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  1. mvan1

    Circumcised vs. Natural

    http://www.cirp.org/library/statistics/USA// "Racial/ethnic disparities. The percentage of boys with intact genital organs varies by racial/ethnic group. Blacks have lagged behind other groups and generally have achieved the lowest rate of genital integrity since 1996. Whites have had a somewhat higher incidence of genital integrity, but other races/ethnic groups consistently have achieved the highest rate of genital integrity since 1996." Supports your query -
  2. More lies from the Trump run TSA https://viewfromthewing.boardingarea.com/2018/12/16/tsa-says-theyve-stopped-filing-reports-on-average-americans-in-the-airport-and-on-flights-but-its-not-true/
  3. mvan1

    Smoking Hot Santo Domingo

    Is this the thread you mean? https://message-forum.net/threads/taxi-driver-in-salvador.60961/#post-544687
  4. mvan1

    Smoking Hot Santo Domingo

    I did not know that mixed blacks were "black" as you wrote. I have been to Brazil many times and over many years and never heard that from anyone there. Based on the original question asked - - - "Also, how are the black guys in Rio? Is there an abundance? No offense to anyone but I really only like black guys, light skinned or dark." I think the OP might be asking about blacks that are not mixed even if there are some light blacks. If that is the case, I stick to my original comment concerning the ratio of blacks versus non blacks. In the saunas in Brazil, only about 10% of the garotos are black. Many are mixed but few are solely blacks.
  5. mvan1

    Smoking Hot Santo Domingo

    Not an abundance. I would say it is less than 10% in most saunas. Mixed, there are many. Black, there are few.
  6. Someone may have introduced him into the gay world then dumped him which could be the root of why he is so hateful towards gays.
  7. Can we nominate someone for the job? If so, here is one that would keep Trump in check:
  8. mvan1

    Pelosi Eats Trump's Balls for Breakfast

    Now, wouldn't that be lovely?
  9. mvan1

    Name the New White House Chief of Staff

    Or, considering it is for Trump, this guy might fit in just fine -
  10. mvan1

    Name the New White House Chief of Staff

    Considering the short life expectancy of most people who work for Trump, how about someone from the past?
  11. mvan1

    The Other Forum Closing

    Ja wohl, mein Doktor, das ist die wahrheit
  12. mvan1

    The Other Forum Closing

    The other forum is not "shut down" and is not closed permanently. The owner temporarily closed regular access to the forum in order to make improvements to the site. If you access the site today, it is possible to see some of the improvements in progress that have been made since the site was temporarily shuttered. In other words, the site is in a state of hiatus.
  13. https://www.msn.com/en-xl/latinamerica/top-stories/number-of-poor-in-brazil-grows-by-two-million/ar-BBQyFDv
  14. mvan1

    The Other Forum Closing

    The term "alternative facts" is a disgusting term coined and often used by Trump and Conway to justify their lies. We will not soil this forum with those words, if you do not mind. What you wrote is not wrong. However, it over simplifies the deeds, and omits the paramount issues, of how the site was obtained from Hooboy's estate.