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  1. You are lucky it ran that fast. Even though some of the providers claim 4G - Lite or better, it is not unusual to often see only H on one's cell phone. This can happen despite the phone not being moved to various or different locations. While using a phone, a signal often drops to a slow speed without warning then, without warning, returns to a faster speed, then drops back down again. This is particularly annoying when trying to talk on whatsapp or a similar utility.
  2. So where will the guys go now?

    Adam, you are a bright man. This new trend of "saving the children and stop sex trafficking" will continue for decades. Long haul, I could care less. It is now that matters. Things are getting worse in that sites that allow discussion of prostitution, such as this site and the "other" site, are in harms way. Some have already been shut down. Some of the owners have been arrested for a supposed crime - rentboy - backpage for example. Did you listen to that airhead senator in the link I supplied above? She is not alone in her warped thoughts. Only two senators voted against the new law. What does that tell us about the handwriting that is so clearly on the wall? Let's go get Chicken Little and save her. Also, watch the video at the link provided by tassojunior. Throughout that video, it completely ignored the facts about escort sites and harped, endlessly, about children. It is as though those loonies purposefully ignored reality. Children are not on escort sites. So, in the process, the escort sites get targeted and closed. Where is Chicken Little when we need her?
  3. So where will the guys go now?

    It is not so simple to reverse the damage. How does one "un-ring a bell" - the damage is done. If you read the language in the new law, it cleverly includes sexual protection of children. However, I was never aware of any children at risk on sites that advertised escorts. Rentboy, rentmen, craigslist, backpage did not advertise children, to my knowledge - those ads were targeted at adults. Despite no children being advertised or exploited, the legislators harped about protecting children as a major reason to close down escort sites. In other words, children have nothing to do with escorts on internet sites. Watch the below linked web address for this hideously ignorant and misguided United States Senator who discusses children being exploited but yet gives no examples of any such thing: In the meantime, websites that include adult prostitutions or discussions promoting prostitutions are being blocked or closed down. If you watch some of the discussions at the link to the ignorant U.S. Senator, you will see repeated comments about the "horrors of human trafficking" - selling woman and children on-line. Outlandish false assertions are repeatedly included in the discussions. Wait until this madness "will pass" - wishful thinking. The sky has fallen - Chicken Little was right, after all.
  4. So where will the guys go now?

    Human impulse has nothing to do with law enforcement blocking or shutting down internet sites that promote prostitution. Consequently, even as time passes, internet sites and their owners will remain vulnerable to seizure or legal consequences at any time. No one, except for a judge after a hearing/challenge of the law, will reverse the language that is already in the law. As I said, things are out of control with escort sites and/or any publication that allows discussions of "escorts" (aka - hustlers). Even this site is vulnerable.
  5. So where will the guys go now?

    With the mess the escort sites are in, how can you be optimistic that the madness and bigotry against escorts "will pass" as you said? The madness is on a tide or a strong wave to stamp out sex other than traditional straight sex. The internet is the easiest target for the bigots to control. The "me too" thing was the seed. Now that seed has grown a plant that is out of control. Just think of Al Franken as an example. Not to mention nearly one hundred other political and entertainment industry executives that have been forced to resign. The tide is not in our favor in the immediate or even near future. Stop the world, I want to get off.
  6. NYPD Threatening

    Trump, the deranged orange-haired monkey, does not have to sign the bill. After 10 days pass following giving the bill to him, the bill becomes law, even without the monkey's signature. See this: The Bill Becomes Law Officially, after the President signs the bill, 10 days passes without a signature, or after a veto override, the bill is considered law. It is in effect at that moment. But in reality, it is, of course, more difficult than that. The law is transmitted to the Archivist of the United States. The Archivist assigns the law a number. The Archivist publishes the law on its own, as a pamphlet. This is known as a slip law. The slip law contains a lot more than just the text of the law itself, such as where it is be inserted in the United States Code, if at all; its legislative history; the committees through which it passed; and so on. In effect, the slip law is a historical document in itself. The law is also published in the United States Statutes at Large, The Statutes at Large is a collection of all laws passed in any given Congress. Finally, if a law affects the U.S. Code, it is added to the Code, striking out sections or clauses that a law removes, and adding new ones the law created. The entire U.S. Code is republished every six years. ________________________________________________________ No doubt there will be challenges to the law. However, with the support the law had (has) (only two senators voting "no"), it will be a tough law to successfully overturn or defend. Not a pretty picture, by any means.
  7. NYPD Threatening

    Just found the below link for the article that explains the "notice" from the NYPD - Based on the wording in the notice, it appears that our tax dollars are being used to harass persons who place or respond to similar ads. THE NYPD is not going to stop the world's oldest profession even though they can harass and/or arrest people who choose to venture into this sort of thing. The article appears targeted to straight prostitution, but that does not mean gay prostitution is not also vulnerable. In the article, johns are referred to as creeps. Nice writing (ha). Sadly, our country is marching backwards when this sort of threat is freely circulated by a major police department.
  8. I have gone to Thermas many times over the years at different times of the year. It is difficult to predict a "best" day at Thermas. The only times I experienced a night at that sauna with fewer available guys were nights when it rained or when the weather was especially cold outside. Despite the weather not being the best, the sauna still draws a fair selection of available guys. The key being, rain and cold are the nights you can expect to see fewer guys than nights when the weather is nice.
  9. How about this backpage ad: The ad shows a good looking guy supposedly available through contacting the phone number provided in the ad. However, the ad is a fake. The photo in the ad is one of many photos available of a model named Addis Miller who is currently working in New York (not in Los Angeles where the ad is displayed). Notice in the numerous photos that appear when you open the above link, the photos include one of the photos of the real model in the fake ad. Go through some of the other ad's photos in the backpage ads and perform a similar reverse image search. More than half of the photos in the ads that I checked contained stolen photos readily available from the internet. Be careful if responding to these ads. Backpage might be safer in NC but in LA, it is fraught with danger.
  11. Thanks for asking your initial question. We, who have traveled to Brazil for many years, did not know the rules for the new electronic visa. It is good to know that the electronic visa is short lived and very restrictive. In other words, a word to the wise. What an education we got.
  12. Lovely Vienna options

    Speaking of Vienna - does anyone have knowledge or experience of this guy?
  13. Tough question. Technically, the answer is "yes" because you leave and enter Brazil. However, I have been to Iguazu falls twice with a garoto. Garotos are exempt from immigration rules in that part of the world. They went through a different line than I did. I am not Brazilian. The first time I went to Iguazu, I had to exit and enter again, including filling out another immigration form. The second time, now that the immigration form has been discontinued, I did not have to sign out and sign in again. A group of us was herded down a long corridor both when leaving and reentry. The corridors were crowded and a bit disorganized but the process went fast So, the answer to your question is "maybe" which is not the answer you want to read. Pragmatically, if you leave the Brazilian side of the falls and reenter, you technically need to exit and enter again. If that happens and your passport is stamped again, your 90 prazo begins again.
  15. I travel to Brazil often. Usually, five to six times each year. Each time I enter, I am given an additional 90 days on my entry stamp. It is incumbent on me to realize that I can be in Brazil a total of 180 days maximum in any year, but only 90 days at one entry (unless I am given an extension of time). To answer your question "If I stay in Brazil for the maximum 90 days, and then return in a few months, would I be allowed another 90 days?" Yes, provided the number of days in a year do not exceed 180 days.