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  1. MsGuy

    Your Daily Trump

    Words fail me.
  2. I can't get the link to play, but when I saw it on TV a few days ago, I thought it was a bit odd for American TV. I just took it as directed toward Latin Americans and assumed the Gains people knew their audience better than I did.
  3. You must mean Chance. He took up with Steve Brockman. an English rugby player (pro), dropped out of forestry to move to London to be with Steve, Some of Steve's mates got him some small acting parts, one thing led to another and now Chance has a successful career in TV and movies. Right now they're living in the New York area while Chance has a big role in "Being Human" and Steve coaches a rugby team. They just recently announced they were getting married. I'm supposed to escort his great-aunt to the wedding. We're both so very happy for them. And I'm only a little jealous. Chance with Steve. He still has those big ears. You can follow his acting career under his stage name of Russell Tovey if you're interested. He and Steve are both out. I asked if he was OK with me making this announcement on Boy Toy and he just laughed and said "Why not? " Oh, and he said to be sure and rub Sucky's nose in it. You should have had more faith in him, Sucky. PS Chance says you can find a lot of pictures of him naked on the internet now (Google is your friend) but the ones showing a full monty are shopped.
  4. If I stopped dealing with racists, I would starve to death by the road after my car ran out of gas while I was trying to flee their company. Not to mention," there but for the grace of God..." and all that kind of stuff. Actually my answer is a bit of a cheat. I never liked his stuff in the first place. Give me the real stuff, authentic Italian pie from Pizza Hut every time.
  5. Do you think he will come? Get a grip on yourself, Jordy!
  6. Get your ass over here right now, MsAnn! I need some consoling.
  7. MsGuy

    Justin Bieber's tattoos.

    Maybe it looks better erect? Art should be viewed in its intended contest.
  8. MsGuy

    Roseanne Show Cancelled

    "While all pharmaceutical treatments have side effects, racism is not a known side effect of any Sanofi medication." Sanofi tweet. Who knew a Big Pharma outfit like Sanofi had such a dry sense of humor.
  9. Nope, no tits, Sucky. (Sorry AdamSmith). Apparently this shit oozes straight out of their guts. Well, it beats Soylent Green, I guess. And it has potential as a drug delivery system too.
  10. No, not milk made from bug juice, real cockroach milk. Apparently there's this species of cockroach in Hawaii that does the live birth thing instead of laying eggs. And produces "milk" to feed their young. And, of course, foodies have discovered that its far more nutritious than the stuff you get from daries, so they're scarfing the stuff like the sick puppies they are. Glutan free, sustainably produced and enviromentally friendly (unlike cows, cockroaches don't fart methane). I know you don't believe a word of this so here is a link that documents the whole phenom.
  11. For years one member of my church's Board of Elders (governing body) sat in a second row pew. If the sermon ran over 12 minutes he would lean forward, shoot his sleeve, lay his arm ostentatiously over the back of the first pew and tap his watch. Since the Elders in our church hire, fire approve expenses and set the salary of the preacher, folks always got out in plenty of time to eat before settling in to watch the game on TV. The congregation was in general agreement that if you couldn't make your point in 12 minutes, you weren't likely to do any better in 30 and, in all fairness, the duration of the scripture reading the sermon was based on wasn't included in the 12 minutes.
  12. MsGuy

    From ME, To YOU

    Choreography by Bob Fosse; Casting & costumes by Ru Paul; Produced by John Waters. How much gayer could it be?
  13. Yikes! We have been warned, boys.
  14. MsGuy

    Curiosity Killed the Cat

    Oz, much as I love you, I aint sitting here in Mississippi with an oxy tube stuck up my nose and funding your Thai boys in Bangkok. Well... Maybe if you sent me pictures. Maybe.