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  1. I'm going to Montreal for a couple days next week. Last trip I had quite a lot of fun with a guy from Adonis but I think I heard they closed...
  2. Rentmen, Mintboys, of course the reviews here and elsewhere... but I've been doing pretty damn well with Grindr. Guys with rose emojis, mention of gen, or a message from me mentioning gen to young hot guys (without enough info in their profiles to tell me they're not looking)... I like it because it has the immediacy I miss from the old Santa Monica BLVD days. And also some fucking hot young guys. Frankly, many of the postings on the sites I first mentioned feel stale. 50%+ have been up for years and years. Which isn't to say some aren't good. But at twice the price of a Grindr hookup... Of course, Grindr doesn't lend itself well to links on here or reviews.
  3. He has had the money and success to rent anything (of age...) he wants. When your reputation, career, or whole life is on the line, why not just do that? So much safer and you can get everything you want instead of some groping or head at best. At his level you add on NDAs, sure, even then there'll be rumors and gossip, but no jeopardy. Because he's a narcissistic asshole who enjoys taking advantage of people, and the sex (and sexuality) are secondary to the power play. I mean, we've seen a couple good people #metoo'd but it seems fairly obvious Spacey wasn't one of them. If he gets through the suits though, no reason he can't continue to play the sleazy ego-maniacal bad guy he mostly always plays. We'll just know why he's so believable.
  4. My favorite has: https://roughriderxx.bdsmlr.com/ Also has a wordpress version on a domain they own... https://roughriderxx.com/
  5. Ok, I miss-remembered the killing, but still offensive. Kevin Hart told some jokes where the punchline is that he wouldn’t want a gay son. Nobody really gives a shit about what Kevin Hart thinks so it got ignored. Kevin Hart tweets daily for two years calling people fags and faggots. Just because you used to say it back then too doesn’t mean it was ok, just that you were ignorant at the time. Kevin Hart says multiple times seemingly not in comedy formula or for some reason devoid of any set up or punch lines that he would hit his son if he caught him playing with dolls. Really, not cool. Kevin Hart gets called on it, and in a RS interview in 2015 says he wouldn’t say those jokes anymore because “people get too offended these days” but THEN in the same article proceeds to say he would be a failure of a father if his son turned out gay. Keep in mind fathers have no ability to change their child’s sexuality once determined. Kevin’s statement only works if you think gay people are lesser anyway. Failed as a father? So gay children are inherently failures? Pretty shitty. For some reason people took the above 2015 as an apology? Despite him not apologizing. Around that time he also got dragged for his movie Get Hard which had some reaaally questionable jokes but hey it’s a dumb comedy so nobody really gives a shit. Kevin Hart gets hired to host the Oscars. People remember the shit he said and didn’t apologize for, so they bring it back and a whole new audience sees his tweets and so-called “jokes”. There is backlash and the Oscars give him a call and say hey we still want you to host but please apologize for those tweets, we have a big LGBT following and it’s not a good look. Kevin says he’ll “pass on the apology” because he “already addressed it” (not apology) and he says people should just focus on positivity and be happy for him. He didn’t express any positivity towards gay people up until that point so you can see why gay people may not want to send any positivity his way. Kevin “triumphantly” steps down from hosting and reddit says he’s a champion of free speech and that he should’ve kept the job (that he wasn’t fired from) because “fuck outrage culture”. Kevin then flips on his previous refusal and apologizes on twitter after stepping down
  6. Yep, I'm going to miss several sites I went to all the time. I think we should all take a moment to go into the dashboard|settings|delete account. That should send a pretty clear message.
  7. People should not assume that Kevin Hart's "jokes" are being over-reacted to without reading them. I highly doubt that Chris Rock said things like he'd kill his son if Gay, etc. Hart didn't get Me Too'd or caught by the PC police, when it comes to things he's said he was a deeply offensive bigot and should have been disqualified from the start. Still he was given an opportunity to apologize and didn't. Fuck him.
  8. Pretty sure she has something coming out on Netflix this week or so! Yep! https://www.netflix.com/title/80166467 The previous example of Oprah is interesting because she has Emmy and Oscar winning or nominated work and now an empire worth billions. So using her as an example of how Ellen should stay put doesn't make much sense... Just saw a funny gif the other day of Ellen on set dancing in a crowd, turning towards a woman who went to hug her and promptly turning away instead. Couldn't find it in a quick search but did find mention of a "no hugging" policy for her show. Basically everybody's claimed her as their upbeat elfin pal and expect that from her all the time, must be fucking exhausting.
  9. Finished it, and I'd say 3rd season of Daredevil is my favorite (Marvel show) since the first season of Jessica Jones.
  10. I've had a Pixel3 for about a month (not XL). I like it. With all the spam/robocalls the call screening feature is a killer app. One, it calls out 'likely spam' calls. But if you get a suspicious call from a number you don't know if your own exchange you just hit "screen call" and it talks to them, asking them to identify themselves, and shows you the transcript. If you like the answer you can pick up the call. Usually the spammer hangs up in frustration. I like that it has wireless charging (kept me from previous Pixels), though don't like that they propritized fast wireless charging. Still, the kinda expensive wireless charging stand has replaced my alarm clock on the nightstand. I love that it's not filled with shit Samsung alternatives to the apps I actually mean to use. And that it doesn't try to lock me into them, like the fucking Bixby button on modern Samsungs which can't be reprogrammed. The camera seems amazing so far, but the killer app there for me has always been the google photos cloud it uploads to and then does cool shit to your photos with. But best of all is that it will improve over time. Constant fixes but also new features. Missed that since my Nexus phone. Biggest issue so far is that either the speech recognition (as a typing alternative) doesn't get me yet or is somehow not as good. Hopefully it'll either learn or be improved.
  11. I think the main problem is the lack of privacy, not necessarily prudishness. For the vast majority of passengers it's impossible to not see what's on others laptop screens nearby. Would you really want the guy between you and the isle watching lemonparty.com for any length of time, and in view of kids behind as well?
  12. One of these times he'll either not come back or they'll get tired of his shit...
  13. He never gave a shit about anything but himself, certainly not what it does to the community every time he'd pull that shit, or people that may need to reference the posts in the travel sections at that time...
  14. Just did the first two episodes, really liking Fisk!
  15. Great write up, exactly as I remember it! I had one of the back area lap dances, nothing much. However, they still to lap dances at the bar, right? They vaguely grind against you for a song or two, and in my experience pretty much stay in your lap afterwards until they have somewhere else to be...
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