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  1. I am in the city next week. Any new destinations like bars or clubs?
  2. The Villa is about 3 - 5 min. walk from the station away, perhaps 500 meters. If it is worth, I dont know it. The staff is friendly, the house seems clean and in a quite side street.
  3. yes, Temple is or better was known for this. But the actualy situation is not so nice. In my opinion, the boys are not so cute, the staff is sometimes the only ones in the club, ...but see it by yourself
  4. He is a really cute, nice and amazing boy who enjoys the sex. He is 100% gay and let you feel it.
  5. I was last weekend in Praha: 1. dont waste your time in Villa, it was boring, no cute boys 2. CT was full on friday, some nice boys 3. Escape is coming better and better by the new management (Brian) some nice GAY boys had a boy fom USA; the very best I ever had!!!
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