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  1. While I've enjoyed SYTYCD's previous seasons, including the eye candy, this season so far has left me flat. I have yet to see anyone, male or female, who interests me or makes me want to follow/root for them.
  2. I stayed there a few times a couple years ago and really enjoyed the laid back, quiet, casual atmosphere. Have any of you stayed there since the new owner took over and remodelled? Any reviews on what it's like now? Thanks.
  3. Beautiful. I have to echo the judge David "I want to buy their record right now".
  4. Thank you! Great article that answered a lot of my questions.
  5. I'm thinking about taking a trip to Puerto Vallarta for a week or two this winter. Any suggestions, tips, info, etc would be very much appreciated. I'm thinking of staying at the Vallarta Cora. Would be great to hear from anyone with any first hand experience of that place. Good? Bad? Clientele? Location? Are there better choices? How about the hustler/escort scene? Is there one? Where to find them? Going rates? Most importantly, is it safe? Is it safe to walk around by yourself, especially at night returning to the hotel after going to a club? I've read several stories about police shakedowns - is that something to be overly concerned about? Thanks in advance. Bob
  6. Have any of you stayed there recently? I stayed there for 4 night several years ago. Even in a "suite" the accommodations were very basic, but the room was comfortable enough and certainly for a fan of Club Temple and Little Temple the location was great. I'm returning to Prague for 4 days in November. Since it has been several years since staying there I'm wandering if it's been kept up. Thanks in advance for any info.
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