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  1. Could you please post this info in this thread for all of us to see? I'm thinking of planning a trip this February or later, and this sounds like a lovely excursion. Thank you.
  2. I never had his contact info, unfortunately. I'm left only with the memories.
  3. Which websites are you talking about, where you met your guide? Inquiring minds want to know!
  4. I wasn't going to offer his name on the forum, Tom, but since you did, then I guess it's okay. I met Issac on my very first Rio trip back in 2008, and saw him a few times after that during later annual trips, but he then disappeared for a few years. Like I said, we reconnected around 2015 or so, and I was so infatuated (and happy to see him after so many years) that I almost spent way, way above local market prices to have him for an entire evening. I came to my senses, so I didn't hamper myself (or disrupt the local market like many visiting Americans and Europeans do). He seemed upset about the cancellation at first, but we rescheduled for later in my trip at far more reasonable prices. While Issac's a fun lay, and I find him to be really handsome, he's definitely a pro, as he can be rather aloof. As with most garotos, as long as you don't lose sight of what's really going on, you can have a good time with him. The guy in the middle (whose name I forgot) has the most beautiful, sparkling green eyes, and had an absolutely ripped body when I met him, although he's pretty short. He's one of the few men I've been with who've gotten me to cum from being fucked (and, being the insatiable nelly bottom that I am, I've been fucked by a LOT of men, both pro and regular, on 3 continents). He's sex on a stick! I last saw him at 117 in 2014 or 2015, I think. I definitely miss him. ***sigh***
  5. I've seen both the guy in the middle and the one on the right at Club 117, so between Tom and myself, we can vouch that all three have worked the saunas. The one on the right I keep in touch with through Facebook, but haven't seen him since 2014 or 2015, which is when he was last at 117, although that itself was after a hiatus of several years. He's trying to get me to visit Rio in June, which he says is during his birthday. Assuming that's true, I take that to mean, "please spend a lot on me because it's my birthday!"
  6. I've been to Rio some eight times in the past eight years. There's no true answer to your question, as the price will be whatever you and your man of choice agree to. If I'm not mistaken, the very prolific TomCal gets the best prices because he's so well known amongst the guys, due to his going twice or more per year for many years, and maintaining contact with his favorites even when he's back in the states. I think he told me (&/or the forum) that his guys accept like $150 or $200 reais for all-nighters, but I could be mistaken. I think I've paid in that ballpark most recently, but in my early years, before I knew better, I've paid significantly more than that. The guys know when they've got a new American or European visitor, and will try to bargain for the highest rates they can get (both per sauna session and outside) on the chance that a newbie won't know any better. So, it's good that you've done your research. Best of luck to you, and please let us know how your trip goes.
  7. It's not just debit cards. My credit card was cloned towards the end of my recent trip to Brazil. I returned to the U.S. in early August, and about 2 weeks later was alerted by my bank that close to 20 charges had been made in Rio, after I'd left Brazil. I never used my credit cards to take money from an ATM, so I suspect that some unscrupulous waitstaff or manager at one of the restaurants I used the card at cloned the card when I paid for meals. Oh well, it seems to be a sign of the times now. P.S., as someone mentioned receiving a new card with a microchip in it, my old credit card did not have a chip. The new one that was issued does. The chips are supposed to offer much improved security, and all credit and debit cards are supposed to be phasing them in now. In fact, it's pretty much standard to get a chip on all cards now, from what I understand.
  8. Just remember that the mailing back of the passport with the visa inside is not standard everywhere. Here in NYC, where I live and had to apply for the visa, the consulate does not mail them back to you, nor are there even any directions on its website pertaining to this as any kind of option. When I submitted my application and payment, I was instructed to return on a date certain with a claim ticket, and informed that if I lost the ticket, I'd have to present ID, leave it with them, and come back in a few days to pick everything up. So be sure to read the rules on the website of whichever consulate office governs your area.
  9. As an update to this thread, thought I'd let you all know that this time, I received a 10-year visa. My first visa was a 5-yr one. I didn't do anything different this time. I guess it really is a matter of individual discretion. Nice to know that I don't have to worry about this again until 2025. Cheers!
  10. Does Mikey work at the saunas in Porto Alegre, Tom? I'll be there later this month, and would like to meet him. I never could find that construction guy you mentioned. Couldn't find the soccer player or his cousin, either. Maybe I just have bad luck when I visit. :-(
  11. Thanks so much, gentlemen. I arrive on Sunday, July 19th, and cannot wait to see the wonderful men, dine out, and just enjoy myself!
  12. Wow. How on earth did this dispute even come about? I hope this thread doesn't get derailed. I look forward to going to some of the restaurants suggested here, and thanks to the posters for the recommendations. I'll be in Rio for a little over 2 weeks starting mid-July. Tomcal's restaurant sounds great to attend with one of my best friends from Los Angeles, and although I suspect it will be on the expensive side, I think it'll be worth it. Does anyone know how affordable the other restaurants are? Are they good (& feasible) to go to often with the garotos? Advice much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  13. Thanks for the recommendation. I downloaded it to my Android phone today. The reviews on the Google Play store are pretty good, so I anticipate using this a lot for my trip to Rio and Porto Alegre this July and August.
  14. I left that portion blank in the visa application I just submitted this month because I had yet to book any lodging. By the time of my appointment last week at the Brazilian consulate (here in NYC), I had booked an apartment, but could not update my application because, as Mvan1 said, everything is automated now, and the application had previously been submitted via the consulate's website. i took in a printout of my apartment reservation, along with the printout of my airline tickets, and explained to the clerk what had happened, but she returned the apartment reservation and said it was unnecessary. I hope this doesn't negatively affect my visa. By the way, contrary to what my friend Tomcal said, not all Brazilian visas are for 10 years. The website says that the duration of the visa is at the discretion of the issuing consulate. My original visa from 2008 was for only 5 years. I had a friend who told me that he received only a 2-year visa a few years back. I have no idea what length of visa I'll get this time. And contrary to what Mvan1 said, at least in NYC, it's not standard that they mail the passport and visa back to you. The clerk gave me a receipt and told me to come back on a specific date in June. So, I think the rules will vary based on the consulate. I'd love to get a 10-year visa, but would be fine with another 5-year one. I just don't want a short 1-year or 2-year one. It's a roll of the dice at this point.
  15. Sadly, as recent events have shown, this doesn't sound all that dissimilar to the U.S. :-(
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