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  1. unicorn

    Joke for the Day: Add more if you want

    OK. Someone's going to have to explain this one to me....
  2. unicorn

    Joke for the Day: Add more if you want

    A fuck-load of money....
  3. unicorn

    Tumblr Shutting Down

    Marvel at the Unicorn's wonderful strings on the Photo and Porn forum here!
  4. unicorn

    The Other Forum Closing

    For those of us who don't know, what are the false allegations? Are you referring to "In recent years, he was a globe-trotter, running an Internet-based travel agency for gay men seeking sexual encounters with underaged boys, with headquarters in Amsterdam."? All of this is completely new news to me. I've always wondered about all of this stuff. Also, would someone be so kind as to provide the link which describes how Daddy inherited the site?
  5. unicorn

    The Other Forum Closing

    Michael Jones was Hooboy?
  6. unicorn

    The Other Forum Closing

    Were Daddy and Hooboy romantic partners?
  7. unicorn

    The Other Forum Closing

    An IP address isn't difficult to change. Just call your ISP and ask them to give you a new one. I was once banned from the "Bidding for Travel" website because the bitch running it was pissed of that I had mentioned in one of my postings that both I and the person traveling with me had bid separately (i.e. he bid after I ran out of bids) on Priceline. There was nothing in Priceline's TOS which states you couldn't do that. I'm sorry if she always travels alone and can't do it herself because she doesn't travel with anyone else. I merely pointed out in one of my postings that there's no reason each person traveling can't do his own bidding. That had me banned for life. So I simply changed my IP address and now I use that site but don't contribute. And when I travel, upon leaving I use the hotel's website to prevent any future guest at that hotel from using that website. Less business for them. Being a bitch (especially a stupid bitch) isn't good for business. There's a franchise owner for a Subway near where I work who keeps getting snide with his customers, then wonders why he doesn't have a lot of customers. I don't see how he stays in business, other than people passing through who don't know what a piece of work he is. He has to work there from opening to closing 7 days a week because he can't afford to hire people to take his place. I saw him chew out a customer who asked him if the bread was fresh. Maybe a stupid question, but all he had to do was say yes. "You got a bad attitude," said the customer; I doubt he'll ever come back. I'm not sure why it's more important for Daddy et. al. to show how right they are than to be nice to people. As the song "Master of the House" song from Les Miserables goes, "Doesn't cost you nothing to be nice." https://youtu.be/7k6uqhKEAOM
  8. unicorn

    Refugee from that "other" site!

    I've never quite understood why the other place keeps having such heavy traffic compared to this site. I'm pretty sure it's just because they started first. No denying that any photos I post will get a lot more views in the other place, but I've gotten tired of dealing with their unpredictable moderators. I once posted a photo in which a woman's vulva was apparent. There was nothing in their posting guidelines that mentioned anything about this not being allowed. Indeed, they allowed non-erect penises to be shown (and still do). If they don't want photos of female genitalia, they could have just let me know by a private message (and, hopefully, added that to their guidelines). Instead, they banned me for a month. I had been a prolific contributor, and also sent them money a few times, so they lost a good contributor. Then they go around begging and wondering why no one wants to send them money? The photo area here is much easier to deal with, and you don't have to click links to see racier photos.
  9. unicorn

    Justin Bieber's tattoos.

    I would prefer that people don't put derogatory labels on a person's individual preferences when it comes to sexual attraction. A person for whom tattoos are a turn-off isn't a "hater" any more than a person who isn't sexually attracted to most members of a particular race is "racist." While Justin Bieber was never really my type to begin with, my personal opinion is that his tattoos totally ruined a perfectly decent body. I suspect that a large number of people agree with me. I also suspect that no one truly knows why he did that, perhaps not even himself. Maybe this may be a way of his rejecting a perception of his being a sex object. Maybe he wants to feel as if people will love him for being himself rather than for his body. Who knows. I'm not sure I would have ever hired him had he been an escort, although I might have in a city with few choices, without the tattoos. But covering his body with tattoos is a real boner-killer for me. No apologies: that's just the way it is. Now a small tasteful tattoo isn't a problem for me. A Canadian Justin I'd much rather fuck would be Justin Trudeau. I'd pay good money for this:
  10. I saw the movie via Netflix. On the DVD's they send, closed captioning is not available, and I couldn't understand much of what the characters were saying. The movie's producers should have known that a majority of the movie's audience would have trouble understanding the dialog, so I don't understand why they skimped out on providing the subtitles. Even people from southern England have trouble understanding people from northern England.