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  1. Altar boys have been serving priests for centuries. If doing it brings a life-time trauma they are in the wrong job. ??????
  2. I suspect we are in the middle of a cultural re-set of the boundaries of acceptable courting behavior. Hopefully those whacky, ultra PC university consent codes don't make it to the finish line. Hopefully we don't back-peddle to the "no witness, no bruises, no rape" standard. But Gotti, wherever we wind up, I fail to see why the boundaries for an "Artiste" should be different from those for priests, doctors, politicians or just plain regular folks. "I'm looking for a moment of beauty," "So bend over, bitch boy, and spread 'em wide."
  3. Yeah, I already read that bit about Trump not being able to wait long enough for Just For men to do its work. All I could think of was a friend of mine who is ADD. That would account for Trump's helter-skelter management style, his inability to read reports, his crippling failure to stay on message and his family's decision to banish him to a rural up-state military academy at the tender age of 13. Also, at a time ADD went undiagnosed, the secondary social effects might well account for the more unpleasant traits in his personally.
  4. Let's see now: There's the possibility that Rocket Boy has a missile of the requisite range AND a guidance system sufficiently accurate AND a warhead sized nuke AND a re-entry vehicle AND the nerve to use it AND it all works just right the very first time. There's the chance my way too expensive Sumatran roast will get cold if I go running about like Chicken Little. I think I would bet on a fuck up in the warning system and finish my coffee.
  5. Rimming

    Lucky, if you gave him one of those straight boy, closed-lip, dry bro kisses, you lost your gold star status.
  6. Fake News Awards

    So who won what? Did Lavar sweep the sport categories?
  7. Fake News Awards

    Your post presumes ole Trump is able to remember something he tweeted almost a week ago. The mind wanders. "It's Tuesday, Mr. President..." "... and this is Paris."
  8. The Organ

    Careful where you go with this, AS, lest I be compelled to remind folks of your obsession with blue bottomed boys.
  9. The Organ

    AS, no matter how hard I try to best you, I wind up with all my arguments deflated. But I will endeavor to persevere.
  10. The Organ

    Which is why you're the English major. Ooooh, I'm good.
  11. The Organ

    Well, one supposes one takes one's poetic beauty where one can find it. Me, I like mine more readily available and at a reasonable price. Hunting through the crap pile to find a few kernals of undigested corn just aint my thing.
  12. The Organ

  13. Bannon Will Take Down Trump

    AdamSmith, the most difficult single challenge for a true insurgent is getting his hands on enough cash to establish himself as something other than a no-hoper. Even run on the cheap, a real campaign devours money. One of the reasons I took seriously his effort to dislodge incumbent Republicans was his ability to deliver a slug of Robert Mercer's coin very early on in the election cycle when most donors, even if interested in the candidate, are inclined to sit on their cash. That's all gone bye bye now. Further, even if he isn't kicked out the door, a loss of editorial control of Breibart would take away his most effective bull horn. (see same article) On the other hand if he and The Donald don't kiss and make up and Trump can actually stay focused long enough to really go after Bannon, maybe he will grab the Orange One in a death grip and drag POTUS down with him. We can only wait and hope.
  14. Whiten That Penis!

    This Newsweek article has a before and after sketch. Only in Bankok!
  15. Americans Are So Weird

    True enough until they start stacking the wood around your legs. It's kinda the original meaning of 'faggot'. Just FYI, this is not the time to cheap out on that final tip to the executioner. You want that wood piled high and dry.