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  1. Update: The cracker website was seized in April as part of the action on Backpage. There are still quite a few MB's (money boys) posting on Grindr and Scruff. Can't wait to get back to my apartment there next spring.
  2. The Back Page equivalent in KL is kualalumpur.cracker.com. You’ll find MB’s in both the men 4 men and the male escort sections. BTW the Grand Mellineum Hotel is next to the Pavillon. Behind it is the Day Thermos one of the more convenient if not the best of KL’s saunas.
  3. Once you select a continent, the "working" circle briefly appears and then the screen goes blank. What gives?
  4. Last several weeks the Adonis has pulled a trefecta of Brazilian muscle-gods that hasn't been done since Denise had Ray and the Rocha half brothers on the same bill at the Gaiety (of blessed memory). And one of these guys, Marcello, is a Gaiety veteran who's aged very well indeed. The others, Gustavo and Alexander are a bit younger and taller (and Alexander is much more muscular - if possible). As for lap dancing, all of them are on you like brown on s**t. So if you can't afford a trip to Rio, perhaps a subway ride to Greenpoint is in order. b/t/w these three are from the Sao Paulo rather than Rio. Now if they could only get Ray and the Rochas . . . . (be still my libido!!)
  5. Taz, I've been telling RentingDad just that for a while now. The problem, as you can well imagine, is floor traffic. Occupancy costs are still so high in the areas of NYC that are readily accessible by public transportation that you would have to have either generate great traffic or charge a high entrance fee. And anyone with an already "permitted" place is going to demand even more for that feature. Denise at Gaiety (of blessed memory) apparently had an old sweetheart lease on that second floor location with a reasonable (or less) month to month rent. That occupancy expense allowed her to charge $17 ($20 on weekend) entrance fee which was pricey without being outrageous. Yet the only time she came near capacity was perhaps two shows on Saturday night. Many midweek shows had no more than 20 attendees and even fewer midday. Yet she paid her performers and seemed to make money year in and year out no matter who was on display. Club 20 on the other hand has 20 to 30 dancers each Sunday night each of whom pays about $100 for the privilege of dancing there. That gives the owner up to three grand to cover operating expenses before even opening the door. That probably makes the bar service and its share of the "champagne" rooms and the entrance fee pure gravy. Club 20 and maybe a half dozen small bars with go-go boys or lap dancers (or both) seem to satisfy the needs of the NYC market for gay male burlesque. I'm not sure that's enough floor traffic to sustain a permitted club seven days a week. What I think what we need is a permitted club owner with greater trust in what a knowledgeable gay entrepreneur can do within the law to maximize his return on what would otherwise be a dark night and of course that knowledgeable gay entrepreneur. Know anyone?
  6. Well Taz, you may be right. I went by C. L. Lounge Sunday night about 10PM and the restaurant operation was just wrapping up with no sign of a go-go function starting. Sic Transit Gloria Mundi!
  7. Tell Victor karl says hello too. b/t/w Will you be able to join the posse at Club 20 Sunday night?
  8. Confirming that the guy in the photo was indeed the same Trysten from the Gaiety. He and Marc Anthony have been trying to open a place that fixed the problems they encountered together when Marc managed and Trysten danced and bar tended in the early days of Club 20. Trysten in the photo looks markedly better than the guy who danced at Club 20 so when I saw him at CL a week ago, I kidded him about when the photo was taken. He said about a year and a half ago and then took off his shirt to prove it. I believe him but I'm biased. I'm not a lawyer, but I think the thing that got Buff Boyzz in trouble was the mix of nudity and alcohol. It's just a complete no no to the New York State Alcoholic Beverage Commission and it licensing apparatus. Slash didn't offer nudity in its lap dances (except for maybe a quick snap of a waist band or two). There's no particular "lap dance license". The license Splash lacked was a New York City cabaret license and I thought I heard that our Mayor Putinburg repealed it. TAZ I don't know why you're so down on the police. I've seen a few (admittedly very few) who'd look great dancing on a go-go box!
  9. Oh SC I DO remember Behren's Elettra! How could anyone who heard it ever forget it!! I can remember her down stage to the south (I never get stage left, stage right correct) crouched over and screeching at the top of her lungs while I tried to find space amidst my four box mates in a side box to crouch down and cover my ears. When I leave this mortal coil, I expect that screech to accompany me to the gates of hell unless, having endured it, I'm entitled to another fate for eternity.
  10. "Albrecht! . . . . . You remember Albrecht! . . . " Thank you SC for calling to memory that wonderful performer. She also did quite a number on Gilbert and Sullivan operettas as I recall. I tried and failed to rush for a seat at her sold out final performance at Carnegie Hall. But I did the same for Horowitz's last recital there as well. I DID get in to Bob and Ray but that's another matter. I remember well that 1990 TV marathon. Several months later I was home with the flu and sort'a passed out while watching some obscure educational TV channel. When I came to again, the TV was still on and somewhere in the middle of Gotterdammerung Act I from the same series. From that altered reality, it took me some time to figure how long I'd been out of it. It's interesting to note that the producer of that series was the very Peter Gelb who's now the General Manager of the Met. I avoided Wagner for decades. It took me a long time to realize that it wasn't his music I disliked, it was Wagner himself and most other Wagnerians that I both disliked and feared. But then I realized that I felt the same about Richard Strauss. I've seen all the Ring operas many times at the Met (same production as the TV series) and some performances have indeed been as excruciating as an unending root canal. Hildegard Behrens's Brunhilda comes quickly to mind ("But she was a great actress!" LOL). As a result, I've yet to "do the ring" for fear that a bad performer in Reingold or Siegfried would reappear in a later opera and poison the whole enterprise for me; and, as you note, tickets to a whole Ring cycle are not cheap. But I live in hope . . . . .
  11. Like all businesses in New York, the primary factor for success is Location, Location, Location and it is nearly impossible to get a new male burlesque licensed in New York City in a location that's equally accessible to public transportation and to those who would drive in from the burbs. Denise from the Gaiety has be trying to do it since that palace of male pulchritude closed. Hence these new male burlesques have to rely on dark nights at female strip clubs like VIP etc. that were licensed some time ago under more favorable circumstances.
  12. Thanks to the head-up from Cooper . . . . ps if the guy looks vaguely familiar, it's Trysten from Gaiety (whose nude bump and grind to the tune of Hotel California is indelibly embedded in my mind and libido) and danced at Club 20 in its earliest days. If I'm not mistaken Marc Antony also danced at Gaiety and was one of the early managers at Club 20. I think the Club 20 "posse" will have to club hop this Sunday.
  13. Well it must have been outrageous because the biggest pubah at News Corp, the very Rupert Murdock, himself issued the latest apology for this mess. Or perhaps he's just worried about that waiver.
  14. I think we all look forward to the day when a cartoon like that can be appreciated for its humor (or lack thereof), but WE'RE NOT THERE YET. Until we all are, it behooves us all to be somewhat sensitive to feelings of others, especially those who are the product of a history of oppression.
  15. Vince and his ShamWow show up rather frequently on the gay cable channel LOGO and not necessarily late at night.
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