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  1. Congratulaciones... You deserve him/it
  2. I think you may tray at Odarko, a hard and fetish bar near Gran Via...
  3. Massage was like 60000 (pesos)... Then the tip around one hundred... I would say one hundred k is standard fare, even for a visit...if you know the guy that can be different, of course... By the way Adrián is no longer working at Medellin Casa de Toby
  4. The airport is Olaya Herrera, near Belén. The air company may be Easyfly...
  5. Very nice trip to Colombia, from April 9th to 26th. In Medellin I rented in San Peters Apartaments, in Laureles. Good place, with a liberal guest policy. I met mostly guys from fb or through friends. Some good offers vía Grindr. The same in Bogota, at the BH Mercure Hotel. Besides old acquitances and new Grindrs, I went to Saint Moritz sauna and put myself on the hands of its masseurs... From 6 to 9 gorgeous guys, some of 18 and 19 y.o. of age, with excellent bodies and attitude. Worth the visit. With a young nice guy I went to a motel; with another one to the nearby Internet cabines. Very nice all together, and at a short walk from the Hotel. It's amazing how old men are still on demand. I mean, for free! Many younger are eager to meet "serios" and gravity usually means being over 50 or 60! By the way, the restaurant Juana la Loca in Bogotá is very good. And for some touristic plan, the Salt Cathedral at Zipaquirá is an excellent destination.
  6. I just spent a week in BH Mercure. No problems in letting guys to visit you. And very close to St Moritz, indeed. There were 6 to 9 'masseurs' quite attractive, muscular and young. A good experience!!
  7. This hotel chain, with personal names for every place, is very gay friendly, being the owner Mr Sarasola a well known gay entrepreneur... In Chueca quarter, Madrid, he has the Oscar hotel
  8. Les voy a visitar pronto. Me gustan los chicos musculosos. ¿Puedes enviarme fotos de los que trabajan en Fercho, por favor? Mil gracias. But of course they understand the first versión. Well done!
  9. I had in September wonderful times in Fragata.... Besides I rented in Pinheiros and was at walking distance... Very good experiences The new Rainbow sauna/ hotel was almost empty, though
  10. If this is helping you, in São Paulo the Ibis Paulista has a liberal policy concerning guests. I received friends without any problem, and only once my guy should register ... for no additional charge. The hotel is nice and at a very good location.
  11. Greetings to all! Yesterday I visited Sâo Paulo's new sauna, Rainbow Thermas Hotel. It is located on a corner, at 154 Peixoto Gomide Street with the gay street Frei Caneca. It is a ten-storey building, mostly a hotel for gay customers. Access to the sauna is through the 7th floor. There are lockers, hairdressing and massage service and a large suite with bathroom and jacuzzi. On the upper floors there are two large lounges (in the style of the bar on the upper floor in Manhattan Rios, RJ), the dry and steam saunas and an open terrace with another bar and views of Sâo Paulo. It's been just a week since the sauna opened, which explains why, even though it was Friday, it wasn't very lively. There were about nine or ten boys and very few clients. The boys, thin young people (some quite handsome). Strangely enough, I did not see any quartos other than the big suite at the entrance floor. I didn't stay long. I hope that in the future it will be a good addition to Fragate and Lagoa. Epi
  12. Ok, I'm now in SP and will check the place... http://www.guiagaysaopaulo.com.br/roteiro/saunas-sex-clubs/rainbow-termas-hotel
  13. Brazilian don't need any European visa. Dominicans neither, nor Colombians. Obviously as a tourist only for three months...
  14. I add my two cents. The Botânico Garden near lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas is worth the visitar
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