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  1. feel free to post, if the guys gave you permission (with or w/o face). Some of them might actually want you to post their contact info as well; free publicity.....
  2. I'm a local. Better than Grindr is the Israeli app - atraf. It's in Hebrew, but there's an English version. Most Israeli escorts are notorious for their service attitudes. They live in dingy apartments, demand payment upfront, and then rush you to cumming ASAP. There's one good sauna, and a lesser sex club. No hustlers there, at least not visible/noticeable.
  3. Thanks VERY MUCH Tennisace for sharing. Two follow-up questions: 1) How much money do these guys expect for a session? for 2 days resort stay? 2) GREAT dicks, but what's with the protruding bellies? It seems all pics from DR show this same characteristic. Are there no flat abs?
  4. Tomas Salek's rate is 200 EUR. Is that the going rate in Prague?
  5. Re DutchDork's comments: 1) Francisco's guys are "too old" - it was also my impressions from some photos, that these hung guys are into their 30s, or at least not really lean. Are Manny's guys younger? 2) Why didn't the phone guy go and bring his ID. Does this mean he wasn't issued one because he's too young? Some additional questions: Why drive 45 minutes to a brothel, when everyone here is praising the guys brought to their hotels? Since these working guys would obviously welcome some marketing, is there any reason not to share their Whatsapp numbers? I think all reports here (THANK YOU AGAIN FOR ALL THIS GENEROUS SHARING) described 1 on 1 sessions. Would the working guys have any problems with 3somes or 4somes? Do they speak English? Thanks guys (-:
  6. Thanks ACE for sharing! Do the sex-guys speak any English? Any uncut? It seems all their dicks bend downward. Is that something genetic/local? No upward pointing dicks?
  7. Hi to both of you, I'll be there in two weeks time. Please enlighten me: Are they nude during the massage? During the selection? What's the rate? Is the HE only a HJ or also a BJ? Is touching allowed? Blowing? Why do they rush out? Don't they prefer a tip for better/patient service? Are there any such places with better service attitude? Especially near soi twilight? Thanks
  8. Lucky, I'll be there next month. Is there nothing and no one even on grindr?
  9. because life and travel isn't only about sex
  10. Kju, thanks a lot for the detailed answers! Planetime, since you DO enjoy Soi Twilight, could you please answer my question regarding recommended venues for sex/y shows, and when to go for a good seat? Lucky, that's why I don't visit there; don't want to spoil my memories of the movie..... :-)
  11. Walker, why is two guys being sucked not vanila? Kjun, that's why I asked. So many BKK veterans in this forum, I'm hoping some might know where to find the rarely endowed.....
  12. How and/or in which venue would it be possible to arrange this (similar endowments, no slapping)? https://monstercockland.com/240022/rodrigo-amp-monstercock-mate-dp-a-very-lucky-twink/
  13. Thanks NYNT; I PMed you. You're right of course about hoping for others' comments. Please guys chip in with updates regarding also the following: What's the going rate for offing in a bar? For a massage with full service or at least oral (not into HJ for HE]?For a paid Grindr meet?Which venues do you recommend for sex/y shows? How can I know in advance when the shows start, and when to come in order to get a good seat?I used to frequent Hero Massage (not in Soi Twilight). I think it closed or relocated. Do you know of venues with similar setups?I'll be in BKK from Friday evening to Tuesday noon. I'd like two sex experiences per day: night, and morning before sightseeing. Night isn't a problem, but do massage parlors and other venues cater to patrons in early morning?
  14. Thanks Oz, What do you mean by "Both took a bit of work in talking to and spending time with and one needed a date." They were interested in some kind of pre-sex social-friendly-romantic interaction? I like that..... Hornet better than Grindr? Are there any worthy gay-sex clubs?
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