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  1. It's very hard to make money on a nich webforum. It certainly looks like TotallyOz has the right idea here.
  2. it's vbulletin, dump the db, upgrade and fucking restart. They actually have good support and well baked procedures. Absolute worst case, just setup a new instance of it and load the DB. It's not like he's running [H]ard|Forum and limited by IO or CPU. A damn PIII would serve that site just fine.
  3. Ended up at taboo, intresting place for my first time. It was a slow night, ended up meeting Taylor who dances at another club too, he was a a bit more built than I like, but was fun in the back room. There was a real cute twink named Danny, but he was lethargic in the back and said he was really tired. While I was with Danny in the back room some old man (srsly, had to be like 70) was trying to haggle with another dancer. It got into a bit of a shouting match that put the damper on my dance The old guy had what looked to be a gold jaeger lecoultre reverso watch on, so kinda funny to argue with a dancer when you have a $10k+ watch on..... I think me being in my thirties brough the average age of the patrons down by 20 years! I'll be back next time I'm in YUL again
  4. Hi, I'm in YUL for the evening (missed flight) and want to check out some of the cute boys I always read about. I'm not into the jocks, more into the smooth twinks (asians and latin bois to the front!). What clubs are going to be good here? what time is good to go on a thursday? Failing this, any good suggestions for a more intimate encounter? I have to be up at like 4 am for my 6am flight tomorrow so I can't make it a late night
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