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  1. A friend of mine, mid-fifties and about 6'4", Carioca, resident of Rio de Janeiro was assaulted yesterday at 5:15pm. Rush hour. Centro. Corner of Rua da Assembleia and Rua do Carmo. It is where the 45ish story Torre Candido Mendes is located. 6 male teenagers knocked down a woman in front of him and stole her purse. As they were running away and passed him, one of them threw a punch that connected with his chin. Streets crowded with people at this time. No one did a thing. Be careful.
  2. You probably mean Oscar Freire as the name of the station on the yellow line for Jardins.
  3. My spelling sucks, a long with autocorrect. They call the young teen thieves "pivetes"
  4. Sunday I was assaulted at 2pm directly in front of a kiosk and Posto 10, at the corner of Anibal de Mendonça and Vieira Souto. I was wearing only a fake watch, sitting in the shade on a bench on the sidewalk right next to the kiosk. Single adolescent. My backpack was securely between my knees and lower legs. I told him in Portuguese that I had nothing for him. So he hit me above the eye and ran. The street, sidewalk and beach were crowded. No one went after him. The police would have let a young teenager walk anyway. Down here they are called privates. The owner of the kiosk got me two bags of ice and plenty of paper towels to stanch the bleeding. Also called the tourist police nearby in Leblon, firefighters and ambulance/EMT. After waiting twenty minutes, two other customers walked me to a cab across the street. If he had a knife or gun, and I had been stabbed or shot, I would be dead. Hospital Copa D'Or saw me immediately. Two stitches. No waiting. My best friend down here, who happens to also be an attorney, told me that the new thing is if a purse, wallet or cellphone isn't visible, they now go for backpacks. Everyone reading this, take care or go somewhere other than Rio de Janeiro. The economy here is in the dumps. Since the start of 2017, over 20 hotels have shut down. The Copacabana Palace laid off a bunch of staff last week. Sofitel is closed probably for up to 2 years. Think of a reopening in time for Reveillon 2020. Just 2 examples. If Bolsonaro wins on Sunday or is in the second-round runoff, things could get much worse for gays here. People have been attacked on the new VLT at night as security has been cut back. Also, if you go to a sex motel, don't let the michê choose. At his, he might be in cahoots with whoever is at the front desk. Set-up for a robbery. I normally never go south of Botafogo. First time to Ipanema since March or April. If I didn't own places both in Rio and São Paulo, I would be doing the circuit of Ibiza, Sitges, Barcelona, Mykonos, Athens, Lisbon and Porto.
  5. Actually, I kind of disagree with Lurkerspeaks. Take the camera but keep it in a backpack unless you are physically taking a picture and then always have someone with you watching your back. On your own, I wouldn't risk it. A simple point and shoot camera would be cheaper than a smart phone. I had a smart phone stolen right out of my hands by a kid on a bicycle. It can happen that quickly. I normally do not take my cell phone out of my pocket unless I am in a protected area. I'll go into a bank branch, office lobby or Starbucks to use it. Corcovado/Cristo Redentor/Christ the Redeemer and Pao de Acucar/Sugar are safe. They are filled with tourists and thieves won't go up top normally, That costs money and there there are levels of security to pass through.
  6. 25 to 50 Reais is not nearly enough money. After being in the hospital once more for my heart before New Year's Eve, I was finally feeling well enough to take the sun for more than an hour. I was at the beach on Sunday with a friend. One bottle of water, one juice, one agua de coco, two chairs and an umbrella cost 47 Reais. They do offer a special. If you eat and drink 40 Reais worth, you get the sun umbrella and two chairs gratis. I brought my own suntan lotion, No food consumed. I was always go to Barraca de Miriam #53. They have wifi, so bring your cell. I've always felt very safe and protected by the team that works at this barraca. And they accept debit and credit cards.
  7. ihpguy, thank you for that suggestion.  I'm especially interested in checking out Lencois Marenhenses. you can see it from space!  Outside of the 4 cities mostly mentioned on these pages (Rio, SP, PA and Salvador) there aren't too many mentions of saunas in other cities.  From your understanding, are there generally a rentboy sauna or two in the larger cities such as belo and curitiba?  I'm having a hard time finding even Brazilian gay guides that mention these secondary cities.   Either way, I am very excited to check out the country.  I think I'll spend a couple of months wandering about.    

    1. ihpguy


      Belo Horizonte had two last time I talked to someone from there.  A friend told me that Curitiba has at least one.

  8. Fortaleza - Jericoacoara then overland by 4x4 to Cabure / Atins, standup and kite surf, Lencois Marenhenses, then to Barreirinhas and finishing in Sao Luis. I've been twice.
  9. Look for me tomorrow at the Maracana. Opening Ceremonies - Section 115 Row O. Oprah is arriving with Michelle and the girls. Maybe we'll be sitting together LOL Saturday and Sunday with fencing followed by sessions of men's and women's gymnastics in the Barra Olympic Park. Monday with swimming and more fencing back in Barra. Tuesday at Marina da Gloria to see the sailors get ready. In my younger days I raced 2 different Olympic classes -Finns and 470 Wednesday out to Deodoro for 6 games of Rugby 7's with the men beating on each other - maybe I'll see an New Zealand haka? - followed by Canoe Slalom. Way too cool. Thursday I am working doing the floral designs for a supper in honor of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg back out in Barra by the Maripendi Lagoon. Friday through Monday in Sao Paulo with a friend visiting from up north. The second week has cycling at the Olympic velodrome, a session of track and field at the Engenhao and finishing up with the men's basketball semifinals and final. Go Team USA. I've been in and around the city the past few days. Yesterday's 6 women's football games went off without a hitch in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and the Minerao in BH. Today the men are in action. Tomorrow the Sambodromo hosts some archery even before the official opening ceremonies at the Maracana. The VLT line is completed and operation. The second line was never planned to be operating before the games began. Praca XV has been turned into the "Boulevard Olimpica" with over a dozen food trucks, dozens of Skol beer stands, a Nike video cube, Nissan hospitality installation. Various video screens. Multiple bathrooms with water tanks in places that look like mini mobile homes. The CCBB has an art exhibition with 85 post-impressionist works from the Musee D'Orsay and Musee de L'Orangerie. They've got the tunnel open and the route is completed linking Santos Dumont past Praca Maua all of the way to the bus station Novo Rio. I was in Copacabana last week and the beach volleyball stadium is completed and enormous. Casa Suica at the Lagoa baseball field is done. I was by the Stock Exchange today and nothing showing that Casa Australia was ready to open. It looks ready to open the new Praca Candelaria by the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, the workers are gone, but the temporary construction fences are still up. The even have my favorite, the Diana fountain running. The biggest no-no is Guanabara Bay which I see and smell daily. Two or three months ago there was an interview with a politico who said that it was never in the card as the money for building the Deodoro complex came from the installations of new sewage treatment facilities.
  10. Information from CNN International and ESPN: WADA has decertified the Olympic drug-testing lab only 6 weeks before the start of the games. It was supposed to be working 24-7 testing blood and urine samples Much better is that I succeeded yesterday in getting tickets for the two men's basketball finals. Tickets for the final sold out in under a minute. I was in the process of filling in my credit card info and my purchase was cancelled. But I did get the two semis for half-price senior citizens resident's discounted price. The closing ceremonies still have tickets available for 4200 Reais/seat and then I would get a ticket for half-off. 2100Reais seems a bit much. But who knows?
  11. Paul

    Do you have WhatsApp?

    I have lots more information for you.


  12. It's a lot worse than that. Although there is supposed to be 3 billion Reais arriving in Rio de Janeiro from Brasilia, the request hasn't been granted because every other state has there own hands out begging for financial help. Yesterday there was a shootout at Rio's largest public hospital, Souza Aguiar, which is across from the Praca da Republica on the eastern side and just south of the Central train station. Two killed, others injured. Why? The imprisoned drug kingpin's mob broke him out. A friend of mine got tackled getting into a taxi downtown a couple of weeks ago. The third sailor from here for the Olympics got mugged yesterday while riding her bike. The Metro might open or might not before the opening. Interim president Michel Temer had his fourth cabinet appointment resign because of bribes. This was with the Tourism appointment. Quite fitting. He's got a Swiss bank account with USD 500,000 and other papers revealed he had accounts with another USD 14 million for 15 years ago. Politics in Brasil pays very, very well. Oh, ditto on Senator Romario, the ex-football star.
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