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  1. Thanks Paborn, per your instructions I found the map on https://www.thaipuan.com However, it's not interactive. Also, since there're discrepancies between it and Google-maps (e.g. one places FreshBoys at Patpong 1 and the other at Patpong 2), not sure which one is updated. By now I've learned it's not that important. The whole strip is a circa 12 minutes walk. Given the demise of Soi Twilight, hotel-wise it would be better to stay at the center of the strip, close to Soi 4. Recommendations anyone?
  2. "With Twilight closed, it [the Raya] is not as handy as it once was." - That's why I asked my original question. Please recommend the handy visitors-friendly ones, more suitable to the new geography.
  3. I can understand you Lucky, OTOH - Lurkerspeaks staying there is a recommendation by itself.
  4. Hi guys, I read all the posts and links from March till now. They’re obviously clear to the experienced, but I’m geographically puzzled. I found GoogleMaps only partially helpful and am not sure it’s venues-updated. Can anyone state that it is? There was a mention of an updated map on https://www.thaipuan.com/, but I couldn’t find it. If anyone could send a link, I’ll be most thankful. FreshBoys, LuckyBoys, FunnyBoys, Screwboys, Hotmale, Bangkok Massage, Chill Out Boy – are apparently all in Patpong 1. Patpong 2 (from Surawong to Foodland ?) and Patpong Night Market – are these two additional areas or overlap with Patpong 1? Is Soi 4 what’s now referred to as “the new Soi”? What’s DBP? And FreshBoys 2? And where are Jupiter and Moonlight? I’m sure once I get there everything will fall into place in circa 30 minutes. However, I want to book a decent hotel within walking distance (10 min max) to the biggest cluster. Where should I look? Specific recommendations are more than welcome. Of course, I need a hotel with the correct visitors policy. Does the Raya Surawong answer my needs, or is it now too far? If my taste in men is relevant, I prefer venues focused on lean/athletic rather than on bodybuilders. (I also prefer big and uncut, but I guess that’s geographically irrelevant and probably not to be…) Thanks in advance. (-:
  5. Either Grindr or the israeli app - ATRAF. it's in Hebrew, but there's an English version.
  6. Lucky and FR, when you send them home with no money - don't they turn confrontational / threatening / violent?
  7. FloridaRob, What did you mean by "just not all will perform as "promised"...I can do everything means they'll say that until it comes time to do everything" and then - "I am VERY clear about that." Are you clear about warning us, and there's nothing to do about it save be prepared for disappointments? Or you somehow make it clear to them that such conduct would be unacceptable?
  8. NoGagSucker, I applaud the way you ignored the 2 posts criticizing you. Wish everyone here would do the same.
  9. 'Direction' is also important. I don't like cocks - even big ones - sagging under their own weight or pointing downwards. Part of the MAJESTY of a cock is standing at attention, horizontally or vertically or banana-curve-like.
  10. feel free to post, if the guys gave you permission (with or w/o face). Some of them might actually want you to post their contact info as well; free publicity.....
  11. I'm a local. Better than Grindr is the Israeli app - atraf. It's in Hebrew, but there's an English version. Most Israeli escorts are notorious for their service attitudes. They live in dingy apartments, demand payment upfront, and then rush you to cumming ASAP. There's one good sauna, and a lesser sex club. No hustlers there, at least not visible/noticeable.
  12. Thanks VERY MUCH Tennisace for sharing. Two follow-up questions: 1) How much money do these guys expect for a session? for 2 days resort stay? 2) GREAT dicks, but what's with the protruding bellies? It seems all pics from DR show this same characteristic. Are there no flat abs?
  13. Tomas Salek's rate is 200 EUR. Is that the going rate in Prague?
  14. Re DutchDork's comments: 1) Francisco's guys are "too old" - it was also my impressions from some photos, that these hung guys are into their 30s, or at least not really lean. Are Manny's guys younger? 2) Why didn't the phone guy go and bring his ID. Does this mean he wasn't issued one because he's too young? Some additional questions: Why drive 45 minutes to a brothel, when everyone here is praising the guys brought to their hotels? Since these working guys would obviously welcome some marketing, is there any reason not to share their Whatsapp numbers? I think all reports here (THANK YOU AGAIN FOR ALL THIS GENEROUS SHARING) described 1 on 1 sessions. Would the working guys have any problems with 3somes or 4somes? Do they speak English? Thanks guys (-:
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