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  1. IHG Points Stolen - Merry Xmas

    Here is quite an eye opener for those who accumulate hotel points and air miles. There is an actual market for stolen points and miles -
  2. It is not much money but it is a gift for doing nothing except entering a few letters in your Uber app - It takes less than one minute to enter the code - See this link -
  3. IHG Points Stolen - Merry Xmas

    You might know that several of the major chain hotels are putting in very strict cancellation policies. Some policies are changing by the month or two. You should determine the number of days you will need to cancel the protective reservations you made so that you will not be charged for one day or a penalty fee of $250.00 (or more). As you know, IHG is the umbrella company for several different hotel names. Each hotel has a different policy for reservation cancellations. Also, late last year, Hyatt (not part of IHG) put in a one week cancellation policy then changed it a few times, depending on the "status" of the hotel guest. Marriott now has a 24 hour policy as does SPG. Hotels are going the way of the airlines in charging for cancellations and changes. Another unfriendly thing IHG does with its Intercontinental hotels is if you check in and later change the number of days originally requested and leave early. For example, last November I stayed at Intercontinental with an original reservation for for five nights. After four nights, I decided to go to a hotel closer to the airport for my return flight home. Incredibly, I was charged $250.00 for leaving earlier than my original reservation. This penalty was despite my having "status" with IHG and Intercontinental. Bottom line - I think you have a good idea considering that your points keep being stolen, provided you remember to cancel each reservation within the time frame set my each IHG hotel. Wouldn't it be nice if IHG would be like banks, airlines, other hotels and most companies that require a decent password to access customer accounts? A four digit password to access our accounts is not very smart of IHG management.
  4. IHG Points Stolen - Merry Xmas

    Tassojunior is correct, IHG will restore the stolen points to your account after they satisfy themselves that your account was hacked by someone not known to you. On a related matter, there is a well know site for travelers. The site is called It just so happens that you and tassojunior are merely two of many others who have had your IHG account hacked. Here is a link to a thread on flyertalk that discusses the breach and the lack of meaningful security for the 4 digit PIN that IHG uses and the fact that the points get put back in after the "investigation" is concluded. Some of the other advice found at the below link is good advice -
  5. "I am a real sucker for good escorts who go overboard to please me. Today I bought a plane ticket for my Bruno to go to Rio (from PA) where he wants to try and find work. It is not very expensive (many of us would give that amount as a tip to a very good NY escort) but I still have to admit he got me hooked: I want to make him happy, even though I will never see him again." _________________________________________________________________________________ Do you know for sure you "will never see him" again? I go to Brazil often. There are some special garotos I met and continue to see more than a dozen years after we first met. I continue to meet new garotos on each return visit to Brazil. Admittedly, most garotos I met were one-time encounters. Every now and again I meet a special one that makes a long-time friendship worthwhile. Based on your writings, you seem to have made a special bond with the garoto you met, called Bruno. Do you not plan to return to Brazil at sometime in the near future? If you do, is it not possible you might see Bruno again? With whatsapp, as you know, it is so easy to keep in contact with garotos in Brazil (or any where else, for that matter). Anyway, thanks for the interesting reports you made during your South American trip.
  6. Brazil Flight Tips

    "While I would prefer the convenience of a direct flight, the connections are fine with both options and I'm happy to put the savings toward a nice airbnb - - " Pragmatic and a good idea.
  7. Brazil Flight Tips

    "I'm looking to book flights to Brazil (from Los Angeles) for early next year." You might not know that American Airlines is the only carrier that has non stop flights to Sao Paulo from Los Angeles. A non stop flight removes the concern of possibly missing a connecting flight. It also removes several hours from a trip. American Airlines is not always the cheapest way to go but, as I wrote, it is quicker and less stressful than when a connection is involved. Occasionally, you will find a bargain fare to Brazil on their website. I once got a business class fare for around $1,300.00. However, I do not expect to see that low business fare at any time in the near future, but it could happen. Another thing with the American Airlines non stop flight is on departure day. If you have a regular coach ticket and if there are empty seats in business class (just before boarding time), American Airlines will let you "buy up" for around $500 - $600 dollars in addition to what you already paid for your original ticket. The agent will tell you the amount if and when there are unsold business class seats. On the other hand, if you do not mind a connecting flight, you can look at the constantly fluctuating fares of LATAM.
  8. "I am planning a trip to Brazil in the middle of March 2018 (arriving in São Paulo on Saturday morning, departing from Rio on Sunday, 8 days later" Sauna wise, and statistically, the best nights to visit São Paulo's sauna Lagoa are Wednesday and Friday. Of course, there is no guaranty that these nights will be great. However, compared to other nights, statistically and/or usually, those two nights are the most busy with respect to finding lots of available and attractive garotos. Several years back, I used to visit sauna Fragata a lot. In fact, I preferred Fragata over Lagoa. Sadly, I have now abandoned Fragata because my last ten visits there were totally unproductive, garoto wise. During my last few trips to Fragata, I noticed some of the same garotos (who were young and gorgeous a dozen years ago) continue to go to Fragata and go there as garotos. Several of them are grossly out-of-shape and some look like many of the clients. I do not know if those garotos actually meet clients. Fragata used to be my favorite sauna but time did its awful thing to the place (and to the garotos) and now Fragata is merely a shell or memory of what it formerly was. Just because I no longer find Fragata worthy of a visit, does not mean my opinion is the only opinion that matters. Try the place, if you have the time and interest. You might enjoy being there. Enough about Fragata. At the present time, Wednesday and Friday night, at Lagoa are quite productive. Friday is usually a little more active than Wednesday but both nights are usually fun and filled with lots of handsome garotos. Uber is available to and from either sauna. It is possible to stay at Lagoa until after ten in the evening (or later) and have an Uber at the front door in just a few minutes. I have done that many times.
  9. What an excellent report. Thank you very much. I have a few questions. Your report indicates that you went to Cuba last month. The timing of your visit is why I have my questions. I read that a few months ago, Trump (after he and his family visited Cuba) reversed many of Obama's easing of travel restrictions for Americans visiting Cuba. Could it be that you are not American, and therefore, were not affected by Trump's bizarre decisions? I am aware that American Airlines, Delta Airlines and United Airlines all took major financial losses because they anticipated tourism to Cuba but because of Trump's pronouncements and reversals, the airlines cancelled or curtailed many of their existing and proposed routes to Cuba. There are new travel restrictions for Americans flying to Cuba when trying to book a ticket using U.S. air carriers. If you are American, do you have any advice for lessening the aggravation put in by Trump for Americans visiting Cuba? Thanks in advance.
  10. Travel Visa Pro

    If your question pertains to a visa for Brazil, and if you plan to travel to Brazil in January, next year, or later, you will not need any company to get a visa for you. You will not even need to visit the Brazilian Consulate for a visa. You do not say which country of residence you are. The below link is to an official site for Brazil that explains a major change for getting Brazilian visas. Assuming you are a resident of one of the countries listed in the article, you will be able to get your Brazil visa online. Here is a link that explains how and when:
  11. Argentinian numbers

    If you use whatsapp for text, you will not have a problem provided you are able to see the person's name in your whatsapp contact list. After a few tries, using whatsapp for text will be like second nature to you. I use whatsapp's both phone and text international every day and never have a problem.
  12. Argentinian numbers

    Argentina did what many other countries did after the enormous growth of the cell phone industry. Argentina and other countries were running out of telephone numbers and had to do something to remedy the shortage of numbers to accommodate the influx of new and future telephone numbers needed. Argentina and many other countries left the basic telephone number the same but added (changed) the beginning of the number by adding a formula to increase the numbers available and to identify a cell phone number. For example, in Brazil, a few years ago all cell phone numbers in the larger cities simply added - 9 - to the beginning of the number. In Argentina, for cell phones, the prefix 911 now replaces the former prefix of 15. Unrelated but incidental to the above is the fact that international long distance calling was simplified by the use of the + as discussed in my first response. Another thing you might want to try is to add an escort's name and phone number to your phone's contacts list. After you add the contact, go to whatsapp and refresh your contacts. You should automatically find the escort's name and number in whatsapp. I just did that as an example and it worked for one of the escorts you listed in your inquiry. Good luck -
  13. Argentinian numbers

    This should help in calling to and/or from most countries: Why not just use numbers? The symbol + is used because the numbers dialed to start an international call vary from country to country. For example, most European countries use '00' to start an outbound international call, whereas all of North America uses '011'. Other countries use different codes entirely. As an example, if a British business displayed its phone number as 0044 20 7946 0018, somebody dialing from Germany would be correctly connected because Germany uses '00' for making international calls. However, somebody dialing from Australia would not get through, as Australia uses 0011 for outbound international calls instead. __________________________ The alternate number that was given to you does not include the country dialing code for Argentina, which is - 54 - Therefore use the number in your example that begins with + You might have experienced a down town time with the telephone company provider when you tried to make calls. Try again.
  14. The article discusses a major impact to tourism that occurred over eight recent months (January through August of this year). Many (not all) from this forum will change their habit of frequent visits to Rio. At the very least, more caution than was necessary in prior times is warranted when currently visiting Rio. A corrupt government or the beginning of colonialism is irrelevant to the article.