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  1. Earlier this week I reported that my return to Brazil last week was very disappointing because all the different fun places I usually visit had very few clients and garotos. I left each place without meeting garotos. Had last week been my first trip to Brazil, and had I found such sparse activity, I would have been inclined to think that all the wonderful stories I heard and read about Brazil were exaggerated. I commented that I would remain optimistic that Sao Paulo would return to its former marvelous place. This evening, Lagoa, made up for my two disappointing visits last week. There was a tremendous turnout of garotos tonight (Wednesday night). The place had just the right amount of garotos to please all. I was with friends and we each were pleased at the quantity of good looking to handsome garotos that showed up. We felt good with all the attention we were getting from the garotos that know so well how to turn on their charms (and certain other body parts) in anticipation of getting an invite from a client for a programma. There were so many beauties it was difficult to make a choice . Considering that I was at Lagoa a few hours tonight, I did not limit my fun to only one or two garotos. My friends also periodically disappeared with a garoto to one of the suites at Lagoa. A sensational time was had by all tonight. No doubt about it, tonight Lagoa made up for the two prior lousy nights I experienced this past week. Now, if only the other places I usually visit will come back to life, my disappointing week will not matter in the grand scheme of things to come.
  2. I have been visiting Brazil for fifteen years and I come here quite often. Much of my Brazil time is spent in Sao Paulo but I also visit other Brazilian cities every now and again. In all my prior trips to Brazil, I had wonderful times and experiences which is why I continue to visit here. I have been in Sao Paulo one week during my current trip. With the exception of restaurants, each "fun" place I visited during the past week gets a grade of D minus, in my opinion. In my prior visits, these same places were superb and were A + or better. My two visits to Lagoa this trip were a disappointment because of so few clients and garotos. The Cine/internet shop on Rua Aurora (I wrote about this place a few months ago) that is generally filled with thirty to forty handsome garotos had only about five garotos, none of which interested me. One garoto was obviously on some drug which made him constantly talk to himself in a loud voice. That was a turn off and could be why the place was not as busy as it was in prior visits I decided to try out the new sauna "Rainbow" - well - that was another loser place. There were a few clients just sitting around ignoring the few skinny and unattractive garoto twinks available. I did not stay there long at the new sauna. I think the new sauna might revert back to it being a gay hotel as it formerly was prior to it being converted into a combination hotel/sauna with garotos. Tonight I decided to visit Fragata, a sauna I used to like a lot until it declined terribly a few years ago. To my surprise (shock), a few of the garotos I knew from the early days of my visits to Fragata were still there hustling. Good grief. One of the long-term garotos has a big gut, so big that towels will not stay on him. I felt bad for him but thought he surely must realize his looks are gone from the passage of time. Yet, he still hustles! On the positive side, there were a few good looking garotos at Fragata but none that I found worthwhile to pursue. I was formerly a frequent client at Fragata until a few years ago when that sauna went down hill - big time. The weather has been colder during the past week and it rained sporadically including today and tonight. The lousy weather might have contributed to the low turn out of clients and garotos at the places I visited. Despite the less than fun week, I will go out tomorrow with optimism. Places I enjoyed in prior visits will return to their wonderful state that was present for so many years. I have no doubt about that. Bottom line, how else can the inordinate decline of previously wonderful places be explained? Quite simply - it is probably the weather and the luck of the draw.
  3. mvan1

    Take Care Down Here

    Roger's was still open thirteen years ago. I remember it well. Pointe 202 was only a couple of blocks away.
  4. mvan1

    Take Care Down Here

    Exactly, this is what I was saying, but in different words. I never said or implied that there is nothing , we as tourists, can do to lower the risk of getting mugged, a risk that is definitely present. However, luck will keep us out of harms way most of the time if we use prudence while out and about enjoying Brazil. Even if we do not call attention to our financial advantages , there is still the "luck of the draw" aspect of being in the wrong place at a wrong time. Some bad things can happen. And yes, Brazil is a pretty amazing place. To the original poster of this thread, let me apologize for the negative responses to your first post to this forum. Don't let those responses discourage you from future posts. Your experience gained from your many trips to Brazil makes you an asset for information relative to Brazil.
  5. mvan1

    Take Care Down Here

    The poster who reported his mugging in Rio is a first-time poster to this forum. Your insulting post is certainly not a welcome to him. You said you have never been to Brazil. Despite that, you repeatedly post on threads related to Brazil. It is fine that you post in threads related to somewhere you have never visited. However, please stop posting rude remarks about what others say about Brazil or inserting silly cartoons ridiculing posters or the subject of what they write. If you don't like what someone has to say, ignore it unless what they write is inflammatory such as is your troll-like response.
  6. mvan1

    Take Care Down Here

    What a scary event you recounted. To think that you have returned to Brazil eight times since that incident shows you were not frightened off from visiting Brazil as many would be, encountering such an awful attack. Based on what you wrote, I think you did nothing to provoke the incident. At the time of your mugging, you were walking on one of Rio's main streets (Avenida Atlantica) which could no way be considered you were not being careful. No reasonable person would anticipate being accosted at that hour walking almost in front of a world famous hotel. As I said and believe, bad events are generally the "luck of the draw" unless a person intentionally provokes an attack (which you did not do). Being "careful" had nothing to do with your incident unless "being careful" includes staying indoors, not venturing anywhere, and not enjoying the scenery and joys of life. So, to those who say we bring on our own problems because we are not sufficiently careful, I say - poppycock!
  7. mvan1

    Take Care Down Here

    Please tell me how the lady could have avoided having her purse stolen or the Brazilian man could have avoided being hit by the thieves that stole the lady's purse - by being "careful". Being "careful" has nothing to do with carrying on routine functions. It is the "luck of the draw" - that is - being in the wrong place at a time a crime happens. Xenophobia or racism had nothing to do with those two reported events.
  8. Clinging to memories or not participating would be depressing and non productive. A better option would be to visit other cities and countries where there is a high probability for a wonderful time. Montreal is still an interesting and fun place to visit. However, it had its high day of glory - that day has moved on -
  9. The link is funny - thanks but - it is scary to think that bigot will probably be ruling Brazil before the end of this month.
  10. Who would have guessed the handsome 22 year old Brazilian military soldier shown on the left side, with the passage of time, would turn into the hateful bigot shown on the right side of the page, known as Bolsonaro, the next president of Brazil! Times are a changing - as the proverb goes -
  11. The Advocate has called Bolsonaro "Brazil's biggest homophobe".[100] In a June 2011, interview with Playboy, Bolsonaro said that "I would be incapable of loving a gay son," and added that he would prefer any son of his "to die in an accident..."[101] In the same interview, Bolsonaro went on to say that if a gay couple moved in next door to him, it would lower the market value of his house. In an 2011 interview with Jornal de Notícias, Bolsonaro linked homosexuality to pedophilia, claiming that "many of the children who are adopted by gay couples will be abused by these couples." He further argued that Brazil does not need legislation specifically targeting homophobia, because "most homosexuals are murdered by their respective pimps at hours when good citizens are already asleep."[103] In a May 2002 interview with the Folha de S.Paulo, Bolsonaro told the newspaper, "If I see two men kissing in the street, I will beat them." He then publicly defended beating gay children by saying: "If your child starts to become like that, a little gay, you take a whip and you change their behavior."[104] On November 9, 2017, the Court of Justice for the State of Rio de Janeiro sentenced Bolsonaro to pay a fine of $150,000 reais for hate speech because of televised comments he made in 2011 to the CQC TV program, when Bolsonaro stated that "there is no risk" of his family producing a homosexual child because his children had a "good education". Judge Luciana Teixeira said that the deputy had abused his right of free expression to commit a wrongful act. "You can not deliberately attack and humiliate, ignoring the principles of equality, just because you invoke freedom of expression," said the judge.[105] Birth control for the poor Bolsonaro provoked considerable controversy for public remarks made in July 2008, when he appeared to advocate the sterilization of poor people, who he suggested might be too uneducated to understand family planning education: "It is no good talking about education because most of these people are not prepared to receive education and will not educate themselves. Only birth control can save us from chaos," he said.[106][107][108] If this madman becomes the president of Brazil, Brazil as we from this forum know it, will become a mere memory of some wonderful bygone times.
  12. Time magazine, a respected source of news and information, wrote the following about Bolsonaro: "Like Trump, he has pledged to withdraw his country from the Paris Agreement on climate change. He plans to loosen gun control laws and give already trigger-happy police further impunity to kill." "There Is a Risk to Democracy.' Brazil Wakes Up to the Reality of a Bolsonaro Presidency" The entire article can be read here: http://time.com/5418582/brazil-bolsonaro-election-first-round/
  13. You got that right. Here is a photo from the Brazilian television news of yesterday with protests against that hateful freak. The photo might be old because it is used even in U.S. news papers.
  14. mvan1

    Vienna - any advice, tips?

    After I furnished information (above) about Vienna, including information about Kaiserbrundl, the person who started this thread, and who asked the questions, never acknowledged my answers nor did he bother to say - thanks - for the information- Many of us who travel a lot are happy to share information about places we visit. However, when our efforts are not acknowledged, we have a tendency to ignore future requests from people who lack basic civility. Considering that you are not the original person who asked the question and did not acknowledge my answers, I will give you information about Kaiserbrundl, as you requested. Prior to expanding on Kaiserbrundl, I want to be sure that you understand where Kaiserbrundl is located. In your post you wrote "Any further advice on how the Kaiserbrundl works for hiring hustlers? I've been to the saunas in Madrid and Barcelona (but alas never been to Brasil). Kaiserbrundl is not in Brazil, it is in Vienna, Austria. In May of this year, I was in Kaiserbrundl because a friend asked me to accompany him there as he was too timid to go alone. I do not like the place but I went and stayed to keep my friend company. In response to whether the guys (hustlers) approach clients, I have to say - it depends on you and on luck. There is quite a variety of hustlers in that sauna. Some are Latino while some are Austrian and German and from other parts of Europe. Unfortunately, there are many Romanians in the sauna. They give the sauna a bad name. They are pushy and sometimes follow clients around the sauna repeatedly asking for money and drinks or food. If you take one up on an offer, do not take them out of the sauna to your hotel. You stand a good chance of getting robbed if you take one to your hotel. You are safer getting together with hustlers at the sauna. If you ignore the negative aspects of the sauna, the interior of the building is quite nice and has a great amount of history. There is also a restaurant that is used by sauna users and by the public even though the public are not using the sauna when using the restaurant. As I am accustomed to saunas in Brazil and Spain, I am spoiled for quality. There is no way that Kaiserbrundl is as nice as Brazilian saunas or Thermas in Barcelona or Adan, in Madrid (Adan, marginal quality). It also depends on the type of hustler you like. In Kaiserbrundl, most of the hustlers are too pasty white for my likes. I used to visit the sauna in Zurich (Paragonya) but I stopped visiting there a few years ago because I did not like the quality of available hustlers. However, there are recent posts in this forum that say the Zurich sauna is currently a pleasant sauna again. Sorry not to be more encouraging about Kaiserbrundl. Please realize, just because I do not care for Kaiserbrundl, it does not mean that you will not like it. We all have different likes and dislikes. As I wrote in my original post above, if the weather is not cold or rainy, you can meet hustlers in Stadtpark between the Hilton and Intercontinenal hotels. Those hotels are tall and are about one mile apart and can easily be seen once you enter Stadtpark. I also suggested looking on the website hunqz.com for a Vienna hustler. You have to join and get a membership to access the ads on the site. There is no charge to open a membership. I think you said you had not been to a sauna in Brazil. If you use the hunqz.com site, there are usually many Brazilians in Vienna advertising on that site. For a while, the site made it difficult to find hustlers for Vienna. The site has since been upgraded and finding Vienna hustlers is easy. Have a wonderful time in Vienna.
  15. He is the guy. He healed and came back even meaner than he was before the stabbing - - Blaming "criminals" for the stabbing attack. It is looking more and more that he will be Brazil's next top bigot, I mean, president.