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  1. I will be in Bogota from today till 7.11. Any recommendations? Anyone up for drink?
  2. After few vist to Brazil I decided to see what Colombia can offer. I will be there in November, but I have few questions. I was planining to stay 3 days in Bogota, 4 in Medelline and 4 in Cartagena. Any suggestions? Also in Brazil I was always booked apartmants because of privacy. And i didnt have any problem in bringing boys. Is it safe to do the same in Colombia? In wich part of the city is the best to take apartman? Sorry for my englsih and thanks in advace. Also if someone is up to meet in November it would be great ;)
  3. I didn't have any problem to find guys through Grindr. I choose guys I like, ask them are they escort and 90% of them respond yes. I dont have photo in profile and most of the guys didn't ask for it. Most of the guys there want to hook up very fast, and you can find guys form saunas but also some who are doing it just when they need money. I didn't felt unsafe especially because guys i contact looked very professional
  4. Vinicius is hottie, better live than on the pictures. But i didnt like session with him. He was doing bad blowjob with condom, and he was bad bottom, he couldnt take more than 5 minutes hahah
  5. Most of the guys in sauna charge 100 R $ but online from 200-300 R $. It for hour long session, in sauna 30-40 min.
  6. Well all the guys who have tk or tkd in their nick are selling or offering cocain. In 2 days i got 3 offers. I know that sauna policy is to not have guys who are using drugs, we will see is it still same.
  7. I notice a lot of guys on Grindr is selling drugs. Is it new way of distribution because i didn't saw it so much when i was there 2 years ago? TK means cocain , i learned something new haha
  8. After long thinking i decided to visit Rio again. It was a fast and impulsive decison Last time i was on 2016 and i had great time. So i will be there from 29.11.-7.12. If someone want to meet i would be great. Hugs
  9. I had a great time in Salvador last week. Planetario is very good sauna, i every time when i was there they had more boys then clients. Also they are more friendly and cheaper then in 117 (Rio).Even i didnt speak portugese they were trying to comunicate with me. I had nice threesomes
  10. I plan to be in Rio from 25-30.November. Last time i visit Rio was 6 years ago, and would like to see what change. I went to sauna 117 last time so my first visit will be there. If you want we can meet and go together.
  11. Hey! When you will be in Rio? I will be there from 25.-30.11.
  12. Great Thanks for your report. I will be soon in Rio, tell me what is the price of the boys? Last time I was in Rio 6 years ago, and I went just to 117, it seems it is still best sauna in town.
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