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  1. As of the 11th of June 2017 Ukrainian citizens who hold valid biometric passports will be exempted from the visa requirement when travelling to the Schengen Area for a short stay of up to 90 days within a 180-day period.
  2. I was in Warsaw a week ago. The online scene was quite active and easy to find escorts. Though the price is 100 Euros or more, on par with western Europe countries. Glam club is said to be popular among locals.
  3. I stayed in ibis Kiev train station and Hampton by Hilton Minsk city center and I didn't have any problem bringing back guests to my room (no one even asked). I guess that international hotel chains are more liberal and tolerate of local guests. However, it could be a little uneasy after 9pm when the hotels start to strength security at night and there might be security guards in the lounge. At day time, it seemed perfectly fine. I also tried Airbnb apartments in Kiev and it worked well. It is important to choose Airbnb apartments with "private entrance" in the descriptions. I didn't have any visa problem to Ukraine and Belarus but it depends on your nationality (I am not an American)
  4. July 2018 Odessa: a lovely town. Hornet was active and I got several messages during my 3-day stay. Bar Libertin was empty. I was told that Arcadia was the place that gays gather but I didn't check it out. Kiev: beautiful churches and interesting side tours. Both Grindr and Hornet were quite busy (Hornet busier) as I got many messages during my stay. 40-70 US dollars typical. Disco Lift is very popular at weekend. Living cost in Kiev is low. Kiev is a good city to visit for fun and for travel. Minsk: quiet comparing to Kiev. I just got a couple of messages in Hornet. There are not many attractions in the city either.
  5. from my experience, I paid 50 Lira entry fee to the house and the rest was between masseurs and me. PS: some taxi drivers in Istanbul are very dishonest so be warned. even with meters on, they could double or triple charge you (I don't know what's the trick with their taximeters). They could steal your money too... PPS: there are many sex motels around Taksim square. they all know where to find them.
  6. I stayed in Istanbul for 5 days. here is a brief report: 1. Hornet is the most active app. there are lots of escorts who you can find online. 2. Aquarius spa is still alive. I went there twice, one on Thursday at 4pm and the other time on Saturday at 6pm. Saturday is obviously busier than weekdays. Normally there are 5-10 working men, most are 25-30 years old, muscular and some are hairy (stereotyped Turkish men). Nevertheless, on Saturday I met a very handsome twink of 20 years old. The spa is better than I thought (and better than the online reviews in my opinion). the men are not pushing at all. However, some are very "straight" so it is better to talk about details before hand. Some may not even touch your private part. entry fee 50 Lira; massage 100 Lira; extra service, negotiable. 3. Taksim square: There are gays/hustlers/trans sitting right under Monumento alla Repubblica. if you see one, you probably spot the small group around. However, things are subtle now and I don't see a lot going on. I met two men from Russia and turkmenistan one night and had a threesome for a total of 400 Lira in a nearby motel (for 150 Lira). I took a hot balloon tour in capadocia which was a very fine experience, safe and stable and not scary at all.
  7. Is it safe to hire at Marrakech? (it seems both gay and prostitution are illegal in Morocco?)
  8. The motels couldn't care less. None (!) of the motels I visited checked IDs even once, even when I had young companions. The same happened for a few casinos I visited with young companions.
  9. There is no formal definition of "massage". It is really up to the specific terms negotiated. Nevertheless, penetration (either way) may add another 50000 pesos to the bill or may not.
  10. there are many sex motels around (actually just homes of local people). The guys all know at least a place to go. So don't worry. The cost for the room is 5-10 CUCs for an hour.
  11. Usually I will try to find a nice Airbnb apartment. I love to stay in a spacious and well-decorated apartment with local chills and most of the time it is cheaper than a 4-star hotel. Airbnb tips: 1. pay attention to apartments with "private entrance" and read reviews. Often "private entrance" means you have an independent entrance to your apartment for maximal privacy (but not always so); 2. Lots of Colombia apartments locate within a residence building with 24 hour security guards. Be nice to the guards (I often buy them drinks) and it should be OK to bring back guests. the security guard will have to register your visitor's ID which is good for your security. 3. Some apartment may explicitly prohibit local visitors in their listing. read carefully. However, I almost always use short time love motel for encounters. I am a hassle-free kind of guy and I don't like to leave my traces. The good news is that love motels are abundant in most cities and most guys from Grindr know at least one place to go. Sex motel in day time is also quite safe. However, I find it a little uneasy that sex motels I had visited never checked visitors' IDs. I also stayed in hotels in Colombia. I find it is not particularly difficult to bring back guests. For example, 61Prado Guesthouse in Medellin.
  12. Honestly, I was in Club Tobi just once but I didn't like it. Neither did I like Bogota. Bogota is such a big city that I did not find its charm.
  13. I was lucky to stay in Colombia in April 2018. I had visited Medellin, Cartagena, Cali, Barranquilla and Pereira, staying in each city for 5-7 days. Colombia is a beautiful county and the people are generally very nice. Grindr works wonders in every city. Following is my brief report, in a logical way of writing per se. First of all, three warnings: 1. Underage problem: In Grindr and on the streets, I had seen some (while not a lot) under age boys contacting gringos. Some of boys would say straight that they are 16 or 17 years old while some pretend to be 18 or 19 years old but without a valid ID. Never put oneself in a compromised situation because having sex with under age boys or girls is a major crime in Colombia (illegal in most countries as well). While I had not seen fake IDs in Colombia, be very careful and smart. (when I was in Havana,I saw quite a few fake IDs, particular from men of Santiago de Cuba). 2. In Medelline, there are quite a few homeless-looking drug-addictive young men selling candies and approaching gringos. They are regulars of Metro Barrio and Park Bolivar and they could be dangerous in many ways, sometimes they getting violent. Better stay away from them and completely ignore them. 3. Policemen in their twenties are very cute and very attractive in Colombia. hmmm, is there a way... or not? **** Medellín: more the abundant men to meet, from Grindr or from the streets (in particular, Metro barrio and park Bolivar). The price of a massage, typically ranges from 50 thousand Colombia pesos to 100 thousand, but it could be as low as 30 thousand (11 dollars). The men are more of twink-type, cute and slim. There are many motels for hourly rent in the center (around Metro barrio and park Bolivar) with a cost between 8000 pesos to 15000. The city of Medellín is quite beautiful, so called a city of eternal-spring. It often rains a lot in late afternoon or at night in April. The living cost of Medellín is very low, a good meal for 10000-20000 pesos and a nice apartment for 100-200 thousand pesos per night. It is generally safe in Medellín but it is advised not to walk in the center at night. **** Cartagena: more the abundant men to meet, mostly from Grindr . The price of a massage, typically ranges from 100 thousand Colombia pesos to 150 thousand. The men of Cartagena are from many other cities such as nearby Barranquilla and Bogota and Medellín. They are usually more muscular than Medellín. There are many motels for hourly rent in the old town (walled city) with a cost between 10000 pesos to 20000. The old town of Cartagena is very charming and has a colonial feel to it. Cartagena is a great place to visit. The old town is also very safe. It is of no problem to walk at night in the old town alone. there are also lots of international tourists in the city. The weather is a bit hot during the day in April, but cool at night with breeze from the ocean. The living cost of Cartagena is higher than Medellín, probably 30-50% higher. **** Barranquilla: abundant men to meet, mostly from Grindr . While Barranquilla is close to Cartagena (only 2 hours of driving), Barranquilla is a lot more conservative than Cartagena. For example, men from Grindr here are more cautious to communicate and tend to cover their faces in the profile photos. It is also a lot harder to find a motel in the city. (There is a motel called "secretos" on Cra. 53# 68-204 in the center, with a hourly price 16000 pesos). The price of a massage, to my surprise, is somewhat higher than Cartagena. Barranquilla is an industrial city and I did not find any place particularly interesting to visit. The living cost of Barranquilla is higher than Medellín. **** Pereira: abundant men to meet, mostly from Grindr. Pereira is a smaller version of Medellín. A Paisa is someone from a region in the northwest of Colombia, including the part of the Andes in Colombia. The main cities of the Paisa region are Medellín, Pereira, Manizales and Armenia. There are quite a few motels in the center around plaza bolivar. The price of a massage is from 100 thousand pesos and 150 thousand. Similar to Medellin, Pereira is also a city of eternal-spring. The surrounding mountains and cafe areas are spectacular and relaxing. The living cost of Pereira is probably 20% less than Medellin. **** Cali: more the abundant men to meet from Grindr. The price of a massage, typically ranges from 100 thousand Colombia pesos to 150 thousand, but once I was quoted at 150 US dollars! It surprised me because it far exceeded the average living cost in Cali. The men in Cali are very attractive, handsome and muscular. There are some motels for hourly rent in the area of San Antonio(for example, there is one called “Diosa Del Amar”). The city of Cali is beautiful but I didn't find any place particularly interesting to visit. The weather is very nice in April, neither hot or cold. The living cost of Cali I feel is higher than Medellín. I think the people of Cali is the most attractive (twink-ish face with muscular body) in Colombia and Paisa come in a second. But over all, I would rank Medellin 9 out of 10, both Cartagena and Cali 8 out of 10, Pereira 7 out 10 and finally Barranquilla 6 out of 10. Again it surprises me that the cost of play in less touristic cities like Cali and Barranquilla is higher than that of more touristic cities like Cartagena and Medellin. In conclusion, I have had a great time in Colombia during the one-month travel. In particular, all the men I met had been courteous and respectful. I am looking forward to my next visit to Colombia, and my visit to cities of Santa Martha, Leticia (amazon), and Bucaramanga.
  14. may I ask which club this is? it seemed lots of fun.
  15. I got 10+ Grindr messages every day. 60% of those messages were from men in the twenties who were escorts for sure. (other 40% were men over 30 years old). I was quote from 2000 pesos to 60 US dollars. I also sent messages to men whose profiles I liked. I got about 40% responses. I guess those men were possibly in play though I didn't have time to meet any of them.
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