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  1. Erostotle

    Medellin & Bogota

    Someday I will get the real urge to travel Colombia and Cuba. I hope that it is soon.
  2. We rented the sequel, forgetting how bad that sequel is. Our loss.
  3. Since Tomcal was such a significant contributor to this forum and others, he sure is badly missed. He was our ock!
  4. Erostotle

    Grandma Wants to Know

    One site has a grandma, the other site has a daddy. Must be confusing to new comers. Once they see Grammy does a heck of a job here, they forgive. Or so I think.
  5. Erostotle

    Grandma Wants to Know

    i WOULD HAVE SIGNED IN, BUT MY PROFILE had shown me as living in Alabama. Could not correct this, yet finally I logged in. Can't imagine how many other folk find that a problem Reply to this
  6. Erostotle

    Brokered Conventions

    "Some of us would miss you if you let go.." And who would they be besides myself and Ms Guy?
  7. Erostotle

    Colton Hayes Comes out as Gay (officially)

    I hope that MsGuy is not too smug about his ability to whip out ten year old XY Magazines. I'll bet there are others who have every issue, every cover, committed to memory too. There might even be two or three! Still and all, I am impressed.
  8. Erostotle

    Forum Upgrade Coming

    I am just surprised that they let me log in. I am confident that this upgrade will restore Boytoy to the prominence that it has had over the years. As long as MsGuy posts, the site has a bright future. (My picture failed to load. You would have liked it.)
  9. I am curious as to how you know that many flights to Rio are not full. How many? What about other cities? Do you have any actual airline figures for this? You might be right, I just would like more than supposition.
  10. Erostotle

    Open Relationship Anyone?

    Oz, don't we already have an open relationship?
  11. Erostotle

    Merry Christmas

    If Tomcal went to Bangkok:
  12. Erostotle

    Rentboy Raided Tuesday

    One should not fear meeting Lucky if what Totally Oz once said here about him is true: "Lucky is one of the most fascinating men you can ever meet to chat with and talk to in person." Rumor has it that Lucky currently enchants at a senior citizen's home in Palm Springs, where he is considered a "young'un" Personally, I am scratching my head wondering why Lucky would come up in a thread about Rentboy arrests. Some people just can't get over him, it seems.
  13. The drop in the real may benefit us, but it has damaged the entire country- all because of corruption: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/08/09/business/international/effects-of-petrobras-scandal-leave-brazilians-lamenting-a-lost-dream.html
  14. I want to bring my own cow. Is that permissible?