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  1. Generally, if one has to ask for a specific thing, the asking person is often not deserving - To realize a request was granted by the leader of Japan, a major U.S. ally (after it was requested by a psycho) is hilarious - No doubt about that! https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/barack-obama/japan-nominated-trump-nobel-peace-prize-after-white-house-asked-n972661
  2. Depending on the type aircraft that is used on your flight, you might need to use the app I mentioned in my post above. There is a link to how to get the app. LATAM has an entire web page discussing their app and how to download it. When you are on the flight, it is not possible to download the app described on the link I showed you in my earlier post. You must download the app prior to boarding. If you intend to use LATAM again, it might be a good idea to download the app now. You never know, for sure, which type aircraft will be used. You might get one without seatback screens. After your flight leaves, if you are on one of the aircraft that does not have seatback entertainment, you will be able to use your own telephone or other device, without cost, on the plane to watch the specific programs offered. There are select movies and various other type of entertainment on each flight. Check out the link. It will show you what is available and how to use the app after your plane departs. You never know if an airline switches out one type aircraft for another type. Some have seatback entertainment while others do not.
  3. If you do not mind watching entertainment on your cell phone or other device, LATAM has television, movies and other data on board. Follow the instructions on this link prior to your next flight: https://www.latam.com/en_us/about-us/experience-on-board/latam-play/
  4. clapback A dumb-assed replacement phrase for the word-phrase "comeback", which, in normal people English, means "retort". It makes no sense since "clap" is a word that doesn't represent anything having to do with the meaning of the intention behind the phrase, and meaning something completely different.
  5. https://www.prestigetime.com/item/Hublot/Big-Bang-Chronograph-41mm/341.px.130.rx.html?gclid=Cj0KCQiA-onjBRDSARIsAEZXcKYVR1d2Pw9xDBA-3C8Bv47K72naHX3DKV4vtJzrvyDyjt2z7ilqgdAaAnuhEALw_wcB and http://www.luxuryofwatches.com/hublot-big-bang-301-px-1180-px/?gclid=Cj0KCQiA-onjBRDSARIsAEZXcKa_AUjuIayzBvVPCWrCnfBapb7gGzurivn50fP6jojD0HneHVkYeMEaAqhEEALw_wcB
  6. Incredible and insensitive how a TSA agent was to this injured war veteran taking a flight. It is obvious that the guy lost his legs and part of an arm and that he could do no harm. However, the stupid TSA agent continued to search him to the fullest allowed by the silly law. In a word - CRUEL
  7. When are you going to write another letter (you have written many) saying goodbye to the forum only to return time and time again? You always have something nasty to say about people here. Try being nice for a change. You might find less people disliking you.
  8. You are a seasoned traveler to Brazil. You would have no reason to misinterpret or exaggerate the dangers that clearly have increased in Brazil over the past few years. One day, one of the Pollyannas on this forum will get mugged. When that happens, and it most likely will, those Pollyannas will get off their know-it-all perch and begin singing a different tune.
  9. Words of wisdom - Connecting the dots -
  10. I had just exited an Uber car. I was walking to a restaurant about 100 feet from where I exited the Uber. The two guys came out of a doorway. It was 8:30 at night. Will you be so kind as to tell me how you would apply your suggestion of "using one's head as an experienced traveler and if it feels wrong, turn around and leave immediately"? Given the facts and circumstances, your suggestion is pretty silly and impractical. Does it make you feel good to play troll?
  11. What! Did you bother to read what I wrote. I repeatedly expressed caution to others while visiting Brazil. I did not try to discourage others from visiting Brazil. Read my response to Oz above! I complimented him for having suggestions in the Latin America forum - Please think before you post inflammatory comments as you so often do with many other posters to this forum.