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  1. unicorn

    Justin Bieber's tattoos.

    I would prefer that people don't put derogatory labels on a person's individual preferences when it comes to sexual attraction. A person for whom tattoos are a turn-off isn't a "hater" any more than a person who isn't sexually attracted to most members of a particular race is "racist." While Justin Bieber was never really my type to begin with, my personal opinion is that his tattoos totally ruined a perfectly decent body. I suspect that a large number of people agree with me. I also suspect that no one truly knows why he did that, perhaps not even himself. Maybe this may be a way of his rejecting a perception of his being a sex object. Maybe he wants to feel as if people will love him for being himself rather than for his body. Who knows. I'm not sure I would have ever hired him had he been an escort, although I might have in a city with few choices, without the tattoos. But covering his body with tattoos is a real boner-killer for me. No apologies: that's just the way it is. Now a small tasteful tattoo isn't a problem for me. A Canadian Justin I'd much rather fuck would be Justin Trudeau. I'd pay good money for this:
  2. I saw the movie via Netflix. On the DVD's they send, closed captioning is not available, and I couldn't understand much of what the characters were saying. The movie's producers should have known that a majority of the movie's audience would have trouble understanding the dialog, so I don't understand why they skimped out on providing the subtitles. Even people from southern England have trouble understanding people from northern England.
  3. unicorn

    Joke for the Day: Add more if you want

    You guys still getting a lot of snow in the Northeast?
  4. unicorn

    Joey Lawrence Needs Money

    Another early 90s stud who gave me wet dreams, and I wonder what became of him... http://www.tmz.com/2011/04/24/right-kind-of-love-singer-jeremy-jordan-memba-him/
  5. unicorn

    Joey Lawrence Needs Money

    I'll pay $$$! I feel a song coming on... I'll take good care of you, Joey!
  6. unicorn

    Poor Matt Damon

    “There's a difference between, you know, patting someone on the butt and rape or child molestation, right?" Damon said in a new interview with ABC News' Peter Travers. This seems like a very accurate statement. People disagree with that?