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  1. Wow, seems so surreal to see Americans surrendering their freedom to travel anywhere like this... I know Cuba don’t held a lot of touristic appeal to the typical American but nonetheless can’t believe how a authoritarian decision is accepted by your congress.
  2. It’s a sad situation for gay youth in Brazil. With testing/treatment universal and free in Brazil, the image reported by media (conventional and new social media influencers) that HIV-infection is no more than a nuisance for the patient (often compared to hipertension or diabetes) and the late “conservative family-oriented” political turn over we are seeing fewer public policies to protect the youth from HIV and those skyrocket in numbers. Folha de São Paulo newspaper cited a Health Minister survey that states that 1:4 (25%) of the “male who have sex with male” at 19-24 years old have HIV infection in São Paulo. These numbers are in hand with epidemiological reports that shows majority of new cases of hiv infection being gay males now in Brazil (heterossexual males where majority before, considering they outnumber gays by like 9:1). When I open Grindr here everybody says it’s on PreP, but I think that’s hard to believe... Seems to me more a lure to bareback sex. On a side note, got two Garotos at the saunas this month being very insistent in having bareback sex... I always thought that the sauna garotos were more careful about HIV/STD than the average gay dude, most of being “heterossexual” and having families. Another change perhaps ?
  3. Brazil is a violent country, no doubt about it. We have some of the most violent cities in the world, by murder rate per capita. But Rio is far from being the the most violent and São Paulo is the safest (the single state capital with murder rates below the epidemic level set by UN/WHO) and Brazil is far safer now then it was 10-15 years ago. Sure, we had increased crime in the last 2-3 years as result of the economic crisis, but it’s getting better, and some cities are aproching the lowest crime rates we had in all times.
  4. First, thanks for the report! I really enjoy reading others experiences! They always help me navigating better the sauna scene (something that isn’t so natural to me, even after those years going). About garotos getting angry with you for hiring others, well I get that too and don’t know how to deal with it. I mean, I LOVE to experience new guys ... and being sincere, most of the guys I go don’t seem to be too interested in the session in the room to make it worth a repeat. Of course I repeat those that are great, but I find myself entering the sauna and having 3-5 good matches at a busy day, that would leave me no room for new guys. Nor I have the money or stamina to take 3 guys at a time to the room to please them all. So when those good guys approach me, I usually say I don’t want to make a commitment now and although they are fantastic I want to meet someone new, and latter or other day we may repeat... most maybe call me a slut and laught at it but part without hard feelings... others will become serious and treat me coldly afterwards. I think your problem with Jordan came more for breaking the deal of him not come over next day (broken expectations) coupled with the excuse you gave him when he knew it was a lie. While you are free to go with whoever's you want, the boys will became very upset about breaking money deals(and maybe agressive). Be sure to be cristal water clear about sealing a deal with a boy. If you are not sure, say that you are thinking about hiring they again and will confirm latter.
  5. About gay rights, although there is no federal law criminalizing homophobia the current understanding of the brazilian Supreme Court (STF) includes it in the general anti-discrimination laws (on same level as religious discrimination, a level lower then racism). About gay couple rights, again no federal general law protecting it, but the understanding of the STF is that they have the same rights as heterosexual couples. (Including recognizing any cohabitational relationship that has public knowledge as a “stable union” with rights of pension and 50% of the possessions acquired by the work of “couple” during the duration of the relationship. Oh if the boys knew “theirs” rights, there would be no rich gay guy single in Rio... )
  6. None of the saunas open on Christmas or New Year’s Eve ...guess you should start your own party!
  7. 1. Policy: anyone allowed, and no id checks (this category I assume will be love-hotels only) - Lido Hotel, R. Ronald de Carvalho, 190 - Copacabana 2. Policy: guests allowed with registration and no fee - Atlântico Copacabana (run down), Rua Siqueira Campos, 90, Rio de Janeiro - Atlântico Business in Centro (run down), Rua Senador Dantas, 25, Centro, - JW Marriott, Av Atlantica, 2600, Copacabana - Hilton Copacabana Avenida Atlantica, 1020, - Vila Galle Lapa R. Riachuelo, 124 - Lapa, Rio de Janeiro - RJ (nice pool, nice breakfast, near 117 and lapa) - Any Ibis Hotel 3. Policy: guests allowed with registration at a small fee - South American Copacabana Hotel, R. Francisco Sá, 90 - Copacabana 4. Policy: no guests allowed, only those individuals registered at check-in time. - Arena Leme hotel, Av. Atlântica, 324 - Leme - Arena Copacabana Hotel, Av. Atlântica, 2064 - Copacabana - Windsor Asturias Centro, Rua Senador Dantas 14-Cinelandia Keep in mind that with a good looking and well dressed boy, most of the hotels would not stop you at reception... but I somewhat feel safer when they do. Had entered without registering a visitor on both Ibis hotels and the Vila Galle one. Some boys just love doing a overnight and jumping at pool next morning after breakfast... As for fee, dont know if there is one if you book single room... I always book doble room.
  8. Remember to go early to everywhere ... action on beach and saunas starts and ends rather earlier than Rio
  9. It is so sad to hear about a guy who was assassinated because he was doing what we all do... renting boys . We really should hear all that advices that are being written here. In the end I think it’s a matter of opportunity and unmet expectations ... there are many boys that cope with their work by thinking the clients are “viados” that they have the right to exploit to the max and expect to be paid without delivering. So they can turn to violence when they see you as weaker and vulnerable (and incapable of retaliation) or out of anger when they expect irreal rewards for their service.
  10. Brazilians were left with no choice in this election... Bolsonaro made a great use of social media for many years to create a network of supporters to propagate his ideas of anti-socialism and fight against crime and corruption (popular with the low middle classes) alongside with a racial and gender hate speech that echoed within the conservative sectors of society who were feeling threatened by the ascending “C classes”... he appealed to the poor and the rich that way. Haddad on the other side, member of a great criminal organization, that is the PT (partido dos trabalhadores) manipulated the election helding Lula (almost a mythical figure here) as the candidate until almost the first turn of the election and now in basking on the fear about the hate speech of Bolsonaro, claiming people to unite to “defend democracy”. Little is know that PT had the chance to support the third place candidate Ciro Gomes as he was the left wing politician with more chances of winning the election and avoid this polarization and risk a neofascist politician like Bolsonaro win the election, but preferred to risk everything for power.
  11. Welcome to Rio kk Hope it was you the gringo who got about a dozen of the boys on 117 out to have some fun .... sure it was a blast rsrs Fortunately, there was still plenty of guys for us mortals have fun with rs
  12. Heard just yesterday some boys from another sauna saying foreing tourists are having problems with cards on Point 202, and apparently the person hold suspect of doing it still working there. Don’t know if it’s true or not, but I found it a coincidence seeing this threat today after hearing about it yesterday.
  13. On a side note, the last two chat bubbles from the Niteroi boy on Grindr would translate like : "I can't wait to start my english lessons so I will be able to leave this country back, even more so if Bolsonaro is elected". He only wants to flee from the homophobia Bolsonaro will bring. PS. Loved your report as always Numazu, keep them coming!
  14. On notice, there are many gay guys (or at least gay friendly muscle guys) going to porto da barra ... If you look like a foreign tourist some guys (or girls) may insinuate to you they are available to a programa. Just keep your smarts on, keep the minimum with you. I always remember the first time I stepped on Porto da Barra and a ripped hot capoeirista immediately came up to me to shake hands and asked in english "where are you from? USA? europe? want Marihuana? Girls?"... I was so timid and nervous that I just answered in portuguese... "no thats not the kind of fun I like" and walked away. He made a face to make me sure he got what I was meaning and said "what you need just come up to me". I regret not coming back that day... but had my fun at the saunas anyway. On a side note, Salvador is a super early city... I had the best time when arriving early at the beachs and at the saunas. Planetarium 11 was less busy last time I was there, but always had someone of my liking. Fox is a bit more upscale, have fewer options, but I've met gorgeous guys there. Go early in the afternoon... like 4 pm.
  15. Went to Blue Thermas and Thermas Boa Vista at Recife on 3 occasions in the last 15 days... always went to Blue Thermas earlier (around 6-7 pm) and after one or two hours left to Thermas Boa Vista. Not once found someone I liked on Blue Thermas and only found a ripped thin guy (construction worker body) on thermas Boa Vista once... had a average programa. I had more luck with Grindr/Tinder here, with the free guys.
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