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  1. i was there thursday, and had a blast. you must follow all of tomcals words of wisdom, and have some fun... read everything he has written and you will. of course the boys saw you as a new gringo... and asked for 300, but what did you ask them... or tell them... in my past 6 weeks here, none have ever said 300 to me. normal is 100 with everything, if you pay more that is your own choice, trust me the difference between 100 and 150 to us is not that much, and if that is their mark up to gringos, go with it. but at 300 i hope you said no, and walked away... the trick i find, is to tell them by writing in the palm of your hand 100. they will then add 100, you shake your head no, try 120 or 150, if they still say 200 just say no abligato and walk away... later when they have no work they will come back to you for a new deal... between 4 and 7:30 they want the max $$$, by 8;30 with the show starting at 9, they know their will be no work during the show, as most people will want to watch the show... by 9:30-9:45 they are thinking of their bus home, and anything after 10 will be too late. depending on how far they have to go to get home... also try.... to find a boy who can speak some english, and buy them a drink and ask them who is good, what is your type, and they will help you out. (via tomcal) take the english talker out to dinner after words or buy him another drink, so for the price of 2 drinks you would of saved 150 to 200R we all have a club we like, in my book its 117, then point, then MM... T
  2. full house at point last night free rooms do bring out the crowds more garotos then clients, 5 garoto's from 117 in house about half the crowd left after 8pm The New Point black T shirts have arrived for the workers, and the place is well staffed. the rooms... not as nice as 117, but then again they were free last night. sadly first room some one had taken a dump in the toilet, and it smelled so bad in the room we had to go down and change rooms...OMG it was bad. in the 2nd room....light broken, and for the Garoto, the video stopped... poor thing. mattress so hard and sheet so thin whats the point... BTW watch your towel... lol, in watching the coming and goings. a couple came down with the wrong towels on, with the color code red for garoto, blue for clients, and least you should know which towel is yours... some floor plan... ground floor locker room for clients bar video room stage and dance floor toilet and sinks. from the dance floor, up a flight of stairs is the wet room sunna and steam. going back to the main floor 1 flight up about 8 rooms, and the garoto changing room 2 flights up the smoking room and hang out room 3 more rooms 1 massage room
  3. eye candy everywhere. walking the beach, restaurants, stores, but just going to the beach everyday, chair & umbrella, so relaxing T
  4. Sunday night, at 117, very slow, but people came and went. graoto not happy at lack of work. Not for nothing 2 new faces... same old lines, they did not know i had been around for a few weeks, so to them I was a new Gringo... even with lack of work... the first number out was 200, so i just said no thank you. 200 was for basic, and 300 with bells and whistles! I still found fun, and for me a very relaxed night. Monday night point, a nice brake from MM, no MM shirts on display, all back to normal dress. 2 mature garoto workers were there, i first thought they were clients, but nope they were garoto, 1 was 40 the other 38, but a full range of all types were there. over all a nice night also. The drag show was fun, and she did say welcome to the new point! T
  5. a very busy Saturday night at 117, not SRO, but a good number. ok drag show, and 3 male strippers.
  6. went last night... Friday July 11 dead, slow, and bingo night! i had a great night, did massage and had fun! but where was everyone... even the garoto's were talking, it was a perfect night to go out, warm, no rain, no event in town, but slow. T
  7. a nice full house new garoto who is a thai boxing expert/personal trainer. in town for 2 weeks to take classes in P.T. His ass is so round and strong it could crack walnuts. nice! and is learning english!!! the 3 garoto's that were at point last night were back at 117. a nice happy group tonight, the garrote's were very talkative. T
  8. Lots of staff MM T Shirts, and i think i know the boss of MM, and if it was the face i remember, he was there also! the drag queen announced the change of owners and called it THE NEW POINT did her Liza act, followed by 1 stripper... maximus? the place was busy, and only 2 faces i know from 117 where there. maybe around 40-50 garoto maybe 30 to 60 clients, but then it looked like a bunch just came for the show, and hung out and drank.. no party for the new point. well the place and layout is just as i remembered it, i have not been back in 6 years, i prefer 117 i did like that the garoto towels are in red, and ours are in blue... But the place is a pit, and a bit run down, but then, its not the Trump Plaza. i do smile at choices made, green strip lights, which make no one look good under. red and blue paint on the walls. and white tiles on floor. some of the worst collection of sofas to sit on, very low to the ground and tough to get up out of... The place could use a new paint job, toss the sofa's and install the bench seating used at MM. find a better use for the lower room outside the cinema. maybe a sofa or two down there... i know i know... the locker room, do the clients bins have to be so small. yes it is true, the boys do talk about us... one early on came over to talk me up. standard chit chat, first time here... no. first time to rio... no. Activo/passivo.... with in a min. he had the story.... of course i asked the same questions back, and when it turned out we were both activo he smiled and moved on... later he was telling 3 other garoto americano/activo they all turned and looked, and i just smiled back... gave them the thump's up and the had a laugh. they all did come up to chit chat, and i had a nice time there. later to help me out, the big Actavio bunch would point to other garatos and gesture passivo. a few asked for maybe 2 garoto. having more fun with them i told the the code for what wrist the key goes on... left for Activo, right for Passivo, of course they had theirs on the wrong side... lol... and they quickly moved them to the left wrist, one said he never heard of that, and i sent it a americono code... they loved that idea, and then i pointed to others in the club, and they all had a good lol over all, had a very good night, i still prefer 117 over both MM and Point, but i had fun and would go back... the front desk man was hot, i think he said his name was Kova? he did remember my name but then i did tell him i was Mr O. Bama. :-) He then said with a wink, hurry back Mr Bama. T
  9. tonight july 7th, hot man at front desk, i think he said his name was kova?
  10. Came back to rio for 16 more days. Last night Tuesday the joint was jumping, so many new faces that where not here a month ago...once again SRO, and the hallwall of fame was full, at one point it became lined on both sides, an interesting gauntlet of garotos to run.... The grand stairway to heaven had a waiting line 45 min long (around 7:30). i hate waiting for a bus, i don't know about you. Its the same at ski resorts when the lift line is longer then the down hill run. I talk to my amigo about point and he had not heard that news, but was pleased to hear it...he nodded his head, both of them, and thought about it, and smiled... i asked him about the new place, and he had heard of it, but said not for him??? he likes he friends at 117 I told him about this site, and asked him if he would join in, and give the insider view of the club, and he said yes he would be interested. we need to pick a screen name for him! any ideas??? i think boy from Ipanema would be nice.... or garoto would be to the point FIRST TIMER from LA was in the club last night. we went to metro last night. got talking and he asked how the club worked, turns out a "chicklet" got hold of him when he entered and stuck to him, charged him 200R for fun, I said i hope you saw the sun the moon and the stars. and he said no... just the moon. i gave him the TomCal lowdown, and a sort education, we will work on his skills tonight. me teaching the TC course....
  11. i asked some of the in the know graotos last night, and they had not heard of this... he also more or less confirmed that the 117 and point graotos do know go between factory... but the 117 and point graotos do sometimes go to MM. I will be off to Point tonight
  12. He said there will be no changes to Pointe in the near future except for new paint tomcal i just got back to RIO today, Tuesday, the plan is 117 tonight, point on Wednesday will let you know how the new paint dries T
  13. i hated the movie... could not wait for it to end... no money shot.... lol... really other then a good butt shot of JM by the pool, the rest of the boys kept their shorts on... very very little G sting here. if you go to see it, for the "stripping" don't. if you go to see it as a buddy movie on the road, its a little fun... not my cup of T
  14. thank you for your updates. Bad boy, how long will you be in Rio? T
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