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  1. Curiosity Killed the Cat

    Oz, much as I love you, I aint sitting here in Mississippi with an oxy tube stuck up my nose and funding your Thai boys in Bangkok. Well... Maybe if you sent me pictures. Maybe.
  2. Lust...the Movie

    Aw, Lucky... You done gone and made him blush
  3. I used to do that too! I got to be quite the connoisseur. Novels, texts, encyclopedias, all good. Coated magazine paper was something of an acquired taste,, at least for me. National Geographic though was delicious once you got used to it. And the New Yorker too, if I recall rightly. Newsprint and that cheap stuff comics were printed on were just nasty.
  4. Smile....

  5. Sorry, AS, but I don't give mulligans on end of the world predictions. Particularly when the idiot sub judice made major $ off all those folks who couldn't count the first time around.
  6. Lovely Vienna options

    Maybe it's really Brahms using stolen a pic? You might want to meet up in a public place before you take him back to your hotel.
  7. I beg to differ. Footmen: Molly boys:
  8. Sorry, AS, I misread you as pooh-poohing the potential revenue from full service corporate events with Molly boys in period costume. "This way to your quarters, Sir James."
  9. So what's so wrong with hooking, AS? Every little bit helps.
  10. Eight frames, Sixteen balls. Not a strike, narry a single spare in the lot. As our eloquent leader would say, Weak. So weak!
  11. Tuesday Tip

    Gotta go with Kjun on this one. I'm not a fan of veins popped out all over the arms either.
  12. New Sauna in Rio

    Maybe my brain is even more addled than usual but I thought the Army was supposed to occupy Rio until then end of the year. to suppress crime. Patrol the streets and all that.
  13. Daily Thought

    Speak for yourself, Sucky. Me, I prefer a good blow job.
  14. New Fashion Trend Alert !

    I think we have reached the root of the problem, dear Sucky. Only them as don't need 'em look good wearing 'em. Besides I gave up chasing fashion when my Nehru jacket went out of style before I even had time to get a wrinkle in it.