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  1. This specific issue may not be as flattering to Trump as he would like - I wonder if he will put this one on the wall like he has done with prior cover pages of Time
  2. mvan1

    Trumpeting Trump

    If Bucky's misguided allegiance to Trump was related to his own "beliefs" I would say, fine and let it go. However, the words and numerous links Bucky presented in this thread have nothing to do with beliefs. Rather, what Bucky presented is misguided trust in someone (Trump) who is a very convincing liar until you add up the thousands of lies and contradictions Trump told publicly just since he took office. How many lies Trump told prior to becoming president is not possible to estimate. If Bucky really were to believe in an honest and truthful Trump, I would be happy. But, there is no honest and truthful Trump. Honesty and truth are not part of Trump's world. Bucky appears to be misguided by Trump, the former television "reality showman" who knows how to manipulate people through entertainment and fantasy and lies. One, of many examples of Trump's ability to fool people was through his fake "Trump University " that was ruled by the courts to be a fraud. To the extent there were available funds left in the shame university, "students" (those who were tricked into believing they were attending a real university), got refunds to the tune of thirty million dollars, as ordered by the court. Those students had been fooled and cheated by the con man Trump - "beliefs" had nothing to do with being conned by a convincing liar.
  3. mvan1

    Trumpeting Trump

    While what you wrote is true, I still remain optimistic that I can save poor Bucky. He cannot possibly be as dense and misguided as he appears in his presentation and supporting clips for his misguided thinking.
  4. mvan1

    Trumpeting Trump

    I am eternally optimistic that I can get Bucky to see the way to reality.
  5. mvan1

    Trumpeting Trump

    "Don't care what the father did. Voting for trump in 2020" Bucky, you keep getting things mixed up! It is not only what the father did, it is also what the son, Trump, learned from his father (bigotry and hatred of minorities and gays). Almost every day, Trump shows his bigotry - he cannot hide it because it is ingrained in him. I am bewildered why you venerate Trump so much -
  6. mvan1

    Trumpeting Trump

    No,Bucky, it is not "sins of the father" it is "like father, like son" There is a difference. Trump learned his bigotry from his daddy who was arrested at a KKK event.
  7. mvan1

    Trumpeting Trump

    Bucky, Here is a link to information about a particular hate organization. Remarkably, the ideas expressed in the link are like many of the things your hero, Trump, often says: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Westboro_Baptist_Church AND, Bucky, after you finish reading the above article, here is another article that discusses Trump's daddy. It so happens that Trump's daddy was arrested! Donald Trump's father was arrested at Ku Klux Klan riot in New York in 1927, records reveal https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/charlottesville-latest-donald-trump-father-fred-arrested-ku-klux-klan-kkk-rally-riot-queens-new-york-a7891701.html (like father - like son) President heavily criticised for failing to single out violent actions of white supremacists demonstrating in Charlottesville, Virginia
  8. mvan1

    Atlantico Copacabana?

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  9. mvan1

    Trumpeting Trump

    Bucky, your past few posts included links to FOX NEWS to support your opinion. Most people know that Fox News is a station that is right-wing and preaches bigotry and hatred of gays. Since you like Fox News so much, let me furnish some information about one of its lead "newscasters" named Laura Ingraham who is six feet three inches tall and earns five million a year preaching her bigotry. Here is but one example of a documented act of hatred she did while she was a student at Dartmouth - concerning gays: "Views on homosexuality[edit] In her senior year at Dartmouth College, Ingraham was the editor-in-chief of an unofficial conservative college newspaper, The Dartmouth Review,[9] becoming its first female editor.[citation needed] Ingraham wrote several controversial articles during her tenure. Notably, she sent a reporter undercover to a campus LGBTQ meeting. She then published a transcript of the meeting and included the names of the attendees, describing them as "cheerleaders for latent campus sodomites".[10][11] She was criticized for forcibly outing the meeting's attendees.[11] At the start of the meeting, an oath of confidentiality was read whereby participants in the meeting were assured that information from the meeting would not be made public.[11] Ingraham claimed confidentiality did not apply, because the meeting had been advertised, and defended the outing of the gay students as a "freedom of the press issue".[11] Jeffrey Hart, the faculty adviser for The Dartmouth Review described Ingraham as having "the most extreme anti-homosexual views imaginable", claiming "she went so far as to avoid a local eatery where she feared the waiters were homosexual".[12][13]" It was not until she learned that her own brother was gay that she eased up on some of the anti gay hatred. You see Bucky, you give respect to Trump and people like the hateful Laura Ingraham who do not respect you. There are many others on Fox News who are bigoted. One more thing, did you know that Trump has one of his cell phones programmed so he can watch Fox News merely by one click of a button? He loves to hear his name on Fox News and he loves the fact that they are frequently playing clips of Trump. Trump clearly loves himself. Bucky, you probably never heard of Oscar Wilde. One famous thing Oscar Wilde said reminds me of Trump, namely (quoting Wilde) "To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance." Bucky, wake up and smell reality.
  10. mvan1

    Trumpeting Trump

    Bucky, you presented a clip that includes the lunatic Candace Owens. She is another misguided person who has drawn negative attention because of the bizarre things she says in demonstration speeches and for her loud and vocal support for Trump. Here are just a few of her bizarre ideas: Climate change Owens rejects the scientific consensus on climate change.[31][5] She has called climate change a lie used to “extract dollars from Americans.”[5] Me Too Movement Owens described the #MeToo Movement - which was an international movement against sexual harassment and assault - as "stupid" and said that she "hated" the movement.[32][33] Owens wrote that the #MeToo Movement was premised on the idea that "women are stupid, weak & inconsequential."[32][33] She is critical of feminism.[34] Abortion She has said that abortion is “extermination” of black babies. Welfare[edit] She has advocated for an end to all welfare programs. So, Bucky, if you continue your support for Trump and support for this coo-coo lady, it won't be long before all three of you will be like peas in a pod (a loony pod). By the way Bucky, abortion kills all babies, regardless of race. Your loony person says abortion "exterminates" black babies. She left out all other races. Misguided people galore!
  11. mvan1

    Trumpeting Trump

    https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/there_are_none_so_blind_as_those_who_will_not_see Poor Bucky - think about the above link - do you recognize yourself in it?
  12. mvan1

    Trumpeting Trump

    Trump on gays rights, right, Bucky?
  13. Hi Oz. The problem is intermittent. I suspect the Brazilian internet provider I am using might be the cause. Rome was not built in a day. Things will work out eventually.