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  1. docbr

    Recife or Fortaleza

    Went to Blue Thermas and Thermas Boa Vista at Recife on 3 occasions in the last 15 days... always went to Blue Thermas earlier (around 6-7 pm) and after one or two hours left to Thermas Boa Vista. Not once found someone I liked on Blue Thermas and only found a ripped thin guy (construction worker body) on thermas Boa Vista once... had a average programa. I had more luck with Grindr/Tinder here, with the free guys.
  2. Totally aprove the Go Fund Me idea! Just keep posting! For us who cannot travel at the moment it’s great to visit Rio and the boys even if it’s on text rsrsrs
  3. Love your diary Numazu1... but they are so dangerous for me ... make me want to throw everything up and board the first plane to Rio!
  4. In my experience, Recife and Salvador are hit or miss - at least about saunas. You can find a gorgeous athletic model like stud like the top stars of Lagoa/SP in Salvador or Recife, but in some travels you can find not one boy you like a given weekend (or travel). I would go Rio on your dates if you have the budget. The saunas are almost empty on 23-25 dec and 31-1 Jan (in all cities), make sure to make arrangements with a boy you like if not planning to stay alone in Christmas or New Year's Eve.
  5. This one is tricky... If you feel inclined to do so make sure you have built a safe network around you... knowing where you are going to stay, knowing if he shares his home with somebody else and letting other people know you are staying with Gabriel there. Unfortunately São Gonçalo is one of the most dangerous parts of the metropolitan area. I would not advice any tourist going there if not with someone he really trust.
  6. Wow, always great reports Numazu... the pictures even better. Keep them coming. Will remember to fire off grindr when visiting the chocolate kingdom kkk Thx for sharing the report with us.
  7. docbr

    Rio trip April/May 18

    Ow sorry for the iPad loss, the moment you wrote that you played porn for the boy on it I knew something bad was going to happen. Golden rule is to not have anything valuable, including eletronics, on sight. About the scam of alleged rape, never heard about someone convicted or imprisoned here in Brazil for raping another adult male. Police would never believe the rape accusations, but It would be a hassle to clarify everything. I'm pretty sure tho, that the grindr boy would never want any police involved. Grindr encounters are more dangerous than the saunas, and not for the unexperienced. Boys, including the sauna ones, will likely try to take advantage of you if you show any sort of uneasy or insecurity. The saunas are safer, and the risk is only discussing about a fee with the reception staff if a boy try to get more money off you. Hope you ended you trip well after the incident.
  8. Am I the only dying to know who Gabriel is? He seens a great company to you...
  9. ops, sorry for the confusion, that reply is on the wrong post kkkkkk
  10. Ow numazu1 your reports are real dangerous for the weak like me... they make me want to board on the next plane to São Paulo...
  11. docbr


    You are doing so much success there that you are going to end mayor there in Merida Tomcal kkkk Glad you are enjoying it kkkkkkk
  12. docbr


    Always nice to hear you are having a good time in mexico! Keep us updated on the naked party! kkk
  13. Glad to hear about your resolution to keep the reports going numazu1. Count me on those who love your way on telling your stories and those long and detailed reports.
  14. Nice to hear that Jacqueline is there, she worked very well. In my first visits on 117 she always asked me if I had any problem and even asked a couple of times how the boy had behaved (maybe a new boy on the staff or anyone under her vigilant eyes...)