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  1. Stabbed by a knife..., I think somebody is watching "Cruising" a few times too many, I agree, not for the faint of heart, not recommended for someone that arrived in Brazil the day before, but a welcome walk on the wild side. Among the rough trade, some occasional boy-next-door allowing to be sucked for R$50,00. A must have! Just a reminder: the whole Bar Fama thing started on this forum when somebody mistakenly said that I wrote about a platform of guys standing with their dicks in their hands waiting for blow jobs and ensured a furious debate with members, until then unaware of the existence of the place, claiming they could not find such platform. I had to ask people to go back to my post and see that although I did write about the bar, I never wrote about such platform. I was finally cleared, it was all good for a while, and now all of a sudden, a knife! Bar Fama, always controversial, what are you waiting for?
  2. Being favored for his/her looks I always thought is something we all knew since kindergarden, at the latest.
  3. I agree, Point nowadays has better looking guys than 117, however, if you prefer a certain type of boy, 117 might have them in bigger numbers, so the best approach is go to both and decide which one is your thing. 117 should be tried on a Tuesday and Point on a Wednesday. Weekends? Try Sao Paulo or on a longer shot, Porto Alegre. If you must remain in Rio over the weekend, the only option is a place called The Week, you must be into techno/trance, is also a good pick-up place with plenty of hot boys, however you must be under 35, otherwise don't even bother. Another big change in Rio is the night-life, what was already weak became non-existent. The subway got a lot bigger, if you take into consideration only the Zona Sul (as you should), more than double the extension. The city also became even more violent, the favela tours, compared with ones from the past, became a lot more eventful, so to speak.
  4. I should add that for a first visit, Rio is certainly an absolute must, the scenery (as a big city) can't hardly be beaten by anywhere on earth, but sex-wise, after spending so much money in such long trip a stop in Sao Paulo would make sense, since would not add substantially more expense and could be sexually more fulfilling, depending on personal taste and luck to a certain extent.
  5. Yeah, I have also left Lagoa disappointed occasionally, and I did post it here, it just happens that the disappointment occurred more often at 117 than at Lagoa. If only I was just not such a picky bastard...
  6. I also think Sao Paulo is cheaper in general, with the exception of Lagoa boys. Hotels is hard to figure out because location is as important as the hotel itself and is impossible to compare the location of such two dissimilar cities. Food is definitely cheaper in Sao Paulo, even a soda you pay more in Rio, subway is also cheaper in Sao Paulo, although not by much. Yes, the Lagoa boys costs more, but the quality is also better.
  7. The guys at the all nude parties are a departure from the usual NY "talent". The last time I saw a go-go boy that I consider attractive was about 20 years ago at "USA Club" in Times Square (not a divey gay spot, but a "straight" big disco owned by Peter Gatien). The dancers nowadays are just horrible and they are uniformly buffy to make it worse. The guys at the naked party, in contrary, are mostly attractive, even the foreign ones seem to be carefully selected, the mailing list invitation includes a photo of them, so you can see what you are getting. They pay also $50.00 to be able to work
  8. Is important to notice that the room was probably not available at the spot, as far as I know sex in the premises is totally verboten. Wander what happens in the more "relaxed" Saturday nights party, since it happens in a private apartment (unlike the Fridays ones that happens in a commercial place-albeit by invitation only). Blow-jobs would be the next possible "relaxed" step. I will find out in the near future, if anybody has experienced kindly let us know. Since I'm turned on in just seeing the hunks au naturel, for me is all good!
  9. I've been to a few All Nude parties by Adonis and had mostly a good impression, about half of the guys were hot (they are not go-gos, there is no dancing), they basically walk around for a few hours completely naked, if that excites you you will have a ball, I usually only have one or 2 lapdances, is about all I can afford ($20.00 a pop on top of a steep $50.00 admission), I really go for the experience, having a few hunks at arm's length totally naked, is for me an out of this world experience (RUSH anyone?). Important: do not arrive after 11, the party starts dying after 12 or 12:30, so 10 PM is a good time to arrive), also you must get on the mailing list to find out about the location, it happens once a month on the 3rd Friday and occasionally a free pop-up on a Saturday, (at a different location) but only for those who attended the Friday event. Because of schedule issues I have never been to the ones on Saturdays, but I've heard it's usually a more relaxed affair, whatever that means.
  10. Precious information above, seems too good to be true, but I will certainly inquire about, if played as described, salvation!
  11. The only bank that I can think of that has operations in both US and Brazil is Satander, in this case they have branches in New York and maybe elsewhere in the US, they are all over the place in Brazil. I used to get to my Chase account in the Brazilian branches of Citybank, they had some kind of agreement, but I had to pay a fee, as a matter of fact two fees, both City and Chase charge me for the operation (not funny), now I don't know what I can possibly do, since City is not in Brazil anymore. I have no idea if Satander customers in the US can do any banking at Brazilian branches and what kind of fee they are charged, if any.
  12. Maybe the hotel owner figured it out that a new hotel in Rio is a very risky proposition, Airbnb is decimating the profits of the current ones, the luxurious building that was formery Meridien changed ownership at least 3 times in the last 5 years, after Meridien became The Windsor and now is a Hilton, Copacabana Palace is in the red, despite being owned by a huge international corporation (The Orient Express, yes, that Orient Express), even Donald Trump backtracked on his, although the official reason was shady practices by his partners (surprise!), the hotel finally opened with a different name after considerable delays (missed the Olympics) and is doing poorly with rooms being discounted on a permanent basis (the last time I checked it was $60,00 despite being in front of the ocean and having an infinity pool), with no major event on the horizon (what could be bigger than the Olympics and the World Cup?), a hotel in Rio looks like a dicey proposition, there is of course the option of a high rise condo, but I think not many people would fancy taking ownership on a high rise next to a favela(in this case the "Tabajara"- stray bullets anyone?), maybe the owners figured out that is best to allow whoever is paying the rent to stay put for the time being, but I don't have any solid information, these are all conjectures, hopefully makes sense and we will have Point for many years to come
  13. The renovation looks quite impressive, just a reminder:: An even bigger transformation happened a few years ago when the third floor was built from scratch, with the progress documented step by step with a slick power-point presentation projected on big screens in the disco area and voila, shortly after everything was ready, the control of the place was transferred to the guys from Meio-Mundo that in turn never invested a penny neither at the place they just took charge, neither at their own place, both went into accelerated disrepair. I frequently criticize Junior for the tacky ways Point operates, but I do admire his tenacity in improving his business and putting the money back on it, very different from Jorge and Acyr (I think this are their names) that in 10 years that I occasionally went to their sauna, never seen a dime returned to the business. What this transformation at Point will lead? Wish someone could figure it out.
  14. It might seem like a moral issue but is more likely a security issue, which makes sense in a city like Rio. What scares the hosts is not only the extra person per se, but who is behind them and women are even considered more dangerous than men because there is usually somebody else behind their operation. While you are asleep, your "guest" might run to the corner and have the keys copied in a kiosk on the corner (plenty of them in Rio), so they have access to the apartment and the building when you leave town and you won't even figure it out. Seems paranoid, but it does happen. Is a good idea to not leave the keys at the door when you are sleeping with somebody. Not only the owners might have an issue with guests, the other tenants are probably against it as well. The bigger the apartment more restrictions on the table. A one room apartment is more easy to get away with it, a two room, you gotta get lucky, a three room forget about it. (you probably don't need it anyway).
  15. The low fares at the hotels is due basically to Airbnb competition. The financial situation also has it's share, but is important to notice that the crisis is going on for at least 3years (was actually much worse a year ago), while hotel prices started collapsing about a year ago. Is possible to get a one bedroom apartment for $50 or $60.00 a night in Ipanema or Copacabana, it will not be luxurious but quite decent. Is also more convenient to bring boys, since is one at a time, a good idea is renting the apartment for 2 (makes no difference on price) and at check in let them know that the companion will come later, (is not 100% guaranteed there will be trouble free but is a good chance) also rent the entire one bedroom apartment, never a room in an apartment where the owner lives. The Airbnb prices are getting ridiculously low, which leaves a lot more money to spend on boys. The only drawback is that you have to clean after yourself.
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