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  1. Over the past year, I had many disappointing visits to sauna Lagoa. A few of my visits were "okay" but my "okay" visits did not equal the quality nor quantity of garotos I found at Lagoa over the past sixteen years of visiting Lagoa many times each year. I realize that nothing is forever (except for death and taxes). My disappointment with Lagoa was because of the marked change in the type and quantity of available garotos. Over the past year or so, it was not unusual to find less than a dozen garotos working at Lagoa even on supposedly popular nights. In fairness, there were days when there was a nice turnout. In other words, not all nights during the past year were disappointing but most were on the nights I was there. Included among the available working guys were the garotos of "yesteryear" who still hope to make money even though their beauty has long ago faded. Also disappointing was that even on nights when Lagoa had a fair amount of business, many of the garotos that showed up for work were effeminate twinks which, to me, are not interesting. The changes described above have a ripple effect because Brazilian clients also noticed the decline in quantity and quality. My Brazilian friends who are long-term clients at Lagoa do not want to pay the R$65 admission price and other related expenses associated with visiting Lagoa merely to visit other clients or see garotos that do not appeal to them. Consequently, clients also reduced their visits to Lagoa. However, last night was not okay - it was great. - There was a new "crop" of garotos most of whom I never saw prior to last night. In the past, Wednesday and Friday were usually the busiest and most interesting nights to visit Lagoa. I expect to return to Lagoa next Wednesday hoping that I will enjoy Lagoa as much as I did last night and in prior years. If Lagoa is as nice as it was last night, I will post an update. A couple of additional comments about last night: I arrived at Lagoa around six o'clock and time flew by fast. At ten o'clock a "show" began. The person presenting the "show" had the sound speakers turned up so high it was difficult to speak or hear anyone above the "music" noise. The high volume noise coming from the show was my signal it was time to call it a night. I left Lagoa a little past ten o'clock. Rodolfo was present last night and seemed happy at the large turn out of both garotos and clients (this meant money for Rodolfo and he LOVES money). When asked about the move of Lagoa to a new location, Rodolfo declined to discuss the move. All he did was make a sad look and changed the subject. Hope springs eternal. ReplyForward
  2. Riobard, nice job on a nice post - I am rescinding your Bavarian clock forthwith. Job well done -
  3. You said saunas, plural. I don't think people on this forum would likely visit more than one sauna in Barcelona - Sauna Thermas. Sauna Thermas is the only true hustler sauna in Barcelona. It has been operating about the same since it was remodeled several years ago. Most people, including me, like the place. You will find a variety of guys from various countries. There are some regular gay saunas in Barcelona. I have not been to any of them. I heard the regular gay saunas are nice.
  4. What an arrogant and unappreciative post! When you ask questions and criticize the answers given to you, don't expect additional answers or information. Some posters to this forum might overlook your condescension but most will not.
  5. It is good to see you're enjoying Rio. It is also good to see that you have a good observation of the composition of sauna garotos.
  6. Is that a joke? If so, I am sorry I cannot find any humor. I am in Brazil as I write this. I have been visiting Brazil for about sixteen years numerous times each year. I could not venture a guess how many times I have been to Brazilian saunas. I do know it is at least five hundred times. It has been my experience, and the experience of countless other sauna visitors, that at least half of the sauna garotos are twinks. Yes, at least half! Perhaps we have a different opinion in defining a twink. Maybe I need a new definition of twink but I think not. Clearly it is not correct to write that it is rare to see twinks in the saunas. Edit - I just saw the new post of Latbear4blk who also confirmed my observation of many twinks in the saunas
  7. mvan1

    Joe Biden Exposed

    That is scary! To have smart and educated people supporting Trump is difficult to understand. I always thought it was a dummy or not-so-bright person or bigot that supports Trump. Maybe that is why many people prefer not to discuss politics for fear of offending someone. Our country is sure in a mess, the way I see it and the way many others see it. On topic is something in the news the past couple of days that involves Britain’s ambassador to the United States (a very bright man who graduated summa cum laude from the third-oldest university in England) who called Trump “uniquely dysfunctional” and "expressed grave concerns about American economic and foreign policy, in a series of cables that were leaked to the British tabloid the Daily Mail and published on Saturday." "The leaked cables, prepared by Kim Darroch (who has served as ambassador from Britain to the US since January 2016), cover the entirety of the Trump presidency, even touching on an official state visit to the UK less than a month ago, when the Trump and his family attended a banquet at Buckingham Palace and afternoon tea with Prince Charles and Camilla, and laid a wreath at the Grave of the Unknown Warrior." There are some extremely bright people who can see Trump for what he really is!
  8. mvan1

    Joe Biden Exposed

    It remains a mystery to me, also, why anyone would support Trump; gay or otherwise. Of my many clients, I have only one who openly supports Trump, and that client, coincidentally, has been in and out of hospitals many times for drug issues. When that client has lucid days and he brings up the subject of Trump, I ask him how he could have allegiance to Trump considering Trump's obvious dislike for minorities (my client is a minority in the entertainment industry). My client responded by stating that Trump wants to make our country "great again" which to me, is not a meaningful answer. It is merely a repeat of something Trump used as a self-serving slogan in his quest to get into the White House. When was our country greater than it was before Trump came to office? Was it when homosexuals were put in jails or mental hospitals merely for being gay? Is that what Trump wants? Was it when police could have fun raiding gay bars merely to harass gays? Would Trump like that? Most people on this forum do not realize it was only 1967 when being homosexual ceased to be illegal in the United States. Think about it - And Trump wants to reverse advancements of minorities in order to "make America great again"
  9. You seem to not want to read. Latbear4blk has not previously been to Rio. He has been there only a few days on his current visit to Rio. The prices he quote to you are based on HIS few days of experience in Rio. The guys in sauna Clube 117 ask various prices ranging from R$100 all the way to R$300 or more. Some guys will ask a higher price but when a customer does not accept, will counter with a lower price. Depending on your personality, you might find a guy from the sauna to spend time with you during the day. The price for the guys time would depend partly on what you plan to do while you are together. As to the guys speaking English, I answered that for you in my response to you. I have visited Brazil for nearly 16 years, multiple times each year. I am quite knowledgeable about the saunas, the pricing and of how to treat the guys found in the saunas. Again, I suggest that you read the "Latin" section of the forum to see additional comments that are current. That information should be helpful. Attitude makes a big different on whether you will enjoy your time in Brazil. Your having extensive experience with guys in Thailand will not be much of a guide to you in Brazil. Again, good luck on your first visit to Brazil - And, you are welcome.
  10. Are you not aware that the psycho Trump rescinded Obama's easing of tourism to Cuba? We Americans cannot currently or legally visit Cuba for purposes of tourism. After Trump and his family had their tour of Cuba (without much news coverage) Trump canceled Obama's progress in easing Cuba as a U.S. tourism destination. Here is a New York Times article (there are many news sources that show that tourism to Cuba is thwarted because of Trump): https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/05/travel/cuba-cruise-travel-ban.html?action=click&module=RelatedLinks&pgtype=Article On the other hand, if your post is directed to non U.S. readers, your recommended guide could be a good source for those who visit Cuba.
  11. mvan1

    Joe Biden Exposed

    You are more misguided than I thought. Why would I apologize to you if that bigot Trump gets reelected? I have watched news reports that show Trump supporters mindlessly agreeing to every bigoted and hateful thing he says. Please recall Trump's comment about the West Virginia protest by a nazi group where Trump said about the violent group of Nazi's " "you also had people that were very fine people, on both sides." https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2017/08/nazis-racism-charlottesville/536928/ One thing for sure is Trump and his supporters will not succeed in their quest to "make America white again" which clearly is what Trump and his supporters want. Don't forget your previous disparaging comment about the North and the civil war over slavery. Your comment revealed your true feelings about minorities. "When" Trump is reelected? That is delusional on your part. Trump's base is getting smaller as time goes by. Even now, it is not enough to get him enough votes to be reelected. Despite your support of Trump, he clearly is a bigot and dislikes minorities. You, being a gay, are a minority. It bewilders me to try to understand why you support Trump while he clearly has contempt for your lifestyle, and has said so many times. One example is what he has done to the gays in the military.
  12. No, that thread was started ten years ago. If you read the thread, you will see that is has many current comments from various forum members who visit Rio. Also, you should read the "Latin" section of the forum to see additional comments that are current. All of your questions are answered in the various posts concerning Brazil. You might have to look for the answer about whether the guys speak English. The answer is "generally not" Although it seems difficult to believe, your not knowing Portuguese and the guys not speaking English there is little or no problems for purposes of meeting someone compatible. As to finding someone for a long-term basis, it could be difficult. Many of the guys are married or are in long-term relationships. They work in the saunas solely to earn money. When their work day is finished, they go home. Of course, it is possible you will find someone who will spend more time with you. Good luck on your first visit to Brazil -
  13. As you implied, when you go to a cabine, your locker is vulnerable for theft. You must give your locker number to get a cabine. The front desk employees know that you will be away from your locker for a while. As Oscar Wilde said in one of his plays (which applies to some of the sauna employees) "I can resist everything, except temptation." thus the temptation to steal easy money is irresistible to some. So there you have it. The very people who are supposed to protect you from theft of your valuables, know exactly where you are - away from your locker and valuables. Statistically, you will not be burglarized. So, continue to have fun.
  14. mvan1

    Joe Biden Exposed

    Hilarious, but beyond the comprehension of a Trump supporter.
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