walk by the hallway towards downstairs later, Enrique was standing there, and smiled friendly at me. I returned the smile, and he pulled me over. Epi said he is a college student, and I was pleasantly surprised he speaks very good English. He said he learned it from watching English TV shows, even though he doesn't write English well, he can talk quite good. And I like his friendly, easygoing manner a lot. He said he dies everything, has no problem btming, and of course give head without condom. He asks for 150 too. Since Epi couldn't get the price down, I think it's quite all right. I settled on 150 and 170 with the previous two encounters as well. So we went to get room, there is a waiting list. As we wait, he told me more about himself. He is enrolled in a private college studying petroleum engineering. The tuition is quite expensive, but not as academically demanding as the public university he was in earlier in São Paulo. He needs time to make money while going to school. So he is working 117 on weekends only, sometimes only Saturday if school is too busy. I think I actually saw him last year, he was clean shaven at the tine, more to my liking. But still cute even with a beard. In the room, he is still very relaxed and friendly. As I ask him if he likes girls, he said of course. But he also likes men. He jokes that his mom says he is like a monkey, likes sex with anyone, any hole will work. Again, the non-issue attitude toward sex for Brazilian straight men still amazes me. He is 1.90 meters, out of my usual target range, but the friendly, easy going attitude and cute face win in the end. A college student speaking English is a big plus. We had a quite good time. As Enrique and I walked downstairs from the suites floor, I saw the other Lukas I had a session with. He is in his red boxer again, looking sexy as usual. If only he is more fun in the room, I would definitely go again with him. It's 9 already, Epi decided to leave without tonight, he has the boy from the beach waiting at his disposal anyways. We sat downstairs a little longer, a boy in green tank top is putting on his shoes to leave. He then was spraying some body spray on his neck. We both like him. I also like another slim boy with dirty blond hair, but Epi has no interest. We decided to call it a night. I found it to be a great night with many choices, Epi found it too busy for his liking. I think the boys here are a couple calibers hotter than MM, Epi disagrees. So you see, two people have two very different conclusions for the same night. You have to come see for yourself. I really like the beach in the afternoon, sauna at night arrangements. Rio has been quite fun this trip. With the hotel price coming down a lot, I probably should split my stay between Rio and São Paulo more in favor of Rio. While I did score more consistently in São Paulo before, there is not much else to do if you don't speak Portuguese. Will see how São Paulo sauna holds up this time. Gabriel did say December is not the best time to visit São Paulo because a lot of local clients left town for vacations, saunas are not as attractive to the boys. Two more nights in Rio. Great trip so far thanks to Jose and fun conversations with a couple boys. And of course, it has been nice hitting the beach with ihpguy and Epi. Let's see, perhaps I will change my preferred city to Rio over São Paulo after this trip.
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