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  1. Tomcal, your description and photos of Merida make it sound even more enticing. I will most definitely be going for a visit in January.
  2. After reading your post I'm thinking of spending a week in Merida this coming January. Any recommendations for places to stay? I will be coming from Montreal and would appreciate any advice before going.
  3. I am currently in Medellin for the 5th time. I agree that the best place to meet guys is on manhunt or Grindr. I have a basic knowledge of Spanish which helps for meeting people as about 90% do not speak English. I am due to return next week and will give a report then. if anyone has questions I will try to answer them while here.
  4. I will touch down in Medellin in 45 days. Where have you been meeting these "guides"?
  5. It looks like we will miss each other. Have fun and report back here.
  6. Do you know what dates you will be in Medellin? I arrive on the 19th of January and will stay for 3 weeks. If we are there at the same time we can meet up for coffee and exchange info.
  7. Try Copa airlines, I found a flight through Panama for $500 Canadian. That's less than $400 American LOL
  8. I've been going there twice a year for the last three years without incident and, if anything, I find it has gotten safer. Like any big city there are areas that have a higher crime rate than others.
  9. I did not meet any escorts during my time in Medellin because there were plenty of guys willing to meet for free. I do know of an escort site similar to backpage which has a large selection of boys. http://co.mileroticos.com/escorts-gay/antioquia/medellin/
  10. I do speak basic Spanish and most people there do not speak english. One of the guys told me that sex is a universal language so no need for long conversations. I rented an apartment close to Parque Lleras for about 60$ a night, very safe and private, it has all the commodities of home. Check online for Poblado Suites. I am from Canada but right now, if you are American, you can take advantage of the high American dollar. Any other questions feel free to ask.
  11. I just got back from a couple of weeks in Medellin and I can't say enough about the quality of boys there. I didn't feel the need to visit any saunas or pay for escorts as Grindr kept me busy for most of my stay. I found lots of young men appreciate the experience of older men and would make the first move to set up a date. If anyone has any questions I would be happy to answer them.
  12. I'm going to Medellin in two weeks and looking forward to meeting up with some hot latinos.
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