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  1. I am thinking of trying Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic for the first time. Any advice on the following? 1. What hotels are best to stay that allow guests with no issues and no charge. I've researched a bit but looks like the two most recommended are no longer around. The Hotel Duque de Wellington looks like it is in bankruptcy and the Mercure Comercial Santo Domingo does not look to be around anymore (no longer available for any bookings and no new hotel name there). Airbandb is not an option for this trip. 2. What are the best gay bars to meet guys there in person vs. the apps? 3. Any other advice?
  2. In Turkey, some of the websites are blocked, so plan to use a VPN to access the sites or research before you arrive and keep a list of those you want to contact and contact numbers.
  3. sfcastro

    Take Care Down Here

    Check out this video on Scam City for Rio showing a classic bag grab on the beach https://www.scamcities.com/scam-city-season-1-episode-3-rio-de-janeiro/
  4. Thanks for sharing as I was totally unaware this program existed. Did you submit your FOIA request to the TSA or other agency to get this report? How long did it take to get your report? The website says an average of 256 working days for simple requests so wondering if that is accurate.
  5. Pointe is best Mondays and Wednesdays.
  6. That is true. Both Manhattan Rios and Pointe were very slow for a Monday, with few garatos and clients compared to normal. I expected Pointe to be busy given that many of the guys from 117 go there, but I estimate that there were only 15-20 garatos at Pointe at 8 pm, the slowest I have ever seen it on a Monday night.
  7. A couple pictures of the new jacuzzi. It is located at the top of the stairs next to the shower/steam room area. Junior seems to be really trying to improve Pointe. He added the jacuzzi, renovated the bar area on the third floor and I also, noticed new sandals, newer towels, larger alcoholic drinks and they passed out appetizers multiple times a couple nights that I was there. The three saunas are definitely competing for business.
  8. sfcastro

    Cuba, May 2018

    On my trip to Cuba, when I went to Las Vegas, even being one of the first people in the bar, when I tried to sit at one of the tables closer to the stage even being willing to pay for the bottle of liquor & mixers, I was told that almost everyone of the tables was reserved. This happened on two occasions. Is this the case or is there another method to getting a decent table? Supposively, the only ones available were far away from the stage/middle area. Also, what is the current rate for the guys in Las Vegas?
  9. I've been to all four countries and Belgrade has the best gay scene of all of them, but with that said, none have outstanding gay scenes compared to most cities and the LGBT culture is not as widely accepted. For example, Bucharest has essentially one popular gay bar with all the other new ones that have tried closing (there is currently one other new bar there but fairly small), Sofia very small gay bar crowds on Friday and Saturday nights, etc. Also be sure to be cautious as with any new city. I've "lost" way too many phones in the clubs so much that I refuse to carry one anymore when I go. Many of the locals have warned against the typical pickpockets and putting a drink down for fear of someone slipping a drug in it. Enjoy your travels.
  10. Much easier to apply online. Note that the fee is only $40 for US citizens, but the visa is only valid for 2 years versus the 10 year visa that is available from the Brazilian consulate.
  11. sfcastro

    Belo Horizonte

    Thanks Demedici and TotallyOz for your advice. I had the opportunity to visit Belo Horizonte for a few days and really like Sauna Olimpo. The sauna is one of the nicest I have visited in Brazil. I was there mid-week with 10-20 boys there each night. I found the atmosphere to be much more relaxed with many of the locals coming in for a social setting, playing cards, having drinks with the boys and the boys being much less aggressive about programas. They have the typical shows and of course, bingo on certain nights. The entrance fee was R$40 (it is R$52 on weekends) and drink prices were much less than in Rio or Sao Paulo. The sauna has a number of free small cabines for use, which they keep clean. Overall, I would recommend a visit to Belo Horizonte for a weekend. Here is a link to the Olimpio website with photos: http://saunaolimpo.com.br/
  12. I am going to be spending a few days in Belo Horizonte this month. Any saunas other than Olimpo Sauna worth visiting? Any other advice for visiting the city?
  13. sfcastro

    Where to change currencies?

    Also, be sure and set up alerts with your bank for any international transactions that are made on your card. You can then see the exchange rate that you received for the transaction and be alerted quickly if your card is compromised. I've been surprised when my card has been compromised despite all the precautions I have taken and I can quickly cancel it.
  14. I went to Bar Fama on a Saturday night a couple weekends ago for the first time based on this recommendation. I arrived around midnight and the place was virtually empty with 3 customers, including me. There were about 7-8 working guys outside the bar, most of them in the 18-25 age range, and they rotated in and out of the bar over the time that I was there. They were all fairly friendly, some stopping over to say hello, yet not overly aggressive. If you wanted a guy, the only place inside to go was the restrooms (they can be locked/private), or you could go to a nearby hotel by the hour. I could not find the area where an earlier poster mentioned that there was a railing with guys hanging over it getting blowjobs. While virtually empty, I was quite happy having met this 21 year old ripped guy who took out his 10 inch dick in the bathroom and then things progressed from there. A R$30 tip ($10 USD) to him was well worth it. Inspired me to meet another guy there, which I was happy to meet up with, but not quite as good as the first. It's a different scene yet can be very rewarding. Close to Republica area if you want to head over there after this bar. A couple photos of the inside of the bar.
  15. I think with all the new lighting that they put in for the World Cup/Olympics, which lights up Copacabana beach at night, some of us may have felt a little safer on the beach as the sun goes down. I've heard the stories many times about not going on the beach at night over the years and thought maybe things were a little safer. I was there a few months ago and was continuing to hang out on the beach at dusk with a Brazilian guy feeling relatively safe when one of the vendors came over to us and advised us to leave. He said it was really unsafe to stay on the beach even for a little while at dusk given the robberies that continue to occur. We were fortunately to leave without any incident. Badboy81 thanks for sharing your story to remind everyone.